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"The operators of Mammoth Mountain and June Mountain in the Eastern Sierras paid $38 million last year to purchase the Bear Mountain and Snow Summit resorts near Big Bear Lake in the San Bernardino Mountains. The operators of those resorts are now promoting the sale of a "Cali4nia Pass" that can be used at all four mountains, increasing the chance that skiers will find at least one peak covered in snow.

"It's really a killer deal for Southern Californians," said Chris Riddle, a spokesman for Bear Mountain Resorts."

Well Dude, there's this thing called the Pacific Ocean and it's at record warmth. Bummer....

Skiers, resorts cast hopeful eye toward El Niño - LA Times

lawyerliz wrote:

The founders would cringe at the spectacle.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen, here is my brother -the war criminal- asking you for money.....

George W. Bush to fundraise for Jeb in Washington | TheHill

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bearly wrote:

The longer the campaign, the more voters are exposed to the corruption and arrogance, the futher she sinks.

Aren't you supporting Bernie?


dilbert dogbert wrote:

Swing hard right for the primaries and then hard left towards the middle for the general. Works everytime.

If the polling is correct for D'Oh!, Rinse Penis had better polish up another turd candidate tout de suite!

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Jackdawracy wrote:

RE wrote:
Even RD and bearly, despite their numerous misleading and inaccurate posts, have a solid following on the board IMO,

Shill left and now that is down to just Bearly. The rest are dupes but not flat-out brain dead.

I miss Burnside.

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Obama: It's time to politicize guns

"Obama said earlier that although the long term trend of job creation was positive, even more jobs could be created if "we didn't have to keep dealing with unnecessary crises in Congress every few months."

"He called the Friday jobs report "good news" but also said that U.S. growth could slow if Congress does not do away with its austerity measures."

Wow...A nice kick straight into the GOP Raisinettes.


Jackdawracy wrote:

Estate sale lady came by today, and we all got a good vibe from her. The wheels of change they are a turning.

You will be amazed at what people will take away for few dollars.


Outsider wrote:

And I told you oil was going to go back up.

"Despite drilling cutbacks, U.S. oil production edged up to 9.4 million barrels per day(bpd) in July from 9.3 million bpd in June, according to the latest U.S. Energy Information Administration's (EIA) 914 production report."

I remember some nasty, lying troll Do Not Feed The Troll telling everyone that they could turn this shit on and off like a switch.


"Clinton's two terms were the best for both private and total non-farm job creation, followed by Reagan's 2nd term."

Most of Reagan 2nd term job creation was due directly/indirectly to military spending....i.e white collar welfare.

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BREAKING: Dow, S&P close up more than 1%, post biggest reversal in 4 years


Sirus wrote:

The Oregon shooter had nazi fantasies despite being half-negro

Strangely, most skinheads would not meet Hitler's approval.

God Bless America™:

"BREAKING: Federal agency: Oregon college shooter had body armor, 3 pistols, rifle and 5 extra magazines."

Back to school supplies.

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Outsider wrote:

Well, there are probably a few who have you on ignore too, no?

I doubt it.

Well, perhaps MaryAnn, but she has real issues.

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Rob Dawg wrote:


Robbie, you need to understand that your popularity is equal to the success of your website.

I tried to tell you this, but......


yuan wrote:

(probably wood chips...but still!).

Wood is wood.

RE wrote:

So give me your engineering take on bearly's use of the numbers.

That would be impossible because Bearly doesn't understand 95 percent of the garbage he regurgitates from other sites and Robbie isn't an engineer.


"This was a disappointing employment report with 142,000 jobs added, and employment gains for July and August were revised down."

No...not if you understand as to why.

Slack in the market?


"Unemployment rate of 5.1% shows labor market is getting tighter"

The contrarian take on jobs report would say weak growth reflects demographics - MarketWatch

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"S&P upgrades Spain to BBB+ from BBB"

Gosh...remember when the entire Eurozone was going to collapse?

Doomers = Doh!

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

so I guess in this case it's somewhere in the half way point

If she is anything like you, she will be just fine.


Goldman Sachs picks Netflix, Chevron, Facebook as 2016 earnings winners - MarketWatch

"Netflix Inc. NFLX, -2.17% is expected to see its 2016 earnings per share jump 49% in 2016..."


Cash, and no, I dont need a receipt

crispyandcole wrote:

Looks like the hedgies are trying to pump up biotechs to save their funds...

Just another day. Same as yesterday.

Friday Fun Time:

Major indexes halve losses; biotech attempts rally

"Stocks halve losses, Dow briefly off less than 100; biotech attempts rally"

sum luk wrote:

..empathy and space help. does time and persistence.

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bearly Doh! wrote:

Record 94,610,000 Americans Not in Labor Force; Participation Rate Lowest in 38 Years

"But that’s mostly being driven by the aging of the American population."

We can call it the depression indicator.

Depressed that you are getting old and unproductive?

Told ja!

The contrarian take on jobs report would say weak growth reflects demographics - MarketWatch

"Participation in the work force dropped to a new 38-year low, the new data show. But that’s mostly being driven by the aging of the American population.


sum luk wrote:

. yo, spx back above 5 dma ~ seriously

"Weak job growth caused primarily by employed workers exiting labor force. Unemployed still gaining jobs at good pace"


Sebastian wrote:

I may just take the rest of the day off.

I think that you have delivered a sufficient amount of spankings to warrant a holiday.

Bon voyage!

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yuan wrote:

stop offering people goobermint subsidized 0-3% down loans and regulate private lending standards and housing prices will stabilize.

Well, then is there is that.

Air France-KLM to make significant job cuts - MarketWatch

"But pilots refused to fly more hours for the same pay, describing the demand as an effective pay cut."

Middle East carriers are cleaning house.

"Lousy jobs report proving a big economic bummer"

And yet the market is off from this morning's lows.

Business Insider(Not) just got picked up for 450 million dollars by Springer.

I believe that a headline generator would have been far, far less expensive.


yuan wrote:

Why Bankers Want Rate Hikes - The New York Times

Also remember that a rate hike might help with housing inflation.

barfly wrote:

26-year old non-student shoots up community college

Another Day in America™

BREAKING: Possible armed person on Virginia Commonwealth University campus, police on scene....

Jackdawracy wrote:

I wonder what he did in real life before the internet,

He yelled at clouds.

arthur_dent wrote:

as expected, HCNs self-proclaimed optimists have joined the ranks of the "deniers".

Are you examining your prostate again? Visually?

MikeCLT wrote:

The Tar heels!

Is this like a high-heel stuck in asphalt?


Jackdawracy wrote:

I just couldn't take the dunderheads anymore and whisked them into the scornfield.

Robbie says that he might unleash a volcano of vulgarities, lies, and blood-stained feces if people don't stop correcting him.

I would stay around for the show.

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Hot water: Dishwashers recalled over fire hazard reports

These things happen when you start building things in North Carolina.

Quick, fetch a pail!

Cinco-X wrote:

Whoa! 37 comments with 27 hidden! KP must be at it again...

Coming from the poster who was voted The Most Boring.

How long did it take you to discover that you were actually talking to yourself at Denier Nation?

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sportsfan wrote:

Keep building it until we just can't digest all that new product. It's what we do in this shining city on the hill.

WHAT'S UP DOC: Are Americans becoming more obese? - Entertainment & Life - - Worcester, MA

Sebastian wrote:

There's a tsunami of new supply, but there is "far too much demand" to prevent dramatic vacancy expansion???

"Strong Demand from Baby Boomers to Continue to Drive Multifamily Home Construction"

Page not found

Not going away anytime soon.


dilbert dogbert wrote:

An office mate at NASA worked on a experimental drone that required 26 computers to fly. All running on Windows!!!

That's depressing....

Rickkk wrote:

Job Market: Layoffs Surged In September As Big Companies Cut Back


"primarily due to large-scale employee cuts at companies like Hewlett-Packard"

HP should have died long ago. As should Microsoft.


Jackdawracy wrote:

Our economy more closely resembles a stealth airplane that can only stay up in the air as a computer system flies it by wire.

The economy is fine, the information is faulty.

"When that occurs, likely in the next few quarters, vacancy increases are sure to accelerate because the market will not be able to digest that much new product."

Errata...oh it will digest it. At a lower rental rate.