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"... a breeding ground for this country's new [BWAH] elites, training grounds for the timid of mind ... Would you give your arm to get your child into one of the nation's top schools? Why? For the education, for the connections?"
The Educated Sheep Of The Ivy League, LISTEN

DISCLOSURE: I was recruited by MIT based on my SAT score. I didn't think about it (MIT, MIT Media Lab) again until post-grad at the age of 37, when I got an "endorsement." And passed again. Because, yanno, Boston-metro.

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"I only want my Grand to go to MIT one year in computer science so do I want him there at 18 or 25?"


" Insurance does not deduct from disposable income per the methodology. Nor does the tax penalty. We need a new word phrase for money left over after paying for individual mandates."

re: " It takes me many years to develop my people.", human resource management in merica

60 Words, on taxonomy: LISTEN
" Why do you think MIT got a Sloan and yet business colleges aren't opening engineering schools? "

a mid-career master's degree in general management and leadership initially supported by a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation taking place at one of three universities: the MIT Sloan School of Management, the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and the London Business School (LBS).

The Sloan Fellows

Disclosure: I am a Sloan fellow.

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"I am comfortable in granting the readers who matter a lot of innate ability and have learned to not sweat those who continue to demonstrate that they don't belong here. "
"While the endemic brokenness of HR is inseparable from the larger brokenness of tech culture and management itself, these anti-patterns perhaps offer a starting point for intervention and reform of human resources in tech."
HR Antipatterns at Startups
Engineering graduates are, and have been, the second-largest group of undergraduate majors interested in applying to MBA programs.
"Jas, Here's how it's done. Tavistock Institute Pigged - Illuminati Fascists Use Nazi "Mind Control" Techniques To Destroy America"

CYA dept

Can you think of even one justification (beginning with the letter "L") to documenting employee history and workplace conditions?

Let me help you.
Summary of the Major Laws of the Department of Labor

HR makes hiring decisions where you've been an employee? That's ... unusual.

Some people are averse to risk.

The 10-year yield is sliding primarily because demand for safety around the world is on the march again–for reasons closely linked to elevated geopolitical risk beyond American shores. The US dollar is still the world’s reserve currency and so the return of a risk-off [SIMILE MURDER] environment draws investors to the world’s proxy [SIC] for “risk-free” bonds.

Martin McFly PhD 
Some people are not averse to risk.

PREPOSTEROUS!, you say? You must be an DupB - - correspondent with HCN "media".

I sincerely hope it's the start of something larger.

A massacre? That would certainly create more "straight economic opportunity" in Ferguson for the right buyers.

He also rejected a call to institute a dividend and rarely repurchases shares.
In the more recent span, Buffett pushed the company into regulated capital-intensive businesses such as utilities and railroad BNSF, which he acquired in 2010 for more than $26 billion. He also propped up companies such as Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and General Electric Co., which turned to Berkshire for capital in the 2008 financial crisis when other sources of funding dried up.
Buffett has said intrinsic value, a subjective metric that accounts for [LABOR COSTS] the amount of cash that can be taken out of a business in its lifetime, is a better tool for evaluation.

Berkshire Rises Past $200,000, Extending Buffett’s Record

So I’ve been trying to come up with a theory to explain today’s elevated stock prices — and maybe convince myself that they could remain lofty for some time.

R. J. Shiller, The Mystery of Lofty Stock Market Elevations (2014)

The initial buildup of debt, Fisher argued, is re lated to certain changes in psychology, and his analysis anticipated much subseq uent discussion in the tradit ion of behavioral economics:

The public psychology of going into debt for gain passe s through several more or less distinct phases: (a) the lure of big prospectiv e dividends or gains in income in the remote future; (b) the hope of selling at a profit, and realizing a capital gain in the immediate future; (c) the vogue of reckless promotions, taking advantage of the habituation of the public to great expectations; (d) the develo pment of downright fraud, imposing on a public which had grown credulous and gullible. 6

R. J. Shiller, Irving Fisher, Debt Deflation and Crises (2011)
Nine "factors," none of which prime
Irving Fisher, Booms and Depressions, Some first principles (1932)

And another goddam thing: to judge by the comments in the previous thread, none of you read the "report." justaskin raised an interesting question about "one walls."

Estimating the Effect of Demolishing Distressed Structures in Cleveland-Full Report

The "cost-benefit" product does not account for either the number or value of new construction or permits on vacant lots at any time in the period. How might that "oversight" affect the so-called equity hedge value of occupied housing within 500 ft of a "demolition?" (researchers' recommendation for diversion of TARP funds to expenses of municipal and private demolitions notwithstanding).

Do you mean that zero interest rates are normal?

It is questions like that, coupled to continuous complaining about "government backed" and "government guaranteed" bonds over the past 7 years, which demonstrate how many HCN correspondents have never been acquainted with a finance textbook. Everything they claim to know about securities beta-pricing ("DCF" modeling), yield, "inflating away debt" and marketing "safety" they gleaned from color-coded chart porn.

risk free rate (alpha for all bonds and equities pricing)
"FINANCE 101.B "wut?", Martin McFly, PhD When bonds go down, equities go up. The end."
Martin McFly, PhD

why would one

ZIRP is the rate (plus the FRB's FUBAR "margin" a/k/a "taxpayer profit") demanded by the US TREASURY alone, because it can; unlike any one else and for no other reason than, the amount of federal notes available for sale are infinite, it has no competition, and there is no opportunity cost to compare. You are not the US Treasury.

Accordingly, the question you can't answer is, Why doesn't Treasury lend ("print") less?
The other question you can't answer is, Why are the ECB and Bundesbank charging bondholders and account holders for "safety"?

belated, schedule w/o 5 Aug

re: TISA, TTIP, "nice people, cRAzY politics" Pigged

The Missouri Right-to-Farm, Amendment 1 was on the August 5, 2014 primary election ballot in Missouri as a legislatively-referred constitutional amendment, where it appears to have been approved.[1] A recount is being considered by opponents due to the tight election results.[2] If the count is upheld, the measure would explicitly guarantee farmers and ranchers the right to engage in their livelihoods and produce food for others. What exactly that means, however, has been a point of debate in the Missouri agricultural community.[3][4]
“Right to farm laws (sometimes called nuisance laws) deny nuisance suits against farmers who use accepted and standard farming practices, even if these practices harm or bother adjacent property owners or the general public. Agricultural nuisances may include noise, odors, visual clutter and dangerous structures. Every state has some form of a right-to-farm law.[7]


Only North Dakota has so far passed a similar law, according to the New York Times.

A right to farm - Bill seeks to protect farmers from Obamacare - Turkey line speeds to increase under poultry rule

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"Once upon a time, journalists reckoned this WAS their job to do this."

A hallmark of racists is to rely on stereotype to explain an individual's behavior.

In this instance, "Protesters in Missouri loot businesses ," the race-baiting subtext of the reportage relies on an image (excluding protestors of different races who reportedly participated in the events the past week, so signifying the raceless tragedy wrought by the NEW! "militarized" state). Having established the illegitimate and "similar characteristics" of the looters and protesters, the auther states,

Some protesters wore bandannas over their faces and chanted: “No justice, no peace.”

but does not relate reportage about municipal police who had also concealed their faces and badges (I have reviewed such photo galleries online. Did you?) and does not identify the officer who murdered Michael Brown (released yesterday).

Yesterday's threaded commentary expressed concern for real estate, not unexpectedly.

Who wrote the article? Not Karma Police. Karma Police seems to enjoy ridiculing the conventional wisdom parroted by HCN correspondents. And reportage produced by MARKETWATCH editorial product is an excellent subject, given HCN brand loyalty and limited experience with civil disobedience rationale and methods.

This message was approved by CLINTON/NULAND 2024.

"IPCC was tasked [by WHOM?] with making AGW connections. It wasn't even a question."

"No attribution. No link. Again. Deliberate. "
~ The Adirondack Chair of Broadway on I95

The lease deals I have seen are not really saving [WHO?] much money

as compared to equipment TCO?

Why in hell would anyone expect a lessor to forego a profit opportunity during the useful life of his or her "asset"? Why in hell would a homeowner lease equipment which he or she may otherwise expect to convey along with other HH appliances and pergraniteel appointments purchased "improvements"?

Because slow-brain syndrome.

As a private citizen one doesn't have to show what IS happening - its sufficient to show the explanation doesn't stack.

You're working a little too hard to "re-imagine" or "re-discover" the wisdom of legal doctrine with which you should be intimate. As this principle of law enforcement --to differentiate tangible and intangible actions, ergo, sadly, mens rea-- has been said by Anglo-merican "opinion leaders" to distinguish Anglo-merican civilization from all other organizing principles of government ("conspiracy"), especially the tyranny of arbitrary reward and punishment ("autocracy"), ACROSS THE GLOBE. Until, yanno, "9/11 changed everything" about empire pooling administration.

Pick your reference. Today I choose this one.

Justice White did try and trace the maxim in the English common law tradition but could only find one piece of evidence. He cited an anonymous author of an article in the North American Review of 1851 who stated that the maxim is first found in a treatise on evidence by an Irish jurist named Leonard MacNally. White concluded that even "if the principle had not yet found formal expression in the common law writers at an earlier date, yet the practice which flowed from it has existed in the common law from earliest time [SIC]."

re: 1.237 billion (2012)
9/10 of HCN comments at any point in time are idiotic.

Most recently registered after seven years of opinions expressing the calumny of "government backed" or "government guaranteed" bond issues the sentiment that interest rates and yields of US debentures ought express "high risk."

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"Do we care a great deal about India's definition or of what material covers the floor? "
[emphasis added]
"Hard to believe...I don't think I've ever met a Chinese person that wasn't lactose intolerant... "

re: "box of cigars ...minutes later"

"This" does not rest on the governor's shoulder. "This" is compulsive lying by law enforcement agents to curry favor with middle-class, white spectators who expect properly "managed" ghetto "optics".

"Side note, ghetto didn't always have negative connotations but rather used to note ethnic/racial/national/socioeconomic concentrations."

Works erry time.

"A company spokeswoman said on Sunday that the trial should get underway "later this year", while GSK's partner the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) said in a statement on its website it would start "as early as fall 2014", implying a potential September launch of testing. [...] The U.S. NIAID - part of the National Institutes of Health - is also supporting work on other early-stage Ebola vaccines, including one from Johnson & Johnson's Crucell unit that should enter Phase I clinical testing in late 2015 or early 2016. "
Clinical trial to start soon on GSK Ebola vaccine (11 Aug)

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WHO approves experimental treatment for Ebola
Chinese Ebola doctors arrive in Africa
Hag Watch Int'l Humanitarian Award
"I gather you continue to call this an outbreak rather than an epidemic, Dr. Friedan."
Containing Ebola And Controversy Over An Experimental Drug
'Government stimulation' needed for Ebola research
"These primitive people don't want to go to a hospital because they are scared and they associate hospitals with death"

of course they are....happen often

I will say again, conspiracy per se is NOT a crime; conspiracy is a human behavior.

People conspire all the time in public and private domains of "society" to effect some organizational objective. The organization of one or more people into a descriptive or functional group is the basis of a social identity for the one, from the most minute form of interpersonal union, "family," to the most grandiose, "division of labor" said to define a "club," an assembly, a church, an army, a "movement," a corporation, even a civilization.

Whether or not the organizational objective of the group is a "secret" to those who identify with the group or those who do not identify with the group is a question only of the political significance of the group's effects, or artifacts.

Conspiracy to commit one or more crimes (the organizational objective) is a test of socially unacceptable behavior for people within and without the organization.

What riots? Whose national guard? What tanks? What fire bombing?

o. and ... "risk-free rate": what dat?

< pick teeth >

The clinic was also lucky. The Supreme Court issued 6 helpful patent decisions while our case was pending. In particular, Alice v. CLS Bank invalidated patents on taking mundane tasks and doing them on a computer. The patent in our case was basically for sending notification calls from a computer. Probably invalid under Alice.

Law Students Fend Off a Patent Troll.
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hit it, aretha
"the expression of the idea"

re: primitive people

"According to figures from trade association RenewableUK, wind reached its maximum output at 10pm on Sunday night, delivering an average of 5.0GW of power over the hour and meeting 17 per cent of national demand."
UK wind power sets new summer record - 12 Aug 2014
-- Does National Grid operate plant and transmission in the USA? Why, yes, yes it does.

Strong winds amid the remnants of Hurricane Bertha left the electricity network unable to cope with the amount of energy being produced by turbines on Monday. As a result National Grid paid owners £2.8 million to shut down their wind farms, at up to double the rate they would have received in subsidies had they actually generated electricity. A further £1.1 million was given to other power stations to generate electricity to make up the shortfall created by shutting the wind farms down.

Wind farms paid record sum not to produce electricity

[U]nder pressure from Dakar’s own [!] citizens, the ban was lifted under the last government of former President Abdoulaye Wade [2000-2012], a committed supporter of the free market. Hesitantly, the first solar panel importers made Dakar their home. They started selling water boilers and solar panels – at first, at very high prices. A simple panel set with a small water tank would set you back well over one million CFA Francs, or over $2,000.

Today, many more importers have started up, and while still expensive the price has come down noticeably. Much to the delight of users like Madame Kane Diallo Fatoumata Bintou Niang, a businesswoman who was interviewed at length by Senegal’s premier business magazine Réussir (Succeed).

The City That Made Solar Power Illegal [SIC]

Symbolic Analytic Work, USA: demonstration of PR placement

"Siemens has teamed up with Volvo Group to test the feasibility of an 'eHighway' electric truck system that uses overhead wires for power, much like trams. The test track, based in two lanes of a street in the city of Carson in California, features a catenary (overhead wire) system that it is hoped could be installed in the vicinity of the largest US ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach in order to reduce local emissions."
Siemens powers trucks like trams with overhead wires.
"The Siemens eHighway system electrifies selected traffic lanes using an overhead cable system. As a result, specially equipped trucks can be supplied with electricity in the same way as trams. Working together with the Volvo Group and its Mack brand, Siemens is developing a demonstration vehicle for the project. Siemens is also working with local truck integrators in California whose vehicles will be part of the demonstration as well."

First Siemens eHighway in the USA

So yeah. Yesterday during a compulsory lunch break at the establishment of my seasonal retail employer, I made the mistake of listening to a portion of the Diane motherfucking Rehms show, broadcast by VOA/NPR. This programming prepared the listening audience to accept the RATIONALE, provided by the WHO and certain unnamed commercial parties, to explain a joint decision to introduce not one but "several Ebola treatments" to quarantined patients in Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone. Setting aside mens rea for the responsibility of "informed consent," merican spokespersons for the delay of judgment in selecting miracle cure candidates suggested that the WHO's panelists had sought, unexpectedly, to avoid any association by (unprofessional) observers of patients with "guinea pigs."

The outbreak has had about a 50 percent death rate, according to the UN, adding urgency to the search for a treatment.Two Americans and a Spanish priest, who contracted Ebola in Liberia, had received a dose of the treatment never tested in humans. The Americans have showed signs of improvement but the priest died on Tuesday.

...while Anglo-merican reportage advanced mortality rates ranging 90% - 100%...

The outbreak has had about a 50 percent death rate, according to the UN, adding urgency to the search for a treatment.

WHO approves experimental treatment for Ebola
"China announced on Sunday it would send three expert teams and medical supplies to Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone to assist in the prevention and control of the Ebola virus, with each medical team composed of one epidemiologist and two specialists in disinfection and protection. ... The government announced on Aug. 7 that China would provide relief worth 30 million yuan (4.9 million U.S. dollars) to Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. It was the second round of Ebola relief from China so far."
Chinese Ebola doctors arrive in Africa
2014 Hag Watch Int'l Humanitarian Award
"I gather you continue to call this an outbreak rather than an epidemic, Dr. Friedan."
Containing Ebola And Controversy Over An Experimental Drug

:: mission accomplished Pigged
'Government stimulation' needed for Ebola research

"These primitive people don't want to go to a hospital because they are scared and they associate hospitals with death"

I got your "wrong" motherfucking "side of history" ri'here.

There are Western concerns that Russia is using humanitarian assistance as a pretext to invade eastern Ukraine. At least 1,500 have died since Ukraine sent troops against pro-Russia rebels. The fighting in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions since mid-April has displaced hundreds of thousands of people, many of whom have fled to Russia. The Red Cross says it still needs more security guarantees and information about the aid convoy.
Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday announced the Russian humanitarian mission in co-operation with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

Ukraine may block Russian humanitarian aid convoy

“We have agreed to the route that is comfortable to the Kiev authorities. We have agreed to have Ukrainian license plates on our trucks during their movement in Ukraine,” [Lavrov] said. “We have agreed to take on not only representatives of the ICRC and the OSCE aboard the trucks but also representatives of the Ukrainian authorities.”
He noted that representatives of the Kiev authorities had tried to raise the issue of additional conditions for the humanitarian deliveries. He said he hoped such statements would be “disavowed and would not impede the implementation of agreements reached between Russia, Ukraine and the ICRC.” ... Meanwhile, the Kiev authorities are not planning to stop the force operation in eastern Ukraine. “The anti-terrorist operation will be continued regardless of the movement of the humanitarian convoy.

Moscow agrees to all of Kiev’s demands, changes humanitarian convoy route

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"Pay all or pay none"

wouldn't the consequences depend greatly on the causes of the decline?


For what is industry --is industry an artificial or natural phenomenon?

Now, look, a question for the future that HCN correspondents have not posed.

AS SIZE OF THE HUMAN POPULATION declines must the "world economy" increase or decrease in size, will "growth" increase or decrease in size?

a temporally misaligned pop culture reference

is another instance of sociopaths teaching sociopaths socially acceptable behaviors of "humanity" (not specifically merican-free-trader --exemplified by Jello ® ).

Ima give you another example, what Kojo christened today a "diplomatic tool."
Community Food: Tradition and Change at the Communal Table

There is one No one 17 and under admitted economy.
The No one 17 and under admitted economy is the TRUE MESSIAH.

Have you taken Paul Singer into your heart?

Imhotep made himself a tool. Now, I will be charitable: No one forced him into the role; it was his choice to be a chump.

So don't you succumb to elder abuse. Griesa is a great American indeed.

re: "Just need to get more retailers to go out of business."

You have within your grasp a semblance of the so-called business cycle as pertains to MICROECONOMIC study of INDUSTRY STRUCTURE, firm population and firm behaviors (internal and external) "competition" for revenue; the DEATH of a firm.

a highly promotional and competitive selling environment

is a euphemistic phrase denoting "price war" between firms, i.e. discounts of MSRP advertised to prospective buyers, "consumer" or "business" segments of a firm's feasible market, to maximize sales VOLUME in lieu of VALUE because DEMAND does not support HIGH VALUE PRICING by sellers. Historically and typically, price war within an industry sector between firms precipitates firm exit from a sector's market; conversely, rising DEMAND induces firm entry into a sector's market. Moreover, those firms whose operating models are sufficiently capitalized (with CASH and CREDIT) are most likely to survive "the war" by M&A with ("acquisition of") firms' P&E and customers that exit the sector's market.

Frequently, so-called industry observers perform a calumny of antitrust enforcement by ascribing "below-cost competition" to market entrants under such microeconomic market conditions. What such industry observers are expressing, actually, is a conviction that the BIRTH of a new business is illegitimate by comparison to the purported production cost of one or more incumbent firms.

re: "a high stable plateau, has a familiar ring"

"market saturation": OMFG What does that SIGNIFY?!! (ceteris paribus. har)


< wipes tears >

Pigged "Wasn't the Bronze plan set to some % of gross income? Can't remember."

No. Read the provisions of the PPACA which prescribe authorities of the secretary to determine all price(s), the price(s), of "qualified" health insurance coverage regardless of product value --or not-- AND grant any one participating health insurance issuers' request for premium rate increase (decrease) by state.

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

IF one can comprehend the forward-looking statments of Price Waterhouse Coopers research into insurance issuers' rate change requests by state ... since 1 April 2014.

Methodology: Where available, premium rate data is collected from actual insurance filings to ensure accuracy. Because not every state provides enrollment data [OR INSURER RATE CHANGE APPLICATION TO A STATE INSURANCE COMMISSION], simple overall averages are reported to allow the most direct comparisons of average premium rates across state lines.

A preliminary look at 2015 individual market rate filings ,

one should be able to ascertain from a reading the PPACA whether or not the price of "Bronze plan [is] set to some % of gross income."

:: Pigged
CBO May 2013 estimated effects of the Affordable Care Act on health insurance coverage Pigged
Affordable Care Act Tax Provisions | IRS
MedicaidX: WA, OR, CA, NV, AZ, NM, ND, MN, IA, IL, AR, IL, MI, OH, KY, WV, MD, NY, NJ, DE, CT, MA, RI, NH, HI, D.C.
No MedicaidX: MT, ID, WY, SD, NB, KS, OK, TX, LA, WI, IN, TN, AL, MS, GA, FL, VA, NC, SC, ME, AK
undecided: UT, MO, PA, VT
State Medicaid Expansion a/o 6 Nov 2013
HIX Money Markets
Map | State Decisions For Creating Health Insurance Marketplaces

re: "there are only two options"

These [government policy] options are non sequiturs, given no description of a "scenario" (one of many possible conditional and predictable human reactions) proceeding from the declaration of "a global timebomb."

Such a conclusory statement may not appear problematic to you, if you are a recent graduate of the sm_landlord school of free market government engineering where any of the "moving parts" of a "system" are unknown and unknowable to interpreters of [government policy] wtf.

Stop wondering! Correlation is not causation! so the bibble says. What the bibble does not say is, how merican peoples come to comprehend their responsibility for the government that BRUTALLY REPRESSES THEIR GODDAM GODGIVEN RIGHTS to be ignorant slobs, their responsibilities to effect A GODDAM GODGIVEN RIGHT for all inhabitants of this glorious nation to PURSUE HAPPINESS, and correct such deficiencies in judgment thereof.

As the election progressed, editorials in the American newspapers read more like bathroom graffiti than political commentary. One paper reported that "General Jackson's mother was a common prostitute, brought to this country by the British soldiers! She afterward married a mulatto man, with whom she had several children, of which number General Jackson is one!"

Founding Fathers' dirty campaign[S] 

University of d'Oh Bulletin w/e 16 Aug.

Wealth is credit.

Whereas HOARDING is a word said to indicate a behavioral disorder related to SAVING material for future use; its usage indicates a speaker's belief that another individual is incapable of accurately estimating the future utility of material saved for his, her, or GODFORFEND others', own enjoyment.

I'm thinking, the mechanics from the dealership
or Exxon orphans

We were pretty easy on ourselves

50s Trippin'.
Strikes. Korea. Racist relations. Red Scare. '53 and '58 recessions.

re: DupB - + creativity studies

dear DupB - - correspondents,

Southern has agreed to:

  • cease coal burning operations at two of its Mississippi locations by next March;
  • end its opposition to net-metering policies so that residents and businesses can more easily access solar power;
  • invest $15 million into energy efficiency programs for low-income communities;
  • strengthen flood protections for water retention ponds near the coal mines that feed the plants to prevent toxic pollution from contaminating groundwater and local waterways;
  • provide $2 million to protect habitat for the critically endangered Mississippi gopher frog (the preserve will be named for Gulf Coast activist Linda St. Martin who passed away in May);
  • and minimize mining operation impacts on local traffic.

Greens and civil rights activists bring Big Coal to its knees in Mississippi

Please make a note of it.

The rich certainly don't, and the poor don't pay ["their fair share"] at all.

There you go again.

dear merican amateur and expert "labor market" quants,

Female headed households by predominant material of floor of census houses occupied by them
Ministry of Home Affairs, Department of Home, Registrar General and Census Commissioner, India

The female head of household for census purposes is a person who is recognised as such by the household. She is generally the person who bears the chief responsibility for managing the affairs of the household and takes decision on behalf of the household. The head of household need not necessarily be the oldest male member or an earning member, but may be a female or a younger member of either sex. In case of an absentee de jure Head who is not eligible to be enumerated in the household, the person on whom the responsibility of managing the affairs of household rests was to be regarded as the head irrespective whether the person is male or female. Predominant materials of floor are bamboo/wood, mud, Burnt brick, Stone, Cement, Mosaic/ Floor tiles and Any other material of census houses occupied by them.

your DEMOGRAPHIC panel is obsolete.