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… latteral: have a nice weekend

arthur_dent wrote:

from their perspective, I think destroying the village to save it, is not a reasonable solution.

from: Humble Student of the Markets: The Draghi Grand Plan 2.0

...Europe is a place where the elite makes deals behind closed doors. Watch for Merkel et al to relent and effect a fiscal stimulus for structural reform bargain, but not before a lot of Sturm und Drang to show the hardliners that they tried but compromised for the sake of European unity.

arthur_dent wrote:

the Germans have a major problem

…. perhaps they should also consider how much they value the EMU

arthur_dent wrote:

that's a German opinion piece, and we know they don't understand the mechanics of monetary perpetual motion.

Draghi’s Dangerous German Stand-Off - Simon Nixon - WSJ

KarmaPolice wrote:

The single-family housing market doesn't know whether to shit or die:

from: Divided SEC Signs Off on Relaxed Mortgage-Lending Rules - WSJ - WSJ 

The rules only impact the tiny market for “private label” securities issued without federal backing.

dilbert dogbert wrote:

If you want to know what is wrong with Calipornikateya

… but see, contra: Philadelphia Fed Coincident Indices: Kansas and Wisconsin Continue to Lag Nation | Econbrowser

Lets take a coffee break

from: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac: Structurally unsound | The Economist

America restores the weak lending standards that led to the housing crash

energyecon wrote:

I would rather everyone had a better deal.

… so do the doctors; they truly want to become one with us ~ and that goes for the entire cartel.

Outsider wrote:

100 people are going to be pretty upset over that tax.

… you dint see what we did with death taxes, then, eh ?

Outsider wrote:

The dip was just to fake us out.

… count on the 1% to spend enough retail to keep this going; …. the whole world is betting on it

sporkfed wrote:

Farm hand creators ?

… that's so 12th century

Outsider wrote:

And that is just one line item out of many.

… flation @ the fomc's 2% a year eats into them fiats over 40 - 50 years

Rob Dawg wrote:

see the difference?

… I still see the Fat Cat if that's what you mean. …. we did offer single payer

energyecon wrote:

NYSE Margin Debt and the S&P 500

… they're only leveraging actual projected earnings: Last week’s selloff hasn’t managed to make stocks any cheaper - MarketWatch

… wade a mint, innat exactly what obamacare stopped ?

… if you've got your health, you've got everything. …. how much of a raise did you expect ?

vtcodger wrote:

bankers can't think where to place bets (using OPM?) (and with full and certain knowledge that if they go bust, they will be bailed out?)

KarmaPolice wrote:

If you're following oil to determine the state of the globe, you'll regret it.

… I keep telling you that yerp is only kidding about that: Eurozone Businesses Cutting Prices - Real Time Economics - WSJ

Comrade Kristina wrote:

Until such time as that changes we will not and cannot have inflation.

… someone forgot to tell Blackrock: Sober Look: Gap between wages and rents continues to grow

Comrade Kristina wrote:

Wages have been stagnant for decades.

… even some banksters are worried:

Comrade Kristina wrote:

Funny how that deflation stuff just doesn't seem to go away...

see also:

Sebastian wrote:

Still going the exact opposite direction for recession.

… and yerp was only kidding about deflation:

…from: American Consumers See Windfall From Lower Gasoline Costs - Bloomberg

Since the fuel accounts for about 3 percent of consumer spending and futures contracts suggest its price will be down about 20 percent by March from a year earlier, household incomes could get a 0.6 percentage point boost, according to Maki. Were Americans to spend the additional money, it would mean a 0.4-point lift to economic growth this quarter and next...

.. Lower energy bills have also put households in a better mood. * * *Taken in isolation, the drop in energy prices could add about 0.5 percentage point to economic growth over the next year

Jackdawracy wrote:

You sure that wasn't sponsored by purple micro dot industries?

YouTube - Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit

Jackdawracy wrote:

If I offended any losers in flyover that eat @ McDonald's a lot, I apologize that you haven't found a better place to dine.

U.S. Food Policy: The "Trouble with Antibiotics" in U.S. animal agriculture production

The Trouble with Antibiotics | FRONTLINE | PBS

… yerp was only kidding about deflation and Nippon will postpone future taxes, they think maybe

Bubblisimo Gerkinov wrote:

He made standing up for freedom illegal!

… I thought the whole point of hiring those firms was to accomplish things we wouldn't do ourselves

… it's illegal to off yourself in all but a couple of states; and, even then, it's only allowed if you're terminally ill AND certain to go painfully ~ just bein broke is not just cause

lawyerliz wrote:

If they raised hthe cpntrobution base to say 200k, and raised the date of retirement, say 3 month from where it's planned presently, wouldn't the problems be solved

22% of Workers Would Rather Die Early Than Run Out of Money - 1

lawyerliz wrote:

If they ….raised the date of retirement, say 3 month from where it's planned

… they "fixed" it that way last time

shill wrote:

Sum we already have you pegged as a lap dog no need to confirm it.

… as if your opinion matters ~ keep kidding yourself

Belmont wrote:

It's amazing that people can't have a different opinion

… bears repeating

arthur_dent wrote:

inflation almost right at target, growth proceeding as planned, safe to normalize rates. Tap Your Heels Together Three Times

… no, "how to turn breakeven into a $1 / share loss" in one easy lesson

… and, yes, I am still kicking myself over that sds transaction