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… on that note, I'm takin the sr ptnr out for martinies ~ lateral

lawyerliz wrote:

The squid speaks

… this is still Janet's market. ….teh squid has not been given teh reigns just yet.

merchants of fear wrote:

red flags...
Europe and concerns about Greece
disruption with Bloomberg terminals
China issues
IMF says fu

… 6 months time lapsed since taper termination

Dow negative for the year.

… we're 10 points up

poicv2.0 wrote:

In any case Ben did save the world so he really shouldn't have to eat cat food like the boomers that he saved.

… the boomers were saved by Phantom interceptors

poicv2.0 wrote:

As long as Bernanke says the Student loan bubble is contained and not expected to impact the broader economy I will sleep well at night.

… yo, call Citadel and find out what Ben charges

.. Janet is back from tea ?

Rob Dawg wrote:

… and, in exchange, grandma gets cat food

blinkered wrote:

Just in case we get three slummies

… wowser, remember the flash crash ?

Yoringe wrote:

Travel Agent called: we are 100€ each in the Ditch because of Exchange... We told here its here Problem, we paid.....

Former Idealist wrote:

Selling of the stocks can be declared illegal by your new Masters at anytime of their choosing....
Not a damn thing you cowards can do about it.

…. shirley, the tea party guardians of the constitution would take out their automatic weapons to defend our markets in such an event

… ok, just for fun, 2073 looks like the next shelf

… it's a self reinforcement of the self reinforcement

… pretty soon the algo's may notice spx 2053 is next

… he's totally messed up my charts ~ where is the channel - is this rt shoulder safe to cry on ?

… yo, back below spx 50 dma

KarmaPolice wrote:

In some places, you can basically jump across it.

… if redteam were truly worried about funding SS and medicare, they'd build a bridge

arthur_dent wrote:

nothing is positive for the economy with negative rates.

… not very aristocratic of you Arthur

arthur_dent wrote:

China and Greece are as much a cause for the market drop as cold weather in winter.

… last 10% correction was in 2011

josap wrote:

Nothing more household debt won't solve.

… taking the dollar into debasement would have saved the entire first floor.

… ok, I'll stop now

poicv2.0 wrote:

//opens blog window to air out blog after stink of last bad comment

… not to worry, they hadn't added any garlic yet

poicv2.0 wrote:

Does anyone know why the fundamentals of the economy aren't doing well today?

… china lost 5% after mkt; bloomberg terminals went dark; …. oh and there's a greece fire.

… think of the children; they'll never be satisfied with bingo

Rajesh wrote:

Greece has a debt/gdp of about 175%.
Japan had a debt to GDP ratio of 220% or 230%.

Take a name asswipe wrote:

... dollar worship has run it's course....

… starting 3 minutes in: The Consequences of a Greek Default or Exit - Bloomberg Business

poicv2.0 wrote:

Lever up those losses biatchez!!

… yo, uvxy

Sebastian wrote:

Start by asking a question: What would a recession look like? Then a follow-up: What would the economy look like a year or so before the start of a recession?


… then ask the third question: What has that result got to do with what the market is doing now and will likely do in the near future.

… I'm sorry, but I don't see the connection.

Sebastian wrote:

flip a coin and then find an indicator that supports the outcome.

… personally, I appreciate Sebastian's posts.

Sebastian wrote:

Absent serious warnings from this and other indicators, onward and upward continues.

Rajesh wrote:

If the Republicans controlled Congress, they wouldn't have any problems passing a budget.

…. stay tuned for the lending cap

Rickkk wrote:

religious freedom bill

… the fact that one deep red state legislature after another has gone through the process of introducing, debating and adopting this bill is a complete and utterly unrelated coincidence.

…. yo, below spx 50 dma

BarleyReturns wrote:

So do you pump at a loss to keep the lease or pay the banksters?

… or build a leaky pipeline ?

… there is virtually no correlation between consumer sentiment and retail sales

sporkfed wrote:

I forget, what a slumdog worth ?

… another 50 points and you will have 2 of em

Take a name asswipe wrote:

that builds confidence

… hey, I heard they like to gamble

Jackdawracy wrote:

I hope that it is officers Reed & Malloy, who carefully tackle me

…. not me, I want Baker and Poncherello. … dude, they can totally stop on-coming full speed highway traffic by lifting a gloved hand.

Jackdawracy wrote:

How long would it take to double your money @ 0.06 interest, are we looking @ century?

Swiss and German 30-year yields at new all-time lows, 46 and 28 bps. US 30-year at 258 bps.

Take a name asswipe wrote:

german 10y yield at 0.06%

… grexit probability @ 90%