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j6p already lost what he had and is only now tiptoeing into the market.

even if things get really bad, i don't see s&p falling below 1000.

the next crisis would have to be more severe than the last one for us to test those lows. and i don't think that's going to happen.

forget ain't happening.

it was "the perfect storm." things are way, way different now.

i think it's a secular bull...kind of the same one that took the s&p from 100 to 1000. today nobody ever talks of the s&p crashing to 100.

i have more money in tips (in protected accounts) and ibonds than i do in stocks. but my biggest holding is cash. if interest rates ever go up, i will be buying 5-year cds out the wazoo.

nice try buddy. i take it this is from the market peak?

i saw the response robj.

i placed a trade to buy a 30 year tips at auction several months ago and my brokerage cancelled it. they said it's such a bad deal, that i must place that order over the phone if i want it. so i called and placed the order. it's in my roth and i plan to hold to maturity.

For fun, here is an incorrect graph
Read more at Calculated Risk: Correcting WSJ Graph Error on Wages

can't believe cr has stooped to the level of making fun of mistakes by mere humans. he should cut them some slack.

hmm...i didn't think of that option. sounds like a great idea. i'll even take it one step further and look into ways to stop breathing.

got my eye on the ball. Shakes Tiny Fist of Fury

and of course, on cr's eyebrows.

my wages haven't been keeping up with inflation. what can i do to rectify that? it may be easier to lower the rate of inflation than for me to get a raise.

since 2009, the winning trade is equities. only cr got it right.

and i'm still not making the most off it.

you're not subscribing to poic's newsletter, are you?

bonds are in unchartered territory at this point. if you buy, make sure you plan to hold to maturity and don't care about interest rate risk.

follow the data. time the market. don't fight yellen. and definitely don't fight cr.

let's wait till he raises his eyebrow.

not for us. cr will help us time the market.

get out of stocks only when the fed starts to raise rates.

forget munis. this is the age for stocks.

you have to be careful about the supermarket. they could be giving away stale stuff.

what is an unionized setting -- one without ions?

i think from here on out the ground is very fertile for price inflation (which may or may not equal your definition of inflation).
- products have had all the quality squeezed out of them.
- further cost of production optimization is not possible (pretty much everything is being done in china already).
- people are already living with their parents.
- ...
the next phase is "new and improved" where the quality is slowly added back and prices are raised.

was that an option given the glod standard?

prefer a new build.

even with existing homes, we have the flippers in action. those that bought aggressively at the bottom, put lipstick, and are now selling for above market, and they are selling. a sucker's born every minute. i don't know much about homes so i prefer to stick with new construction since i won't be able to figure out what may be wrong with an existing home.

it's tricky. you are rent responsible to the end of the lease, and i have always been thinking i will buy a place, so i don't want to get locked in too long. unfortunately, we have a bipolar market where either builders are not building, or they are building but charging above market prices and the homes are flying off the shelves without even model homes to look at.

car - i bought a car i hate for 42k (with about 2k of incentives and getting it close to invoice before incentives) and i can't wait to get rid of it. in 2002, i bought a car i loved for 30k (for close to msrp) and i drove it as long as i could.

i tend to have 6-8 mo leases.

and it's used to be $20 increases each time i renewed my lease, now it's ~$ I expect it will be up > 10% in the next 2 years.

my rent is up more than 10% in the last 2.5 years.

inflation will come as wages rise.

there is already plenty of inflation in food and durable goods.

the only place where there is no inflation is when the quality of the product is being managed. as some point, it won't be possible to build even less fact, we are almost there in many areas.

great news all around...i think the economy is starting to roar.

It's just a flesh wound

i don't get it. it's not even a wound. to me, this looks like an old wound rapidly healing.

my 400 ivv is on a roll. what am i going to do with all the money?

only problem is how to swing a wage increase. only way i can see that happening is if i change jobs.

don't care about jeremy. i have been calling for s&p 2000 for a long time. and i put my money where my mouth is with 400 ivv.

seriously, could things be any better?

clearly, you are not living at the right beach. the right beach is in venco.

i've lived in durham, nc, boston, ma, menlo park, ca, and roseville, ca. the best in terms of weather was durham, nc. 4 seasons and not crazy dry and cold at night.

the beach (at least in nor cal) is for viewing purposes only. must have 3 layers to walk on the beach or wet suit to get in the water.

then there's free healthcare.

if you live in vancouver, you can live without a car and have a view of the sea and the mountains right from your apartment in the high rise. imagine that.

california weather sucks...cold and dry all the time...unless it's blazing hot. basically a desert. and that's what it shows up as on the map.

why is it that everyone cares so much about the weather? the incandescent bulb, airconditioning, heating, and high-tech warm clothing, should make us impervious to weather.

it's called the fire economy. any new fire jobs are good.

Between now and 2021, a million jobs are expected to go unfilled across Canada.
Why Canada needs a flood of immigrants - The Globe and Mail

is canada on sm_landlord's bucket list?