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if volker had hammer, volker still only have hammer

they're doing help wanted ads on the local television station

damn, it feels like 2008

accompanied by a jumbo pack of Juicy Fruit Gum

The Australian continent is no stranger to drought nor heatwaves, but now it's about feeding 23.4 million people and stoking an insatiable GNP of the 12th largest economy on the globe

23.4 million is .003 of a percent of world population

they are 12th largest economy?

and errbody hates on 'mericans?

volker always look good draped by bad light

O! to be in Davos once more, unabashed in the efficient light

Finance_Fan wrote:

hence it was a top 10 country back then

just not using any metrics volker familiar with

Comrade Kristina wrote:

female neighbors hovering

yes, this happens in the best of families

volker have e-book out explaining what men must do

volker understand, it's all about conference tourney, be ready

there is no substitute for self delusion

do not lose heart, volker strong

sporkfed wrote:

northeast Mississippi

AKA, damn near Alabama

volker tapering too

now wearing trouser size not known since my twenties

cinch 'em up, bitchez

Outsider wrote:

Should we live that long.

almost always followed by the sealing of our casket

justaskin wrote:

I believe we hit either a new low or a new high on the overnight thread..

same for equities come Monday and Tuesday

volker stares into the abyss

volker self esteem soars, knowing he basks in presence of coolness

the conundrum of the private prison systemic risk

MaryAnn wrote:

Believe our leader has found God.

yes, since Do I look like Mrs. Obama to you? had that little "Come to Jesus." session

words, or the sense of words, nay!

the imagination of words made drunk by the Beaujolais Nouveau

whatever Gartman says, bet the ranch on the opposite

volker know all that

the goober writing the article has immersed said writer in meta discourse

may as well be talking about the Hind Lick Maneuver, BC sounds like someone talking out their ass

lots of comparisons at Davos re 2014 versus 1914

statements, speeches, on the record stuff

you can look it up

this one has the ominous Thursday to Tuesday implication

of course, all those many recent Hindenberg Moments

equity slide could continue into next week and become epic

and a community garden filled with heirloom varieties

Big smile

it's always darkest just before the light disappears completely

dignity is discovered through persistence of effort toward an improbable objective

didja read/scan the article about the missing WSJ reporter?

he was doing an in depth on something involving powerful entities

vtcodger wrote:

But I don't see how 80% of Americans are going to get by without some form of motorized transport.

YouTube - Hoveround TV Commercial 

energyecon wrote:

a contributor

heard about the missing WSJ reporter? has he turned up yet?

WSJ Reporter Goes Missing in New Jersey -

Citizen AllenM wrote:

got any good job leads?

lots of us have our own little cash machine: a small, sustainable business