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Surprise fall in US pending home sales. Down -1.1% in June one previous month and -7.3% lower on the year

The last person that said to me: "If you can't trust me who can you trust?" was an FBI informant. #JS Laughing out loud

Laughing out loud I thought about that after I posted it...

If staying in that condo for 3 nights was any indicator, renting still sucks. I forgot what it was like having people above, below and beside me. I like my house. TYVM.

We figure the first good hurricane around here is going to expose a lot of those defects. Wink My husband worked on many of those condos that were built during that time and it wasn't pretty from what he says.

Well, they will have to try and extradite him, so there's that.

Bunny was in playful mode this morning. She came out and hopped around then ran back and got the pinecone. Laughing out loud Her bowls were empty.

Yep, dilbert... Texas open carry activists meet on Grassy Knoll, denounce president

'I don't care how much propaganda Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, that usurper foreigner president, you worry about foreigners comin' over the border we got a foreigner as president! We got a foreigner that was born in Kenya that has an illegal birth certificate as president and you guys are worried about foreigners comin' over the border!'

No, I bribed her with a nila wafer this morning. Laughing out loud

Good morning. Lets take a coffee break Currently Smoking Cannibis Back to normal around here for the most part. I go back to work today. We actually checked out of the condo last night. I couldn't see the point in having to run back out there last night when I had to work this morning. The animals were very happy with that decision. They've been missing us.

Uhm, he's an 85lb Greyhound that stands about 6 ft tall on his hind legs. Laughing out loud Maybe I could put a hat and overcoat on him and make him walk on his hind legs?

Hubby has decided to take the in town job with the company he used to work for. They have a year long job building a school about a mile from our house. The money from the traveling job was nice but not nice enough for all the hours he had to work and the danger involved. We had thought about him doing one more 6 week trip but we don't want him to miss the chance of getting on this job that is starting here.

No, we have no family here at all but the Uncle and he's to the point that he can't really be trusted to not leave doors open etc. We have a few friends we would trust with keys but only one that the dog knows and he is not what you would call reliable. Laughing out loud We're at a high rise condo so no pets allowed or we could have just taken the dog with us.

Well, if it was just the cats and bunny I could just leave extra food and maybe make the trip once a day but with a 14 year old Greyhound that's not possible. He has to be let out at least twice a day.

No, Bunny has been fed. I did run out of carrots, though. :pinecone:

Good morning. Lets take a coffee break Currently Smoking Cannibis Just stopping by the house to tend to the critters. My "vacation" hasn't been very restful. I know hubby had good intentions when he got the condo on the beach for us but of course, he didn't bother to think of the logistics. I have to jump out of bed at 6:30 and drive a half hour back to the house each morning to feed everything and let the dog out. Then I will drive back to the beach for the day and then have to drive back out to the house again this evening to feed and water and walk the dog again. I'm going to be happy to go back to work so I can rest. Sad

Yeah, we're going to try and make the best of it. We still haven't completely decided if he is going to go back out for another 6 week hitch or try and find work here again. He has a job offer from a former employer that just landed a project here. We're going to decide over the next few days.

Laughing out loud Yoringe. She's just too cute. She twitched her little pink nose...

Laughing out loud Well, I was so exhausted last night I forgot her lettuce. My reward was her bowl full of pee this morning. Evil Diva Bunny...

Good morning. Just a drive by post. Hubby made it in last night. We have a busy week planned so I probably won't be around much. He got us a condo on the beach for 4 nights starting tomorrow. Big smile Too bad it's pouring today and supposed to pour again tomorrow. Hopefully we'll get some nicer weather the rest of the week.

Yep, it was an accident. They didn't know it was a passenger jet.

Good morning. Hubby comes home today. Big smile

I mentioned that I had being hearing more stories like this across the bar lately...Seems like it might be a trend. "Rich people vote their self-interest in every single election. Why don’t poor people?"

My husband has a Nokia Lumina Windows phone and he likes it. I stuck with Samsung.

It's almost as though the engine is beginning to ping a bit...

Yeah, they'll be no puppies there. D

It can't be the latter because I've seen guys on dates with goats. Laughing out loud

Conjugal visits or inter-special sex?

I am late to feeding the Diva. I'm sure a pinecone awaits me so I'm going to have my Lets take a coffee break first. I did give her a conjugal visit with Ted Bob the Tuxedo Cat last night. Maybe that will appease her. Laughing out loud

Missouri it is 57K. But the cost of living is so much cheaper here....wait, wut? Laughing out loud

So the average wage for electricians in Floriduh is $37,800.00. Definitely worth dying for. That right to work stuff is teh awesome.


I'm still dying over Santelli losing it. Laughing out loud He summed up his disdain for education and the poor all in one sentence: "ask professors, people you wouldn't even let valet park your car"? Yep, that's a class act right there.

I just watched the Santelli/Liesman video. Laughing out loud New Keyboard I see he is no less loony than he used to be.

If she's pregnant it would have to be by immaculate conception...