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i'm headed over to zerohedge to get a pulse on the economy since this blog is out of commission. anyone need a ride?

the best prediction from cr, and one that would affect me in a positive way, is that incomes are expected to rise as unemployment goes down!

looking towards my first decent raise!

maybe cr decided to hold his asanas longer.

has this blog been discontinued?

PS: @pioc - where's that restaurant where you had the sliced dick breast?

poic, what have you been eating?

if the boom continues, will it even matter which company?

i have no future in writing. my blog receives 5 hits a day.

boom in everything - dollars, cents, and everything in between.


i actually hate with a passion the insanity of the valley and the incessant talk of work and money...and the lies that must be told to sustain the game.

if i do it, it will be purely for the money so i can then get off the treadmill.

if the boom continues another couple years, all startups will be startup left behind. remember 1999-2000 before things popped?

no offer. not even trying because i'm not serious as it seems like too much risk. but every day i hear of some colleague from my current or previous job that left to join a startup. i'm wondering if i'm losing an opportunity here...

and i'm serious about that. these days unless the price is exorbitant, only the vcs and possibly founders make money. for employees to make money an exorbitant price is a must.

if we get into a bear market the public companies won't have the money to pay exorbitant prices for startups.

i experience that ca. 2001-2003. i ended up losing my job and relocating to beautiful roseville.

perhaps i will stay put and vest in peace.

i know that it's no use fighting the fed so i don't want to go to a startup when things are on the way down.

i got 100% and 98.5% in macro and micro economics at coursera. i am now a certified economic genius.

poic is being serious!

i was expecting to New Keyboard

i agree it's a bit topsy and with QE-n ending, it's like foot off the accelerator. when the brakes (non-zirp) are applied is the real question, but through these Steve, i can't see that happening in the near future.

any chance the current bull market will continue for another 2-3 years? i'm thinking of taking my chances with a startup.

poic, what do you think?

but i have been told quinoa is healthier.

is quinoa considered a grain or a seed?

i eat a lot of rice, not so much wheat.

it's ok if you wanna wink or wear party hats...just make sure you also wear shades, or you'll be blinded by the brightness of our future.

what is the big bank theory?

is it the one about how we got here?

but then it becomes yet another device that i need to carry.

i'm device-phobic.

i only have 2 devices when i laptop (because its almost always for business) and iphone. i don't even own a tablet.

too far from the airport and i fly a lot.

(but unlike nemo, i don't usually have internet access at 30,000 ft.)

that's true...once it runs out, it runs out.

the house i was thinking of buying has dropped from 540 to 530...should i pounce?

where is poic when i need his advice?

when home prices in roseville go up 8x, then i might raise an eyebrow.

“In the U.S., the average house costs about three times annual income. And I think that’s very healthy. Because I think a bubble market would be something like Hong Kong, where the property prices are about 25 times the annual income,” Tan said.
What ritzy Manhattan real estate says about stocks | Talking Numbers - Yahoo Finance


too analytical = recipe for unhappiness.

grab your shades and join the party. Steve

maybe as a result of his yogic practices, cr's third eye allows him to see into the future.

i think cr is a genius. he got 10/10 with no crystal ball.

(unless, of course, he's lying about not having a crystal ball.)

I don't have a crystal ball, but I think it helps
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yeah, i think crystal balls are helpful too...if you need one, let me know.

is surferdude808 also a yogi?

he hikes all the time. he's always connected. i've heard he edits and sends his posts from his google glasses while doing various activities including but not limited to snorkeling.

who said anything about work?

in your (shall i say small & limited) mind one needs to work to get paid. but for many people, you just look for places to pay you...there is no talk of work.

Of course neither of them knew me
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of course they knew who you were. in fact, they also knew that you don't like to give investment advice, and therefore it would be a waste of time trying to talk to you.

i have always thought of cr and bill gross as yogis and now it all makes sense.

ACS: Sharp Slowdown in Household Growth in 2013 Mainly Attributable to Fewer Folks Living Alone, Big Increases in “Doubling (and more) Up”
Read more at Calculated Risk: Lawler on ACS: Sharp Slowdown in Household Growth in 2013 Mainly Attributable to Fewer Folks Living Alone, Big Increases in “Doubling (and more) Up

this is obviously going the wrong way...they should be doubling down. did they not get the memo?

Holy cr@p!
16,945.80 Down 264.26(1.54%)
I was in meetings all afternoon...

this what time decline all meetings...mention you need to watch the dow to keep it from falling.

poic, those were some great suggestions, btw.

that would surely qualify him for riceboy status, and he may even win riceboy of the year!

spend, spend, spend. save the economy!

if we see a downturn, it's because people like nemo aren't putting their home equity to productive use in the economy. i bet he could buy a new bmw for cash if he pulled out some equity and refinanced.