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o, yes. The ice fishing on Gitchegumee in March --not so much November-- is superb.

The UP?
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People who know, know it as "Upper Michigan".
Lever them lines, boys!

hmm. That didn't take long.

As European leaders struggle to figure out how to handle this flow of new arrivals, the words "migrants" and "refugees" are often used interchangeably. However, these terms are very different.

< pick teeth > did y'all say migrants?

those who may be "fleeing some very telling situations of poverty [E.G "climate change, famine"; didn' somone say, DROUGHT?] , but who do not have a claim for international protection under the Refugee Convention and the other 'instruments,' as they’re called, for protecting people and not sending them back to their home countries."

Migrants vs. refugees, in economic terms LISTEN
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"Have you heard any objection to differentiating refugees and migrants? I have."

Of the 14.4 million refugees of concern to UNHCR around the world, less than one per cent is submitted for resettlement.
In 2014, UNHCR submitted the files of some 103,890 refugees for consideration by resettlement countries. By nationality, the main beneficiaries of UNHCR-facilitated resettlement programmes were refugees from Syrian Arab Republic (21,154), The Democratic Republic of the Congo (18,828), Myanmar (15,170) and Iraq (11,778).


In the same year, over 73,000 individuals departed to resettlement countries with UNHCR's assistance. The largest number of resettled refugees left from Malaysia (10,976), followed by Turkey (8,944), Nepal (8,582), Thailand (7,170), Lebanon (6,285) and Kenya (4,913).


Total Refugee Admissions in FY 2013 and FY 2014 (US DoS)
69,925, 69,500, respectively

* According to ORR, the states that have received the most refugees since FY 2007 are California (25,716), Michigan (18,047), Texas (12,956) and Arizona (7,447).

* In FY 2014, new refugee arrivals went to 46 U.S. states. Top recipient states in FY 2014 were California (3,068), Michigan (2,753), Texas (2,462), Illinois (1,064) and Arizona (973).

American Immigration Council (Don't ya love how this outfit sticks with "BURMA! dammit")
UNHCR Fact Sheet, applications and departures, 2014, US Chapter

United States of America
65,505 Submissions
48,911 Departures
15,032 Submissions
7,233 Departures
4,773 Submissions
6,162 Departures

UNHCER Resettlement Fact Sheet 2014

"FTA: Out of every 1,000 resettled U.N. refugees, more than 700 come to America. "
"Damn straight! ... 'This means that Harris County alone welcomes about 30 of every 1,000 refugees that the U.N. resettles anywhere in the world — more than any other American city, and more than most other nations. If Houston were a country, it would rank fourth in the world for refugee resettlement.'"

Heard on the Street 1 Sep 2015
Service Career: What a hoot!
"Yes. But it's a business."
Medical Marijuana -- Weeding Through the Regulations LISTEN

Bovary Edition
"And if your child is anywhere near a Starbucks, we're talking about $120 a month for venti skim lattes and caramel macchiatos."
Back To School? Back To The Piggy Bank LISTEN

m'k. I'll bite. Back.

The Bad News

The users were tested at least 12 hours after last using cannabis so that intoxication was minimized. By matching the groups and also controlling for differences in terms of disease course and duration, age, gender, education and other factors, the cannabis users were found to perform significantly worse on measures of information processing speed, working memory, executive functions and other cognitive functions, and were twice as likely as nonusers to be considered “cognitively impaired.”

MS Marijuana 
Incontrovertible and Impressive findings.har. Guaranteed savings > $25K compared to conventional trial remedies for spasticity and INCONTINENCE. (Offer does not include bi-annual MMRI prayer vigil, MSRP $2611 ea.)

The Good News
Every new subscription of POIC LLP Loss Diversification Newsletter includes an free-standing insert (15% OFF value at participating dispensaries NATIONWIDE) with the first issue, "Helpful Hints for Your Doctor PLUS restless leg syndrome, razor burn, premature balding, and broken heart."

Why, yes, "moral turpitude" is a prerequisite of many types of "contracts," such as lawful permission to enter the USA. The common denominator of "breach" however for which you should have searched is the definition of tort.

Case study: Trump v. Celebrity Chef José
Tort: default
Plea: Plaintiff seeks restitution of defendant's obligation
Tort: defamation
Plea: Defendants seeks relief from plaintiff's breach of contract

The Trump Organization sued chef José Andrés’s in District Court late Friday for $10 million, citing damages and lost rent from the cook’s pullout of the Trump International Hotel project in D.C.
Andrés, who became an American citizen in 2013, wants to do just that ["walk away" after 10-days of excruciating deliberations with a phallanx of attys and invective hurled at him by DMV lation activists], claiming that he could no longer work with a man who accused Mexican immigrants of being criminals and rapists when he announced his bid for the presidency in June.

Andres’ team said in a statement that the comments made participation “impossible.”
Andrés, who has restaurants nationwide and has appeared on “Iron Chef America,” isn’t the only kitchen star to pull out of the project. Food Network chef Geoffrey Zakarian also ditched the project last month, forfeiting his $500,000 deposit.

@ "I'd love to know how you prove 'moral turpitude' in a court of law beyond a shadow of a doubt."

You don't. A contractual breach establishes no cause of action in criminal court. And the burden of proof in civil disputes, tort law, is not "reasonable doubt."

What is the plaintiff's burden?

Ima tell you how far up and down the curve --there is but one curve-- of ethical moral turpitude citizen united bribes-- HCN correspondents ride every day.

he would remain free at least until a decision is reached, likely by June 2016. [...] Mr. McDonnell has maintained that he did nothing wrong in accepting gifts from Mr. Williams, asserting that he neither promised nor exercised official powers in exchange. He repeatedly has argued that prosecutors overreached, effectively criminalizing the way powerful people typically interact.

alrighty then.

Last week, Mr. McDonnell asked the Supreme Court to delay his imprisonment while the Supreme Court weighs whether to hear the case.

Nope. Last week his people notified the press, his attys had appealed in correspondence to Justice Roberts, personally, to persuade his colleagues to consider a writ, forthcoming.

Mr. McDonnell argued that should he ultimately prevail, he would already have served much of his sentence before the decision came from the high court.

Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell to Remain Free During Supreme Court Appeal

Is Bob serving time yet?

Although the court did not specify a date that Bob McDonnell will have to report to prison, the decision means that he probably will be incarcerated within the next several weeks.

Va. ex-gov must report to prison, court says 20 Aug

Slippery slope
(0 , 0 ), (0 , 0 )

And did you wonder why everything the U.S. has tried to do diplomatically for the past several years has gone all kablooey?

Why, no, I don't wonder. Everything I've read, that is public knowledge, about State Dept. projects during the prior four administrations, certainly demonstrates, none of these activities were "diplomatic" efforts to reconcile US NATIONAL INTERESTS with any other states'.


@ "i'm no fan of the dims but they let jesse jackson debate:"

I don't know where you were in '88 --so that now you think the Democratic Party did Jesse Jackson a fucking favor with an invitation to "debate"-- but I'm pretty certain you were not following DNC proceedings, multiple convention ballots, to boost Dukakis nomination to party candidate with appointed superdelegates.

Why, I would not be surprise 'tall to find you approve of Biden's bankrupt addition to the Obama ticket despite "Killery's" delegate endorsement. You may still be thinking, Nader disrupted Gore's election, despite the number of eligible FL resident's falsely struck from the rolls before election day.


Of great concern, Jackson said on his plane, is the distribution of the super delegates. As of a recent count, Dukakis had 183 super delegates compared to Jackson's 55.

Dukakis, Disputing Jackson, Calls Nomination Process Fair

Although they will comprise only 644 of the party's 4,161 delegates, the candidates themselves recognize that the superdelegates' influence goes beyond their numbers. Jackson, Dukakis and Gore each have staffers assigned to try to cherry pick as many superdelegates as they can before the convention.

Dukakis is generally conceded to have made the most gains nationally, but most superdelegates - including Pennsylvania's - remain uncommitted.

Look, In The Air: Superdelegates

The pertinent bibble article:
Democratic Party presidential primaries, 1988

:: republic Pigged
Why can't I choose a party besides Democrat and Republican?

this comment

concerns the hordes of "refugee and migrants" crossing the MEDITERRANEAN to enter EUROPE and how Anglo-merican and European press have characterized the origins of these "boat people" over the prior year and adjusted the story of "human trafficking" from AFRICA to accommodate factual "push back" from UN spokespersons in multi-media. I have commented on it several times before.

So you don't include Nigerian "migrants" to the US?

No. Those people crossing the Atlantic Ocean these days in commercial aircraft are IMMIGRANTS, aren't they? They settle on their Green Cards --like so many educated Iranians, 7 years?-- until acquiring permanent US citizenship to match their UK baggage. They don't plan on leaving the US.

But at least one college educated Nigerian allegedly return to the Old Country with WMD in their underpants though.

And, famously, association with a few others sandbagged Mosely-Braun's political career, too.

You are mistaken, Mr dogbert.

One need not hate oneself to profess loyalty to and affinity for republican institutions and its heritage, especially when one's personal achievements and professional status successfully reflects the "pecuniary interests" ppls of the US hold so dear.

and a better life

That's a redundant clause, wouldn't you agree?

I've been interested in how the diction of Anglo-merican reportage on the civil wars has evolved since the "human traffickers" v. "people smugglers" and "What Syrians?" dilemmas seeped into broadcast criticism (elsewhere). Have you heard any objection to differentiating refugees and migrants? I have.

One hears, "migrant" status denotes convience, liberty, and above all, means, to travel from place to place. This locution is seeminly reserved for a conspicuous portion of "middle-class" ppl --not AFRICANS, of course-- known to have paid thousands of EUR or USD to "people smugglers." This status seemingly recognizes the dignity of HHs which find themselves temporarily inconvenienced by their accommodations in trucks, stadiums, single-wides, or public parks.

"Refugees" are other pple, who journos cannot identify with professional status, from territories known to be protected by UN and NATO peace-keeping forces, allies.

Greek police fire stun grenade at migrants on FYROM border
"Also, 15 European officials will be stationed in Piraeus to help Greek authorities relocate 14,000 refugees who arrive in Greece to other parts of the EU, as agreed by European leaders earlier this summer."
EU to help gov’t register and relocate refugees

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Wal-Mart risks a talent drain at a time when McMillon has made meaningful improvements in the company,” [MD at Strategic Resource Group LLC Burt]Flickinger said. “All these competitors will take Wal-Mart workers to make themselves strong and help make a major competitor weaker.”

the cruel truth

China tends to lock down its media/limit information

Chinese ppl are "inscrutable" to Anglo-merican journos with desire to PENETRATE market. While the dread communist-like-party of superdelegates have permitted increasing numbers of foreigners and thrill-seekers to enter into, vacation and even reside, in this backward, poverty-striken country, one must never presume to "cross the river" without "touching rocks," kemosabe. These people are not free to protest, petition, or chat about the fomc minutes and military adventures o'er the headwinds.

what's your suggestion for getting reliable and complete information about all of China?

First, do not seek "complete information."
Second, trust in the LAWS OF ECONOMICS.


Chief Executive Officer Doug McMillon is trying to balance a desire to improve service -- partly through increased spending on his workforce -- against investors’ pressure to keep profit growing. Labor costs, which rose after Wal-Mart increased its minimum wage to $9 an hour in April, have weighed on earnings, which missed analysts’ expectations last quarter. At the same time, Wal-Mart is trying to maintain low prices to fend off rivals.

Workers’ Hours After Pay Raise Boosts Costs

He worked for Lab126 ... [He was ] was only at Yahoo for two full months ... He's now the Chief Technology Officer of Amazon Devices ... He's a wildlife photographer ... . He runs a charity that builds schools in Africa. He's Australian, and talks about how he used to shoot crocodiles when he was growing up.

In December, Marissa Mayer poached a star exec from Amazon. He's already quit and gone back.

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Oracle Inc. v. Google Inc.
"I'm more curious where the no-poaching agreements between apple/google etc lead."
"Economists aren't sure what's behind the recent acceleration in wage growth for lower-paid workers."

turmoil, where is the turmoil? The big 3 are closed now. (+ , -, - ) Just one broke 1%, again. But look! STRONG DOLLAH prevails more better than ever.

Which is good for exporters, right?

Duly noted: "Extreme inequality followed mathematically from these features of the economy of the 1920s: production soared, productivity and profits skyrocketed much faster than production, while wages remained stagnant. Sound familiar? History shows this to be overripe capitalism’s default position. The postwar period up to this day exhibits the same features.
"The proportion of total retail sales financed by credit increased from 10 percent in 1910 to 15 percent in 1927 to 50 percent in 1929. Over 85 percent of furniture, 80 percent of washing machines and 75 percent of phonographs and radios -indeed most new consumer items- were purchased on time. A prime reason GM pulled ahead of Ford in car sales was that it enabled credit purchases through the General Motors Acceptance Corporation (GMAC). Credit was even used to buy clothes. Young single working women often went into debt to keep up with the latest styles. By 1929 sales on installment approached $7 billion. Many more people bought these goods than would have had they had to save the total price in cash before making the purchases. Credit pervaded the household economy and disguised low wages, as it would again in the postwar period."

Increased self-employment must have an impact as well, but I did not see that highlighted.

Here it is: BLS creative modelling, 2001.

The single biggest factor here appears to be a change in how the income of self-employed workers is treated. The official statistics divide up their income as if the person was working a certain number of hours for pay, which is counted as "labor income," while the rest of their income is "capital income" due to ownership of capital in the form of their ["]business["]. But the way in which the Bureau of Labor Statistics does this division changed back in 2001.

Note also, counterfactuals:

  • econometric ROI (hardware, software, labor contributions) studies in total factor productivity (TFP) by, for example, Brynjolfsson et al, 1980 - 2000
  • 1-50 employees ~ 66% share, last firm census by size BLS published 2005
  • "self-employment" not to be conflated with purported % change of PT, FT, "conditional", and "contractor" shares attributed to labor force participation rates, 1980-2015 -- BLS doesn't
OpEd:The new disconnect between auto sales and economic growth
Li Keqiang, now Chinese premier, was one of them. When he was head of the local communist party in northeast China's Liaoning province ten years ago, he invented his own method of gauging the national economy's performance by relying on three variables government statisticians cannot easily inflate --electricity consumption, rail cargo volume and bank lending.

Li's economic model has been widely adopted by researchers these days. In the first half of the year, except for bank lending, electricity consumption and rail car volumes across China both declined, reflecting the weakness of the economy.

[London-based economic research firm] Fathom predicts China's economy will only grow 2.8 percent in 2015. It expects economic growth to lose more steam and expand just 1 percent next year.
Dealership inventories edge down in July as foreign brands cut output
Inventories of foreign vehicles built in China edged down to 44 days last month, from 45 days in the previous month. Dealership stockpiles of imported brands declined to 68 days from 73 days in June. But July inventories of Chinese brands increased to 58 days from 55 days in the previous month.

Jaguar Land Rover continued to have the highest dealership inventories, with a 110-day supply in July. It was followed by Chevrolet which had a 72-day supply.

A National Labor Relations Board hearing officer has ruled that Teach for America teachers should be included in the union at a Detroit charter school chain.[...] In a June hearing, the company argued that TFA teachers’ minimum two-year commitment to the school made us “temporary service workers” rather than “professional employees”—more like long-term substitutes than permanent teachers.
... The hearing officer found on July 31 that TFA teachers are indeed professional employees—and thus have the right to be part of the teachers’ bargaining unit.
The ruling noted that TFA teachers share the same job responsibilities, evaluations, and contracts as other teachers in the district. Our minimum two-year commitment is irrelevant, given that the employer offers only one-year commitments to all its teachers.

The decision doesn’t formally set a legal precedent for other schools. Still, it’s a good sign for union drives across the country. Charter teachers are organizing in such cities as Philadelphia and Los Angeles—often in schools with sizable TFA contingents.

‘Teach for America’ Teachers Can Join the Union 7 Aug

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"Wuz readin' earlier threads and the discussion on the labor board's new ruling on temp labor providers."

WOODLAND, Calif. (CN) - Wal-Mart fired an employee days after she warned away co-workers trying to help her with a bleeding injury that she's HIV-positive, the employee claims in state court. The employee filed her wrongful termination and disability discrimination suit against Wal-Mart earlier this month in Yolo County Superior Court using her real name.

HIV-Positive Woman Fights Wal-Mart Firing

I actually work here, and can give you a data-driven perspective of what life at Amazon is really like, today. I’m not an anonymous source, and I’m not something a journalist made up to generate clicks. I am putting my name and reputation behind everything I write, and willing to stand by my words 100%.
I’m an Engineering Leader. I manage other managers, as well as Engineers – which means I run an organization and have visibility into both Executive direction as well as everyday Engineering cadence. I sit on the floor, in a desk, not an office, by choice – because I like to be close to my folks – so I can relate to what it’s like for individual contributors as well as managers.

An Amazonian's response to "Inside Amazon: Wrestling Big Ideas in a Bruising Workplace"

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As MBA Applicants, Business Majors Face an Uphill Battle (2012)
Which Undergrad Major is Most Preferred by the Top MBA Programs?

Hämäläinen based his figures on the power needs of an 80-square-metre flat with annual district heating requirement of 7.5 Mwh and annual electricity consumption of 2,500 kWh. There are just under three million homes in Finland and apartments account for one million of them.

The pace of construction of waste to energy plants has picked up in Finland. If all goes according to plan, the country's ninth such facility will fire up in 2018. At that time the power plants will produce 10 to 12 percent of the country's district heating and between 2 and 3 percent of electricity.
"Back when we joined the euro, Finland was a landfill superpower. In just 20 years the number of landfills has fallen from nearly 2,000 to fewer than 100," Seppänen added.

Municipal, household waste could soon power more than 500,000 homes

As of January 2015, there were 10 active MWC facilities in New York State.

Stricter emission standards and numerous emission controls (which include fabric filters, dry scrubbers, carbon injectors, nitrogen oxide controls, spray dry absorbers, lime injection, selective non-catalytic reduction, acid gas/particulate matter control and electrostatic precipitators) being used in all active municipal waste combustion facilities in New York State have resulted in a reduction in municipal waste combustion air emissions and have significantly contributed to a cleaner state environment. Barring certain waste from entering the municipal waste combustion facility waste stream (e.g., batteries and fluorescent light bulbs to reduce mercury emissions) has also resulted in less harmful stack emissions and a cleaner environment.

Municipal Waste Combustion Facilities

Meanwhile ...
U.S. senators try to delay Lake Huron nuke waste site

Table 3. Average number of days provided and tenure by paid leave provision for full-time private industry workers, 1992–1993 and 2012
Consolidated leave plans provide a single amount of time off for workers to use for any number of purposes, such as vacation, illness, and personal business.[...] Consolidated leave plans were available to 30 percent of workers in medium and large establishments, greater than the 22 percent of workers in small establishments. Provisions were also more generous in medium and large establishments. For example, workers with 1 year of service were provided 17 days. By 20 years of service, 27 days were available. In contrast, workers in small establishments were provided 13 days after 1 year of service and 22 days after 20 years of service.

Paid leave in private industry over the past 20 years 2013

More information will be published in September 2015 on the incidence and provisions of health care benefits, retirement benefits, life insurance, short-term and long-term disability benefits, paid holidays
and vacations, and other selected benefits. For the latest benefit publications see

TOC | Employee Benefits in the United States 24 Jul 2015
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"However I'd prefer that Bezos paid his employees enough to make their travails worthwhile. And gave them all a couple of weeks extra vacation."

Duly noted: "Estimates of obesity, projected out to 2030, are part of the World Health Organisation’s Modelling Obesity Project and were presented at the European Congress on Obesity in Prague, Czech Republic during May 2015. The figures for Ireland have huge implications for the seriously financially-squeezed Irish health system"

GTFO! EXPRESS | petty-rentier-edition

Surprise Municipal Code §105-104 and §105-106 "require landlords to take action against tenants when police are called or respond to crime at a rental unit, even if the tenant was not involved in or responsible for the crime, and impose penalties if landlords fail to take such action," Markham says.

Surprise calls it a nuisance offense if a resident makes "four or more calls for police service or commission of two crimes at a property that the tenant allegedly 'allows,' even if the tenant called to report and deter her attacker or was the victim of the criminal conduct," Markham says. She has lived in Surprise for 11 years, has two young sons, and wants to stay there.

The laws allow the city to penalize property who do not evict tenants who make the 911 calls, and require property owners to adopt crime-free lease provisions that allow landlords to evict tenants for "a single occurrence of any criminal activity," Markham says.

Domestic Violence Survivor Sues Arizona City

Let's blame unlimited, undisclosed campaign contributions.

More recently, a PG&E pipeline exploded at the Fresno County Sheriff's Foundation gun range, killing one man and injuring many others. The PUC is still investigating to determine if PG&E violated any laws.

"The persistence of safety incidents motivates us to undertake this investigation to determine whether this persistence is rooted in PG&E's organizational culture and governance and PG&E Corp.'s role in PG&E's safety culture," the PUC said.
[CPUC President Michael] Picker said that targeting corporate governance is a new approach for his group, though New York state conducts regular audits of corporate governance.

California Investigates PGE's Safety & Culture

Anchorage Superior Court Judge Frank Pfiffner ruled that Walker's Medicaid expansion can begin on Sept. 1 until the merits of the Legislative Council's case challenging the governor's authority to expand Medicaid on his own are decided.

Pfiffner heard 90 minutes of oral arguments Thursday.

The Legislative Council voted 10-1 this month to pay attorneys $450,000 to sue the governor. Rep. Sam Kito III, D-Juneau, was the only dissenting vote.

Pfiffner's ruling means an extra 20,000 Alaskans will be eligible for expanded medical coverage under Obamacare, according to the Juneau Empire newspaper estimates.

Alaska Governor Can Expand Medicaid

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Affordable Care Act Tax Provisions | IRS
MedicaidX: WA, OR, CA, NV, AZ, NM, ND, MN, IA, IL, AR, IL, MI, OH, KY, WV, MD, NY, NJ, DE, CT, MA, RI, NH, HI, D.C., IN
No MedicaidX: MT, ID, WY, SD, NB, KS, OK, TX, LA, WI, TN, AL, MS, GA, FL, VA, NC, SC, ME, AK
undecided: UT, MO, PA, VT
State Medicaid Expansion a/o 6 Nov 2013
HIX Money Markets

the discussion on the labor boards new ruling on temp labor

What discussion?

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"Today in current affairs: NLRB Decision on joint-employer status (following related class litigation of Uber employment practices, DoL emendment of regulations of over-time compensation, and, AND the SCOTUS decision 2014 of Harris v. Quinn (gov., state of IL)"
Browning-Ferris, 32-RC-109684

Summary of the w/e 29 Aug -100

Haitian President Philippe Dartiguenave, in office less than two weeks following his predecessor’s precipitate removal from office by a murderous mob, signs the convention giving control of Haitian finances and police to the United States.

We have treated elocution as a substitute for action
Summary of the w/e 22 Aug -100

Some people want the US to respond to the sinking of the Arabic by expelling the German ambassador. Theodore Roosevelt, not surprisingly, thinks this is not sufficient and would, indeed, be “a fresh sacrifice of American honor and interest.” he says the time for words has “long passed,” but doesn’t spell out what the US should do, although I think we can guess.

Of declarations of war, pales, fresh sacrifices, sublime days, and deaf drivers

The Atlanta Constitution says the mob has “assaulted, desecrated, raped” the sovereignty of Georgia and “lynched, not Leo Frank, who is only a detail in the awful story, but the State itself.”

An act of law-abiding citizens

In the first half of 2015, light-vehicle output in the U.S., Canada and Mexico climbed to 8,840,116, up from 8,692,162 in the first half of 2014.... Oh, and another milestone: Through July, Mexican production accounted for 20 percent of the North American total. The country's assembly plants turned out a record 3,350,655 vehicles last year and are on track to bust that mark some time in the fourth quarter.

th America churning out vehicle records

Sales: of which new, used, leased
"The report calls for automakers to sell 1.53 million LVs in the U.S. this month, for a daily sales rate of 58,866 units (over 26 days), a 0.7% improvement over same-month year-ago (27 days)."
Read more at Calculated Risk: Vehicle Sales Forecast for August: Over 17 Million Annual Rate Again

Registrations increased to 1.18 million vehicles from 1.08 million a year earlier, according to data from market analysts JATO Dynamics. Seven-month sales were up 8.6 percent to 8.59 million vehicles, marking 23 consecutive months of growth.

Europe sales advance 9% in July as economies rebound

The average monthly payment for a new vehicle rose to $483, a 3.4 percent increase from the year earlier, while the average used-vehicle payment inched up to $361, a 1.7 percent rise, according to Experian Automotive’s second-quarter State of the Automotive Finance Market report released today.
New-vehicle loan terms in the 73- to 84-month range grew 15 percent, accounting for 16 percent of all new-car loans. Used-vehicle loans in the same segment grew 20 percent, making up 29 percent of used-car loans. ... The average amount financed for a new vehicle by consumers in the second quarter climbed 4 percent to $28,524. For used vehicles, average financing grew to $18,671, a 2.3 percent rise. The average interest rate on a new-vehicle loan rose slightly to 4.8 percent from 4.6 percent a year earlier.
At the same time, more than one in four consumers leased a vehicle during the quarter. Of all new-vehicle sales, 27 percent were leased, up from 26 percent in the second quarter of 2014.

[US] Monthly payments, loan terms up in Q2, Experian says

[Eurpean] Commission says private school VAT breaks rules

Focused on the upcoming elections, the government of SYRIZA and the Independent Greeks made a U-turn and started seeking ways to postpone the imposition of the 23% VAT on private school fees. The decision for the latter was taken in July.f

Greece became the second country in the world after Bangladesh to impose VAT on private education

New-Car Transaction Prices Soar In January 2015, Up More Than 5 Percent, According To Kelley Blue Book Feb
"Incentive spending on trucks also has been lighter this year, indicating a great market for these units right now."
Average new car price zips 2.6% to $33,560 May

The most public of its efforts have been a renewed sponsorship of the hit show Empire
Lincoln’s $48,700 Black Label MKC has a 2.3-liter, 275hp, four-cylinder engine. It has a six-speed automatic transmission on all-wheel drive. Expect 21 miles per gallon in combined fuel efficiency.... It shares a platform and a variety of components with the Ford Escape, which means its performance feels about the same
Options worth choosing are a $2,295 technology package that includes park assist and adaptive cruise control; $1,145 20-inch (painted) aluminum rims; and the $995 enhanced THX sound system.

The Lincoln MKC Is Persuading America That Lincoln Can Be Cool Again

declare me as a disabled person and give me support. "Then, I want to go to the Guinness to get recognition."

Now comes the lesson on applied ECONOMIC ideology and allocation of resources

Drought map sez we are dry

Now comes the lesson on applied ECONOMIC ideology and allocation of resources

more avenues to express it now.

Not more "avenues" but statutory causes for litigation of civil and criminal complaints.

Now comes the lesson on applied ECONOMIC ideology and allocation of resources
I'm waiting.

o, but it is possible.

At the plant where I work, cellphones are forbidden "on the shop floor" to all BUT Tier-I managers.
So. How does the plant's management enforce the rule?
Now, comes a lesson in applied ECONOMIC ideology and allocation of resources.
1. Investment in and continuous operation of communication media. Every hour the firm informs employees of this rule (among others) and consequences of its violation.
2. Investment in and continuous operation of metal detection devices. One may enter "the shop floor" with an undetected device, but one will never exit with an undetected device. See #2.
3. Investment in and continuous operation of spectrum and visual surveillance monitors, mechanical and human. The fine granularity of coverage of operations per sf inside and outside the plant is literally phenomenal.
4. Investment in and continuous maintenance of permitted areas inside the plant. The firm provides individual storage and designated areas for cell-phone use.

In theory, investment in this rule mitigates inefficiencies. In practice, it reduces the operating profit and taxable income income of the firm. Is this investment money well-spent, or not?

"That'll be in your head the next time you mess around with grease."