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Teh Dawg seems to be duplicating...uh oh......don't tell me he can't take a piss without logging onto HCN?


burnside wrote:

Rob, it's what I studied for the most part.

What organ do you play?

Rob Dawg wrote:

I just signed up at a public course for a small fixed monthly fee that includes unlimited range time and rounds after noon for $4...

You must be really enjoying that disability check.

Outsider wrote:

I thought golf was traditionally a circa-retirement thing.

Old businessmen getting drunk....then it carries on throughout retirement.

Rob Dawg wrote:

Most awesome indicator of neighborhood demographics and general economic conditions is membership fees.

No it's not. Golf is a dead sport, typically played by near-dead people:

A Game of Golf? Not for Many Millennials - WSJ

lawyerliz wrote:

Manhattan Island is a gigantic piece of architectural sculpture.

Except for "the Freedom Tower"


lawyerliz wrote:

Not inside a theater, and that's ridiculous, anyway.

Does Wedding Rice Make Birds Explode?

lawyerliz wrote:

I surmise, rice.

Rice kills birds.

lawyerliz wrote:

I have not the slightest desire to join a country club.

Teh Dawg doesn't have a membership. He waits for an invitation or sneaks onto the course with his 5 dollar sticks.

"It's a shame that we've come to this point in New York, the center of culture," he says. “People can no longer acquire important pieces of history.”

What Happens When Fine Art Becomes Contraband? Ivory Goes Extinct at New York Antiques Fair - Bloomberg

New York maybe the center of many things, but culture is not one of them.

Detroit: The Dispersal of Urban Black America Begins

Help me out on this.....are they saying if you are white that they wouldn't shut off your water?

Jackdawracy wrote:

how are we ever going to get the 'miles driven' chart up?

By putting odometers on mobility scooters.

Rents jump 30% in Sonoma County in 3 | The Press Democrat

"seeing higher rents partly because of the number of workers seeking relief from the high cost of living in San Francisco and the Silicon Valley.

“Rents have skyrocketed in the employment centers,” Grotjahn said. A worker can find much cheaper housing by commuting from Petaluma to San Francisco."

Jesus Christ....I'd rather chew on a rock.


Mike in Long Island wrote:

are $10,450.

Now THAT'S! a maintenance fee!

"News that Iraq oil exports are holding close to a record and Kurdish shipments are rising despite unrest in Iraq adds to the view the world market is well-supplied and could continue to be, a negative for prices."

In a painful twist of irony, could GWB be blamed for killing the US oil market?

Traders say oil could slide further, but where's the bottom?

Curses! Oiled again!

gruntled wrote:

Theater of the Absurd!

85 percent of Americans believe in angels.

Ebola has killed two people = Panic

30,000 homicides = Crickets

Jackdawracy wrote:

Jared Diamond: ‘150,000 years ago, humans wouldn’t figure on a list of the five most interesting species on Earth’

Listen up Jack.

I've had just about enough of you bagging on God's creation. If you can't look at Momma June and feel the glory of Jesus, then perhaps you are a Zombie


Now if you could just get these poor slobs to buy a house, then they would need to stay in their suck-ass jobs:

New college hires don't last more than a year: Survey

Im Lovin It! = Quick, fetch a pail!

Belmont wrote:

The guests are here to read me.

No....all the guests are from Teh Dawg's wife's psych center.

They didn't believe her when she told them how crazy her husband is so she told them to log onto CR for verification.

Laughing out loud

dilbert dogbert wrote:

Another example of why more guns in schools will make them safer...

It's too bad all those students did have their own guns....then they could have shot back.

Collateral damage be damned! 2nd Amendment!

"New SF home sales so far this year have fallen well short of consensus industry expectations at the beginning of the year. A major reason appears to be weakness sales to first-time home buyers, partly because of tight credit, partly because of financial “issues” for many younger adults, but also partly because many builders have trouble meeting their high return targets for communities with smaller, lower-price homes that would normally be targeted for first-time buyers."

Yes, but let's discuss two of the more significant reasons: Location and that fewer and fewer people want their product.


Rob Dawg wrote:

Give them two chances, wish them peace and then plunge.

Rob Dawg wrote on Fri, 4/25/2014 - 8:40 pm

Fuck off I'm not talking to you.

Rob Dawg wrote on Thu, 10/23/2014 - 10:50 am

I live in a state of denial.

China Takes Advantage of Oil Glut and Boosts Imports from New Sources | InvestorIntel

“China will just look to get the cheapest crude possible from whatever source it can,” Virendra Chauhan, analyst at Energy Aspects, told Bloomberg. “I expect a lot more volumes flowing to China in particular.”

You think that turnip juice coming out of the tar sands is going to compete?

That's what I though.


Rob Dawg wrote:

The sheeple have tumbled onto the term "sucker" so slight changes to text have been applied.

This coming from the man who thought that he avocado crop was worth thousands.


Putin accuses United States of damaging world order
| Reuters

Supplying weapons to every corner of the planet probably wasn't a good idea.

It's a lot like the homicide rate in the US going viral.

KidPsych wrote:

I often shove my kids out the door sans sunblock.

Dueling Docs - Does the Sun Really Cause Melanoma? | Janice Horowitz

Sun block, high carb diet, Vitamin D just asking for cancer.

Ebola doctor's fever not as high as first reported

"Spencer, 33, originally was said to have a temperature of 103 degrees on Thursday morning, when he first notified an international medical aid group that he had worked with in West Africa that he was running a fever.

But New York City health commissioner Mary Travis Bassett on Friday morning said Spencer's temperature was actually 100.3 degrees on Thursday when he was admitted into Bellevue Hospital and placed in isolation while authorities tested him for Ebola."


yuan wrote:

BBC News - Study: US is an oligarchy, not a democracy


yuan wrote:

the US have a major advantage. Their money is artificially cheap at the expense of lazy, immoral, stupid darkies in the south.

Fixed It For Ya

KidPsych wrote:

Sunlight is key to fighting obesity and diabetes...

Not going to work if you are covered with sun block.


Sebastian wrote:

I'm so weary of these arguments...

This is the HCN my friend.

Teh Dawg actually had a two day argument (which he always) about the beginning of cherry season in Michigan.

I am NOT joking.

Sebastian wrote:

Highest for 2014, higher than the same month last year, higher than any month last year. How much uptrend do you need for there to be an uptrend?

Sorry Seb, but that's considering "paralysis" in the US housing industry. Not much to see actually.

Renting drives U.S. homeownership to 19-year low
| Reuters

Former Idealist wrote:

Checked all the mousetraps.
Damn mouse.

Sticky traps.

Belmont wrote:

Very unlucky I am.

That's über-ebola. The hot zone is in and around Ventura County.

Main symptom is reverse peristalsis where you actually shit out of your mouth.


Firemane wrote:

The single family housing market is doing nothing quickly.

You're absolutely correct.

shill wrote:

Rest assured we have no food inflation here in the States

Why do you care? You just bought a gas-guzzling Dodge Charger and you're worried about inflation?

Laughing out loud

shill wrote:

Such an embarrassment you are.

shill wrote on Fri, 3/14/2014 - 8:50 am

See the difference between you and me Seb is the people here expect this shit from me, I'm not gonna change,...."

Sebastian wrote:

...and the trend is still up, even with revisions.

Actually, it isn't. The single family housing market is quickly losing its shine as an economic indicator.