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with only this much news, cr practically gets the week off!

Unlike residential investment, auto sales bounced back fairly quickly following the recession and were a key driver of the recovery -

does that mean that people started living in cars?

although sales growth will slow this year.
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does that mean that people are too broke to even live in a car?

I'll have much more later ...

i knew there was more to it than meets the eye.

i heart doug short
Moving Averages: Month-End Update
he offers market timing strategies!

i assume nemo works in low tech. all this flying around means he has probably not yet been introduced to technology for remote collaboration collusion.

does anyone know how lemon laws work?

i am about to take my new car in for the 3rd time for the same problem. (and it has had a couple of other problems as well.) so it has been in the shop about 5 times for unscheduled stuff.

walk to work, then fly back home!

i like that.

did nemo fly to work today?

not yet...we need to see blood in the streets...guns ammo and canned food

satisfaction - 70% market drop
happiness - guns, ammo, canned food
ecstasy - last man standing

it is too late to get lunch now?

i thought you only walked. nice to know you can fly too.

i think you must have read something on a different blog. no doom here...and definitely not this post!

i refuse to sell my 400 ivv till cr raises an eyebrow.

cr is the most accurate soothsayer of them all.

i think we are clearly out of the woods with respect to the economy. and cr foretold that over 5 years ago.

not betting against cr or anything...

will cr have more later? i think this warrants it...can't believe he didn't at least drop a cr note! how very unfeeling of cr.

with house prices going flat, will members of the gbc see this as a point to start dumping?

i made a mistake. this picture is not an underdamped system.
it represents a negatively damped system.

ok guys, thanks for all the education today. i learned something new!

time to go cook dinner. late!!

that curve on the post in the link reminds me of an underdamped/unstable system in control theory. i'm sure it has nothing to do with that.

i have a 4 year old macbook pro and it is quite slow when loading pages with all these ads (video ads) and it heats up because of the video/flash ads. my guess is that it's hitting its limits with respect to graphics processing. but i don't know too much about pcs. i have no way to verify if that is actually the case without getting a newer machine and seeing if performance is better.

so if the seasonally adjusted prices are flat (as it is right now), does it mean that basically the forecast is that there will be no significant future gain, and perhaps some falling of prices?

so basically this is saying that a year from now, the y-o-y increase would be close to 0%?


so we just multiply the house prices by the seasonal adjustment factor to get an accurate view of the month to month comparison, right?

i am well prepared to handle inflation -- i have tons of ibonds and tips.

i can't handle low inflation (which is a lie) + no raise + zirp. in that respect i'm getting screwed these days.

thx rajesh.

so you just adjust it based on historic prices? is there a formal term?
like current house price / seasonal multiplier or whatever?

i thought it would add to the usa gdp and it would help apple pay their workers more which would in turn help them buy more stuff and eat out creating a multiplication effect locally.

bg, it was a serious question! i'm trying to learn economics. real & nominal prices are easy to understand, but seasonally adjusted prices?

and a non-technical question.

should i stimulate the economy by buying a new computer to replace my 4 year old one?

how old is the computer you're using?

i have a technical (economics) question.

what does it mean to seasonally adjust prices?

i see lots of price adjustments (price drops) on homes for sale in the area that i'm looking at - 95661. i get daily updates of price drops, at least 2 or 3 homes a day, usually 10-15k lower on an ~400k home.

hello from 180 ft.

what will the s&p 500 look like at the time of the first rate hike? 2500? 3000?

hello from 180 ft.

what will the s&p 500 look like at the time of the first rate hike? 2500? 3000?

hello from 1465 ft.

I bet nemo walked to work today.

hello from 50 ft...and hating it...hotel room from hell.

Short sale fraud amounts to a few hundred million dollars a year, at most. CR, as usual, ignores the much larger derivative and swap frauds sanctioned by the Federal Reserve.

let's hope that he stops ignoring them in the future.

but we can still hope some more of them will be caught.
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here at hcn, it's all about hope and change.

why do i need to know what subprime is? how does it affect me?

A year or so ago you could get through the day without reading something that mention "light, sweet crude."