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Hopefully all the rain will go to you. We're soggy.

This week in science: Kepler bags the Holy Grail
Pretty cool. Imagine the possibilities when we commoditize it. Doin' God's Work. Laughing out loud

It sounds lovely, dilbert dogbert. We're still soggy and chilly from the storms that came through yesterday. It should be back up to 80 by tomorrow, though. I am so ready for Spring.

Okay, maybe it isn't a good morning. Maybe just an average one. Laughing out loud

I took some big boxes home from work that we had glasses delivered in and hubby made Honey Bun a big play tunnel out of them by cutting doors in the sides. She absolutely loves it! She thinks she is hot shit with her new Bunny "condo". Laughing out loud

Is HCN reallyyy slow this morning or is it me?

Just a call at 7:30am from some scam artists telling me my computer is downloading things and it is being hacked. They've been trying this scam for months. I got a call a couple months ago with the same thing. Laughing out loud

Something happened right around the end of 2007...

Honey Bun

Bunny is being adorable. She's busy eating her breakfast right now.

Bunny plays with the pinecone. I didn't let them on the floor together. I just held Bunny and let them sniff each other.

One of my cats met Bunny last night. I was holding her and he came over and sniffed her and she sniffed him and that was about it. He didn't seem very interested in her at all. She was having a ball with her pine cone earlier. She drug it and threw it all over the room.

Wow, VonBek sounds like you had a long night.

The meek shall inherit the earth. Steel Toed Bunny Slipper

Laughing out loud RiF, her name is NOT Doombringer. She is a sweet and gentle little bunny. Tongue

Yes, she wasn't to excited about my touching her at all when I first captured her. Now she seems to enjoy if I stroke her back while she munches on her salad or treats. She still doesn't like the picking up thing, at all.

Honey Bun is busy eating her breakfast right now. She gets a little more friendly each day and seems to actually enjoy some petting now. She hopped in my lap last night to snatch her nilla wafer from my hand. I wasn't feeding her fast enough. Laughing out loud

Clearly, they need to be lent more money so they can afford it. Wink

If you are in the top 10 percent or so there never was any doom. The doom is for the little guys, just like it was planned. Wink

I think some take KP literally and I'm pretty certain some of it is satire. Just a guess on my part.

Just great, now I'm picturing shill in a giant bunny outfit trading like a madman... Laughing out loud

Honey Bun is doing fine. I bought her a new corner litter box and she had decided she loves tomatoes. She also played with me last night for awhile and even hopped on my back and nuzzled my hair. I guess she has decided she likes me. She also allows me to pet her without flinching or hopping away.
The picking up part she is still not hot on but she's definitely adjusting very well and seems very healthy and happy so far. I'm still working on getting some kind of outside pen built for her so she can go out and play in the yard on nice days when I am here to watch her.

Yes, and your dirty government hands off my Medicare!

Yes, I know that is good for them as well but they aren't always easy to find. I'm going to try and hit the Farmer's Market tomorrow and see what I can find. I like to give her a variety in her salad and I had read they can eat tomatoes as long as they are not green. I don't want her getting bored. Bored bunnies are destructive bunnies.

Bunny loves tomatoes. I just tested her out on them and she chowed the few pieces down like they were the best thing ever. She was not interested in the cucumbers at all. She mostly loves Romaine lettuce, she never seems to get tired of it. I held her for a little while which she doesn't mind after the whole picking up thing is over. She really doesn't like that part at all and I usually come out with at least a few good bunny scratches for my trouble but it's worth it to cuddle Bunny.

With chickens? Personally, I prefer bunnehs.

Bunny is doing fine. She becomes a little more playful and less fearful each day. I only lock her in her cage at night now. She's doing well with the litter box training but still leaves a stray marble or two outside. She gets a fresh salad morning and evening and timothy hay and rabbit pellets. I did let her have some glutenz last night, I'm a bad rabbit Mom. Laughing out loud

I never got that whole rabbit foot thing. I remember as a kid it was a "thing". I always figured it wasn't all that lucky for that poor rabbit...

I had the food channel on last night and Guy Fieti was somewhere and they were getting ready to prepare a rabbit for cooking. Shock I changed the channel so fast hubby laughed at me. Laughing out loud

Off to work with me. Happy BFF!

The wildflowers here are in full bloom as well. I wish I was better at identifying them. I'm sure Bun would like to eat lots of them but I don't know what is what. That's my next project, figuring out what she can eat that grows wild here. I do pick her clover from the yard, she loves that.

My grammar could have been better, liz. She threw the bowl not the food. Laughing out loud

I have a friend that used to help me feed the stray cats at the old bar and he came by my work yesterday and said he had some pvc pipe "boxes" he had made for a project and he was no longer using them but they will make a great outdoor playpen for Bun if we lash them together with zip ties and cover with chicken wire. Smile

Is there Dooooooooooooooom!!!? Bunny is doing great and she's using her litter box like a pro. Her food bowl was empty this morning and she had thrown it up against her cage door. Laughing out loud A true Diva!

Florida has way more than its share of cuckoo for cocoa puffs people.

The fundamentals are really. Laughing out loud