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Thursday, Jul 24, 2014 at 1:06 p.m.
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Afghanistan Special Inspector General John Sopko
"The inspector general reports provide a rare glimpse into the secretive world of bioterror lab safety and the oversight of government, university and private labs. The reports, which were redacted before being released to USA TODAY, were previously distributed only to "authorized officials" because of "the sensitivity of issues we identified" and are stamped with warnings that they contain "restricted" information. "
Reports reveal safety violations at many bioterror labs
It's short a few agency "Oversight Areas" and continues to rely on the kindness of insiders, "whistleblowers."
Office of Inspector General | US Department of Commerce

I have detected some confusion about forms of government and their organizing principles among HCN correspondents. For example, some correspondents do not distinguish federal republic from empire. Why is that, or what crucial characteristic differentiates these forms of government?

Do you want to play Telephone?

"We wanted to know if Bolton correctly characterized Putin’s comments....'Above all, we should acknowledge that the collapse of the Soviet Union was a major geopolitical disaster of the century.'"
Did Vladimir Putin call the breakup of the USSR 'the greatest geopolitical tragedy of the 20th century?' | The Truth-O-Meter Says:

Neil Brown, executive editor of the St. Petersburg Times , which launched PolitiFact in August 2007, said the award was "proof that the Web is not a death sentence for newspapers. In fact, PolitiFact marries the power of old-fashioned shoe-leather journalism with an extraordinarily powerful way to present it."

PolitiFact wins Pulitzer (2009)
"Our Top 10 Truth-O-Meter rulings cover the Pledge of Allegiance, military shrinkage and crime linkage."
PolitiFact's greatest hits (2007)

The guiding force behind PolitiFact - and the creator of the Truth-O-Meter - is Bill Adair, our Washington bureau chief.

The truth is
May 23 2007: Google's goal - to organise your daily life (2007) VoD
"Add to the list of scary things Google is working on is a "truth meter" where Google CEO Eric Schmidt posited in FT just before the last US congressional election, that in the future Google could help voters gauge in real time whether a politician was telling the "truth" or not. "
"Google's emergence as one of the scariest companies on planet" (2007)
The Truth Predictor (2006)
--"the outcome of general elections will be changed 'within five years' by what Eric Schmidt calls 'truth predictor' software."
Eric Schmidt Warns Politicians That Elections Will Forever Change


Very nice case for analysis of the theory (stated above). Thanks.


This story posits, the absence of uniformity in statutory codification of socially unacceptable behavior among the several states of the USA compounds problems (stated above) that obstruct the theoretical objective (stated above).
Insta-Loophole: In Florida, High-Cost Lender Skirts the Law 

This related story provides further information about strategies implemented by corporations to pursue business that is not defined socially unacceptable behavior in statutes.
Whack-a-Mole: How Payday Lenders Bounce Back When States Crack Down

Both stories provide information about enforcement of statutory codified socially unacceptable behavior and lack thereof within the states, examined by the reporter. In each case the reporter examines state legislators' responsibility for perfecting their laws and enforcement of same.

The reporter neither confirms nor denies that federal legislation imposes uniformity on statutory codification (a solution) that he has implied is a necessary and universal attribute for obtaining the objective (stated above).

The state-by-state skirmishes are crucial, because high-cost lenders operate primarily under state law. On the federal level , the recently formed Consumer Financial Protection Bureau can address “unfair, deceptive or abusive practices,” said a spokeswoman. But the agency is prohibited from capping interest rates.

"Refer to #2"

DICTION CORNER may assist your comprehension of legislation enacted by persons in the 50 states and several territories of the USA.

79 units per floor.
National home builder eyes area east of ASU 
It's a hotel.
No, it's a dormitory.
No, it's a floor wax.
No, it's birth control.
No, it's an abortifacient.

@ "Remind me again of how much the banksters got? How many have gone to jail? "

OBJECTIVE ("need," "want," or "goal"): Punish socially unacceptable behavior.
1. Detecting socially unacceptable behavior
2. Statutory codification of socially unacceptable behavior ( "a crime" or "a violation")
3. Statutory codification of socially unacceptable behavior categorically discriminates penalty for injury-in-fact into civil and criminal remedies
4. Doctrines of standing and cause of action limit feasible universe of socially unacceptable behavior for state prosecution
5. Popular belief that "corporations are not people" (refer to #1)
6. Popular belief that laws are immutable (refer to #1, #2)
7. Popular disagreement or ignorance about definitions of socially unacceptable behavior (refer to #2)

re: Game to Snowden?

Lauri Love, 29, of Stradishall, England, was indicted today by a federal grand jury in the Eastern District of Virginia on charges of conspiracy, causing damage to a protected computer, access device fraud and aggravated identity theft.

FBI — Hacker Charged with Breaching Multiple Government Computers and Stealing Thousands of Employee and Financial Records 

:: University of d'Oh Bulletin Pigged

“Much of the global backbone of the Internet sits in northern Virginia in the form of servers and infrastructure. The NSA has said publically that most e-mails in the world transit through switches or fiber optic cables that sit somewhere in northern Virginia.”

“The [EASTERN DISTRICT OF VIRGINIA] is also home to what has been dubbed the rocket docket.


re: TEH DATAEZ, body bags, sadism, out of sight, out of mind

dilbert dogbert July 24, 2014 at 5:31 pm

I suggest the system that HCN has. It has an ignore button along with others that allow the reader to not see that which offends.
HCN is the comments section of Calculated Risk.

On Perusing the Comments Sections 

@ "A very interesting essay on why low Fed rates fail to induce spending at IBM."

re: The Fed suckered IBM into a failing cloud strategy? 
The article explains how low Fed rates (ergo commercial rates) tend historically to induce corporate share buybacks.
The article attempts to explain MSFT competitive advantages (SWOT) versus industry rivals in hardware and software sectors (in spite of a "highly motivated workforce").
The article makes no attempt to relate historical private-sector investment in ISV development and OEM hardware ("OpEx") to public-sector contract bidding (guaranteed "Revenue" growths).


The partnership, intended to increase the security and functionality of Apple's mobile devices for corporate users, is a mark of how deeply "consumerisation" is reshaping corporate technology markets. Apple and IBM were once bitter foes ...

Apple and IBM take on corporate market together

:: University of d'Oh Bulletin Pigged
Top business and consumer uses if ITC
Martin McFly, PhD

A very entertaining vignette indeed for "talking points" on market conditions and conspicuously absent information about how Congress "printed" money to repay federal debts (other than issue new debentures).
U.S. Debt and Foreign Loans, 1775–1795 
< wipes tears >
alrighty then. Errybuddy skip right to arguing the actual number of casualities to The Lost Cause. And charcoal.

:: Pigged
Alexander Hamilton, "On the establishment of a mint, Communicated to the House of Representatives," January 28, 1791

The knowledge economy REMOVES the necessity of clustering.

Would you like to share any anectdotal evidence to support that idea?

:: Pigged
I found out a friend was looking for a house to rent because...

It's quite a stretch to transform that lead into the gold of concern for workers.

yes, well, amateur and expert economist haven't been helpful in explaining how price stability of USD (which the is one of the FRB's mandates) expresses distribution of "private" profits to wages and salaries or "cheaper" utilities, goods, and services, actually.

Consequently, one finds strategies to curtail sexual activity and sizes of populations ACROSS THE GLOBE being commended by innerboob spectators as solutions to "wealth transfer" from the merican middle-classes.

AND "doubled down" on "cheaper dollars" to "inflate away" ever increasing amounts of federal debt outstanding by "rolling it over."

re: REALity TV, BLS employment situation report (on average)
"Reality TV now accounts for a quarter of the workers in TV production, including 15,000 workers in New York City. Of those, the Guild is organizing 2,000 writer-producers. ...It’s also more profitable than ever, with reality show-heavy networks like TLC and Discovery making profit margins well above 50 percent, a union analysis says. ...Pay has also gone down, from $2,500 a week two decades ago to $1,000 or less, Smith said. For a 100-hour week (about seven 14-hour days), which workers said was not unusual, that works out to $10 an hour."
Jobs Gone Bad: Reality TV Workers Organize

re: "Forget money as a motivator."

Data gathered by ISSTA Lines (TASE: ISTA) indicate vast hikes, of hundreds of dollars, between airfares yesterday, before the wave of cancellations, and this morning. For example, an El Al ticket to New York that yesterday cost $1,450, today jumped to $2,220; a difference of $770.

El Al fares soar for stranded passengers
:: classy Pigged $26B
"The essentializing assumption that money symbolizes irrational behavior..."
"Compensatory damages of $7.3m were awarded to the widow and the couple's child, and $9.6m to Johnson's son from a previous relationship."
US widow awarded $23.6bn tobacco payout
"'Coming at the height of summer tourism season, State’s warning could cost Israel many millions of dollars in lost revenue.'"
Cruz Accuses Obama Of Secretly Plotting Against Israel, Aiding Hamas

You're only arguing about price. ... You're not arguing about principle. You're, no, no, no. Because nobody can take the principle, nobody can accept the principle that an infinite value should be put on an individual life

Milton Friedman - Morality & Capitalism

make every financial organization declare their function

They do. A state or federal government, sometimes both, issues a business license to individuals and companies to conduct particular business activities. All of these identities are public records, whether or not incorporated, whether or not sole-proprietor, whether or not shares are publicly traded. Companies whose shares are publicly-traded are required by states' and federal securities laws to report periodic financial statements. These statements, e.g. EDGAR filings, disclose material and operating changes, if any, to the companies' business activities.

a clear line between commercial and investment.

You allude without reference to Glass-Steagall amendments to the National Banking Act and Securities Act (repealed), which broadly speaking, prescribed capital controls and proscribed trading activities of national-chartered finance companies and their holding companies. These laws effected antitrust enforcement by the state.

Normally, English-speakers understand "commercial" business in distinction from "private" business; that is in the former case any non-excludable ("open market") trading. Finance industry is categorically speaking a sector of commercial banking, i.e. selling money for money. By contrast, private finance ("closed market") business normally eludes state regulation and resolution until such time as a contract dispute between the private parties to the contract arises, as is the custom.

Investment is an expense. Not all expenses involve finance.

hedges are insurance and should be regulated as insurance.

A "hedge fund" is not an insurance concern in any shape or form (consult your state and federal laws). Principals of the corporation are agents (individually licensed to conduct particular trading activity) who broker client funds with speculative ventures that the client believes will return profits to them.

here is a transactional value where people accept it as payment. There is an aesthetic value for which people willingly and knowingly pay a premium for the unique satisfaction.

Am I to understand, people employ money to trade for goods and services, because they find a physical form of money pleasurable? If so, that must explain why so many members of advanced civilization have adopted plastic devices to exchange electronically minute and colossal quantities of their affective states and continue to hoard specie and paper in their own, private mattresses.

All kinds of biases contribute to the illogical decisions as demonstrated by Kahneman and Tversky.

Yes, this statement is problematic. Someone might even say, illogical.

I understand that you are much impressed with what you have read about "behavioral economics" posited by Kahneman and Tversky. Appeals to and extrapolations of clinical psychology are alluring. But all of these sorts of belated polemic attempt not to subvert economic dogma, but modify a model of a "rational" actor on which macroeconomic literature relies to populate the values of "average" characteristics.

Like "corrupt capitalism" and "bizarre perversion of rational choice theory" the topic, "all kinds of biases" presupposes an ideal --other than the self-interested, idiosyncratic, utterly biased subject of objective study-- that interlocutors have not given. (Here's where a smart-pants inserts Nash theorem to demonstrate all variables produce equally satisfying outcomes.)

"Forget money as a motivator. People are risk averse in some situations and seek risk in others, making illogical choices. All kinds of biases contribute to the illogical decisions as demonstrated by Kahneman and Tvers"

Varied forms of telecommunication between people and their environments, however, have proved themselves indispensable for millenia.

There is considerable evidence that challenges the rational agent model.

Correct. Discourses on ethics (many forms, geographies, ethnicities &tc) supercedes formalisms of "choice theory" and "rational choice theory." The latter field of so-called scholarship is an extremely recent development of western philosophical inquiry proceeding from the dominance, the reification one may argue, of economic typology in those cultural settings.

Inititially solving empirical challenges of "scientific" measurement has preoccupied scholarship of ethics for the last few centuries, not least of which segregating internal and external conditional parameters. But one ought notice immediately that establishing one vector of ethical knowledge has resolved those synthetic dilemmas for many an inquistor: money measurement, money quantities and change of money quantity, of value --as if money reward (punishment) were the only motive of an individual's action, not to mention individuals acting in concert, incorporated.

The essentializing assumption that money symbolizes irrational behavior --widely indoctrinated by "social scientists"-- poses considerable barriers to obtaining accurate representations of social relations, psychology, and conflict resolution.

It's just application of some bizarre perversion of rational choice theory.

Like "corrupt capitalism" (Outsider), this statement presupposes an ideal that an interlocutor has not given. But statements proceding from the unstated premise (average "utility") attempt to deduce a value judgement a individual, given macroeconomic precepts e.g. extrinisic value, perfect knowledge, and the predicitive power of aggregated "price/signal" "movements." Which is to say, again, in theory all people behave identically; in practice, they do not; and all consumers are price takers.

In theory, the purpose of "policy formulation" is prescriptive, to articulate the optimal conditions of aggregate behaviors for obtaining the result(s) expected by its ahh social engineer. In practice, the purpose of "policy formulation" is descriptive.

I recommend this article for a review of ethics (in the "industrial age"), Introduction to Choice Theory, and formulas adopted by disparate schools of the "social sciences."

Incidentally,microeconomic methodology seeks to quantify preferences ("utility") among disparate but specific groupings (demographic) of individuals; market study participants "score" choices of commodity or course of action; study designers do not "score" people; they collate and rank scalar responses, then infer intent. The value of that practice to manufacturers, for example, in inducing a feasible size and USD value of a market--profit potential-- for a choice has been often expressed by HCN correspondents, more or less, "making J6P buy junk".

You are "Andy Rooney." You have detected the solipsism of sm_landlord's thesis: the systematic operations of DirectTV (one satellite digital signal broadcaster) are representative of all digital signal broadcast operators ACROSS THE GLOBE regardless of equipment specifications. More important, the rubric "quality" denotes any and all discrepancies [*] between the theoretical integrity of a digital signal, e.g. a codec, specifically H.265, and the actual integrity of a digital signal transmitted.

If you wait, sm_landlord may well declare that all broadcasters are fraudulant commercial businesses. Because there is one economy.

[*] later in the thread you will find a reference to "rational choice theory" which further attenuates all attributes of value to USD (because macroeconomic model of rationality).

Duly noted: "More accurately, the World Wars were portrayed by Césaire and colleagues as the result of historical habits, practices and policies of European colonizers, long built up against the raced bodies of the colonized, later blowing back North, where dehumanized colonizers targeted also the bodies of Europe’s own peoples. Césaire portrayed this as a certain 'boomerang' effect. Fanon cited his words, as they bore especially on the rise of Nazism in Europe: 'And then one day the bourgeoisie is awakened by a terrific boomerang effect: the gestapos are busy, the prisons fill up, the torturers standing around the racks invent, refine, discuss.'"

Double feature recommendation: Lore and Purge

On this date, 1943: "just peace" ensued, visual aid

Budget Control Act of 2011, "sequestration," and the "super-committee".

sells its paper priced above actual risk premium

Actual risk premium is the price that the market will bear, closing price. Any other stated or unstated premia is notional, the product of some prospective buyer's DCF model of a going concern, a valuation exercise including comparative book values and intangible assets ... such as the quantified immanence.

I should remind you, investors purchase equity of and debt owed by corporations that have defaulted (typically, protected by bankruptcy proceedings). Sometimes this transaction is called M&A, if the buyer is situated in the same industry as the target. Even though, agents and shareholders of an impaired corporation will apply proceeds from sale of new issues, equity swaps or conversions, or new debt, to refinance, re-organize operations, and cash outstanding shares. Lehman is hardly a novel case in the annals of US traditions.

Neither is Elliott/NML.

re: sanitation for neocons

FAA extends ban on US airline flights to Israel
"Bloomberg also slammed the FAA for the decision, calling the restrictions a 'mistake.' "
Mike Bloomberg Announces Flight to Israel to Demonstrate That it is Safe, Slams FAA Ban

Because just prior to the FAA announcement, the Weekly Standard had wondered why the State Department had chosen to issue a travel warning for Americans going to Israel. “Israel earned over $10 billion last year from 3.5 million visitors, the plurality of whom were Americans,” article asked. “Coming at the height of summer tourism season, State’s warning could cost Israel many millions of dollars in lost revenue.

Cruz Accuses Obama Of Secretly Plotting Against Israel, Aiding Hamas

re: profit taking

Germany at Highest Value Prompts Sellers as Europe Mends

"Before the speech, investors expected the first rate rise from the historic low of 0.5 per cent at the end of the year, with roughly a 50 per cent chance it will come before Christmas."
BoE governor Mark Carney says UK rate rise drawing closer

re: "monthly nut"

"Because owner-occupiers with mortgages also tended to earn more than those in the rented sector, tenants spent 40% of their income on rental payments, while owner-occupiers spent just 20%."
'Rent trap' keeping England's young people off the housing ladder

:: property ladder Pigged
"Help to Buy scheme offers buyers with a 5% deposit an interest-free loan of up to 20% of the value of most new homes"
Budget 2013: Osborne offers homebuyers Help to Buy (2013)

re: inventory

Russia will discover next week how much it may be asked to pay for the confiscation a decade ago of Mikhail Khodorkovsky's Yukos Oil Co., then the country's biggest oil producer.

The Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague will rule on July 28 on a $103 billion damages claim the company's former owners filed against Russia in 2007, Tim Osborne, head of GML Ltd., former holding company of Yukos, said by e-mail.

Putin's Ukraine Woes Compounded by $103 Billion Yukos Claim

re: elastic definitions for neocons

"Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan Imperial Wizard Chris Barker told WGCL reporter Steve Kiggins that the effort was "more of a recruitment drive" than an effort to intimidate residents, adding that he wanted to "let the neighborhood know that the Klan is there and that we're not going nowhere."
"Georgia Police Investigating KKK Recruitment Flyers Left Before MLK Day (Jan 2013)
"The message focused on illegal immigration from Mexico, used a racial slur and made a variety of false claims about diseases that were brought to the United Stated by immigrants."
KKK Recruitment Fliers Distributed in Orange County Neighborhood  (July 2014)
"Several versions of a recruitment call are wrapped in plastic bags, weighed down with rice or rocks. They read "Save Our Land, Join the Klan." It asks neighbors whether they're tired of black crime, black welfare and race-mixing, and lists a Triad-area Klan hotline for membership."
KKK recruits in Harnett County ahead of North Carolina rally(July 2014)
"The Imperial Klaliff was particularly pleased, he claimed, with the response generated by the recent leafleting campaign. Welcome packs for new recruits are being sent out to folks in California, Georgia, Illinois, North and South Carolina and Tennessee."
White night (July 2014)

:: tawana brawley Pigged FBI informant
"if anyone thinks they are dumb enough to recruit in non-white neighborhoods, then I have a bridge for sale at a great price."
"the real question is who is doing it for publicity? The KKK (UKA,etc.), or some group like the Black Panthers or the ACORN looking to rally support in ethnic neighborhoods."
"its intimidation. "

re: elastic definitions for neolibs

DHHS new interpretation applies to all US territories ("colonies"), not only the US Virgin Islands. The US Congress does require inhabitants of these colonies to remit other federal taxes, e.g. FICA. Someone possessing more than a passing familiarity with the well-worn slogan, "no taxation without representation," might construe such obligations satisfied by inhabitants of the colonies satisfies their entitlement claims. Some others may infer that the new interpretation of the PPACA selectively benefits or punishes inhabitants of US colonies, depending on one's dedication to the "fully funded" rights of US colonial subjects, the "little brothers."

Laws are made by Congress, but all of a sudden last week HHS discovered new powers after "a careful review of this situation and the relevant statutory language." For simplicity's sake, the territories will now be governed by the "state" definition that excludes the territories for both the subsidies and now the mandates too. But the old definition will still apply for the public-health spending, so the territories will get their selective exemption after all.

The White House seems to have an elastic definition of states. In the Halbig case in which a decision is expected any day from the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, Mr. Obama's lawyers say the phrase "the 50 states" includes the federal government. But most elastic is its definition of statutes, which apparently mean whatever Mr. Obama says they mean at any given moment. His new dispensation is great for the territories, but awful for the Constitution and rule of law.

Territories Free of ObamaCare

Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, and American Samoa

such as

US colonies are not US states. The US Constitution purportedly affords their inhabitants all its protections, including representatives in Congress who have no power to vote. Accordingly, Congress does not require inhabitants of US colonies to remit federal income taxes.

This new interpretation of DHHS authority to execute the PPACA arises immediately from the literary dispute pending in the DC court of appeals and may forestall litigation by opponents of the PPACA who seek "unambiguous" interpretations of the intentions of the Congress (of "fully funded," native merican represenatives).

16 July 2014

@ "linking to your own comment (that conflates RPG's with Stingers) is sketchy, IMHO"

I have acknowledged your abtruse remark about my classification error of the type of weapons Anglo-merican press consistently claims that separatists employ: "You're right. I didn't correctly recall the type of inadequate shoulder-fired missile...." All of which evidently require material and intelligence direction from Russia.

I have also stated many times on many different topics concerning Anglo-merican historiography and current events my willingness to refute received wisdom.

The issue on which you and I will disagree --as we have from the days of Daniel Pearl martyrdom at HCN-- is the gullibility of the American media consumer and his or her ability to fill "holes in the propaganda."

Communique by the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media on denial of entry of journalists from one OSCE participating State to another (April)

“The doctors said that in June and July alone there were 250 killed and 850 wounded in the Luhansk region,” the report said.
The Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine currently consists of 300 civilian unarmed monitors from more than 40 OSCE participating States and local staff from Ukraine.

The Mission’s Head Office is in Kiev and there are monitors working in Kherson, Odessa, Lvov, Ivano-Frankovsk, Kharkov, Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Chernovtsy and Lugansk regions.

250 civilian persons killed in Luhansk region of Ukraine since beginning of summer - OSCE

Hiding behind the false outrage* over the likely accidental destruction of flight MH17 the Ukrainian coup-government launched a severe attack on the city of Donetsk:

The western part of the city has been shelled since 4 a.m. local time (2 a.m. UTC) on Monday from Grad multiple launch rocket systems, local residents told ITAR-TASS. Heavy weapons are used and explosions are heard.

Ukraine: New Coup-Government Offense in Donetsk (21 July)

Ukrainian officials said that separatists brought down two of four SU-25 planes flying near the border with Russia that were assisting military forces on the ground. The pilots, who tried to maneuver away from the missiles shot from the ground, managed to get out [sic] of the planes before they were brought down, Ukrainian officials said.

However, separatist military leader Igor Strelkov said that only one plane was brought down.

Ukraine fighter jets shot down as bodies of MH17 victims leave country

:: last week's news Pigged
Actually, eye-witness (Russian- and Ukrainian-speaking ethnic-Russian Ukrainians living near the crash sites) reports floating round the innerboobs claim two Ukraine jet (escorts) and one commercial airliner ...

In terms of who fired the missile, "we don't know a name, we don't know a rank and we're not even 100 percent sure of a nationality," one official said, adding at another point, "There is not going to be a Perry Mason moment here," a referenc to a fictional detective who solved mysteries.
The working theory is that the SA-11 missile came from Russia, although the U.S. doesn't have proof of that, the officials said.

U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Samantha Power said last week that "because of the technical complexity of the SA-11, it is unlikely that the separatists could effectively operate the system without assistance from knowledgeable personnel. Thus, we cannot rule out technical assistance from Russian personnel in operating the systems," she said.

US: No link to Russian gov't in plane downing explosion

The source said CIA analysts were still not ruling out the possibility that the troops were actually eastern Ukrainian rebels in similar uniforms but the initial assessment was that the troops were Ukrainian soldiers. There also was the suggestion that the soldiers involved were undisciplined and possibly drunk, since the imagery showed what looked like beer bottles scattered around the site, the source said.

What Did US Spy Satellites See in Ukraine?
Robert Parry

:: "foundational bias" Pigged
Whistleblower: U.S. Satellite Images Show Ukrainian Troops Shooting Down MH17 | Global Research 
--"Paul Joseph Watson is a British comedian/conspiracy theorist. He is best known as the co-creator..."
--"Michel Chossudovsky - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia"
" 'It’s professional, it’s co-ordinated, there is nothing grass-roots-seeming about it,' Power said."
UN ambassador: Ukraine unrest has 'tell-tale signs of Moscow's involvement'
"The citizens must rush tumultuously to arms, without concert, without system, without resource; except in their courage and despair. The usurpers, clothed with the forms of legal authority, can too often crush the opposition in embryo."
Concerning the Militia | Federalist No. 29 
" 'There is broad agreement we need to redouble our efforts in Syria,' US State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki told the AFP news agency on Thursday."
Friends of Syria meet in London after rebels attack Assad regime base
"That case has nothing to do with us"

You're right. I didn't correctly recall the type of inadequate shoulder-fired missile.

some English language reportage advanced the idea that Ukraine military loss could not have been effected by separatists' RPGs.


Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko's office said the plane had been flying at an altitude of 6,500 meters (about 21,000 feet and so couldn't have been shot down by the rebels' portable antiaircraft missiles.

portable antiaircraft missiles or portable antitank missiles

The plane "was struck by another, more powerful missile, which was probably launched from the territory of the Russian Federation," the statement said, citing a report from Defense Minister Valeriy Heletei.

Ukraine Says Plane Downed by Missile Probably Fired From Russia | WSJ 14 July

:: "Oh? Which plane would you prefer to be on? " Pigged

More insight on distinctions between "fog of war" and "criminal error"
The Holes in the Propaganda

he's sounding a bit like Seymour, though

Am I to understand that any journalist who does not corobborate US government "official denials" sounds like Seymour Hersh, but not Hunter S. Thompson or Matt Taibbi, HCN's current and living investigative darling? m'k.

On that chord of socially acceptable plausible deniability, I bring news of epidemic irresponsibility.
"‘This lack of knowledge about history feeds intolerance and racism and contributes to the fact that people do not understand the feelings of those of African descent towards Zwarte Piet,’ she said."
UN working party surprised the Dutch don't see Zwarte Piet problem
"The character is then faced with a dilemma: whether to escape into the jungle and live in a village of rebels or remain on the plantation. Both scenarios lead to a long and happy life, including marriage and children. Slaves are punished by a black slave driver with a whip."
Apple bans Dutch educational game about slavery from Appstore
"The court ruled that the Netherlands is not responsible for the death of all 8,000 men but for the 300 who were taken from the army compound on the afternoon of July 13....[Dutch supreme court and the European court of justice] said the Dutch soldiers had immunity because they were under the command of the UN....Relatives of the three were each offered €20,000 in compensation for the death of their loved ones.
Dutch state is responsible for removal of 300 Srebrenica men: court

Actually, eye-witness (Russian- and Ukrainian-speaking ethnic-Russian Ukrainians living near the crash sites) reports floating round the innerboobs claim two Ukraine jet (escorts) and one commercial airliner, three explosions, 2 parachuted persons (not recovered), some large cargo of packaged blood products, human remains of indeterminate time of death, and one elaborate vector analysis of debris sites. Some unauthorized innerboob ESL spectators agree that the "cargo plane" footage and stills associated with M17 is wreckage of Ukraine military transport shot down (zero casualties) by separatists a few weeks ago. At that time, some English-language reportage advanced the idea that Ukraine military loss could not have been effected by separatists' RPGs. The incident precipitated untoward and manifold command changes by Poroshenko, you may recall.

Well, what's suspicious about Robert Parry? That is and whose source article Paul Joseph Watson cites.

Jen Psaki and Vic Nuland set a pretty low standard of credibility in any case.

re: categorical errors

The " ' irreducible constitutional minimum' " a plaintiff must show to establish standing is (1) an injury in fact (2) fairly traceable to the alleged conduct of the defendant 3) that is likely to be redressed by the relief the plaintiff seeks. Sprint Comm c’ns Co. v. APCC Servs., Inc. , 554 U.S. 269, 27 3 - 74 (2008) ( quoting Lujan v. Defenders of Wildlife , 405 U.S. 555, 560 - 61 (1992)). The district court determined that at least one of the appellants, David Klemencic, has standing. Klemencic resides in West Virginia, a state that did not establish its own Exchange [WITHIN THE STATE], and expects to earn approximately $20,000 this year.1 He avers that he does not wish to purchase health insurance and that, but for federal credits, he would be exempt from the individual mandate because the unsubsidized cost of coverage would exceed eight percent of his income.

m'k. What is a subsidy? What is a tax credit? Which instrument increases total personal income? (Neither)

The availability of credits on West Virginia’s federal Exchange therefore confronts Klemencic with a choice he’d rather avoid: purchase health insurance at a subsidized cost of less than $21 per year or pay a some what greater tax penalty.

OR apply for a INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY exemption foreclosing penalty Pigged through the offices of the state's department of HHS.

The government primarily questions whether Klemencic has suffered an injury in fact Pigged . An injury in fact is “a concrete and particularized invasion of a legally protected interest.” Sprint Comm c’ns Co. , 554 U.S. at 273 (internal quotation marks omitted). The government characterizes Klemencic’ s injury as purely ideological

UNREALIZED; THE INJURY WHICH HAS NOT OCCURRED: in other venues findings of fact and law have denied standing to hundreds of plaintiffs seeking relief from a threat of detention ideologically "traceable" to US NSA implementation of PAT II et seq., surveillance and interception of their telecommunications with foreign recipients since 2006, most recently, C. Hedges.

and hence neither concrete nor particularized invasion of a legally protected interest.” But, although Klemencic admits to being at least partly motivated by opposition to “government handouts,” [!] he has established that, by making subsidies available in West Virginia, the IRS Rule will have quantifiable economic consequences particular to him.[...] those consequences may be small, but even an "' identifiable trifle'" of harm may establish standing. [DE MINIMIS]

. DoJ detour to counter-productive legal strategy and precedent

In arguing that a tax refund suit provides an adequate alternative remedy, the government emphasizes Klemencic’s ability to recover any assessed overpayment, plus interest. But that backward-looking [?!] relief differs in kind from the prospective relief Klemencic could obtain under the APA. See Bowen , 487 U.S. at 904 - 05 (rejecting as “unprecedented” the government’s argument that a suit for monetary damages is an adequate alternative to prospective relief under the APA). Specifically, requiring Klemencic to proceed via refund suit would deprive him of the opportunity to obtain a “certificate of exemption.” [...] Because a tax refund suit

... for tax NOT yet withheld in lieu of application for exemption which he has NOT filed...

thus offers Klemencic only “doubtful and limited relief

Halbig et al. v. Burwell, No. 14-5018 | US Ct. Appeals

The deciding opinion carries on with a literary deconstruction ("The dissent’s construction of (d)(1) also ignores the structural relationship between sections 1311 and 1321.") of the meaning of the word "such" where it literally appears in the statute in dispute, titled < reckless eyeballin > "SEC. 1321. STATE FLEXIBILITY IN OPERATION AND ENFORCEMENT OF EXCHANGES AND RELATED REQUIREMENTS," so concluding the language for constructing a state HIX lacks a conditional clause < reckless eyeballin > such as ("if/then") that is necessary to read the "unambiguous" intention of Congress.

Am I any nearer to identifying the remedy that Appellants seek? Possibly it is explicitly stated permission (certificate or tat) to exercise an "individual mandate" or a "necessity" to allow state and US treasuries (other taxpayers' taxes) to pay for future medical services and devices. It's that, or freedom.

@ "A similar suit was filed in Multnomah County Circuit court (PDX, OR)"

Yeah, I noticed that last night while I was searching for more detail about the BCBS AZ lawsuit --and the state's insurance market structure (I noticed a Family USA report c. 2009 that analyzed insurers' shares in each state). Thanks for reviving those OR leads. Similar class actions on this issue (issuers' medical loss ratios, profit taking) as well as issuer service and claims denials are extremely important determinants of future market conditions for group and individual buyers, whethr or not these participants elect PPACA qualified plans.

PPACA has emboldened "consumer/patients." Agitation will force insurers' price and operating competition over the long run. Remember the Netherland's Annual Enrollment Period Pigged

BWAH! Just started reading the lead article at, cited in one of the stories you shared.
Blue Cross Conspiracy Lawsuit Could Have ‘enormous impact on competition’ in health care legal article asserts

A subsidy is not a tax credit. Pigged

In fact, the PPACA requires PPACA qualified plan enrollees who are eligible for financial aid ("means tested") to elect either a subsidy (US premium cost-share payment directly to issuer) OR tax credit (individual premium payer's amount of cost-sharing to be deducted from his or her taxable income in the TY of coverage).

The deciding opinion fixates on the issue only of how the federal tax credit ("tax benefit") option is the only method provided by the PPACA to some people to satisfy a putative cost of complying with the INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY provision. That premise is not entirely true, but why does the court's decision rely on that particular instrument of US TAX CODE? Because the court's reasoning perforce overlooks governing state legislation that constrains the individual's participation in and feasible insurance market (MedicaidX) as well as federal legislated HH income qualifications for either PPACA subsidy -or- PPACA tax credit differ (FPLG).

Some people are unwilling (because they disapprove of "government handouts") or are unable (because of a state's aversion to "government handouts" as well as HH income exceeding federal maxima for financial assistance) to participate in any health insurance market; and they would "rather not confront" any statutory expectations to assume maintenance of health insurance.

This synopsis is charitable explanation of the harm "traceable" to tax credit rules identified in the decision of the court. The actual screed is weirder.

What remedy do Appellant seek for their grievous injury alleged? I will not wait of NRO reporter Jonathan Keim to exhume this information from the opinions, but I will note this now ...

Appellants are a group of individuals and e mployers residing in states that did not establish Exchanges . For reasons we explain more fully below, the IRS’s interpretation of section 36B [26 CFR Sec.1.36b-2(a)(1), "herein after 'IRS Rule'"] makes them subject to certain penalties [!] under the ACA that they would rather [!] not face. [...] On cross-motions for summary judgment, the district court rejected that challenge, granting the government’s motion and denying appellants’. See Halbig v. Sebelius , No. 13 Civ. 623 (PLF), 2014 WL 129023 (D.D.C. Jan. 15, 2014). After resolving several threshold issues related to its jurisdiction, the district court held that the ACA’s text, structure, purpose, and legislative history make “clear that Congress intended to make [FEDERAL] premium tax credits available on both state-run and federally-facilitated Exchanges.” Id. at *18. Furthermore, the court held that even if the ACA were amb iguous, the IRS ’s regulation would represent a permissible construction entitled to deference under Chevron U.S.A., Inc. v. Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc. , 467 U.S. 837 (1984).
Because we conclude that the ACA unambiguously restricts the section 36B subsi dy to insurance purchased on Exchanges “established by the State,” we reverse the district co urt and vacate the IRS’s regulation.[...]because Congress cannot require states to implement federal laws , see Printz v. United States , 521 U.S. 898 , 904 - 05, 935 (1997), if a state refuses or is unable to set up an Exchange, [PPACA] section 1321 provides that the federal government, through the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS), "shall . . . establish and operate such Exchange within the State.” 42 U.S.C. § 18041(c)(1).

Halbig et al. v. Burwell, No. 14-5018 | US Ct. Appeals, DC Circuit, opinions on physical location of a server, unexpectedly
< wipes tears >
Because residents of a state that is either not an electing state -or- a state incapable of constructing a HIX within its boundaries as "assisted" US DHHS -or- by or a state that cannot be required to implement or conform with federal law and regulation would rather not enroll in a federal "qualified plan" or Medicaid operated by foresaid federalists.

Ima call such state legislature's decision to decline either an assignee-operated or public-operated HIX a "penalty" ... mebe a "penalty TAX CREDIT" ...better still a "penalty SUBSIDY TAX!" That'll fix 'em.

re: medical loss ratio, PPACA penalty per qualified plan issuer

None of this news ties HCSC subsidiaries and class of plaintiffs to PPACA qualified products --which may explain why plaintiffs proceeded with a civil action rather than regulatory remedy.
PHOENIX - Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Arizona, a supposed nonprofit, illegally kept excess profits of $667 million rather than returning it to policyholders, a class action claims in Maricopa County Court. (July 21)
Details of the docket will cost you $35 payable to Courthouse News.

I have not located yet AZ or "national" file corroborates Courthouse News. I did notice this though ...

Health Care Service Corporation has been hoarding excess reserves of almost $5 billion to enrich its executives instead of reimbursing members, alleges a class-action lawsuit against the major insurer.

The lawsuit claims HCSC, which operates Blue Cross Blue Shield plans in Illinois, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Montana, has breached its contracts with members by maintaining a reserve of almost six months' worth of claims payments instead of the traditional three months' worth, the Chicago Tribune reported [SCRUBBED].

Lawsuit: HCSC hoarding billions in reserves for execs (May 2014)
"John Doran, a Blue Cross spokesman in Montana, said Wednesday that HCSC is 'in the process of analyzing the pending litigation and will determine (its) next steps.'"
Blue Cross parent firm sued over big profits, big bonuses (28 May)
"Health Care Service's surplus landed it in court [21 MAY] in May when Babbitt Municipalities Inc., a Chicago-based benefits management firm and a small-group policyholder, filed suit, alleging that the capital level was so high it violated the company's charter."
Is Blue Cross parent's surplus a sign of prudence or excess? (2 June)

People might get ideas: No state or federal government requires an admitted health insurer to sell a PPACA qualified health plan to either group or individual market participants.

re: reading comprehension

"The D.C. Circuit just handed down its landmark decision in Halbig v. Burwell... I am currently reading the opinion and will have thoughts [!] once I’m finished....It’s hard to overstate [!] how important this decision is."
Halbig v. Burwell: D.C. Circuit Strikes Down Unlawful IRS Obamacare Subsidies
o, I think that declaring a circuit court decision "landmark" status qualifies as overstatement. < wipes tears >

§ 1.36B–2 Eligibility for premium tax credit. (a) In general. An applicable taxpayer (within the meaning of paragraph (b) of this section) is allowed a premium assistance amount only for any month that one or more members of the applicable taxpayer’s family (the applicable taxpayer or the applicable taxpayer’s spouse or dependent)— (1) Is enrolled in one or more qualified health plans through an Exchange

26 CFR Sec.1.36b-2(a)(1)

Attys-gen for OK, AL, GA, VA, NB, SC joined Halbig
Halbig et al. v. Burwell, No. 14-5018 | US Ct. Appeals, DC Circuit, opinions on physical location of a server, unexpectedly

:: take the money and run Pigged
"No MedicaidX: MT, ID, WY, SD, NB, KS, OK, TX, LA, WI, IN, TN, AL, MS, GA, FL, VA, NC, SC, ME, AK"
State Medicaid Expansion a/o 6 Nov 2013
HIX Money Markets
Map | State Decisions For Creating Health Insurance Marketplaces
"$911M grant", GAO (May 2013)