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Belmont wrote:

Onerous is the better word.

Seeing that it is typically the largest purchase in your lifetime....Onerous SHOULD be the word.

shill wrote:

Obamacare Customers Afraid to Use Benefits Due to Sky-Sigh Deductibles

Breitbart News Network


sum luk wrote:

US Homeowners vs Renters: Annual Change in Occupied Units


Most 20 - 35 year olds have no business owning a home.

sum luk wrote:

Buying Cheaper Than Renting, But Some Mortgages Make It a Closer Call

What the ECRI of housing fails to calculate is when you decide to move....which you will....all of your gains are lost immediately.

Also, let's calculate a more nebulous cost, being that the average person doesn't know how to use a hammer.

Frankly, all I see are normal lending standards.

The only movement in mortgage origination will be at regional banks who understand local markets and they are going to be selective.

The end.

Cinco-X wrote:

Better question: Who cares?

When the IQ on the field equals the IQ in the stands.


sum luk wrote:

The bottom ninety percent of US families are no wealthier than in 1986 – Quartz

So much for the idea that housing is a path towards financial security.

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Rob Dawg wrote:

Odder still that half aren't hidden for all. Laughing out loud

Most people are're simply dull.

Rob Dawg wrote:

Why One Walmart in North Dakota Is Paying $17.40 an Hour

"The Heritage Foundation"



The Lorax wrote:

First it's taking the metro or bus, next thing you know they are biking.

Oh yes....but what about the people who use their gut to hold the steering wheel in place. Handle bars might be a challenge.

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shill wrote:

You all got your IBS on when I mentioned it correct?

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Quagg Hunter wrote:

Great word. A combination of bloated irritation and misinformation.

Reset your browser....this is Calculated Risk NOT Exurban Nation.

Cough..cough...taps on mic....

Don’t Hold Your Breath for Double-Digit Increases in Housing Starts - Real Time Economics - WSJ


"Many economists had looked for double-digit increases in starts this year. Don’t hold your breath."

"No growth"

Quick, fetch a pail!

justaskin wrote:

.lots of inflamation


energyecon wrote:

Always dependable in misrepresenting another's position....

Are you taking statins?

Comrade Kristina wrote:

Why any woman in the South would continue to vote Republican after seeing this Map defies logic

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vtcodger wrote:

Has it crossed anyone's mind that the passenger might have something even worse?


Comrade Kristina wrote:

Nigeria has been declared ebola free by the WHO now as well. I guess the GOP will have to find something else to fear monger about.

Gosh...what will EnergyCon neurosis about next?

"The lack of growth in miles driven over the last 7 years is probably also due to the lingering effects of the great recession (high unemployment rate and lack of wage growth), the aging of the overall population (over 55 drivers drive fewer miles) and changing driving habits of young drivers.

With all these factors, it might take a few more years before we see a new peak in miles driven - but it does seem like miles driven is now increasing."

I wouldn't bet on it.

The Numbers Behind America's Mass Transit Resurgence - CityLab


vtcodger wrote:

Nothing formal -- just continuous improvement

Ask >>>>>axe.

Outsider wrote:

Duh. I know that. Thru is not like lead.

Eye sea wut ewe mean.

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Outsider wrote:

I think it just gets thru spellcheck.


burnside wrote:

I see the abandonment of 'led' everywhere.

The proliferation of unnecessary quotations has offset the the demise of the proper conjugation of the verb.

Ah the oil business:

Hepatitis News : HIV in North Dakota Spikes Along With Oil Boom

"The oil boom has also been linked with increases of drug use, prostitution and rates of syphilis, gonorrhea and hepatitis C."

It says so much!

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tg wrote:

how long did you continue to read him?

Long enough to understand the disease.

And funny enough...people are worried about Ebola.

sm_landlord wrote:

NASA Morpheus Lander Crash and Explosions - YouTube

Those things happen.

TJ and The Bear wrote:

already running cash-flow negative -- go balls-up.

I believe that's tits up. If your balls are up, you might want to call the emergency room.

One question long did you continue to post at Exurban Nation before you realized that no one was there?


poicv2.0 wrote:

I dropped off a tiller. Then drove back and picked up a jack hammer for trenching.

Don't you live in San Francisco?

Oil Is Cheap. But Not So Cheap That Americans Won’t Profit From It - Bloomberg

"here’s little incentive for U.S. producers to slow down anytime soon. Even the drillers who do get squeezed will be loath to cut production. Investors tend to punish exploration and production companies that slow their pace.

Yes....because it's called losing your shirt.


tg wrote:

Commuter Pain Index

Traffic kills.

josap wrote:

I am about to walk over to the Chinese restaurant to pick up dinner.

And run home...

robj wrote:

I drove to get beer today

Amazon same day delivery.

Cars are for suckers.

"Many families live “hand to mouth”

They do?

You mean hand to cell phone, to tattoo, to sparkly nails, to mouth.


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robj wrote:

Canadiennes can't count.

Canadians in Paris:

Paris |


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vtcodger wrote:

Although I doubt McCain knew that was what they were arguing about

Oh shit...that's funny.

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Antipodes wrote:

1980: 17.056 million barrels per day
2013: 18.9 million barrels per day.
Not flat.

US population in 1980 = 226,545,805

US population in 2014 = 322,583,006

Oil consumption is basically flat....sorry.

Try again.