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If you double seasonally-adjust à la @sffed, real GDP growth in Q1 was +1.2%

… yo, indian summer is a seasonal adjustment.

vtcodger wrote:

If your neighbors ask why you don't drive it, just tell them that you are waiting for Tesla to ship the Mod C battery pack upgrade.

… alternatively, you could push it to the top of a hill at night and coast down some time around mid morning

Blackhalo wrote:

Without FASB 157... they probably still are BK.

… but they can't fail, right ?

… could be a greece fire on the spx

… how will we ever make money without the Fed constantly there buying things up ?

… seriously, get over yourself. I'm not advocating a position. I just point stuff out and let folks reach their own conclusions.

josap wrote:

2nd half recovery - again.

… Belmont is hardly alone: "Expect Q2 GDP 2.5%-3.0%" :

now that I have ...called for 2% Q2 against consensus we have something here.

… yo, Raj set up a poll : place your bets and give it a rest.

Anonymous Bosch wrote:

Beware cars with algae stains across the dial.

… but a salty taste on the dash might just be sweat

JP wrote:

did you see it?

… I just finished reading it through, and concluded that itsbasiclyalottagarbledegook

JP wrote:

The real date is june 30, so why not put it there?

… I saw the governing provision earlier today - I'll see if I can find it again

Rob Dawg wrote:

Increasingly income and wealth are not as correlated.

… lookit them socialists

… yo, if the sluggards ain't gone by now ….

Rob Dawg wrote:

There's a reason why by the 22nd Century we are called the FEDeration.

… 2∞< :

Former Idealist wrote:

Economic Freedom is Freedom too; you just can't afford it.

KidPsych wrote:

That’s not just 1,200 faceless men; it’s 1,200 migrant workers who traveled far from home and their families, were forced to surrender their passports and live in squalid conditions for subsistence-level wages, until their untimely deaths.

… they built pyramids

arthur_dent wrote:

as long as we can debase relative to the gamma quadrant, everything should work out ok.

arthur_dent wrote:

Just think what would have happened if the system was actually under stress.

arthur_dent wrote:

Just think what would have happened if the system was actually under stress.

Belmont wrote:

Pending home sales up 3.4% in April, highest in 9 years

… I believe everyone understands your position

arthur_dent wrote:

don't know how anyone expects this economy to go anyplace without a rate cut.