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Seer you later, prognosticators.

How could a bank in Chicago be that big of a nothingburger?

Submitted for your approval, your next step is to put it all on black.

I liked the old Carrington events, when Blake would throw a glitzy party.

We'll find out this time next year if the drought keeps on going...

There would be a collective, er Big Gulp, were that to happen.

Would that hurt the value of a $700k 1963 SFH 3/2 in a marginal 'hood in LA if you turned on the faucet and nothing came out?

“Most people wouldn’t even be able to flush their toilet because urban water supplies largely rely on electric pumps,”

...shit happens

I had a near debt experience once, but they brought me back into solvency.

I've been outta da loop, what's happening with those ersatz fascists in the holy land?

Does said indian casino have blackjack dealers with like 14 arms, sitting in a lotus position?

There was a lass
In the grasp of an asp
On a patch of sawgrass
Did a python make her gasp
Burma Slave

I dunno, never been on the inside of an indian casino.

...maybe the bridge was trying to surrender?

I drove to Atlantic City from the Big Apple once, 41 toll booth stops later I arrived, but didn't have any moolah to gamble with, as I had bet it all on trying to get there.

We could have had a dozen desal plants online and running on the left coast-corner pocket, but decided to build prisons in the middle of nowhere instead.

A whinge-whinge deal

Relax, ever since all them there injun casinos came on line, it's not as if anybody needs Vegas anymore, do they?

We tried living near the great lakes, but it got all rusty on us.

When do the "if it's yellow let it mellow, if it's brown think twice before flushing it down" signs appear in Pavlovegas hotel rooms?

Does this mean I won't be able to procure a McBorscht in Bialystok if Putin goes through with the eviction notice?

Adios blogmigos, thanks for not getting into a prolonged fight over much ado about nothing, whilst I was here ever so briefly.

I don't know if i'd go about harshing inflation's mellow, maybe it has no idea what's going on and is just playing along?

This one was built w/o a permit.'s_Log

Had a foot wide 50 foot section of a live oak go down in the past couple of days, a firewood windfall?

The good inflation is often seen in consort with the great pumpkin flation, inseparable claims Linus.

I was re-reading "The Go-Go Years" the last couple of days, and the scams of the 60's were juvenile in comparison to today's model. The thing that's the most striking about the book is the penny ante amounts that nearly took Wall*Street down in 1970, maybe a couple hundred million dollars worth of bad apples in the guise of stock firms of the era, bupkis.

Boy the way Beatles played
Songs that made the hit parade.
Guys like us we had it made,
Those were the days.
And you knew who you were then,
Girls were girls and men were men,
Mister we could use a man
Like William McChesney Martin again.
Didn't need no ponzi games,
Everybody pulled his weight.
Gee our old economy ran great.
Those were the days.

Good after noon, blogeratti

My favorite ad on the radio in the City of Angles in regards to re-fi's is the guy that claims "Its the biggest no brainer in the history of mankind".

That's some claim, there.

See you later, Blognosticators~

They are all spirits in the lack of material wealth world?

Went out to lunch with a local realtor friend, and a lot of properties have been selling in the past month or 2, and most everything here has it's own well, not that some of them aren't shitty in some fashion or another, kinda like used homes in that regard.

He tells me the first thing a prospective buyer asks nowadays is:

"how many gpm does the well have and how deep is it, and when do you hit water?"

SoCalist real estate listing May 2015

32,000 gallon pool filled to the brim with non potable water that could possibly be turned back into freshwater. Property also includes 6,666 sq foot house in turnkey condition.

It was the first time our feline accoutrements had ever heard 9 second spasms of thunder yesterday, they had this "we're all gonna die" look on their countenances.

I expect to see brazen water thefts in the CVBB, the kind where you have a 5,000 gallon tanker truck that sticks a hose from a 195 gpm pump into a lake or river and half an hour later, drives off with the booty.

What I don't get about Easter Island, is why they didn't erect giant rabbit Moai made out of milk chocolate?

If I can't provoke you with the truth, poking fun at you with balderdash is all there is left.

Eventually you'll realize how severe the drought is, but then again, maybe not.

Don't they laughingly call it the Rio Nada now?

Didn't you hear, drought's over man, the almond trees are saved.

Let's move on.

Maybe we ought to go full on Berlin Wall, with a hundred yards cleared away and machine gun nests with overlapping fields of fire, and pits festooned with smeared fecal matter on top of pointy punji sticks, yeah, that's the ticket.