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ndk wrote:

borrowing an unfathomable sum of money at negative interest rates

… wanna menu ?

Rob Dawg wrote:

The Rs won't go there.

… wanna bet ?

…personally, I turn my back to the wind

Yoringe wrote:

Should i grow a Guru Beard for Preparation?

… an accent will get you over almost anywhere in flyover

..I'd have no problem supporting Warren; can't say the same about Hillary

Mary wrote:

Some of y'all need to bring your A-game to the next effort.

arthur_dent wrote:

negative interest rates are not a short-term front-running operation. They are the result of a decades long failure of malinvestment and believing markets never have to clear.

Irving Kahn, Investor Who Made Money in 1929 Crash, Dies at 109 - Bloomberg Business

Rickkk wrote:

This chart kind of makes things clear: in January alone, Greeks pulled over €12 billion, or 7.6% of all their deposits, out of local banks.

… in perspective per10 year chart:

adornosghost wrote:

The evidence suggests the United States is playing energy poker with a pair of jacks in its hand, but betting as if it had four aces.

KarmaPolice wrote:

Flat Broke Americans:
Durable-goods orders rise in January

…yo, sumpins gotta hold back the flation: Reuters: CPI components

dilbert dogbert wrote:

Obummers is a Kenyan Muslim Atheist Communist who is coming to get my guns!!!

…repeal the 22nd Amendment

Jackdawracy wrote:

I'm not made for this robot world, lemme tellya.

… yer not lettin yer imagination run away with you

sm_landlord wrote:

If one makes coin off permanent war economy then one needs a permanent enemy.

…the thin green line: U.S. durable goods

sm_landlord wrote:

the accumulated dust, dirt, and pet droppings have to go somewhere.

… so that's how all the plastic bags got into the Pacific

Jackdawracy wrote:

my guess is he walks…. is given his walking papers. Fixed It For Ya

Rickkk wrote:

Ukraine reportedly has enough gas for the remainder of the week

… how VIXing !!!

arthur_dent wrote:

nothing to do with Draghi

… so, you don't think folks is front running yerp's QE even a little ?

arthur_dent wrote:

Welcome to the long run.

… the Draghi marathon

Yoringe wrote:

never do anything....

… you can now borrow for a living:

KarmaPolice wrote:

U.S. Productivity Now Grows Faster Than Jobs. What Changed?

US Real Average Weekly Earnings +1.2% In Jan
source only:

…tough question, the first car I bought on my own was a Fiat 1100R.

…you spect me to accept fiat ? … In glod we trust BAAAAABBBY

aClem wrote:

An INSA opinion poll

…didja ask the aristocracy or just a few mopes on the street ?

sm_landlord wrote:

Hmmm, so the new houses be going to be built more cheaply at a lower price point?

… how much will $1.00/hr over subsistence get you ?

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

the horses … ponies bought the barn and converted it into a casino.

US new home prices, after adjusting for inflation, are now just 0.8% below their 2006 peak
source w/chart:

… it's not a punch bowl - it's a lifeline

1 currency now -yogi wrote:

I guess she won't say anything important under oath...

… consider the quality of the questions asked.

… if you hear a cogent question being asked, be sure to let me know

KarmaPolice wrote:

Europe 18 months behind the US.

….nope yerp's leading the way into deflation:

greenchutes wrote:

To take the yield spoonfed by the Fed and play golf.

… it's not paranoia when they actually are out to get you

curious wrote:

Pfft. The authors need to study modern economics.

Whiskey wrote:

Since you anticipate exponential growth, a log plot or a plot of growth rates.

… I'll be sure to write them a critical letter.