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Yeah, it is only for 4 weeks I always get a bit shaky when he getting ready to leave. I'll snap out of it once he gets on the road. I turn into mother hen worrying over the trip and stop feeling sorry for myself at that point.

Good morning. Lets take a coffee break Currently Smoking Cannibis Hubby is heading back to Georgia today, they will probably leave around 1pm. Sad Trying to stay cheerful but it is hard.

The local idiots decided that closing the clubs at 2 instead of 4 and requiring them to have id while on the beach was the answer. Many of us told them it was a stupid idea and it was better to have them in the clubs where there was supervision and by the time they were leaving they were ready to go to bed. Now, they are having house parties with no supervision.

So, I see there were 7 people shot at a "Spring Break Party" here at the beach last night. One is in critical condition with a gunshot to the head. I guess closing the clubs at 2am to stop the partying didn't help. In fact, it appears it did just what many of us predicted and pushed them out of the clubs where there are bouncers and police and into private house parties where there is no supervision. Good job, idiots.

Crows are pretty cool. Very smart birds.

Somehow I knew my sad story would trigger Squirrel! recipes. Laughing out loud

Making these tonight. They were awesome the first time I made them. I'm using a jar salsa verde instead of homemade this time but I added minced jalapeno to the chicken. 4-Ingredient Salsa Verde Chicken Enchiladas | Kevin & Amanda's Recipes

He could have got out. He was in the spa and there is a step that if he stood on he could have safely hopped out. Must have Dont Panic!

The week went by well with no issues until a bit ago when I woke up from nap and found Squirrel! dead in my pool. Sad Poor little thing. I guess he drowned.

Hubby will be here in a couple hours Yay!

Apparently their resources haven't helped them break his encryption. Laughing out loud That's why they don't want to give it back. The FBI wants what is allegedly on his computer so they can extradite and prosecute but without the encryption keys it is useless.

Well, not entirely all. Lauri Love is suing them to get his computer equipment back that they took when they raided him. They are refusing unless he gives them his encryption keys. Not. Gonna. Happen. Laughing out loud Laughing out loud

I'm sure they'd love to have you, RiF. Laughing out loud It is actually some of the old Lulzsec/AntiSec crew that put it together. It's a work in progress. Being as most of them have been indicted/convicted/imprisoned and released (at least the European members) this is about the extent of what they can do to screw with the Feds anymore because criming is not allowed anymore. Sad

Speaking of government agencies...Some friends of mine put this site together. Laughing out loud GCHQ Careers

Laughing out loud I can hardly wait for the debates if crazy pants louie runs.

No, he denies climate change because he's a sociopath. Wink

I've experienced that as well. I thought I was just being scatterbrained Laughing out loud

Yes, the freedom to discriminate! No one 17 and under admitted yeah 'Murica!

BoycottIndiana is trending on twitter. They may want to rethink this. Corporate Giant Salesforce Tells Indiana: Goodbye

Well, it does have a bit of fat with the butter and I do eat the skin. Laughing out loud All in all it is a pretty balanced meal. And tasty, too!

Sauteed up some swiss chard with garlic butter and olive oil, baked chicken breasts and rice pilaf. Yum

The weather here has been stunningly beautiful. 78/58 and mostly sunny. I have never been able to get in my pool this early. March has been more like April this year.

So, Uber hq is being raided in Amsterdam. Laughing out loud

Ikr? I did get up and feed the critters earlier and decided to go back to bed for a bit.

I thought he was always in the details?

Watch Russia. Rumors of drama soon. Smile

It is so good, Outsider. What's not to love? Browned ground beef, corn, carrots, onions, mashed potatoes, gravy and CHEESE!

I do have a weakness for velveeta cheese food, though. Laughing out loud Their shells and cheese in the box is yum.

I make Shepherd's Pie but I make it from scratch with homemade mashed potatoes, gravy etc. I do used canned corn in mine. Hmmm, that is one of hubby's faves and I have all the ingredients. I think I will make that this weekend for his visit home.