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Belmont wrote:

Pay da rent and you get to stay

Pay the water get water.

Rob Dawg wrote:

Google map Fillmore, California. They are for real.

The ONLY reason that they are organic is that they filled out the paperwork. There is virtually no follow through or policing..

Outsider wrote:

I'm going to switch to ghee next time butter is on sale. Right now it's thru the roof.

The nice thing about ghee is that it keeps for so long.

Outsider wrote:

Californians are a forthright, honest bunch, aren't they?

Yes they are. Hence the reason Teh Dawg is from Massachusetts.

Outsider wrote:

They look bona fide.

So do many olive oil producers.

Outsider wrote:

Their honey is cheap - too cheap.

Bought in bulk from China.

curious wrote:

CR wrote Dec. 30, 2013:


"however demographics and household formation suggest starts will return to close to the 1.5 million per year average from 1959 through 2000. That means starts will come close to increasing 60% over the next few years from the 2013 level."

energyecon wrote:

to see such a flawless exhibition of the Dunning-Kruger effect in the wild.'re finally at work?

Belmont wrote:

Karma not gonna like this..

From the National Association of Homebuilders rag:

"In another way of looking at the long road back to normal, by the end of 2016 the top 40 percent of states will be back to normal production levels, compared to the bottom 20 percent, which will still be below 75 percent."


Cough cough...taps on mic:

"I don't have Moody's Analytics' forecast, but Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody's Analytics said today "that single-family starts could be closing in on 1 million units by the end of 2015"

Why Homeownership Isn’t Catching Up With The Rest Of The Economy | On Point with Tom Ashbrook 


shill wrote:

Sausage envy?

Breakfast link...I would imagine.

shill wrote:

" Must not click on feature, must resist temptation "


shillwrote on Fri, 1/17/2014 - 9:55 am

I will not put you on Ignore,

energyecon wrote:

Cushing, OK Crude Oil Future Contract 1 (Dollars per Barrel)


"Saudis expected to repeat price cut that drove oil lower, according to trader survey"

energyecon wrote:

So you have nothing to offer at all but ad homnem attacks and insults

fall back on a rather puerile approach.

Work must be rather boring...or did you get layoff again?

energyecon wrote:

Now you are backpedaling from your Kedrowsky cite?

You are misfiring all over the place. Step off....take a deep breath....have a taco.


shill wrote:

We shall see what happens when the mines stop digging, and they will.

When are you going to stop digging?

energyecon wrote:

A persistent real increase in the price of a commodity should be interpreted as a signal of scarcity.


In Real Estate, Your Personality Makes You Predictable - WSJ - WSJ

Neuroticism shows a preference of homeownership over renting...

Among other things...

CL08XE Future Quote - Crude Oil Lt Sweet Electronic (Nymex) Future Quote - CL08XE Quote - CL08XE Future Price 

Rob Dawg wrote on Wed, 2/12/2014 - 6:24 am (in reply to...)

What ever happen to that jerk who pissed all over the blog on a daily basis about the coming oil price collapse? Did $101 finally shut up his ignorant ass?


energyecon wrote:

Halloween carpetbaggers expose the fault lines between the haves and have-nots...

How's work?

Cinco-X wrote:

(I won't link)


Belmont wrote:

This can't be accurate.

Or this:

How falling prices affect big oil companies |

"Even before oil fell below $100 a barrel this fall, big companies were cutting investments and unloading assets. The business is getting more expensive as oil gets harder to find."

Energy Tower developers end project - Top Stories

Laughing out loud

BREAKING: U.S. Oct. Reuters/Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index at 86.9

Rob Dawg wrote:

Super fast Chicago PMI pig in 3... 2... 1...

"the U.S. economy is still growing firmly," the report said."

Without single-family housing....

energyecon wrote:

Hmmm... additional insights from the same author from the past:

From the article:

"Paul Kedrosky writes in The Case For and Against "Peak Oil"

"There is a remarkably detailed, thoughtful, and sober-minded article up on Bloomberg looking at peak oil advocates ("peaksters") and critics, and their conflicting views on the future of energy. The article is too big to even begin to summarize, so I strongly recommend you read the whole thing."

Paul Kedrosky or EnergyCon?

Decisions, decisions....

Rob Dawg wrote:

KP sure knows how to pick sources.

Yale or WattsUp?

Decision, decisions.

Canadian Oil Sands posts sharp decline in profit - MarketWatch

"Thursday said its third-quarter net profit fell 65%"

Aren't these the same people that said tar sands were profitable at 50 dollars?

Does everyone have a special party hat for Shill's going away party:

Gold mining stocks headed for another beating - MarketWatch

Tinfoil Hat ?

Got Your DOW 10K Hat? ?


energyecon wrote:

Well dang - I'm off to the Curses! Oiled again! mine - maybe I can learn me some oil bidness...

Use your free time...wisely.

Protip: Here is some reading materials while you are staring at Calculated Rent instead of working:

How Wall Street Is Killing Big Oil

"Big Oil is, in short, heading towards liquidation."

Curses! Oiled again!

energyecon wrote:

Falling back to ad hominem immediately? Quite the explicit signal of failure...

And clearly you don't quite grasp the definition of ad hominem either.

energyecon wrote:

op. cit.

Sorry, you got all tingly before you read the article.


energyecon wrote:

But thanks for being ever dependable and predictable...

And thank you for re-establishing my believe that your really have no idea what you are talking about.

"ConocoPhillips became the first major oil company to announce plans to reduce spending due to falling crude prices as drilling in some emerging North American fields becomes less profitable."

"Major oil companies such as Royal Dutch Shell Plc (RDSA) and Exxon Mobil Corp. (XOM) turned to asset sales and spending cuts even before oil prices fell, with a focus on higher returns instead of production growth."

ConocoPhillips Profit Rises on Asset Sale and New Output - Bloomberg

Laughing out loud

energyecon wrote:

ConocoPhillips Profit Rises on Asset Sale


Belmont wrote:

Bye bye Shill. Keep stacking

Low Inflation Means Societe Generale Eyes Gold at $1,000 - Bloomberg 

It will be sad to see him go.......for the 9th time.

Laughing out loud

Rob Dawg wrote:


Koch-lover funded.

shill wrote:

fact is according to a recent ABC poll 80% say the economy is on the wrong track!

85 percent of Americans believe in angels.

shill wrote:

Is that for all the pirated DVD's and Mp3's lol

Porn storage for Exurban Nation.

Rob Dawg wrote:

The office

?????? LOL!!!

People in offices usually work.

Laughing out loud