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"Archaeologist Katerina Peristeri will present the results of the excavation on Saturday, November 29, at 11 a.m."
Skeleton found at Amphipolis tomb site
hold the phone...
"The former leader argues that today many people avail themselves of the choices that PASOK has made. Both old and new political formations have hijacked PASOK’s ideas and unabashedly abused its achievements while displaying contemptuous attitudes towards the party."
George Papandreou calls for an extraordinary congress of PASOK to elect a new leader
"Venizelos on Friday won the support of another former PASOK premier, Costas Simitis, to create a new center-left party with the Socialists at its heart."
PASOK nixes Papandreou leadership challenge

Du Pont established on paper a whole, small-scale society, listed its components, articulated them with one another, and thus conceived a complete and efficient social system, that deserved a prosperous future. Such a representation of the future was a real attractor for him: it was because he succeeded in figuring out his America that the potentialities he saw in her became meaningful to his eyes, and could drive his actions x .

How efficient was this document? Its preparation did contribute to making Du Pont enthusiastic and active, for sure , but it was also destined to other actors, and especially financiers and merchants who could provide capital for the project. Presented in a neater and more definite way in an Overview of a commercial establishment to be formed in America by the Dupont de Nemours Fathers and Sons & Company, the plan indeed circulated in 1798 and 1799 among potential shareholders. This version, slightly different from the previous one, notably specified with much more clarity the financial structure of the establishment:

The society will last for 12 years. It will not be allowed to put together more than 400 shares of 10 thousand pounds each, to form the capital of 4 Millions. Each year, until the liquidation of the society, their will be stock dividend, for the interest of capitals, that will add to the generous benefits of the enterprise. This dividend will amount to 4 per Cent for the 4 first years, 6 per Cent for the 4 following years, and 8 per Cent for the four last. A (unreadable word) of 200 acres will be reserved for every shareholder, per share, at the price of primitive acquisition, and that every shareholder will use how he pleases xi .

Du Pont thus conceived the financial aspects of his plan in a purely calculative way, starting from a minimum dividend that equalled the maximum level long imposed to interest rates in Old Regime France (4 %) (Perrot, 1978)

Performing physiocracy: Pierre Samuel Du Pont de Nemours and the limits of political engineering

The sub-title of the book was "Traite de la Population," and its central purpose was to show that a large population was desirable as conducive to the wealth of the country. It was a time of peace, and the population was already recovering from the set-back it had experienced during half a century. But it was seen that for a long time there had been, side by side with a diminution of population, a reduction in national wealth ; and in Mirabeau's view the problem of the statesman was to remove the economic causes which kept down the numbers of the people. "Men multiply," he says, borrowing from Cantillon, "like rats in a barn, if they have the means of subsistence." "The means of subsistence are the measure of population." The production of food should therefore be assisted. The burdens of agriculture should be alleviated. The small cultivator was to be encouraged and held in honour; the idle consumer viewed with reprobation. ..Luxury he defined as the abuse of wealth. An unequal distribution of wealth is prejudicial to production, for the very rich are "like pikes in a pond" who devour their smaller neighbours. Great landowners should live upon their estates and stimulate their development, not lead an absentee life of pleasure in the metropolis. Interest should be reduced, public debts extinguished, and a ministry of agriculture created to bring to agriculture the succour of applied science, to facilitate the development of canals, communications, drainage, and so forth. The state is a tree, agriculture its roots, 1 population its trunk, arts and commerce its leaves.[...] Such was the burden of the book which fell into the hands of Quesnay, a doctor at the court, in attendance on Madame de Pompadour, the mistress of the king.

Higgs, The Physiocrats

Birth, death, union Pigged : the three plots in one

I watched Predestination (2014) last night.'s "plot summary" is remarkably ... disingenuous. Which is OK, considering the life.har of an "artwork," historically, I suppose, is to provoke reflection from its reader. "Join, Or Die" was and still is an ironical declaration of independence from "business cycles and markets" for WHAT?
visual aid
Memorable Quote (spoiler-free)
JOHN: What comes first, the chicken or the egg?
JANE: The rooster.
JANE: What does anyone want?
JOHN: Love.
JANE: Oh, fuck love. A purpose.
JOHN: Why can't love be a purpose?

And on that note, walp, by the end of the thread I also feel compelled to drag either Physiocracy (Physiocratie) or Of the Origin and the Progress of a New Science [!] by Pierre Samuel Dupont de Nemour (Yes, that Du Pont) back into the ring. The last time I searched was quite some years ago. '04? '06?

This abridged translation is only digital text I could locate, oddly enough; dry reading for anyone unfamiliar with Republic or ahem The Wealth of Nations.
Economics of Physiocracy
Myself, I've read only secondary sources on Nemour and Quesnay literature. (I'm not alone. I'm not in France, I don't read French, and don't have a Bibliothèque nationale de France card.) Here is one frequently cited translator of the principles, detractors, and financial relationship between founders of the "modern" republics.
The physiocrats : six lectures on the French économistes of the 18th century

See also an ironic, relatively brief biography (far superior to The Dial entry -- citations scrubbed, incidentally) of Nemour's "failure."

Neo- classical, liberal, conservative
I want again to suggest, to remind, that there is little originality in present-day polemic about "technology" --the means-- cemented in confusion by so-called professional economists about "liberal" ideology of government as if it were divorced from "conservative" ideology of government. The means evolve, but the purpose does not.

Well, the physiocrats were wrong about the decline of the agricultural share of the labor force. And let us hope that the techno-pessimists are similarly wrong about the rise of the robots.

'Physiocracy and Robots' (a Brad "beyond-oeconomics" DeLong, not Krugman, promo this time)

Liberalism really can be understood in any century as the rationale of "free trade" which free either extreme of the spectrum political techniques (mechanical and social media, culture) to exploit the means of wealth (H. George), i.e. the person next door.

The great difficulty in climbing out of that aspirational crater as always is to imagine the means to share it (rather than, say, "democratize," or more accurately "securitize," exclusive control of it).

The only toxic dump in Detroit I can recall is the one recently created by Koch industries.
news rolled by the bankruptcy filing, 2013
It's interesting to me what impresses HCN correspondents ("detroitism" Pigged). Remember Detroit Dan? He hasn't commented since 2012. I don't wonder why. The 'convo' has been pretty stilted for a long time.

(one thread, 2011)
Detroit has one great opportunity that I can see for a renaissance (and no, not another Renaissance Center joke...)
The air and water are cleaner around here than they were in our industrial heyday...
(as he was leaving ...portent of things to come)
Good pictures here: Tractors in Detroit « Bikes, Books & a Little Music

"[T]he Simon Community believe the Budget 2015's investment in social housing will only address a minority of the '90,000 households currently on the social housing waiting list'."
Homeless crisis is nationwide emergency, figures show
"Professors at the bottom end of the pay scale earn €106,516, rising to a final figure of €136,676....Commenting on the figures, the Minister for Education Jan O'Sullivan noted that 129 of the 150 third-level staff who earn more than €150,000 are academic medical ­consultants."
25pc of university academics earn more than €100k
"[David Begg, General Secretary of the ICTU] also maintained that TTIP could result in the alignment of 'European labour markets with those of the United States with all the inequality and insecurity this implies - a kind of transatlantic race to the bottom'."
"Green REIT invests solely in commercial property, whose values - particularly in Dublin - have rebounded in the past year. It was the first REIT (real estate investment trust) to list on the Irish Stock Exchange after Finance Minister Michael Noonan [FINE GAEL] reintroduced the financial vehicle in Budget 2013."
Green REIT may pay over €33m in fees to management outfit
Sinn Fein
32 County Sovereignty Movement
Irish Republican Voice
People before Profit
Workers’ Solidarity
"The main elements of the water protests, gardai said last week, are ordinary people who have been hit by austerity measures stuctural adjustment programming."
Protest gardai under protection from water mob
(Mr Kenny's Dáil instituted water fees, for the first time in the history of Ireland, in 2012 Pigged)

This reference bears repeating Pigged all ye "Christian" nations

Casuistic (conditional) and apodictic (unconditional, or absolute) traditions at law
Lecture 10. Biblical Law: The Three Legal Corpora of JE (Exodus), P (Leviticus and Numbers) and D

Lead plaintiffs Schulz Family Farms has more than 100 acres of Roundup Ready alfalfa which they primarily sell for feeding horses and goats.... Plaintiffs James and Marilyn Frink grow 200 acres of the GE alfalfa, which they planted before the Jackson County ordinance passed.... Destruction of their crops would be an unconstitutional taking without just compensation, the farmers say.... They also seek $4,205,000 in damages.

Farmers Fight Ban on Genetic Engineering
:: right-to-farm Pigged
Landmark 20-Year Study Finds Pesticides Linked to Depression In Farmers
Monsanto Sues to Reverse Hawaii Vote Banning Genetically Engineered Crops
"The closer the people are to Government, the better IMO."

Banks estimate that this decision will allow them to draw additional liquidity amounting to 10-12 billion euros without having to submit any new collateral to the ECB.

More cash for banks with same papers

Former Prime Minister Costas Simitis on Friday backed PASOK leader Evangelos Venizelos’s proposal to create a new center-left party with the Socialists at its heart. The two men met a day after Venizelos held talks with another ex-PASOK leader, [FORMER PRIME MINISTER] George Papandreou.

Simitis supports Venizelos over new movement

There are two overarching propositions in SYRIZA’s economic agenda: (a) The Memorandum is to blame for the crisis, and not the reverse; (b) the Greek economy’s main problem today is the lack of sufficient demand and not supply. Both propositions are popular, and both are wrong. [...] Maybe all that would work if we were living in a closed economy with its own currency.

SYRIZA’S economic agenda | OpEd
:: Pigged
No Technocrat, No blood relation to Podemos, Or PASOK
Greek PSI: Public offer results, debt exchange timeline
" 'Look, the bonds that are covered isn't some indefinite concept,' a frustrated Imhotep told the packed courtroom in Federal Court. 'It's not all particular bonds.' "
"banks will be entitled to borrow from the Eurosystem, conditional on their lending to the private non-financial sector"


Since Oklahoma opted out of creating its own health insurance marketplace under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services set up and operates an exchange there.
Oklahoma brought a federal complaint in 2011 because receipt by just one state employee of a tax credit for enrolling in a HHS-offered plan would trigger the state's liability since Obamacare penalizes large employers that fail to provide adequate coverage.
It is "absolutely paramount" the Supreme Court hears the lawsuit "to ensure state's rights are on the table when a decision is made," [Attorney General Scott] Pruitt said in a statement.

The right to refuse taxpayers subsidy and tax credit.

"Congress empowered the states with the decision of whether to establish an exchange but the IRS has tried to circumvent that intent by allowing billions in illegal [?!] subsidies to be paid out [TO POLICY HOLDERS]. Such a clear overreach by a federal agency directly impacts the ability of the states to make the exchange decision as Congress intended."

Obamacare Subsidy May See State Intervention

:: literacy Pigged
"What remedy do Appellant seek for their grievous injury alleged?"
"because Congress did not use an 'if/then' formula to signify that credits are available only on state-established Exchanges"
Halbig et al. v. Burwell, No. 14-5018 | US Ct. Appeals
Affordable Care Act Tax Provisions | IRS
MedicaidX: WA, OR, CA, NV, AZ, NM, ND, MN, IA, IL, AR, IL, MI, OH, KY, WV, MD, NY, NJ, DE, CT, MA, RI, NH, HI, D.C.
No MedicaidX: MT, ID, WY, SD, NB, KS, OK, TX, LA, WI, IN, TN, AL, MS, GA, FL, VA, NC, SC, ME, AK
undecided: UT, MO, PA, VT
State Medicaid Expansion a/o 6 Nov 2013
HIX Money Markets


Remember that scene? Or GROOT's resurrection in the credit roll?(I guess not, but as it happens --serendipity-- that flick was my bedtime story just last night.)

hit it, Mike

:: Pigged
Sin Lasalle
"We is born a poor black child."

Thank you for an unusually elaborate description of your thought process ("reasoning").

This information, however, neither identifies ("names") nor fulfills the value(s) attributed to one or more "non-price variables" which purportedly express a shift in either supply or demand curves in a period.

:: repressed Pigged
Slide No. 10

A point on a "demand curve" purportedly represents average price paid for some thing.Pigged
A shift of a supply or demand curve purportedly represents a change in a non-price variable Pigged.

If both "information" producers' inputs are equal ( and the cost of consumption is equal ("certeris paribus"), what message about "non-price variable" value(s) are you attempting to communicate?

Historical linguistics
Bernal, Martin, Black Athena, The Afroasiatic Roots of Classical Civilization, Vol II, III in particular Pigged

How popular is

:: "Aren't we all just various parts of Rob's psyche?" Pigged
Evidently not.


Duly noted: "But what’s the pretext? How can military intervention be sold to a war-weary nation that knows next to nothing about [BIOLOGY]? When 9 out of 10 members of your own cabinet couldn’t name the leader of the [WEST AFRICA]. Fear is good. Yes, fear is the ticket. Turn the creeping national anxiety to your own advantage. Use the very anonymity of [PANDEMIC] to hype the spook factor."

:: CFR 36% Pigged an "underreporting" error
"I hope she runs for public office."
Stop calling me 'the Ebola nurse'

The CEO's should be made corporals.

In America, the CEO is the corporation, explaining in part why it is so common to read or hear demands for "justice" expressed as a photo-op of Jaimie Dimon or John Corzine in an orange jumpsuit.

A corporation is an alias. Pigged

And what is an alias but a "legal fiction" or "term of art?" I believe you ought to know this and acknowledge that at this late date in Anglo-merican jurisprudence and political philosophy, instantiating the idea that corporations are not people is a mug's game.

Which is nice.

m'k. Now THAT is funny!

:: First Party System Pigged Democratic-Republicans vs Federalists
The First American Party System: Events, Issues, and Positions (3 Lessons)
"Founding vaters intend indenture last very long time."

Corporations are not people.

More often, however, a [TRANSPORTATION DEVELOPMENT DISTRICT] TDD [MO leg., 1990] is just another needless handout to billionaire developers. With one rather remarkable difference. Unlike a [TAX INCREMENTAL FINANCING] TIF [MO leg., 2007] or [COMMUNITY IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT] CID [MO leg., 1998], the public (or its elected representatives) have no say in the matter. Since St. Louis judges are appointed, the project is approved (TDDs are always approved) by an unelected judge. Taxpayers have no say whether sales taxes are imposed or what happens to their tax dollars or even whether the transportation projects are needed.

op cit

"Does that make bribery a form of communism? "

"Skim like demand and payment of interest is the ultimate redistribution program."

Corporations are not people.

Wal-Mart doesn’t always use outside developers (or inside developers like Kroenke) to build its discount stores and supercenters. “Sometimes Wal-Mart is itself the developer,” says Al Norman, an anti-sprawl consultant. When Wal-Mart purchases and develops a site it utilizes the Walmart Real Estate Business Trust, one of its many subsidiaries.

op cit

Simile suicide, or metaphor madness? You be the judge.

"Skim is the ultimate redistribution program. Does that make skim a form of communism? "

Corporations are not people: "Today, Kroenke — the 105th richest American — has an estimated net worth of $5.7 billion. His wife, Ann, is worth an estimated $4.8 billion. Kroenke owns the Denver Nuggets, the Colorado Avalanche, the St. Louis Rams, the Colorado Rapids and, in a sure sign that he is running out of ways to unload his billions, the English soccer club Arsenal."

nyuk. nyuk. nyuk.

re: " old Dr. Mary, who never made belittling remarks in regard to Greeks"

Within just one week debts adding up to 132.17 million euros have been arranged at the Center for Collection of Social Security Arrears (KEAO) through the new repayment program, which constitutes a strong argument for the government in its negotiations with its creditors, who are seeking more changes to the settlement regulations.

Debtors race to apply for settlement

The traditional protest march began with a ceremony in front of the Polytechnic School and it was accompanied by an indirect dispute, between the youth organizations of parliamentary and extra-parliamentary leftist parties, on who would carry the ritual flag.
The protesters shouted slogans against the government, the European Union, the Crazy International Monetary Fund and the police, calling them "Golden Dawners in uniform."

well, yeah

The slogans culminated when, two hours after its launch, the procession arrived in front of the US Embassy where the traditional slogans "Americans - murderers of nations" and "The people do not want you. Get out" could be heard. The slogan "Freedom for Palestine" could be heard several times as well.

Greece marks the 41st anniversary of the events at the Polytechnic School in Athens under unprecedented security measures

This process formed part of an existing program aimed at the recruitment of 10,000 jobless people aged between 30 and 66, while a new program for the subsidized employment of 6,000 unemployed aged 18 or over will also begin in the next few days.

Businesses rush to join subsidized jobs program

Not "on topic". Not China "hard landing."

"Even a higher education degree is no guarantee of steady employment. The relative number of highly-educated long-term unemployed grew the most in the period between September 2013 and 2014, up 32 percent for example for persons with a Master’s degree."
Long-term unemployment doubles in six years
"They and two others in a trial work programme get a daily allowance of nine euros on top of their unemployment benefit for participating in the scheme."
Lifestyles of the jobless: Five days unpaid work, two days in the soup kitchen
"The disgruntled worker noted that most full-time workers at K-Citymarket’s Lielahti outlet were unit managers, while other workers were employed on a part-time basis, and generally worked between 15 and 33 hours per week."
Employees take retail giant to court over part-time work

Hag Watch Int'l.
Duly noted: "Rivers was utterly humiliated and admitted as much in the outstanding documentary made about her life titled, Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work. But after a fifty-five-year career of pioneering those same kinds of disgusting, woman-hating jokes and constantly calling women cunts, including calling her daughter Melissa 'a stupid fucking cunt' for not posing in Playboy magazine, Rivers was reaping what she sowed."

re: mental disorder is a communicable disease

Far-right and anti-EU MEPs got together on Tuesday to collect enough support for a motion of censure, which must be debated and voted on, possibly as soon as next week.

The Five Star movement [M5] of Italian former stand-up comedian Beppe Grillo is behind the attempt to declare Juncker “intolerable”, claiming he has lost his credibility as president of the European commission following the so-called Luxleaks disclosures in the Guardian and other newspapers.
The far left in the parliament, while refusing to make common cause with the extreme right, is also trying to drum up support for a motion but so far has failed to gather enough signatures. ... Tuesday’s motion was supported by 44 from the Ukip-led caucus and 32 non-attached ["NO ADSCRIT"] MEPs who included Marine Le Pen, the leader of France’s National Front. Le Pen and Ukip’s Nigel Farage are usually hostile towards one another. ... The mainstream parties of the centre-right and centre-left, however, as well as many liberals, are solid in their support of Juncker, although there could be social democrat defections in the vote as well as support from some Greens.
The motion said: “EU member states have lost billions of euros in potential tax revenues due to aggressive corporate tax avoidance schemes in Luxembourg, established during the period in which the new president of the european commission Juncker held the office of prime minister of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. [It] is intolerable that a person who has been responsible for aggressive tax avoidance policies serves as president of the European commission”

Jean-Claude Juncker faces censure vote over Luxembourg tax schemes

[French, Spanish plaque attack -ed.]

:: repressed Pigged
EU tax havens drain money from developing nations
Merkel defends Juncker's nomination (2014)
Goodbye Mr. Euro? Jean-Claude Juncker May Be Back Soon (2013)

I could just argue that the inflation would be much lower if the Chinese CB had allowed the Yuan to float instead of supping up USD.

Good luck with that. I look forward to your discursion, considering the "community" discussion thus far has not recognized nor assimilated (for a long time; though I've commented before on China's position) supply chain dependencies attributable to "GDP" calculation or FX.

That is to say, the Anglo-merican business press will forget (as is the custom) that the country's raw and intermediate goods and services (e.g. "piece work") have for centuries been exploited by "western" factors in finished goods such as, o, Perry Ellis, WarnaCo, or Apple. Accordingly, one may easily explain changes in China "growth" and RMB (vs. yuan) FX valuation by changes in western demand for finished goods exported from China and terms of "global" political economy.

Ubn warned: China's aspirations are to climb the supply chain.

Thank you for your honesty. Well done.

:: AZ notwithstanding Pigged perfect competition
The Crime of Overbilling Healthcare

:: value and volume Pigged

I wish this would happen. In a just world, garbagemen would make much more money than, say, branding consultants.

That's something I love about this concept. It'd actually result in people being paid a "market value" for their work. How much are you willing to pay for clean streets, basically?

Insight: "A major cause of being poor is not having enough money..."

Please, ignore Ms Rehms's muttering. LISTEN to the discursion on principle and (USD) value with "Bro."
A Conversation With The New Chairman Of The National Endowment For The Humanities

:: Pigged
I made a book recommendation: Issaac Asimov, The Complete Stories, Vol. I (1990)

Common Core [SIC] will put America so far behind the rest of the real world,

States' implementations of Common Core principles will put America so far behind the rest of the real [?!] world.

I have before commented on this subject, Common Core principles (published) and provided examples of state-legislated, committee curricular implementations tied [legal meaning] to the DoE's block grant [legal meaning] requisites in order to demonstrate that the principles are not problematic, the executions of principles are problematic.

For the most part, children receive the education that their parents --not the government-- dictate.

If you are not satisfied by these facts, please, retreat to a genetic explanation for incompetent performance of verbal and mathematical skills, attributed to the "average" American child.

re: "there are no transfer payments"

”The EU should compensate for the losses Finland has incurred by the sanctions, plain and simple. Starting prices are irrelevant. It is extremely rude for the Agriculture Commissioner and the EU as a whole to set a pretext that puts Finland in such an unequal position,” Soini continues.
The 28 million euros will be divided among the Baltics according to how much milk they have produced in the last three-month quarter. Estonia will receive 6.9 million, Latvia 7.7 million and Lithuania 14.1 million.

EU leaves Finland off dairy subsidy list – opposition blames “complete EU policy failure”
< wipes tears >

Read also
Duma foreign affairs committee chief: Finland willing to end sanctions 13.11.
Rauma shipyard unemployed to get 1.4 million euros in EU aid 4.11.
Food exports to Russian plummet over 60 percent in one month 31.10.
Finnish Food Authority rejects Danish 'Putin cheese' 15.10.
Food prices to drop due to Russian sanctions 2.10.

:: crabs-in-barrel Pigged
IMF chief: eurozone showing symptoms of Japan's chronic economic ills
EU prepares compensation for farmers hit by Russia sanctions