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The Siege of Gaza takes a psychological toll on the Israelis.

Mowing the lawn is hard work.

No those are facts. Look em up..

so you want me to look up your unproven assertions because they are "facts". in the real world (e.g. the one with that pesky scientific bias) it is the person making the assertion that is obligated to provide some (any?) evidence.

Does that help you understand the difference?

spewing forth terms like "charlatan", "fraud", and "unlikeable" without evidence is the very definition of ad hominem. moreover, anyone who believes that "likeability" can be proven using "facts" is an idiot.

My problem is that the "climate scientists" have not been forthcoming about their lack of knowledge.

what utterly petulant nonsense.

How do climate scientists stand up to Feynman's standards?

Who the fuck are you to speak in Feynman's name?

Poorly IMO. The fudge their data. They attack those who disagree with them rather than ideas. The simply ignore inconvenient data sets. In short, they behave more like charlatans than like scientists.
And on top of their not being very likable, hominem.

they have no coherent theoretical structure that works. mean...scientists don't have everything figured out??? Well this just goes to show that scientists don't know what they are talking about...right???

They have embodied their vast knowledge of climate in a set of climate models "based on Physics" and therfore not to be questioned.

Physics? Math? How dare they introduce science into my metaphysical politicized reality.

Probably just corralling some new subjects for a corruption probe.

Happens every time politburo members need new organs.

This image of hundreds of prisoners of war being marched into the desert to be executed is so last century.

Interesting times for sure.

Sitting Is Killing You | The Big Picture

The science is no where near as good as is suggested by this cute graphic. Way too many confounding factors.

Disquiet in Baltics over sympathies of Russian speakers
| Reuters

I really doubt that NATO would respond with anything more than a strongly-worded protest if Czar Putin heads North for his next peninsular land grab.

Many Russian social media users, however, say they have no doubt that Ukraine has been "attacked".

I still believe that Russia never invaded Crimea. Where are the pictures? Where is the evidence?!???

If you are really against war perhaps you might want to occasionally criticize the Russian "troops on holiday leave" currently in eastern Ukraine.

That's gotta throw the HCN Libertarian Sword of Justice™ acolytes for a curve!!

Nope. They make their own reality.

Independent Russian media describe hushed up funeral of Russian combatant who died in Ukraine:

Battle for Donetsk airport: the story of one Russian fighter - Investigations - Novaya Gazeta

Mark Blyth and Eric Lonergan | Why Central Banks Should Give Money Directly to the People | Foreign Affairs

So you want big goobermint to transfer money to the poors? There is a word for this -- it's called social welfare. It's the very core of european socialism (sad as it is).

It's also something that both the Red Team and Blue Team helped end in 1996.

Socialism is coming...

Typical your way or the highway, and to think people take or accept your comments here as legit.

Seb publicly admitted he was wrong in 2009.

What's your excuse?

We are interested in not seeing a lackluster quarter characterized as a 'sharp rebound'. It's an exaggeration

A 6% delta is not a "sharp rebound"?

The real issue is not the so-called economy but that economic activity is dominated by capital.

- NY Times

Consider this: The American Trucking Associations has estimated that there was a shortage of 30,000 qualified drivers earlier this year, a number on track to rise to 200,000 over the next decade. Trucking companies are turning down business for want of workers...The most basic of economic theories would suggest that when supply isn’t enough to meet demand, it’s because the price — in this case, truckers’ wages — is too low. Raise wages, and an ample supply of workers should follow. But corporate America has become so parsimonious about paying workers outside the executive suite that meaningful wage increases may seem an unacceptable affront.

Socialism is coming....

The prognostications were for 2Q14 to make up smartly for if not render harmless the damage done in 1Q. It didn't happen.

~2% growth in the first half.

EconoMonitor : EconoMonitor » Q3:2014 US GDP Nowcast: +2.5%

I like to pour it on a little ice and just let it sit for 5-10 minutes. Heresy, I know.

only in a catholics vs presbyterians way.
i've lived in scotland and ice versus neat is a never ending battle.

Bruised, bruised I tell you!

as a privileged liberal dink it embarrasses me to admit how much that image pains me.

the horror.

Don't get the Taylor Swift thing...

i get it. it's scotch-irish heroin chic without the heroin.

Comparing portfolios? Is this a socialist activist thing?

yes. it's pure social democrat schadenfreude.

WASS US Edition:
Majority of Teens Say They Don't Know How to Change a Tire - WSJ

Who the fuck needs a motorized couch when we have the intertubes, active transport, public transport, car2go/zipcar and uber/lyft.

Deutsche Bank Economist: 'Buy Equities' - Yahoo Finance

I would love to compare "bearly"'s portofolio to "Mr. Clueless"' in 6 months.


We do not have real wage growth for the mass consumer. We do not have growth in the employment-population ratio. The only other source of "expansion" is population growth, and that isn't exactly robust either.

we've had job growth and as long as we get a bit of inflation the wage growth will come along. we've been in a disinflationary environment since the early zeros (to the benefit of the infestor/rentier class).

Meet the Marxist who helped pass Seattle's $15 minimum wage - Jun. 24, 2014

hilarious. only in 'murrica do they not know the difference between a socialist and a communist.

If you're making minimum wage, you've got no business buying a house.

Letting the hoi polloi take advantage of the billion dollar bailouts directed at the middling and upper middling class (mortgage interest deduction and capital gains forgiveness) is contrary to 'murrican capitalism.

Soros to the rescue!
UK and European debt holders are suing BNY Mellon for not disbursing Argentinian bond payments. Apparently Judge Greasy's orders is in violation of EU law. Argentina also removed BNY Mellon's right to serve as trustee.

Soros’s Argentine Bond Bet Revealed in Lawsuit in London - Yahoo Finance

Got Popcorn?

And guess who owns the bulk of residential equity? The Fed's policy of ZIRP+QE is not just an infestor bail out -- it is a big fat middling class bail out. Ef infestors and ef the greedy middling class.

To paraphrase Ernesto Guevara:

The life of a single african american or illegal immigrant is worth a million times more than all the wealth of the richest infestor on the planet.

It takes a village... (to feed and care for illegitimate children and then house indefinitely them when they become incarcerated)

I see you are still pining away for the good old days where those folk knew their place...

Hide your wallet!

And the china and silverwear too!

O'Blamer is here in Charlotte now.

Squirrel! !

Capiche ?

keep on buying puts oh great infestor and champion of the poors.

even itulip has stopped publishing...probably out of shame for being so wrong.

Big smile

from kaboom or kapow or whatever that Dooooooooooooooom!!!er drivel was called to a ending with a whimper.

I agree it's silly.

It's silly but it's also part of an orwellian strategy to confuse the poors. Obummer is a socialist and inflation is price rises (especially Doh!'s beer and Blame it on the Oil) without any increases in wages.

Inflation is a regressive tax.

People without assets suffer more than people with assets?


I love seeing wingnut free-marketeers like bearly and maryann pretend to to care about the middle class.

How did they climb up the Brooklyn Bridge in the first place?

New Keyboard

From Seb's link:

“The jobs they are being trained for really aren’t better paying,” she said. “

Feature, not bug

We have not used our work force investment system to help people make the choices they need to succeed.

Unamerican thinking.
Jobs that pay well are against "shareholder" interests.

The catastrophants and cheap-shotters are assigning too much weight to the negatives in an expanding economy, and I'd like to encourage a more objective and balanced way of looking at things among our community.

And you enjoy trolling the Do Not Feed The Trolling the catastrophants.

Electricity inefficiently delivered (tons of line losses) to EVs coming from.... coal and fuel oiled generating plants far away ?

I don't know what benighted area you live in but the last coal fired plant in my neck of the woods is going off line in a few years. Good riddance.

MMMMMM? Another market for the hack that rolls back the odometer.

Electronic device in OBD port.

Only accumulated -fixed- debt. FedGov rolls debt on short term notes. 

short-term debt has lower interest rates so is not the major concern.
historically, the vast majority of federal debt has been inflated away, not payed off nominally. is this time somehow different?

Does that mean they're going to eliminate the gas tax and have you just pay a pro-rated mileage fee? Nah...didn't think so.

I'm hoping that they raise the gas tax AND implement a pro-rated mileage fee.