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Feb - Wall street bonuses get paid out?

Wonder what the increase compares to last feb.

Dodd-Frank is fundamentally changing the rules of the game

Dodd-frank has legitimized bailouts without congress approval.

I don't get the Ben hate. Given that you were in his shoes, what would you have done differently?

What Ben has done is allow the executive branch to bypass congress to bailout preferrd entites.

Those are the MBS Ben

I was referring to the 200b in taxpayer money paid to Freddie and the 20b hole Fha is in.

From the link

ow the U.S. position at the center of global finance gives it an edge to borrow cheaply and safely in the short term and make high-return, riskier investments. '

I think the key is 'short term'...which may have been overlooked.

Seems that since the banks are ultimately on the hook for tha

Banks were on the hook but now its Fha and gse funded by taxpayers. Which in turn leads to austerity?

Rico for Fha and GCSE executives for setting us up again for another HCN moment?

And mortgage debt in the 100s of 1000s.

Disability insurance is the new minimum wage

I want my bubble prices back and more.

I hope ben an friends can Kick Me this forever.

Some kind of flu/stomach virus going around here (central nj) ....mainly kids getting infected


Goss and his colleagues have worked out a temporary fix under which the retirement and disability funds will both run out of money by 2033. He says he hopes the country will have come up with a better plan by then.

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People at the Social Security Administration, which runs the federal disability programs, say we cannot afford this. The reserves in the disability insurance program are on track to run out in 2016, Steve Goss, the chief actuary at Social Security, told me.

Goss is confident that Congress will act to keep disability payments flowing, probably by taking money from the Social Security retirement fund. Of course, the retirement fund itself is on track to run out of money by 2035.

Have lines started forming near cyprus banks?

Remember how bad turkey wanted to be part of euro union?

Senate Group Close on Immigration Rewrite, Schumer Says - Bloomberg

Union workers and business groups disagree over visas for low-skilled workers

So now we want illegal immigrants to stay but not work?

I know on HCN fed money is considered by some as taxpayer money in a 'limited' context.

Not sure where the context is wrt bank subsidy.

I'm not sure why 6b loss is a big deal when ben is giving them 85b a year.

We should build mini space ships to hunt down and destroy asteroids.

Infrastructure needs improvement but i hope they stop doing shovel ready projects.

If that's the case ben stopping asset purchase should have no effect on rates either.

Sooner or later

Its been 4 years... I bet achutan's wife looks at him the same way my wife does when talking recession.

New study. New finding

Study: Health overhaul to raise claims cost 32%

Schiller and Achuthan have been crying recession for so long now.

Warren gets to hold more of the (GS species)

'Buffet rule'

I used to see tons of flashy new cars in sept not so many now. Maybe its a different part of the country experiencing the urge to buy.

FRED® Civilian Labor Force Participation Rate - 55 years and over

Looks like the argument that labor participation is low because of retires is all bull.on the contrary participation in the 55+ group is increasing.

Ben should stand on the gas pedal.

I'm not sure why russia should be concerned about citizens hidding money in foreign bank accounts. Cyprus cut should force russian depositors to look for banks based in mother russia.

I'm not sure why russia should be concerned about citizens hidding money in foreign bank accounts. Cyprus cut should force russian depositors to look for banks based in mother russia.

bond holders are not russians.

Will Merkel know if russians take their money out without paying tax?


is 10% interest rate still good?

50% Favor Breaking Up Nation’s Largest Banks - Rasmussen Reports™

Dem leadership has pused itself into a corner about breaking banks which is going to hurt dems living in big cities.
Repub leadership wants entitlement cuts which will hurt its voting base the most.

Both will get their wish.

from the link

if an offshore haven saves you money in taxes, it might wind up costing you dearly in the end

Where there is a will, there is a way. Big money has lot of will.

Imagine high frequency trading on bit coins.


Just like naming stadiums. Corporation s can buy slots on the Cyprus national flag.

17b may be above Russian paygrade.

Exporting merkel effigies to Europe may be a profitable buisness.