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Subhead Highlight of the w/e 18 April 2015
" 'Darkie' dialect in the always racially sensitive LA Times"
in Today -100

bigot inversion?

"Tata has engaged in a systematic, company-wide pattern and practice of discriminating in favor of South Asians and against individuals who are not South Asians in hiring, job placement, and termination," Steven Heldt says in his April 14 complaint. Tata is the only defendant.
Heldt accuses it of threefold discrimination: hiring 95% of its workers, most of them from India, on H-1B, L-1 and B-1 visas; hiring a disproportionate number of local South Asian workers; and discriminating against non-South Asians in promotions and firings.
Within a week of starting work as a project manager providing IT services to Kaiser Permanente in 2012, he was removed from his job position and given one with lesser duties, Heldt says. A few months later, he says, was taken off the Kaiser account and given no more client work. He claims that his Indian supervisor, Mohan Reddy, told him it would be difficult for him to find Heldt a new position because he is American.

Indian Firm Accused of Bias in U.S. Hiring

The press release from the National Institutes of Health Information [NIH] Technology Acquisition and Assessment Center omits any of those companies' names, focusing instead on the 44 small businesses in that group from multiple socioeconomic categories.
The 65 contract winners are as follows: Advanced Computer Concepts Inc.; Affigent, LLC; Akira Technologies Inc.; All Points Logistics LLC; Alvarez and Associates LLC; Anacapa Micro Products Inc.; AT&T Corp.; Blue Tech Inc.; CAS Severn Inc.; CDW Government LLC; Computer Marketing Associates Inc.; Computer Sciences Corp.; CounterTrade Products Inc.; Dell Federal Systems LP; DISYS Solutions Inc.; DLT SOLUTIONS LLC; Dynamic Systems Inc.; Emergent LLC; En-Net Services LLC; FCN Inc.; FedStore Corp.; Force 3 Inc.; Four Points Technology LLC; Futron Inc.; GovConnection Inc.; Government Acquisitions Inc.; Govplace; GovSmart Inc.; Hewlett-Packard Co.; Ideal System Solutions Inc.; IMPRES Technology Solutions Inc.; IMS Government Solutions Inc.; InfoReliance Solutions JV; Insight Public Sector Inc.; Integration Technologies Group Inc.; Intelligent Decisions Inc.; International Business Machines Corp.; Iron Bow Technologies LLC; iStor Solutions LLC; iT1 Source LLC; Jeskell Systems LLC; Koi Computers Inc.; Lilien Systems; MA Federal Inc.; MARSHALL Communications Corp.; Mercom Inc.; MicroTechnologies LLC; New Tech Solutions Inc.; Norseman Inc.; Panamerica Computers Inc.; PC Specialists, Inc.; PCPC Direct, LTD.; Presidio Networked Solutions Inc.; Red River Computer Co. Inc.; Spectrum Systems LLC; Sterling Computers Corp. [SRSLY?!]; Strategic Communications LLC; Swish Data Corp.; Sword & Shield Enterprise Security Inc.; Synergy Group; Three Wire Systems LLC; UNICOM Government Inc.; ViON Corp.; Westwind Computer Products Inc.; and World Wide Technology Inc.

IT Firms Get $20 Billion Government-Wide Contract

no assets under US jurisdiction

Sumbuddy, call Griesa.

Wyly, 77, of Dallas, a philanthropist


and contributor to Republican causes, made his fortune co-founding Sterling Software in 1981 and buying an interest in arts-and-crafts retailer Michaels in 1982. Sterling was sold for $4 billion in 2000 and


Michaels Stores for $6 billion [?!]in 2006.

< eyebrow >

The SEC sued the Wylys in 2010, accusing them of playing a "global game of hopscotch" by hiding assets in their four companies - Sterling, Michaels, Sterling Commerce, and


Scottish Annuity & Life Holdings Ltd. - from 1992 to 2004.

You Think You've Got Tax Problems?

SNCF, the French national railway wholly owned by the French government, allegedly operated the trains that deported 75,000 Jews and tens of thousands of other "undesirables" from France to Nazi death camps where less than 3 percent survived. Scalin is a U.S. citizen, while Piquard and Cherrier are French citizens. All three plaintiffs' grandparents were deported on SNCF trains.
The rail company's collaboration with the Nazis allowed SNCF to profit handsomely during the war, keep its corporate structure intact, and survive the war with a healthy operating capital, largely gained by the sale of stolen Jews' property, plaintiffs claim.

Plaintiffs say U.S. courts properly have jurisdiction over SNCF's violations of international law because claims brought against SNCF in France have been dismissed by the country's highest court, foreclosing all actions against SNCF for the restitution of property or payment of reparations.

France has established public benefit programs for Holocaust victims, but none of these programs compensate the victims' heirs for property taken on the trains, according to the complaint.

French Railway Faces Holocaust Class Action

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Jewish leaders in Greece want Germany to pay more in reparations – with 7 decades of interest

In 2009, [NEW!] GM's former company [OLD GM] sold its assets to the current limited liability company that owns it under an agreement that also shields the new owner from successor-liability claims.
Introducing the summary of conclusions, the opinion stated: "New GM is right when it says that most of the claims now asserted against it are proscribed under the sale order."

Gerber continued: "But that is only the start, and not the end, of the relevant inquiry. And assuming, as the plaintiffs argue, that old GM's and then new GM's delay in announcing the ignition switch defect to the driving public was unforgiveable, that too is only the start, and not the end of the relevant inquiry."

'New' GM Ducks Majority of Faulty Ignition Suits

The sheer naming of things, the creation of words, is the human way of appropriating and, as it were, disalienating the world into which, after all, each of us in born as a newcommer and a stranger.

H. Arendt, The Life of the Mind

emphasis in original

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wut? which is it? the NEW! GM or the OLD GM?
re: "17% ...of the new company [NEW! GM] to the unions."

Punked. Again

The leaders of Sierra Leone [GB], Guinea [FR] and Liberia [USA] are unveiling their regional reconstruction program at a meeting on Friday with the heads of the World Bank, the United Nations and the Crazy International Monetary Fund (IMF).
Koroma said he wants World Bank President Jim Yong Kim to deliver on his promise last year of regional reconstruction on the scale of the Marshall Plan, which rebuilt Europe after World War II. The three nations need about $4 billion [!!!] in debt forgiveness in addition to the relief already provided, he said.
The Crazy IMF granted Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone debt relief of about $100 million in February and urged similar action from other international creditors to help the countries deal with the economic fallout of the epidemic. The grant would allow each country to service their Crazy IMF debts over the next two years, according to the fund. The organization also offered the nations $160 million in zero-interest loans, subject to board approval.

Ebola-hit West Africa calls for $6 billion to rebuild economies

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Obama Asks Congress for Emergency $6.18 Billion to Fight Ebola; UN Says It 'Lacks Resources' to Stop Outbreak
"Making the continent virus-free for Anglo-merican infestors"
UNMEER - AFRICOM outpost, Ghana
Obama to send 3,000 U.S. military to Africa to help against Ebola
"It's a controlled experiment for the WHO and NATO grantmakers to explore the state space of the virus's genetic potential and efficacy of their 'voodoo' antivirals."

The People's Bank of China (PBOC) lowered the reserve requirement ratio (RRR) for all banks by 100 basis points to 18.5 percent, effective from April 20


A 3 percent reserve ratio will be assessed on net transaction accounts over $14.5 million up to and including $103.6 million, up from $89.0 million in 2014. A 10 percent reserve ratio will be assessed on net transaction accounts in excess of $103.6 million.

Press Release | FRB Nov 2014

Minimum reserves | ECB

1. Reserve coefficients
2. Standardised deductions
3. Lump-sum allowance

How to calculate the minimum reserve requirements | ECB

Duly noted: "Two other attorneys, representing both the Bishop and the District Superintendent, presented the same argument before the SJC Justices, asserting, 'In voluntarily joining the church as a member in full connection, Reverend Alberts submitted himself to a relationship within the church in which his Bishop and Superintendent has broad pastoral, even parental responsibilities and powers.' ”

Free thinking is hard work. Autonomy is hard work.

" 'Religious freedom' should not be a license for violating another’s civil rights, such as invading another’s privacy. Nor should it be a license for invading another’s country. Like former president George W. Bush did with his horribly destructive criminal invasion of Iraq. Which he repeatedly justified with the words, 'Freedom is not America’s gift to the world, it is God’s gift to every man and woman in the world.' (Acceptance Speech to Republican Convention Delegates, The New York Times, Sept. 3, 2004) And a large majority of white evangelical Christians said 'Amen!' and followed in the wake of that violent, unnecessary criminal war to convert Muslins to Christ. But oppressed Sunni Iraqis said 'No!'to Bush’s brutal invasion and occupation, and matched it in response by forming their own brutal Islamic State."

On Thursday, the ruling SYRIZA party announced changes to the country’s education system through minister Aristides Baltas. What it basically boils down to is doing away with a string of reforms that were implemented in the past and to a great extent going back to how things were before them, and specifically back to the 1980s.

Back to the beginning 18 April

Police intervention and then a prosecutor’s order early this morning put an end to the 19-day occupation of the central building of the University of Athens. Last night units of the riot forces deployed around the building as anarchists had blocked the streets with waste bins and set them on fire, throwing stones and pieces of marble at the same time. The riots began immediately after the counter-protest against the protest of the miners from the gold mines in Skouries of Halkidiki.

Police detain the anarchists who occupied the university 17 April
Never forget the lead

They protested against the decision of the SYRIZA government to block the clearing of 300 hectares of forest area where a metal processing plant should be built, according to the Canadian investor company Eldorado Gold.
Currently, the two other mines in Olympiada and Stratoni, which are operated by the Canadian company, are mining lead and zinc. The implementation of the disputed investment will lead to the mining of other metals.

"The mines in the region have existed since ancient times. The name of the peninsula Halkidiki (chalcos - copper ore) comes from them too. The campaign of Alexander the Great was fully financed by the mines. So, the mines have been working for thousands of years without causing any environmental problems," added the representative of miners.

Miners want their job, the government chases away investors 16 April

re: New Keyboard

Shouldn't you be somewhere else raising organic capital for the government of Greece?
(according to 'ECB officials')
Greece will use IOUs to pay salaries and pensions

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Greece will not seek an extension of its bailout package


Nadie es libre.
But that is not a principle which "classic" economics teaches, is it?

So. Pettis is an undiagnosed schizophrenic?

There's more to the story. There always is.

Detectives say these videos were taken prior to October 2011 at a karate studio formerly known as DC Martial Arts [BANKRUPT], located at 6936 Wisconsin Avenue in Chevy Chase. At that time, Soumbadze was an instructor at that studio. In October 2011 the business changed ownership, Soumbadze became a partner in the business and the studio name changed to On The Mat Sports International.

op cit.

  1. The owner ("sole investor") recalled memories and sentimenal achievements as a student at DC Martial Arts with parents today
  2. Soumbadze is her selected business partner in 2011
  3. DC Martial Arts d/b/a On The Mat does not offer karate instruction. Surveillance has been in effect for at least 3 years.
  4. Parent payors suggested today, the "sole investor" d/b/a DC Martial Arts d/b/a On The Mat change alias and reopen. Because wtf.
  5. Corporations are not people.

re: self-defense, depressive position, Real Life MBA (abridged. again.)
So yeah. tae kwon do classes were abruptly cancelled Monday, 13 April, with notice taped to the front door about "parent meetings." My associate informed me of the substantive issues one day later after grape-vine harvest of two prior meetings. But it wasn't until today that I happened to walk into an unexpected, somber "parent meeting" that I ascertained the scope of liabilities confronting the business owner (who tearfully characterized herself as a victim, too, of embezzlement, employee attrition ("collateral damage") and the fallacy of "stranger danger") and parents who questioned their children's fealty to Master Soumbatze. Between the lines the owner's mawkish account of the MoCo po-po sting and "collateral damage" didn't add up; and my subsequent, cursory review of reportage on the matter reinforces that intuition. The business is ahh (quote) "under water" and will close, effective immediately.


Tell you what tho': This firm delivered to my associate an exceptional lesson in self-defense.
Md. Karate Teacher Charged with Child Pornography Has Fled the Country
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"I'd like to think, it's Master Zimbatze (on account of the humiliations he's meted over the past five months; we watched him kick a student for
lying about his push up count"

Certainly not in my line of work, mary.

I speak to the intellectual history of "western" psychology (or "world history" or totalizing "neuro science"), not your clinical experience as you have discovered it.

Aha! The irrational and hysterical sex, or gender. You be the judge.

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Now the man knew Hava, his wife, in the flesh; she conceived Cain: "I have created a man as Yahweh has," she said when he was born.

~ The Book of J

Is it a "good thing" or a "bad thing" he was not alone in those peculiar contemplations of the UNIVERSE of < reckless eyeballin > dark matter?

:: Pigged
Is the Universe Built on Math?

Human society

Rly? That turn of phrase strikes me as grandiose, in consideration of the limits of knowledge (to "western" past, present, and ahh so-called political will ), or bounded rationality, expressed by HCN correspondents.

The Soviet Union was an ["]empire["] unto itself. In 1939, the only major powers without colonies were Germany and China. Once the war


ended, Britain and Holland [USA AND FRANCE] scrambled to ["]regain["] their colonies.

Four Myths About World War II 

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re: DCF, CAPM (T. Veblen, The Theory of Business Enterprise), decomposition (macro): risk ratios (alpha, beta), interest demand (P), microeconomics

Ed S., speaking of moralizing profit opportunity, it's time for that tutorial on "OPPORTUNITY COST."

re: Russia hasn't reached deal to provide $3.2-$5.4 billion to Greece: RIA cites Kremlin spokesman 

There is an excellent example of Anglo-merican propaganda in action, 500 words or less.
1. Expropriate news story
Moscow denies planning multibillion credit to Greece 
2. "Cite" unattributable news source

On 9 December 2013 Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the liquidation of RIA Novosti and merging it with the international radio service Voice of Russia to create Rossiya Segodnya.[2] Dmitry Konstantinovich Kiselev, a former anchorman of the Channel One Russia is appointed as the president of the new information agency.[3][14] According to her interview, the editor-in-chief of the TV network RT, Margarita Simonyan was completely unaware about the reorganization of the information agency and got the information from listening to competitor radio station Kommersant-FM.[15] However, Rossiya Segodnya will not in any way be related to the television channel RT, which was known as Russia Today before its rebranding in 2009.[16]

RIA Novosti
3. Suppress actionable information
Greece in talks with Russia to buy missiles for S-300 systems
Bankrupt Greece shells out €500 million for [LOCKHEED] military aircraft

Because Schäuble/Schaeuble

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Tsipras-Putin talks yield pledge for better ties but no results

The only project that I authored and performed as an inaugural member of the Women's Theater Collective at Yale was a response to a violence: Walking to CCL along Chapel St. two young males stopped me to spit on in my face. One hissed, "Nigger." I hadn't heard that since fourth grade in Michigan, when classmates ratted on a new comer to our school, young Mr Tim McCoy, lately of Kentucky, and my teacher Mr Sladen lectured the class on the impropriety of that epithet. At Yale, under the lights, I kneaded dough on a board to the rhythm of a monologue I'd written in 1983 but have now long fogotten.

Now the purpose of my class is not to stand silent. I hope that you will take with you that same determination. This is a local history after all. You live in it, whether you're live in Calhoun or whether you happen to live in Davenport and Pierson colleges. Who are aware this was spray painted two years ago [2010] outside the walls of the dining hall. Nigger school.

Lecture 1. Dawn of Freedom
Happy Black History D105, Y1
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Thank GOTT for Ken Burns and Nathan Bedford Forrest. Were it NOT for the meeting of these MINDS across TIME, no merican would be able to empathize with confederate gentry and their dependents in the EPIC STRUGGLE FER FREEDOM FROM MERICAN SLAVERY.

Muchless volunteer for civil war re-enactments.
:: i-don't-do-tv Pigged McLuhan
" I would like for once to hear a lecturer who appeared to understand the views of the antebellum South and who showed some degree of empathy for the people who held them. Perhaps this is improbable in New Haven.

A country as steeped in exceptionalism as this one should have no difficulty with this. "

Say, No!, to refinancing.
Say, Yes!, to freedom from MERKELS SULFUROUS STEAMING BOWEL!!1!

"The mine employees, who plan to protest in Athens on April 16, counter that it is they who have faced intimidation and violence from the so-called environmental faction since the project was first announced in 2011."
'Civil war' brewing over disputed Greek goldmine

Summary (p) w/e 18 April 2015: (Some) Mortgagors in the EU expect 'refunds'. OMFG. The 'unintended consequences' of copying Anglo-merican QE, sorta kinda not. Anglo-merican business press frets over how bourgeois Europeans benefit, while FRB middle-class dependents wade through foreclosures.

Open market operations |
:: ONE TRILLION. ANY DAY NOW Pigged LTRO 'slike MRO 'slike OMT 'slike ABS (except terms)
Modalities of OMTs

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June 19, 1976, 1824Z, the "Angola Crisis" featuring MOBUTU and RUMSFELD

< wipes tears >

Next Week in GTFO! Express | Churchill and Rhodes: Secret Love Revealed

ubn Warned
"Fearing that Russia could retaliate against Ukraine following the entry into force of the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA) later this year, the European Commission is now pushing Ukraine to agree to a trilateral trade format, including Russia."
EU pushing Ukraine towards trilateral free trade, with Russia
EUR:UAH, 1:23.349
EUR:RUB, 1:53.2914
UAH:RUB, 1:2.2824

Today with NPR evening-commute, sumbuddy reported from "central Brooklyn" on how low-income families spend The Earned Income Tax Credit.

halp. I've been subjected to a molality intervention. Sumbuddy call the po- LICE.

< pick teeth >
"MAHHH JOB is to protect this country"
That Lauer Moment
ahh yess

Brownback and I are homies.

So you say.
I ain't heard much about wife swapping meets or time-shares in the cabin on the REPUBLICAN.

Send Sam Brownback a love letter. He's been 400% behind every congressional act and amendment to prevent Gitmo shut-down.

Frutti di Mare

The Associated Press notes: "The Italian operation was abandoned after criticism

from UK Foreign Office ( 2014 policy, budgets, and refugee demographics cited by NPR broadcast but not printed in current NPR digest)

that its aggressive search-and-rescue patrols encouraged migrants. Triton is more focused on protecting borders."

U.N. Calls On EU To Expand Rescue Of Migrants In Mediterranean 15 Feb 2015 (rebroadcast 15 Apr 2015)
because ...
NBC News, First published April 15th 2015, 4:48 am

Capaign 2012. Again.
HCN Mulls 0 DOWN, 5YR 0 ARM Mortgage App by Greece: Do It!

Greek Independence Day Near
"It was unclear where Greece, whose leftist government is struggling to secure the funds to meet its debt repayments, would find the money to buy more missiles."
Greece in talks with Russia to buy missiles for S-300 systems
(please send money)
:: Pigged
Tsipras-Putin talks yield pledge for better ties but no results
" We live in a very strange world. That military stuff could never be used against, say, . . .






Germany? ???"
Bankrupt Greece shells out €500 million for military aircraft 15 Mar 2015

4/3 forty : employment claim
My health insurance coverage (PPO, in-network, employee + child) is $200/mo. $900 combined deductible, 90% benefit after deductible, max OOP $5,000 p.a. (annual deductible, coinsurance, and copays total ) --like that's gonna happen.

hee. hee. hee.

That's pretty crazy ... no?

No. It's predictable.

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Stand your ground

"It isn't luck, though. Probability isn't luck. Whether you will abuse it and to what degree depends on your culture. You can only abuse it with the collaboration of others who keep you in power. It helps if they are trained to kiss your ring and accept your doctrine on faith."
wrote on Sat, 7/21/2012 - 5:10 pm (in reply to...)

we agreed that "do no harm" was a good thing to remember.

Yes, it is. As I used to say to the three's and four's, keep your hands to yourself. HUG ME! But USA FAILS.

:: Pigged
Instances of Use of United States Armed Forces Abroad, 1789-2012, Congressional Research Service (CRS), Washington DC, United States (Sep 2012) 33 pp, single-spaced
+ 4

("isolationism" is the biggest lie still running.)

Some may have noticed, in Anglo-merican propganda literature (periodic poll-smoking), that instances of "autonomy" are synonomous with not -"wired" or not- "programmed" behaviors, i.e. a normal statistical descriptions of selected politcal "issues," promulagated by "political scientists".

For what is government but conformation with average metrics (n = 1500) otherwise?