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...any black choppers to report on overhead?

It was a Tuesday, I was working the water beat when the call came in from HQ about illegal use of hands turning on a faucet, I carry a badge.

Judge backs California drought regulators | The Sacramento Bee

I wish we had a Red Team with a name like Hugh Wanker running for the top nod.

Won't the citizens be united against him?

If people were to sing:

"Buy me some peanuts and cracker jack..." @ the ballgame

...that's 2 chances at somebody's kid dying because of the peanut allergy

What about Jim Gilmore, is he the happy type?

It's a different kind of World War than the first couple were. It's a currency war utilizing weapons of math destruction.

Could the glasses have backfired and poor Rick was the victim of anti-intellectualism?

Christie will give you more of a cushion, wise move.

5% is only 500% more than 1%, no biggie.

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale
A tale of a HELOC deposit slip
They borrowed from their castle
But then the market went to shit

Would a Nothingburger be a nothingyros in Athens?

Everybody, soon or late, sits down to a banquet of consequences.~ Robert Louis Stevenson

Did you hear about the new show on NPR about the Chinese stock market?

"Wait Wait-Don't Sell Me!"

When that glorious day comes, we'll treat grandma to a fancy feast.

With a cent earned per month, in the year 2525 if the Fed is still alive, why you'd have doubled your money.

Apportion debate by ¡Jeb!

"You could take dollar for dollar -- although I'm not sure we need a half-billion dollars for women's health issues -- but if you took dollar for dollar, there are many extraordinary fine community health organizations that exist to provide quality care for women on a wide variety of health issues," Bush said.

How to lose 51% of the vote w/o hardly trying...

A penny saved is a penny earned, but it isn't like you can buy anything with it.

Isn't that 3% over the maximum amount of percentage of 100?

Deese daze one dreams of getting 1.5% on their savings...

David Bowie - TVC 15 - YouTube

Jesus saves, but the low interest rates and service charges really eat up the capital.

If the waiting for go dough interest rate hike was gluten free, would that help move it along?

Relax, it's just a nest egg flower soup spill, nothing to be concerned about.

“I think there is a high bar right now to not acting, speaking for myself,” Mr. Lockhart said ...

"Barkeep, fix me a double The Dude Abides and keep em' coming..."

What if like the NFL, school was only held 8x a year? (8x away classes as well)

It's just a flesh womb, don't worry it's their reason for being-politically.

Frank Kush sounds like it'd go for $400 an oz @ an Rx dispensary.

Not to worry, he made it in the 'also-ran' debate with the likes of Jim Gilmore. (who dat?)

Loves me the monte cristo, so seldom seen anymore.

So, the count of Montecristo was off a little, no biggie.

What if you never descend from the tree, like say one of our kind here?

They are now insisting the only way to fund the schools is to sell the State Trust Lands. The income from the lease of those lands (& fees) pays for part of the education budget. Selling the seed corn.

I wonder if Erik Estrada is available to pitch land sales on TV for Aryanzona?

Anything flight flown on Apollo 11 is worth a fortune, it's the ne plus ultra of space collectibles, every other mission pales in comparison & desirability.

It must be interesting residing in a 'right-to-be-illiterate' state.

Do they hold regular sprint exercises in Cascadia on the coast heading east, in anticipation of a rerun of the 1700 quake & tsunami, or is the smug demeanor there enough to offset 27 foot waves?

According to the Topeka Capital-Journal, the Kansas Board of Education decided in July to allow six school systems — including two of the largest in the state — to hire unlicensed teachers to ease the shortage.

Qualifications are so last century...

So, we allow the hedge funds to make Puerto Rico fire their teachers and disband their education system, so they can get paid off on risky wagers, and send them there teachers to Frisco, and the Bay Aryans live happily ever after...

Something is rotten in the state of den mark to model.

If a bodybuilder got busted for shoplifting, could he claim that he was just working out?