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Oh, I see we've moved down to the junior high insults.

As much as i'd like to stay for the Dawg-yogi lovefest, i've heard it all before too many times, a couple of wordrunk pugilists exchanging blows.

Baby I can find your czar
When was he supposed to start?
Baby I can find your czar
Maybe he's AWOL in his car?

about $200,000 versus $180,000.

Thems flyover boomers!

I doubt Benito ever went a round in the ring, but feel sure he delivered many rounds of margaritas to his clientele, along with starting them with an endless supply of chips.

When I was a lad and we'd go on road trips to Canada, you bought imperial gallons at the gas stations there, which was around 1.35 yanqui gallons.

We were s'posed to go metric by the bicentennial, but it didn't take.

So, you're saying you don't like crossed words puzzles?

What's to become of all the all of the sudden experts on here, when this too shall pass?

Dr. Mary is my go to physician on HCN, it's almost as if I was deciphering a doctor's writing, her gibberish.

Can it be anybody this time, or solely Japanese-Americans?

Doesn't anyone else here remember the whole grassy knoll episode?

I'll never forget it, I was nearly 2 years old & breast feeding when my mom was watching a soap opera that got interrupted by news of JFK getting shot, and there on the grassy knoll near Dealey Plaza, I saw a bakers dozen of gunmen with rifles and smoke coming out of the end of the barrels, just after the deed had been done.

Yeah, but can a solar oven prepare a heat seeking missile?

There's a real problem with bedbugs @ Indian-owned motels around these parts, a recent review:

Check in was smooth staff friendly. Facility appeared clean. Appearances can be deceiving! Noted what appeared to be minute dried blood spots on the bedding but all else seemed clean. Discovered a bedbug in the bed with us the next morning. We crushed it and it was engorged with blood. Found a 2nd bedbug on the wall it too was engorged with blood. The next day my wife had probably over 100 post bedbug bites. On line research showed bedbug bites are painless and the welts and severe itching may occur as late as 2 weeks after 1st bitten. My wife had welts from bites covering both arms, both legs and on her torso. This stay at bedbug inn was at the beginning of our 14 day trip. This bedbug problem greatly diminished the joy of this trip. This place needs to be tented and fumigated. Management has replied there is a bedbug problem everywhere. We stayed at 7 different lodgings on this trip. This is the only place that we encountered bedbugs

Just imagine what would have happened if they lost?

Isn't 'bristol' cockney slang for tits?

Do you think when Jeb is POTUS in 2017, it'll be safe for his brother to leave the country, or is it still too soon to possibly risk being arrested for war crimes, overseas?

Words blowing up seldom results in casualties, unless it's the word maker.

There's Echo Lake, Balboa Lake and Legg Lake in the City of Angles, all artificial bodies of water, if memory serves. That's about it.

Isn't the USA considered to be a skilled Ticking time bomb maker?

Then: Salem Witch Trials

Now: Saline Which Trials

What's nice about the quarantine, none of the talking heads @ Fox have to blather Benghazi over and over again at the top of the lungs anymore.

Quarantined Ebola nurse defies orders to stay at home and goes for a bike ride with her boyfriend | Daily Mail Online

Tour De Chance

A doomspread is looking better all the time, far away from the quarantined masses.

We'll put another job on the Barbie, for you!

I didn't realize you could get pregnant by texting?

I think the plan is to force millennials to buy domiciles and then get married and have kids, and before they know it, they're well and truly stuck in it.

I'm pleased that the Fed has weaned itself off of Cashamphetamine, but you know how addicts are in the midst of recovery...

When they found Mallory and Irvine about 15 years ago, it ruined the whole "they disappeared into thin air" angle. I say let Amelia's disappearance remain a mystery.

In breaking news, Amelia Earhart is still dead.

Part of me is pleased to hear you don't drink beer with ice, but Budweiser, yikes!

I draw the line at a lack of ice in fizzy drinks, as is the custom in the old country.

We're already thinking of absconding with Eau England's largesse, but don't tell anybody.

Wasn't Upper Volta next to Direct Currenta?

Desal would definitely not work for Ag as the delivery system for the places where stuff is grown generally goes in the opposite direction and is too far away, and too expensive, but if you were the great unwashed masses in the Big Smokes and hardly had any water, what difference would it make, what it costs?

I remember going to a 'Meskin restaurant in Sydney in the early 80's, it was so awful, their idea of salsa was Watties ketchup diced with onions.

Amidst the celebration did anybody attempt to start a dialogue with you regarding apartment tightness numbers?

Ok, i'll admit that aside from being in Africa, I have no idea where Burkina Faso is.

Sorry no, but blogging on HCN carries no side benefits aside from being able to upset complete strangers you've never met.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going and win 1% for the Zirper!

You've no doubt heard of 'school lunches', but howzabout 'school water'?

County prepares for school water deliveries

Sure, aren't convicts in prison eligible for unemployment?

There's something very odd about a cat tossing a near dead tarantula up and down in it's paws.

I decided way back that being surrounded by to the right of right of right imbeciles here in the CVBB, I didn't need them here in cyberspace either. One little click and they're whisked into the scornfield forever. Give it a whirl~