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did nemo walk to work today?

i'm think either that or witch doctor.

what advice do you have for a mid career computer engineer? stick with or change tracks...i would like to be an economist.

Job growth was widespread in June.

definitely not true at hp roseville.

but i don't see that as a bad thing. given the way the economy is about to boom, it is an opportunity for people to follow their passion.

hp has been laying off big time in roseville.


my friends think i'm a different person because i'm so upbeat about the economy when i talk to them. they things there's doom because folks they know are getting laid off, but i tell them all with be ok according to cr.

this is a gross overstatement of the number of people living with parents. i think they need to find a way to figure out who's paying for the dorm room.

this, btw, was an anti eyebrow twitch. Steve

did nemo walk to work today?

oh yeah...i'm watching those eyebrows closely. so far, it's all Steve

i heard it takes a while to get a reservation.

yes, i've heard of chez panisse too.

naan & curry is not good food. typical restaurant food -- greasy and too much spice.

is the pizza place zachary's?

mr short agrees with cr:

The overall picture of the US economy had been one of a ploddingly slow recovery from the Great Recession, and the Winter data documented a sharp contraction. The early Spring appeared to support the general view that severe winter weather was responsible for the contraction -- that it was not the beginnings of a business cycle decline. The May Industrial Production strengthened the optimistic view, as has today's release of the June Nonfarm new jobs data.
The Big Four Economic Indicators: What They're Telling Us about a Recession 

it's decent, but not out-of-this-world. but that may just be my aging palate.

at that place, the food is good, but you're not paying for the food. you're paying for the show. it is really quite captivating. and my guess is that it's not as much fun if one goes there too often.

one really good thing is you can request seconds of any course.

check the video...he does exactly that in the video.

but down there, it's all monopoly money, not real $

Someday this war's gonna end...

when cr raises his eyebrow.

they do it exactly like in the video.

that's a person's judgment. everything is what it is. our lens is what colors it as good or bad.

i think it's a fixed price, around $175 not including drinks.

I think we are on dangerous ground with the market.

oh my goodness.

check this out...a really unique restaurant.
The Kitchen | A Selland Family Restaurant
it costs too much to eat there.

took my dinner break. Smile

yes, cynical me. most people would see it as an educational thing on the surface, but subconsciously they elevate their opinion of the brand. i just see it as pure marketing. the education is junk because there's all kinds of chemicals being used to ensure that the first bottle smells virtually identical to the 1000th. that would be nearly impossible to do with pure essential oil.

the best perfume is just high quality essential oil.

hard to find that these days.

kind of like the factory tour at bmw or merc or audi factory.

well made movie...

the cynic in me wants to say it's a form of marketing.

that's nice. i just asked because of the elaborate dinners. my dinner takes 10 min prep time and 1 hour cook time (gated by the time the rice cooker takes).

thanks, didn't know about that feature.

it's like the beaches in sf. you can see all you want, but better don't try to experience any more than that.

i eat very few tomatoes. mostly cook without them unless making pasta. which i haven't done in ages.

hey, great to see you...i figured you'd be showing up any time now.

especially that you picked the wrong beach to live on.

(if you picked the right one, you wouldn't in your right mind be on hcn.)

there is nothing wrong with aspiring to be in the top .1%.

we are programmed to feel guilty for our greed.

but greed makes the assumption that the pie is fixed size.

get rid of the programming and invite prosperity without being greedy.

and while i'm at it, i could multitask by spending time at bimmerfest arguing about run-flats vs non run-flats.

i think this one pretty clear...hcn wins.