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re: GDP

Y'all are wasting your time picking that carcass, sum of sales.
Ima tell you what: when you finally locate some chart purporting to illustrate "spike" in "health care spending" (that can't differentiate G and C) in the period 1 April - 30 June after some % 6M tapped premium SUBISDY option, you're look at I and say to yourself, "SELF, what kinda spending is I?! And how'd "the market" PERFORM in 2Q?"

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Peddle faster, turnips, and don't turn around.

Duly noted: "They get picked up in a late model Mercedes Benz bus with tinted windows and an armed guard. There is a small placard on the windshield that says “Antigua,” the most secure city in the entire country. For two decades Antigua has been the main destination for white tourists from the United States and Europe. But between the airport and Antigua exists a Guatemala most tourists and volunteers never get to see. Especially white Americans."
:: Pigged
"‘A consortium with the other liberal powers of the world for the common development of their vast colonial possessions under a federated under-standing’."
"gliding through depredations to the 'resort' in a charter bus, as from isle to isle of the Caribbean"

"It is now judicially established that the Russian Federation's actions were not a legitimate exercise in tax collection [!] but, rather, were aimed at destroying Yukos and illegally [?!] expropriating its assets for the benefit of State ["]instrumentalities["] Rosneft and Gazprom."

Griesa v. Republic of Argentina: are you a good "nationalization"? Or are you a bad "nationalization"?

Osborne, when asked if claimants would consider pursuing BP -- a 20-percent shareholder in Rosneft -- warned: "I think it is safe to say that nobody is safe". The claims against Moscow were brought in 2005 by Hulley Enterprises Limited and Veteran Petroleum Limited, two subsidiaries of former majority shareholder GML Limited Pigged, both based in Cyprus [!].

Because yves mon dieu: Repeat After Me, Cyprus Is (Was) Not a Tax Haven

The claimants had demanded a total compensation package of $100 billion (74 billion euros), four times their total investments in the now-defunct firm, to take into account what it would be worth today, plus interest [?!].

Russia hit by $50 bn Yukos ruling, amid sanctions squeeze

m'k. Fiduciary doodie in the wild hits the BRICS with "opportunity cost," nets 50%.
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Can I get a hosanna up in here?! "What can't be paid ..."

Since it would be a private to private transaction, if the holdouts approve, Imhotep could then re-impose the stay action which means Argentina could then pay the restructured bonds with the blocked funds in New York banks and with no fear of breach of US law or the RUFO clause or the pari-passu ruling.

The 250 million dollar deposit from the Argentine private banks would act as a guarantee for holdouts to engage in negotiations referred to the non re-structured bonds deal with an agreed time limit of 90 days, which would be blessed by Imhotep if all sides agree.

Argentine private banks prepared to buy holdouts' credit; Kicillof/Pollack talks to continue today

The president was referring to Imhotep's decision to allow Argentina to make a one-time payment this week on bonds issued under Argentine law despite the blocking of funds deposited in a New York bank to pay the 30 June coupon to restructured bonds.

“These are contradictory resolutions: first yes, then no and now yes again bonds ruled by Argentine law can collect their monies”.

Imhotep authorized payments on restructured bonds governed by Argentine law because those securities can't be distinguished from bonds the country gave Spanish oil company Repsol earlier this year in compensation for the expropriation of its local subsidiary.

Cristina Fernandez thanks Mercosur support and again attacked Imhotep

:: mental disorder is a communicable disease Pigged
Russia to appeal $50bn Yukos shareholder payout

50% or nothing
"The ministry added that the Hague's arbitration court 'had no jurisdiction to consider the questions it was given'."
Russia to appeal $50bn Yukos shareholder payout
Sumbuddy call Griesa

According to an EU source familiar with the legal texts, the economic effect of the sanctions will hurt the Russian economy by €23 billion this year (1.5% of its GDP) and €75 billion in 2015 (4.8% of its GDP).
The EU commission expects the EU to lose €40 billion (0.3% of GDP) this year and €50bn in 2015 - the equivalent of 0.4 percent of the EU GDP - as Russia is expected to retaliate with trade bans of its own against EU countries, the source said.

Multi-billion losses expected from Russia sanctions
US slipped China a waiver

"'We are sick and tired of being interrupted by gunfights, despite the fact that we have agreed that there should be a ceasefire,' said Alexander Hug, the deputy head of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) team in Ukraine."
MH17 jet 'downed by missile shrapnel,' says Ukraine

"Pretty devastating footage, the missile warhead with fragmentation shrapnel must have exploded right underneath cockpit at front side of plane."
Shrapnel Damage of Cockpit MH-17 Devastating

What are the prime factors of "the market?"

Corporations are not people.
How does a corporation even draft a resolution?

Füllkrug-Weitzel indicated Brazil’s national local procurement programme as an example, which supplies preschools and schools with regional food products for their meals.

If TTIP comes into force, international food corporations could sue such a cafeteria programme due to "illegal, trade distorting measures" that contradict the interests of free trade, Füllkrug-Weitzel explained. Local farmers would lose purchases guaranteed through such programmes and, in the worst case, even be left with no land in the end.

German NGO says TTIP will undermine global food security

:: contain the swine Pigged bury the millet
"food security must trump over the hard core mercantile trade agenda embodying the TFA"
South Stymies North in Global Trade Talks
"Such a federated system would take imperial possessions out of the control of individual nations and end the competitive acquisition of the benefits of imperial dominance."
empire pooling
Humble potato ‘must go to Africa’, Germany insists

Corporations are not people.
How does a corporation retain a lawyer?

The "federal fiduciary duty" refers to the fiduciary duty owed by an investment adviser to his clients as determined by the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 ("Advisers Act").
V. The Substance and Scope of the Federal Fiduciary Duty: Illustrative Issues

SEC (2010)

§ 7:1.2 Fiduciary Relationship Defined
It is very difficult to define a fiduciary relationship. 11 Some relation- ships, such as attorney-client, partner-partner, and trustee-cestui que trust, are fiduciary relationships as a matter of law. 12 In other cases, “ [t]he problem is one of equity and the circumstances out of which a fiduciary relationship will be said to arise are not subject to hard and fast lines.” 13 A fiduciary relationship exists “ where there has been a special confidence reposed in one who, in equity and good conscience, is bound to act in good faith and with due regard for the interests of the one reposing the confidence.” 14 Where the relationship of the parties is not a fiduciary relationship as a matter of law, the burden of proving a fiduciary relationship is on the party asserting the relationship. 15 Most business relationships are not fiduciary relationships. 1

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

:: it's free Pigged
"Directors and officers, broadly speaking, have a duty of care and duty of loyalty to the corporation. From that flow more specific obligations under Federal and state law. But notice: those responsibilities are to the corporation, not to shareholders in particular."
How Milton Friedman Fomented the Barmy "Corporations Exist to Maximize Shareholder Value" Myth | naked capitalism

B. Sarbanes-Oxley Provisions that Affect Fiduciary Duty
Only one title of Sarbanes-Oxley, Title III, references corporate fiduciary duty issues, although it does so under the title of “Corporate Responsibility.” However, several other titles have the effect of regulating the conduct of directors and officers of public companies in a manner that is akin to regulating the exercise of their fiduciary duties. In addition to Title III, much of Title IV and section 906 substantively regulate the conduct of officers and directors.
Next, the section requires the audit committee to implement an internal complaint system to receive complaints regarding audits, internal controls, and accounting matters from within the corporation, essentially bypassing management [EMPLOYEES NOT DESIGNATED OFFICERS]. 38
fn.38. Sarbanes-Oxley Act § 301, 116 Stat. at 776 (to be codified at 15 U.S.C. § 78j-1) (amending the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, § 10A(m)(4)). “Management may not have the appropriate incentives to self-report all questionable practices . . . . The establishment of formal procedures for receiving and handling complaints should serve to facilitate disclosures, encourage proper individual conduct and alert the audit committee to potential problems before they have serious consequences.” Audit Committee Release, supra note 32, at § II(C). One of the challenges for corporations in complying with this requirement is how, practically, to set up a procedure for employees to communicate information to the audit committee without management intervention— something which is otherwise generally foreign to corporate information flow.
fn. 75 . Id. § 303A(7)(d)(viii). The audit committee should review with the full board any issues that arise with respect to the quality or integrity of the company’s financial statements, the company’s compliance with legal or regulatory requirements, the performance and independence of the company’s independent auditors, or the performance of the internal audit function. Id. § 303A(7)(d)(viii) cmt. The general commentary to section 303A(7)(d) states: While the fundamental responsibility for the company’s financial statements and disclosures rests with management and the independent auditor, the audit committee must review: (A) major issues regarding accounting principles and financial statement presentations, including any significant changes in the company’s selection or application of accounting principles, and major issues as to the adequacy of the company’s internal controls and any special audit steps adopted in light of material control deficiencies; (B) analyses prepared by management and/or the independent auditor setting forth significant financial reporting issues and judgments made in connection with the preparation of the financial statements, including analyses of the effects of alternative GAAP methods on the financial statements; (C) the effect of regulatory and accounting initiatives, as well as off-balance sheet structures, on the financial statements of the company; and (D) the type and presentation of information to be included in earnings press releases (paying particular attention to any use of “pro forma,” or “adjusted” non-GAAP Pigged, information), as well a review any financial information and earnings guidance provided to analysts and rating agencies.

Johnson and Sides, "The Sarbanes-Oxley Act and Fiduciary Duties," (2004)
:: do corporations read? Pigged
financial information for the interest of company shareholders

Bolivia, Venezuela, Cuba and India inflicted a huge blow on the dominant actors in global trade by refusing to join consensus on the protocol required for full implementation of the [TRADE FACILITIES AGREEMENT] TFA that is being pushed through the WTO with carrots and sticks.
“Nothing is agreed until everything is agreed in the Bali package,” India’s trade minister Nirmala Sitaraman told the Financial Times last Friday. Against this backdrop, India finally pulled the plug at the General Council meeting by saying that “the adoption of the trade facilitation protocol be postponed until a permanent solution on public stockholding for food security is found.”
Dasgupta, who played a major role in providing the rationale for exempting public distribution programmes for food security from WTO disciplines, offered several reasons why food security must trump over the hard core mercantile [!] trade agenda embodying the TFA.

South Stymies North in Global Trade Talks

:: This is good for housing prices, right? Pigged
"it's just a question of time before the initiation of an alternative to the WTO."
BRICS: The final after the final
After Losing Vote, U.S.-EU Threaten to Undermine Treaty
btw, U.S. grants Iran sanctions exceptions to China 2012

p 1192/pdf 44 - p 1197/pdf 49

III. CORPORATE FIDUCIARY DUTIES States, not the federal government, traditionally have regulated corporate governance. 211 In contrast to the statutory and regulatory mandate of Sarbanes-Oxley, state corporation statutes largely are enabling, not regulatory, in thrust. 212 These statutes establish the basic architecture of corporate governance, but they have relatively little to say abou tthe standards that directors and officers must adhere to or practice s they must follow. [...] This statutory “silence” meant that, historically, standards for the proper discharge of corporate governance responsibilities come from non-legislative sources. These may be non-binding and aspirational in nature, as with the notion of corporate “best practices,” 216 or legally binding, as with NYSE and Nasdaq listing standards 217 and judge-made law.

Courts have long recognized that corporate officers and directors are fiduciaries and that equity, not law, is the source of their fiduciary obligations. y former Delaware Chancellor William Allen:

The duties [corporate officers and directors] owe to shareholders with respect to the exercise of their legal power over corporate proper ty supervene their legal rights, are imposed by equity and are recognized and enforced exclusively by a court of equity. Chancery takes jurisdiction over “fiduciary” relationships because equity, not law, is the source of the right asserted. 218

The vocabulary of equity Pigged is not legal rules; indeed, from the outset the function of equity has been to correct the unfairness caused by too rigidly adhering to a universal, rules-based approach to justice. 219 Consequently, equity—although still susceptible to the lure of precision offered by rules 220 —largely approaches the obligations of directors and officers through the use of duties and standards. ... This is evident in corporate law, where the duties are broad and usefully ill-defined—decision-makers must act with “loyalty” and “care” and in “good faith,” but are accorded wide latitude in discharging their governance responsibilities in conformance with these standards. This is highly functional in corporate law given the strong “process” dimension to fiduciary analysis. 221 A “process” approach to judicial review avoids both overly strict substantive review and specification of rules of behavior, focusing instead on assessing whether the manner in which directors acted in a particular setting conforms to evolving understandings of broad standards. 222

Johnson and Sides, "The Sarbanes-Oxley Act and Fiduciary Duties," (2004)

well, yeah. It's a full semester, and your instructor won't be cussing you.

GTFO! Express | Airborne Epidemic edition

Straujuma blamed wild boar crossing in from Russia for Latvia's first-ever outbreak of the disease, detected on June 26. [...] The disease is harmless to humans but lethal to pigs and has no known cure.

Posing a lethal threat to commercial pig farms, African swine fever has spread throughout the Balkans, the Caucasus and Russia since 2007, and is endemic to areas of Africa, according to the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO). The FAO warns of "vast losses" if it migrates from Russia to China, which is home to half of the world's pigs.

Latvia extends emergency zone for African swine fever
< snort >
"Raising and releasing GM-mosquitos is expensive, and because they can't pass on their debilitating genetic traits, they must be rereleased every year."
Brazil to release millions of GM-mosquitos to fight dengue

re: corporations are not people, shareholders are not people

shareholder n. the owner of one or more shares of stock in a corporation, commonly also called a "stockholder." The benefits of being a shareholder include...


A binding contract between the shareholders of a corporation, defining the shareholders' rights, privileges, protections and obligations. The shareholder's agreement usually includes the corporation's articles of incorporation and bylaws.

Shareholders' agreement between shareholders of a company

In reality, as a common shareholder you are at the very bottom of the corporate food chain when a company liquidates ...
This hierarchy forms according to the principle of absolute priority. In addition to the rules of absolute priority, there are other rights that differ with each class of security. [...] The rights of bondholders are determined differently because a bond agreement, or indenture, represents a contract between the issuer and the bondholder. The payments and privileges the bondholder receives are governed by the indenture (tenets of the contract).

Knowing Your Rights As A Shareholder

:: prime Pigged fiduciary doodie
"Some shareholders are corporations. Some shareholders are corporations that are owned by the corporations that they own share in"

Where is Spo?
(hmmm. The PR rolled up after Bergdahl in June. Vacation? The Vineyard or Cabo?)

So yeah. Where is Mr. Samantha Power?

Arbiter of "psychological tricks" and conspiracy theories is laying low, typing and skyping with authorized journalists, while spouse puts food from "heart of darkness" on family.

"Lawyer and former Obama administration official Cass Sunstein received death threats after he was targeted by Glenn Beck, according to an excerpt from his upcoming book."
Cass Sunstein Received Death Threats, He Says In New Book (March 2013)
"Mr. Sunstein’s position should come as no surprise to those familiar with his work as head of OMB’s Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs. Under his leadership, the regulatory clearinghouse was shrouded in secrecy and became the place where controversial regulations went to die, with little or no public accountability."
Why Cass Sunstein is Wrong (June 2014)
as two right feet

Netflix and flavoured milk added to basket used to measure inflation

I do believe I missed the discussion of this adjusted non-GAAP item in Naked Capitalist's discussion of fiduciary duties to the kingdom's taxpayers. Was it tagged "loyalty" or "care?"

vendors often provide steep discounts or other incentives to stores to get the juicy locations

mmm, no. Store owners charge premium rent to vendors for "juicy locations". Store owners advertise "steep discounts" to shoppers for inventory that wastes marketable display space.

The book "Nudge"

Srsly? You're repeating "psychological tricks" discovered by the author of libertarian paternalism?
alrighty then, have I got news for you!
As a result of M&A with Nokia in March, Microsoft announced two weeks ago that the company will liberate 18,000 slaves.

Are most homes in the US really constructed with Chinese drywall?

Maybe Friedman is also responsible for the barmy "Corporations Are Not People" myth and its corollary ballads, "Shareholders Are Not People" and "Shareholder Value Does Not Equal Profit -- Song of Share Prices."

re: English-speaking Peoples Made the Modern World

further research reveals irony, or a genetic explanation, at the time DuBois published "The Souls of White Folk."

Following his research into the origins and development of human culture and society, Wells became convinced that the choice for humankind was between cosmopolitan unity and human extinction.

Still more fascinatingly enigmatical are the remains of a creature found at Piltdown in Sussex in a deposit that may indicate an age between a hundred and a hundred and fifty thousand years ago, though some authorities would put these particular remains back in time to before the Heidelberg jaw- bone.

Through the ideas of empire pooling...Wells himself acknowledged the impossibility of forging an immediate world union when he criticized the League of Nations on the grounds that countries like Abyssinia, India and the Hedjaz were accorded equal status in its general assembly with such highly developed countries as Belgium and the Netherlands and, indeed, greater status than countries like Germany, Russia and Turkey, which were excluded from the League in its early years of existence.1
The idea of empire pooling first occurred to Wells during the Great War, and he wrote of the idea in a letter to President Wilson in 1917.12

< wipes tears >

Later that year, however, in a letter to Lord Esher, Wells made it clear that he did not simply want colonies converted into mandates to be administered by their current imperial rulers. Rather he urged that Britain join in ‘A consortium with the other liberal powers of the world for the common development of their vast colonial possessions under a federated under-standing’. 15 Such a federated system would take imperial possessions out of the control of individual nations and end the competitive acquisition of the benefits of imperial dominance.
Wells believed that if the industrial nations committed themselves to assisting the ex-colonial peoples to achieve knowledge and wealth, they were justified in exploiting the resources found in the ex-colonial lands.


:: benzedrine in the ovaltine Pigged
H G Wells: “It seems to me that I am more to the Left than you, Mr Stalin”

Why are you addressing this note to me? What information leads you to the conclusion that I am unaware of transfer pricing strategies employed by transnational corporations or that transnational corporations "can avoid that tax by changing the location of their headquarters?"

Perhaps your note is meant for some other Mary.

re: "It [TAX ON CORPORATE REVENUE] is meant to prevent corporations from maximizing returns for shareholders."

As opposed to
US TAX CODE governing
1. tax EVASION; but not
2. tax AVOIDANCE; herein after
3. "capitalism: " ‘I'm very proud of our tax avoidance scheme... it’s called capitalism’, reveals Google boss

So to speak, in a manner of words, the blood, secretions, and bodily fluids from ppl of African origin could be contained,
unless, of course and naturally,
"it has the potential - albeit slight to right size the worlds population" in the continent of Africa.

:: possibly related news from Harpers Weekly Journal of Civilization, transcribed by Børge Solem

Inscrutable, technically incompetent CHINESE ppl employed by stupid, malnourished sub-Saharan black pple operate immigration facilities at all land and sea terminals in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, and so forth. BEWARE: do not accept seating in steerage.

AV aid

The Haitian and Dominican situations are being closely watched by American naval officers on the scene, who have given stiff warnings to the combatants in both island republics that peace must soon be restored and that no interference with foreigners or their property will be tolerated.
... The fruit company's steamer Anneta has finished loading at Sousa and sailed tonight for Boston. British steamer arrived this afternoon to take more British refugees to Turk's Island, and is under the protection of the armored cruiser Washington.

Friday -100: July 25, 2014

When did the war to end all wars begin again?

Belgium is preparing for war by mining its bridges. Britain’s King George is preparing by canceling plans to go to the race track, because sacrifice.

Today -100: July 27, 1914: The interest of civilization and humanity (fit to print)

Happy Black History Month | post-mortem edition

"In short, what is the black man but America’s Belgium, and how could America condemn in Germany that which she commits, just as brutally, within her own borders?"
&tc so forth and so on
DuBois, W.E.B., Darkwater, Voices from within the veil, "The Souls of White Folk" (1920), p 22

Happly Black History Month | as-is-the-custom edition

On 27 December 1916, Togoland was separated into French and British administrative zones. After the end of World War I, newly established Czechoslovakia tried to acquire the colony ... The British area of the former German colony was integrated into Ghana in 1957 following a May 1956 plebiscite where 58% of British-area residents voted in favour of joining [Nkrumah] upon its independence, rather than remaining under British-administered trusteeship.

The Dial
Knowledge truly is not esoteric. Some ppls just be stingy.

An international conference that dealt explicitly with the long-term consequences of German colonial rule for developments in contemporary West Africa was held at the University of Education (UEW) Winneba/Ghana, Thursday 29 September to Saturday 1 October 2011. Approximately 50 people attended the conference, where participants from North America, Cameroon, Germany, Ghana, and Holland presented papers, drawn from a wide variety of disciplines ranging from history and politics, to archaeology and linguistics.

German Colonialism in West Africa: Implications for German-West African Partnership in Development (2011)
My soul sister (remember her? now) shared with me her primary source, documentary findings (from Accra, more than a decade ago) about colonial administration as she discovered them. That reseach was for her in part the subject of her dissertation, but also a very personal journey through Ewe history up to her family's exile. iirc, the colonists employed miscegenation tactically, officially, to dissemble and re-orient historic, multi-ethnic alliances toward "citizenship." Conditional citizenship.

Data for this page came from the CIA World Factbook

I see a pattern.

:: same old Pigged ANNEXATION
"INDIA and GHANA and MALI and NIGER and DRC and ANGOLA and HAITI and LIBYA and SYRIA etc"
"to put Haiti in the same sentence as Ghana is ridiculous."
"They are not colonies and never were."
"His belief was malnutrition, specifically not enough fats, impairs brain development."
"Also, to what degee do we accept people who have ruined their own countries?"

LBS, and that ain't no coincidink.

Good old wire and mail fraud.

CFR › Title 12 › Chapter II › Subchapter A › Part 226

CFR › Title 12 › Chapter II › Subchapter A › Part 226 › Subpart A › Section 226.1
12 CFR 226.1 - Authority, purpose, coverage, organization, enforcement, and liability.

errata 404: also: "coalition of more than 25 states in filing a friend-of-the-court brief urging the U.S. Supreme Court to uphold consumer rescission rights under the federal Truth in Lending Act (TILA)"
I surmise, the TILA is not the relevant citation to which attys-gen, amici FTC and CFPB, refer to prosecute Home Affordable Direct, Inc., JR Holding Group Corp and Javier Gutierrez ("mortgage rescue" agents). Absent additional information (docket, pleadings, citations) I'm unable to advance attys-gen legal strategy; it may well compound multiple civil violations by state and federal statutes under RICO (to prosecute Gutierrez and unnamed conspirators of criminal offenses, ultimately).
PUBLIC NOTICE c/o 15 U.S. Code § 1601 - Congressional findings and declaration of purpose @


Would you like to be part of citizen science? [More information about this research]

We are researching what makes a legal rule hard or easy to read or use. With your help, we hope to create a database of legal rules classified by difficulty and other characteristics. We also hope to better understand how usable legal rules may be for different parts of the community. Participation is voluntary and takes less than a few minutes. You can opt out at any point. You can rate one rule or as many as you like. Results of our research will be made publicly available through this site and the ANU in the coming months....

< wipes tears >

:: Pigged
Incidentally,microeconomic methodology seeks to quantify preferences ("utility")...

yes, well, that is a cynical copy edit.

is restitution even a possible remedy for those who lost their homes/were scammed?

"Restitution" and "remedy": You know the limitations of US courts, civil and criminal. This statement, "Restitution is intended to make people 'whole' again, is lofty, considering that retribution seems to me, in my experience, a more accurate rendering of "the people's" expectation for justice delivered by "gubmint."

Do you think that will be the remedy sought for [by WHOM?] and granted in this litigation (I don't even know if the statutes provide for it or if it's damages and that's subject to appeal, negotiation w/the state to lower the payments, etc.

Yes. This case is a civil action.

Along with the FTC and CFPB, attorneys general from the following states participated in today’s sweep: Arizona, Delaware, Florida, Indiana, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Washington and Wisconsin. Also participating is the Maryland Commissioner of Financial Regulation and the Washington State Department of Financial Institutions.

In the event attys-gen prove charges against defendants --this one interstate operator-- they would petition the US district (I dunno which, NY southern?) court for the maximum penalty under the law(s). e.g. the TILA, given the total number of plaintiffs defrauded. Because they can and the FTC and Ms Lizzy's baby can't or won't.

You may be disappointed to find that after all the appeals are said and done, Homeowners Pat and Pat may not get a new home or a personally customized check cut from their state's share of the award.

re: open market, capital paid in

And given the way the emerging markets are pushed around by the World Trade Organization again and again, it's just a question of time before the initiation of an alternative to the WTO.

BRICS is not free of tensions

However, it is clearly not a foregone conclusion that the new world economic clubs will actually function. After all, there are increasing tensions between the new superpowers, as well.

BRICS: The final after the final
bearded VoD | transcript
Nobel Economist Joseph Stiglitz Hails New BRICS Bank Challenging U.S.-Dominated World Bank & IMF, Pt. 1 @ 00:45:53
Nobel Economist Joseph Stiglitz Hails New BRICS Bank Challenging U.S.-Dominated World Bank & IMF, Pt. 2

:: Pigged
Opinion: BRICS bank is misleading packaging

re: open market

AMY GOODMAN: How did you end up going from Haifa, growing up in an orphanage, to becoming a broadcaster in Italy?

RULA JEBREAL: Simply when I was 17-and-a-half, I won a scholarship from the Italian government. I went to Italy. I studied there. I attended college. I became the first anchorwoman on the Italian television—first foreign anchorwoman, black anchorwoman, on the Italian television. I was attacked by the right, especially during the Iraqi War, because I challenged their views on the Iraqi War. When I visited Iraq, it was clear to me that there was no way that a military solution will be met with cheering. And it was clear to me that the country would be divided immediately and the Shiites will take over. So I wrote about this. I was challenged by the right-wing government in Italy on these views. I was even called the N-word on air by one of the ministers of Silvio Berlusconi, who actually was pushed to resign three days after because of the uproar of the media, because of that. Then I worked for so many years in Italy. I was a reporter. I read the news. And then I decided to go to my own world. I went to Egypt. I worked there for three months. I was on-air journalist. I broadcast a TV show—until I started asking the wrong question and tough question to the establishment. After that, I was off air, kicked out of the country. And I hope to find a platform somewhere.

MSNBC’s Sole Palestinian Voice Rula Jebreal Takes on Pro-Israeli Gov’t Bias at Network & in US Media

A.G. Schneiderman Serves Notice Of Intent To Sue Long Island Companies And Their Principal In Joint Federal-State Mortgage Rescue Fraud Sweep

maybe a little late.

Law, enactment and enforcement, is almost always retrospective; the injury must have occurred. Some people who have accepted the "reasoning" of pre-emptive doctrines and concommitant instrumentality of "Supreme Court law" will disagree. Some others will recognized that the reasoning for stare decisis and a presumption of innocence demands latency for action and judgment and secures principles of due process from autocracy.

As petty or impossible as litigation may appear at times, those venues for petitions --popular and juridical-- foment "movements" leading to accurate representation of "the people's" remedial expectations for just laws and their enforcement. In the future. So the attys-gen, in the interest of some states, some "people," seek uniformity among their allies to solve PROBLEM #4 and PROBLEM #7. Wink

Better late than never.

you see the International Brigade as a "hot mess of partisan subterfuges, bourgeois pretensions, executions"

You misunderstand me. That was not my intention. I see SPAIN '20 et seq. and INDIA and GHANA and MALI and NIGER and DRC and ANGOLA and HAITI and LIBYA and SYRIA etc as a "hot mess of partisan subterfuges, bourgeois pretensions, executions." (India being the only state still showing strong communist presence(s), I admit, with or without Moscow communiques).

I don't want to digress into a hash of UK and US exploitations of all the Spanish partisans. The perspective I noted is internecine betrayal among the so-called republicans, then as now, arising from imperial adventure and idealism.

You see "a heroics being played out"; I see Orwell as a white knight in an Evelyn Waugh novel; and Waheed in equally tragic pursuit of resolution to his family's defection to Britain. Incongruence, irony, is written all over that errant mission.

Waheed is wearing a white dishdasha and headband. Surrounded by Chechen [!] militants, he is asked to say something but declines because he cannot speak Arabic [!]. When the cameraman insists, Waheed says: "I don't want to try. It should come from the heart and I can't do it."
His family had ties to the British army: Waheed's grandfather and great-uncle served in the jungles of Burma during the second world war, and a cousin is currently in the Parachute Regiment.
"He martyred [!] himself for people he did not know."

I suppose, you relate to those sentiments. But where's your quote from White Skins, Black Masks or "the veil" where I would expect it?

I claim I know quite a bit more than you do about "hot mess of partisan subterfuges, bourgeois pretensions "

I'm sure you do.

(Updated my previous comment. You can read the links. I wasn't surprised they led me to Kyoto-REDD arbitrages. Ibn following that story more closely since COP9.)

re: the SPanish Civil war
Like I said: I can't speak to personalities in India's politics, and I'm not conversant with the parties (don't read the dailies). There are too many to judge quickly. Whence faint resonance to Orwell (noble crusader) in Spain (Catalunya) which was a hot mess of partisan subterfuges, bourgeois pretensions, executions and starvation.

The falanges (PP) are still running the republican monarchy farce with their side-kick socialist wing.

I see patterns. We've cross-talked this before. And I've been supplying HCN with historical notes and drops on current events in Africa and the diaspora ever since --between Black History Months-- which seems to arouse ressentiment among some HCN correspondents as if I were interrupting a reverie.

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I lived in Swiss Cottage during grad school....
Garvey's purpose in his time...

What do I think about what?

o. Medha Patkar? I found the BBC gallery accidentally a couple days ago. Then, I did a little, hardly comprehensive, backgrounder for myself.

I can't speak to individual personalities in India politics. More to the point, my understanding of historical India is minute -- just never caught that train. (Might have if I had chosen to do the 10th b-school reunion in Gao perhaps. I feared the worst of all worlds colliding on that event though --gliding through depredations to the "resort" in a charter bus, as from isle to isle of the Caribbean).

I find patterns.

re: the International Brigade

In Ghana, the anti-GMO movement is led by Food Sovereignty Ghana (FSG). The organization’s focus is multifaceted, having grown out of conversation surrounding the
increasing phenomenon of land grabs, the right to water and sanitation as a fundamental human right, water privatization issues, deforestation, climate change, carbon trading and Africa’s atmospheric space, and in particular, the urgent issue of the introduction of GM food technology (‘About Us’).

Climate change, foreign assistance and food sovereignty in Ghana

A briefing about power and control in our food system, focusing chiefly on South Africa's staple food maize, shows how a select group of companies, including Tiger Brands, Pioneer and Premier Foods commandeer the entire maize value chain and continue to squeeze the poorest South Africans.

Why Zimbabwe should continue to say 'No' to genetically engineered crops and food

Nowhere is this clearer than in the sordid history of U.S. food aid. Food for Peace was devised in 1954 to help dump abroad embarrassingly huge crop surpluses fomented by high federal price supports. The primary purpose of Public Law 480 (in which the program is embodied) has been to hide the evidence of the failure of other farm programs.

Obama US Aid Ravages Third World Farmers
To vanquish boko haram. And chinese imperialists.
Humble potato ‘must go to Africa’, Germany insists
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"He claimed that he dodged the draft [1969-1975] by going to Africa. His belief was malnutrition, specifically not enough fats, impairs brain development."
colonial evictions, civil wars, socialist experiments
AFRICOM, est'd. 2006
tri-state genocide, al-q everywhere
In fact, as various Washington sources state openly, AFRICOM was created to counter the growing presence of China
EU-Africa trade partnership negotiations stalled
Russia postpones planting of GMOs by 3 years

re: the International Brigade

In pictures: Life in denuded India villages, Madhya Pradesh

Around 3000 B.C, nearly 80% of India was forested.38, 14 Subsequent invasions changed entire landscape. First era in deforestation was shortly after absorption into British Empire.36 The 1894 British Forest Policy accorded priority to commercial exploitation, state custodianship and permanent cultivation....

Tropical Deforestation and Forest Degradation: A Case Study from India
"Commercial acuities like resin extraction, oil extraction, fruit guarding, plantation, mining and industrial productive also lead to massive deforestation."
Deforestation in India

The Sasan project also exposes deeper problems with the implementation of CDM and how it affects communities in developing countries. Reliance Power say they have the consent of villagers impacted by the project, but people the Ecologist met spoke of a distinct lack of consultation and exclusion from the decision making process.

UN-backed coal power station linked to deforestation and land grabbing
"The next hearing in the case will take place on July 23."
Madhya Pradesh government won’t cut trees till October forMahan coal project

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"Also, to what degee do we accept people who have ruined their own countries? "

Talking to yourself again.
bearly: So we agree.
SELF: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


My defense system - Once religion become the subject of conversation I go into an immediate trance...

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can't. even. carry. a thought. in the same thread!

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"Radical muslim groups on the receiving side of any kind of firepower is the right kind. "