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… bear with me

… part of what I was going for was simply the notion of what's included and what's not, and how much we can legitimately make of it.

poicv2.0 wrote:

I'm sure the founding fathers envisioned bazookas and shoulder-launched SAMs.

… not to speak of drones and bots

Rob Dawg wrote:

gospel of Marcion

… I'm almost always taken aback by folks who call upon arguments made by the founding fathers to support their current political positions; as if the possibilities available to the people who lived at that time - before electricity was discovered, before the horseless carriage, before flight, before the machine gun, before indoor plumbing - as if the values that were alive at that time should be considered determinative on questions such as whether gang members should be subject to arrest for simply carrying a deadly weapon.

… bear with me, there's a logical connection between our points.

tg wrote:

into the valley of death

… into the teeth of the enemy. … he wanted to believe in compromise and it proved to be his achilles .

Rob Dawg wrote:

Promoted too soon he lacked the chits and experience to legislate from the executive.

… he could have been a 2nd FDR.

tg wrote:

He has done far better than I ever could

… I'm not saying he wasn't a good soldier, but he did choose not to lead.

tg wrote:

Mr O looked tired, sad and very human in to day's news conference

… history handed him an opportunity, he chose not to take it.

Rob Dawg wrote:

Look at page 5 and tell me there's no inflation.

…but, but, but look how much it says you saved on oer !!!

Liberty Street Economics : "Just Released: The 2013 SOMA Annual Report in a Historical Context"

Rob Dawg wrote:

And, Adobe must die.

… is Adobe a Republican ?

(Dear visitors, sum luk has said here he wishes all republicans dead. No, I'm not kidding.)

… wowser, news to me

Former Idealist wrote:

Have a Nice Day!

…. you keep saying that, but you never seem to actually leave.

… seriously, shill, how often has the US had a balanced budget in the past century ?

shill wrote:

They have no plan to balance the budget

… why don't you explain the history of balanced budgets in the US. Perhaps you could point out the benefits you perceive would flow from a balanced budget.


… really

Antipodes wrote:

What source is used in a courtroom for an acceptable definition of a word?

from: "Scaling the Lexicon Fortress: The United States Supreme Court’s Use of" by Jeffrey L. Kirchmeier and Samuel A. Thumma

The Article concludes that, in the twenty-first century, the Court continues to use dictionaries at a high rate with little guidance for parties, lawyers or others regarding when to turn to dictionaries, which dictionaries to use, and how to use dictionaries. Although the authors are able to deduce several principles from the Court’s history, to date, the United States Supreme Court has issued no definitive decision squarely addressing the proper use of the dictionary.

When did CR turn into a pump-monkey?

see also: Three signs of the Spring spring

justaskin wrote:

wait, what? did he post his agenda?

…he posted a site in support of his assertion that he held the same views under Bush but published those views under another name. …best I can figure, he was "borkafatty"

HousingPANIC - The Housing Bubble Blog with an Attitude Problem, 2005 - 2008: HP's 2008 Centrist Third Party Presidential Candidate Prediction 

.. I still want to know why the only conservation conservatives will support are anachronisms.

JFK not Right Wing enough

… another parallel drawn straight from fantasy island

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

The greatest trick the devil the science of economics ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist the demand curve didn't matter...

… Say what ?

No inflation here, says the Federal Reserve.

… izzat dry humor ?

from: Has Social Security Disability Enrollment Hit Plateau? - Real Time Economics - WSJ

The surge in the number of Americans receiving Social Security disability benefits – up 42% since 2004 – appears to have hit a plateau, but it’s unclear if the program has actually peaked and will ever recede.

The number of Americans receiving benefits hit 10,939,936 in March 2013, and has hovered around that level for the past year, according to Social Security Administration data. The program topped out at 10,988,269 in December and then retreated a bit. As of March, total enrollees hit 10,981,423. Average monthly benefits have ticked up slightly, to $995.38.

The program has become so large that budget watchers have estimated it could exhaust all of its trust fund reserves sometime in 2016 or 2017.

shill wrote:

Viable Opposition: A Snapshot of Retirement Confidence in America

GOP Plan

shill wrote:

The BRIC countries are going to borrow themselves rich. Yay!
Why not? we did.

… if you believe that's true, why are you so opposed to expanding the debt to get out of the worst economic catastrophe since GD I ?

Rajesh wrote:

The BRIC countries are going to borrow themselves rich. Yay!

… wants to be first to lend to Russia

Cinco-X wrote:

How did the CEO get a head?

… is this one of those jokes about tractor pulls ?

shill wrote:

BRICS countries to set up their own IMF | Russia Beyond The Headlines

… oh yeah, that'll work Snark

.. you can raise prices, but, in the absence of a broad increase in wages, you will only further reduce velocity: Velocity of M2 Money Stock (M2V) - FRED - St. Louis Fed 

vtcodger wrote:

Detroit needs to reorganize itself as a bank.

… I was hoping for a park; like an American version of Chernobyl

Cinco-X wrote:

Major Study Finds The US Is An Oligarchy - Business Insider

… so, was the development of bots and drones just a coincidence ?

… I'm off to make another contribution to the local medical cartel. …trade well.

from: Grand Central: So Far So Good on the U.S. Growth Forecast - Real Time Economics - WSJ

Despite growing angst among central bankers about low inflation, the Federal Reserve’s narrative about growth and employment seems to be holding up. The narrative is that headwinds to economic growth have receded and output will pick up after a first quarter slowdown driven by unusually harsh weather.

Early reports for March and April show a U.S. economy firming after the early chill. March retail sales were stronger than expected, according to Monday’s Commerce Department report, with auto sales looking particularly robust. Hiring picked up in March. Unemployment benefit filings are trending down. Consumer sentiment is rising. Institute of Supply Management surveys for the manufacturing and services sectors are firming.


….so, when did Sebastian start writing for the WSJ ?

Lets take a coffee break good morning

shill wrote:

Study: US Is An Oligarchy Not Democracy

see also: The Constitutional Crisis at the Fed - Peter Conti-Brown - POLITICO Magazine

There are now only four sitting governors out of the required seven: Janet Yellen (the chair), Jerome Powell, Jeremy Stein and Daniel Tarullo. Powell’s term has in fact already expired, though the administration has nominated him for another term, along with two new potential members. Stein has just announced his resignation effective May 28. So if May 28 arrives without the confirmation of these pending nominees, there will be just two governors serving within their appointed terms.

Since the FOMC’s modern creation in 1935, there have never been five vacancies at one time. Until now, there had never been four vacancies. And there have been three vacancies just three times in history—all of which have occurred during the Obama administration. The Reserve Banks’ representatives can now, if they act in concert, take control of the nation’s monetary policy. The public has no say on their appointment. Neither does the president. Nor the Senate.

mr_clueless wrote:

Interesting read.

see also: D. Short: Inside the Consumer Price Index


… did you see this?:

"Energy Briefing: Global Crude Oil Demand & Supply"

…ok, I may not watch 60 minutes enough. I get most of my news on line; supplemented by pbs.