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Mhm, they are so well insulated from the simmering rage just beneath the surface that they have no idea what comes next...I'm afraid, I do.

I've seen the pics of Wilson. I'm not sure when a receding hairline and weak chin became "injuries" except maybe at your chances for getting laid.

Mike Brown wasn't on trial so I'm not sure how he would be found "innocent"? But nice Red Herring

I was up at 4 to feed the critters and get him off to work. More rain today and falling temperatures with wind. Tired I'm still deciding what we are doing for Thanksgiving. It appears I am cooking. I think I'd rather do that than go out to eat anyway. Especially with my Uncle. Laughing out loud

And this year's Darwin award goes to... Another gun death in Ferguson

It seems that a Becca Campbell, 26, and her unnamed boyfriend, bought a gun because they were worried about violence in Ferguson. So, like all "responsible gun owners" the boyfriend "told investigators that as they drove late Friday night, the victim waved a gun, jokingly saying the couple were ready for Ferguson"

Of course Missouri does not require safety training to have a handgun, and only requires a permit if you are going to carry the hand gun concealed. (with no other training required)

I'm sure you can see where this is going...she was waving the gun around and it "went off" (she pulled the trigger) and ended up shooting herself in the head.

The cold will be moving this way tonight. Tomorrow our high will only be in the 50's and going down in the 30's tomorrow night. It is still very warm here, in the 70's right now.

Good morning. Lets take a coffee break Currently Smoking Cannibis It is pouring buckets again here. I thought the rain was supposed to end overnight but someone forgot to inform the rain. I guess it is still "night" as the sun isn't up yet. Yaaaaawwwn Tired

Well, it's time to head to work. Ugh. Tired But it is at least Friday for me. Next two days off and hubby didn't have to work today so I just had to get up at 4 and feed the critters and go back to bed until 7. Laughing out loud

Ah, ok. I don't know why I thought you mentioned that. Probably flashbacks to Mom. Sad

Oh put a sock in it KP. You are not a doctor. The fact she went from gray to pink with the IV fluids would indicate infection reacting to strong iv antibiotics that they give for UI's. I dealt with this personally with my own Mother. That's not saying there is not more wrong but again, you are not a doctor.

Ah, yes. I thought that might be what you were alluding to but couldn't remember the actual date.

UI's can cause some pretty wild behavior in the elderly. I had that issue with my own Mother. She would hallucinate when she had them. Best of luck, ll, I know how difficult it can be.

I got that feeling when Counterpointer started coming back around...

Yes, she's quite warm in her private suite. Which reminds me, I must get her salad...

OH wow. I just checked Twitter. Laughing out loud

Isn't that what business has been telling workers since forever? Laughing out loud

That's some crazy snow ya'll are getting up there.

I just fed her little bad butt. She was in the process of dragging the bowls out of her crate when I arrived with her salad.

I was surprised to see bees out trying to get the last bit of nectar yesterday when I took the dog walking. It was only 50 degrees or so but there were a few on the last remaining flowers out there.

It's frosty here again this morning. It is supposed to warm up the next few days but another cold front Monday night after more rain. I see a pattern here...

I saw that yesterday, Barley. Odd.

I see there was a school shooting on the FSU campus overnight.

Bunny just got breakfast. All is well in bunnyland. Tongue

Yeah, I read that they like to have companions although she acts pretty well adjusted. I'm pretty certain my husband's head will explode if I tell him we need another rabbit.

I'm actually thinking about going outside and getting some firewood to start the fireplace. BRRRRRRR

He's working in Dothan, Alabama. It's about 90 miles and takes not quite 2 hours to get there.

He's good. He likes the new job except for the long drive each day.

I think the Diva is grateful to be inside this morning, fur coat or not. I fed her early today so she seems to be peaceful. The bowls are not clanging, anyway.