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Charlatans, Cranks, and Cooling -

"That is, charlatans and cranks can, all too easily, end up claiming credit for economic and demographic trends that are actually the result of air conditioning."

Black Star Ranch

"Amid record-breaking heat, CA's snowpack is just 6% of normal."

Lowest since record keeping.

"Right now, due to demographics, 2% GDP growth is the new 4%."

Yes....I've heard this thrown around at a few dinner parties.

Frankly, the 2008 recession was a great reset for many and probably exposed the true economy with the removal of housing as a major source of distortion.

Low, slow, and steady....which is more than adequate.

We might even see Europe exceed the US this year with the beginning of its own QE.

Black Star Ranch

Volvo coming to America™


Belmont wrote:

Times are tough KP. Have to make ends meat.

Fixed It For Ya

Inside China's Unknown Mega-City - CityLab

"Throughout 2014, the municipality's official population grew by over 4,000 people each week to 29.9 million"

30 million people! Holy Shit!


Belmont wrote:

Lots of vaseline

I suggest that you upgrade your intimacy lubricant...

Laughing out loud

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

The pretext perhaps... the sentiments it's raising, on the other hand...

I am so enjoying watching Mike Pence dance.....his collar is getting sweaty and his lips have almost disappeared!

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Outsider wrote:

You don't have these issues when you're a Bud drinker.

I've drank Space Shakes. What a waste of perfectly good weed!


"tenants are typically paying £3,500 to let a two-bedroom flat in the West End, which would mean handing over more than £200,000 for a deposit and 12 months’ rent."

"Some were willing to pay up to £10,000 a week in rent, and already this year one tenant has paid more than £1m for a years’ tenancy in a flat in Mayfair."


Jackdawracy wrote:

like what's happening in the Paso Robles area.

Good luck with Paso. It's always been a marginal growing area for wine.....too damn hot with little water.

Not a problem if you like Syrah with 18 percent alcohol.



Subprime oil fueled by debt:

"US oil production growth in 2014 was largest in 100 years"

Jackdawracy wrote:

no heat records were set recently in Cedarville, Ca.

Or at the Camarillo Airport evidently.

Thermal, on the other hand, did.

Jackdawracy wrote:

I wonder how many aquagees from the Big Smokes in California are looking out of state?

Farmers in near 'survival mode' as California drought drags on

Mega-Drought Threatens the American West | RealClearPolitics

Does the paid troll know that Real Clear has "updated" their position?


“This city is in a deep state of denial,” says a Houston broker who’s lived through three oil slumps before. We’re standing in a grand meeting room at the Houston Country Club, surrounded by well heeled Houstonians in evening wear. Construction cranes still dot the Houston skyline; every day more ground gets broken for another high-rise residential tower. “Everybody says it’s going to be different this time — the city’s more diversified than it used to be. But oil still supports everything here, whether they believe it or not.”

Stop Propping Up Zombie Oil Companies - Forbes

Curses! Oiled again!

I thought that no one gets paid?

Bonjour à tous!


"Smell like socks?” he says. It does. It’s fusty, rancid. “That’s lampante,” McEntire says. “Lamp oil.”

"It’s mostly what you find on supermarket shelves, something McEntire would never drink nor sell..."

Saving the Extra Virgins: Olive Oil Made Right - Gear Patrol


"Stupid, rich people who want to should be allowed to build wherever they want to as long as taxpayers don’t have to bail them out.”

Rise in government insurance rates to mirror rising waters, flood debt - The Washington Post

Not worry....the flooding will not occur. It's all a hoax.

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sum luk wrote:

… housing's contribution to gdp is still below average

There is nothing like looking backwards.

EngineerJim wrote:

Possibly Jimmy Carter was genuinely religious.

GWB prayed to porcelain god......on many. many occasions.


burnside wrote:

They wouldn't have called themselves conservatives, nor would their contemporaries have done so

Here is a modern American conservative. Cannot even answer a yes or no question.

Stephanopoulos GRILLS Mike Pence over LGBT Discrimination It’s Yes or No | Mike Pence This Week ABC - YouTube

Nice job!

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Possible upside????

How can that be?

I thought the lending standards were too strict and there wasn't any inventory.



merchants of fear wrote:

Get the feeling Hillary is in no matter what she does?

Frankly, every Union in the country will never allow Scott Walker to be anything but what he is now. And it's not clear to me that even Florida would re-elect Jeb Bush.

Rob Dawg wrote:

Yet Hillary gets a pass on decades of illegal acts.

Such as?

Vonbek777 wrote:

What state do you assign yours?


Rob Dawg wrote:

All Perot wanted was GHWB to not be reelected.


...Ross Perot has an ego the size of Kansas.

merchants of fear wrote:

Most people could care less about the longer term fate of the environment
and are mouth breathers who never even look up at the sky...

Co-Host of the "The View" doesn't know if world is round - YouTube

vtcodger wrote:

Ah so, utopian dreams die hard.

No, I just don't care what you think.

C'est très simple!


EngineerJim wrote:

I think Carly Fiorina's take on Hillary Clinton is spot on.

GOP’s Carly Fiorina: Economy is suffering because workers are ‘watching porn all day long’

Good Luck with Carly. Not to mention that Larry Ellison probably has enough dirt on her to build a new pyramid at Giza.

BarleyReturns wrote:

Yo all.
new 'puter.
Chrome is acting weird....

Is it a Mac?

merchants of fear wrote:

Let's not get personal about the HCN clown troupe and science haters.

Little Robbie's Airport Science Project failed again today....without the Santa Ana BS.

robj wrote:

Planted 11 azaleas this morning. Now I'm watching Louisville/Mich State.

I brought a Porterhouse this morning. Now it's in the refrigerator.

sm_landlord wrote:

Colorado Ave in SM is going to look like a demolition derby when that line extension opens.

It's a good thing that cars ALWAYS lose.

vtcodger wrote:

Let me know when you're ready to start.

Believe me, you would be the last to know.

greenchutes wrote:

Entitlement and the payment 5% of the property taxes of one's neighbor in an identical house and lot is less offensive when it involves hillbillies an hour's drive from civilization.

New Keyboard

yuan wrote:

completely unwilling to allow any re-zoning/new construction that might possibly, maybe decrease their equity even the slightest amount. The bay area is the epitome of "fuck you, i've got mine"

Absolutely....and from an economic standpoint, will choke on their home prices. As it is homeowners such as they who are creating the inequality that they despise.


vtcodger wrote:

I don't think they have the slightest idea what they are talking about....

Then don't read it.

vtcodger wrote:

Do you need me to go through the arithmetic for you, or would you rather change the subject?

I would rather that you stop being a nasty, old man.

Outsider wrote:

I'm starting out with plain old red ones to get the hang of it.

Start them in peat pots with fish emulsion. Careful not to over-fertilize while growing or you will get nothing but tops.