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Seer you later, prognosticators.

If you allowed a 9 year old girl to drive a Formula 1 racing car, you'd probably get similar awful results.

Really sad about that 9 year old girl and the Uzi. she'll be ok aside from being scarred for life, along with the rest of her family.

It isn't the guns that kill people, it's the little digits on the end of our hands that are responsible.

It's out there, just nowhere near the state.

Yeah, I prefer my coaches to underperform, but then again i'm a LSBF.

Seems like most Lithuanians i've ever met were over-syllabled, most needing 4 or 5 to pronounce their family name.

Porterville probably has the worst meth problem in the CVBB for a city it's size, a scourge.

Coming attraction to a Big Smoke near you...

The small town of East Porterville in Tulare County has about 7,300 residents, and at least 300 homes have been without water for weeks.

“We can’t shower. We’re wearing dirty clothes. My kids had to wear dirty clothes to school this morning,” said Elizabeth Baker. “I had to go across the street last night to get water for my kids from the fire department.”

East Porterville Residents Without Water As Wells Go Dry During California Drought « CBS Sacramento

As an Obama stooge, I sadly voted for him twice.

Hundreds of millions for defense-but not one kopek for tribute.

I attended public school, which of course on the face of it was free of charge, aside from my parents & everybody else's paying taxes to make it possible.

Why earn grades by studying and learning, when instead you can just ask your professor for all A's, please?

Some people have already gotten their free money. I want to know when to expect mine.

I would go searching at both newspaper racks and pay phones in the coin return slot, but maybe lower your sights a little and just be happy that you found either machine.

How come i'm never offered a full set of Snap-On tools, gratis?

Free money is not without it's advocates.

So it turned out that Colin's yellowcake was actually pound cake from Wal*Mart.

It sure looked convincing @ the time~

In a tax pickle?, where to hold the lettuce?
special avoidance is in the Gulag Hockeypelago, not the U.S.
All we ask is that you let us get away...

Maybe we ought to allow 9 year old girls to make really risky stock option trades, yeah-that's the ticket.

So far we've dodged fuego this summer in the Southern Sierra, but there's still quite a prolonged season left until the first rain comes in November.

Goooooooood Moooooorning Fiatnam! Lets take a coffee break

It was a Good Thursday back in the world, but here in the green felt jungle with looming canopy overhead, it was hard to make a buck with such expenses, but the good thing was that we were buddies with the pit bosses, who pitied our plight. If we got into a F.I.R.E.fight, we knew we could always count on them for an unlimited marker, with the vaguest repayment instructions imaginable, usually scribbled in crayola on a piece of scrap paper.

Are pending home sales inflationary or deflationary?

...only your Century 21 Realtor knows for sure

One of the aforementioned lakes was almost 5 feet deep at just under 10,000 feet, like being in a bathtub 40 minutes after you filled it with hot water.

Usually my favorite of the crops would be all over the place, but the drought hasn't been kind to leopard lilies or other flora.

Not a bad time to scurry away off-trail to a series of 5 utterly spectacular unnamed High Sierra lakes, and hang out for a spell, like we did last week.

Don't be too hard on yourself, you're all you've got.

They reckon the Spanish Influenza went around the world 6 times as it ran it's course, nearly a century ago.

Sure is a lot of Lawlerness lately on here.

A friend is an RN in a CVBB hospital, and tells me that the ebola case in Sacramento is much talked about during coffee breaks with other RN's, on account of them being the first line of defense against it, should it come to pass this way.

I thought Jesus was s'posed to come to us?

If it weren't for all them there swine dying raising the price of pork along with beef, substituting Ham for Hamburger meat would keep the cost down.

In case you haven't noticed, that's what Calculated Risk has become.

Sometimes you almost wonder why he still goes through the motions, the bias is so obvious.

I hear Europe is getting in on the fun, with an Iceland Bucket of ash on top of their heads, all the rage soon.

The good news is that .02% of California isn't in a severe drought. Gotta accentuate the positive, people.

Le Tan Orange will be forced to do Oompa Loompa public service messages?

The hope is whomever we vote into office will be less awful than their predecessors.

If reporters were armed with laptops that also held a 30 round clip and hand cannon within it's innards, would that work?

I heard an outbreak of eforka originated @ Denny's.

What's all this hoopla about the ISIS Bucket challenge nonsense that's suddenly the hot ticket?

If American Apocalypse, by Nova were available that beheaded the person you were aiming them at, would we ban them?

Has O been to Ferguson yet?

...heard he'll beheading that way soon

Seer you later, prognosticators.

If memory serves, I didn't even get to first base.

I went out on a blind data once, somebody fixed it up.

Props go out to Iceland for finally having a volcano on the verge of erupting that you can pronounce w/o tripping over your tongue in attempting to say it.

Without data there are only eConspiracy theories. Fixed It For Ya

Just a few weeks until it becomes official, the games that is.

Nope springs eternal for LSBF faithful~

Common People and Subjects Plead:

Oh government, so high and dear
Be ready, too, to hear us out.
They've stuffed you full with false reports,
It's not just the damage done unto us,
But even more unto your graces.
For whether you get much from management
Of coins or not, everyone well knows
That all the wares will rise in price,
And grow dear indeed when they are sold. ~ 1621

From a contemporary German broadsheet, in the book "The Kipper und Wipper Inflation 1619-23"