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The largest muni bond default in U.S. history is happening right now

There will be no last minute deals here. The Governor of Puerto Rico, Secretary of State (second in command), President of the Senate and the Speaker of its House of Representatives have all left town.
Puerto Rico actually has enough money to make it to the end of the month, but default was inevitable, so they decided to do it now rather than wait until they ran out of cards to play like Greece.
Puerto Rico's bonds are at a six year low.

There is a back story to this.

According to a new investigation, many of those same billionaires demanding payment from Puerto Rico have also profited from the debt crises in Greece, Argentina, and Detroit. These hedge funds specialize in buying up “distressed” assets and pushing governments to take on debt they can’t afford under predatory rates and conditions. At the same time, the groups are lobbying Congress to not allow the island to declare bankruptcy, as doing so would cut into their profits.
A cadre of Wall Street hedge funds have been making a bundle off of Puerto Rico's woes for years.

They won't be happy 'til they have it all or the Pitchforks and Torches come out.

Yeah, my sleep schedule is all over the place. I work weekends so actually sleep later on those days as I don't start work until 9 or 10 usually. I normally wake up between 4 and 5 though. I don't remember when I became one of those old people that goes to bed at 9 but it happened. Laughing out loud

Yesterday's record bad economic news

Wages and salaries in the U.S. rose in the second quarter at the slowest pace on record, dashing projections that an improving labor market would boost pay.
The 0.2 percent advance was the smallest since records began in 1982 and followed a 0.7 percent increase in the first quarter, the Labor Department said Friday

Hmm, sounds 'flationary.

It would be a better thing if we'd stop polluting our necessary resources for private profit. Smile

It may be a good thing for a smaller state to try it first.

I cleaned out the bunnies' room and their crate while they played. They are getting along really well. He's a pig, though. I have to make sure she gets her food.

So Zimbabwe is trying to extradite the wealthy American dentist that killed Cecil the lion. Don't they understand they exist to be exploited and plundered by the West?

I am working p/t, Outsider so not everyday. I clean condos a couple days per week. Tongue

The guide has been arrested in Zimbabwe

Diva and Loki have been living together really well. They seem to actually like each other now. When I go in the room they are together waiting for breakfast. He's a food hog so I was separating them for meals but he lets her eat her food now. Love

You're lucky. Mine start that at 4:30

Yeah, that's the problem right there. Dumb move by the lawyer. You'd think he could afford a good one.

Trump now has a rape problem. The circus is getting circusier. Laughing out loud

Hey, lawyerliz, does your hubby know if NASA has a bug bounty? Asking for a friend... Tongue

Trolling tourons is a hoot. One of the local favorites is to tell them there is a tunnel under the bay that is a shortcut from the beach. They just have to drive down into the port of panama city and it's right there. Laughing out loud

It is in a country where "Socialist" is a dirty word. Wink

So Much For Bernie Can't Compete Nationally

Go to page 81. Interesting reading.

Bernie beats every Republican head to head.

That sounds delicious, sporkfed

He hasn't lost his mind...he was always the dumb one. And that's saying something.

Yeah, we had thunder storms last night.

Ok, lemme do some chores. I took a long nap today so gonna be a cleaning night.

I want chickens! I almost had hubby convinced. Maybe some will show up stray or something...

Laughing out loud Ikr? Husband has threatened me with divorce if any more creatures arrive in his absence.

Yes, he seems to have recovered from whatever it was. He's still weak as it is hard to get weight back on him after his not eating for five days. He is eating pretty well now but mostly wants canned food and not kibble. I think a tooth was bothering him. I'm just glad he is able to get around better again and have some quality of life. He still wants his walk each morning. Smile

Hubby left to go back to Georgia this afternoon. Only home a day but at least I got to see him and spend last night and this morning with him. He'll be gone another month now.

Laughing out loud This is a wild cottontail. He used to chase them like a wild man when I first got him from the track. Damn near caught them a few times. I think being around the cats and now the indoor rabbits has broken him of his prey drive. That, and old age. He never had a particularly strong prey drive or he couldn't have been adopted out to a house with cats.

So my Greyhound is out in the yard with a wild rabbit. Chillin'. He kinda did a half hearted charge at the rabbit at first but then stopped and the rabbit stopped so he walked the other way and the rabbit went back to eating. Laughing out loud

Good morning. Lets take a coffee break Currently Smoking Cannibis Hubby is home for a quick visit. He got in last night and is leaving either tonight or tomorrow morning.

Where did he say he was going to rape them? Now, you know just because someone screws your wife it doesn't mean it was rape, right? Bored housewives have been known to want to dabble on the dark side...js. Some even pay for the privilege. Wink

At least that is what I see a lot of down here. Opiates have been so over prescribed that they've created a whole generation of opiate addicts. For profit medicine is teh awesome, though...