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Fast food coffee is hideous. I'd rather slam a Red Bull at that point.

Laughing out loud She's been subdued with blueberries...for now.

Just a WAG but that they'd make themselves and their friends in the MIC billions of dollars?

Bunny is doing great. She's getting tamer. She no longer hides when I go in her room and she'll bounce and run through the room while I feed her. She also allows her harness on but I have yet to take her outside with it. It's been too hot.

GOP is that boyfriend that uses you and cheats on you and the NSA is that one that stalks you...

I don't eat fast food anymore. I never ate much to begin with. The pink ammoniated slime did it for me. There is also a photo of 4 cheeseburgers that they have let sit out on a counter for 2 years now. The "meat" and the "buns" are still intact with no mold or rot.

Fully auto weapons are not legal anywhere that I'm aware of.

Why did he have a fully automatic Uzi?

Laughing out loud We played pinecone fetch last night. She so loves watching me chase the pinecone...I trimmed her nails Monday, I think she was plotting to use them.

An active shooter incident has been reported on Fort Lee at CASCOM HQ, Bldg. 5020. All personnel should enact active shooter protocols immediately. The installation is being locked down until further notice. More info to follow.

From their FB page.
U.S. Army Fort Lee | Facebook

Apparently there is an active shooter on Ft. Lee in Virginia, no more details right now. Twitter...

Wow, this guy is seriously a nutter... Breaking: Cop Who Shoved Don Lemon Lassoed in Another Conspiracy Rodeo

Cop-Who-SPage claims that the Department of Homeland Security has redefined terrorism (basically to target people like him.)

“It is a Caucasian male 18-65, one who supports the second amendment, one who believes in the second coming of Jesus Christ, one that is against illegal immigration and is against homosexuality and has a definition of traditional marriage. That is their definition of a terrorist.”
Wiles responds, “It has appeared for several years that the Obamanistas are purging the military of the patriots. Is that the case?”

Page then responds, “Yes, that’s absolutely true.”hoved-Don-Lemon-Lassooed-in-Another-Conspiracy-Rodeo

One of my customers brought me a whole bag of them. She has two or three of the large blueberry bushes. We've had blueberry pancakes a few times with them. Really yummy.

Adorable. She had blueberries for breakfast this morning, her mouth is all blue. Laughing out loud

Ah, so they only released that part...interesting. The 2nd autopsy doesn't have tox screens that is why I asked. Did they release the tox screen of the officer involved? Snark

Where did you get that report, whiskey?

They've also implemented a "no protesting in place" rule. You have to keep walking.

Don't count on it. I'd be pleasantly surprised if it did.

That's assuming they really want to address the problem.

Meanwhile, the National Guard has been deployed in Ferguson...

Yeah, she's been getting the husband as her lettuce provider the last few nights. I've been busy with the Do Not Poke The Hornet Nest Laughing out loud

This is an excellent breakdown of the racial history of that area and how that happened, traderwalt.

'Show Me' Missouri racism

Did he really need to? Laughing out loud The standard reply around here is "Another day in Paradise"...It's kind of a solidarity thing among the downtrodden.

Also, the DOJ warned Ferguson to not release that video. I lived in that area for nearly 20 years. Ferguson has always been known for dirty cops...nothing new under the sun there.

I had a very bad feeling when Ferguson PD thought it would be appropriate to wait 5 days to release any information and when they do they decide to release a video that has nothing to do with the actual incident that the protests are about. Later in the day they decide to clean it up and say the officer didn't actually know about the robbery when he engaged Brown. The police have changed their story so many times it is hard to keep up at this point. They set the Missouri HP up. This rests on the Governor's shoulder.

My husband was raised and spent most of his life just a few miles from Ferguson in North St. Louis. The area is well known to us. The problems with the police there are also well known to us.

He also told the protesters they could stay as long as they like as long as they didn't block traffic. That they could drive through and honk horns in solidarity or whatever they wanted. Funny, when you oppress people and don't allow them to vent their anger they get angrier. When you let them vent, they tend to calm down... Hoocoodanode?

Yeah, she uses a litter box. She only pees in her bowl if I'm late feeding her. It's her way of saying "No one 17 and under admitted you".

Laughing out loud I was late with the pale rabbit's breakfast. A bowl full of pee was waiting for me...

Quote of the night from last night was in reply to many tweets asking where the National Guard was and why they weren't there to protect the people. Someone replied: "Maybe when the police run out of tear gas and rubber bullets they'll arrive as back up." Sad but true...

They weren't hacked. A citizen provided the scanner tapes they recorded. It is actually the St. Louis county ems, so it provides some insight but nobody has the Ferguson dispatch recordings as of yet. And yeah, I knew. Wink

It's also sad when you have Greek activists that are aghast at the brutality of the American police state. Oh, and Egyptian ones as well...If nothing else this is going to expose us for what we really are.

I watched the live feeds for the most of the night last night, Yoringe. It's surreal watching this happen in a town I am quite familiar with. Very sad.