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Hurricane Sandy will allow the Federal Government to blow through the debt ceiling, ignore the fiscal cliff, and kick the debt can out 2016. Lets circle the wagons and avoid paying our bills, it's the American Way.

GS, NFLX, and AAPL ramping up as the overall market eases back. Not sure what it means, but I find it interesting.

Congratulations to anyone who purchased shares of AMZN in the afterhours yesterday following their earnings miss. Mr. Market apparently enjoyed the miss and erased any and all losses in the stock price. Lesson: Don't fight the Algo's....

New-Home Sales Rose 5.7% in September, Much Stronger Than Expected (Click for Market Reaction)

CNBC headlines are always a treat!

New Home Sales 389K, Exp. 385K, Last 373K revised down to 368K

Why go to a store for one time items? Stores are meant for shoppers looking to pick up gifts for people that are "hard to shop for.." In other words, purchasing crap that the recipient will likely return without a gift receipt for 30% less than the gift giver paid. It's the American way.

KarmaPolice wrote:

Yes, because if you unsure about this election, you are unsure about a lot of things in life.

To the victor go the spoils...As for the rest of us, we get screwed. (Choose your Messiah; ain't nothing going to change.)

Mr. Market Its not easy being green sez, "So What!" Your house may be worth shit, but your 401K has gone through the roof!

Oh wait, was that Mr. Market or Mr. Bernanke?

I guess the CLF stock purchasers did not hear Ben say that the additional QE would not inflate commodity prices.

Mainstreet will see their stock holding grow and feel more comfortable spending. Why would anyone spend, if they can have their money grow exponentially in the stock market.

Their home values will increase, yet that wouldn't be inflationary.

This idiot's circular logic is a joke.

At least Ben's message was clear, 'If publicly traded companies hire any new workers, he will turn off the free money."

If unemployment stays high, QE forever. Its not easy being green

KarmaPolice wrote:

Thank you Ronald Reagan for littering my streets!

Oh yeah, the government will take care of all of us.

Not hot enough...More QE, we'll all be rich!

Don't forget to step over those homeless old people.

black dog wrote:

Gee, I thought that it was a bbbbbaaaaaaddddd jobs report.

Not if you ask Wall$treet? Winning!

Sebastian wrote:

My other (unspoken) point was that non-farm payrolls may not just go up tomorrow, they could be strong all the way into the election.

Won't that kill the market (no QE3)?

Blackhalo wrote:

Oil up, sans QE or speculation, indicates to me that the economy IS moving.

Oh yeah, Draghi will purchase an unlimited amount of bond through sterile purchases. No QE?

Oil up nearly 2% this morning, that will help get this economy moving again.

So when the Germans come to collect on the debt they are purchasing; will the ECB fund the war bonds for the Southern Countries to fight back the Germans?

CalculatedRisk wrote:

Sebastian, there is no recession.

So how will the FED justify QE3? Oh wait, they don't have to...

How can anyone trust the stories emanating from the government or from the media in general these days. Case in point, I am amazed to hear that it wasn't a heroic police officer that killed the shooter in the Sikh Temple. Why not report the news and leave the fantasy stories to the screen writers and novelists?


Nice bounce out of the gate for Mr. Market. BtFD

Why is oil up to $93.69? Has Ben rescued the world?

KarmaPolice wrote:

Waitaminute. I thought that gas prices were going through the roof:

Gas prices rose 40 cents a gallon last week. ($4.44 per gallon in Chicago)

We're all winners, as long as the market keeps rising. Now back to the yacht race

Quite a battle going on Elmo! -vs- Its not easy being green .

Streamer all green then all red and it looks like Kermit just took one in the stones.

European markets closed and US market are having a sale. Elmo!

It appears that the sellers have stepped away and the computers are starting to raise the Its not easy being green

"It's time for the presidential candidates to step up & tell us what they'll do about guns in America"

Is this just a Gun issue?

What about mental health?
What about the educational system?
What about the economy?
What about movie violence?

What we need right now are press conferences from the two candidates for President. Unless either one is able to bring these people back to life; they should offer their condolences to the families and get to work on devising a workable solution for our economic woes.

Interesting to watch GOOG rise as the market slumps. It's almost as if the computers are over paying for GOOG in order to keep the overall market from falling. Tinfoil Hat

So except for bad employment news, bad Philly Fed index, and poor existing home sales; all is well.

Bring on QE3! Its not easy being green

Profits don't rise unless companies are running lean, so a rise in unemployment is just what this market needs to propel higher. Uncle O will take care of the bottom 10% and Big Ben will take care of top 10%; the rest of us are f No one 17 and under admitted .

So now we can stop talking about QE3 and start praising the current administration for guiding this great country from the brink of failure to a workable economy. Granted 14.9% of the would be workforce remain unemployed and one in seven receive government assistance in order to make ends meet, but this Union is strong.

We will not only over-come this economic downturn; we will flourish and finance all the world's financial needs. My Head Just Exploded

Consumer Services is showing the greatest strength this morning? No jobs, no problems. Spend baby spend.

How long before the computers turn this market around? (Rumors are more important than economic data>)

So poor employment numbers mean QE3 and the market rallies. Good employment numbers will show that the economy is on the mend and the market rallies. In other words, short this market, because the analysts are all full of sh No one 17 and under admitted !

With the end of world priced into the market, why try to short? Admitting you were right to a group of people considering you for dinner; doesn't instill much pride. Wink

Short Squeeze....Obama going to pay for my stocks. (Mortgage and car payments are soooooo 2008.)

Cook County (Illinois) Board President Toni Preckwinkle…

“I applaud today’s decision by the United States Supreme Court upholding the Affordable Care Act.

“In accordance with this historic ruling, the Cook County Health and Hospitals System will continue to seek a 1115 Medicaid Waiver from the work Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. This waiver, if approved by the federal government, would permit CCHHS to receive federal reimbursement for the costs of treatment provided to the tens of thousands of our patients who currently have no medical coverage but will gain access to Medicaid on January 1, 2014.

Who's hand is in my pocket?

km4 wrote:

Merkel Says No European Shared Liability As Long As She Lives | ZeroHedge

Mr. Market would rather believe the rumor from unnamed sources that state "all is well". Its not easy being green

The market bounced back in late trading to finish off the lows of the day. Traders found buying opportunities as evil short traders site the end of the world. Wink

An unnamed source from the European Union states that the US Federal Reserve would back stop the banks of Greece, Spain, and Italy.

Markets rally 500 points.

Big Ben holds a news conference to refute the rumor, the market finishes the day 10 points off its high. My Head Just Exploded

At least the unsubstantiated rumors of a renegotiated bailout of Greece is still able to lift the Dow triple digits; its only when people stop believing the rumors that the market collapses.

Long and strong and smoking a bong! Currently Smoking Cannibis

Whose "Balls" is Jamie talking about? Homer?