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no it won't. not until cr raises an eyebrow. if there's one thing cr knows, it's real estate. nobody does that better than him. not case, not shiller, and sure as heck not the next doomer.

ah someone else has to post it?

sensei poic, please help me with this.

i think the quote "there's never been a good time..." is pretty cool.

most people will probably read it as they are programmed to read it...that buying real estate is always good.

sdtfs, how did you get the hat tip?

we definitely need a t-shirt with that.

mortgage pig on front, and this quote on the back. or vice versa.

he quoted roughly 2.5-3K and said he does not expect ongoing maintenance fees...I might just have to get it looked over every few years.

yeah, well why indeed? like they know anything.

if you want to know why the market crashed you have to go to doug short. he will pull out 57 charts and explain why.

can't believe i didn't get a hat tip for educating hcn on bimmer vs beemer.

i have a bag of peanuts which i'll probably put in the trust. nothing else.

bimmer stays out.

won't the trust help even if i'm not dead, just incapacitated.

i just met with an estate planning attorney eval. he suggested i should make a trust.

do i need to make a trust? i don't have a will or trust.

money from dubai will be routed to the us.

that may happen even sooner if they are saying it will happen in the 1st half of 2015...we are only 12 mo away from that, not 17.

reminds me of razor blade. 7 o'clock blacks are my #2 favorite. Feather is #1 favorite.

what is special about 17? Is that 17 months? What happens in 17 months?

the only thing that has definitely moved is my hair (less of it and what's left is graying), weight (less of it), and health (much less of it).

i was just thinking...just like housing my career has been stuck at the 2000 level. my pay and grade when adjusted for inflation are at about where i was in 2001!

i wonder if cr will alert us when he's raising an eyebrow. most of the time, i can't figure out if the posts are good news or bad news.

i usually look for the comment on "future's so bright i gotta wear shades" and that usually keeps me off alert for a few weeks.

i miss seeing nemo's name at the top of every discussion.

he must be busily encrypting with his new keys.

i hope this is not a cause for a raised eyebrow.

for now i'm still Steve

should be even easier to grab that from you without you even noticing. maybe a rest room swap.

if so, i'm thinking i may learn the art of pocketpicking the next time it's taught on coursera.

poic, will the usb stick be in your Brown Pants ?

serious question. what is t minus seventeen?

at this rate, we will see the s&p 500 at 4000 before the first rate hike!! bravo!!!

poic, no amount of praise will do for your ideas. your wisdom never ceases to amaze us.

i especially like the one with using the cans to make a tinfoil hat. that RRR to the extreme! I didn't know you specialized in that kind of stuff.

poic, it's well known (and accepted) that without your thinking, none of us would be around anymore.

kudos for another breakthrough suggestion!

processed foods that are past their expiration/best before date?

if you are feeling the negative effects of inflation, it's more than likely you have a budget problem. don't blame it on inflation.

you could consult a financial planner...he should be able to help with your budgeting issues, for a small fee.

"some weird Luddite cult."

I don't think that would fit nemo at all.

i step away for a few minutes and you guys can't keep the markets going. incompetent hcn'ers. next time i'll just sit tight and keep things under control until the market closes.

I've been expecting a slowdown in year-over-year prices as "For Sale" inventory increases, and it appears the slowdown has started.
Read more at Calculated Risk

stop it, cr. you're scaring nemo.

it is not possible to buy a new home in desirable areas unless desperate measures are taken -- like getting in line before the door opens on the day of a release.

no raised eyebrows from cr yet, i hope.

Did the last post have cr raising an eyebrow due to inventory increasing faster than expected?

I wonder if nemo's home price is at a record high.

wait for the:

I'll have more later...

it will cover precisely that.