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I'm pretty sure the rise is due to so many people leaving post-it notes on the outside of quarantined areas, requesting that nobody enter.

Get Jurassic out of here, and get to work!

How can we be sure that isn't just a giant turd from a T-Rex?

Our neighbor has a gas powered log splitter that he lets me borrow, so simple to turn rounds into firewood.

I'll chainsaw the easier ones, but you should really get a pro to do it instead of risking life and limb. A friend is a forester and will take down most of them, and then once they're on the ground it's easy-peasy for meesy.

They are dead, muerte, finito, rigor mortrees.

It aint no big thang, as i've largely replaced the natives with fruit trees, and besides I still have around 400 other trees on the property.

I counted em' up the other day, and we've lost 47 native trees to the drought, almost all live oaks and manzanitas, the manzanitas being easy to bring down, but i've got my work cut out for me with the live oaks, which are much larger and sprawling compared to the formerly beautiful manzanitas.

You're getting pretty much the same water as the precip that came out of Jesus pissing on a burning bush, it isn't a lack of water, it's just where it ends up.

Most Californians don't have 4 separate sources of freshwater, allocation-allocation-allocation!

I'm hoarding fruit trees, just bought a 6 pack for soon to be cherry valley in January.

In a rising tide lifts all boats vein:

The house we sold in 1968 for $12,500 is now 'only' worth $153k less than the new much larger house we bought for $48k in that same year.

It was a time when we made stuff in these United States, but strangely enough we weren't the obsessive hoarders that we've largely turned into since then.

My mom told me that we eked out a $500 profit on the domicile selling it, after 8 years of ownership, but that was before housing became the end all-be all.

Regardless of condition, Zillow says it's worth a little over $600k.

Last time I did a drive-by of the old homestead, it was pretty tired looking and the present owners didn't seem to have a lot of pride of ownership judging from the lack of upkeep clearly visible, it was like looking at a 1960 Dodge held together by bailing wire.

The house I grew up in that my parents bought in 1960, has gone up in value approx 50x since then, so would it be safe to assume that in 54 years from now, it'll be worth $30 million, if it keeps up at the same rate of appreciation?

The 17 inch calves, and the calves not?

Whenever I see a vet avec cardboard trying to make a median wage inbetween traffic, they often demand immediate payment.

Does their pooch have incurable cancer or irritable bowel syndrome and they're trying to raise a little long green?

We need a 'hack pool' to ascertain who will be the next retailer whose customers credit will be usurped.

What are these things called benefits that I keep reading about on here?

We used to smoke marijuana in Cucamonga
We'd take trips on LSD
We'd have gay parades on Main Street
We liked livin' left, and being free

But now we're nouveau Okies living in Muskogee!

So, if we get a 4th year of drought and prices collapse on SFH, what will become of the people that relied on the First National Bank of their House, for income?

I think it's wormed it's way into your computer.

We sold our place in the City of Angles a decade ago and pretty much bought the same house here for half as much money, but with 49x as much land, and seeing as it's all nature acres, it has little or no value in a raze the forest for the trees sense, which is nice.

So, that 3,447 sq ft lot in LA isn't really worth anything, despite an avocado tree on it?

To be fair, most of the value in single-family housing is in the land, and it's one of the few things that China can't undercut us on in terms of price, so it's one of our 'strengths'.

All this w/o the Rentlennials picking up the house buying slack, our economy is glorious!

Yeah we had to resort to month-to-month resuscitation, but the patient was choking on it's own vomit, which left us little choice.

There has never been a better time to be an SoCal equity refugee...

What's the value of a previously $700k house if it doesn't have H20?

Might not be a bad time to sell your house in the SGV to well-heeled Chinese, for cash.

The Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District declared a water supply emergency Wednesday amid record-low levels.

San Gabriel Valley water agency declares water supply emergency - LA Times

No news as to whether the low levels were due to quagga mussels gumming the works, requiring mandatory draining of the reservoirs.

Gooooooood Mooooooorning Fiatnam! Lets take a coffee break

There was something about Butch that set him apart, a real gamer.

When he got cut loose and was traded to the Islanders, he was finally on a team with depth, and all they did was win 4 Stanley Cups in a row~

I think I saw West and Chamberlain play @ the Fabulous Forum, circa 1971.

My dad was really a hockey nut, and we probably went to 100 Kings games together...

Butch Goring was my favorite player~

The nice thing about the world series, is you really only need to watch the last 2 minutes.

My dad was in the stock biz in the early 60's and worked with Peter O'Malley, and as a consequence he got dugout seats, and I saw Koufax pitch and Wills steal, but a baseball game is wasted on a toddler, and I don't remember a thing.

Most of my teenagehood, the Dodgers infield remained intact, Garvey-Lopes-Russell-Cey, and Valenzuela was one of the keys to the 81' World Series win.

I heard the Fed offers crazy bread if their delivery isn't in a Unabankers account within 30 seconds of ordering...