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BarleyReturns wrote:

100k plus in HK streets

There are close to 1 million on a normal day.

Everyone stayed home.

Sebastian wrote:

Home price increases that did nothing more than keep up with inflation...

Home prices are soooooo 2005. 10 years latter, people are still hanging on to them like a emphysema patient and an oxygen tank.

Bill had better load some more better economic indicators or this place is going stale.

Belmont wrote:

Just keeping it real you douche.

Be nice to Shill....he has a known drug problem.

It's better that he is here and not on the streets terrorizing people and waving his guns.

Cinco-X wrote:

It Is UGLY In Italy - Business Insider

Location location location.

In today's case of more Brown Pants

Norway's oil minister concerned lower oil price will hit investment
| Reuters

"But we also see a technical floor under oil prices ... at around or above $80."

Oh boy!


Rob Dawg wrote:

As soon as I calm down enough

That will be right around the time when the Sun burns out.

Belmont wrote:

Plenty of polar bears in zoos

Plenty of polar bear-looking people on the street.

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

in the same manner as fourteen eggs

A few balut.


poicv2.0 wrote:

Dim Sum
With a side order of tear gas

Actually the gas will occur the following day and bring a tear to your eye.

Bring a lot of Pepto... The Red Pill

1 currency now -yogi wrote:

That ain't proper Haiku.

For Former, that would be High Coon.

Former Idealist wrote:

This Sucker Is Going Down!

Bring your knee pads.

Laughing out loud

Page not available

Alzheimer's is directly related to persistently high levels of insulin brought on by daily consumption of sugars and carbohydrates.

Former Idealist wrote:

Antiperpspirants are suspect.

So are Tinfoil Hat

Belmont wrote:

Intellectually lazy you are.

Shill is just lazy......not a trace of "intellectual" to be found.

Laughing out loud

Cinco-X wrote:

You probably should recycle all your aluminum ware and most of your copper ware and switch to cast iron or stainless steel. Copper is okay for making meringue and an few other things, but has been linked to Alzheimer's...

Oh shit.....better not eat pickles, cheese, milk, or water. One of the largest sources of aluminum contamination.....inhalation of cat box litter.

Not only do cats make you crazy...they kill!

Laughing out loud

Belmont wrote:

Karma you realize there are houses outside of the CA area? And without a drought.

Robert Mace's Rules of Water

Rob Dawg wrote:

Does not play well with ammoniates. Soon you won't have a pot to piss in.

If you have that level of urea concentrated in your urine.....I would recommend that you kill yourself.....soon.


shill wrote:

Ted Cruz virtually certain to run for president, adviser says - Capitol Report - MarketWatch

Ted Cruz Opens Up About Troubled Early Life - NBC News

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. It explains so much.

Why do so many drug addicts turn to religion?


Rob Dawg wrote:

Incomes up. Spending up more. Sustainable.

Good for another 50 least.

Modi visit throws spotlight on Indian-Americans | is this possible? America is a racist country and these people are brown skinned.

I just don't understand.


justaskin wrote:

my entire adult life has been spent watching the best and brightest go from one ill conceived policy to another

Stephen Hawking makes it clear: There is no God - CNET


shill wrote:

Volatile week ahead B..