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She is great. Her and Maggie the cat are bonding pretty well. They were actually bumping heads and rubbing on each other yesterday until Maggie swatted the Diva. Diva can get a bit rough with her head butts and she surprised the cat by butting her in the belly. Laughing out loud

I don't think Papa John's is going to be alone in this. McDonald's is also in litigation over wage theft and it is a very prevalent thing in the service industry. I have never worked for a place that DID NOT do it. Ever.

In fact, I think we'll probably bring some wood in and light the fireplace today. The high is only going to be in the low 50's and it is damp and windy. Today is going to be a down day for us I am hoping. We've been running since last Saturday when he got laid off to get the house, cars and whatnot serviced and ready for summer before his next call which is going to be next week sometime. We've also been helping our friend get settled in his new house. It was a foreclosure and hasn't been occupied for about 4 years so you can imagine there are going to be issues. So far, all minor stuff. I think we did a good job picking it. The pool is a disaster. I was going to try and work on it for him but I'm thinking he better call a professional service in. It has hair growing on the sides and Laughing out loud We were there the other day and I pulled the cover back and there were minnows swimming in it.

Good morning. Lets take a coffee break Currently Smoking Cannibis It's a very chilly 39 degrees right now with a north wind. Even Diva has no interest in being out of bed yet.

Well, it helped me lose almost 40lbs so it was worth the small sacrifice. Tongue

I cut the sugar out of my Lets take a coffee break about a year and a half ago and that is when I really started losing weight quickly. I added up the sugar calories just from Lets take a coffee break in a week and it was over 2000 calories.

I read that as "scorching hot cakes"...must need moar Lets take a coffee break

I feel for the snowbound. Today was the first bikini day for me this year. We worked on the pool to get it ready for Spring and it was almost hot out there. 75 and Sunny but also humid and windy. Cold front is coming with rain tomorrow though. Sad

Well, I don't see how that is sustainable. Especially when you start adding in insurance, taxes, maintenance etc. That 400K price tag is just the beginning.

I'm watching an argument on twitter that's making my head hurt. Some guy is trying to say that at 70K per year you should be able to afford a 400K house. Sad Facepalm

Hahahaha, I saw that about the bunnies getting stoned last night. Laughing out loud Diva seems to crave nila wafers when she gets stoned.

Good morning. Lets take a coffee break Currently Smoking Cannibis I managed to sleep in until 6AM. Of course, right around the time I get everything trained to eat breakfast later he'll go back to work and we'll be back to 3:30AM. He's done with the shutdown they were doing so he has been home since Saturday. Hopefully, there will be another shutdown in the area so he doesn't have to go out of town but we won't find out until later when he talks with union rep.

I think it's about over here. It is supposed to be mid 70's today and for the next several days. The humidity has jumped as well. I'll probably start working on the garden this week.

Come on down for Spring break! The water is fine... Great White Caught Off Panama City Beach

Also, this reconfirms why I don't swim at the beach. Laughing out loud

I saw that when it was tweeted. Laughing out loud Llamas were the best entertainment on the inet in awhile.

But don't worry! Putin said he is going to oversee the murder investigation personally. Smile

Wasn't "some dude" the opposition leader?

9 dead in Missouri after a guy apparently goes on a multi location shooting spree.

Good morning. Lets take a coffee break Currently Smoking Cannibis The llamas made my day yesterday. I happened to be chilling in an irc chan with several of the more infamous hackers/pranksters of recent years when llamagate broke. I can't recall the last time I laughed that hard. The Snark was like Hoocoodanode on steroids and moonshine. Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Crying

Awww they caught them both finally. OMG that was funny.

Mhm and he has a computer science degree. Stare