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so is this a bumpy bottom, dead cat bounce or the consolidation of the property base of single family dwellings and the ability to lend rationally on aforesaid values---what was I saying?

has anybody let Starbucks know they are being 2-timed by Duke Point ?

california is a mythical island ruled by lesbians
they even had such fantasies in the 16th century

Sacramento has mighty fine trolley cars. No doubt, they don't capture enough revenue from the fare box to pay for operations. Im shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!

oh, almighty bots and sock-puppets of HCN, why have you forsaken us?

maybe mentioning streetcars would add a little verve to the thread

'tis an apt quote that decays with time
or maybe an isotope

QE3, state of the art like the Titanic and the Lusitania

Bond: I tend to notice little things like that--whether a girl is a blonde or a brunette...
Tiffany: And which do you prefer?
Bond: Well, as long as the collars and cuffs match...(shrugs)

this must be the secret forum I've heard about

You carry a 00 number, it means you have a License to kill, not GET killed!

you need a FB account so they can keep track of you at the freedom camp Steve

wow, it was really clever for the Blue Team to think up such a tactic
I mean HCN?

I was talking about the administration of Bain, not the dear Red Team preznits

the squib I scanned regarding the Bain investigation indicated that the subject was the post-Romney administrative era

So, are the weekend meetings of the ECB going to start again soon in order to save the common currency? Snark

that would be a bummer if there was a strike
it would upset the whole post capitalism paradigm
all the little cracks between labor and management have been papered over in the management of college debt and the inability of the currant system to compromise the supposed pension agreements

what makes you think they're guaranteeing the coffin?

long thought you might be able to bleed those oil co's
didn't a younger relative of his end in the ditch as well? (Cokie Roberts?)
no long left in LA politics?

like a link which has fact in it's statement is actually a fact

welfare cheats riding in their cadillacs, heh, indeady

the people need to be fed, they need to be occupied (given a job)
this is a huge problem given the income disparities

gud newz frum the innertubes:
Typhoon Bolaven hits Russian Far East, douses remaining forests fires
we are transiting from one carbon based regime to another, with enhanced isotopic decay products distributed in the living environment, heh

they are certainly more warm and fuzzy than the congress

v the v quoting Neruda
intangible commerce is certainly deflating at a robust rate

cut and paste my lad
but am sufficiently impressed, totally
imagine a world of love

everybody, fill this blog comment section with profundity (in your own mind perhaps)
best wishes for
non labor day on monday
and let's get the minimum wage to a living wage for a family of four (we must pro-create i hear)

waiting for my hay like a proper equine animal

we made a desolation and called it paradise

the FED package, what an unpleasant thought

guess bunking $ at zero % isn't good enough


mitt just makes me want to be a vulture fund capitalist, capiche?

the stan is bigger than the dawg

homegnome is so acute
what a critter

i thought bbb was a sub-standard rating
of course, can't rate based upon the name

learned that shill was borkafatty, heh