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Braille blinds with dots and dashes is popular.

Our electricity bill remains @ a constant zero, month in-month out.

The bullets always seem to get second billing...

We hadn't flow domestically in 13 years, and when the nice lady at the airport ticket counter inquired how i'd like to pay my $85 'bag fee', I asked if it could be included in the ticket. She gave me a look that was priceless, about $84.62 worth.

Investigators also seized a torpedo and multiple other military items in addition to the Panzer V “Panther” tank and the 88mm flak gun, Hess told the Associated Press. German military engineers were called in to haul the tank out of the underground garage of the house in Kitzeberg, near Kiel.

Nazi Panther tank and flak cannon seized in raid on collector in Germany | World news | The Guardian

...dude had his own 88!

In the book "The Go-Go Years" by John Brooks, a look back at the 60's stock market, he wrote that every Wall*Street firm had a stock vault where they kept stock certificates, and it needed about half a dozen employees devoted only to ferreting out said parchment, when needed. And as volume grew, the human beans cloistered away couldn't keep up with demand vis a vis trades, a stammer in the works.

When I lived in Tahoe, used to like to swim @ DL Bliss state park. The water was almost warm, wait, who am I kidding, fricking Tahoe water is cold!

I came from old money, but not that kind.

I think I made $8 an hour in my first job in 1977.

Had to take the RTD bus to Arcadia and back, because I was only 15

I think the most devastating thing to me in my first job, was all of the taxes and whatnot taken out of my would be salary. Nobody told me that would happen in high school econ.

Later or sooner, we're going to accidentally ruin the idea of money as we know it now having meaning. Then, it gets really interesting.

We are living in a virtual world
And i'm a virtual tool

I asked that the SS money i'm expecting to collect in a decade, be segregated.

The problem with eating Chinese losses, is 20 minutes later you're hungry for more.

I sure wouldn't want to waterski over many parts of our reservoir here, as the tops of oak trees are either just under or over the surface, on account of arid.

I don't think the Chinese financial crisis really hits it's stride until you can get a loan on day old leftover takeout food there.

A cager is an enclosed motorcycle, with 4 wheels.

...couldn't you persuade her to be a cager?

If you were to look at the world we see assembled as it is now, it more closely resembles a casino, and the first thing they do when you sit down @ a game of chance to wager, is they turn your money into plastic chips, so as to lose the allusion.

It's quite possible that a youngster growing up today's pretty much sole exposure to money, would be that rectangular plastic card that magically pays for everything.

Most anybody can write something in a forthright manner, but it's funner to beat around the bush.

FD: Have a Macintosh up @ the cabin, wouldn't work here on account of needed chill hours.

If only we were allowed to invest SS money in any way we saw fit?

I would've put it all into apple stock about 20 years ago, and they'd all be producing marvelously now~

Good morning from the front porch of the back of beyond. Lets take a coffee break

Any chance with that new ebola case in Liberia, we could conjure up Doctor Mary?

I find it's hard enough to get people to move out of town, let alone out of the country.

An LA equity refugee could sell their home for $700k and buy the same home here for $250k with a lot more property, but almost none do it.

An RN friend that works in the neo natal ward @ a hospital in the Big Smoke told me that she reckons 4 out of 5 newborns aren't happy births as far as the parent/s are concerned, always some issue such as single mothers, drugged up parents, parents that don't have jobs, one of the parents in jail, etc, etc.

Quick, everybody immigrate to Norge!

How much would you have to give nonplussed prospective parents to produce offspring, to make it worth their while?

Finland got a lot of bad PR with the Jump the shark attacks on the beaches in NC

We're actually in our 32nd year of war since Operation Urgent Fury.

Are you a quicker eater when it isn't raining?

Who can make a story oh so odd
Commit some weird crime and get caught
The Florida Man can, yes the Florida Man can
'Cause he gets amorous with an armadillo
Or some other peccadillo and makes us feel good

Under Capitalism, man exploits man. Under Communism, it's just the opposite.~ JKG

I don't get it, why would people hung over from the 4th, turn into craven sheep the following day that will do anything to not get sheared?

Sounds like she went in over her head @ one of the many natural hot springs just off of Hwy 395, would be my guess as to how it happened.

Brain-eating amoeba kills woman in Eastern Sierra, health officials say - LA Times

Golfing reminds me of skiing, which w/o the advent of snowboards in the 1980's, a good many resorts would have died and gone away.

But whacking off doesn't have any appeal with young adults, no new angles.

The idea that another country is going to learn from another country's virtual financial foibles and not make the same mistakes, is a whole lot of wishful thinking.

I'm not so sure a Turk is going to learn from a Greek, or vice versa.

What is the ECB's move?

Round up the usual numbers....

What's fascinating about the PRC cash buyer of a home in California, is in the midst of the Gold Rush, Chinese were afforded the very last chance to work a claim after every other nationality had a go at it, sloppy seventeenths usually.

A complete reversal of fortune from the Days of '49

Days of '49 (Remastered) - YouTube