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It was a sucky game even though the final score looks much more competitive than it was. I saw a 80 year old Raiders Nation grandma in the stands, she had a few tats.

The Sierra snowpack will probably melt down to around a foot by new years.

I heard she's been on the payroll since 1961.

Hoarding is when you start turning tricks @ 13?

The Oakland Coliseum is the last of the mohicans, one of those atrocious dual baseball/football stadiums with the dirt infield hanging out near the 30 yard line, looking forward to seeing that bad boy.

The Keystone Beer Lite pipeline probably makes more sense at this juncture.

How come Professor Hamilton isn't pleading with us to not sell our barrels of oil @ these cheap rates anymore?

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. — Let’s start with the fact that my grandmother Evelyn Elliott is 107 years old. Add to this that she gave up driving only five years ago, can Skype from her iPad and rode out November’s blizzard stranded in the modest house where she has lived since 1932.

There is no visiting Grandma during a Buffalo Bills game unless you plan to sit in reverent silence — except if they score, at which point you will hear a faint centenarian whoop. And definitely don’t bother her with talk of brain injuries or domestic abuse scandals or cheerleaders who are not being paid.

- NY Times

CR never mentions things like the Cromnibus giveaway, amongst other travesties perpetrated by Wall*Street such as whistleblowers being ignored...

Is ommission any better than serving up malarkey?

Cruz & Rubio are the Irates of the Caribbean?

Man, i'm deep in the heart of Raider Nation and they're now all showing up at the hotel decked out to the nines with logos on damn near everything, saw a Black SUV with 17 Raiders logos festooned all over, that's serious signage.

For those about to doom, I salute you.


The obvious solution to the wimmins bathroom debacle is to take out half of the men's bathroom, and replace it with mirrors for primping, so we too can suffer.

Sure they have a 2-12 record and are going nowhere fast, but it isn't as if i'm not just a little afraid of their rabid fan base that is surely now reduced to a similar nothingness, while i'm attired in LSBF colors.

I remember hearing about it, your grandpa's dentures came loose when he tried to bite into a Spitzenberg floating on top of the water, and then he went gumming for teeth at the bottom of the barrel.

The claim is there is no there there here, but i'm in town, so how can that be true?

The claim is that if you digest the seeds from around a dozen apples, the minute amount of poison inherent, will do you in.

I think i'd have my descendants lie about the manner in which I passed away, if the culprit was a caramel apple.

To be fair, ,rade Dawgma did have a 4 day shambatical away from here.

Didn't you forget the smelly homeless guy drinking a tallboy out of a brown paper sack?

One of the joys of xmas is to go shopping on say the 23rd at the local mall where the parking spots that never get used-save a week a year, are under heavy demand. I like to take a couple of the far out spots and throw an impromptu tailgate party.

Wristwatches really came into vogue during WW1, so that the higher ups could coordinate when to send the troops over the top to their slaughter, precisely.

I'd prefer it if the uber wealthy were to wear corporate sponsorship labels on their clothing instead, that they would pay for the right to display.

Was reading the dead tree edition of the WSJ for the first time in donkey's years, and was surprised at how many adverts for highfalutin new & vintage expensive wrist watches were within the pages, perhaps a few dozen ads in total.

What an odd status symbol for our times...

Good morning Doomerattis! Lets take a coffee break

I'm taking all the savings from new lower go juice prices, and am going to invest in a Ally Bank CD now paying a whopping 0.95% APY, foreseeing the doubling of my money in just 70 years or so.

A bear knocked over the neighbors trash cans the other day, and I donned gloves and picked it up, as the trash truck was coming soon, and never having gone through anybody's trash before, it was an interesting experience in that I gained all sorts of insight into what went in their bodies, or at least a week's worth.

Can you imagine what our industrial-sized trash middens will look like to archeologists in 3593?

Ok, here's the deal, i've worked him into quite a lather but have to split, so somebody take over, and please not the usual suspect.

I'm gonna go pad the miles, bay-bee.

What, a fellow can't change nom de blogs?

Go get a life, and be quick about it.

The denier is back and you know that means trouble
If I were you i'd change the subject on the double

When I was single i'd oftentimes chat up a hawtie with my blog stats, and chicks just couldn't get enough of it.

I for one welcome back the sometimes night errant into morning gory.

If your kids give you a $50 Uber gift certificate, get rid of it on CL for $40, trust me on this one, the name of the operation is really Log-On's Run.

Life is a Carrousel old chum~

Is 'zeros rolling' Baby Boomer slang for driving?

There's a lot of waiting for godot that goes on around here, i'm not sure what we'd do if godot actually showed up?

We're going to stick up a few motion activated game cameras on trees at the cabin this summer, one of our neighbors has had some great encounters with pixels, a family of pine martens last month.

Hey Outsider,

I trust you aren't gonna pull a ,rade Dawgma and be back shortly after saying your goodbyes, so let me wish you lots of luck in the real world, where people sure act differently towards one another, compared to here.

I may have double driveled there, and yeah there's been some gems amongst the chaff.

Just between me and you, he's a trivializer of the worst kind, I once watched him turn a rhino into a carpenter ant.

But what a venue!

It's a sit-down comedians whet dream, you get to try out your material, and if you get heckled its only words on an electric leash as a visual.

Don't spirits have a really high tax on them in Sweden?

That's it, surf's up dude-coming in sets of 3 on the coast, i'm outta here, gotta wax my board.