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SAE is no metric when it comes to tools.

I'm afraid that listening to the same music repeatedly that I love to hear occasionally-would ruin it for me, so i'll just make some bongos out of cocoanut shells and that'll be it.

1.) Milli Vanilli's greatest hits

2.) Smell the Glove

3.) A Partridge Family Christmas

The Rolling Stones - Sympathy For The Devil -HQ - YouTube

Was watching the documentary "Gimme Shelter" and that's the ditty the boys were playing as the Hells Angels kilt a guy 100 feet from the stage @ Altamont.

It really was the end of the 60's, and not just chronologically...

Sounds as if you found the place to be, and once you've left the Big Smoke behind for good, you'll wonder why you hadn't made the move before.

...isn't the highest point in the state what might be charitably called a hillock?

If I had 14 hours, I'd consider hiring a guide and making an attempt on the highest point in the state in the Florida Alps

...prepare a pair of asparagus?

I've got a Sierra Beauty, amongst others.

Last year's plantings are all leafing back to life, whilst the new arrivals are slowly unfurling themselves~

I'll be interested to see how the Honeycrisp does, in theory it needs 800 chill hours, but i've read lots of SoCal reports of it doing well there, so who knows?

It's a hurry up and wait game now

Grow apples (the waiting for a crop for 7 years part could be spent hanging out here, nudge nudge wink wink say no more)'re going to be an artisanal mime?

I made a hamster igloo out of ice cubes the other day, now all I need is a gerbil.

I bought into a Tierra Del Fuego pied-à-terre time-share. They tell me it'll be like Waikiki with climate change coming on.

The final April snow survey numbers ought to be laughable.

Find your true soda match today!

You see the key with alphabet soup acronym jobs is you need to specialize in something that has nothing to do with what in theory they do there.

I'm thinking of getting rich selling dime shares in fancy hotels for a nickel a piece, like a dozen per dime. Yeah, that's the ticket.

If a similar event to 9/11 were to happen, would the Red Team & Blue Team even act as if they were in solidarity this time around in regards to it? do realize their primary role is to dissuade would-be shoplifters

Outsider, have you given any thought to going on Walton pond, er become a greeter?

Has the climate changed regarding WTC7 being fingered for offing JFK atop that grassy knoll?

26 degrees of unemployment separation.

She had knee replacement surgery last year @ 89, and a couple weeks after we're talking, and she says "why didn't I get this done when I was 85?"

A real trooper, ha!

Aren't we leaving another great Texan out of the possible presidential loop, and by that I mean Louie.

She has the mind of a 26 year old and the body of a 96 year old.

Parton, would you happen to have any grey poupon?

Her pad is within a mile of a Buddhist temple in the City of Angles, and every home that comes on the market is eagerly snapped up by a not whatsoever in the red Chinese cash buyer.

Her next door neighbor's place came up for sale for the first time since the early 70's, and a Chinese movie star agent back in the Middle Kingdom, bought it.

Good morning from the left coast Lets take a coffee break

When the temperature in March is the same as your mom's age, one of them is so hawt.

I get a quarter a word on a flat rate no syllable limit.

Ours were 16 & 17 when they lost half their weight in a year, a slow fade farewell to such fine furry friends.

A cold-blooded thriller, that's what you are.

There was a movie from the 70's called "Sssssss" that's right up your alley.

We were on a backpack in the local foothills, and came around a corner and there must have 15-20 cows, so we started yelling names "t-bone" "salisbury" "sirloin" "new york strip" "rib-eye" and the insult of insult "hamburger" and you should have seen em' scam.

Could you set up an abandoned oil rig on a Wal*Mart parking lot and live there?

I used to think he was just a fly in the oinkment, but you get the idea he really believes the malarky he's pushing.

Even in big years, the Sierra melts out, I remember 1998 being a crazy summer walking, boucoup snow and then some thanks to an el nino, but by September 98% of it, gone.

The thing is the cockamamie crap he dreams up to justify being a Denier is just so bloody awful, an airport with a giant auto lot nearby, 4 years of drought really being 3 if we were to initiate a campaign to correct the bias, etc.

What a joke he is, the Sierra aside from a few pipsqueak glaciers, melts out nearly in entirety every year, so you start fresh when the first snow falls in November or December. The years don't carry over as much as he'd like them to.

Why not live somewhere that's heavenly for 9 months and sucks the other 3?

He can't cite it, because he's thinking of the bountiful winter of 2010-11, which has nothing to do with March 19, 2012.