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I just filled my car up for $11.00. I had $1.05 off per gallon through my customer rewards deal at the grocery store, though. We're thankful the prices are down with hubby having a two hour round trip for work each day, 7 days a week.

Oh, in Karma news...Suge Knight has been arrested for murder. Shock

My Realtor friend has actually taken over on this offer as the selling agent is being an ass. We did some digging and they don't have a signed contract and it is still listed on Homepath so we put the offer in directly to Homepath so it has to be considered. We bumped our offer up as well. The house is really ideal for what he is looking for and it is basically in my backyard. I could throw a rock and hit the house from my back fence. With he and husband working together and traveling together now, I am taking care of all his animals so it would be very convenient for all involved. He likes to eat at our house so this way he could just walk through the woods and be here. Laughing out loud

I am house hunting for our friend who works with hubby. They are working 7/12's for the next few weeks and he just found out he has to move out of his rental by the end of February. He has a zoo rivaling mine with 6 cats and a pit bull. He wanted me to find him a rental but nobody is going to rent to someone with that many varmints. Being as I am no longer working my new job is babysitting all of his animals and playing secretary for him while they work. He's paying me so it's all good. Big smile

I've been spending a lot of time on zillow and trulia hunting for houses and there are more pre-foreclosure and foreclosures than there are regular homes for sale. It appears they are holding lots of them off market. Some haven't been offered for sale but have been foreclosed for a year or more. Trying to keep prices propped up I would guess.

Grrr did all that work and they already have a contract on it as of yesterday.

So Mittens is not running for POTUS. Bush 3?

Spent the last two hours uploading documents, filling out documents, scanning documents and mailing them. Friend has decided he likes the house that sits behind mine and we sent in the offer earlier. Now we wait...It's a Fannie Mae repo.

This is just too much... Video Released of Police Killing Mentally Ill Teenage Girl in Police Department Lobby | The Free Thought Project

While it is unclear what precipitated the officer initially choosing to engage in the use of physical force, it must be noted that aggression was initiated by the officer and not Coignard during this incident.

The officer can be seen on the footage grabbing her wrist and forcing her into submission on a chair, physically holding her down and restraining her for over 3 minutes.

Coignard can be seen attempting to kick and resist at various points during the manhandling by the much larger cop.

Finally they stand back up, at which point the officer can be seen slamming Coignard to the ground face first, he then climbs on top of her as she lay prostrate.

The officer can then be seen stepping away from Coignard and drawing his weapon.

Another cop then enter the lobby and joins the ongoing situation, at which point Coignard gets up off the ground.

As a third officer enters, Coignard can be seen rushing at the officer that she was involved with in the initial altercation, which ultimately ended in her being shot and killed, with officers claiming she “brandished a weapon.”

I guess that would explain the whole bipolar thingy... Laughing out loud

Yeah, the officer swore there was video of him swinging the club at a stop sign and her patrol car. The video showed nothing of the sort. Lying ass bitch.

Yep, and they lap it up like kittens with warm milk. Interestingly enough, they and kittens have the same IQ.

Christ on a cracker these people are idiots. I'm sure Al Qaeda is quaking in their boots over her soccer mom ass. Facepalm

Things are bad when we are relying on Sebastian for Dooooooooooooooom!!! Laughing out loud

Okay, Master P is trending on twitter...I'm scared to see why... Laughing out loud

His check was for more than what he and I used to make together in a week. Like almost double. Can't wait to see next weeks. Laughing out loud

Hubby's first OT check hit today. Party And this one was just 19 hours of OT. The next one will be 44 hours of OT. Imma get the vapors.

In fact, I warned him that AIG was about to fail back during the crash. I told him to tell his Dad he might want to diversify...quickly. He didn't believe me until about a week later when all hell broke loose. Laughing out loud

His Daddy was an AIG executive for the region here. Laughing out loud Laughing out loud

Yeah, probably not all that lucrative but he is paying me. In fact, I got paid yesterday. Big smile We've been friends for a decade now. Hubby took him under his wing back in apprentice school before he was a trust fund kid. His Dad died recently and he's really not gotten over it. He had a bad spell of partying and generally being self destructive for about a year. He's finally settled down and ready to start thinking about the future. Hubby got him motivated to go back to work and I'm trying to get him to be serious about investing in things that are worthwhile instead of strippers and popping bottles.

Now if only there were a never ending supply of trust fund kids that needs a mama bear to guide them. Laughing out loud

Laughing out loud I'm actually kinda good at this. Who knew?

So far, this is the one I'm leaning towards. Single Family Homes For Sale - 3 Homes - Zillow

It's not too far from us and is really cute. It's 4/4 with almost 2300 sq/ft. Parking is very weird though. No driveway in front at all. It has a small dirt road that runs behind the property that leads to small driveway and what looks to be a 2 car garage in that back that you park in.

He can definitely afford that much but under the circumstances I'm not sure it's the best fit for him right now. He is either working massive hours or traveling so he's not excited about the prospect of renting the trailers out and having strangers on his property while he's away. The land alone is enough of an investment for that price but I really need to see the inside. He needs move in ready because we are very time constrained. He has to be out of his rental by Feb 28.

No, LL is on South Florida not near me. I would love to have her along! My Realtor friend I've known for 10 years now. She's a damn yankee as well and hails from upstate NY originally. She is like my surrogate Mom. And old, mean Italian lady. Laughing out loud

Good morning. Lets take a coffee break Currently Smoking Cannibis My Realtor friend and I are going to check out the inside of some of the houses that I picked out yesterday. I think I drove everywhere yesterday. I found a neat investment property for 150K that is about 3 miles from me. It is on the dead end street where I found my dog when he escaped a few years ago for 4 days. I still can't believe he made it that far and crossed the main hwy to get there he was so lost. Sad It was a miracle I found him. The house has 3.6 acres with 5/3 and three rental trailers on the property as well as a MIL apt. It's on high ground and in an area that is being developed all around. All for 150K.

Real Estate & Homes For Sale - 14 Homes - Zillow

He has lots of eggs. His trust is in the triple digits but he only has access to a certain amount at a time.

And why pay a mortgage when you have cash?

No, not the bank but mandatory insurance on mortgaged property and they do ask about dogs. They tried to not insure me over my Greyhound. I told them the most dangerous thing about my dog is someone could trip over his sleeping ass. Laughing out loud

That thought flickered through my mind, lawyerliz. He is an animal lover and rescuer as well. We could start a rescue there. Ah, dreams...

Yeah, my orders are at least 2 bedroom with 1 and half baths, fenced yard 100K to spend.

No, lawyerliz, we're finding a house for husband's friend/work partner to buy. His landlord just gave him notice he has until the end of February to move out (he's selling) and friend has a pit bull and six cats so renting is damn near impossible. Having a mortgage is hard as well because pit bull and insurance. Soooo, I'm in charge of purchasing him a house. Tired

Indeed, I will need it. We're kind of like his adopted parents. He wanted me to find him a place to rent for 900 a month or so but I told him that was going to be next to impossible (rents are high compared to purchase) and he has a pit bull. Nobody is going to rent to him. For 900 a month he can own a nice house and not worry about it.

Actually, we are looking over here in Highland Park, Cedar Grove area. Our neighborhood is quiet, established AND I have to go there every day sometimes twice a day to care for his animals while he works/travels. He was living in St. Andrews area of PC but he's had attempted break ins on more than one occasion over there.

Curious, not really well done. He's a trust fund kid. His Dad died a little over a year ago (AIG exec).

While searching for his house I have found my dream home. It's only about a mile from me and I never knew it was there. It's at the edge of civilization and has 65 acres and is a horse farm complete with white fences, barns and a pool. Only 750K! Love