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Actually it's bigger than that. 6.60 x 3.46 x 0.31 Hubby has the windows phone phablet by Nokia and he loves it as well.

Ah, still small. My screen is 6.3" Tongue

Yep, Outsider. Lots of people in my age bracket and older saw my phone and left iphones behind because they could actually read my screen.

What size are the 6's? I have a Samsung Mega and it's very large but I mostly use my phone for inet and text so it's perfect for me.

Ackkkkkk, that song is an earworm. It's been in my damn head for days and I just got it out...GRrrrrrrr penguin.

Always remember... UGK - One Day U Here - YouTube

Thinking of our friends that have passed...

We walked on the beach today. We drove to the far West end of PCB had a nice lunch and then walked on the non tourist infested beaches of late September. The weather was divine. A light breeze with low(er) humidity and highs around 85. The water was crystal clear so you could see it change from bright emerald green to the deeper aquamarine as you get past the sand bars. Truly stunning beauty...We sat and watched a little shore bird feeding along the surf... #thingsthatmatter

I know quite a few of them. Terrifying...

I bet Leno wouldn't have retired. Laughing out loud

How awesome would her Vice Presidency have been? Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Crying

Bunny actually came to greet me this morning when I brought her breakfast. Perhaps my reward for feeding her earlier than normal. Laughing out loud

I think he meant at least the smoke would smell better if weed was burning. Although it might make the firefighters happier while they worked. Smile

Because they're doing God's work...geez.

So the Diva's new thing is she takes her bowl in her teeth and rakes it across the bars on her crate if I don't bring breakfast in a timely manner. Something akin to prisoners clanging their tin cups against the bars...It's loud as can be. I thought someone was trying to break in the other morning until I figured out it was her. Laughing out loud

Yay! It's Talk Like a Pirate Day! Argggg I wonder if Ken will be working his magic again this year?

"Highest since 2005"... Stuff happened right after that last time...

Good grief the stupid is strong in this one... Jesus Hates Gays, Loves Bacon...Apparently

"You want one single item of proof that America is a Christian nation and not a Jewish nation and not an Islamic nation?" he asked. "One single bit of proof is all you need: we freely allow restaurants and grocery stores to sell and to serve bacon. That can only happen in a Christian country."
"So the sheer fact that we freely allow the sale and consumption of bacon," he continued, "is absolute proof that we are, in fact, a Christian nation"

Plutocrat Predicts: The Pitchforks Are Coming

You show me a highly unequal society and I will show you a police state or an uprising. The pitchforks will come for us if we do not address this. It's not a matter of "if". It's a matter of "when".

Bunny is a happy bunny. She got some arugula the other day and really enjoyed it. Which reminds me, I better get to feeding her before I get the pinecone.

Meh, I am soon to be 48 and still have a line of under 40's including a 25 year old that are trying their best to get a date with me Laughing out loud

So I was sitting down to the computer and I heard a clanging noise. It was the Diva throwing her empty bowl out of the crate I keep her food bowls in. Laughing out loud I had forgot to get her breakfast.

Laughing out loud Bunny is doing well. I'm hoping the weather will cool off some so I can take her out in the yard on her harnass.

So POTUS will be the 4th consecutive President to bomb Iraq...

The Associated Press ‏@AP 4m
Applications for unemployment aid up 11,000 to a seasonally adjusted 315,000, the most since late June: Applications for US unemployment rise to 315K

Judge: Pistorius can't be found guilty of murder

While the judge did not announce any formal verdicts she indicated Pistorius would not be convicted on premeditated murder or a lesser murder charge, but that may be vulnerable to being convicted of culpable homicide, or in other words a negligent killing.

That normally carries a five-year jail sentence in South Africa, but it can be changed by a judge depending on the specific circumstances of the killing.

So to recap, punching your fiance in the face is way worse than filling her full of bullets....Or, it's way better being a sports star in SA.

So Pistorious is not guilty of murder...mmkay.

I am truly evil. She only got Romaine and fresh blueberries for breakfast. Laughing out loud I did avoid the pinecone and she hasn't bitten me again. I haven't picked her up since then either, though.

The Air Force has basically been infiltrated and infested with Dominionists. Do a quick google search on the subject.

Here's a crazy idea- Eat in moderation. I eat everything but I try to be sure and eat a little protein, vegetables, fat, dairy and yes carbs. If I eat something that's heavy on carbs I try to do so early in the day so they can be burned. Also, exercise. Even if you just go take a walk. It works.