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Blankfein Sees Parallels to 1994 Interest-Rate Increases - Bloomberg 

from May 2, 2013 3:55 PM ET

Love them or hate them - These guys are good.

What's slumdog number for the 10yr?

Double whammy - Lower equity, higher borrowing costs

Quite A Few Who SupportedObamacare Before Are Now In Denial Stage . You Will Hear Them Say Single Payer System Would Have Better.

Is QE Tapering Austerity?

4.8% Says Wells.. Refinance Boom Is Done...That Was A Short cycle

Broker Says Deals Are Falling Apart...Jumbo Loan At 4.75

4.673 Apr 30Yr Mortgage

Someone Say Negative Interest Rates..

Looks like currency manipulation will not work until everyone starts doing it together....

This is not a crisis until yellen starts yelling.

I Wonder WhaT Cock N Bull Story KrugmanWill Cook Up For Tomorrow.

These Are Your Qualified Buyers Sitting On The Sidelines. .Not Sure If There ArE Enough Of Them To Last All.Of Summer.

S&p said we are 'stable'

Prostitution, drugs alleged in State Department memo -

An active U.S. ambassador "routinely ditched his protective security detail in order to solicit sexual favors from both prostitutes and minor children,"


Leaks are pouring in....hopefully there is none from bls.

Poll: You’re starting to remember Bush fondly – CNN Political Ticker - Blogs

a new Gallup poll released Tuesday, 49% have a positive opinion of the two-term Republican president, while 46% feel the opposite.


What's o's rating?

must be min wage. says cheapest single family > 2000sq feet costs halfa million.

What about yoy change in inventory?

Larry wants to be on the shit list?

....but that's our benchmark for measuring mortgage applicant confidence.

KarmaPolice wrote:

A lot of it in areas with few buyers other than institutional investors.

if the price goes neagtive, Its going to make housing bulls unpopular ? Policy may become difficult to manage.

full disclosure right in the plan title.

Someone was saying 'Verizon's share everything plan'

Intelligence chief declassifies PRISM details, slams 'reckless disclosures' - U.S. News

The Washington Post reported that a disgruntled intelligence officer provided that top-secret information.

sm_landlord wrote:

more and more companies are insisting that their communications are encrypted

64, 128? ...we can break em all.

Bad report tomorrow is good for the market?

On the appointments - its consistent with his vision unlike some of his other decisions.

That might be a good idea with the obamacare/affordable plan kicking in. As long as the local population is participating through subsidy.

140k is the mortgage debt or 'other debt'?

Car loans the first to go variable rates?

creditcriminalslovetarp wrote:

more flight to safety coming

its taking longer nowadays....there is only so many times you can call wolf.

You could cash your points after the blackout period ends. Tongue

China Blogger Questioning Home Prices Taken to Tea Party - Bloomberg

Hu Knows Steve

“You’ve been invited here for a chat,” one of the men, who looked about a decade older than the other, told Peng. “No need to be nervous.”

What else to expect with high interest rates....

We can as well say bye to some fed powers if this bubble bursts this early in the cycle.

"but you never know ..."

margin call!

lawyerliz wrote:


Is your biz inverse indicator of the economy?

Beggers == future slums??

What the fed has done is give repubs breathing space...its the fed who will get blamed if the economy slows because of interest rates increasing??

The economy is built on home price long as case shiller reports positive trend, consumer confidence will stay high.

Move to safety plan isn't working.

ben needs to announce another trillion in qe

CNBC.... buying opportunity.