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Cinco-X wrote:

Migration Isn’t Turning Red States Blue | FiveThirtyEight

… go for secession; I'll vote for it.

Jackdawracy wrote:
Blind Fiath

Cinco-X wrote:

Didn't go far enough...

… you were looking maybe for blind fatah ?

Jackdawracy wrote:

Anybody hear from yogi lately?
Man, 51, commits suicide in New York by DECAPITATING himself

… was the head still cursing as it hit the ground ?

Sebastian wrote:

You might never know that there was a recession going on there.

… a lot of money has to go somewhere.

lawyerliz wrote:

I'm not entirely sure who is looting whom, however.

… in the water closet by the upper reparian.

Jackdawracy wrote: said orange ballon filled with helium?

…. queek silver vapors

Sebastian wrote:

Context is a huge factor

… you speak in economic terms. … On that point, we don't necessarily differ that much. However, I'm troubled by the "implication" that you are also using the economy as a proxy for the market. …. methinks thems is like an apple in one hand and a large orange balloon in the other.

Sebastian wrote:

The ongoing economic expansion that has continued despite the QE taper lends a little weight to this idea.

…. don't balloons continue to expand if you merely blow into them more slowly ? … the trouble here is mixing the market with the economy. The economy expands during QE to the extent it would with no help plus any impetus provided by trickle down from the $4.7T of QE. However, if you will recall, the market didn't wait for economic results when QE went through its fazes. Monetary stimulus generated immediate financial asset response.

RE wrote:

I think I know why.

… even Rush Limbaugh refers to himself as an entertainer.

lawyerliz wrote:

What is the bottom of the 3rd quintile?

… where the bonds start ?

Sebastian wrote:

The beauty of it is, we're not even in a bubble yet.

… but see:

source: Quantitative easing and share prices | Andrew Smithers

… n.b.: … that was written 150 spx ago.

Sebastian wrote:

The beauty of it is, we're not even in a bubble yet.

… so, QE was for naught and failed ? …. then where did all that new money go ?

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

or are you suggesting a different type of redistribution is going to take place?

… so, you're suggesting there's another meaning for share other than as a noun ?

lawyerliz wrote:

artwork which is in stotage and never displayed should be sold and that money given to the poor.

…. whatru, sumkinda socialist ?

dilbert dogbert wrote:

B⊙ring!! W⊙⊙t!!!!

… sure, go ahead and figure it out while I'm typing

Pigged Dilbert wrote: Click to copy does not work. Boo Hoo.

Click on the character + Cntrl C { Command C for apple keyboard } to copy; then Contrl V to paste in the window where you want it to appear.

US Treasuries Held Overseas


Total National Debt as of May

…. from the latter:

... the central bank of the U.S. has gone from holding a low of $478.7 billion in U.S. government-issued debt securities on 18 June 2008 up to an astounding $2,414.8 billion on 28 May 2014. As of that date, the Federal Reserve held a a combination of $2,370.7 billion in U.S. Treasury securities and $44.1 billion in debt securities issued by other federal government agencies.

The Federal Reserves holdings of these securities now accounts for 13.8% of all the total public debt outstanding for the U.S. federal government, which totals $17.490 trillion as of 31 May 2014. On 1 January 2014, the U.S. national debt stood at $17.352 trillion, of which the Federal Reserve held some $2.266 trillion, or 13.06%.

The Federal Reserve also holds some $1,648 billion in mortgage-backed securities, which are primarily issued by government-backed entities, including the Government National Mortgage Association (Ginnie Mae), which is owned by the U.S. federal government, and the Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) and the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac), which are nominally private institutions, but which have been operating under government conservatorship since 2008.

blinkered wrote:

Did I miss some kind of reality distortion event?

…. promotion ends October 28-29, 2014.

Sebastian wrote:

Eurozone slips a step closer to deflation -

… and see also: Greece & Spain achieve deflation

vtcodger wrote:

"Skilled whatever workers getting whopping increases to change jobs"

US economy: ‘pent up wage deflation’ blues | Gavyn Davies

josap wrote:

Posted this yesterday.

… nice looking link ~ thanks for reposting

burnside wrote:

Happy accident.

… not really; the "incorrect" link came from footnote 2 of the correct link

burnside wrote:

Have you been following this

… nope; I just try to keep up with some of the fed publications.

burnside wrote:

…..the snapshot

…. prior link was in error.

I intended to refer you to this: In the Balance : Despite Aggressive Deleveraging, Generation X Remains "Generation Debt"

Rob Dawg wrote:

Okay setting aside the weird spelling...

…. suspected cannukistanian

burnside wrote:

I don't think their comparisons of 44-year-olds are particularly doable...

from the link:

Over the full period studied (2000-14), the group with the greatest net increase in real average household debt relative to the life cycle patterns observed in 2000 was the one born in 1970. The average debt of these households was $142,077 in the first quarter of 2014 (that is, approximately age 44), or about 60 percent more than the inflation-adjusted household debt of the 1956 cohort in the first quarter of 2000 (also approximately age 44).

Sebastian wrote:

Real income less transfers is up 2.65% year-over-year, still within the range of the current expansion.

…. fewer transfers ~ not more income.

Rajesh wrote:

Disappearing euro zone inflation set to heighten ECB concerns

see also: mainly macro: Lessons of the Great Depression for the Eurozone

justaskin wrote:

I'm gonna go with the latter of that either/or choice....

… hey, so long as the market keeps going up.

KarmaPolice wrote:

Gee...I don't understand...if it's so profitable, why must you give them tax breaks?

…. don't be stupid, you do it so they won't take their pipeline and oil wells to another state.

resusitate wrote:

Americans fear economy is permanently scarred

… oh snap

Sebastian wrote:

The good news is that the Fed gets it, and is highly reluctant to do anything that might seriously harm the expansion.

… the bad news is that's not their job.

Rob Dawg wrote:

Every single one of them would be suspending bonuses, issuing one cent dividends and paying no taxes if they were to start reducing the Fed balance sheet.

…. so, yer saying Janet's just gonna roll em over when they mature.

... no way I'm going to say anything about my investment results. As it is you likely wouldn't believe it either.

…. right about the last thing anyway.

… so, CR left you in charge ? …. whose watching your blog while you tend this one ?

Sebastian wrote:

My own personal answer

… imo, you conduct yourself like a gentleman and only occasionally allow yourself to fall prey to those who can't stand to hear an independent opinion.

Rob Dawg wrote:

Any group that was projecting full year 2014 GDP to be 3.1% in April and 1.5% in August cannot be trusted for other projections.

… 3.1% was the majority view last spring; but, not to worry, nobody trusts the majority of economists anyway.