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Of course maybe those 55,000 (at least the ones in the Bay area) will be able to be absorbed by all the fantastic new startups in Silicon Valley. I assume that is still going on.

most likely those 55000 will be in places like boise or portland.

in the bay area, hp runs pretty lean because they simply can't find people...they all left for startups and companies with better pay and benefits a long time ago.

now you're getting it.

it's really all Steve, but doomers only know Dooooooooooooooom!!!, so all they see is Dooooooooooooooom!!!

i thought it was just a general statement that poic made.

was it in reference to gas?

Dooooooooooooooom!!! or Steve

your pick.

you see what you believe. you believe what you know.

it's normal to fart about 18 times a day.

did cr note it is a wipeout story?

it is normal healing. 13% rise in very low inventory is nothing.

it can often be considered as pure genius, bordering magic. the reason why cfo's are worth so much.

it signals strong reports accompanied by a nice-sized one-time charge. accounting gimmicks.

we were at 2000 just yesterday...what happened??

far as i can tell, the zirp punchbowl is still in effect.

and companies are already supposedly running pretty lean these days. most of the people i know there feel overworked.

we're talking 55000 people...not 100, not 1000, not 10000...

why is the stock market tanking and why is hp laying off 55000 people? i mean do they really have 55000 too many? this means every sixth employee is too many. what were thinking when they were hiring?

seriously, the inventory is up that significant? it was at very low levels, so 13% is not much.

i see you're still serving the hcn community with uplifting news.

on behalf of hcn, i hereby award you the continuous service Dooooooooooooooom!!! award.

After 135 years of operation, the ranch on the island shut down in 1999, rendering all its inhabitants unemployed.[1]
Keith Robinson (environmentalist) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

someone needs to show them the economic value of trashing the island.

i'm volunteering poic for the job, because i think he can be pretty convincing.

he can take nemo along to awe them with some math-magic.

i know the brothers personally and i occasionally play marbles with them.

most of the island of kauai is owned by a couple of brothers.

we are all indebted to the universe. we came into this world helpless and we got everything to get us here.

the only way to repay that debt is with gratitude.

i wonder if they'll start accepting gratitude as payment for car loans and student loans. and maybe even home loans.

maybe my food was printed by a 3d printer and sold to me as being organic.

not chewing anything...but still have this funny taste like i've been eating plastic.

There is a very dark pool of unemployed workers in this small, rural town. Lots of under the table wages and "dark" money flow in the way of "exchange" services.

how did you find them?

rajesh, you have your own blog? wow.

i have this funny plastic taste thing going on.

any ideas what it might be?

rob dawg...are you an artist?

rajesh, go get a good pair of Steve before you get blinded by the sunlight.

not very successfully though.

i could have cheated by googling but i like to be honest.

Cheap gas?! $3 (and under) a gallon in some areas - Yahoo Finance

translation: the suv's are out in full force.

i much prefer $6 gas. better visibility for me when i'm driving.

we need a few like you so that we don't look like complete duds when we present the average hcn score.

no worries. we have a policy around here -- no hcn'er left behind.

i think the grading is flawed...they didn't grade the gender and age questions.

it means you have too much free time to learn about things that don't matter.

do you know how to grow your potatoes? that's what you'll need to know when citizen allen m's war ends.