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Jolly Roger: Domestic violence begins on the field, so from now on there'll be no tackling, we are going to a flag format.

I liked it better when the NFL was more about breast awareness.

They say the Catch 25% is the sweetest catch of all.

If you ask a copper the call they most dread, it's almost always something pertaining to domestic violence.

Jolly Roger Goodell: Just whinge baby.

Wench life gives you rugrats, they often resemble rabbits.

Hea culpa, hea maxima culpa. Not so jolly anymore.

Joe would just blow his money on dumb things like food and shelter instead.

Isn't it easier just to threaten a merchant ship with destruction unless they give you all of the precious metal cargo they're holding?

When is 'talk like an irate' day, er when does yogi show up?

It's been a 'considerable time' since we've seen land, cap'n.

The Flow of Funds report also showed that Mortgage debt has declined by over $1.3 trillion since the peak. This decline is mostly because of debt cancellation per foreclosures and short sales, and some from modifications. There has also been some reduction in mortgage debt as homeowners paid down their mortgages so they could refinance. With residential investment increasing, and a slower rate of debt cancellation, it is possible that MEW will turn positive again soon.

Hoist the main sale, the brig Alibaba is up 36%

We've run the ship aground next to a moribund mall and have decided to become an anchor store.

What we need now is part 3,647 of yogi's screeds against the Fed and our host.

You can't expect landlinelubbers to buy into high tech.

Cap'n Faber runs a tight ship, you'd best not irritate him, lest ye get keelhauled.

Ahoj is the way Czechs greet each other, so every day there is akin to talking like a pirate.

Aren't the treasure chests made out of silicone now?

Hoosier daddy, after the results of the paternity test?

He's playing Goodell-Badell on the populace.

Ask not what you can do for your country-Ask what your country can do for you?

Avast the main sale and pull up anchor, the brig Alibaba is dead ahead.

Cap'n Ahablankfein and the crew wish all happy investing

Whose lime is it anyway, you scurvy dogs?

So, Alibaba is like one of those Chinese finger trap things?

Yogi is still curmudgeoning, occasionally complains about cars like all NYC denizens.

16 men on a Fed man's chest, arrrrgh!

Just think, pirate talk may make Mary's posts make sense?

I don't think trooping out Bradley is a good idea @ this juncture.

To be fair, Adrian could've used a cat o' nine tails on his tykes for insubordination, but went with a lesser lash.

How's the youtube 'hits' gambit gig treating you, Duke?

Someone claimed the newbie was your NK supermodel girlfriend, but i'm not buying it.

Anybody concerned about the domestic violence that happened to the Bucs yesterday, they were bent over and paddled repeatedly.

Muhammad Alibaba, float like a butterfly-sting like melamine

If there was a glut of used cars, you'd hardly expect Avis or Hertz to buy them all up piecemeal and then rent them out, but that's what Blackstone did with houses, good luck selling em' en masse.

Yes, the relentlessly flat plains consisting of an endless horizon, smack dab in the middle of nowhere.

What's not to like?

Wowser, sold off the Grey Mare $30 higher, 3 years ago. Time flies!

They aren't making anymore flyover.

,rade Dawgma likes to be the fly in the oinkment, it's what makes him tick.

Not only beautiful, but one of the hottest burning woods~

Yeah, but what does Mrs. Watanabe think?