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Don't lose faith in sleight of and, er QE.

The road to Helios was played with the best intentions...

Was anybody here the recipient of a singing telegram, or maybe I should just tone it down to receiving a telegram?

I remember going to Greece for the first time after having read the classics, and it seemed to me that modern Greeks had just about nothing in common with their ancestors, not that your point isn't a good one.

I'd sooner expect an interest line dance.

If she did, we'd only hear from fearless leader that the word count had increased by 3.

The first modern Greek king was a kraut named Otto, for what it's worth.

I'd admit that yes, i'd pay $59.99 on PPV to see a nekkid mud wrestling match between Condi and Dana.

Hey, they found work for Condi Rice, so anything is possible.

OMG, we're down to parsing words again?

I heard somebody drove an SUV into Orwells Fargo in the financial district of SF and made off with a bunch of delinquent mortgages, which experts claim will be hard to fence.

We really like our blackberries performance around here, Himalayan that is.

I owned a nice chunk of Lukoil stock way back when, how's it doing?

Wouldn't you need a 4 year degree & $200k of student debt, to be a really effective basher?

I have a retail transaction directly involving a union member every couple weeks, as you do as well, probably.

After the funeral on the weekend, I was having lunch with a friend that restored a 1966 Corvair, and as luck has it, she knew somebody that worked on the line when they were produced, who has been a great help.

Now, why not a 1966 anything else, other than a Corvair?

I didn't dare ask her that question

Why not backpack in the Sierra in the early spring?

If there's no snow on the ground, you can go anywhere.

That's been our excuse the past 3 years~

"how much will you lend me on a 1954 De Soto rear bumper?"

Owning a high performance car in the City of Angles is strictly for see me-dig me considerations.

When I was a lad, our next door neighbor owned a used car lot, and his game was pretty simple, he'd sell a car for a little down and if they didn't pay he'd do his own repo-ing, and with a little luck he might sell a given car 9 times before it stuck...

Well, one day he had a heart attack and was in the hospital afterwards, and his wife showed up and asked a nurse what room he was in, and the nurse said she couldn't go in because his 'wife' was in the room, which was actually his mistress~

Remember when car dealers were considered the ultimate slime, and Wall*Street was respected?

...which is why we plan to hold onto this place until 2044

Racked up .09 of an inch of translucent goodness in the past 12 hours, perfect timing for the burgeoning wildflower season, but that's about it.

I'd guess that that the most we can expect out of the Zlennials, is that perhaps they'll give houses that look good from the outside, a like.

Weren't stocks a form of punishment in the colonial era?

Just back from a quick roadtrip to downtown SF, anything going on?

On account of the drought the past few years, we've had atrocious smog here in the CVBB @ times, because there hasn't been the usual rain to flush it out, and I told my wife that was a day in the life in LA in the 60's and early 70's. I don't think she believed me.

Ever have a friend from out of town that wants to see Hollywood, and you try and explain that there's nothing to see aside from some house with 18 foot walls where a celebrity lives?

Nah, Angelenos realize that their city is just a jangled mess of suburbia for the most part, while SF is a visually stunning city.

The Department of Water Resources said Monday that if the drought persists they may build temporary rocky barriers blocking three channels on the Delta.

They say the dams would decrease the amount of water released from upstream reservoirs to keep saltwater from creeping inland from the San Francisco Bay, contaminating the Delta.

The Delta provides 25 million people with drinking water and irrigates millions of acres of farmland.

California may dam 3 Delta channels, if drought persists - CBS News 8 - San Diego, CA News Station - KFMB Channel 8

Boomer hate by younger generations reminds me of the odd LA-SF relationship...

San Franciscans hate LA, but Angelenos like SF

Interesting observation, and accurate.

Also, you never see kissing in films anymore.

...ever notice that nobody dances anymore in the USA?

I've got a friend that goes to things like the Superbowl and concerts and whatnot, always without a ticket, and he told me he's never not got into a given event, always a ticket available somehow @ the venue.

Showing up is 99% of the battle.

I'd never make a list of things to do, not spontaneous enough for me.

I've swam in about 225 different bodies of water in the High Sierra, and add 5-10 more every year.

NZ is a bird world country, but we thought that Stewart Island was on steroids in that regard, oh so many.

They say that the Catch 22 is the sweetest catch of all.

We ended up seeing a couple of kiwis crossing the road @ night on the way to Milford Sound that trip, so it worked out in the end.

I wouldn't say substitution, more along the lines of ease of bringing modern day fowl play to market place.

They drank mostly hard cider, which unfortunately prohibition largely killed the practice of.

You don't even want to know about the entire day we blew looking for nocturnal kiwis.

It was amusing at the funeral yesterday, the blowhard evang preacher met my friend who is a lapsed Catholic or a present atheist-take your pick, and she told him after the services that she didn't appreciate his hard sell on getting baptized right there and then.

I heard passenger pigeons had more leg room than a seat in a modern jet, for what it's worth.