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Rickkk wrote:

30% of the jobs created in the U.S. since the Great Recession were export-dependent."

Exports to or from China?

Rickkk wrote:

Republicans Like Obama's Ideas Better When They Think They're Donald Trump's

Trump vs. Bush: The Gloves Are Now Off - NBC News

Why is D'oh! attacking a fringe candidate like Donald Trump?

Because the electorate has spoken...and it isn't Cardboard Cutout Boy.

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Bruce in Tennessee wrote:

...You, sir, are just full of it. I read it here, I think....

Pack up your byzantine bullshit and go away.....just go's that simple.


crispyandcole wrote:

Houston could be in trouble..

Very diversified economy.

Petroleum Jelly Engineers can seamlessly go to pumping gas or changing oil.

Curses! Oiled again!

poicv2.0 wrote:

I blame the Chinese hacker Ho Lee Fuk

Played out...

Outsider wrote:

Wowie kazowie. What did you all do today?

Another opportunity.


Subprime oil:

ConocoPhillips announces massive layoffs

Curses! Oiled again!

EngineerJim wrote:

Of course Perot was only about 10% the craziness of Trump.

I don't know much about Perot, but he looks like a midget.

No chance of becoming President.

FFDIC wrote:

Would someone explain how to log out of CR (without jokes)?

Ask Former Fister.

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ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

No doubt many stocked away a good bit of surplus money (now earning ZIRP) from the windfall for the bad times...

If he dollar continues to rise, it will be a good year for the Redneck Riviera aka Cancun. Maybe even Buffy's Boat Docks on the Red River.

sum luk wrote:

GOP's comprehension of 'murica's crucial infrastructure needs

Sorry, but maintaining infrastructure like roads, bridges, trains, and subways is a Socialist plot.

Real Americans fly helicopters for transportation.

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I suppose that the real question is; why is D'Oh! spending money criticizing the "un-electable" Donald Trump?

- NY Times

Oh! This is going to be good!

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Houston Rolex Pawnshop Status (HeRPeS)

Oil Market Bust Yields Unexpected Boom For Texas Repo Men : NPR

"It's been more than three months since Alice resident Javier Gamez has had work in the oilfields. He says he used to make up to $6,000 a month in the oilfields. Now he's lucky to pull in $600 doing construction work."

Oh yes....completely sustainable!

Curses! Oiled again!

Speaking of laughing. Didn't Bubbles just say that it was "business as usual" in Fort McNoMoney?

Canada arguably in recession after 2nd straight GDP decline - MarketWatch

Curses! Oiled again!

yuan wrote:

give us break, bearly. you sing the praises of the job/capital exporters while crapping on working class 'merkins at every opportunity.

Bearly has a "trading" screen so now he thinks that he is a economic oracle.

Ed S. wrote:

but good condition cars scrapped in the next few years due to unavailable parts.

Rob has an entire junkyard of used cars in his front yard.

It's called Blue Blood Motors.

JP wrote:

And so much for all those "off the lows!" midday headlines.

So you are a day trader now.....?


RayOnTheFarm wrote:

Where is Nemo ?

He said that he had given up on America.

Perhaps he is floating in the ocean.

Black Star Ranch

"House Prices up 6.9% Year-over-year in July"

Perfect for first time homebuyers.


Former Idealist wrote:

and lied his ass off about it?

You're in good company.

Rob Dawg wrote:

From and investment/valuation perspective Ashley Madison is nothing but a salacious subset of all social media businesses.

It seems like there are a lot of lonely men. You should put a direct link to AM from your deadsite.


ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

And collects fees for the sloshing itself.

Well played RIF...well played indeed!

"Dow Jones industrial pares losses to come off of intraday lows"

sm_landlord wrote:

I guess we're all day tradians now...

On my "trading" screen....I see a prominent Mobility Scooter Formation with a 128 oz Big Glup hockey stick retracement.

Rob Dawg wrote:

Not a single word about Obama letting American infrastructure crumble just to make his worst deficit president ever legacy look a tiny bit less horrible.

It's time to raise the gas tax......A LOT.

Former Idealist wrote:

Construction spending is zooming.
But we can't raise rates.
The Fed.

And clearly you cannot leave.

"Supporters of Davis shouted, "Praise the Lord!" and "Stand your ground!" Opponents called her a bigot and chanted, "Do your job!"

Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis Defies Supreme Court, Turns Down Gay Couples - NBC News

The clerk has been married 4 times and has treated her vagina like a semen dump.


arthur_dent wrote:

something the initial data and Bill and Seb missed, but Bernanke did not, when he panicked into QE infinity.

You really haven't a clue.

Former Idealist wrote:

Obviously a world shortage of buckaroos.

How many times have you left HCN today?


Dammit...If they would have just listened to Robbie, they should have planted drought-resistant redwoods:

Drought And Beetle Infestation Killing California Forests -


Speaking of contrarian indicators:

Rob Dawg wrote:

That is not the headline!!!! The headline is: Oil ends up 8.8%, at $49.20 a barrel; highest since July 21

Oh gawds. Did some people lose everything again listening to KP? Same as it ever was.

CL08XE Future Quote - Crude Oil Lt Sweet Electronic (Nymex) Future Quote - CL08XE Quote - CL08XE Future Price 

It's like beating a dumb animal....perhaps I should stop.


Former Idealist wrote:

I think we can all agree we have a nasty bear market now.
Except for the exceptionally stupid here that now who you are..........

Oh the irony....

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

I think the secret is leveraged shorting.

I think that the secret is to pay attention to people who only show up on down days.....the perfect contrarian indicator.

Remember Shill's arrival on the 1000 point drop?

bearly wrote:

Some people are not capable of learning new material or grasping vital information. Seek help.

I am certain that this statement comes from years of personal experience.

bearly wrote:

lots of the world in deep contraction.

I love down days in the stock market.

It supplies so much quotable material.

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So onward and upward towards more important problems:

California's Katrina Is Coming | WIRED

This is going to be rather interesting.....


"U.S. July construction spending highest since May 2008"

Another bad day for Doomers.

ISM manufacturing index hits 51.1 in August.; Construction spending up 0.7% in July

Sebastian wrote:

Almost everything item is made in China


Former Idealist wrote:

Ya'll haven't seen anything yet....and you deserve what you're gonna get.

Isn't enduring your diatribes enough punishment?

Rob Dawg wrote:

I doubt there are enough readers left who don't have it on ignore or too unimportant to bother for your observation to make much difference.

Speaking of ignore; Denier Nation should tell you a lot about what people think about your opinion.


3,2,1 Bearly will appear with omniscients and sageness.


JP wrote:

NYSE invokes Rule 48

It's a Back-to-School special.