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The only thing better than using a 27 ton gas powered hydraulic log splitter to make firewood out of 4 pallets of rounds, is being able to borrow your neighbors instead of having to buy one.

I think the most telling thing about music nowadaze is, the youngins listen to a lot of 60-70-80's stuff as a matter of course, while we wouldn't have been caught dead listening to Big Bands, or Perry Como & his ilk when we were their age.

When my midlife crisis hit me in my 40's-I bought a sports carp, had it filleted.

Maybe if you act like you are 23, the prospective employers won't catch on?

Yeah it stinks leaping forward towards senior citizen discounts @ participating restaurants, but you've waited all your life for this moment, so don't blow it.

2 people have responded inbetween lengthy posts in the past few months, so it isn't as if the blog is flatlining yet, but the EKG paddles are at the ready.

Looking rainless through to the Ides...

If she's willing to drive a truck or fly down a pole

I just can't see Outsider as a firefighter...

I heard based on those great numbers last thread, that Outsider found work, almost immediately.

The neat thing about a well is, whatever water you use for irrigation goes right back in the aquifer from whence it came, although it's a slow journey i'm sure.

Hand pumps for if the power goes out for an extended time, are a given if you own a property with a well...

When your 265 foot deep well's water level pretty much stays constant @ 100-115 foot depth, you don't worry about a raising rate.

It's too early yet-except for the loquats, which are about the size of a bean...

Peaches, plums and apricots have all blossomed~

The older apple trees are still pretty much slumbering with the exception of the Anna & Dorsett Golden, the former in full bloom now. A few of the newer apple trees are sprouting buds, but it's early in the game for the orchard on the many splendored acres here in the forest for the trees, mostly toddlers.

Good morning from the purple mountain majesties, above the fruited plain. Lets take a coffee break

Who can make a story oh so odd
Commit some weird crime and get caught
The Florida Man can, yes the Florida Man can
'Cause he gets amorous with an armadillo
Or some other peccadillo and makes us feel good

...dolphins have sexually assaulted divers and swimmers on numerous occasions

...not another O'Reilly first hand account?

I'm always amazed @ how quick it is that SP creates an episode based on news that happened just a short time prior.

Fascinating Instruments register only those things they're designed to register. Space still contains infinite unknowns

If you are on the 14th floor of a hotel, but there isn't a 13th floor above the 12th, aren't you really on the 13th, afraid to admit it?

By the way, a friend saw his first Gideon Koran in a room awhile back...

So yes, they used to pass laws to benefit all of us.

That's the bottom line_

The wildflowers here are pretty intense, with Fiddlenecks in an 18k hue leading the way...

Fields of Gold - Eva Cassidy - YouTube

We had a trio of rare burn days here just recently, and a couple of months ago, 75 mph winds toppled a 5 masted live oak about 30 feet high and probably weighs a few thousand pounds, and I was glad to be able to burn off the slash while I had the chance.

El Ninos have this nasty habit of not coming through after being RSVP'd.

...the $6 Trillion Men

{cues up that $6 million man sound effect when he's doing something way over the top}

I heard they were planning to depose Jesus: the busboy, if it went to trial.

Can't live with heavy industry-can't make a living without it.

I was in Pittsburgh in the late 80's, and what a pleasant city it seemed to be once the perennial shroud of iron went AWOL.

He really should have been praying for water instead, safer.

There used to be a GM plant in the SFV that made jalopies, but that was about it as far as anything being produced of any magnitude in the City of Angles, aside from aircraft.

There'd be many days when we weren't allowed to do recess or PE in elementary and junior high, because the smog was so unhealthful. Where we lived, we had a straight shot view of the San Gabriel mountains 25 miles in the distance, and you'd rarely see them.

It's nothing like that today...

Not a smoker, but I loved the smoking section on long haul flights in the 80's, lighting up was losing favor and the whole section would be typically half full at most, so i'd wait until the doors were closed before takeoff and go stake out a section of 3 or 4 seats, and then be able to sleep en route.

You didn't grow up with horrendous smog in LA in the 60's that only got worse, until laws were passed to benefit not just me, but all of us living there.

When I was a kid they passed laws that benefitted us, and then it swung towards them.

It gives you an idea of how unwieldy our ersatz republic is, neither team is effective, even with a good majority, in both houses.

I wonder how much longer Agent Orange is Speaker of the House?

Caving on your first deal of any significance doesn't bode well...

Let's face it, water infrastructure is boring and once you've completed it, requires hardly any employees, versus...

Prisons, built on the shittiest land in the CVBB often, and they have 3 constant shifts 24/7, @ quite high wages-for instance, an RN can make 50% more, than one toiling on citizens that have committed no crimes, that sort of thing.

Always follow the money trail~

This is where many water refugees from the Golden State will end up...

City of California

We were watching Ken Burns Dust Bowl tv show the other day, and it struck us that we live smack dab in the middle of whatever they are going to end up calling this epoch.

We are fortunate that the deep wells here in the foothills come from a different aquifer and haven't fallen, and there is almost no Ag aside from a 5 acre orange orchard and a few organic farms that sell their wares in the Big Smokes...

...and all the largess in the higher climes from around 12,000 feet downwards has to pass by us first

...and what became of the neo Woodward or Bernstein?

I don't usually watch CNN, but when I do...

It was the Sixties, Great show!

I'm just giving you the end result of your pursuit...

The prologue ain't my bag

Reuters) - A package of bills aimed at regulating drought-parched California's stressed groundwater supplies were passed on Friday despite efforts by some agricultural interests to block bills in the waning days of the state legislative session.

The trio of bills, which would allow the state to take over management of underground aquifers and water accessed via wells, aim to tighten oversight of water at a time when groundwater levels are shrinking in the third year of a catastrophic drought.

Bill to regulate California groundwater passes in state legislature
| Reuters

The place in California that looks like Saudi Arabia is in Kern County, loaded with oil wells as far the eye can see, in places.

Devil's advocate dept:

Ok, so say 9/11 was an inside job and it was revealed on of all places, an economic blog, where the guests had tired of the slim fare provided by the host and veered off almost always onto other topics.

What ramifications would it have for the country @ large?

Every little bit helps, and I can't remember any Aprils or Mays with significant rain-but with the aspect of climate change showing it's hand (most of the few storms we got here in the Sierra were of the pineapple flavor-just as climate scientists had predicted would happen) who knows if the old pattern will change?

They have passed a law on wells, but it doesn't take effect for 6 years. It was passed late on a Friday afternoon, and man was Ag pissed!

The wells will be pumping like crazy this summer, thems that gots em'.