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Bill Gross is trending on twitter. I'm afraid to look and see why...

You know how else to cancel your service? Stop paying them. Laughing out loud

If I have water and someone is thirsty I should be able to sell them water...IJS. Tongue

Mizzou won again! The Noles are struggling with Wake, that's gonna make some folks around here grumpy. Laughing out loud

Yes, a cold front is coming tonight I believe. Smile

I do actually have a condo to clean in a little while, though. It will only take a couple hours or so.

So you're saying the fundamentals are good? Tongue

Not to that degree but it is getting worse now. Sanders seems to be the catalyst.

Diva is munching her breakfast now. They darn near trip me when I go to feed them. Laughing out loud

Shock forgot to get them their breakfast! I better get busy. Laughing out loud

Twitter is hilarious right now with the Boehner jokes. Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Crying

Boehner isn't just stepping down as Speaker tho...He's resigning from Congress...hmm?

Wages? We don't need no steenking wages... Black Star Ranch

Could be worse, could have a guy that stuck his wanker in a dead pig's mouth... IJS Crying Laughing out loud

Labor is getting behind Bernie (the rank and file) the Union heads may have a mutiny on their hands if they try and endorse Clinton.

Last year he did it in the afternoon/evening hours after the market closed. No market today, tho...

It's today, I had my days mixed up. Smile