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A Chicagoan was on our backpack trip, and he told me this winter in particular really messed up the 2nd City's roads, tore them up all over the city on account of 20-30 degree temperature swings that went from freezing to melting out and back to freezing again, etc., he related to me he'd never seen anything like it before.

I had a near debt experience once and saw a light checking account balance.

Any change in the ennuiconomy this weekend?

An arsonist is somebody that sets fires, but what do you call somebody that sets water loose?

Vandals break open 8 hydrants in drought-stricken desert community | 89.3 KPCC

Back from a schweet backpack trip out to a grove of Giant Sequoias on the river, a nice heavy thunderstorm Saturday night and rain for 4 hours, but that was then, and 100 degrees is in a few days from now...

California redwood trees stressed to breaking point by drought, dying in Southern California

I don't get it, our arborist expert on here assured us they don't need water?

The ones that stuck out like a sore heel...

In the 80's and 90's when I traveled a lot, I had a nearly foolproof way of spotting a certain kind of American that wore white tennis shoes abroad, because no other culture wore them, except to play tennis.

One thing that I noticed in my many travels in NZ, was the local guides were a little wary of Yanks, on account of us being so sue happy back in the states.

It's an odd reputation to have heaped upon you...

A young marine friend that did a few stints in both locales of the 'stanbox was telling me that all of the grunt work that used to be done by GI's, is pretty much exclusively KBR's domain, the ultimate sutler.

You are correct I believe, about the NZ system.

5 of us went tandem paragliding in Queenstown, and the only thing we signed, was the credit card slips.

Here, you'd probably have to sign 8 pages of gobbleydgook disclaimers before becoming airborne...

...were said Wal*Mart tunnels made in China?

Ever notice that the student loan debt thing ramped up about the same time we started trending towards the largest prison population in the world?

Last time we were in NZ, we stayed at motels & campgrounds that had swimming pools with diving boards and slides, and trampolines.

But there isn't any money in lawsuits there, so barristers there are few and far between.

What becomes of the 899...

...and which one is the nouveau mad Max 'headroom' Robespierre?

The amount lost in the SF inflatable dam was laughable in the scheme of things: 150 acre feet, or a replacement cost of around $200k, if you can find a willing seller.

But it gives you an idea of the ramping up of awareness that's going on, or droughtdar, if you'd like.

You richly deserve a symbol, and that was a good one: Aralfornia.

It describes the goings on perfectly. Oh, the latest:

An inflatable dam, how kinky!

50 Million Gallons Of Water Lost In Attack On Inflatable Dam, Worsening Drought Emergency For Alameda County « CBS San Francisco

One of the commenters pointed this out:

According to a 2008 Bureau of Land Management report.." “IMMINENT FAILURE” - Dam will fail if not taken out of service." What proof of vandalism is there? It seems more likely that the dam did indeed fail after not being replaced for many years after strong warnings were given.

About 5 years ago on here, there was a hotshot young lawyer that had been let go from a not quite top flight firm, and was angling for a government position that paid $93k, and told us there were like 900+ qualified applicants for the position, and he was able to snag it and good for him!

But what about the other 899 lawyers with a couple hundred thousand dollar student debt loans, that nabbed the sliver medal in the quest?

The SoCalist movement showed up here around midnight, and even the aroma of fresh Folgers (Mrs. Olson approved) can't stir them from their sleeping bags...

Good morning from cloudy Aralfornia Lets take a coffee break

We were on a family trip back to Prague around the turn of the century, and my dad had lived through the entire 6 year occupation way back when, and we're walking around somewhere in the majestic city, and he says:

"See that wall, that's where the Nazis lined up and shot political prisoners, and after Heydrich was assassinated, a large number of innocent Czechs were shot there as well"

He almost never talked about the war, it was too harrowing. When Hogan's Heroes would come on, we'd laugh at the antics of the POW's and the clumsy Krauts, and invariably at some point in the 30 minute show he'd say: "They weren't that dumb, you know!".

The delusion runs deep in this drought, as if the water genie will show up @ the 11th hour...

"The Twelfth of Never" Lyrics - Johnny Mathis - YouTube

A long-time regular at the course, Marquez said he was surprised to learn that it is irrigated with drinking water.

“I thought it was like maybe recycled water, from someplace, but not drinking water,” he said. “I guess just like everything else, they’re going to have to come up with some way of minimizing that water use.”

Enjoy whacking off while you can...

The City of San Diego sprays drinking water to irrigate two of its three golf courses amid the worsening drought, and has increased its use by millions of gallons each year since 2013, city records show.

The Torrey Pines Golf Course uses recycled water. But the city's other two courses, at Balboa Park and Mission Bay, used about 116 million gallons of tap water during the ten months ending April 30, records show.

That’s 5 million gallons more than the city used on those courses during the same 10 months last year, and 15 million gallons more than in 2013.

The increase helps explain the city’s 19 percent increase in water use last year, reported by The San Diego Union-Tribune last month. Much of the increase was attributable to the Park and Recreation Department, which runs the golf courses.

City sprays golf courses with tap water |

Caddyshack Kill All The Gophers - HD - YouTube

The ancient ruins @ Palmyra look fabulous, a pity I never got to see them.

If ISIS decides to turn them into further rubble fields, that'd be a pity.

So, an interesting gambit by farmers with senior water rights, in one fell swoop they guarantee future water, and take about the same hit as urban water users, so as to be in concert with them in terms of rationing...

California drought: State approves farmers’ offer of 25% voluntary water cuts | Fresno Bee Fresno Bee

They used to do siestas in Spain back in the day, still a common practice?

I don't know if I could get used to 11 pm dinners in Spain, as i'm usually tuckered in by 9 pm.

Thou shall not make unto thee any graven image.

I wonder if the coppers in Buffalo needed to utilize an MRAP in taking down the cookie monster?

He said three to five grams of pot in each cookie, a little more than a pinch, and he charged $10 per cookie,” Mulhern said.

He puts as much as 1/6th of an ounce into a cookie and charges $10 per?

There was a koran in the motel room drawer of the last place I stayed at, are the Gideons branching out?

What's that old girl?

(Lassie paws @ the air repeatedly)

Oh, so no interest rate rises, eh.

I'm entered in a bank run around a B of A branch in Fresno, a 10k.