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Yeah, so if I'm a bartender and my religion says I can't touch alcohol that shouldn't be a problem, then? Right, Bobby? #Idiot

But only because American "entrepreneurs" hire them. A wall is not necessary. Fine employers 50K per undocumented worker. Problem solved. And it makes money instead of spending money.

Bill Gross is trending on twitter. This can't be good...

Check his positions. He's basically Bush...

Lieberman is very hateable. He's done in politics.

Diva and Loki are very happy together. He is a horrible trouble maker and gets into everything. He climbed on top of their crate that is in their room where I keep their bedding then climbed up on the dresser to chew through the bottom of the bag of rabbit chow. Evil little creature.

Yup. It's outrageous. Did you see the video of the latest police shooting of an unarmed man? Dude had his hands up...They really are out of control.

Oh, that sounds good, BarleyReturns. Send some to go with my Wheres MY pony? jerky that poic is sending! Smile

We haven't had any. I think they are heading this way now.

Now I want lobster mac and cheese. I made some awhile back that was really tasty. It's hard to go wrong with that combination, though.

Thanks, poicv2.0 thatlls come in uhm...handy?

Shipping Wheres MY pony?s is hard. Just send money, ktnxbai. Smile

Oh, and crispy is back as well? Yeah, we're all Dooooooooooooooom!!!ed Laughing out loud

The fundamentals are fine...or something...

Laughing out loud I was actually referring to that old saying that if you remembered the 60's you weren't there.

You remember the 70s? I have trouble with the 80's and early 90's. Laughing out loud

Malaysia bans the color yellow

There is one other twist to this story that most American news media coverage fails to mention. Which corrupt bank do you think helped Mr. Najib launder so much money?
I'll give you a hint: It's the bank you would most associate with political corruption - Goldman Sachs.

I've seen 3 Bernie bumper stickers in 3 days. I was pretty shocked considering this area is deep red. Smile

I always thought of you more as an ampersand.

The track is putting her in the Gulf with a Florida landfall. They are thinking it is going to fall apart to a tropical wave and be only a TS when it does hit but watching her.

Meh, when which hand Greenspan was carrying his briefcase in could move markets I kinda got jaded.

Uhm, maybe they became goths because they were depressed?

If I were him I'd self immolate in protest!

Women generally do not need a dating site to get laid. IJS. I can go to the club any night of the week and get lucky if I so choose. Unless you are hideously ugly drunk dudes are gonna bite...

Give me my damn tuna! Laughing out loud Good morning. Lets take a coffee break Currently Smoking Cannibis

Shooter on Mississippi State campus has been apprehended.

Oh wait, now it is working like it used to. What in the actual...Microsoft and Google I hate you.

Good morning. Lets take a coffee break Currently Smoking Cannibis Has anyone had issues with Chrome after an update? The new version is a giant, epic fail of fuckery.

Two reporters were shot dead on live TV in Roanoke this morning. Sad

Yeah, Barley. It's looking like Florida is probably going to get it. But, Florida is a big state and they don't know where yet or how big. I will, lawyerliz. I have 14K gallons of water in the pool as well Wink

I was wondering how that was the other day when the VIX was going all buggy. Figured.

I have all these animals to try and evacuate with. Sad And a Ford Focus.

Nope, lawyerliz. Hoping it stays on the East coast and outta the Gulf. And I'll be here by myself. Fingers crossed.

Florida hasn't had a cane since I moved here. Ten years. Laughing out loud