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"Romero is being treated with a combination of serum made up of antibodies extracted from Ebola survivors [DOCTOR ALEXANDER BENDO] and anti-viral drugs. "They are complementary treatments," Juan García de Lomas, head of microbiology at the Hospital Clinic in Valencia explained."
Ebola: Spanish nurse making 'giant steps' towards recovery
"The Gates Foundation gave ZMapp's maker, Mapp Biopharmaceutical Inc. of San Diego, a $150,000 grant to see whether ... the drug can be made in Chinese hamster ovary cells"
Amgen Tests New Way to Make Ebola Drug to Boost Supply

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"I would never in the world have thought that Nigeria could organize and execute that sort of effort "

I am really confused by this

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a Nigerian is at equal risk to a Cote d'Ivorian who's at equal risk with a Liberian and we should just keep all Africans out. Stop all of Africa or build a wall around a continent sort of approach. And, you know, it's starts to be the kind of situation that could mean that everybody with black skin s capable of being pulled aside at airports and having special tests done to them. And all of this, really, could have terrible ramifications much as "we" faced. [...INNOCENT RYAN WHITE...] I think the other thing that resonates in comparing the early days of HIV and Ebola is, you know, "we" really didn't understand HIV. "We" didn't have a cure [ ]. "We" didn't have a treatment [ X ]. "We" didn't have a vaccine [ ]. "We" didn't have a test. [ X ]

The Race to Contain, Rather Than Cure, Ebola 10 Oct
M.O. Note

It began with an embargo aimed at starving the population out. Cut off from basic supplies like milk, dairy, salt, sugar, and medication, many on the island left. Those remaining didn’t last long. They were told that if they didn’t leave, the island would be bombed. Then, in the Spring of 1971, US military officials gave the order to round up all of the pet dogs on the island and have them killed. About 1,000 pet dogs were taken – some straight from screaming children – and gassed with exhaust fumes from American military vehicles.

re: culture of violence
Pelindaba Treaty

I am really confused by this

In a further move, the Government’s health watchdog Public Health England last night released specific advice for pregnant women concerned about contracting ebola, saying research suggested there is ‘limited evidence’ they are at increased risk of severe illness, medical complications and death when infected.

It said: ‘Reported complications include spontaneous abortion and pregnancy-associated haemorrhage. Infants born to mothers who are in the terminal stage of disease are invariably infected.’

:: overlooking-the-obvious Pigged the "virus ravaged" dossier

[CAPTION: STARVE A COLD, FEED A FEVER: A woman queues for food at a World Food Programme distribution point in Freetown October 18, 2014. The U.N.'s World Food Programme and Food and Agriculture Organisation say border and market closures, quarantines and movement restrictions, and widespread fear of Ebola have led to food scarcity, panic buying and price increases, especially in Sierra Leone and Liberia.

Ebola Virus 'Is Becoming More Contagious', Say Experts
"Oddly enough in reading Teh Lichure I had noticed untoward motif..."

The treatment unit will contain 12 beds and run alongside a facility which will eventually be run by Save the Children.... The UK government has pledged £125m "to help contain, control, treat and defeat Ebola" and 659 front-line NHS staff and 130 Public Health England staff have volunteered to travel to West Africa.

Ebola crisis: British army medics arrive in West Africa 16 Oct
More news for Eric Duncan helping a pregnant woman with Ebola
"exposure to fluids while passing through the birth canal."
Ebola haemorrhagic fever in Zaire [DRC]
Obama to Announce Africom Joint Force Command HQ in Liberia

Reston does not infect humans.
And the primates infected by the pigs, cannot infect themselves.
A non issue.

"Some basic literacy"

In-contact transmission of Zaire-EBOV (ZEBOV) between pigs was demonstrated experimentally. Here we show ZEBOV transmission from pigs to cynomolgus macaques without direct contact. Interestingly, transmission between macaques in similar housing conditions was never observed. Piglets inoculated oro-nasally with ZEBOV were transferred to the room housing macaques in an open inaccessible cage system. All macaques became infected. Infectious virus was detected in oro-nasal swabs of piglets, and in blood, swabs, and tissues of macaques. This is the first report of experimental interspecies virus transmission, with the macaques also used as a human surrogate.
In 2009, the only non-African known species of EBOV, Reston Ebola virus (REBOV), was isolated from swine in Philippines, with antibodies against the virus detected in pig farmers2,

Transmission of Ebola virus from pigs to non-human primates (2012)
"The potential of aerogenic infection by Ebola virus was established by using a head-only exposure aerosol system."
Lethal experimental infections of rhesus monkeys by aerosolized Ebola virus. (1995)
What have you read about laboratory experiments to facilitate transmission of *Ebola in dogs to non-human primates, pigs, or American missionaries?

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US 20120251502

"A petition to save the dog gathered more than 300,000 signatures after Romero denounced the decision in an open letter posted to Facebook."
Excalibur, Ebola nurse's dog, is euthanized in Spain
"Bentley – a fluffy Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – will be kept in isolation at an undisclosed location where he’ll be cared for."
Will a Dallas nurse’s dog suffer the same tragic fate as euthanized Spanish pet?

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"In 2009, Reston-EBOV was the first EBOV detected in swine with indicated transmission to humans."
Transmission of Ebola virus from pigs to non-human primates. (2012)

Total US petroleum consumption, 1980-present (bbl)

The UNFCCC excludes most of the military sector’s fuel consumption and emissions from national greenhouse gas inventories.[2] This exemption was the product of intense lobbying by the United States during the Kyoto negotiations in the mid-1990s. Ever since, the military establishment’s carbon “bootprint” has been officially ignored.[3]

Overlooking the Obvious With Naomi Klein
Select FY Estimates(%)
"The DoD accounted for around 1 percent of the US energy consumption and 80 percent of the federal government energy consumption."
How Much Energy Does the U.S. Military Consume? – An Update (2013, 2009 data)

DOD’s petroleum costs have increased substantially over the last seven years even as DOD petroleum use has declined slightly over the same period. Between FY2005 and FY2011, DOD’s petroleum use decreased 4%. Over the same period, DOD spending on petroleum rose 381% in real (i.e., inflation-adjusted) terms, from $4.5 billion in FY2005 (in FY2011 dollars) to about $17.3 billion in FY2011.10
Contractor Fuel Costs
The military relies on thousands of contractors to support military operations both domestically and abroad.38 These contractors depend on fuel to perform many of their activities. The cost of fuel used by contractors is often embedded in contracts and consequently not included in DOD’s data on fuel. As a result, total DOD expenditures for fuel are higher than what is reflected in DOD data.
[...Fig.2 DOD Petroleum Spending and Consumption, FY2005-FY2011...]
In DOD’s FY2012 budget, for example, the cost of oil was forecast to be $130 per barrel, but oil prices in FY2012 rose to $156 per barrel, reportedly leading to an unfunded obligation of more than $3 billion across DOD.48

select footnotes, pp 1-20

7 CRS analysis of data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration, Annual Energy Review, October 19, 2011. In FY2010, DOD used about 689 trillion Btu of petroleum, while the United States as a whole used about 36,000 trillion Btu of petroleum.
8 Based on analysis by CRS. Total U.S. federal government energy use in FY2010 estimated at 1,100 trillion BTU, of which DOD accounted for 890 trillion Btu. U.S. Energy Information Administration, Annual Energy Review, October 19, 2011. The next-largest federal energy user—the Postal Service—accounted for 4%.
9 Data provided by DLA-E, March 1, 2012, CRS calculations using budget figures from the Department of Defense, National Defense Budget Estimates for FY2013, Table 1-5, “National Defense Outlays,” p. 10. Data on DOD fuel use based on fuel purchased by DOD components from DLA-E. Because DLA-E purchases fuel in advance and sells fuel to non-DOD customers, DLA-E fuel purchases may differ from actual fuel used by DOD in the same fiscal year.

Department of Defense Energy Initiatives: Background and Issues for Congress - R42558.pdf (2012)

*Ebola mortality
Ebola virus disease update - west Africa 28 Aug

The objective of the study is to evaluate the relationship between case status and the explanatory variables.

Analyses of Case–Control Data for Additional Outcomes

By definition, a case-control study is always retrospective because it starts with an outcome then traces back to investigate exposures.

Epidemiology in Practice: Case-Control Studies
*Ebola morbidity

Here researchers introduce an intervention and study the effects. Experimental studies are usually randomized, meaning the subjects are grouped by chance. While not all controlled studies are randomized, all randomized trials are controlled.
Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) ... Controlled Clinical Trial (CCT) ...

Cohort studies, case control studies and randomized controlled trials

Which empirical exercise would you like the US federal government to engage in to "contain" the *Ebola "threat" ACROSS THE GLOBE?

"I posted a long time ago that we and the WHO needs to expend significant resources to fight Ebola on the ground in Africa. We need to do the same here, but I believe it is controllable."

WHAT resources? That determination would be difficult to advance given insufficient medical information about *Ebola morbidity. Currently, HCN correspondent list of WHAT? resources is stalled at (i) commercial airlines' revenues; (ii) chlorine spritzers; and (iii) "hazmat suits," the definitive barrier between US soldiers and undifferentiated, terminally infected "natives."

I'm sure glad we have Dr. Mary on board here to diagnose ebola threats from afar.

Get your story straight.
Mary doesn't "diagnose ebola threats from afar." Mary posts links to the documents that "diagnose ebola threat from afar."

For example, EngineerJim finally read "Mary's link" to
Supplementary Appendix 1 in Ebola Virus Disease in West Africa — The First 9 Months of the Epidemic and Forward Projections in epidemic . Let us note that Rickkk initially relayed the source material buried in the commentary on the WHO revision of case fatality rate, from 53% to 70% (26 Sep situation report to 6 Oct situation report, respectively.)

That statistical description derives from a kind of case-control study of data collected by the WHO Response Team and was published by the NEJM. The only outcome of *Ebola infection described by the data is DEATH. The "risk factors" (case-control variables) measured by the WHO Response Team are primarily symptoms at time of DEATH, regardless of recorded or inferred case definitions. The case cohort ("sample") from which data were collected were "hospitalized." The documentation does not identify a control group ("sample") -- which is peculiar methodology for professional statisticians to adopt.

Many amateur and expert spectators, including HCN correspondents, have seized upon that alarming statistical description of mortality, attributed only to *Ebola infection, to forecast "exponential rates" of infection and DEATH in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea, and the USA. Conversely, absent variable data describing confounding "risks" or alternative outcomes, few spectators have emerged in the popular press to inform prospective clinical pathologies, forecast survival outcomes, or recommend therapeutic strategies to "contain" *Ebola morbidity. Consequently, resentment, expressed by amateur and expert spectators, of US federal agencies' and "medical system" apparent wanton disregard of their supposed duty to protect them from DEATH is predictable but not shocking.

[CAPTION: STARVE A COLD, FEED A FEVER: A woman queues for food at a World Food Programme distribution point in Freetown October 18, 2014. The U.N.'s World Food Programme and Food and Agriculture Organisation say border and market closures, quarantines and movement restrictions, and widespread fear of Ebola have led to food scarcity, panic buying and price increases, especially in Sierra Leone and Liberia. The WFP is trying to provide food to around 1 million people in the three worst-affected countries.]
"More virus in bodily fluids could make the virus even more contagious."
Ebola Virus 'Is Becoming More Contagious', Say Experts 
That is some flawless logic. Virus titer is greatest at time of death. Investigators have long correlated greatest risk of infection with funeral contact with viremia. Ergo, more virus in bodily fluids could make the virus even more contagious than exposure to "unknown" virus titer present in blood, sera, mucus, or saliva from individuals with early systemic infection.

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Supplementary Appendix 1 in Ebola Virus Disease in West Africa — The First 9 Months of the Epidemic and Forward Projections in epidemic 
Ebola haemorrhagic fever in Zaire [DRC], 1976

"With over 2.67 trillion [EUR] outstanding at the end of 2011, covered bonds are playing an important role in the European capital markets, contributing to the efficient allocation of capital and, ultimately, economic development and recovery." [LEGISLATIVE MAP, 1900-2012]
Introducing covered bonds |
Fitch, Moody's, Standard & Poor's, DBRS
Rating Methodologies |

In addition, in 2009 and 2011 the Eurosystem launched two covered bond purchase programmes (the CBPP, which ended in June 2010, and CBPP2, which ended in October 2012). From 10 May 2010 to February 2012 it conducted interventions in debt markets under the Securities Markets Programme (SMP), which was terminated in September 2012. In August 2012 the ECB announced the possibility of conducting outright open market operations in secondary sovereign bond markets to safeguard an appropriate monetary policy transmission and preserve the singleness of its monetary policy

Open market operations

:: Pigged
Let's recap. har.
6 Sep 2012: Measures to preserve collateral availability

I guess negative deposit interest rates in Euroland are no big deal

Last updated: 12 June 2014
Why has the ECB introduced a negative interest rate?

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Time stands still for no specimen, especially the speciated specimens.

Another marker linked with people's ability to survive Ebola is a gene called human leukocyte antigen-B, which makes a protein that is important in the immune system.
But the frequency of this mutation in African populations is not known, [Derek Gatherer, a bioinformatics researcher at Lancaster University in the United Kingdom] said.

How Do People Survive Ebola? 
"The Sudan species of Ebola virus (SEBOV) causes severe, often fatal infection in approximately 50% of infected humans."
Sequence-based human leukocyte antigen-B typing of patients infected with Ebola virus in Uganda in 2000: identification of alleles associated with fatal and nonfatal disease outcomes. (2007)

I thanked you for the additional information that you provided.

I responded as was appropriate to Outsider's trivial remark about your colleague's "generous" use of her time training to become a licensed therapist.

traditionally considered under-resourced

oFFS. Sumbuddy call Zuckerberg.

viral load seems to build and then explode in late stages

The correct locution is virus titer. Titer is measurable. Anglo-merican health "authorities" had indicated that it is either not measurable until presentation (the "explosion", hyperthermia, POURING OUT BODILY FLUIDS) unless a lab is equipped with super-dooper, military-grade PCR technology. Recall for example:
The level [TITER] of Ebola Zaire virus (detected in the West Africa outbreak in 2014) present in blood from individuals with early systemic infection is unknown.
However, if one reads the literature on Early immune responses accompanying human asymptomatic Ebola infections (2001) and Lassa fever. Effective therapy with ribavirin (1986) or favipiravir development, one finds that statement is not true. Favipiravir, for example, effectively suppress reproduction within a range to encourage an autoimmune adaptation and response, producing antibodies.

But favipiravir is not an Anglo-merican approved therapeutic technology.

:: Pigged
"And then the turn-around is 4 days. The viral titer is no swarm; "flash mob" with NSA immunity mebe -- not unlike cytokine STORMING, fashionable in the bird-flu pandemic era.

they had made travel plans and it would be an economic hardship not to complete their travel plans


Remember what Mike said about Mr Sawyer?
Then you have self centered assholes like this guy who decide if I'm going down I'm taking some folks with me...

< wipes tears >
you people. I swear.

BONUS: "The unidentified Egyptian national had traveled from Kenema, the largest city in the nation’s Eastern Province, and checked into a clinic east of Freetown, Sidie Yahya Tunis, director of Information, Communication and Technology at the Ministry of Health and Sanitation, said by phone today. The person was moved back to the Ebola center in Kenema, he said."
Ebola Spreads to Sierra Leone Capital of Freetown as Deaths Rise - Bloomberg

Your statements about the "black community" are not unrelated. They follow one another and reinforce your point of view, or expectations about the sentiments of a particular "black community," in the same thread.

Your question, at large, was, Why would someone make up a story about Mr Duncan? I supplied an ("anonymized") answer which you could not help but acknowledge. Ego will out, Mr sporkfed, should answer your question.

Did I say for all ?

I didn't say you did. Let us nonetheless review your authoritative position, since you cannot recall exactly what you wrote.

Two months ago. Ferguson time.
"The military gets a lot of respect in the black community, much
more respect the the police forces get. It should be a positive
move but who knows ?
" in (reply to...)
"The Military probably is the most respected institution in
the black community. It is an escape route out of poverty.
If the tactics used aren't heavy handed it should calm the
situation in the short term.

What compels a person to make such grandiose claims? I suggested, for the same reasons someone would make up a story about Mr Duncan's gallant gesture toward a pregnant woman POURING OUT BODILY FLUIDS in a taxi.

It can be.

For some people. But that is not what you wrote, is it Mr sporkfed?

Is it really, when the tour is done?

For the same reason someone might suggest that "black people" believe military service is a path out of poverty?

o, the usual suspects, shortly after the city of Dallas released the name of the maybe-not-us-citizen.
but before the city of Dallas (or was it the hospital or was it TEXAS HEALTH RESOURCES? I forget) hired a PR firm to supplement its "community affairs" communications to exculpate the purported incompetence of the 70 health care professionals handling Mr Duncan's BODILY FLUIDS.

"Texas Health Resources is one of the largest faith-based, nonprofit health care delivery systems in the United States and the largest in North Texas in terms of patients served."

Oddly enough in reading Teh Lichure I had noticed untoward motif in "suspected, probable, and confirmed" cases involving early- and late-term pregnancies. "Pregnant women:" By untoward I mean interest in this one "pre-existing condition" is notable but superficial as it produces no detailed clinical observations or statistical merit where the writer evokes it.

Perhaps there is one peer-reviewed paper correlating "virus ravaged" morbidity and, what was it? exposure to fluids while passing through the birth canal  somewhere lost in the WHO archives.

heh. Our very old enemy pneumonia and hoary standard of treatment:
INTUBATE THE No one 17 and under admitted !!1! Aspiration check 1x p.d.

ooo, you pulled cluster out of your ahh epidemiological research again.

Let's note what Mr Duncan's cluster has to say.

And while the stories of my uncle helping a pregnant woman with Ebola are courageous, Thomas Eric personally told me that never happened. Like hundreds of thousands of West Africans, carefully avoiding Ebola was part of my uncle’s daily life. And I can tell you with 100 percent certainty: Thomas Eric would have never knowingly exposed anyone to this illness.
The biggest unanswered question about my uncle’s death is why the hospital would send home a patient with a 103-degree fever and stomach pains who had recently been in Liberia — and he told them he had just returned from Liberia explicitly due to the Ebola threat.
When my uncle was first admitted, the hospital told us that an Ebola test would take three to seven days. Miraculously, the deputy who was feared to have Ebola just last week was tested and had results within 24 hours.

The fact is, nine days passed between my uncle’s first ER visit and the day the hospital asked our consent to give him an experimental drug — but despite the hospital’s request they were never able to access these drugs for my uncle. (Editor’s note: Hospital officials have said they started giving Duncan the drug Brincidofovir on October 4.) He died alone. His only medication was a saline drip.
Josephus Weeks, a U.S. Army and Iraq War veteran who lives in North Carolina, wrote this piece exclusively for The Dallas Morning News. Reach him at

Exclusive: Ebola didn’t have to kill Thomas Eric Duncan, nephew says
"To continue reading this PLUS story, you need to be a digital member. Choose an option below to continue. If you're already registered just sign in below. Need help?"
Ebola didn't have to kill my uncle, Thomas Eric Duncan

Of course those are two different projects.

I colleague developed a program designed to educate families in low income areas the importance of reading. Even with information (in appropriate languages) and free access to books, she found it astonishing how little traction she got from the program (and she's not naive - she's currently tasked with diagnosing Autism in native territories).

I'd have no reason to ASSUME, as you do, that this colleague's projects are either sequential, clinically related, or funded by state or "u" IDEA sources. All I can ascertain is that one project failed to secure either a grant for her or "traction" (meaning "leveling the playing field" or wtf).

Next year, the "u" could assign her the task of interviewing illiterate Hispanic people POURING OUT BODILY FLUIDS. Or her grant proposal could include a survey design to test the hypothesis that illiterate Hispanic people POURING OUT BODILY FLUIDS are autistic.

Because Yul Brenner.

This is a nearly perfectly predictable response by an HCN correspondent to a post, describing a doctoral candidates responsibility to diagnose Autism by designing "a program" to distribute "free" books in "native territories."

A link to a Dan Fogelberg youtube track would be perfect.

'I’m kind of scared.'

So yeah. What "rules of engagement," ahhlgorithm or ahh protocol for lethal force, are addressed in the mysterious 4-hour "hazmat training" seminar for "kind of scared" US soldiers who may come in contact with "natives?"

my best guess would be that it's a Child Find

ah, the state of NEW MEXICO. Thank you.

With regard to Part B of the IDEA, each Local Education Agency (LEA) must have in place policies and procedures to ensure all children with disabilities who are in need of special education and related services are identified, located, and evaluated.

Download our Child Find System Policy in IDEA and Child Find

in particular
4 CFR Part 300, Subpart G - Authorization, Allotment, Use of Funds, and Authorization of Appropriations
of which

(b) Secretary of the Interior. From the amount appropriated for any fiscal year under section 611(i) of the Act, the Secretary reserves 1.226 percent to provide assistance to the Secretary of the Interior in accordance with §§ 300.707 through 300.716.

34 CFR 300.701 - Outlying areas, freely associated States, and the Secretary of the Interior.

§ 300.707 Use of amounts by Secretary of the Interior.
(a) Definitions. For purposes of §§ 300.707 through 300.716, the following definitions apply:
(1) Reservation means Indian Country as defined in 18 U.S.C. 1151.
(2) Tribal governing body has the definition given that term in 25 U.S.C. 2021(19).
(b) Provision of amounts for assistance. The Secretary provides amounts to the Secretary of the Interior to meet the need for assistance for the education of children with disabilities on reservations aged 5 to 21, inclusive, enrolled in elementary schools and secondary schools for Indian children operated or funded by the Secretary of the Interior.

she's currently tasked with diagnosing Autism in native territories [SIC]

Tasked by whom?

< wipes tears >

Dr. Barry Rosenthal, chairman of Emergency Medicine at Winthrop-University Hospital in Mineola, New York, said that while he cannot speak to the situation in Dallas, it’s neither typical nor advised for an epidemiologist to enter an isolation room and interview a contagious patient. Their role in outbreaks, he said, is to track cases to find out who else might have been exposed, research that can be conducted by phone or video monitor to avoid potential contact.

Dallas’ Top Health Epidemiologist Being Monitored For Ebola « CBS Dallas / Fort Worth 
:: stat! Pigged
(please review statistical significance of CLINICAL variables correlated to DEATH, Supplementary Appendix 1 in Ebola Virus Disease in West Africa — The First 9 Months of the Epidemic and Forward Projections in epidemic )
70 Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital professionals per patient?
"There's this thing about liars ...
they can't keep their stories straight.
Outstanding post from a virologist down under
Ian M Mackay, PhD 
"Once one sufficiently abstracts from facts of the case, the distinctive moral gravity of the problem begins to slip away."
< drum roll >
Is the Universe Built on Math?

re: GTFO! Express | DupB - - fMRI edition
"The UK government has pledged £125m "to help contain, control, treat and defeat Ebola" and 659 front-line NHS staff and 130 Public Health England staff have volunteered to travel to West Africa."
UK To Set Up Ebola Centre In Sierra Leone 8 Sep

I do not begrudge the true costs.

Who receives payment of "true costs" or false cost? Why, that would be the corporations that are not people!

I received a $1.00 raise effective 1 Oct 2014. In fact every non-exempt employee of the seasonal retail establishment, where I work, who is contracted for minimum wage compensation received a $1.00 increase. Why is that? The executive council of Montgomery County, MD passed a law in Nov 2013 establishing a new price floor for labor, "from $7.25 to $11.50 an hour by 2017." Pigged

Victory in Montgomery County, Md., for Minimum Wage Workers, Prince George's County Follows Suit

During peak retail season, that increase is surely welcome by all as the employer demands 40 hour commitment from all "regular" employees, because lay-offs begin Q2 and this employer continues to reward exceptional non-exempt "productivity" with scrip, while exempt employees receive USD bonuses.

it's pretty clear that college is not the place to level the playing field

Yes, it is as a terminal degree has not imparted to you the language skill necessary to communicate what actual activities, political effects, social status, procedural rules, or possessions you mean to identify in the phrase "level the playing field."

"WHO believes in transparency and accountability and will release this review when it is fact-checked."
WHO response to Internal Ebola document leaked to media
Which one of us demands "transparency" instead of honesty?
Which one of us demands "accountability" instead of responsibility for?
Which one of us is even capable of stating the purpose of any given "institutional" activity in order to judge the "competence" of the people who incorporate that institution?

And what the fuck is an "internal Ebola document" supposed to communicate --viremia?

< wipes tears >

I posted the text.

You haven't even posted the text of "Affirmative Action" (which is not USC but a series of executive orders to federal agencies on dispensation of public monies pursuant to enforcing compliance with the act and supposedly case law that protect covered "public accommodations" and covered classes of petitioners) including but not limited to EO 10925, 11246, 12250, 13160, and 13166.

States' legislatures have been challenging documented evidence of adverse discrimination by sex, religion, "race," in application of civil rights enumerated in the US Constitution since 1776. Only lately have proponents of "blind justice" employed a vocabulary of "reverse discrimination" to argue that law enforcement to remedy continuing adverse discrimination by "political subdivisions" constitutes "preferential treatment" for minority factions in the polity.

I hate to put words in your mouth

That's funny, because it's so false! You enjoy inaccurately paraphrasing the living and the dead.

but you seem to be objecting to the parts copied from the Civil Rights Act.

You didn't post any parts of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 purportedly copied by CA "anti-discrimination" statutes.

Am I to understand now that Patrick Sawyer was the only ahh unlucky person to be in Liberia in the period December 2013-Aug 2014, while Ebola was "devouring everything in its path"?

or wtf (please review statistical significance of CLINICAL variables correlated to DEATH, Supplementary Appendix 1 in Ebola Virus Disease in West Africa — The First 9 Months of the Epidemic and Forward Projections in epidemic )

Pray tell how you are privy to what I do not understand of the subject.

o, that's easy! On "the subject" of civil rights you most recently wrote,

Point out the parts with which you disagree and for extra credit compare them to the text in the Civil Rights Bill of 1964 in the US Constitution.

indicating that you are unfamiliar with the text of the US Constitution that enumerate civil rights, therefore unlikely to apprehend the purposes of USC (federal) or state laws (e.g. Chapter 8 - Miscellaneous Anti-discrimination Statutes, in particular advice to file "a section 1983 action" ). Those "anti-discrimination statutes" either remedy unlawful or affirm lawful discrimination of petitioners, seeking enforcement of their civil rights or "opportunities" to enjoy public accommodations from a state government which recognizes some "bona fide qualifications" in "normal operation of public employment, public education, or public contracting" but not others, inexplicably.