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Was it Budweiser or Coors that mainly talks about the technological breakthroughs of their cans, but seldom mentions the ratpiss within?

I was watching a little Canadian football and it's pretty freaky, it seemed like the wide receivers were always offside (they start going forward before the qb gets the snap from the center) and what's with that goofy 110 yard field?

Just to be safe, we'll have our digital face recognition people check with your digital face recognition people, in order to be sure.

About 15 years ago I saw a promising NFL quarterback's first NFL game-and his team won, so good was he, that he went #2 in the NFL draft behind Peyton Manning.

If I could only turn back time and uninvest in those Bolivian sewer debentures I bought in the 80's?

I'd make a limited addition watch that only went to 11 o'clock.

I heard yogi laughed once, but was able to suppress it.

Perhaps it gives you an idea of how few new products both Apple & Microsoft can think of, as in none.

Didn't wristwatches come into vogue during World War 1, so the higher ups could coordinate when the cannon fodder would go over the top?

I was on a cruise ship from norovirus hell about a decade ago, by the 3rd day out i'd guess 40% of the ship had it, when we got to our first port of call, hardly anybody got off. The ship store had also run out of any possible kind of medicine, but you could still buy 49 different kinds of perfume/cologne. I remember going to dinner and staring at my food with no appetite whatsoever.

One time in the High Sierra, we backpacked off-trail to the Eagle Scout Lakes, a very hard to get to spot that might see half a dozen people a summer, and the outlet stream was chock a block full of 15 to 20 inch cutthroats that had seemingly never seen a lure.

You drive north from Reno for about an hour or so through tumbleweed and scrub-brush and what would be rightly considered desert if only there were sand dunes, and then all of the sudden Pyramid Lake comes into view, a giant blue splotch full of Lahontan Cutthroats

Reno isn't bad, it's like a Vegas that never grew up, and not too far from Tahoe.

It'd be interesting to have her over for Thanksgiving, but it could be uncomfortable for other guests that would have no idea what she's saying, hell i've had a few years experience and often I have no clue.

Always liked that moniker 'newborns' as if there was any other kind?

Snatching victory from the jaws of defeat is oh so sweet.

I feel like i'm jumping from the high dive into a pool an inch deep and a kilometer wide.

I'm sure glad we have Dr. Mary on board here to diagnose ebola threats from afar.

What a hawt looking MILF maid reporting on the sideline of the Indy-Cinci game!

You go with the Americans you have-not the Americans you want.

She was at the rutabaga festival in Vermont, so no problemo.

If a school district closes down, you get 3 points

If a hospital closes down, you get 7 points

If a whole state closes down, you win by default

Anybody else in a fantasy ebola infection league?

LSBF rarely enjoy the experience, as nope springs eternal.

Rajesh wrote:

Maybe oil is a currency as well?

Indeed, it's the actual world's reserve currency, make no doubt about it.

The Swish Guards @ the Vatican told Pope Frank that while it's still acceptable to look gay, acting the part is strictly out of the question.

A friend was telling me of a Vietnam war protest @ Cal State LA in the early 70's that he participated in, the students merely closed down the nearby 10 freeway by occupying it.

Could you imagine something like that today in these United States?

But imagine what it would have been like if they had lost instead?

Well, truth be said, Rick Perry is back in Texas, which is the state's loss and Europe's gain.

Maybe Rick just needed a little lebensraum?

When I think of all the pumpkin pies adorned with whipped cream that will never be thrown in anger, maybe it was all worth it?

YouTube - The Great Race (1965) -- Pie Fight

The scare is fright
Morning noon and night
Ebola in the heart of Texas
Faulty hazmat suits
And training too
Ebola in the heart of Texas
The governor is nowhere to be seen
Far far away from the scene
Ebola in the heart of Texas
Reminds us of Katrina and 'shrub
What's not to love?
Ebola in the heart of Texas

Benito would make for a good pump kin czar, with all his experience in the field.

I feel positive there's some coyote in the UK that needs to be dispatched to the nether regions.

Such a fancy word for a used Chinese C-Train.

Why is it when Vladimir bares his breasts, it's ok?

I hope Outsider was @ Zucchinifest, and not involved in the melee.

I'm sure the Federal government could do much more-as the forests need major thinning out, but we blew all our money on F-35's and the like.

I feel positive Rick has 3 reasons why he's AWOL, but if pressed for an answer he'll come up empty in that regard.

Rooted dead trees are a pretty good bulwark against a mudslide, and no doubt there will be a little action in that regard, but seeing as there'll be nobody there-nor any manmade structures to be effected when it happens, does it really matter?

Well, if nothing less, it'll be around 100,000 less trees sucking water away from us, and it'll provide a valuable firebreak in the future.

If only Obama reacted to events as well as he talks extemporaneously, but he doesn't.

Yeah, it's nothing. Just the size of the Glendora fire earlier in the year.

Maybe that's how it was done circa BC, but hospitals are more fiat-based healing now.

There is a 1,500 acre prescribed burn scheduled for tomorrow in the forest for the trees in America's Switzerland, with Sequoia trees just a few miles away from the fuego. It'll be started from around 9,000 feet and the firedomos will take it downwards from there to the river at around 7,000 feet. Ought to be quite the show, and i'll have binoculars @ the ready.