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His victims were not teens they were CHILDREN. The youngest was 4 or 5. This isn't just teen experimentation and it went on for YEARS. He is a serial molester.

Then there is that pedophile that Huck pardoned...who went on to rape more. And his son torturing dogs to death...Nice folks these Christians...

He started molesting them when he was 14 and he continued until he was 18. The girls were 4-8 years old from what I've read. It gets better. The cop Daddy Duggar took Josh to for his "talking to" who filed no report went to jail for 60 years shortly thereafter for child pornography and the counselor they took him to resigned in disgrace after being accused of sexual harassment by teen girls in his "ministry"...Now a judge (friend of Huckabee's) is ordering all records destroyed not sealed as is the norm for juvenile offenders. It appears this is a pedophile ring and Huck is right in the middle of it...go figure. All those christian family values and all...

There is an easy fix for these poor insurance companies. Single payer. Bye, Felicia!

I've found some really nice wines there before. They even had my Banfi Rosa Regale which I know costs 13 per bottle from the distributor because my old boss used to order it for me. Grocery Outlet had it on sale for 9.99. Laughing out loud

The Grocery Outlet is awesome. The downside is you never know what they are going to have. Some stuff they always have but then others it is hit and miss. They charge cost for their food plus a 10 or 15 percent surcharge at the register. The bacon was cheap. 4.89 for a 24oz package of thick cut applewood smoked.

Food is not terribly expensive. I just went to the grocery outlet and for 100 dollars I filled my hatchback full. And that included 11/2lbs bacon, 2lbs of sausage, 3lbs of hamburger, 5lbs of chicken and a big fat ham steak. Tongue

The New York Department of Financial Services, run by Benjamin Lawsky, has become increasingly convinced that banks have been systematically abusing forex markets through the use of automated trades driven by computer algorithms, according to people familiar with its investigation.

Time to do my workout and get my vitamin D.

Nope, used to live in Florissant, though. Don't miss it. Snow sucks as does Misery...errr Missouri.

Checked zillow, mine is staying at 150K. Which means, in theory, I have about 40K in equity. Party HELOCCCCCC

Well, I had a small windfall today. With me not working and his working in town it was getting tight and his next out of town gig might be a couple weeks so I went through my old junk to see what I could part with. I came across my ivory collection. I did some online pricing and found that just two of my tusks (an almost identical pair to mine) sold for 2,000 dollars at auction. Sooo, I gathered them up dusted the layers of dust off them and took them down to the antique store. They offered me $800.00 for the collection on the spot. They will probably quadruple their money but I am happy with what I got for them. They'd been in the closet for ten years because the cats knock them over if I try to display them and I'm trying to go minimalist anyway. Big smile

I'm a salt addict as well but my blood pressure is low to normal.

I'm not certain we can be friends anymore. Sad You can make your own from fresh cream, you know?

Laughing out loud I loved that commercial as a kid.

I have never stopped loving butter. I remember when everyone switched to margarine because it was supposedly healthier. I will always love butter. My grandfather used to eat chunks of it like a bite of cheese. Laughing out loud I guess I got it from him.

Yeah, tax deduction. Business expense... Mirror mirror on the wall, who is paying for this all?

Six Banks Pay $5.8 Billion, Five Plead Guilty to Market Rigging - Bloomberg Business

In retrospect, using public irc chans to discuss crime doing is a poor choice. Hoocoodanode? I see BAC got an honorable mention and a 200 million dollar fine. Laughing out loud

St. Louis Fed confirms cyberattack | TheHill

The St. Louis Fed hack differentiates itself in that the cyber crooks were looking to hijack the bank’s domain name system, DNS, not gain access to the research center’s back end, which mostly included archival economic data.

Essentially, they were going after the high-profile users of the site, not the site itself, security experts said.

“Unless hackers were really into some serious economic research, the likely target of this attack was not the [bank’s] data, but rather the users of this data,” said Igor Baikalov, chief scientist at cyber threat data firm Securonix, in a statement.

You kinda are. Scott is about to shut down the government here in Floriduh for similar reasons. He's still refusing the Medicaid expansion so brace yourself for the same thing to play out here.

Well, one was advertising on his twitter for a second wife...It's almost worth burning a sock acct to do the long troll... Laughing out loud

It is entirely too early to want to throat punch people this bad.

Ok, I've sunk to the level of trolling ISIS on twitter. It might be time to get a job.

Exclusive to? No. It would seem to be what drew the group together.

Finance and Economics would seem the obvious choice. More accurately I would say politics and the effect they have on Finance and Economics.

I was kidding, Mary. It is a group of individuals that share a common interest, though. The nice part about it is when I have my fill of group time I just click the x in the upper right corner and I'm alone again. Tongue

I still have my online "groups" I am part of. One could argue HCN is a gang. Laughing out loud

It has been used to explain gang membership. Belonging to a group can make the powerless feel a bit more powerful.

Belongingness - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

People just want to be a part of something. Pretty certain it's hardwired.

Good morning. Lets take a coffee break Currently Smoking Cannibis The Diva allowed me to pet her while she was free in her room for the first time. Usually I have to chase her around and corner her in order to pick her up then she will allow petting if I put her in my bed. She let me do it twice so instead of picking her up I gave her a cookie. She was very friendly this morning. I guess my spending more time with her is finally paying off. Smile

It doesn't appear they are being treated as terrorists from the pics I am seeing.

How did they get the neo nazis to go along with the Obama invasion, though? Spooky....