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Why no one should freak out about the giant crack that opened in the Mexico desert - The Washington Post

“This is no cause for alarm,” Inocente Guadalupe Espinoza Maldonado said. “These are normal manifestations of the destabilization of the ground.”

Wow.....his medication is quite effective.


Doc Holiday wrote:

It has been proposed that "hairy" black holes

Clearly a need for anus bleaching....

Rob Dawg wrote:

Low TCO. Low insurance, low repairs,

....and low class.

Rob Dawg wrote:

Texas is riding the worst pony in the stable; resource extraction.

Not quite....the pony is riding Texas....and he's pumping the no-no hole.


Rob Dawg wrote:

The top coat oxidation is probably the only thing keeping it from being stolen in this exurban crime crib.

I'm rather certain that a Ford Expedition is quite low in the theft category. Even brand-new it was loser mobile.

Rob Dawg wrote:

On that subject; the Oxnard Tesla super charging station is almost finished. 10 bays, 300VDC x 300Amps each.

Did you tape an extension cord onto your Ford Expedition?

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Doc Holiday wrote:

See: The “Texas Miracle” fraud: Turns out it involves taxing the poor to help the rich get richer

They don't care. As long as a new Waffle House opens up closer to the's all good.

arthur_dent wrote:

I suspect natural causes.

How's that heat there in Fart Worth.

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Doc Holiday wrote:

Experts are often full of shit

Clearly you have study the teachings of HCN's very own Klimotogist.

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KidPsych wrote:

Do you need a dictionary for the word secretions?

What part of the word direct do you not understand.

New Hershey logo evokes unsavory images - MarketWatch

Well, if you are eating Hersey's kisses, then eating shit is a step I say go for it.

Brown Pants

KidPsych wrote:

Yes, I'm certain that clothing and bedding soaked in bodily fluids are of no concern to hospital workers.

Many Americans' Ebola fears don't match reality, survey finds - CBS News

Tinfoil hat a little tight?

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Rob Dawg wrote:

I'm afraid the foveal blind spot is permanent.

Yes...much like your CVD-induced macular degeneration.


Rob Dawg wrote:

Because the bedding carries the virus.

I don't think that a viable form of transmission.

sebastians_dad wrote:

I need to take him to his eye doctor appointment to see whether his retinal burns are healing properly.

That picture of his new step-mom really jack him up.

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Rob Dawg wrote:

I certainly blanched when I read after those suspected ebola patients escaped that their bedding was stolen by locals.


Rob Dawg wrote:

Insurers and reinsurers particularly have got to be loving it.

Who Paid For Last Summer's Drought? You Did : The Salt : NPR

Just wait.

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HuffPost Live

Oh yes....and "weight" until you see the results for the little dumplings.


vtcodger wrote:

OK, maybe it's too quiet.

I believe that this was said right before Hurricane Andrew.

Wisdom Seeker wrote:

There whole concept of "current expansion" only applies if you're among the fortunate. For the rest, the Great Stagnation continues.
Be glad if you're one of the few, but don't expect it to last!

Astonishing Numbers: America's Poor Still Live Better Than Most Of The Rest Of Humanity - Forbes

Just a thought.


Yoringe wrote:

The First Biological Warfare: 3,300 Years Old

I am rather certain that shitting in your enemy's well pre-dates this attack.

Rob Dawg wrote:

Are you willing to entertain the possibility

.....that you really haven't a clue.


Geology of the Napa Valley Earthquake

"Although rare, it is possible that this earthquake was actually a foreshock, a precursor to a larger event. The odds of having a larger earthquake in the same area within the week is between 5 and 10%: small, but not impossible. It's irritating, but the only way we know if an earthquake is a foreshock is to wait and see if a larger earthquake shows up."


Today in "be careful of what you ask for":

Russia shuts 12 McDonald’s restaurants as tensions rise - MarketWatch

In other news....Russians collectively lose 2 million pounds of body weight overnight.....


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I see that the Gay Obsessed Party's bench will be quite deep this time:

Texas abuzz about possible Perry-Cruz 2016 battle - Yahoo News

Got Popcorn? Om-nom-nom-nom

KidPsych wrote:

it sounds as if the change is being made because they're struggling.

They are struggling because the stuff is shit and no one wants it.

"Now, individuality is the name of the game. "

"A&F and other traditional teen stores have to adapt in an uphill battle as mall traffic drops and shoppers' tastes change."

Suburban malls are basically for old people to walk around in an air-conditioned space.

Sebastian wrote:

What we would expect to see at this phase of the expansion, increased non-residential fixed investment.

Speculation building of warehouse space....and it's happening.

It's the Amazon Effect.


Abercrombie Dropping Logo to Boost Brand - NBC News

Wait? I thought that A & F was going down the toilet because of a shitty economy.

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BarleyReturns wrote:

Roma report to follow in 24 hours

Oh good....Rome never fails to impress.

Yoringe wrote:

Angela Merkel is immune to " Its for the Children"

Well now that the Ukraine has been annexed, Chancellor Merkel knows that her riches are to the East.

Dairy Director: Concern Is For Local Farmers, Big Lithuanian Processing Plants | News | ERR

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

"It's for the children" works with atheists too.

Au contraire, "it's for the children" doesn't work at all.


ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

Instead, they count on their ability to reduce extremely complicated and difficult situations to urgent, black-and-white choices that appeal more to fear than to reason."

Organized religion in a box with a pretty bow.


justaskin wrote:

meanwhile, here's KP's (and a whole 'nother bunch of HCNer's) marvelous renter's paradise

From the article:

"Ms. Wilson said, watching her five children"

Cry me a river.


Ebola! Run for the hills!

"What we found in general is that among our Ebola patients, because of the amount of fluid they lost through diarrhea and vomiting, they had a lot of electrolyte abnormalities. And so replacing that with standard fluids [used in hospital settings] without monitoring will not do a very good job of replacing things like sodium and potassium."

Oh heavens....all these people needed was Pedialyte™?

Ebola doctor reveals how infected Americans were cured : Nature News & Comment


Chicago PMI leaps to 64.3 in August from July's 52.6

Doomer's head go My Head Just Exploded

Seb does another victory lap.....retreads over Teh Dawg head....

curious wrote:

Housing Stumbling in Slowest Season for U.S.: Mortgages - Bloomberg

Apartment and Condominium Market Shows More Gains in Second Quarter | Eye On Housing

"The NAHB Multifamily Production Index (MPI) posted a gain of five points to a reading of 58 for the second quarter. It is the 10th straight quarter with a reading of 50 or above.

Im Lovin It! = Quick, fetch a pail!

The U.S. Southwest Could Soon Experience Decades-Long "Megadroughts"

YouTube - Coldplay - Up In Flames

"So it's over
This time, I know, it's gone
Salt water,
Tasted it too long
I only know I'm wrong
Now I know it's gone

Up in flames
Up in flames
Up in flames"

Nice graph Mr. McBride.

Poor goes on... Get off my lawn! Shakes Tiny Fist of Fury

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