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yuan wrote:

(unless you are a vulture fund)

…. bleed turnip, bleed

from: Economist's View: 'Real GDP increased at 4.0% Annualized Rate in Q2'

While the 4.0 percent growth is a sharp turnaround, it was very much in line with expectations. It means that for the first half of the year, the economy the economy grew at less than a 1.0 percent annual rate. The economy will have to sustain a growth rate of more than 3.0 percent over the second half of the year just to reach 2.0 percent growth for the year as a whole.

josap wrote:

Nemo is ruining the auto market.

… hucuddanode getting off the bus would become a fashionable entre to cocktail parties ?

Doc Holiday wrote:

Imagine the depreciation and interest wasted on a clunker ...

… imagine walking to work or taking a bus.

Doc Holiday wrote:

“We are skeptical that Abenomics will restore GDP growth to its pre-financial crisis average of 1.8 percent. We think it’s likely to settle closer to the 0.9 percent average of the 1990s Lost Decade,”

… as compared to the depression they were experiencing prior to the initiation of Abenomics ?

Yoringe wrote:

US and European sanctions probably drive Russia's GDP to 0% this year.

Forget Argentina: How Do You Collect from Russia? - Credit Slips

vtcodger wrote:

Yes I'm sure the Germans are sincere.

… about their relationship with gazprom, sure, but what else?

shill wrote:
U.S. homeownership at 18-year low in second quarter - MarketWatch

JP wrote:

Quick! Everyone pile into multi-family rental housing!

Fixed It For Ya

… I always took 6 months to be medium term ~ and at least a year for long. 7 - 10 years is transcendent.

… 7 - 10 years ???? …..holy crystal ball Shakes Tiny Fist of Fury Shakes Tiny Fist of Fury

from: Is the Private Mortgage-Bond Market Dead or Dormant? - Real Time Economics - WSJ

More than $1 trillion in private-label mortgage-backed securities were issued by Wall Street firms in 2005 and 2006...

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

There can be even better news than more C-S house price increases?

from: Is the Private Mortgage-Bond Market Dead or Dormant? - Real Time Economics - WSJ

More than $1 trillion in private-label mortgage-backed securities were issued by Wall Street firms in 2005 and 2006...

from: The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index® Improves Again

Says Lynn Franco, Director of Economic Indicators at The Conference Board: "Consumer confidence increased for the third consecutive month and is now at its highest level since October 2007 (95.2). Strong job growth helped boost consumers' assessment of current conditions, while brighter short-term outlooks for the economy and jobs, and to a lesser extent personal income, drove the gain in expectations. Recent improvements in consumer confidence, in particular expectations, suggest the recent strengthening in growth is likely to continue into the second half of this year."

Consumers' assessment of current conditions improved in July. Those claiming business conditions are "good" edged down to 22.7 percent from 23.4 percent, while those stating business conditions are "bad" was virtually unchanged at 22.7 percent. Consumers' appraisal of the job market was more favorable. Those saying jobs are "plentiful" increased to 15.9 percent from 14.6 percent, while those claiming jobs are "hard to get" remained unchanged at 30.7 percent.

Consumers' expectations were more optimistic in July. The percentage of consumers expecting business conditions to improve over the next six months increased to 20.2 percent from 18.4 percent, while those expecting business conditions to worsen held steady at 11.5 percent. Consumers were more positive about the outlook for the labor market. Those anticipating more jobs in the months ahead increased to 19.1 percent from 16.3 percent, while those anticipating fewer jobs declined to 16.4 percent from 18.4 percent. Slightly more consumers expect their incomes to grow, 17.3 percent in July versus 16.7 percent in June, while those expecting a drop in their incomes declined to 11.0 percent from 11.4 percent.

Rob Dawg wrote:

I am still of the opinion she lacks the stamina/health for the next six years

  • > bearly wrote:
    > Horrible record. Simply disastrous.

… I was merely pointing out that she remains more popular than bearly's comment would suggest. I can't see two years ahead. So, you may be right about the election.

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

That's the Good Economy. We don't talk about the Bad Economy here.

Is the Private Mortgage-Bond Market Dead or Dormant? - Real Time Economics - WSJ

bearly wrote:

Horrible record. Simply disastrous.

WH2016: General

shill wrote:

he's doing just fine.

… he's just another Harvard skull and crossbones rich kid. … his political affiliation is just a facade.

Yoringe wrote:

So,.Abbas & Netanjahu said Kerry is Incompetent..... ouch.

… as compared to leaders who can't hold themselves back from engaging in war ?

Rob Dawg wrote:

Why oh why would UPS miss? Shall we count the ways?

Study: 35% in U.S. Facing Debt Collectors - TIME

… my prior response was an overstatement. Corps can't avoid income taxes on activities conducted within the taxing jurisdiction. American corporations pay US income tax on their foreign earnings. They can avoid that tax by changing the location of their headquarters.

inversion = changing your mailing address in order to avoid paying taxes in the jurisdiction where you are conducting business

… edit: … an option only available to our corporate citizens

Firemane wrote:

I'm looking forward to the day house price increases return to barely beating inflation.

… good news josap ~ glad it turned out well.

burnside wrote:

If you take the minute required to read them

… given the scorched earth congress we've had, I'll save that minute for something useful.

…stay within your area of expertise; in your case stick to urinal cakes

NateTG wrote:

Colin Powell presented evidence regarding WMD.

… yellow cake for everyone Shakes Tiny Fist of Fury Shakes Tiny Fist of Fury

bearly wrote:

Recovery turned the corner months ago. Institutions unloading yet?

…. can the central bank really afford to let us see the results of trickle down ?

JP wrote:

Zillow to Acquire Trulia for $3.5 Billion in Stock - Bloomberg

… I dunno. Corporations now have constitutional religious rights, free speech, the right and ability to preselect political contenders for us. …. sooner or later, they are going to discover the emancipation proclamation.


The legal age to gamble in California is 18 years or older. However, most Indian casinos serve alcohol and have set the minimum age to enter at 21 to comply with the minimum age of 21 required by their alcohol license.

Yoringe wrote:

Russia takes aim at McDonald's burgers as U.S. ties worsen

China detains five in U.S. fast-food scandal

Sebastian wrote:

Like when people believe the economy is weak and headed for recession, despite persistent and widely-varied evidence of an on-going, self-sustaining economic expansion.

… just be sure to check the Fed spigot when you say that. … and be sure to recheck your numbers once it's turned off.

Blackhalo wrote:

I'm having a bit of a hard time identifying any line between central banking, and the government. Can you point out where that is?

… look for the dividend payments. …. those usually go to the owners.

shill wrote:

all of what you just wrote means very little to me. The system is being gamed.

… don't give up shill, there's always shadowstats.

shill wrote:

the economy is strong as we can see by the recent earnings and all is well..

… last week you said you were shorting the market. Are you still holding that position ?

Sebastian wrote:

Yes, words often fail me, too.

… we need to learn.

shill wrote:

Any other data besides the BLS to proves this statement? Maybe some real world analysis?

…. shadowstats