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Time to head to the beach...I mean work. I had to wrestle Loki to get him to go back to his crate. I'm not sure who won. He also christened all the couches with bunny tracks while I was fixing my breakfast. Evil bunny. Maybe they're all evil?

Remind me when Germany paid off their war debts?

Hmmm getting more interesting this HackTeam hack is.


The Associated Press ‏@AP 17s18 seconds ago
BREAKING: Greek defense minister: 5 parties to sign declaration backing PM Tsipras in negotiations.

He's already calming down since he got here. I let him out of his crate this morning which is in Diva's room and he didn't get all excited about her like he did when he got here. He was more interested in the nila wafer. Laughing out loud

My boss informed me she acquired 6 more condos and another apartment complex and how much work do I want. Tired This was supposed to be a couple day a week gig. I worked 6 days this week.

Mhm. It's all fun and games until those CDS trigger. Wink

And, yeah, that is why the guy who rescued him couldn't handle him. It's like chasing a two year old, he's into everything.

Loki just put popcorn on the couch. Pitchforks and Torches

I am about out of lettuce. This is not going over well in bunny land. Loki is a bowl clanger like Diva. So there are lots of bowls clanging right now. He eats like a small pony. The scary thing is, I don't think he's full grown. He has no rub points on his rear heels which they normally get and he's obviously some sort of lop mix (lionhead and french lop maybe mixed). Imma go broke feeding this beast.

Okay, off to bed with me. Dog has had his last visit to the yard and everyone is in their proper beds except for me now. I have 3 condos to do tomorrow but I have a partner to work with so it shouldn't take us but maybe 5 hours to get them done. I'm still wore out from last week and only had today off. Tired Nytol

Also, he's too big to hide under the couches and stuff whereas Diva could get under the couches and it would be a nightmare to get her out.

No, Diva is still not very friendly and a handful to catch. I'm hoping that once they can be together he might calm her down a bit. I take her out and let her hop around on my bed sometimes but haven't let her loose in the house because I'm afraid I'll never catch her again if I do. Laughing out loud I'm thinking I'm going to end up having her spayed and see if that calms her down a bit as well. Hopefully they will bond. Bunnies can be really weird about bonding but male/female is usually the best chance for it.

We had big storms earlier in the day. All clear and calm now.

Loki is still sprawled across the back of the couch sleeping. He's not gonna be happy when I put him back in his crate for the night. The other night he went to thumping. I thought someone was trying to break in the house. Laughing out loud

I like them if they are wrapped in bacon. I prefer a nicely marbled ribeye, though.

Mhm, he is definitely alpha bunny. He's more like a dog than a bunny. I still can't figure out how he happened to end up a stray at a bar parking lot. Such a friendly bunny and he's obviously been a house bunny. He doesn't even blink at the cats or the dog and he's afraid of nothing.

This rabbit is the friendliest rabbit I've ever seen. He comes when he is called and he just passed out with his head in my hand while I was petting him. Laughing out loud I stopped petting him and he bumped me until I started again. He is sleeping on the back of the couch right now. He is a climber.

Maybe just didn't fill in the circles properly type thing? Not sure what system they for voting.

Actually turnout is over 67% because almost 6% of ballots were invalid or blank.

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BREAKING: German Vice Chancellor Gabriel - Tsipras has torn down last bridge of compromise. #GreeceReferendum #GreekCrisis

Uh-oh, Loki has figured out how to get on the couch. Shock

kina ‏@kinaclip 40m40 minutes ago
A Greek woman just told the news "they asked us to choose between sinking alone or be eaten by sharks" good analogy #Grefenderum

Starting to see tweets on exit polls. It appears No is in the lead.

Holy crap it's pouring buckets.

Looks like some pretty rough storms heading my way. It's thundering and raining already and they haven't even arrived yet. It might be a nap kinda day. I really miss hubby on days like this.

Christine Lagarde attack on Greece backfires as she pays no tax - Telegraph

Christine Lagarde, the International Monetary Fund managing director who provoked an angry reaction from the Greek people after telling them to pay their taxes, does not pay tax on her own salary, it has emerged.

I'm with Liz on that one, traderwalt. Laughing out loud

It would also put a female on the ticket to soothe the Hillary voters.

That would be so much awesome. She didn't say she wouldn't accept a VP spot. She just said she wasn't running for POTUS. So, it is a possibility.

I had never seen it before and didn't realize he had done that. I love him even more now. Love

"This will be the first time I've caucused with the Democrats," said Michael Tallman, 25, of Des Moines.

Tallman, who works in banking, said Sanders seems like a candidate who will represent all people — rich or poor, male or female, gay or straight. He said many millennials are disturbed by the current political process and they could be key to boosting Sanders' shot at winning.

"I think he has a real chance," Tallman said. "We've seen it happen before."

Micheal Davenport, 35, of Des Moines said he generally votes conservatively. But he marched in support of Sanders Saturday.

Davenport is an anti-abortion Catholic (Sanders is staunchly pro-abortion rights). But Davenport said Pope Francis' call for tolerance and more moderate rhetoric surrounding social issues has made him rethink some issues.

"There's an interesting synchronicity between the Pope and Bernie," said Davenport, who works in security and is going back to school to become a teacher.

BNR - 'Lifelong Republicans Switch To Sanders' & 'Bernie Wins Big NH Endorsement'

Greenspan: We have the highest standard of living in the World!

Bernie: NO, we don't. See Scandinavia.

Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Crying

Holy shit, I'm still listening to that video, he straight dogged Greenspan out. Laughing out loud

Damn, he really did let him have it.

I missed this in 2003. I love him even more after watching this. Bernie Sanders going Beast Mode on Greenspan

What can't be paid, won't be paid. Someone said that. Tongue

No rain here but it threatened earlier today. Just hot.

He is a hoot! He gives not a single No one 17 and under admitted about those cats. He's not being aggressive at all, though. He just don't care. Laughing out loud He's sprawled out on the living room floor now like he owns the place.