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The "founders" fought over money with the British parliament, ppl. And real estate. Get a grip.

@ "paying over full price"

ahh, yes. This method is a foundational imperative of the double-counting value system that distinguishes the US from all other transparent, corrupt governments.

the Cubans of old

They were backed up for 70 years by US Marine diplomacy, formalized by a rent-to-own agreement, Guantanamo, which los Castros can't seem to dissolve.

By contrast, the PRC killed the Hong Kong contract at its earliest convenience.

"First World" problems: Fifth Wave

The gap grows as women move through their careers largely because women are more likely than men to take time off to raise a family. (The gap shrinks after the prime child-rearing years.) But the penalty for taking time off to raise kids is much larger in some industries than in others.

How The Gender Pay Gap Has Changed (And How It Hasn't)

As some companies add egg freezing to their list of fertility benefits, they're touting the coverage as a family-friendly perk.
News stories about company-paid egg freezing for female employees have focused on whether the benefit truly gives women and men more options for balancing work and family life or instead sends a message that they're expected to put off having a family if they want to get ahead on the job. But career advancement isn't the main concern for some women who, because of illness or age, are worried that time is running out for them to have children.
Divorced in her mid-30s, she froze her eggs three years ago, paying for the $12,000 egg retrieval procedure with personal savings and help from her parents. Adams pays $300 annually to store her eggs, and she's pondering becoming a single mother.

Few Employers Cover [oocyte cryopreservation] For Women With Cancer [?!]


PS. Perhaps the first US ambassador to Cuba will be able to persuade Raul to publish an apology.

SCOTT: Malter, a pre-school teacher, has other plans for her money.
MALTER: Not christmas presents. Save it for traveling probably. I'll be taking out money to pay [unintelligible] only.
SCOTT: Cab driver Whalen Hocks guesses he's pocketing a thousand more dollars a month. So what are you doing with the extra money?
HOCKS: Heh. Saving it. [LAUGHTER] It's not going to stay this way.
SCOTT: That suspicion is one reason banks analyst Greg McBride isn't expecting a big rush of consumer spending.

Lower gas prices, but spending stuck in neutral LISTEN

SAK development manager Juha Antila said that the current situation is the same as when Finnish exports contracted deeply during the recession of the 1990s.

“The quality of new jobs is inferior to the jobs that have disappeared. Many posts offer lower salaries and less attractive terms and conditions of work. For example in cases where workers accept part-time work against their will or have to endure call-outs,” he explained.

Union: Finnish employees getting poorer as job quality declines

:: visual aid Pigged

"Soon no one will want to pay full [SIC; s/b "Newegg list"] price for anything, according to Turku School of Economics professor Heli Marjanen, who heads the master's programme in retailing and services at the university. "
Market research professor: Continual shop markdowns reveal panic
That's new Snark

o, dear.

The system allows Keva employees to borrow money for home purchases at the 6-month Euribor rate, which is currently 0.18 percent. Generally in Finland banks add a margin to variable-rate home loans, and the average margins currently attached to home loans by lenders are around 1-1.5 percent.

The money lent to Keva employees came out of the funds that are earmarked to be invested to pay for pensions in the future. Keva's other investments drew a return of 4.7 percent last year, making the mortgages an exceptionally bad buy.

Municipal pension fund "could abandon mortgage perks"

DupB - - creativity study No. 18,023

IBT is not the sharpest editorial organization on the planet; this is understood.

It's thought that more than 90% of these transactions ["59.3% of Belorus imports"] are denominated in Russia ruble

to be paid with USD or EURO. So. "Collapsing" Russian foreign reserves get a reprieve that may look to English-readers like (unexpected) dishonor among thieves.

China Energy News [print only ?], a state-run newspaper, cited a policymaker Monday as saying that China will complete the construction of approved coal-to-natural-gas plants but will not approve new projects until 2020, aiming to keep its coal-based synthetic natural gas production capacity to 15 billion cubic meters at the end of the decade.

To Curb Climate Change, China Slows Coal to Gas

Mr Dogbert! The science is settled. There is only one possible genetic explanation for going off the rails.

Sally Ride is an American hero. Who DARES trivialize the grief of a nation?

Also, given the fact that NASA engineers once asked Sally Ride if 100 tampons would be enough to get her through seven days in space, none of the dialogue in the video seems that implausible.

If tampon commercials were made by clueless men | Death and Taxes 

faux outrage

beeeewwwwbs Pigged < wipes tears >

JP wrote:

Wow. New low Mary.

Yep, one nasty piece of work is Mary.

josap wrote on Tue, 12/16/2014 - 4:03 pm

a propos military-grade PCR kits

More than two million people in the U.S. develop drug-resistant infections each year and at least 23,000 of them die as a result.
New innovations in engineering are allowing scientists to speed up that diagnostic process by sidestepping the need to watch for bacterial division altogether. A novel approach involves observing how the structure of individual bacterial cells changes in response to such antibiotic exposure, and only takes three to four hours.

A Faster Way to Diagnose Antibiotic Resistance
civilian casual PPE

The U.S. Agency for International Development has just staged an Ebola Grand Challenge to come up with a new suit that doesn't cost much more than the current one (which runs about $12-$17). The winning design came from a team of more than 80 researchers and students at Johns Hopkins, beating out 1,500 other entries.

Dreaming Up A Safer, Cooler PPE For Ebola Fighters
CFR 37%. Now you don't need a pdf reader!
Ebola response roadmap - Situation report | 17 December 2014 |
NB. GAR Newsletter got a splashy design over the past month! More features! More interactive mapping!!
Ebola virus disease

And let me be the FURST and ONLY one to point out, Sally Ride is dead. Linking to a story about tampons is a new low of politeness.

a/o 17 Dec

USD:JPY, 1:119.35
USD:RUB, 1:59.2495

That's good, right? < wipes tears > for exporters.

metric tonnes
Russia 1,169.5
"The currency's collapse combined with more than a 40 percent tumble in oil prices this year is robbing Russia of the hard currency it needs in the face of sanctions [T0 BALANCE THE BUDGET!!1!] imposed after President Vladimir Putin's annexation [SIC] of Crimea."
Traders Betting Russia's Next Move Will Be to Sell Gold a/o 17 Dec
Russia 1,149.8 (± 92.8)
in Russia goes on decade's biggest gold buying spree a/o 14 Nov
< wipes tears >

The company plans to hand itself over to Icahn, but only if he gets substantial tax breaks.


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Global Rank 21,525,719

As pp 1-12 alone is the table of contents, I suppose the interested parties need moar time to read the final rule and conform with it.

Section 13 of the BHC Act generally prohibits banking entities from engaging as principal in proprietary trading for the purpose o f selling financial instruments in the near term or otherwise with the intent to resell in order to profit from short - term price movements. 4 Section 13(d)(1) expressly exempts from this prohibition , subject to conditions, certain activities, including...

SEC, Prohibitions and Restrictions on Proprietary Trading and Certain Interests In, and Relationships With, Hedge Funds and Private Equity Funds a/k/a "Volker Rule", pp 1089

The Latvia Treatment prep

The agreement, signed November 8, 2012, replacing a previous one signed in 1982 with the Soviet Union, protected the wealthiest part of the country’s population, as it provided an exemption of the sale of property via offshore companies from taxation both in Cyprus and in Ukraine, Interfax-Ukrain reported on its website citing the Ukrainian prime minister said.

Ukraine to denounce double tax treaty with Cyprus, Interfax-Ukraine says (Update 1)
with a soupçon of populist indignation

Those to be indicted are former CEO Andreas Eliades, his successor Yiannis Kypri, former board chairman Theodoros Aristodemou, former vice chairman Andreas Artemi, and former first deputy CEO Yiannis Pehlivanidis, in charge of the [POPULAR BANK OF CYPRUS] bank’s Greek operations.

The bank as a legal entity is also part of the indictment.

Although the charges have yet to be revealed, citing its sources CNA said these would relate to market manipulation, false and misleading information relating to the bank’s capital adequacy, as well as conspiracy to mislead the public.

Charges against former BoC officials before end of year

The companies probed are ExxonMobil Cyprus Ltd, Hellenic Petroleum Cyprus Ltd, Petrolina Holdings Public Ltd and Lukoil Cyprus Ltd, the commission said in a statement on its website today adding that the committee forwarded to the fuel companies a report containing the allegations.

The commission said it is investigating harmonised ["PRICE-FIXING"] retail pricing policies by the four companies in the sale of unleaded petrol 95, unleaded petrol 98 and low sulphur diesel, “which resulted in the obstruction or distortion of competition”.

Competition authority to probe four fuel importing companies

:: Pigged
Latvia Advises: Use Your Heads and Do Not Listen To Nobel Laureates
We're not another Cyprus, Latvia says
Repeat After Me, Cyprus Is (Was) Not a Tax Haven
"'Currency controls mean that the Euro inside Cyprus now is a very different currency than it is outside, because you [?] can't get it out of the country,' Ann Pettifor, director of Prime Economics, told Al Jazeera. 

The cost of that plan turned out to be enormous, requiring an 11.5% payroll tax on all Vermont businesses and a public premium assessment of up to 9.5% of individual Vermonters’ income. Further, the phase-in for smaller businesses and those that do not currently offer insurance would add an additional $500 million to the system. These are tax rates that I cannot responsibly support or urge the Legislature to pass. In my judgment, the potential economic disruption and risks would be too great to small businesses, working families and the state’s economy.

Now is not the time to move to a publicly-financed health care system in Vermont in
Vermont Democrats Go South On Single Payer

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We will pay for "out of pocket." Or we will pay tax. Or we will "pay" currency inflation.
Y'all should read it some time, model "Medicare for All."
H.R. 676

that elusive freedom that everyone seems to want

Some people recognize their responsibilities for and responsibilities to others. Some don't, which is not to say such people will not be found indeed responsible for their actions by others.

Nadie es libre.

Courthouse News continues (cautiously) to build an international portfolio.

The case stems from two disputes being heard by French courts, where a lender sought immediate payment from borrowers who were in default. But the bank could not produce either the standard EU credit application or documentation that it had fulfilled its legal duty to inform - only a signature that the borrower acknowledged having received the information.

EU Slams Banks Over Shoddy Loan Approvals

Like you care.

We’ve blogged about some of the prior litigation in this arena, including lawsuits against clothing retailer Urban Outfitters and Apple, which you can read about here. These suits were fueled, at least in part, by the Ninth Circuit’s 2013 decision in Busk v. Integrity Staffing Solutions, Inc., Case No. 11-16882 (9th Cir. 2013), in which the court addressed claims by a putative class of workers employed at a warehouse used to ship products for

Unanimous Supreme Court Finds Security Screening Time NOT Compensable 9 Dec

Public Act 98-0641, proposed by Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel and signed into law by Gov. Pat Quinn

Super-max security "enemy combatant" hotel developer.

earlier this year, reduces the amount of automatic annuity increases for both current and retired employees' pensions - and raises the amounts current employees contribute to the fund.

City Workers Fight Chicago Pension Reforms

o, yeah. "Going out of business."

keywords: housing, real estate, mortgage?

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re: prices, pricing structure, price marketing

The "'list' price is the highest price the product has ever been listed for, regardless of when that price was advertised, or is a simply a work of fiction.

Newegg Faces Class Action Over Pricing

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using VC money to subsidize prices to a level below cost
"These are the spontaneous emotions that play a central role in capitalism, despite the persistent myth that “rational self-interest” is at the core of our economic life."
The Confidence Economy: An Interview with T. J. Jackson Lears
Class Claims Blue Shield Knew It Overcharged
Laidlaw vs. Organ

"We have no security clearance for Argentina," he noted.

McGill conceded "that may be true," but said "it is simply not true that assets defined as military are not executable."

An Argentinean tank, for example, "could be a museum piece," he said.

Argentina's lawyer Blackman said that the federal rules of discovery do not permit the hedge funds' demand for military information, nor do the Vienna Conventions allow for the consular probe.

'Vultures' Wage 2nd Circuit Lawfare With Argentina

:: mental-disorder Pigged discovery
" 'Look, the bonds that are covered isn't some indefinite concept,' a frustrated Imhotep told the packed courtroom in Federal Court. 'It's not all particular bonds.' "

They [online discounters] were using VC money to subsidize prices to a level below cost, in a campaign to drive out competition.

  1. Sale of equity shares by owners of an enterprise to unintereste parties is not a subsidy.
  2. Price of production (cost) and sale price (revenue) are two different values borne by two different market participants.
  3. Both types of commercial businesses, in your example, are market entrants. They "raise capital" from venture capitalists and lenders in order (a) acquire customers and (b) produce some good or service for sale. Both activities are expenses.
  4. b: A new business owner will use proceeds from sale of equity in the business or proceeds from borrowing in lieu of revenue to form "working capital".
  5. a: Market entrants to an established industry have few competitive options. One of these is known, ironically, as the loss leader strategy; that is (b), to discount the cost of production recoverable through sales (to uninterested parties, buyers) by the amount of income collected through financial instruments. Loss leader price competition is the oldest play in the book. But financing is not a subsidy of a borrower; sale of equity is not a subsidy of a shareholder.

It is my understanding, many HCN correspondents believe all transactions to be classified (a) subsidy or (b) tax. This misconception leads to cascading errors in analytical reasoning about micro- and macroeconomic goals, decided by people.

""If the people wish to be deceived, deceive them." (1687)

JACKSON LEARS (JL): I think that’s right. Actually, I’d been thinking that I’d write about confidence games in American history, but I didn’t want it to be just the tabloid version about rogues and scoundrels, even if they’re fascinating and fun. The broader uses of confidence in American culture are more interesting to me, as are what Keynes called “animal spirits.” These are the spontaneous emotions that play a central role in capitalism, despite the persistent myth that “rational self-interest” is at the core of our economic life.
BC: The particular cast to confidence and deception, your history of advertising shows, is one tied up in economic markets and financial transactions. It deals with those charlatans and hucksters of the Gilded Age, the cagey, conniving street peddlers of what we’d rather think was a premodern world. How much cultural basis for the confidence game is universal and timeless? How much is it American?
JL: When that vision was formed, yes; but it isn’t until the late 1930s, when a bargain is struck between capital and labor, that the vision is realized. The big unions finally get recognized and management says, OK, you get an eight-hour day, steady work, steadily rising wages—just don’t question any of our shop floor practices. We’ll Taylorize Pigged your work and jerk you around for eight hours on the job, but the rest of the time we’ll pay you enough money. You can buy a house, you can buy a boat, take it to the lake, buy a refrigerator, buy a washing machine. This bargain comes into being, and by the 1950s, you have, in effect, a fulfillment of the longings of the 1930s, longings for acceptance into a transcendent community.

The Confidence Economy: An Interview with T. J. Jackson Lears

:: Laidlaw vs. Organ Pigged 1817

Continuing resolutions
Congress quietly ends federal government's ban on medical marijuana

Congress has the power to restrict city spending, and the rider bars any spending by the District of Columbia to legalize marijuana under the referendum.

The amendment does not affect a District of Columbia law with one of the lightest U.S. penalties for pot possession. A decriminalization measure that went into effect in July imposes a $25 civil fine for possession of up to an ounce (28 grams) of marijuana. [...] The spending bill continues a rider to restrict abortion spending in the heavily Democratic city. A rider had been used for 11 years to keep Washington from implementing a voter-backed measure allowing medical marijuana.

U.S. spending bill bans funds to legalize marijuana in Washington, DC
So sue

Congresswoman Eleanor Norton, DC's nonvoting delegate to the House of Representatives, backed the idea in a recent statement. "DC's Initiative 71, it can be argued, was enacted when it was approved overwhelmingly by voters in November and was self-executing – i.e., it did not require enactment of any rules for its implementation," she said. "Therefore, it can be argued that the legalization of small amounts of marijuana can proceed."

Could DC ignore Congress's ban on marijuana legalization?

One side of the story

When asked what she was doing in Ferguson--which is about 30 miles north of her home--McElroy explained that she was planning to “pop in” on a former high school classmate she had not seen in 26 years.

"Witness 40": Exposing A Fraud In Ferguson
Hag Watch Int'l. Presents | Fiona Hill senior fellow and director, Center on the US and Europe at Brookings Institution

REHMS: Fiona?
HILL: Yes, I think, um, what we're hearing from Edward [Lozansky President, American University in Moscow] here is very important for the people to take on board who are listening to this show. We have a very different narrative [than] in, um, Russia, which is why I was pushing out the question to him, than we obviously have in the United States. I mean, inspite of the perceptions and beliefs over in Moscow, clearly, as we all know living here, Russia does not dominate the headlines, and Putin is certainly not the number one demon, um, when it comes to thinking about international affairs. There's a lot of focus in the United States on EYE-SIS, the war on terrorism, and obviously in Syria, what's going in the middle east. So many other things are on the agenda here.

What Falling Oil Prices And New U.S. Sanctions Mean For Russia

:: CLINTON/NULAND 2024. Fuck the EU Pigged

sociopaths teaching sociopaths manners | ewwwwww

KUHN: Yeah, I think when you provoke the my mom is a sexual being or my sister's a sexual being, those are stepping over some lines that I don't think a son or brother might think about too often.

WISEMAN: You know, I think one of the things we need to say is, well, if you're a guy walking into a party, you don't want to think about your mother or sister like that. You're not thinking about those girls like that. And the other part is that as much as there are people who have strong relationships with their mothers and their sisters, there are a lot of guys who don't and don't empathize with that.

How To Talk To Boys About Sex And Consent

:: Pigged
"More Lawlervision....yawn...where's that reality show with the nekked broads in survival mode? Big smile"

Like you care.

Speaking with reporters, the deputy minister also referred to efforts to privatize the natural gas transmission network operator (DESFA Pigged ). He said that there are ongoing negotiations between Azerbaijan and the European Commission’s competition authorities concerning the completion of the agreement for the transfer of the DESFA stake to Azeri state firm Socar. Among the scenarios under examination is the transfer of a number of shares to a third European company immediately after the sale of the 66 percent stake to Socar.

Kathimerini understands that the talks concern a 17 percent stake – or about a quarter of the 66 percent stake to be sold to Socar – that will be sold on to Belgium’s Fluxys, which is a partner of Socar in the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP Pigged ). Papageorgiou said in his speech that the cancellation of the South Stream pipeline has upgraded TAP’s importance.

Global gas price decline to bring local rate reduction of 20 pct

KEAO handles outstanding debts once they have exceeded 5,000 euros per individual or business from the country's four largest insurance funds (IKA, OAEEE, OGA and ETAA). From the total of 13.5 billion euros, 10.3 billion relate to outstanding payments and the remaining 3.2 billion euros relate to fines.

Debts to Greek social security funds swell to 13.5 bln euros
EURO:RUB, 1:87.1657 a/o 16 Dec

:: GREXIT Pigged any day now

m'k. Tomorrow count how many times how many HCN correspondent invoke "we" and "organ" to establish the authority of his or her opinion.

"ACA" non sequitur

Lead plaintiff David Hoffman on Friday sued California Physician's Service dba Blue Shield of California, in Superior Court.[...] Hoffman claims that Blue Shield learned of the computer problem shortly after it occurred - that members who had satisfied their prescription-drug deductible would be overcharged, and that it would take weeks to repair the problem.
As a result of the error, Hoffman says he paid $245.82 for Nexium in October instead of $70, and paid $320 for Celebrex in October instead of $70.

Class Claims Blue Shield Knew It Overcharged
Suing Zillow
"Los Angeles firm Geragos & Geragos, which has also lobbed wage and hour, retaliation and sexual harassment claims against the company, filed the latest lawsuit Monday in the Central District of California."
In New Geragos Suit, Ex-Workers Accuse Zillow of Race Discrimination
"The charges are just the latest in a rash of lawsuits over alleged sexism and discrimination in the mostly male technology industry."
Zillow facing sexual harassment suit