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not chewing anything...but still have this funny taste like i've been eating plastic.

There is a very dark pool of unemployed workers in this small, rural town. Lots of under the table wages and "dark" money flow in the way of "exchange" services.

how did you find them?

rajesh, you have your own blog? wow.

i have this funny plastic taste thing going on.

any ideas what it might be?

rob dawg...are you an artist?

rajesh, go get a good pair of Steve before you get blinded by the sunlight.

not very successfully though.

i could have cheated by googling but i like to be honest.

Cheap gas?! $3 (and under) a gallon in some areas - Yahoo Finance

translation: the suv's are out in full force.

i much prefer $6 gas. better visibility for me when i'm driving.

we need a few like you so that we don't look like complete duds when we present the average hcn score.

no worries. we have a policy around here -- no hcn'er left behind.

i think the grading is flawed...they didn't grade the gender and age questions.

it means you have too much free time to learn about things that don't matter.

do you know how to grow your potatoes? that's what you'll need to know when citizen allen m's war ends.

who is kim k.? someone from north korea?

All of the questions are pretty easy for those who follow the news.
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i don't follow the news...just follow this blog. i got 8/12.

i think this blog needs to discuss more political issues.

Among other things, they contain the world's earliest known system of flush toilets. These existed in many homes, and were connected to a common sewerage pipe. Most houses also had private wells. City walls functioned as a barrier against floods.

the sewer system existed in 2000 bce.

small chinese restaurant called hunan taste has been around doing exactly the same thing for longer than that.

all one needs are the best weapons and the best war strategy. prosperity automatically follows.

i wonder if i was successfully able to induce to guilt in poic.

nice profile you got dd. we are almost neighbors. i'm in rocklin.

I think there are demographic reasons for the low NAIRU
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and while you may be right, i think there are structural issues...

ok, i'm done with my contributions to this post!

some day this war is gonna end.

i'm getting increasingly tired of the number of meaningless posts that follow each cr article. i'm having trouble getting to the meaningful ones that warrant my precious time and attention.

depends on what cr says. my feelings can be manipulated by whatever cr says.

who said at least? the number may grow from there. forecasts are often off.

about 26000 short tons when measured in glod.

Goldman: "Fed likely still holds $1 trillion MBS by the end of 2020"

the key here is that this will be the end of 2020. by then 1 trillion won't be worth that much and forbes will be publishing a trillionaires list...the billionaires list will be discontinued.

back when I was a teen, it'd be nothing to drive 20 minutes to the Blockbuster to rent a DVD if there was nothing to do. wouldn't even consider it today.

well you're too old now.

you have to ask if a teen today would do it, and i bet they would.

it's all about energy. teens have it infinite amounts and don't even know it.

i found someone who tracks the ivy indicator for gold:
Commission Free* Ivy Portfolios - Google Sheets
(via scott's investments)
on the bottom right he has the indicator for SGOL.

maybe wait till the commodities indicators say to invest.
Moving Averages: Month-End Update
right now the signal says to stay away from commodities.
i wonder if someone maintains ivy portfolio averages specifically for gold/gld.