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I lost my phone last week and instead of replacing my Mega with the same phone they replaced it with an S5. I was going to bitch about it but the Mega had substandard cameras and very little memory. It was just really big. The S5 is actually a much better phone and the cameras are amazing. I just wish it were bigger. Sad I'm trying to figure out all the new toys it comes with now.

Brilliant! They are trying to abolish all corporate taxes here in Floriduh so I guess we can see how well that works here. Laughing out loud

Mhm. I'm sure if they just get a few more tax breaks it will trickle down, though. Wink

Pending home sales -1.0%, Exp. -0.5%, prior revised lower.

It appears traders are getting a bit antsy by what I see on my twitter feed this am.

Stephen Guilfoyle ‏@Sarge986 1m
Added a couple of Trading Levels just in case this is the day that they can't put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

Maybe this second Lets take a coffee break will help my outlook. Laughing out loud

Found a really good deal on ground chuck today so made 2- 2 lb meatloafs with bacon draped over the top and slathered in a sriracha/chili sauce mixture. The meatloaf had fresh red and green jalapeno and sweet vidalia onion pulsed into fine dice and sauteed in olive oil along with fresh bread crumbs, worcestershire, milk and eggs. I decided to do some real maple glazed carrots in my cast iron skillet along with oven roasted red potatoes tossed in the bacon/meatloaf drippings before serving. Simple, rainy day comfort food. Smile

ZOMG! I bet she has a spycam and chip embedded in her. Laughing out loud

Could HCN actually be a covert government thought control experiment? Shock

She let me pick her up last night without trying to gnaw on me. I guess that's love. Laughing out loud

We're supposed to get drenched today and tomorrow. Flood warnings already up.

Yeah, I kinda suspected it wasn't the same as Taken. Maybe we'll check it out tomorrow. The other good news is Blacklist is in its new season and Spader is still awesome. Tongue

How was the movie? I've been wanting to see it.

Laughing out loud I'm just going to feed the little beast now before the clanging of the bowls starts. The weather has cooled off nicely this week so I'm going to attempt to take her out in the yard on her harness this weekend.

Kind of wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

Amen, sister.

I just noticed I have been registered here for 6 years and 1 week. I missed my anniversary date last week. Laughing out loud

Amazing how the flip in income distribution happened exactly when we embraced Laffer and his Ponzi Scheme..errrrr Curve.

The problem is, all this good economic news is really only good for the top 10% as is perfectly illustrated in the chart I linked. Trickle down is still not working. Hoocoodanode?

I haven't fed Diva yet this morning. The clanging of the bowls will probably start in a moment.

Of course then there's the question as to where all this growth is going? Here ya go... “The most important chart about the American economy you'll see this year”

Actually it's bigger than that. 6.60 x 3.46 x 0.31 Hubby has the windows phone phablet by Nokia and he loves it as well.

Ah, still small. My screen is 6.3" Tongue

Yep, Outsider. Lots of people in my age bracket and older saw my phone and left iphones behind because they could actually read my screen.

What size are the 6's? I have a Samsung Mega and it's very large but I mostly use my phone for inet and text so it's perfect for me.

Ackkkkkk, that song is an earworm. It's been in my damn head for days and I just got it out...GRrrrrrrr penguin.

Always remember... UGK - One Day U Here - YouTube

Thinking of our friends that have passed...

We walked on the beach today. We drove to the far West end of PCB had a nice lunch and then walked on the non tourist infested beaches of late September. The weather was divine. A light breeze with low(er) humidity and highs around 85. The water was crystal clear so you could see it change from bright emerald green to the deeper aquamarine as you get past the sand bars. Truly stunning beauty...We sat and watched a little shore bird feeding along the surf... #thingsthatmatter

I know quite a few of them. Terrifying...

I bet Leno wouldn't have retired. Laughing out loud

How awesome would her Vice Presidency have been? Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Crying