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I tried to take some money out of my own personal ATM, but B of A must have forgot to put in Jacksons.

But they are making more Newfoundland, apparently.

Watching an interesting show on Wall*Street reenactors, I think they're faux robbing a bank.

I got a nasty case of angina from a frigid winter in Regina.

They aren't making anymore Moose Jaw...

Ice hockey would sure be interesting if the players didn't have any sticks and kicked the puck around the rink.

He wasn't a junior Unabanker, perchance?

...didn't Noriega get an endorsement deal from Oxy-10?

If you were going into a whorehouse, would that be considered pant-up demand?

Soviet ships would make a call on Auckland in the 80's, and the seamen would try and sell anything they could for western currency, but they usually had nothing anybody wanted, just the usual trappings of nesting dolls, commemorative rubles and other dreck. How odd it must have been for them to be in a free place, but no money to enjoy it with.

About 20 years ago, a buddy in Auckland took me to where there were cannons set up on the waterfront in case of a Russian invasion sometime around the turn of the 19th century...

We just exchanged e-mails, and he asked me what I thought of him selling his overvalued home and buying up a huge swath of Detroit with the proceeds?

What else could I say other than:

Only In America

I'm just playing with words, our vast real estate empire knows no bounds, financial or in terms of sprawl.

If you build it, will they come up with a down payment?

Isn't a 3 inch high house just a little low down?

Gooood Mooooorning Fiatnam! Lets take a coffee break

Hey hosers up over in the Gulag Hockeypelago, what's with having just one team in the playoffs, eh?

It's either the Habs or the have nots for you...

BLM is wickedly underfunded here in methamerica, they have a grand total of 3 law enforcement officers from Bakersfield to Visalia, that's like trying to cover 3 or 4 New England states in terms of terrain.

You can trace how New Zealanders went from fierce warriors in WW1 & WW2, to the more or less pacifists they are now, partially by the lack of WW2 memorials, methinks.

A few years ago we drove by a NZ army camp that had the main gate wide open and nobody guarding it, we drove right into it, in fact. After we had gone about 1/4 of a mile, a soldier asked politely where we were going, and just played like dumb tourists and had a good chat with him for 20 minutes, could you imagine that same scenario in the USA?

Nobody really cares about WW1 in the USA...

Funny thing in NZ, in every tom, dick and harry town, there's a fairly elaborate WW1 memorial and once in awhile a 2nd rate WW2 one, but usually not.

I've been in both Australia and NZ during Anzac Day, by the way.

Mud Beneath My Boots, by Allan Marriott is a good read, a Kiwi soldier's fresh memories of the conflict.

Once you lose the living memories of past conflicts, something about the subject matter doesn't have the same zing. Nobody really cares about WW1 anymore, there might be a few vets left, if that.

It's Confederate History Month, they nabbed the silver medal way back when.

Anybody ever hang out @ Speakers' Corner in Hyde Park?

I spent many hours there 30 years ago, sometimes fascinating, often droll commentary.

The sheeple were cordoned off in the back 40.

Remember the other day I mentioned our neighbors are hardcore righty-tighty-gawdalmighty types that have been on a "They're taking our rights away" binge the past year or so? Everytime I see them it gets mentioned, without fail~

Of course none of our rights are in any real danger, but this Bundy gig just gives them a reason to think it's true...

You don't need a weatherman to know which way the hot wind blows.

I've found almost w/o exception any story that I had intimate knowledge of, the media has gotten it completely wrong in some measure.

Never heard of them, I just took a test drive and it hurt my ears.

Sometimes when i'm driving with my wife, i'll tune into Hannity's program, just to torment her. After about 12 minutes she threatens to defenestrate en route, and I relent.

You have a knack for making rather anonymous enemies, i'll grant you that.

My mom told me they were paying $25 an hour in Fort Macleod @ Mickey D's, in the great white north.

I hadn't realized you hung out with Tricky Dick when you were 10?

If only there was some kind of incentive to make idiots smarter.

Simple, just have a couple of them breed, and usually the offspring tend to be even dumber than their parents~

What's a Mickey D's employee pull down an hour in NZ?

I realize that most of you would never admit to going into a Mickey D's, but if so, have you noticed there aren't many teenagers working there all that much anymore?

Diego Rivera did a mural for Nelson Rockefeller that didn't go so well...

In 1933, New York political powerhouse Nelson Rockefeller, scion of John D. Rockefeller Jr., commissioned Diego Rivera to do a lobby mural project for the RCA Building in Manhattan's iconic Rockefeller Center. Like DIA's mural project, Rivera's RCA Building mural images triggered controversy, particularly from patron Nelson Rockefeller. The most controversial image was a workers May Day Parade demonstration led by Communist leader Vladimir Lenin.

Rockefeller urged Rivera to paint a generic face over Lenin's face. Rivera refused, and the Rockefeller Center murals were ordered destroyed.

Spent the morning picking up trash along the road, no trucker bombs this time, thankfully.

I blame the decrease on the awful weather back east.

As a red blooded 'Merican, I feel especially threatened by words ending in rsk and nsk suffixes, can't something be done about it?

Reggie Dunlop: They brought their fuckin' TOYS with 'em! California Golden Seals*?

  • perhaps the ugliest NHL uniform eva!

If you get the drone to fly high enough, many houses have a bird's eye view of Tijuana.

What if the real world parroted housing, as in retail wages going up 10% yoy, retail prices going up 10% yoy?, that sort of thing?

Roses are red, violets are blue, if somebody doesn't build it, what will the economy do?

When I was in the UK often in the 1980's the real estate ads were interesting in that you'd see things like 643 year freehold leases on a property that had 37 left to go, that sort of thing.

How come we never get any other confidence reports aside from consumers and homebuilders?