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"Now, I am very much a social constructivist;I do not buy into the 'born this way' notion. I do not think that butchness is somehow stamped into my DNA, and I certainly don’t believe that I have a 'masculine' brain or that any such thing exists."
On My Butchness
"It is somewhat of a paradox that today women who speak out against gender are pushed back into a differently constructed box that was once upon a time crafted by men."
Dispelling Fictions and Disrupting Hashtags
"The fact that we never see ourselves represented in the wider world is a contributing factor to our isolation and difficulty coming to terms with our identity."
You’re about as sexually attractive to me as a turtle: Coming out as asexual in a hypersexual culture

Because HCN

re: "To claim ignorance is not credible"

An RNA virus that mutates (unlikely, recombines) like "seasonal" flu

An international team of researchers sequenced 99 Ebola genomes, with extremely high accuracy, from 78 people diagnosed with Ebola in Sierra Leone in June.

The nucleic acid of the virus consists of a single-stranded (-) RNA molecule, reminiscent of influenza virus.

"If the virus is mutating away from the known sequence, that could be important to how these things work." [CAPTION: The laboratory at the Kenema Government Hospital [SIC] in Sierra Leone, where scientists test for Ebola in fluid and tissue samples from patients.]

"The prime consists of a DNA vaccine containing a small piece of genetic material encoding surface proteins from Zaire ebolavirus and Sudan ebolavirus. The boost consists of a weakened cold virus that delivers the Zaire ebolavirus surface protein. "
Experimental Vaccine Protects Monkeys from New Ebola Virus | NIH NEWS 2010

The new genomic data also indicate that the outbreak started when just one person caught Ebola from an animal.

Ebola Is Rapidly Mutating As It Spreads Across West Africa  28 Aug

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On 26 December 2013, a 2-year-old boy in the remote Guinean village of Meliandou fell ill with a mysterious illness characterized by fever, black stools, and vomiting. He died 2 days later.
"The index case and the 80 contacts have no history of travel to the EVD-affected countries in West Africa...At this time, it is believed that the outbreak in DRC is unrelated to the ongoing outbreak in west Africa....WHO is currently monitoring the situation with the Government of DRC and awaiting confirmation of the disease strain from the laboratories.
Ebola virus disease – Democratic Republic of Congo 27 Aug
"In 2009, Reston-EBOV was the first EBOV detected in swine with indicated transmission to humans."
Transmission of Ebola virus from pigs to non-human primates. (2012)
USAMRIID is a subordinate laboratory of the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command.
US 20120251502 A1
Lethal experimental infections of rhesus monkeys by aerosolized Ebola virus. (1995)

At that point he would have known he was exposed.

340 repatriated US Peace Corp volunteers say different.

70% Case Fatality Rate which is circulating Anglo-merican press this week is a lie. One may trace the lie to the WHO PR announcing the establishment of UNMEER this week. Ghana will host UNMEER, while Libera will host AFRICOM HQ.

Prior to that announcement the WHO has reported variable CFR, one for each previously reported quarantined country (GUINEA 60%, LIBERIA 53%, SL 30%, NIGERIA 8/21, SENEGAL 0 ) a/o 26 Sep. CFRs are declining in each country even as frequency of suspected, probable, confirmed cases are increasing.

"His whole family was screaming. " Really? On the way to the hospital.

sumbuddy is lying Pigged

Thank you for your patriotism and contributions to GSK and Mapp purchase orders.

Please send money.

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Another missionary beats Ebola, plans return to Africa
On 26 December 2013, a 2-year-old boy in the remote Guinean village of Meliandou fell ill with a mysterious illness characterized by fever, black stools, and vomiting. He died 2 days later.
One clue is how slow the virus is spreading
Situation report update - 26 September 2014
"47% survive In this Ebola outbreak, the survival rate has been higher than previous outbreaks"
Global Alert and Response (GAR) | WHO

MAMOUD: Greetings, Consul. I have a ticket to Dallas-Fort Worth. DEE - EF- DUBYA. Please approve my visa.
CONSUL: What is your business there?
MAMOUD: I will be visiting family.

Perspective, ppl: They walk among us.

There have been questions about the the health of Brantly’s wife and his children, who left for Texas prior to his diagnosis.
The Peace Corps announced Wednesday it is doing the same, removing its 340 volunteers from the three severely affected nations.

While there are no confirmed cases, a Peace Corps spokeswoman said two volunteers came into contact with someone who ended up dying from the virus. Those Americans haven’t shown signs of Ebola but are being isolated just in case. The spokeswoman said they can’t return home until they get medical clearance.

Source: Two Americans infected with Ebola returning to U.S. for treatmenet [SIC] 31 July

David Writebol, husband of Ebola-stricken missionary Nancy Writebol, arrived in the United States on Sunday night with two other SIM staff members"...But he won’t be allowed to visit his wife, who is in isolation at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, for up to three weeks....The trio began a mandatory 21-day isolation in Liberia, and state officials are requiring them to finish out the quarantine on SIM’s Charlotte campus.

Missionaries quarantined after arriving in the U.S. from Liberia 11 Aug

Amber Brantly visited [?!] her husband along with their daughter in Liberia, but Frieden said on 'Face the Nation' that "that they did not have contact with him when he was sick..."

Dr. Kent Brantly, stricken with Ebola, “appears to be improving”; another doctor puts himself into quarantine 3 Aug
(besides, 10 months in purda [1] [2] [3] must be the customary prophylactic measure against wild Ebola)

God has used you to restore my life to me,' the 51-year-old Sacra said

Another missionary beats Ebola, plans return to Africa 25 Aug
(after the transfusion from the 14-year-old Liberian survivor who also resurrected Kent, he feels himself to be immune, too)

There's this thing about liars ...

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The Insights Of An Ebola Doctor Who Became A Patient BLOCK: What do you chalk that up to?...
Ebola Patient Dr. Kent Brantly Says 'God Saved My Life'

We simply eat it with pretty much everything, not coffee, citrus, dairy for example. Inconceivable, I know.

Honey is an ancient antibacterial remedy. There is all sorts of documentary evidence describing its applications, including packing in wounds, lacerations. I haven't tried that, but its quite effective for sore throat.

Give up looking for info on seasons across the Sahel?

I suspect body temps inside reach 140 or more within a couple hours.

Lemme tell you, the fellas what handed out those suits to the primitive must have been MIGHTY hongry to settler for rare but didn't "speak African."

Frieden Pigged declined to answer whether the patient is a U.S. citizen. He also declined to say, clearly, whether the patient is a man, although he referred to the person as "he" on multiple occasions.

"The patient was visiting family members and staying with family members who live in this country," he said at a news conference. ... [EMS] Crew members who transported the patient to the hospital have been isolated, the chief of staff for Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings told CNN.


None have shown symptoms of the disease so far.

First diagnosed case of Ebola in the U.S.

I reckon, the "family members" are still at large then. Which is great. It means, they qualify for a CDC house call or a free trip to Bethesda, MD.

* HHS has contracted with Mapp Biopharmaceutical Inc. to develop and manufacture ZMapp. Mapp Biopharmaceutical will manufacture a small amount of the drug for early stage clinical safety studies and nonclinical studies.
* NIH will begin initial human testing of an investigational vaccine to prevent EVD in early September and is working with a company to develop an antiviral drug to treat Ebola.

2014 Ebola Outbreak in West Africa

Importers in Argentina can now get “better negotiating conditions” as Chinese exporters can avoid the risk of exchanging Yuan for dollars, before dollars get converted into Pesos in Argentina.

ICBC is not the only bank that operates in Yuan. Hong Kong’s HSBC does part of its Argentine businesses in the Chinese currency as well.

Argentina/China trade forecasted to boom in Yuan-denominated operations

Duly noted: "The list of people who have spoken out against Occupy Central is particularly revealing – oligarch Li Ka-shing, HSBC, the world’s four largest accounting firms, among others in business circles. The main issue with CY Leung’s administration isn’t the fact that it wasn’t democratically elected, but that it serves two main groups: Beijing on one hand, and local elites on the other – in other words, far from democratic in its representation. It’s not hard to see why big business and the oligarchs are terrified of Occupy Central: any movement towards real democracy would see them losing power and losing their grip over the territory. The status quo, on the other hand, serves them well."

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"Chung Chun-wai, 17, said many of his friends joined the protest in defiance of their parents, highlighting the often sharp generational divide in the former British colony over its political future."
Pro-democracy protesters storm Hong Kong government complex
Why can't I choose a party besides Democrat and Republican?

"Clearstream is monitoring the situation closely and always complies with court rulings on this subject," said a spokesman.

Belgium-based Euroclear, another financial services company that handles Argentine debt payments, declined to comment.

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" 'Look, the bonds that are covered isn't some indefinite concept,' a frustrated Imhotep told the packed courtroom in Federal Court. 'It's not all particular bonds.' "
Soros's Argentine Bond Bet Revealed in Lawsuit in London

In response to a similar effort to block Euroclear from distributing funds to the holders of Nigeria’s exchanged debt, Belgium enacted a law in 2004 that expressly precludes enforcement of an injunction against Euroclear or other Belgian or foreign institutions acting as cash correspondents. “Any cash settlement account maintained with the operator of a system or with a cash settlement agent, as well as any cash transfer, through a Belgian or foreign credit institution, to be credited to such cash settlement account, cannot be attached, put under sequestration or otherwise blocked by any means by a participant (other than the operator or the settlement agent), a counterpart or a third party,” the Belgium law states.

Argentina Bondholders File Suit in Europe Against Bank of New York & Euroclear for Blocked Millions (VIDEO)

About 40 percent of Chinese car owners plan to swap their domestic-brand cars for a Volkswagen, while almost 90 percent of those looking to upgrade are picking Volkswagen's Audi, BMW, or Mercedes-Benz, the Boston Consulting Group said in a research report. Chinese brands could emerge the biggest losers, with around 30 percent of current owners of such cars telling BCG they would stick with Chinese brands.

VW, German luxury marques set to gain as Chinese switch brands, study finds
About 31 percent of luxury vehicles sold in China this year were financed with auto loans -- a sharp increase from 8 percent in 2008, according to a new study from J.D. Power and Associates. The California-based research firm compiled the findings from a survey of 2,145 dealers representing 47 vehicle brands. The survey was conducted from January through March. The study concluded that automakers' captive lending institutions do a better job than banks offering retail credit and floorplan financing to dealerships.
Loans more popular for China's luxury-car buyers
General Motors posted sales in August that expanded at the fastest pace in six months as demand for its Wuling vehicles climbed. The automaker's deliveries in China rose 14 percent to 280,178 units, the company said. Sales have increased 11 percent in the first eight months to 2.26 million vehicles. [...] The company is introducing more than 60 new or refreshed models by the end of 2018, with 11 SUV introductions as part of the lineup over the next five years, he said at the time.
GM sales rise at fastest clip in 6 months on Wuling volume
Automotive News China


There has therefore also been a lack of knowledge of the pigment processes that lead to protection against or development of cancer.

Skin pigment renders sun's UV radiation harmless using projectiles

foreign financial intermediaries ... could violate the U.S. court orders if they aid Argentina.

< wipes tears >

Ill-conceived headline w/o 29 Sep

The ruble's share of global trading dropped to 0.4 percent from 0.6 percent since 2012, falling five places to rank 18th most-traded in the world, while the yuan tripled to 1.5 percent, according to the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, or SWIFT. Even as protests in Hong Kong this week challenged China's leadership, direct trading began between the yuan and the euro, capping a year in which trade with European Union nations grew 12 percent.

Putin Reserve Rubles Vanish in Crimea Grab as Yuan Holdings Gain

The ECB's executive board will propose that existing requirements on the quality of assets accepted by the bank are relaxed to allow the eurozone's monetary guardian to buy the safer slices of Greek and Cypriot asset backed securities, or ABS, say people familiar with the matter.

Mario Draghi pushes for ECB to accept Greek and Cypriot `junk' loan bundles

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EUR automaker vehicle manufacture and sales growths in China
Serra Sees `Beginning of TARP Moment' in Europe | BLOOMBERG

On 1 October, we mark European depression day 2014 throughout Europe.

We was almost born a black child

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"Nobody cares how tough your upbringing was. Nobody cares if you suffered some discrimination. And moreover, you have to remember that whatever you’ve gone through, it pales in comparison to the hardships previous generations endured — and they overcame them. And if they overcame them, you can overcome them, too. (Applause.)"
Morehouse class of 2013

Didn't you people already cover lardo, banger QA that is authentic English cuisine? Yes, I believe you did.

Why is this night different from all other nights?

[Kirby] added, “They're not doctors. They're not nurses. They're not trained for that and not equipped for that. That's not part of the mission. They will be kept in locations where they can do their jobs without coming into contact with patients.”

Military Response Begins as Troops, Equipment Reach Liberia 19 Sep 2014

When every comment is hyperbole, no comment is hyperbole.

"outbreak" of one case "found," sez VOA/NPR in Dallas.

"Contractual woes [!] in 2006 and 2009 forced Russian gas company Gazprom to cut gas supplies through Ukraine and European leaders are worried..."
Ukraine, Europe, Russia make progress in gas talks 26 Sep
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"Holes in the Propaganda"
"EU to help Ukraine pay Russian gas bill"

Please pass your "Mary Decoder Ring" to the person seated at your right.

Waaillll, see, one could avoid that problem altogether by substituting lox. And a Ritz. Or a bagel.

UNMEER - AFRICOM outpost, Ghana

Like I said, "most people, in my experience and demonstrated time again in innerboob discourse ..."

I prefer a croissant

Thar ya go. Croissants have their place ... in more refined company tippling (spiked) demitasse.

I shared the 5R1B uninsulated apt above Rudy's (because cheap). Wooster St was not my scene, neither Toad's.

I defer to your judgement as anyone steeped in French culture possesses good taste in baking qualities. A good bagel is crusty on the outside, airy on the inside.

What pretends to be bagel elsewhere is perforated dough-ball.

I think it has more to do with the end of QE.

Yes, how long has Hollande been whining about the "strong" EUR?
What change in tack do FX traders anticipate will accompany bond purchase wind-down by 2Q2015?
What is the first prerequisite for profiting from this change in tack?

Probably underlines a point that V777 made earlier today.

No. To the contrary, most people, in my experience and demonstrated time again in innerboob discourse at this URL for example, possess weak powers of observation.

The hard landing in China is supercharging the dollar.

Taking lessons from pettis, I see.

Essa is still open, I see. My first apt (a share) was around the corner, next door to which the 13 pct FD, was convenient. Bagel baking outside of NYC, the world over, sux.

On 26 December 2013, a 2-year-old boy in the remote Guinean village of Meliandou fell ill with a mysterious illness characterized by fever, black stools, and vomiting. He died 2 days later. Retrospective case-finding by WHO would later identify that child as West Africa’s first case of Ebola virus disease. The circumstances surrounding his illness were ominous.

Ground zero in Guinea: the outbreak smoulders – undetected – for more than 3 months | Ebola at 6 Months [SIC] | WHO

Brantly's and Writebol's families were with them in Liberia and shipped back ahead of the wurlitzer.

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"Dallas gets patient zero."

Switzerland bans Google Street View (2009)
Sweden's data protection Authority bans Google cloud services over privacy concerns (2013)

That's it. Even The Dial hasn't compiled a list of municipalities in Europe that may have GOOG street view collection or publishing bans. It maintains a list though of municipalities in Europe that GOOG street view has surveyed.

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"So basically, no Google street views in Europe ? "

< wipes tears >

Price levels inflated up to 1837, when a nationwide financial panic broke out in May, leading banks to suspend convertibility of bank money to base money for a year. The economy recovered in 1838 and 1839, but another banking crisis in October 1839 was followed by bank suspensions of convertibility in the South and West until 1842. A third banking crisis came in the winter of 1842.1 Although we will show that the panic of 1837, contrary to some accounts, had little effect on state borrowing, there is consensus that states were caught unprepared by the economic depression that lasted from late 1839 into 1843. In the depression, we among others concluded, when returns on state investments in banks and transportation projects dried up or failed to materialize, states defaulted on their debts. Was this incompetence?
The most startling feature of the table is timing. The massive increase in state borrowing occurs during and after 1837. The major financial panic of 1837 did not at all damp borrowing by states. In 1841, more than half of the outstanding state debt of $198 million had been authorized and issued since 1837. Only five of the 20 borrowing states in the table incurred more debt before than after 1837. The last two rows of the table give the total debt authorized and the total debt ever issued. States actually authorized an additional $24 million in bonds that were never issued after 1837.

Or was it bad "luck?" You be the judge.

Thank you for the timeline, Mr Dogbert.

"sovereign default"


Section III relates the temporal pattern of state borrowing to a general underlying factor, rising land values and the land-sales boom of the 1830s. A specific feature of the process by which U.S. public lands were transformed into private property explains why so many states borrowed so much after 1836. Section IV addresses the question of why some defaulting states—2 Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Michigan, and Mississippi—repudiated their debts, in part or in whole. In every case repudiation was connected to state borrowing for bank investments. But Alabama, which also had banking problems, did not default. Section V discusses why, in the Northwest, Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan defaulted, but Ohio did not. Similarly, section VI considers why, in the commercial-industrial Northeast, Maryland and Pennsylvania defaulted, but Massachusetts and New York did not.

state paper bonds

huh. I did not know that. I was lead to believe by numerous contemporary and "modern" historiographies that the US banking system before 1868 --indeed all "Western" banking systems-- was "based on" trading private ("investor-owned") bank "bonds".

Which US states defaulted bond payments before 1861?
us state defaults 1800 - 1861

The court ["IMHOTEP"] already ruled that his jurisdiction encompasses the world.
Filing [BY NML CAPITAL] a few opposition papers doesn't cost much [CONSIDERING THE COURT IS ALREADY BOUGHT].

There will be no fight. Simply put, fewer foreign private- and public corporations will do deals in USD or in USA, because financial risks associated mental disorder of government officers is too great to ahem buffer.

:: 26 Sep Imhotep Pigged
" 'Look, the bonds that are covered isn't some indefinite concept,' a frustrated Imhotep told the packed courtroom in Federal Court. 'It's not all particular bonds.' "

Really? I did not know that.

Did you know that keeping one child in constant supply of pencils and paper for one academic year is not a trivial expenses? Consider the range of prices demanded by "sellers" at America's favorite discount retail "space."
120 sheets
12-box x 6
1500 sheets, no lines, no ink-cartridges, no printer, no photocopier
10 broad-tip
3 pink pearl
24 double-wrapped
Like iPads, pencils, paper, markers, crayons, graphing calculators, and batt'ies are frequently eaten by ... a dog ... during a school year.

Replacement cost adds rapidly to tuition (x 22 pupils per class) because bad teacher.

Well, by 1837...

huh. What non-event in the US commercial banking "system" occurred in 1861, and why do historians call the Long Depression the Long Depression?

:: Pigged
Early State Banks in the United States: How Many Were There and When Did They Exist?*" Quarterly Review, Minnie Fed [1782-1861]

"Poverty" lines are arbitrarily defined.

"Third World" standard of living consumption for an average, American middle-class household.

"According to these results, the official Gini coefficient of household income distribution rose sharply from 0.476 in 1991 to 0.518 in 1996.... This article attempts to clearly explain the difference between poverty and income inequality."
Lui, H-K, "Poverty and Income Disparity in Hong Kong," (1997)
HONG KONG: 0.471 (1991), 0.537 (2011)

It would hence be more meaningful to supplement the statistic with a structural analysis of the economy and labour market, identifying the parameters accountable for the widening of income gap: (a) Inflow of immigrants ... (b) Economic restructuring[...]financing, insurance, real estate and business services increased noticeably from 4.8% to 13.4%... (c) Population ageing... (d) Smaller household size...Specifically, 56.2% of the households in the lowest decile were singleton households in 2011.

Gini Coefficient of Hong Kong: trends and interpretations
USA: ? (1991), ? (2011)
Saez-Piketty (SPI) v. AEI
Because complex.

"In July 1992, Chris Patten was appointed as the last British Governor of Hong Kong. (British Hong Kong) The Legislative Council of Hong Kong was set up in 1843 as a colonial legislature under British rule.... to advise the Governor's administration on 27 June 1843. The Council had four Official members including the Governor who was President and Member when it was first established. [...]The first ever elections to the Council were held in 1985, following by the first direct elections of the Legislative Council were held in 1991. The Legislative Council became a fully elected legislature for the first time in its history in 1995."
Legislative Council of Hong Kong
"No member of the democratic camp will support it, so a two-thirds majority will be impossible, and the system for 2017 will be the same, “small-circle” arrangement that was used in 2012."
China’s Decision on Universal Suffrage in Hong Kong
"School pupils as young as 13 joined Friday's protest, shouting: "I want real elections not fake ones". Chung Chun-wai, 17, said many of his friends joined the protest in defiance of their parents, highlighting the often sharp generational divide in the former British colony over its political future."
Pro-democracy protesters storm Hong Kong government complex
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Why can't I choose a party besides Democrat and Republican?
"We bailed out our banks, why couldn’t they bail out theirs?”

European leaders agreed on a €120 billion "European Growth Pact" at an EU summit in June 2012, shortly after the election of Mr Normal in France. The measures included increasing the European Investment Bank's capital, redirecting unspent EU regional aid funds and launching project bonds to co-finance major public investment programmes. However, doubts were raised as to how fast the money could be raised as infrastructure projects often take years to materialise.

French wary of ‘fake money’ in EU’s €300bn investment plan

:: Pigged
(hier, NIGER, CAR, MALI; maitnant, "the forests of Guinea, in the heart of the outbreak") 2014
all-cash investors 2012

"This is not the first time in France a university lecturer has mistakenly taken the veil law into their own hands."
Paris university sorry for Muslim veil 'gaffe'

That's new. Snark

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"NEW ORLEANS - Loyola University economics professor Walter Block claims The New York Times defamed him in a Jan. 25 article, "Rand Paul's Mixed Inheritance," which used quotes that made him appear racist, in Federal Court."

:: Pigged

II. Racial Animus and the Common Law
Sexual orientation’s treatment in American defamation law is not historically an anomaly. Indeed, like sexual orientation, false imputations of racial classifications were actionable in American defamation law for hundreds of years. However, the evolution of constitutional principles in Fourteenth Amendment jurisprudence rendered these racial defamation claims constitutionally suspect.

Lawrence Meets Libel: Squaring Constitutional Norms with Sexual-Orientation Defamation in "SELF, what in hell is going on in the wide world of defamation today?"
"However, if this isn’t  your first battery charge"
Maybe you should read up on slander.