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There is a Native American tribe in California called the Chukchansi that’s fighting over the most basic thing any group can fight over — who should be a member? David Ferry explains just how bitter their dispute has become. (22 minutes)

I Know I Am, But What Are You? | 491: Tribes

GTFO! Express | Sociological experiments edition

"How Michelle Malkin And Suey Park Found Common Cause In Hashtag Movements"
"These men of many nations must be taught American ways, the English language, and the right way to live."

re: Hot breaking news!!!!

Why is Cuba, Venezuela, the African Union, Latin America and the CARICOM nations turning a blind eye to the US occupation of Haiti, even participating in the pillage and plunder? Is this what Venezuelan president Maduro calls ‘supporting revolution?’… Tourism, an export economy, sweatshops and privatization of pubic assets are not development for Haiti, Africa, or the Caribbean… The Haitian people identify as enemy, to varying levels and degrees, those who directly or indirectly treat them as less than human. Painting Cuba or Venezuela on the wall of Imperialism’s forts so-to-speak, won’t stop Haiti’s masses from attacking the super-leftists, or super-progressives’ racist part in today’s white supremacist occupation in Haiti.

End the Left-Right White Solidarity against Haiti
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GTFO! Express | Good-luck-with-that edition
Campaign to cancel the odious debt of Tunisia and Egypt
Happy Black History Month! | Principals of Management Science edition
Parts I-III, Endnotes

re: Hot breaking news!!!!

Duly noted:"Piketty asserts that 'we need to rebuild the democratic institutions that can redistribute income and wealth.' Redistribution, or sharing, of resources, skills and knowledge is the commonsense option to the destructive neo-liberal model. Putting the principle of sharing at the heart of the economic system is a sane alternative that is increasingly gaining ground. A plethora of sharing initiatives have been set up, many of them local, from sharing unwanted items through various recycling websites, to car and bicycle sharing schemes. Systems of information sharing are growing, whether smallholder farmers in India spreading their wisdom and sharing their experiences through a mobile phone app, or the mighty United Nations. Above all sharing unites people, building relationships and creating the possibility for trust to flower, something inequality has destroyed."

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"What does Piketty propose by way of solutions? "
(to the problem, implied by a historiography of 600 years accumulated capital through extortion, slavery, and rapine)

Duly noted: "Economic categorisation, like credit ratings and classifications, tend to be as murky as World Bank politics itself. Individuals like Okonjo-Iweala dislike the institutionalise hypocrisy of the World Bank and western accounting techniques, but happily play the game when required. The phenomenon of rebasing GDP is certainly popular in the African context, and is bound to turn up surprises of both a nasty and pleasant kind. In previous years, Botswana has seen a 11 percent reduction, while the Democratic Republic of Congo saw an increase of 66 percent.

"The problem, as ever, is that GDP is one of the greatest tricks in the economist’s manual. In itself, it says nothing. Roy H. Webb1 of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond offers a definition: 'the market value of current, final, domestic production during a specific interval of time.' Already we have our first problem – value includes defined as sum of clearing prices"
< pick teeth >
"for goods and services actually paid in market transactions. Defense costs may not be available because market prices are not available. What is left out can prove as vital as what is included."

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Eurostat to revise EU's annual GDP figures higher Jan 2013
Beijing Rethinks Formula for GDP Nov 2013
Changes to How the U.S. Economy is Measured Roll Out July 31 [2013]

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"what is not said is as significant as what is said"
gold toilets and yachts
"For what is government?"
Bill Gates walks into a bar ...
"Ima slap myself silly

Who said: we is the last refuge of a scoundrel???

"Marquis" (pl. marquises) is one title of nobility, is it not? And "nobility" is a synonym of aristocracy, is it not? And "aristocracy" is a category in the "template" of European social hierarchy relative to le roi, is it not?

That is my observation (above). Proceeding from your expressed affection for castles.

I'd like to understand what limits you find appropriate in its usage.

One's usage of the first person plural is best defined. or prefaced, by a specification of the group to which one refers for authority. And, yes, neither "humanity" nor "Americans" satisfices this rule, evidently, as any number of exceptions at any given point in time may be marshalled for argument.

Merriman so good as all that?

The question implied is not is he "good," but , whether one is able and willing to compare the contents of his historiography with your oblique remarks about French revolutionary and republican personnages.

intrinsic inflation

Such an apposition is nonsensical.

You've got sensitized to the first person plural.

Are you addressing me in particular and my annotation to your remark ?

landowners for the most part. The 'squirearchy'.

Gentry, in English

the grands bourgeoises - what we[?!] would call the parasitic rich today.

Upper-middle class, in English, including but not limited to "bankers" and securities brokers, as distinguished, purportedly, from The Middle Class, common commodity merchants or les petites bourgeoises

Marquises perished.

A member of aristocracy, peers of the divine right by grant or birth, in English

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John Merriman lectures online

ANNA PAVLOVA: Yes, colleagues, thank you. We have a surprise video call, which I would describe as sensational. It was sent by a person who has made an information revolution by exposing a mass surveillance programme that affected millions of people around the world.

Mr President, you have a question from former intelligence agent Edward Snowden.


EDWARD SNOWDEN: Zdravstvuyte. I'd like to ask you a question about the mass surveillance of online communications and the bulk collection of private records by intelligence and law enforcement services. Recently, the United States, two independent White House investigations, as well as a federal court all concluded that these programmes are ineffective in stopping terrorism. They also found that they unreasonably intrude into the private lives of ordinary citizens – individuals who have never been suspected of any wrongdoing or criminal activity; and that these kinds of programmes are not the least intrusive means available to such agencies for these investigative purposes. Now, I've seen little public discussion of Russia's own involvement in the policies of mass surveillance. So I'd like to ask you: Does Russia intercept, store, or analyse in any way the communications of millions of individuals, and do you believe that simply increasing the effectiveness of intelligence or law enforcement investigations can justify placing societies – rather than subjects – under surveillance? Thank you.


KIRILL KLEYMENOV: Mr President, did you get the gist of the question?

VLADIMIR PUTIN: Yes, by and large.

KIRILL KLEYMENOV: This is a professional question from Mr Snowden. You speak freely with foreign leaders during summit meetings, as we can see. But I will try to translate the question for our audience.

VLADIMIR PUTIN: Still, American English is slightly different…

KIRILL KLEYMENOV: I tried to write down the question, which, as I have said, concerns some professional aspects…

VLADIMIR PUTIN: As I understood it, he wants to know if we engage in electronic surveillance.

KIRILL KLEYMENOV: He asked about the mass surveillance of online communications and the collection of users’ private records. He said that the US federal court concluded that these programmes are ineffective in stopping terrorism. This is an important admission. He also said something about intrusion into the private lives of ordinary citizens. Mr Snowden also said that he had seen the public discussion launched in Russia on this topic. And, lastly, he has asked you if Russia intercepts, stores, or analyses in any way the communications of millions of individuals. He wants to know if you believe that such mass surveillance can be justified.


VLADIMIR PUTIN: Mr Snowden, you are a former intelligence officer, and I have worked for an intelligence agency, too. So let’s talk like two professionals. To begin with, Russia has laws that strictly regulate the use of special equipment by security services, including for the tapping of private conversations and for the surveillance of online communications. They need to receive a court warrant to be able to use this equipment in each particular case. So there is no, and cannot be any, indiscriminate mass surveillance under Russian law.

Since criminals, including terrorists, use these modern communication systems for their criminal activity, security services should be able to respond accordingly and use modern equipment to combat crime, including terrorism. Yes, we do this, but not on such a large scale and not arbitrarily. Hopefully – I hope very much – we will never act in this manner. Besides, we do not have such technical capabilities and funds as the United States. But the main thing is that, happily, our security services are strictly controlled by the state and society and their operation is strictly regulated by law.

Direct Line with Vladimir Putin

Transcript: Vladi­mir Putin’s April 17 Q&A

try to find the reason I want or don't want to invest in something...I try to do that too, on a macro case basis

That's yer first mistake. Let me help you "find the reason" to "invest in something," that is, a financially stable going concern.

A public utility is some economic good whose distribution a government regulates by assigning a license to operate to some service organization. So, yes, the availability of a public utility is a right, derived from conditions of a license and regardless of any organization's particular claims to operating equipment.

Similarly, your social security income benefit is a right which I need not pay for, since you don't need it to survive.

YEVGENY KOSTYLEV: ... That said, the self-proclaimed Ukrainian government is doing its outmost to make life intolerable for the people of Crimea. For example, almost all banks have left Crimea, which means that we now have problems with exchanging hryvnas and people can’t make payments and transfers. Specifically, pensioners, who have been saving for many years for a rainy day, can’t withdraw their pension savings because Ukrainian banks are ignoring their requests and legitimate interests.

Mr President, my question is the following: How does the Russian Government intend to resolve this issue?

VLADIMIR PUTIN: This is currently one of the most urgent issues that has yet to be addressed. There are other issues as well, as you know, such as power and water supply. However, the problems with banking have not been fully resolved. We will seek to reach common ground with our Ukrainian partners. These efforts have so far been unsuccessful. Oschadbank and Privatbank with its owner Mr Kolomoisky and the head of the Crimean branch Mr Finkelstein are not willing to meet us halfway. Hryvna circulation is limited, so we have no other choice but to accelerate the transition to the ruble. The solution is to open accounts for individuals and legal entities and establish a new banking network. Doing this the right way takes time. I think that it will take us about one month to open the required number of accounts, roll out the network and equip it with modern technology.
In order to prevent any sharp increases in the inflation rate and prices, which is happening in Crimea anyway, we decided to enforce this on a step-by-step basis in four stages: incomes of Crimean pensioners and public sector employees are to rise by 25% from April 1, by another 25% from May 1, and then another 25% on June 1 and 25% more on July 1. During this period incomes of pensioners and public sector employees will surge. For pensioners, income will soar 100%, which means that the gap between pensions in Russian and Crimea… In Russia, pensioners receive twice as much as in Crimea. The average pension in Russia will be 11,600 rubles this year, while in Crimea it is about 5,500 rubles. The same goes for public sector employees, who earn twice or even two and a half times more in Russia. Russian military personnel – and it should be mentioned that a lot of local residents will be serving in Crimea – earn four times as much as in Crimea.

Direct Line with Vladimir Putin

Why would the name of any amount added to volume usage charges pose a problem to delivery of electricity, gas, water, telecommunication? Suppose a county, municipal, IOU or state PUC changed the name. You don't suppose, do you, that the premium or one's obligation to pay it would disappear?

"As we shall see, American welfare policy since the 1930s has been fundamentally shaped by a slow but steady change in how we have separated the 'deserving' from the 'undeserving' poor." (Wilson & DiIlulio)

Associating drug dealers with HH incomes < 100% FPL helps immediately to alleviate any interest in "cost/benefit" analysis of Life Line public policy. Many mericans identify indigent HHs and drug dealers with client politics; that is, an outcome which assures few benefit / many pay the cost. Further, some mericans can not be persuaded, as Wilson DiIlulio have suggested, that the burden shared by 100% the population to finance reliable but limited telecommunication service for about 16% of the whole is either a fair nor charitable, useful nor necessary function of "polite" society. In any case, criminals are not members of polite society, especially when they don't pay retail.

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"I would presume most of us, if we want to be neighborly at all, nod and uh-huh regardless."

He also acknowledged for the first [sic] time that Russian troops had played a direct role in Crimea, assisting local militia.

Four-way talks call for end to Ukraine violence

VLADIMIR PUTIN: I have already spoken about this publicly on several occasions, perhaps not loud enough. However, in my conversations with my foreign colleagues I did not hide the fact that our goal was to ensure proper conditions for the people of Crimea to be able to freely express their will. And so we had to take the necessary measures in order to prevent the situation in Crimea unfolding the way it is now unfolding in southeastern Ukraine. We didn’t want any tanks, any nationalist combat units or people with extreme views armed with automatic weapons. Of course, the Russian servicemen did back the Crimean self-defence forces. They acted in a civil but a decisive and professional manner, as I’ve already said.

It was impossible to hold an open, honest, and dignified referendum and help people express their opinion in any other way. Still, bear in mind that there were more than 20,000 well-armed soldiers stationed in Crimea. In addition, there were 38 S-300 missile launchers, weapons depots and rounds of ammunition. It was imperative to prevent even the possibility of someone using these weapons against civilians.
TATYANA REMEZOVA: Mr President, there was a caller with another very interesting question. I will read the message: “Russia has annexed Crimea by force. Does that mean that power is the only guarantee of a state's sovereignty these days?”

VLADIMIR PUTIN: Russia did not annex Crimea by force. Russia created conditions – with the help of special armed groups and the Armed Forces, I will say it straight – but only for the free expression of the will of the people living in Crimea and Sevastopol. It was the people themselves who made this decision. Russia answered their call and welcomed the decision of Crimea and Sevastopol. This was natural, and it could not have been any other way.

As for the power factor in international relations, it has always existed and will always exist. That’s a different issue, and the thing is that countries, taking into account that power plays a significant role in international affairs, should develop and strengthen, based on their common sense, such rules of conduct which would be stable and would allow for negotiating, compromising and balancing the interests of a state and its people on the international arena without using this power.

Direct Line with Vladimir Putin

The militia who captured the armoured vehicles on Wednesday looked like professionals. They had Kalashnikovs, flak jackets, ammunition. One even carried a tube-shaped green grenade-launcher. Some hid their faces under black balaclavas. Others waved and smiled.
One Oplot member, Alexander, showed off his weapon. It was a US-made Remington 870 Express Magnum. "It's a hunting gun," he said. "It's my own. I've got a licence for it." Alexander said he had purchased his uniform himself: a light-coloured khaki top and trousers, a flat jacket, and a matching hat. He added: "I'm against America. But I have to say they make good guns."

Kiev's grip on eastern Ukraine weakens as pro-Russians seize army vehicles

Ukraine's military operation to wrest control in the east from pro-Russian separatists was stymied Wednesday, as civilians halted army columns in their tracks and militants hijacked Ukrainian military vehicles and drove them around with Russian flags.
The six vehicles then took up positions around a cafe near the city council building, and dozens of masked men in fatigues—with no insignia—carrying automatic weapons and sniper rifles formed a cordon around them. When asked who they were, a masked soldier patrolling near the vehicles claimed the unit was part of the 25th brigade of Ukraine's airborne forces that had switched sides.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry denied the unit had defected. In a terse statement it offered no explanation for the quick surrender or what their orders had been.
The men controlling the vehicles, who also had no insignia on their uniforms, were joined later by armed irregulars who have controlled this town, about 100 miles from the border with Russia, since Saturday.

Ukraine's Efforts to Regain Control of East Sputter

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"The citizens must rush tumultuously to arms, without concert, without system, without resource; except in their courage and despair. The usurpers, clothed with the forms of legal authority, can too often crush the opposition in embryo."
Concerning the Militia | Federalist No. 29 

"The government in Kyiv had yet another objective in mind when it created the National Guard: it wanted to disarm the volunteer militias that were formed during the revolutionary events in February."

Can the National Guard save Ukraine?
"Belgian police used water cannons, while security staff at the US mission ordered staff to stay inside and to keep away from windows in what they called a 'lock-down.'"
Protest in EU capital [!] prompts security scare at US embassy

ANDREI NORKIN: ... I am very much alarmed by the distorted world outlook many young people are developing.

Since I do not only work as a journalist, but also teach journalism, I can tell you that it takes a lot of effort to convince my future colleagues that, for example, the word patriot is not synonymous with idiot, or that Victory Day is not a "Colorado beetle celebration," as it is trendy to call it on social networks. Being trendy is crucial to them, because for teenagers, for adolescents, being part of a trend – complying with the standards accepted in their community – is extremely important. The Government seems to have abstained from addressing these trends, so to love our motherland just isn’t trendy these days.

Direct Line with Vladimir Putin
Transcript: Vladi­mir Putin’s April 17 Q&A

Distinguishing between Majoritarian Pluralism and Biased Pluralism. Can we say anything further about whether processes of in terest group influence more closely resemble Truman-like, broadly representati ve Majoritarian Pluralism, or Schattschneider-style “Biased” Pluralism, in which business interests, profe ssional associations, and corporations play the dominant part?

We have already reported several findings that cast serious doubt upon Majoritarian Pluralism. If the net results of interest group struggle were to help averag e citizens get their way – with organized groups perhaps representing citizens more effectiv ely than politically inattentive Americans could do for themselves – we would expect that the net alignment of interest groups would be positively and strongly correlated with the policy preferences of the average citizen. But we know from Table 2 that they are not in fact significantly correlated at all. Interest group alignments are almost totally unrelated to the preferences of average citizens. Moreover, there is no indication th at officials’ anticipation of reactions from “potential groups” brings policies in line with what citizens want. 44 Empirical support for Majoritarian Pluralism looks very shaky, indeed. We also know that th e composition of the U.S. interest group universe is heavily tilted toward corporations and business and professional associations. 45 This fact certainly points toward Biased rather than Majoritarian Pluralism. [p 19]

Gilens & Page, "Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens" (2014)

:: gilded eras Pigged altruistic side of aggressive greed

Wilson & DiIlulio present a matrix grouping constituents by cost/benefit perceptions

Though not quite Mosley

That allusion is far beyond the pale of an merican image repertoire of fascist organization and even "regulatory capture" then and now.

"under" should say it with or without brown shirts, iron eagles, aristocracy in lieu of oligarchy, Pinkertons, Posse Comitatus, tenements and mugwumps or Miranda, don't you agree?

"Mutti"? one vote, twice, that I've noticed.

Such moods made me much more realistic about the EU and I sometimes catch myself being sceptical about its future. Until I read Angela Merkel's speech before the two chambers of the British parliament.

or CLINTON/NULAND 2016, 2020, 2024, 2028 ... That case has nothing to do with us? On a gurney.
You betcha.


Landssakes. How could one construe a comparison, however elusive, to Jesus the Christ as ridicule?

your readers - myself among them - naturally compare his efforts

Which are what?

to your own contributions

To what?

a scattering of pixels

So far as one may be able to distinguish the 'deserving' from the 'undeserving' poors.

How ironic, as it is I, rather than the champion of "oppressed and downtrodden" nor the champions of Japan's welfare mandate nor the champions of nuclear energy investment nor the champions of international labor relations and workplace safety nor the champions of full employment rate nor the champions of < reckless eyeballin > Pareto optimal utility, who apparently is first to bring the attention of HCN readers to Mr Choo's PR "contribution" to a scattering of pixels.

Do you wonder if Jimmy Choo LTD intends to provide dormitories and competitive wages to artisanal cobblers of the NEW! Fukushima prefecture? What do the other agencies report?

< wipes tears >
It's not the loans that "appear to shrink growth and increase inequality" but the loan conditions!! STRUCTURAL ADJUSTMENT PROGRAMMING.

Debt is good; equity is bad. duh.

some exposure of a good kind as well.

This is a joke at the expense of some ... 48,364 people?

I haven't read any other agency coverage of Mr Choo's PR initiative. Surely one has mentioned jobs saved or created --apart from moving spent fuel rods-- by this bold venture to "grow" that local economy.

Or are you defending the downtrodden etc etc?

You misunderstand the issues at stake. Let me help you identify a champion of the "oppressed and downtrodden." Then you may redirect your queries to the appropriate authority among HCN correspondents.
"There is nothing more outsiderist than a desire to see the emergence of strong local economies and communities. It also stems from prioritizing the natural world over the manufactured system we have become. It involves championing for the oppressed and downtrodden, in contrast to survival of the fittest."

The critical tone reads as fashion having no substance. The opposite of substance.

wwwwwwwwwwwaaaiill, now, if historical materialism ("substance") must be critiqued candidly, the only substance of interest to prospective cobblers today, I would suppose, would be Mr Choo's learned assessment and guarantee of workplace safety in the "FUKISHIMA area" today, tomorrow, and every year after in the next 100 years. Or so.


The "thing" (M. Dennedy Pigged IPR) was 20 March 2014.
Track # 20, "connectivity" SUPERCUT.

fisher of men ... who fish women with unimpaired < reckless eyeballin > DISPOSABLE INCOME.

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shoe thread

As it happens, this afternoon my associate and I encountered two people in line who discovered common cause. The female had a cart overflowing, the man four items. She graciously permitted him to cut in front of her, and so they broke their courteous silence. Both were migrants from MICHIGAN. Hearing this I interjected, "I'm from Michigan, too." The man grinned. "Where abouts?" sez he. "Huntington Woods," replies I. "I know where that is!" he sez. "Cousin of mine was an Oakland county prosecutor." What a world, I think as I stroke my beard. "My dad was deputy chief prosecutor of Wayne County." Mary Sue's eyebrows arch. "Why I bet they probably knew each other!" Now look: the man kindly enquires into the lady's county of origin (St. Joseph), a region of rural beauties that invites comparison to all the wonders of the lower 48 with which they are acquianted.

Colorado. "Closest to God," says the lady.

Hallelujah. The meme is dead, the trope is risen.
yes, this wiki includes an entry for MARY SUE
but not
Ludlow Massacre Pigged
"This Sunday marks the hundredth anniversary of the Ludlow Massacre, the day the strike entered into a desperate endgame and became the deadliest labor struggle in American history."

COME TO FIND OUT, an Unofficial Billboard No. 1 Summer '14 Campaign is a viral "thing."
Happy from __________________ .

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What am I worth?, duly noted.

this is not the Pareto improvement some people seem to think this is.

Pareto-optimality isn't the correct gauge for most real-world economic policies.

But frankly, who cares if someone who makes $30 million has to take a $10 million pay cut in order to pay for an increase in the minimum wage (or, as I personally favor, increased taxes to pay for an increase in the earned income credit)? What does it matter if that $10 million is just a pure wealth transfer: $10 million goes to the poor but the overall economy stays the same or even shrinks? Is there no utility in helping other people? Is there no utility in not being an overpaid, greedy, selfish person who got where they are primarily through accidents of birth and history rather than merit? Is there no utility in not exerting an out-sized influence on society just because you can buy a bigger megaphone rather than because you have better ideas? Is there no utility in living in a more equal society?

I say that all of those things have tremendous utility, and they make redistributionist policies "worth it" irrespective of whether they would improve the monetary economy overall (which, as it happens, I think they would, but we should implement them even if they didn't).
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"As we shall see, American welfare policy since the 1930s has been fundamentally shaped by a slow but steady change in how we have separated the 'deserving' from the 'undeserving' poor." (Wilson & DiIlulio)


Won't sumbuddy PLEASE think of the livestock exports, the orphan chickens, the pigs, the cloven breeds, and bunnies, hosts of the apocalypse. Forthcoming.

"championing the oppressed and downtrodden"
by skills mismatch
in the FIRE sector
because corporations are not people.

Pesky details

taxpayer reporting class
tax reporting schedules
depreciation schedules
periodic congressional client politics innovations to US Tax Code ("tax breaks"), designed to induce domestic retail sales by make and model

What is the useful life of each class of heavy-duty truck, by number of axles and curb weight?
(rhetorical question)

Landssakes. I should think that at this late date some enterprising individual would already be advertising drone surveillance )with remote control, of course) so that you could supervise that business from your easy chair. Beside the nightstand.

A customary epithet, modernized in recent years to accommodate Greek affinity for sturm and drang as well as "gift-exchange" Pigged .Samaras’ pre-election gifts for Easter: "One of them is the decision on the luxury tax that will unblock the real estate market as well as the announcement of a regulation concerning illegal buildings."