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Antipodes wrote:

Roasting tomatillos....

Making some salsa verde for your pork shoulder?

But but but....America Love Walmart!

US has work cut out for it building real economy: Greene


"Greene, a developer of apartment buildings, also believes the housing recovery will be "slower than we'd like it to be."

One reason people are staying in their apartments is because a lot of the apartment buildings now have huge amenity packages, he said. The other reason is people are still shellshocked from the crash."

Calculated Risk 2015 Single-Family Housing Forecast?


Amazon earnings: 45 cents a share, vs. expected EPS of 17 cents

How is this possible. I thought that the US consumer was flat broke?


Rob Dawg wrote:

Good thing trees grow according to only temperature.

My. House. Is. Four. Degrees. Cooler


Terence Corcoran: The Canadian economy: Nobody saw it coming | Financial Post

"Sometimes it looks like the Canadian economy is unraveling like a giant surprise package right in the face of economists and the Bank of Canada. We’ve got big data revisions, shock bank rate cuts, a falling Canadian dollar. Through it all, nobody saw it coming. They didn’t see a thing."

Quick, fetch a pail!

energyecon wrote:

Doubly so then.

Good luck.

Cinco-X wrote:

Not sure locals could take advantage of that as a source for water..

Fog fences are popular in Peru.

energyecon wrote:

Whay are you so makkanagee? The move into their campus is already under way...

I was referring to their HQ staying in Dallas.

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energyecon wrote:

More telling that the historic range of the trees did not include where most of the people in SoCal live today due to lack of water...

The entire modern history of California has occurred during a period of unusually high rainfall.


Low oil hurting office sales and leases in North America's energy hubs - BNN News

"More than half of the total office square footage under construction in Houston already is pre-leased to energy-related tenants"

"Exxon Mobil Corp., the world’s largest publicly traded oil producer, is scheduled to take occupancy this year of a new campus near the Woodlands that can house 10,000 employees. The company will remain headquartered in the Dallas suburb of Irving."

I wouldn't bet on that.

Black Star Ranch

energyecon wrote:

real conservatives just make sh!t up! Deniers, they simply don't like the answer.

Laughing out loud

Perhaps Houston should think about marijuana legalization to soak up all those underwater mortgage that will be arriving shortly:

Denver housing hurt by too few listings

KidPsych wrote:

But Morgan is standing her ground.

Oh yes....of course you are.

"The US homeownership rate has fallen to 63.9%, a 20-year low "

Got Popcorn? Om-nom-nom-nom

Rural living. I didn't realize that Shill was a woman.

road rage terrorizes child 3:00 min mark - YouTube

The child's name is Destiny. It just says so much.

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Yoringe wrote:

Anyway, whats US connection to Egypt? More Projection?

Egyptians are the fattest people on the continent of Africa?

adornosghost wrote:

Couldn't we have Caligula's Horse instead?

My. House. Is. 4. Degrees. Cooler!


"HVS: Q4 2014 Homeownership and Vacancy Rates"

Homeownership rate is going back to 1930.

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Yoringe wrote:

WTF do these Guys do wrong??

Have three kids.

Yoringe wrote:

WTF do these Guys do wrong??

Have three kids.

Rob Dawg wrote:

I don't get it. Trying to relate the housing claim using household spending doesn't make sense.

Sure it does. The collapse of the 50 year housing bubble allows the fact to become obvious that most of these people should have been renting.

I would venture to say that consumer confidence is rising in tandem with rentals because people aren't worrying about their largest asset dropping in value.

sum luk wrote:

Sebastian made this point about 2 yrs ago:

"We all wished we had a big apartment portfolio through this downturn,” said Douglas Yearley, Toll’s chief executive, during an earnings call last year." don't say?

They must frequent Denier Nation.

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The collective collapse of the Doomer head.......Do you hear the crack?

Jobless claims drop to 14-year low - MarketWatch

My Head Just Exploded

Citizen AllenM wrote:

Wanna buy a used oil rig, cheap?

“It was going good,” Madrid said about his job as a driller. “And then all of a sudden, boom.”

Perhaps the phrase "they will be bustin' rocks for decades in Permian" referred to the Texas Penal Colony System?

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"Tricks of the mind turned oil into gold"

"Price remained high because people perceived there was a shortage"

Tricks of the mind turned oil into gold -

Curses! Oiled again!

Comrade Kristina wrote:

Okay, Master P is trending on twitter.

So is #eggplantFriday

Shell CEO Sees Long-Term Oil Price At $90 - Business Insider

Shell Cuts $15 Billion of Spending as Profit Misses Expectations - Bloomberg Business


"Anything that has a forecast, you can throw away immediately.’ He asks, how many people predicted the oil crash?"


This is getting really interesting:

Mexico sees little room to cut oil output as Feb meeting in limbo
| Reuters

I suppose that the quote of the "most efficient producers will remain" is looking somewhat prophetic.

"At 406.7 million barrels, U.S. crude oil inventories are at the highest level for this time of year in at least the last 80 years."

No? You don't say?


Sebastian wrote:

So, I'll have the last word because I'm going to outlive the doomers.

I just can't figure out how to spend all this money from shorting oil.


greenchutes wrote:

The SoCal rainy season is done. Bummer, no mt Wilson snow this year.

SoCal rainy season is done.

Wow...this doesn't sound good for the local Denier's Club:

Are You at Risk for a Heart Attack? The Answer May Lie in Your Twitter Stream | Mother Jones

Just one example:

Rob Dawg wrote:

Hey asshole, try a fucking link or quote. Miserable shit.

Might want to review those life insurance policies.

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adornosghost wrote:

Jordan Sauvignon Blanc

Part of the revenge of the Left is eating well.

Rick Perry to attend Healdsburg fundraiser

"Winery CEO John Jordan is hosting the $500 per head soiree — $2,500 for a photo and private chat with the Texas governor — on the grounds of the 1,300-acre Alexander Valley winery estate Oct. 4.
“I think he’s a very impressive guy,” said Jordan, who has met Perry several times through the Republican Governor’s Association."


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