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PS. None, ZERO, new construction, rental or condo, inside the beltway --D.C., Friendship Heights, Bethesda-- since 2005 is priced for "affordability." Studios ~600sf start at $2500.

Excellent edit.

:: a propos

The ECB bought the bonds on the secondary market under its Securities Markets Programme (SMP) which aimed to reduce borrowing costs Pigged for troubled southern European governments during the euro zone debt crisis.
Varoufakis, who has staged a media blitz in recent days to sell the euro zone deal to the Greek people, singled out former ECB President Jean-Claude Trichet [!] for criticism.
Varoufakis argued that if the bonds had remained in investors’ hands, their value would have been cut by 90 percent [BWAH!] under a restructuring of Greece’s privately held debt in 2012 [PSI-CAC Pigged] , reducing the burden on the state.

Greece seeks negotiations on ECB bond repayment

:: Pigged
"no amount of bullshit forthcoming will convince this reader otherwise."

re: graphic design, art direction

Bad photography keeps "photoshop operators" in business. And by "bad" I mean, the image is not an accurate representation of the object depicted -- which one may suppose is the desired goal of this particular project. [INSERT SONTAG HERE, ON AUTHENTICITY a/k/a PHOTOGRAPHY]

In one photo the object is in "warm light;" in the other "cool light" (equipped by panel reflectors). "In reality", so to speak, the ambivalent color properties of an object may be a desirable effect.

The article runs color theory through a technical mill to explain just this: refraction and reflection of light in human perception of "color" which is "light.").

In my experience, many people don't see what they are looking at. There's psyche jargon to define that "bias", but I forget which. Last week, one of VOA/NPR's programs featured an artist who was forming online classes ("communities") to encourage and teach people on how to sketch (from life), to see. Poignant.

"All right, then."

In a 6-page ruling Wednesday, York County Judge Mary C. Gilbride found that "A temporary injunction is necessary and proper to protect the status quo and to prevent any relief the plaintiffs might recover from being rendered ineffectual." ...The Nebraska judges' injunctions enjoin condemnation proceedings initiated by TransCanada in the state.

Second Judge Stalls Pipeline Land Grab UPDATE

Prosecutors identified more than 3,000 HSBC accounts used to launder money for the Sinaloa cartel, the plaintiffs say, citing a July 17, 2012 hearing before the U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.

Plaintiff Stephanie Scoggins claims a Crip robbed her of $180 in 2003, and that HSBC received the money and laundered it for the cartel.

Plaintiff Jordan Saddler claims a Crip robbed him of $240 and an iPhone in 2005, and that HSBC laundered the money for the cartel.
They seek class certification, treble damages and punitive damages for RICO violations.

Bank Called a Gang Conspirator

Convicted of a vicious sexual assault in 1985, Newton was for nearly the first decade of his imprisonment denied the right to probe the evidence in the rape kit that later would exonerate him.
"The tragic fact that the evidence was not actually located and produced for testing until 2005 does not constitute a violation of Newton's procedural due process rights," [U.S. District Judge Shira Scheindlin] wrote.

Damages Reinstated for Exonerated Bronx Man

Courthouse News continues to build an international portfolio.

"The allocation of 'free of charge' in Article 10 of Directive 2003/87 precludes not only the direct fixing of a price for the allocation of emission allowances but also the subsequent levying of a charge in respect of their allocation," the EU court ruled.

EU Rules Against Czech Greenhouse Gas Tax

"To permit a member state to rely on an objective such as the flexibility deriving from the use of fixed-term employment contracts in order to regard itself as relieved of that obligation would be in contradiction with one of the objectives pursued by EU law, stability of employment, considered to be a major element in the protection of workers, and would also be likely to reduce significantly the categories of person able to enjoy the benefit of the protective measures provided for in EU labor law," the court concluded.

Part-Time Actors Deserve Work Stability, EU Says
:: Pigged
We also know that women are more likely to be trapped in zero-hour contracts.

The FLSA does not regulate minimum hours of employment compensable in a period such as a week or month.

Minimum wages in EU highlight huge economic differences
"Work transfers are restricted to 0.9 percent of the annual work."
Telecom Strikers Win Limits on Outsourcing
"Well, Cindy is a non-exempt employee with a "flex" schedule. ..."
Costco's CEO and president, Craig Jelinek, has publicly endorsed raising the federal minimum wage to $10.10 an hour
"Bosses want minimal staffing but maximum availability if they suddenly need more people."
The Fight is on For Stable Hours

Because the battery factory is a new facility, and Tesla has limited experience being a battery manufacturer, Tesla needs ....



Panasonic supplies us with battery cells for our battery packs and has partnered with us on the construction of the Gigafactory. In January 2010, we announced that we were collaborating with Panasonic on the development of next-generation electric vehicle cells based on the 18650 form factor and nickel-based lithium ion chemistry. In October 2011, we finalized a supply agreement for these battery cells. In October 2013, we entered into an amendment to the supply agreement to, among other things, provide for the long-term preferential prices and a minimum of 1.8 billion lithium-ion battery cells that we intend to purchase from Panasonic from 2014 through 2017. In July 2014, Panasonic agreed to partner with us on the Gigafactory.

BUSINESS | Tesla, AR 14

The estimated fair value of our 2018 Notes based on a market approach was approximately $1.22 billion (par value $659.8 million) as of December 31, 2014 and $914.9 million (par value of $660.0 million) as of December 31, 2013, respectively, and represent a Level II valuation. The estimated fair value of our 2019 Notes and 2021 Notes based on a market approach was approximately $852.2 million (par value $920.0 million) and $1.25 billion (par value of $1.38 billion) as of December 31, 2014, respectively, and represents a Level II valuation. When determining the estimated fair value of our long-term debt, we used a commonly accepted valuation methodology and market-based risk measurements that are indirectly observable, such as credit risk.

Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements

KAIZEN transcendental ahh business analysis
< wipes tears >
KTBA fer short.

What are the similarities and differences in the fates of Greece and Bulgaria after 2007, when Bulgaria joined the European Union?

So far, Bulgaria has not had such a huge problem with borrowing. It is important to understand that Bulgaria is the last tax haven in Europe. And that without being an offshore zone. If this cannot be understood in Bulgaria, then it will be very bad for the country. In Bulgaria, there are foreign companies and huge amounts paid as taxes, because it is a tax haven. [...] I like that no public official in Bulgaria is permanent. In Greece, you have to overcome this thing, which is a very strong tradition. The public sector should be cut. I am very happy when I see that, administratively, Bulgaria is at least 10 years ahead of Greece. Bulgarians accept advice from people whose opinion they respect. That is why I say that Bulgaria does not have the same problems as Greece. And it will not have them if it remains hospitable to foreign capital and companies. If it heads to the euro zone... I am sorry, but things there will not be so bright in the future. It will be foggy. The longer the euro does not replace your national currency, the better for you.

Greece is not a determinant in Europe

Wind power farms and photovoltaic parks mushroomed in 2011, after Bulgaria introduced generous subsidies for renewable energy, guaranteed for 20 years and committed to buy all the energy produced by them.
The amendments of the energy law, approved by the parliament, also envisioned that the public power provider NEK will not be obliged to buy power at preferential prices from heating power plants that cannot prove energy efficiency.

The renewable energy boom, incentives for co-generating power plants and high costs under long-term power purchase agreements, have soared NEK's deficit to 3.3 billion levs (€1.65 billion), the energy ministry has said.

Last week, US power companies AES and ContourGlobal agreed to negotiate lower prices for the electricity they produce in Bulgaria. [...] High utility bills had sparked protests which toppled the government of Prime Minister Boiko Borissov in February 2013.

Bulgaria scraps incentives for new renewable energy installations

:: TTIP, TTP Pigged

In a letter to French MEPs, seen by EurActiv France, the French Secretariat General for European Affairs (SGAE) appears to have made a U-turn on the position so far defended by Mathias Fekl, the Secretary of State for Foreign Trade.
the SGAE is distancing itself from the anti-ISDS Lange Report, currently under discussion in the European Parliament's International Trade Committee ahead of a vote on 6 May. This report, written by the German MEP Bernd Lange, a member of the Socialists and Democrats (S&D) group in the European Parliament, argues against the need for a system of arbitration between investors and states.
A source inside the European Parliament told EurActiv that "the unspoken concern is that in the case of a trade agreement with a country like China, it could be counter-productive to categorically refuse an international court of arbitration". It would effectively make any future establishment of an international arbitration court impossible. But this argument, a favourite of the Commission, could just be an attempt to stop MEPs blocking out ISDS.

France makes U-turn on TTIP arbitration

:: sovereignty Pigged
Forthcoming TPP Sales Pitch So Predictable, We Decided to Predict It
"I think she fails to understand why historically courts were by passed in favor of such agreements. "

re: organizational behavior

This man, Maury Peiperl, claimed that what skills we learned in his lectures on the subject were priceless.

And about that EUR 18B (at my last count) ... sumbuddy's been monitoring Crazy IMF PR.

Total package is USD40 billion. Of which, USD17.5 billion will come from the Crazy IMF and USD22.5 billion [EUR 20B] will come from the EU.
Recall that in April 2014, Crazy IMF has already provided USD17 billion to Ukraine and has paid up USD4.5 billion to-date. In addition, Ukraine received USD2 billion in credit guarantees (not even funds) from the US, EUR1.8 billion in funding from the EU and another EUR1.6 billion in pre-April loans from the same source. Germany sent bilateral EUR500 million and Poland sent EUR100 million, with Japan lending USD300 million.

Here's a kicker. With all this 'help' Ukrainian debt/GDP ratio is racing beyond sustainability bounds. Under pre-February 'deal' scenario, Crazy IMF expected Ukrainian debt to peak at USD109 billion in 2017. Now, with the new 'deal' we are looking at debt (assuming no write down in a major restructuring) reaching for USD149 billion through 2018 and continuing to head North from there.

18/2/15: IMF Package for Ukraine: Some Pesky Macros

UAH:USD, 1:0.0367
UAH:EUR, 1:0.0328

Speaking of DVDs, you all remember Hervè Falciani? He beat the rap (not unexpectedly) and is now CONSPIRING with M5 to reform --or modernize, if you prefer-- Italy's financial regulatory structure.
Passaparola - Together we can stop the big tax evaders, by Hervè Falciani

The FDIC estimates that the cost to the Deposit Insurance Fund (DIF) will be $748.9 million.

Roughly the difference between assets and liabilities (Doral's deficit, or unfunded liability) that the FDIC assumes as receiver.

The FDIC will retain the remaining assets for later disposition.

$748M is the estimated value of those assets which FDIC will eventually liquidate to administer the proceedings and resolve Doral's creditors' claims.

< eyebrows >

As of December 31, 2014 and 2013 the net book value of our Supercharger network was $107.8 million and $25.6 million and currently includes 380 locations globally. We plan to continue investing in our Supercharger network for the foreseeable future, including in North America, Europe and Asia and expect such spending to be approximately 5% of total capital spending over the next 12 months. We allocate Supercharger related expenses to cost of revenues automotive sales and selling, general, and administrative expenses. These costs were immaterial for all periods presented.

Customer Financing Options

We offer loans and leases in North America, Europe and Asia primarily through various financial institutions. In 2013, we began offering a resale value guarantee in connection with certain loans offered by financial institutions and have since provided this guarantee to approximately 10,400 Model S customers. [2016 - 2017 RECOGNITION SETTLEMENT] Model S deliveries with the resale value guarantee currently do not impact our cash flows and liquidity, since we receive the full amount of cash for the vehicle sales price at delivery. However, this program requires the deferral of revenues and costs into future periods under lease accounting. Although lease accounting will continue to impact our revenues and operating results as this and similar programs initially ramp up, as time passes, the amortization of existing deferred revenues and costs will begin to partially offset this adverse impact. Furthermore, while we do not assume any credit risk related to the customer, we are exposed to the risk that the vehicles’ resale value may be lower than our estimates and the volume of vehicles returned to us may be higher than our estimates which could adversely impact our gross margin.
We leased approximately 1,150 vehicles through Tesla Finance during 2014 and about approximately 200 vehicles through our banking partner. Leasing through both Tesla Finance and our banking partner exposes us to residual value risk and will adversely impact our near-term revenues and operating results by requiring the deferral of revenues and costs into future periods under lease accounting. In addition, for leases offered directly from Tesla Finance (but not for those offered through our bank partner), we will not receive the full amount of the cash for the vehicle price at delivery and will assume customer credit risk. We expect to increase our leasing activities during 2015. ["DOUBLE-DOWN"]


Recent Accounting Pronouncements
In May 2014, the Financial Accounting Standards Board issued an accounting update which amends the existing accounting standards for revenue recognition. The new guidance provides a unified model to determine when and how revenue is recognized. Under the new model, revenue is recognized as goods or services are delivered in an amount that reflects the consideration we expect to collect. The guidance is effective for fiscal years beginning after December 15, 2016; early adoption is prohibited. The new standard is required to be applied retrospectively to each prior reporting period presented or retrospectively with the cumulative effect of initially applying it recognized at the date of initial application. We have not yet selected a transition method and are currently evaluating the impact of adopting this guidance on our consolidated financial statements. [...]
We offer a resale value guarantee program to customers who purchase a Model S and finance their vehicle through one of our commercial banking partners in the US, Canada and Europe. Under this program, Model S customers have the option of selling their vehicle back to us during the period from 36 to 39 months after delivery for a specified value determined at time of purchase. Because we offer a resale value guarantee, we account for these transactions as operating leases. Accordingly, we recognize revenue attributable to the lease on a straight-line basis over the guarantee period to automotive sales revenue. Similarly, we capitalize the cost of the leased vehicle and depreciate its value, less expected salvage value, to cost of automotive sales over the same period.

Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements

:: reserves Pigged

Resale value guarantee 487,879
Deferred [cur. liability] revenue 191,651
Deferred revenue [long-term liability], less current portion 292,271


In review, I predict, Tesla will withdraw admin and sales from China no later than 2020. I imagine, TSLA will license any "supercharger" infrastructure there to a national. Any orders from that market will be fulfilled not from CA but from the Netherlands (sadly, final assembly plant), COD, no lease option.

Management;s assessment is understated but grim.

:: vehicle sales forecasts, int'l. Pigged latest

Chery, LG, Volkswagon

Right about now, I'm thinking, some high-functioning, proud ASD Spock mourners have lost control of the story of "us." As is the custom.

In Washington, D.C., construction is underway on the Museum of the Bible, an eight-story, $400 million enterprise funded by Hobby Lobby President Steve Green.

D.C. Bible Museum Will Be Immersive Experience, Organizers Say

Current liabilities (000s)
2013 675,160
2014 2,107,166
Long-term liabilities (000s)
2013 2,107,166
2014 4,879,345
Total liabilities and stockholders' equity
2013 2,416,930 Paid-in capital (1,139,620)
2014 5,849,251 Paid-in capital (1,433,682)


We anticipate commencing customer shipments of our third vehicle, the Model X crossover, in the third quarter of 2015. This unique vehicle has been designed to fill the niche between the roominess of a minivan and the style of an SUV, while having high performance features such as our all-wheel drive dual motor system and fast 0 to 60 miles per hour acceleration. After the Model X, our goal is to introduce the Model 3, a lower priced sedan designed for the mass market, in 2017.
We manufacture our products primarily at our facilities in Fremont, California, Lathrop, California and Tilburg, Netherlands. Pigged
We began customer deliveries in June 2012. As of December 31, 2014, we had delivered almost 57,000 Model S vehicles. ... The 60 kWh and 85 kWh battery pack versions of Model S have an effective base price of $62,400, and $72,400, respectively, in the United States, assuming and after giving effect to the continuation of a United States federal tax credit of $7,500 for the purchase of alternative fuel vehicles.


We have designed Model S to provide a lower cost of ownership as compared to other vehicles in its class. We consider the purchase price, cost of fuel and the cost of maintenance over a six year ownership period in this calculation. We assume comparable residual values, warranties, insurance costs and promotions and assume that currently available consumer incentives are still available at the time of a Model S purchase. In addition to the competitive pricing of Model S relative to other premium vehicles, we estimate that customers of electric vehicles will enjoy lower fuel costs. For example, assuming an average of 15,000 miles driven per year, an average electricity cost of 12.1 cents per kilowatt-hour and an average gasoline price of $2.83 per gallon over the full ownership of the vehicle which were the average electricity cost and premium gasoline price in the United States, respectively, for December 2014, and based on our estimate of the energy efficiency of Model S, we estimate that our Model S could save approximately $1,600 per year less in fuel costs than a comparable premium internal combustion engine sedan. In international markets, where gasoline prices can be 2-3 times those of the United States, the savings are greater.

BUSINESS | Tesla, AR 14

re: catching up

Maturity: social construct, pay-day, or biological process? You be the judge.

The adolescent desires of sensation-seeking and novelty in the brain increase as individuals leave home and fend for themselves, Beatriz Luna, a psychiatrist the Pittsburgh School of Medicine, believes. Previously, such desires were thought to peak at 15, but new studies found that they extend far beyond this age. A key finding is evidence of hyper-activity in a part of the brain known as the striatum, which is stimulated by “rewards” and this continues until the mid-twenties.

Adulthood begins at 25, says new research

"Last person I would call would be my mom."


"catching up" Pigged

The capital of the ECB comes from the national central banks (NCBs) of all EU Member States and amounts to €10,825,007,069.61.
The fully paid-up subscriptions of euro area national central banks (NCBs) to the capital of the ECB amount to a total of €7,619,884,851.40 and break down as follows:
The capital paid to the ECB by the non-euro area NCBs amounts to €120,192,083.17 and breaks down as follows:

Home > The European Central Bank > Organisation > Capital subscription (Last updated on 1 January 2015)

The ECB is incapable of "printing." Unlike the US Treasury, the ECB does not issue debentures.


:: Pigged
"To be sure, mathematics can be extended to any branch of knowledge, including economics, provided the concepts are so clearly defined as to permit accurate symbolic representation. That is only another way of saying that in some branches of discourse it is desirable to know what you are talking about."
John Newmann

Correlation, causation ... or < reckless eyeballin > "reverse causation" ? You be the judge.

While New York State law gives the Attorney General broad powers through the Martin Act, it does not provide direct monetary incentives for industry insiders to come forward and aid in investigations.

The Financial Fraud Whistleblower Act will, for the first time, enable New York State to provide financial compensation to whistleblowers who voluntarily report fraud in the banking, securities, insurance, and financial services industries, and provide whistleblowers with explicit legal protection from retaliation by current or prospective employers, Schneiderman said.

New York Bill Would Reward Financial Crimes Whistleblowers
:: ex rel Pigged the NEW! retirement plan
This was before passage of the False Claims Act?

RMB:EUR, 0.1424.

That's good for US exporters, right?

Relapsing and Remitting MS.

Thank you for participating in this thread's round of VICTIM-IDENTITY POLITICS.
< wipes tears >

PPR: I'm inclined to distrust this line of research into pathologies. I drank as much coffee before presentation (R&R) as I do now.

Of some 2,600 civil servants who lost their jobs when the previous government pulled the plug on ERT, around 500 were rehired.

Officials of the new government have noted that the previous administration had budgeted for the recruitment of 15,000 civil servants this year and that [the new government's] planned hirings are far fewer and therefore would not burden the budget.

Gov't official: bill reinstating ERT, rehiring staff to go to Parlt on March 5

"Sometimes like Ulysses you need to tie yourself to a mast in order to get to where you’re going and to avoid the sirens," said Varoufakis. "We intend to do this."
"They said one thing and are doing something different -- this is to be expected," said [shopkeeper Paraskevi] Psyhidou. "We don’t have the money. The Odyssey is not finished yet. We have a way to go."

Tsipras reversal draws Greek sympathy as party rumblings rise

Greece does not need six state television channels with an annual budget of 300 million euro
:: humanitarian-crisis Pigged
"The new national TV will only be sustained by subscription fees and will not receive any support from the state budget."
Greece will not seek an extension of its bailout package 2015
The new Greek national television NERIT will start airing On Sunday May 2014
June 2013
"Is this what our fathers had in mind when they fought against totalitarianism?"
ERT workers refuse to vacate premises
"Tsipras said that the broadcasts of ERT had been purposefully interrupted at a time when the colonists in the face of the supervisory Troika had come to plunder the country."
The Supreme Administrative Court decides that ERT will temporarily continue to operate
"ERT journalists: "no" to the transitional scheme"
Samaras is prone to yield about ERT
"I feel I have the moral authority to cry out against ERT’s passing. "
I was born in the mists of 1961...

As Ukraine is defaulting Soros wants the EU to pay for his long-term investment

< wipes tears >

SURGING on "the market's" value of successful ceasefire, or Open Society trades? You be the judge.

UAH:EUR, 1:0.0327

Trending sociological genomic research

What information in the story led you to the conclusion that this particular applicant for US citizenship, Falguni A. Sheth, was an illegal, or undocumented, immigrant?

THE CLOWN AND THE CONTEXT: "See the cognitive dissonance"


I went to a public high school in a mostly Irish- and Polish-American working-class town with a large emerging population of brown and black kids: Puerto Ricans, migrant kids of Mexican, Colombian, Salvadoran, Nicaraguan, Brazilian and Portuguese descent. I felt more comfortable there with the brown kids than I did in my middle-class grammar school composed almost entirely of white kids, many of whom, as I realized only as an adult, were racial bullies.

and "illegals" are not protected by the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution. Because all clowns rely on the federal government to exercise a "summary deportation" prerogative.

Campaign 2012. Again

Anglo-merican press fiat-envy is sooo predictable.

:: < wipes tears > Pigged

The new eurozone firewall –


now backed with additional resources for the IMF –is not the only reason some officials are becoming increasingly sanguine about losing Greece.

~ amendment to Greek Exit: Looking More Likely


BODINE: The Assyrian vault under the Central Bank is in immediate danger of being looted. We need to get on this.
CENTCOM: What's in the Assyrian vault?
BODINE:Assyrian treasure.
CENTCOM: What's an Assyrian treasure?
BODINE: Go read the early chapters of your Bible. It's old stuff. It's really, really valuable. We need to savit.
CENTCOM: Okay. We'll see what we can do.

~ Imperial Life in the Emerald City

Me llamo Lorenzo Llama. Mataste a mi padre. Prepárate a morir.
~ Wicked

According to the White House tapes --cited and transcribed into narrative by the author-- Nixon and Kissinger agreed that Kissinger would go first to China to open diplomatic relations. And so he did.

re: conditional employment status, int'l.

I cannot recall if HCN correspondents are familiar with the term "zero-hour contract" employment. I think not, although this "liberalising" employer practice pre-dates the Panic of '08 in the UK by decades and has obtained critical private- and public-sectory preference in continental Europe. Of course, readers may recognize, the term occupies a heading in "austerity" programming undertaken by all developed governments --even Beligium-- to undermine union organization and market power. The term is analogous to "conditional employment" (a/k/a FLEX part-time employment) in the US. So. Here is a timely article.

We know that women and men don't get equal wages for equal work. We also know that women are more likely to be trapped in zero-hour contracts.

"It’s also worth remembering that a flexible labour market, of which Zero Hours Contracts  are a vital component, has protected the UK from European levels of unemployment. Indeed, the UK’s labour market has been singled out for praise by the OECD. The alternative is a rigid labour market and high unemployment."

As Fair Pay Fortnight rolls on, we're reminded once again of just what a raw deal working women get in Britain.

Over one in five workers in the UK get less than the living wage each month. That's a bleak figure. But the figure for women is even bleaker. While 17% of working men get less than the living wage, 27% of women do.

Earning below the living wage: bad for men - worse for women

He didn't open China.

That's not what they claimed on the tapes.
I made a recommendation: Nixon and Kissinger: Partners in Power

re: vehicle sales forecasts, int'l.
China's vehicle inventories shrink due to strong January sales
In January, China's light-vehicle sales rose 10 percent year on year to 2.0 million vehicles, led by demand for SUVs and multipurpose vehicles. Last month, Chinese brands averaged a 36-day supply of vehicles, down from 54 days in December. Stockpiles of foreign vehicles produced in China decreased to 31 days from 41 days in the previous month. But stockpiles of imported vehicles remained high at 60 days, nearly unchanged from 61 days in December. In China, dealership inventories normally range from 24 to 36 days.
Volkswagen offers gasoline-powered up! microcar in China
The announcement lacks pricing information, but the Beijing website Autohome pegs the car's starting price at 116,900 yuan ($18,678). ... Last year, Volkswagen introduced an electric version of the vehicle in China with a starting price of 268,800 yuan. Only locally produced electric vehicles qualify for government subsidies in China. The imported electric up! does not qualify.
LG Chem to supply EV batteries to 5 Chinese automakers
LG Chem's Nanjing battery plant, which has been under construction since October, is due to start production at year end. Once operational, the plant will have capacity to produce enough batteries for more than 100,000 EVs a year, the website noted.
Chery, 2 partners form EV car-sharing venture
The partners will invest 10 million yuan ($1.6 million) in the venture, reports the state-owned China Daily. The venture, dubbed Yiqitaixing, will be registered in Anhui province. [...]In 2011, Pateo introduced its iVoka connectivity system for passenger vehicles, while Yongche launched a car-sharing service that employed smartphone apps and social networks. [...] In 2013, Chery introduced its concept for EVs -- dubbed @Ant -- that could be shared by motorists via the Internet.


re: ISDS

Haven't you heard? "Sovereignty is the central issue."

Tangent? The onerous burden and hard luck stories of the "ACA deductible" is a motif in HCN dialogue. Also, uneducated, infectous "illegals."

"victim-identity politics" RIM SHOT!
Can I get an "ACA deductible" on the play?!

Bias, or genetic explanation? You be the judge.

"If you have cancer, which I believe is a fungus," she began, citing a widely debunked theory that the American Cancer Society warns about, "and we can put a pic line into your body and we're flushing with, say, salt water, sodium cardonate (I think she means bicarbonate), through that line and flushing out the fungus. These are some procedures that are not FDA-approved in America that are very inexpensive, cost-effective."

Dr. Fiore is in: Cancer is a fungus that can be flushed out!

Curiousity about full-time equivalent jobs

So-called labor economists rely rhetorically on the statutory FTE definition to compare, quantify, and calculate periodic average salary PLUS wage and hours estimates, comprised from a labor force > 16 years of age. Despite differential state and federal regulations. Because some mericans require some kind of ahh objective benchmark --an abstraction, or symbol, of economic benefits-- by which to compare their livelihoods and financial prospects.

In reality, employers (who are not corprations) employ people (who are not corporations) far more and far less than forty hours per week in order to avoid violation of the NLRA. Wages vary. Statute does NOT guarantee or impose either minimum or maximum periods of employ, "permit to work". The principal tactic to do this that employers have utilized since passage of the act is employment status assignment which determine who is "covered" by the NLRA and who is not covered its provisions -- or even by collective bargaining agreements. The DOL text (above) makes plain: the threshold for compensatory adjudication is forty hour period of work by covered --"non-exempt," "non-supervisory"-- employees.

I assume fewer and fewer jobs are 40 hour

Indeed. Collective bargaining is a vain glorious legacy in the mobility era. "Conditional employment" status Pigged is federal locution for tenets of "right-to-work" that have made this great nation "competitive." Good luck on your journey to find an over-time compensation "situation report" or an average hours of salaried employees "situation report" for any period, published by the US DOL.

your victim-identity politics

< wipes tears >

Such as?