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Well, my husband was laid off last week but starting another job the day after Christmas so I guess that's a wash. Tongue

Mhm, you know you are about to get screwed when they get all bipartisany over something. Laughing out loud

A trillion here, a trillion there...

The Diva is doing well. She's been getting extra attention with Ted gone. I introduced her to one of my other cats a couple weeks ago so maybe she can become friends with her.

Here they shoot black men, that way we don't have those unseemly bullet holes everywhere.

I don't think I want lips but Grouper throats and cheeks are amazing.

It appears the Cuban embargo is about to end. They released Gross and almost immediately POTUS announced a deal is being worked on to lift some restrictions.

Amazon is shut down for Russia and stores are closing because of the ruble volatility.

That wasn't my emphasis. That is how it has been written all along. Smile

Derivatives are still derivatives, though. Banks are still not prepared for another liquidity crisis... #JS Good thing they passed the CRomnibus so we can be on the hook again when it all falls down.

So biggest cpi plunge since 2008...Something else happened that year...

We really need to put new insulation in the attic and the windows need to be replaced. Some are double pane but they are old and drafty.

That was a very unusual winter though and we still had my Uncle here so he would crank the heat up as soon as we'd leave for work. With him gone I can turn things down when we leave. Most of my bills now are under 200 except during the very hot months and probably January and February.

Almost everyone has electric down here. It is expensive. The few months that I have to use heat here are usually more expensive than the hottest summer months. The good thing is I usually don't need either for about five months a year. Usually I will have a couple very high winter month bills and a couple very high summer month bills. The highest I ever had was 380 dollars and that was a few winters ago when we had a 2 weeks cold snap where it was below freezing every night.

Good morning. Lets take a coffee break Currently Smoking Cannibis I'm weaning the animals back off that 4am schedule with hubby off until after Christmas and leaving town after that. I don't go to work until 10am so 4 seems a bit of overkill. I managed to stave them off until 6:30 today.

Assuming we don't have any of that icky societal unrest before 2016. At the rate things are going I'm not so sure.

You would think they'd learn what social media is going to do to them after a few times but, nope. It's bad enough we do all their actual investigative journalism for them but then we have to school them relentlessly on the same crap over and over again.

Laughing out loud CNN thought having an #askacop townhall would be a good idea. Comedy gold on twatter right now.

My little Tuxedo (Momma cat) is sitting with me now with her paws on the New Keyboard It's like they know something is wrong and want to fix it. Sad

He is back with the IBEW now so this is the job they are sending him to. He's still waiting to get his Journeyman's ticket so right now he is pretty much at their mercy and is going where they tell him to. He's supposed to find out after the first of the year if they approved him.

Our last big boy that was a love bug was an exotic shorthair tuxedo I rescued from St. Louis Humane Society. He died almost 9 years earlier to the day that Ted died. Four of my six cats (well, five now) are Tuxedos.

I also found out hubby will be leaving right after Christmas to go do a shutdown about an hour and a half from here. He's off this week and next so at least we will be together for Christmas but because they are working 7/12's they won't be driving home at night but will stay with the out of town crew at the job. At least he won't be far away and they do let them take a weekend to go home every two weeks or so. I can always drive down and visit on my off days. It's just bad timing. When hubby would travel Ted was my sleeping partner. He'd snuggle me and comfort me. The holidays are already not a good time for me since losing Mom and before her Dad. Sad

Indeed, I have been crying for 4 days and basically avoiding being in the house. The remaining five cats are upset as well. Even the dog seems to miss him.

Ted was my very large Tuxedo cat. He was Diva's boyfriend. He choked on something or had some type of seizure Saturday morning. I tried to clear his airways, did Heimlich and cpr on him but he died in my arms. Crying He was husband's baby as well. We both cried when we buried him. I'm still in shock. I expected to lose the Greyhound soon as he is going on 15 years old but losing Ted was just a shock. He was perfectly healthy and happy 5 minutes earlier. Crying

Good morning. Lets take a coffee break Currently Smoking Cannibis I am still trying to adjust to Ted being gone. He's been such a part of our lives for the past 8 years. Sad He was my snuggle/nap buddy and basically followed me around all day.

No, I know. I was referring to the ACA's role of making State Run care look better and better. Laughing out loud

Indeed, which was really the only redeeming quality for the ACA to begin with. The problem I have with it is there is no way to estimate what our income will be. If he has work it can be very high but if he's laid off for 3 months like this year then we make way less. If I estimate it too low I'm in trouble if I estimate it too high I screw myself.

Husband and his friend were laid off Friday. It was expected. They were supposed to work at that job 4 weeks and ended up there for 7. The next job starts right after Christmas. About a five week gig an hour and a half from here. They will be working 7 12 hour shifts per week though so they won't be coming home at night. They will stay with the rest of the out of town crew.

Yeah, he was a love bug
Spent almost all his time in our room. He spent more tone in our bed than we did. He adored my husband and followed him everywhere.

Just got home from our friend's house. The house is so empty without him. The remaining 5 cats are noticeably upset. Even the dog seems sad. Sad

Ted was a tuxedo cat not my greyhound. I have been expecting to lose the hound at his age but Ted was sudden and not expected at all.

Thanks all. It's going to be strange not having him cuddling us while we watch football tomorrow. Crying

We're not really sure how old he was. He showed up in our driveway one day 8 years ago. He was maybe a year old then. He had a propensity for chewing plastic. I think he may have swallowed something but we really don't know. I tried the heimlich on him and cpr. I also tried to find any obstruction in his airway. He was our baby.

Sad news. Ted Bob had a stroke or seizure of some sort earlier and died in my arms as I tried to give him cpr and clear his air way. Diva and the whole family are devastated. He was everyone's favorite. Crying Even hubby had tears in his eyes as we buried him.

I see Haralambos is on. Sidewalk update? I see Greece is kinda rioty lately. Wink

I never left the Deflationista camp FWIW.

It seems to me most religions are about fear.

Oil price collapse has claimed its first shale drilling company, and why this may not end well.

This would explain the rush to get rid of the derivatives rules and put taxpayers back on the hook for derivatives trades, no? Wink