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Cinco-X wrote:

Snark all you's comin'...

… open up them park lands and drill, baby, drill

Paradigm Lost wrote:

Jeb better get a woman on the ticket for 2016.

… he's got a pretty face; all he has to do is take a manly stance and you'll all melt

shill wrote:

Obamacare Customers Afraid to Use Benefits Due to Sky-Sigh Deductibles

… it was sooo much better when they had no insurance at all

JP wrote:

with the notable exception that it values your time at $0 for maintenance performed.

… yeah, but you get all that back in OER

shill wrote:

ObamaCare Bronze Exchange Plan Premiums To Go Up 14% In 2015 -

… single payer cuts out the middleman.

.. I still say all this Its not easy being green is just so much bait being spread by Vampire Squid from Hell

Bubblisimo Gerkinov wrote:

There will always be a paycheck to paycheck consumer class to keep the economic engine humming imo.

… Mark 14:7

… funny: mr. dow and ms. spx can't quite seem to agree

Lets take a coffee break

from: What is global market turbulence telling us? | Gavyn Davies

... the markets may be starting to doubt whether the central banks actually have the weapons needed to stop global deflationary forces in their tracks. Robin Harding reminds us that Ben Bernanke once said, wisely, that quantitative easing “works in practice but not in theory”. The implication is that it only works because it shifts inflation and other economic expectations in the desired direction.

If markets start to doubt this, they have entered much more dangerous waters. But the relief rally on Friday, triggered by the merest hints that central banks may consider further asset purchases, suggests that we are not there yet.

… promises to keep ~ lateral

Rajesh wrote:

Maybe oil is a currency as well?

… I'll put up our ability to make empty promises against their sticky goo pumps anytime

Outsider wrote:

Well, that's not what Kudlow says.

… I'm pretty sure he inherited his money; whereas, the Fed made all of theirs themselves.

and from: St. Louis Fed: Explaining Recent Asset Price Movements

One movement that might appear to be paradoxical is the sharp increase in the foreign exchange value of the dollar over the past few weeks. The foreign exchange value of a currency is often linked to expectations of that country’s growth relative to its trading partners. It would be unusual for declining U.S. growth to be linked to a rising value of the dollar. In the present case, however, expectations of European and Japanese growth may have declined more than those of U.S. growth. For example, on Oct. 14, Germany’s Economy Ministry reduced its 2014 forecast from 1.8 to 1.2 percent and its 2015 estimate from 2.0 to 1.3 percent.3 An alternative explanation is that the rise in the value of the dollar could reflect the demand for safe assets during a period of high uncertainty.

lawyerliz wrote:

What if they gave a bubble and nobody came.

… simple, they'd call upon the corporate citizens to borrow @ zirp and repurchase enough shares to make it appear that the bubble was growing

… just bought the sds ~ wish me luck

arthur_dent wrote:

you appoint a czar when you realize the existing structure you've paid for(and continue to) all these years is incompetent to handle the job.

Hospital turns to PR to fight Ebola

… what happened to the GOP mantra that we have the best medical care in the world ?

… ohhhh, you meant for the 1%

Rajesh wrote:

For a public health problem, you find a doctor.
For a public relations problem, you get the best PR hack.

Nurses: Hospital Botched Ebola Case - The Daily Beast

yuan wrote:

Grand bargain bubba.

… down which river

shill wrote:

you could run your own circus you to.

… eloquently spelled

a stupid person.

shill wrote:

Yes Sum that whole $2.98 I saved at the pump this morning

…. here you go dolt, had you read the link:

Just pennies, right? No. There are 250 million vehicles in the US, averaging 24 miles per gallon, and typically driven over 11,000 miles per year. A drop of just 5 cents YoY averaged for a year (the YoY decline overall so far in 2014) adds over $6 Billion in disposable income that can be saved or spent for other purposes by US consumers.

… gas prices are the first real break j6p's had since redteam closed congress: US gas prices at lowest in nearly 4 years

… if it runs for a while, it may save Christmas

… was broken yesterday AM for about an hour

Jackdawracy wrote:

Faulty hazmat suits
And training too
Ebola in the heart of Texas

… no union; so no hazard pay

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

Someone will need to decide who lives and who dies in the event of a global plague epidemic. It seems like a natural for a Czar position.

… didn't Palin suggest a committee ?

Rajesh wrote:

Texas health officials have ordered any person who entered the room of the first Ebola patient at a Dallas hospital not to travel by public transport, including planes ship, buses or trains, or visit groceries, restaurants or theaters for 21 days, until the danger of developing Ebola has passed.

…. but they are going to be paid for their time, their confinement and mandated curtailment of personal activities ~ right ?