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How come we never get a 'spice index' from CR. I for one would like to know how nutmeg futures are faring?

They came for the plastic bags, but I was afraid of accidentally asphyxiating myself with one, so I didn't care.

Wasn't Jeane Dixon a pretty standard fixture in the National Enquirer?

RR was actually advised to say "Tear down this wall of voodoo" but forgot the last couple words.

Meteorites are worth a nice chunk of change, if say a schoolbus-sized one hit us, sure it would be pretty nasty for those in it's path, but think of the largess?

I thought Nancy Reagan's astrologer was calling the shots during Ronnie's reign, sure seemed like it. think perhaps that the tortoise is digging to China?

Seer you later, blognosticators.

Isn't it obvious by now that they got raptured?

- NY Times

Imagine a country with a GDP about 2/3rds of ours, albeit with a raging housing bubble that has hovels worth a million bucks?

Auckland property: Inside the $1 million Grey Lynn hovel - Business - NZ Herald News

The freehold property has no electricity or running water. Though a rusting gas oven sits marooned in the filthy kitchen, family members who lived there until a few weeks ago are likely to have cooked on a fire pit in the backyard. The bathroom - the worst Mr Vogel has ever seen - is severely rusted, with flaking roof paint and stained tiles. The less said about the toilet the better. The kitchen has a cracked Formica bench, what look like rodent droppings, and spongy, sagging floorboards.

Could you imagine the current press calling our "Great Recession" a Panic?

It'd never happen...

We're headed for a warm-up later in the week here weather-wise, and perhaps our last backpack trip of the season, the 11th of the summer. Good times!

Something most of you were unaware of, until now:

Hard-times tokens are large cent-sized copper tokens, struck from about 1833 through 1843, serving as unofficial currency. These privately made pieces, comprising merchant, political and satirical pieces, were used during a time of political and financial crisis in the United States.

Hard times token - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Book tip: "A Nation Of Counterfeiters"

All about privately issued banknotes of the pre National paper money era (pre-1861)

In 1837's defense, the USA had neither National paper money to print ad nauseum, nor the mouse clique to create it out of thin air and distribute it to a tiny amount of gamblers.

One employee was laid off of Manuel labor after yesterday's debacle, bring on Kyle Orton!

This Sucker Is Going Down!

Don't Take Any Yen

"Ginza Little"?

It's mostly a tease, but moistens everything up for the final round of the fire season.

Good afternoon from the purple mountain majesties, above the fruited plain...

Got around 3 inches of snow above 9,000 feet over the weekend, blue skies predominating now~

I wonder if Islamic State gets a bowl invite, based upon this season's performance?

2, 4, 6, 8

...go Caliphate!

There ought to be a tv series:

Big Bank Theory


Where do you hail from Belmont?

As if a curmudgeon would be happy anywhere?

Occupy HK's emphasis didn't seem to be some weird sign language, like here.

Why not Grass Valley or Nevada City, way cooler places to live?

...they aren't making anymore Roseville

Our politics currently must resemble France's in the 1930's, dysfunctional at best.

I often watch PBS shows sponsored by the brothers Koch, does that make me an whore d'œuvre?

Why would a denizen of NYC that prides himself on not driving much, care about the price of go juice?

I see more INTJflation coming.

Sometimes you have to show the words, whose boss.

I thought yogi has Tourette's, but that's only based upon the continual cursing, not so sure about the twitch.

Not so much slippery, but everybody's windshield wipers have been baking in the sun for 6 months, and the first rain often sees a rush in terms of sales of said item.

I used to stereotype boomboxes, but when was the last time you saw one?

Get back to us in January with a weather report...

Where do 20 somethings get the do re mi for all their tats?

We're in the Big Smoke watching the game, and an otherwise reasonably attractive gal has a few grand worth crawling up her arm...