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"The good news is the prime working age group has started to grow again, and is now growing close to 0.5% per year - and this should boost economic activity."

Past returns are not a guarantee of future profits.

yuan wrote:

from science to opinion.

Reminds me of this classic:

Rob Dawg wrote:

Pretty shitty to be flinging poo at posters who aren't here especially when you know better about their positions. Nice try building an adobe castle out of your own excrement and straw men.

I think that he types sans brain-engagement.

Laughing out loud

Rob Dawg wrote:

Your lack of hesitation going straight to insulting those who have opinions other than your own is far more eye popping.

Rob Dawg wrote:

You are so fucking biased you cannot see straight. Grow up.


Mike_PNW wrote:

In parts of are so cheap many of them are being converted to apartments/rental communities

There are a few cases of condo-to-apartment conversions already in play.

It is still rather rare.

Outsider wrote:

What would you expect Nadji to say, given his position?

Are you saying that he is lying?

Outsider wrote:

is that hopefully it will ease rental prices as supply increases.

Absolutely. Most of the new construction in the rental market would be considered high-end.

Outsider wrote:

and that suggests a slowdown for new apartment construction later this year.

Forget location, real estate investors seek yield

Mr. McBride and Mr. Nadji should spend some time comparing notes.

Just a suggestion of course!

Black Star Ranch

merchants of fear wrote:

Doctors might suggest a low carb & low fat diet which is setting up their patients for failure.

Well, return customers provide cash flow.

I think that Hendricks would be the appropriate gin for the evening barbe-à-queue


Outsider wrote:

I'm wondering if multi-family housing starts are near a peak.

Carefully phrased.

Outsider wrote:

Are Multi-Family Housing Starts near a peak? 

Is Calculated Risk having a Peter Schiff moment? Tap Your Heels Together Three Times

merchants of fear wrote:

Lies, Damned Lies, and Medical Science - David H. Freedman

Well, it's rather clear that the Mediterranean Diet wasn't really Mediterranean.

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Speaking of data. Is this the end of Calculated Risk as a housing blog?:

"The U.S. is witnessing a shift from single family homes to apartments and condominiums. This is most obvious in new construction where the share of housing starts that are multi-family rose from 19.8 percent during 2000 to 2004 to 35.2 percent in the 15 months through March, 2015."

Calculated Rent™ is available for an introductory offer of $10,000 per month.


Rob Dawg wrote:

Lots of sneaky math tricks in that article.

Have you tried opening your eyes? Or is your vision failing as well?

Mike_PNW wrote:

My guess is the majority of EU citizens are ready to eat the losses and boot Greece out...

Greece's former tax-collection chief Harry Theoharis explains tax-evasion problem - Business Insider

My guess is that they better be careful about pointing fingers.

josap wrote:

Dozens of Calais migrants try to storm Channel Tunnel

They heat must be making them crazy. As it does in the US.

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

We like big things!

Apparently, including guts.

Speaking of Doom:

Scott Walker 2016: Campaign announcement scheduled for July 13 - POLITICO

I hope that he runs on his fabulous tenure in Wisconsin.

D'oh!/D'uh 2016

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ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

no fears, KP, tomorrow's the day!

Strangely, they never quite touch on the real issues:

5 insane facts about how America has gotten bigger - The Washington Post


robj wrote:

Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis: Pilot Pulls Wrong Throttle, Kills 43; Tennessee Train Crash Releases Toxic Fumes, 5,000 Evacuated; Robot-Preventable Accidents

I'm surprised he hasn't killed himself by now....

Much like Kunstler.

Buenas Días a todos!


Rajesh wrote:

After the ruling, the party wrote on its blog (in Icelandic)

That is one bizarre language.

arthur_dent wrote:

if only the Dutch could have restored confidence in tulip bulbs, just think how much painful austerity would have been avoided.

Austerity starts at home, Arthur.

You can refuse your Social Security/Medicare checks and turn in your mobility scooter at any governmental office.

arthur_dent wrote:

whether this thing holds together for another 18 months has little to do with Obama...

Clearly you aren't not a reader of Bearly's Guyd to Prezidenshial Ekonomiks.

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"Public sector jobs declined the most during Obama's first term, and increased the most during Reagan's 2nd term."

Republicans sure like Big government evidently.

Clearly as much as they like butt sex.

Red Team = hypocrites.

josap wrote:

Facts About The Majority Of Americans - Business Insider

"64% of Americans do not believe global warming will seriously affect their way of life."

Well, this dovetails nicely with their belief in a supreme being.

Ignorance is bliss, even while my roof is on fire and the house is flooded.


josap wrote:

Facts About The Majority Of Americans - Business Insider

"64% of Americans do not believe global warming will seriously affect their way of life."

Well, this dovetails nicely with their belief in a supreme being.

Ignorance is bliss, even while my roof is on fire and the house is flooded.


vtcodger wrote:

Anyone with decent credit could borrow money on attractive terms.

You mean attractive to the bank...right?

I am so glad that Alito, Scalia, and the GOP wants true Biblical marriages, because here it is!

Polygamous Montana trio applies for wedding license - The Denver Post

I believe that Abraham had quite a few....Solomon nearly 1,000.


Ah to be a divorce attorney!!

Cash, and no, I dont need a receipt

Rob Dawg wrote:

So you are saying the lake level is so low the sun cannot reach it and the water so shallow regular skis won't work. Gotcha everyone stay away.

On cue.


Lobbyist Ben Dover wrote:

Our education systems has perfected a group barely functioning illiterates. Business loves them...

And it's working fabulously!

I am not a scientist, but let me tell you how climate scientists are wrong.

85 percent of Americans believe in angels.

The American Dream™

arthur_dent wrote:

If most people understood the basic mechanics of money there would be a revolution.

And there you sit.

Comrade Kristina wrote:

He weighs as much as my larger cats.

Pâté de lapin


homedad43 wrote:

As long as public education avoids teaching simple money and finance skills they will never be able to handle money.

Republicans are anti-science.

Realtors are anti-finance.

What's needed here are more guns:

Mass Killings Inspire Copycats, Study Finds - NBC News

"On average, mass killings involving firearms occur approximately every two weeks in the U.S., while school shootings occur on average monthly," wrote"

But but but what about the children!!!! Oh sorry about that! But my right to have an AR-15 is superior to your right to live.


Jackdawracy wrote:

wouldn't work here on account of needed chill hours.

Chill hours are few and far these days.

Bruce in Tennessee wrote:

well, that would be me.

No? You don't say?

Rickkk wrote:

as the debt-crippled country sees food stocks plummet and cash reserves dry up ahead of Sunday's crucial referendum...

Eaters gotta eat:

Greece Leads the World in Overweight and Obese Kids - The Numbers - WSJ

Nicola will gets quite testy when the pantry is empty.


vtcodger wrote:

negotiating with the EU is like negotiating with our House Republicans -- Pointless.

I am quite certain that most EU officials do not believe that they are guided by the hand of God.


"Hotels: On Pace for Record Occupancy in 2015, RevPAR up almost 50% from 2009"

Wow......Doomers/Deniers wrong again.

Buenas Días a Todos!


Rob Dawg wrote:

It's the liberal good intentions that count not the results.

Good....perhaps you should petition to have one built in your backyard.

Rob Dawg wrote:

Houston has also diversified. Medical, biotech, financial services, aerospace.

True, but the multiplier effect associated with oil and gas in Texas is THE driver of the economy. Everything is else is in the margins.

energyecon wrote:

a hydrocarbon price cycle, a regional credit cycle related to excessive commercial construction, and the S&L crisis.

Strangely, that sounds like the last two years.

Cheap Oil Is Squeezing Property Owners in Energy Hubs - Bloomberg Business

energyecon wrote:

So, here is Houston at 11 of 13 for increased foreclosure activity. But don't let facts interrupt the charade.

Ok..I won't .

I suppose that the real question is why would it be up at all?

Surely after this all this growth, the banks would have foreclosed long ago.