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Oman wrote:

Don't forget to wear a rain poncho......

… yo, a conceal and carry permit

… where's Janet's put ?

justaskin wrote:

Should real-world effects influence the thinking of Supreme Court justices in reaching decisions?

… do corporations attend church ?

arthur_dent wrote:

and speaking of an economy based on government sponsored economic rent.

… yo, the powers that be are


… I'd be interested in your impression of this interview:

KidPsych wrote:

| Death and Taxes

… I swear that said "Death and Texas" the first time I read it

Wisdom Seeker wrote:

Unless something happens in the meantime, things will get worse before they get better


sm_landlord wrote:

Oh, a nice irrational market open. Was an overnight ate cut expected or something?

… suckky earnings + worse durable goods

KarmaPolice wrote:

Koch Brothers Will Spend $889 Million on 2016 - Political Wire : Political Wire

…. yeah, but what's their ROI ?

Bruce in Tennessee wrote:

A gauge of capital flows on the PBOC’s balance sheet fell by the most since 2003 last month in a sign it’s selling foreign currency

"China’s yuan falls to seven-month low."

Lets take a coffee break

…. remember the community banker the Fed's to add for the common touch ?
Federal Reserve nominee reports up to $40.1 mln in personal assets
| Reuters

poicv2.0 wrote:

What is the plural of Straw Men?

…. hay men

… but there is inflation:

Ruble in free fall. Drops by 8.2% after S&P has cut Russia's rating to junk.

And Austrianism has no basis anywhere?


European and Japanese QE will almost, but not quite, replace end of US QE.

vtcodger wrote:

After all, when you put truth on a high pedestal encountering it can be a bit of a shock.

…. not to worry, few Americans have seen enough truth to even be able to recognize it

… yo, obviously it's aggregate demand: - NY Times "Middle Class Shrinks Further…"

Bruce in Tennessee wrote:

Journalism for the 1% is not dead...

… ink is expensive

BarleyReturns wrote:

borrowed euros

….Q€ for everyone

comrade mike wrote:

Will there be a bank run in Greece today. Pull out your euros before they are seized.

from: Open Europe

The current bailout extension is due to expire at the end of February. If no programme is in place, this could see Greek banks lose access to ECB funding as Greek bonds will no longer be eligible as collateral. With uncertainty over the bailout programme, the ECB could also choose to apply pressure by threatening to cut off access to the Emergency Liquidity Assistance (ELA), as it did with Cyprus in 2013.

Greece also has significant bond repayments in July and August, totalling over €7 billion. With cash reserves already at a record low of €2 billion and reports of numerous taxes going unpaid since the Presidential election was called in December, the new government will be short on cash.

…. oh, and Lets take a coffee break

… I lacked the huevos to buy the vix on Friday

burnside wrote:

How will Lagarde and Draghi force Greece to the table?

…from: Syriza Rides Anti-Austerity Wave to Decisive Victory in Greece - Bloomberg

Finance ministers from the 19 countries that share the euro are due to discuss Greece and its bailout from the so-called troika of euro region governments, the ECB and the International Monetary Fund when they meet in Brussels on Monday.

Germany’s Finance Ministry said in a statement that Schaeuble’s position was unchanged after the election result and “the agreements reached with Greece remain valid.”

Tsipras, who arrived at Syriza’s headquarters in central Athens to cheering crowds, said that his government is ready to negotiate and cooperate with the EU over debt. At the same time, he declared the troika era to be over, saying that “Greek people wrote history today.”

Yoringe wrote:

We will see if the first Real Left Party win in a Election in Yerp will get things moving....

… you suggesting the possibility of contagion ? …. Italy, Portugal, Spain ?

Yoringe wrote:


…freakin punitive, imo

… the EU did nothing to address weak demand for 7 years after the start of the financial crisis. ….the decision to infuse no fiscal stimulus in the face of two recessions - that is austerity.

vtcodger wrote:

Autonomous vehicles are either going to be quite safe or their makers will te litigated out of existence.

….yo, just making way for autonomous semi's

bearly wrote:

Otherwise there wouldn't be bubbles for the 1% to ride assets up

Global Equity Market Peformance | Global Macro Monitor

… sr. ptnr has a list of better things for me to do ~ lateral

…. parting thought:

robj wrote:

"Oil Drillers Going Bust - Business Insider"

longest-lasting oil-price slump in decades


yuan wrote:

(market timing is for losers)

… put my kids though school

Could deflated balls explain why the Patriots share of fumbles to plays run is off the charts?

Jackdawracy wrote:

Ok, enough with the ball gags.

… eric ?

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

When only the 1% has the money to buy your starter homes?

… as the dollar gets stronger, houses become more expensive for furiners too

“I’ve been surprised that housing hasn’t recovered more robustly than it has"

….what's holding back homeownership :

KarmaPolice wrote:

Existing home sales rise 2.4% to 5.04 million units in December - MarketWatch