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dilbert dogbert wrote:

If the locals had all been packing the cops would not have even been involved.

Those buildings needed automated anti-aircraft guns. They could have taken care of themselves!

Quick, fetch a pail!

"OPEC has chosen to abdicate its role as a swing producer, leaving it to the market to decide what the oil price should be,” Harry Tchilinguirian, head of commodity markets at BNP Paribas SA in London, said yesterday by phone. “It wouldn’t be surprising if Brent starts testing $70.”

“OPEC’s decision means it is over to you America,” Miswin Mahesh, a London-based commodities analyst at Barclays Plc, said in an e-mail. “This opens the window for the U.S. to be the new swing producer.”

Rule #3: Seatbelts Brown Pants

Oil Seen in New Era as OPEC Won’t Yield to U.S. Shale - Bloomberg

Comrade Kristina wrote:

I'm sure I don't have to tell you what state this was in...

What's needed here are more guns:

Austin Police Kill Gunman After Shots Fired at 'Multiple Buildings' - NBC News

American Apocalypse, by Nova My Head Just Exploded

There is going to be a lot of people with the sadz:

"One reason for this is that the money that has already gone into producing shale oil is essentially a sunk cost. Hence, production is not going to be stopped immediately. As Ben Hunt who writes the Epsilon Theory newsletter puts it “There’s just too much non-cartelized money, technology, and political capital invested in US shale production to slow it down.”

And as predicted:

"It is also possible that the United States government may decide to intervene and introduce “tariffs on cheap foreign oil imports,” to keep the local shale oil industry viable."

Saudi emerges king at OPEC meet: Oil prices will remain low for now - Firstbiz

Got Popcorn? Om-nom-nom-nom

BarleyReturns wrote:

Lets go shopping!

Sounds good...

Bruce in Tennessee wrote:

Italian Unemployment Rate Rises to Record, Above Forecasts

Italians and under-the-table-employment is an art form that rivals Raphael.

Much like the US construction industry and illegal employees.


"Vehicle Sales Forecast: "Strongest November since 2001"

All this AND a weak single-family housing market!

Buongiorno a tutti!


poicv2.0 wrote:

So is La Corneau.

La Cornue was purchased by you can take it from there.

sm_landlord wrote:

If I operated a fleet of Vikings, I would go broke keeping them running...

Nice people, poor product. At one time it was very good.

sm_landlord wrote:

Our Viking oven is natgas with convection, and costs almost nothing to operate. But it blows its circuit boards periodically and is stupid expensive to repair.

You're in real estate aren't you!

Big smile

Mary wrote:

as is the custom ... in EU.

Oh yes....once you use induction, it's very hard to go back.

Outsider wrote:

One by one I'm changing appliances from propane back to electric.

Electric ovens are far more accurate anyway and the kool kidz are all going induction.

sm_landlord wrote:

The money moved to Reno, NV., but the people stayed here

They hadn't a choice. They couldn't sell their homes in Reno to move back.


"It will likely be years before we see triple-digit oil again"

Monday morning should be super awesome.


Mike_PNW wrote:

(since they ignore the sanctions)

I believe that China and India have exemptions. As does South Korea and Singapore.

Yoringe wrote:

WTF is Kloza?

Well in french colza is rapeseed it's close.

Blackhalo wrote:

Demand would have to collapse quite a bit for that to happen. But that might be good for retail?

Bottom for oil in 2015 is $35: Kloza

"As a result, OPEC decided to wait for the market to balance. But this wait could be years—no one knows when, how, and even whether demand will pick up sufficiently to sop up the excess supply; similarly, everyone knows that the US shale boom won’t persist forever, but not when precisely it will tail off."

Perhaps December 1, 2014.....right around breakfast.

With oil prices plunging, OPEC and Russia are on their knees – Quartz


Rob Dawg wrote:

Now leave me out of it.

"Accept the behavior, and work with it.
If it isn't harmful, don't worry about it. Find ways to work with it."

Read more: Repetition and Alzheimer's | Caregiver Center | Alzheimer's Association

Rob Dawg wrote:

continuing to point out how very wrong your were.

"Stay calm, and be patient.

Reassure the person with a calm voice and gentle touch. Don't argue or try to use logic; Alzheimer's affects memory, and the person may not remember he/she asked the question already."

Read more: Repetition and Alzheimer's | Caregiver Center | Alzheimer's Association

Antipodes wrote:

The Ultimate Chocolate Fudge Pie

The texture looks fantastic.

Sirus wrote:

From what I understand, they have to get the price to 60$ at Brent then that will shut down the shale/fracking wells.

Oil at $75 Means Patches of Texas Shale Turn Unprofitable - Bloomberg

traderwalt wrote:

Cheap oil 'a mirage,' it's heading to $140: Dicker.

I can't believe that he used Ebola as an issue for high oil prices.

Yoringe wrote:

If it seals how you transfer the Heat?? Puzzler....

Heat ≠ moisture.

Yoringe wrote:

Doesnt get soaked in Fat and is juicier because of lower Heat??

It actually doesn't take up a lot of "fat". It has far more moisture because the heat transfer is rapid and seals the surface.

Yoringe wrote:

IMO its safer, healthier and better in a Oven....

Definitely safer. Not sure about the other two.

World Awash With Oil - Business Insider

These things happen when you pump it up with cheap credit.

Luckily this will pale in comparison to housing.

Mike_PNW wrote:

damn..and here I am almost thru my Petroleum Engineer curriculum at the University of Phoenix

Time to move on to Linoleum Engineer.

Yoringe wrote:

Why in Hell Deep Fry a Turkey?? Another Mysterie...

Because it's delicious.

Yoringe wrote:

Why Vegetarians need Tofu to Taste like Meat is one of Societys Mysteries.....

I asked Yuan this exact same question.

All I received was Crickets

Bubblisimo Gerkinov wrote:

Or at least shake out the weak hands.

Which are the strong ones?

"WTI Crude Oil Falls Below $70"

Rob Dawg wrote on Wed, 2/12/2014:

What ever happen to that jerk who pissed all over the blog on a daily basis about the coming oil price collapse? Did $101 finally shut up his ignorant ass?

Prozac + Get off my lawn! = Doh!

josap wrote:

Today is Turkey Day. And I am going to eat whatever I want.

Overnight delivery:

Frenchman creates pill to make your farts smell of roses and chocolate | Metro News

"Mr. Ashworth said most existing production in Canada will be maintained – and will even be profitable – below $70 a barrel, but new investment in oil sands projects will be undermined."


Oil tumbles below $70 as OPEC holds fire despite collapse in prices - The Globe and Mail

Curses! Oiled again!


"OPEC keeps oil production unchanged - looks official now! oil"

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dilbert dogbert wrote:

Bigger the belt buckle smaller the penis.

The modern version for a belt buckle in Texas is now called a fat dam. Easier to see the smaller penis.