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Yoringe wrote:

Fresh Squeezed even less.....

One orange has 3 teaspoons of sugar.

yuan wrote:

Lots of liquidity trap deniers on hoocoodanode.

"We were never in a liquidity trap. Keynes referred to a liquidity trap as a period where the Central Bank loses control of interest rates. This occurred in 2008, but only for the briefest of time. So the whole idea of a liquidity trap was wrong all along. If anything, the last 6 years have shown that reducing interest rates isn’t a highly stimulative form of monetary policy."

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Vonbek777 wrote:

Passive-aggressive? What drives it?

They either hate the son-in-law or or the other.

josap wrote:

It is a him? I can never tell from the first names nowdays.

Well, let's hope that Axel is a boy.

Dairy and Fat: Is Whole Milk Healthier Than Skim Milk?

Well no shit.

Milk without fat is nothing but liquid sugar.

So you can imagine pumping up your kid in the morning with a bowl of cereal and skimmed milk.

"I just can't understand why little Mary can't sit still??"

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Antipodes wrote:

"As it freezes, they'll slowly fashion it or sculpt it into something," he says. "Once it's frozen it becomes a lot easier to move and shape."

These are people who club baby seals. What do you expect? An Aveda salon?

ndk wrote:

I suspect that there are now tons of Ebolavirus samples in all the wrong hands.

Just to put your fear in perspective. Diarrhea kills around million people yearly. 2,000 children die from it....daily.

Bad Dawg Bobby wrote:

Does make one think about what the Future Might be like.

Well it's definitely going to be different.

Newborns or not.

Should Climate Change Stop Us from Having Babies? | VICE | United States

"My wife and I just had a baby, and it's quickly becoming the best decision we ever made. Even though his future is uncertain, the knowledge that there's still time left to turn things around has become a tremendously powerful motivating factor in our lives. Our baby has brought us back from the brink. It's impossible to be hopeless with a newborn. Climate change has changed me. And I don't think I'm the only one."

Well Mr. Holthaus, you might as well spin it as a good thing due to the fact that you can't shove the baby back in.


Vonbek777 wrote:

Mom always said to keep a change of underwear and a spare robe on hand in case of rupture.

But but but...he threw a snowball!

Arctic sea ice could set an ominous new record this year - The Washington Post

"Please use the comments to demonstrate your own ignorance, unfamiliarity with empirical data and lack of respect for scientific knowledge. Be sure to create straw men and argue against things I have neither said nor implied. If you could repeat previously discredited memes or steer the conversation into irrelevant, off topic discussions, it would be appreciated. Lastly, kindly forgo all civility in your discourse."

~ Barry Ritholtz.

Yoringe wrote:

for Energy!!

What's cooking?

Former Idealist wrote:

The same way as these retarded Fed policies and the shit ObamaCare has worked for us abnormal working stiffs.

Vonbek777 wrote:

You'll always be the former Coup Coup king to me FI, no matter the tag.

I used to bust out when Gnommie would call him Former Fister.

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ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

They will need a large bracelet or a small font.

Axel Hammerhead....hmmmmmm.

I'm thinking at a bare minimum WWF or possibly porn.

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Former Idealist wrote:

Try to keep up dopes.
Pretty sure the next tagline will include the word fascism...........

Robbie's neurosurgeon may have an opening next Monday.

Bad Dawg Bobby wrote:

But he is a cute as a little puppy.

Yes they are.....for about 3 months.....then it's hell.

I can hear that little towhead screaming for Surströmming already....

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Bad Dawg Bobby wrote:

He is named after his Great, Great Grandfather who came to Canada from sweden.

So that would be pronounced Excel?

Bad Dawg Bobby wrote:

Axel Ostling Bad Dawg.

Is that a puppy or a human?

yuan wrote:

Obese, uninformed, and prejudiced.

"At the county level, the “diabetes belt” — that’s the CDC’s term, not mine — is clearly very Republican."

Type 3 Diabetes.


Better luck next year:

NOAA: Elusive El Niño arrives

Should be an interesting summer.

adornosghost wrote:

praying over sizzling fajita skillet

"burned by grease popping in his eye and face."

Jeebus says...You're an idiot.


Cinco-X wrote:

IIRC, Birmingham, AL was worse than LA during those days

Oh you're from Alabama....

I see....

Exxon's new campus would make an attractive tank farm:

The Newest Commodity: Oil Storage Space - MoneyBeat - WSJ

Probably way too many NIMBY's there.

Rob Dawg wrote:

A flippant 5 second comment requires several minutes of reasoned rebuttal to no effect. Thanks for the rebuttal but DNFTT.

Rob Dawg wrote:

Hey asshole, try a fucking link or quote. Miserable shit.

Robbie = Do Not Feed The Troll + Zombie

Jackdawracy wrote:

You didn't grow up with horrendous smog in LA in the 60's that only got worse, until laws were passed to benefit not just me, but all of us living there.

Smoking in planes....


"Billions of dollars are pouring into oil exchange-traded funds as investors, many of them small savers more familiar with stocks than commodities, risk big losses and focus on the chance of huge rewards."

Volatility draws billions into oil funds

Om-nom-nom-nom Got Popcorn?

Speaking of Denier Nation:

"When you look at the number of days over 100 degrees in 2011, it was very unusual," she said. "But it will be normal in just a few decades if we continue on our current pathway."

Climate scientists, Texas' top water official disagree on dealing with drought, heat waves - El Paso Times

Quick, fetch a pail!

energyecon wrote:

as the party of no ideas., and as the party of bad ideas.


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Vonbek777 wrote:

You're going to have to sweeten the deal.

Perhaps RiF can build a pipeline:

Drought Information

Water pipeline.

Rob Dawg wrote:

We have decades of single party political control to thank.

But the GOP's official position is that climate change is a liberul lie.

Former Idealist wrote:

yep- Feds balance sheet, US Debt, and Corruption.
It's the Wink Wink Economy
play along, or else.
Have A Nice Day!

My I recommend a calcium scan.

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The GOP line-up is looking tight:

Ben Carson apologizes for comments on gay people -

Laughing out loud

And I was thinking that 2016 was going to be boring.

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sum luk wrote:

Euro hits 11-year low on 'ECB-QE' day:

The Euro should not trade one cent over the US dollar.

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ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

At least gas prices are reasonable, housing is affordable, infrastructure is well kept, and local government services are inexpensive and effective there.

And thousand dollar avocados grow on trees!

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It's. 4. Degrees! Cooler! at! my! House! THERE! ARE! FOUR! LIGHTS!

"Clearly we are in the fourth year of a drought, but this is not just the fourth year of drought," said water scientist Peter Gleick of the Pacific Institute in Oakland, California. "It is the 11th year of the past 15 years that have been abnormally dry. We had a wet year in 2010, but most other years in the past 15 have been drier than normal."

"I fear that in California, the groundwater supply will be largely depleted by the time the groundwater legislation kicks in..."

Lack of Snow Leaves California's 'Water Tower' Running Low

Today at Denier Nation:
Parched California Will Get No Relief From Drought Pain in 2015 - NBC News