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energyecon wrote:

The cure for low Curses! Oiled again! prices is low Curses! Oiled again! prices

…. Oil prices hitting shale stocks

Lets take a coffee break

…. not to worry, not to worry: if our competitors keep devaluing their currency like Japan just did, j6p will "feel" like he/she's keeping up:

Yoringe wrote:


… sorry, they lost. Giants won.

Outsider wrote:

If you are quarantined are you eligible for unemployment? you should be paid for your time.

Fixed It For Ya

shill wrote:

ignore me...if you can.

… the very definition of a troll

… I can't relax, those laps won't swim themselves ~ latteral

… it wuz them nuclears, they burnz

arthur_dent wrote:

it means ......lousy for the future, or a fool's game.

… dude, they pay you with a debt instrument

Outsider wrote:

Wall Street is already thinking about QE4

.. gotta admit, I'm surprised by the lack of a bigger negative reaction to the end of QE

Rajesh wrote:

Investors have no option but to accept higher risk if they wish to meet their future income requirements

… besides, it's not risk really ~ I mean Janet's got yer back anyways & nobody (important) really lost last time - right ?

dilbert dogbert wrote:

I think we are looking at our next president.


KarmaPolice wrote:

"Realtors say it has been very, very quiet this Fall"

U.S. pending home sales

poicv2.0 wrote:

Any chance the fomc language will be updated on Wednesday to say "lever up bitchez"?

from: Fed’s $4 Trillion Holdings to Boost Growth Beyond End of QE - Bloomberg

As the Federal Reserve prepares to end its third round of bond buying next week, the central bank plans to hang on to the record $4.48 trillion balance sheet it has accumulated since announcing the first round of purchases in November 2008.

… where's the flation ?

… still frothing at the mouth, eh ?

arthur_dent wrote:

their discredited theories

… in your opinion.

Rajesh wrote:

Brazil's Rousseff re-elected by grateful working-class, country divided

… latteral: have a nice weekend

arthur_dent wrote:

from their perspective, I think destroying the village to save it, is not a reasonable solution.

from: Humble Student of the Markets: The Draghi Grand Plan 2.0

...Europe is a place where the elite makes deals behind closed doors. Watch for Merkel et al to relent and effect a fiscal stimulus for structural reform bargain, but not before a lot of Sturm und Drang to show the hardliners that they tried but compromised for the sake of European unity.

arthur_dent wrote:

the Germans have a major problem

…. perhaps they should also consider how much they value the EMU

arthur_dent wrote:

that's a German opinion piece, and we know they don't understand the mechanics of monetary perpetual motion.

Draghi’s Dangerous German Stand-Off - Simon Nixon - WSJ

KarmaPolice wrote:

The single-family housing market doesn't know whether to shit or die:

from: Divided SEC Signs Off on Relaxed Mortgage-Lending Rules - WSJ - WSJ 

The rules only impact the tiny market for “private label” securities issued without federal backing.

dilbert dogbert wrote:

If you want to know what is wrong with Calipornikateya

… but see, contra: Philadelphia Fed Coincident Indices: Kansas and Wisconsin Continue to Lag Nation | Econbrowser

Lets take a coffee break

from: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac: Structurally unsound | The Economist

America restores the weak lending standards that led to the housing crash

energyecon wrote:

I would rather everyone had a better deal.

… so do the doctors; they truly want to become one with us ~ and that goes for the entire cartel.

Outsider wrote:

100 people are going to be pretty upset over that tax.

… you dint see what we did with death taxes, then, eh ?

Outsider wrote:

The dip was just to fake us out.

… count on the 1% to spend enough retail to keep this going; …. the whole world is betting on it

sporkfed wrote:

Farm hand creators ?

… that's so 12th century

Outsider wrote:

And that is just one line item out of many.

… flation @ the fomc's 2% a year eats into them fiats over 40 - 50 years

Rob Dawg wrote:

see the difference?

… I still see the Fat Cat if that's what you mean. …. we did offer single payer