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Seems like only the MIC and the terrorists have "won" in the sense of getting what they wanted. Taliban's got alot of power in Afghanistan and part of Pakistan (tribal region), and the 'theatre of war" has expanded to Yemen, and some of Africa, in addition to Iraq and Afghanistan. And neither the Patriot Act nor the DIA have been repealed.

The MIC is very good at justifying it's existence based on asymmetrical conflict in foreign lands. I wonder how well they would do if conflict were to become asymmetrical here? Cutting fiber is far easier than sabotaging coal mines.


Ghandi and Martin Luther King led peaceful protests consisting of thousands (millions) of disenfranchised people.

IMO - the rioting - while perhaps understandable (not condonable) - is ultimately self-defeating and only serves to encourage those in power to double down.

Is kicking a rock violence?
Is burning a piece of wood violence?

Many 'muricans identify so much with their shit that they actually believe that harming their shit is violence.

These are not protestors. These are rioters. Let's not confuse

Chinese Belmont:

These are not pro-democracy protestors. These are enemies of the state. Let's not confuse.

Please be careful shoveling.

Isn't that KP's line?

Ah, so we have entered the Releveraging phase.

Psssst...don't tell Belmont. It still thinks doomers are deflationists, not hyperinflationist libertarian gold-buggerers

Once again no ability to call anything positive

Not true. I consider citizens protesting the MIC in Ferguson to be quite positive. We need more of this in the USA.

Ferguson Protests Widen to Include Police Killings Elsewhere - Bloomberg

Fuck the police.

There’s never been a safer time to be a cop — or a more dangerous time to be a criminal - The Washington Post

african american = criminal.
latino american = criminal.
47% = criminal.
union scum = criminal.
tree hugger = criminal.
protestor = criminal.

You will encounter horrific images.

Funded by 'murican consumers.

The Wisdom of Peter Schiff - 

OK, leave aside the business about defining money-printing as inflation; guys, nobody cares...

Laughing out loud


'Muricans sure do enjoy the product that narcotraficantes sell.

After 40-Year Fight, Illicit Drug Use at All-Time High | Annabelle Buggle

The USA is truly exceptional at the (indirect or direct) butchering and slaughtering of innocent people.

The war on drugs continues...

I always wanted to live in Mexico. Now I will get my chance.

¡Viva la reconquista y chupalo güero!

The cat bowl outside had ice on it last week! Global warming is a fraud!

I realize that they can exchange a dodgy asset at a penalty but how do you borrow at the discount window?

How dare you interject some reality into hoocoodanode snark!!!!!1!!!!

The truth, I assume, is somewhere in between.

Keep on following that overton window.

Why is the United States in a Constant State of Emergency? | The Big Picture

Disease carrying africans!
Mooselim suicide bombers!
Dictators with nukuhlur weapons of mass destruction!

Chipotle Workers Quit By Leaving Epic Sign in Window - Eater

Workers who shut down restaurant:

"Want to know why we are closed? Ask our corporate offices why their employees are forced to work in borderline sweatshop conditions."

Corp response:

...a Chipotle spokesperson says that the restaurant was closed "for much of the day when a few employees quit, locking out a majority of others who were enthusiastic to return to work. "

Will the reconquista be run by the Conquistadors or by La Mescla? More likely by the narcotraficantes.

legalize that shit. conservatives like "sin" taxes...right?

What grapes.

Sour grapes over our absurdly low fruit and veg prices.

While current citizens are moving to other shores and renouncing their citizenship.

the tide is turning, outsider. it's just hard to see this because you live in a nation run by and for the filthy rich.

Vote in Switzerland to Abolish Tax Break for Rich Threatens Status - Bloomberg

Sporting top hats, fur coats and sunglasses, members of the Socialist Party lampooned a system that allows foreigners to duck income tax by negotiating lump-sum payments with Swiss cantons.

the mathematics of a nation are not difficult. You control your own borders or someone else will.

let me know when you are willing to go pick your own grapes, arthur.

Ha. Then the joke's on them. As they're outsourced and out-roboted.

We need some new political blood in this nation. At least latino americans have a cultural history of not just bending over and taking it.

Mexicans in biggest protest yet over missing students | World news | The Guardian

…. license fees, auto insurance and taxes ~ and no more free health care either

and a chance to become a member of society, a legal resident, and eventually a citizen.

I hope the immigrants are bringing their own jobs with them.

That's why many of them are work the jobs that lazy inbred ignorant scots-irish voters won't work.
Now at least many will be recognized and both they and Eeexelent! will have to start paying some taxes.

White House: Immigration steps would boost GDP - Yahoo Finance

finally...obummer does something that i enthusiastically support.

¡Viva la reconquista!

My father, not know for his liberal views, said that the GOP's main goal was to create a class of slaves.

Eeexelent!: we prefer the term wage flexibility and enhanced productivity.

Well, good thing I don't have an employer. So I'm off the hook. Excuse me while I eat my lemon meringue pie now.

just make sure it's a delicious gluten and sugar free paleo pie!

FTA: "When Timothy Shelly first started working at the Faurecia Automotive Seating plant in Cleveland, Miss., he was earning $8 an hour. Nearly 10 years later, with a promotion that moved him up to managing three other workers, he earns $12.72, not much more than the rise in the cost of living over the same period.

This is clearly the Fed's fault. If savers could earn more interest on their CDs then they would buy more stuff which would increase confidence and encourage Eeexelent! to give Tim a raise.


You aren't gonna make a revolution pissing off this section of the hoi polloi.

Wrong. Get the middling class pissed at the rich and it's :guillotine: time.

I wonder if the Millennials are paying attention to this. If they don't make some changes, the CBs will be screwing them over the same way, 50 years from now.

Waaaaaaaah! I'm a poor saver and have all my money in CDs earning 0.5%! Waaaaaaaah!

The Fed and EU has said F**k savers. Period. Hope this ends well.

So please explain to me how hoarding your precious fiat does fuck all for the proles who have been butt-fucked by the rich and their middling class "saver" sycophants for over a generation.

Some days I want to do more than fuck the savers...

Are they still "missing"? Didn't some Mexican mayor have them executed?

Remains were found but they have thus far been unidentifiable. Apparently some local police/narcotraficantes have confessed to killing and burning the bodies (for days).

In fact, if you think about it, there’s a definite snake-oil feel to calls for structural reform, which is touted as a universal elixir — it cures inflation, but it cures deflation too! Also back pain and bad breath.

Structural Deformity -

Laughing out loud

The proles blocked access to DF's international airport. If proles in the USA tried to block access to airports in DC there would be a lot of dead prol...erm...turrurists.

God bless our representative oligarchy!

BBC News - Mexico missing students: Capital braced for mass protests

To be fair, the Ebola death rate has potential for a bigger derivative.

In equitorial west africa...sure.

That works with pastures too, usually. Stupid brain.

Village pastures where we can all graze our cows without limits...


Judicial Watch: Air Force Documents Show President Obama Ran up $1,539,402.10 in Flight Expenses Alone for Labor Day 2014 Weekend Trips - Judicial Watch

Yeah fuck that socialist fucking ****** (word used for obama by inbred scots-irish [e.g. republicans]) for flying to meet a bunch of union fascist scum on commie labor day. The president of the united state has no fucking right speaking to parasitic anarchist labor unions and other similar commie pond scum. That racist muslim socialist piece of shit and all union scum are traitors to the constitution and should be tried, convicted, and executed!

PS: Judicial Watch - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 


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RealClearScience links

Proponents of anti-science woo (GMO paranoia) should read those links.

Measuring Worth - Growth

US 1970 to 2013
Consumer Price Index 4.25%
Unskilled Wage 4.21%

43 years and a net decline in Doh!'s wages.

Anyone who complains about stagnant wages for the 47% and votes Red Team==Blue Team is utterly full of shit.

Its a group of self serving Bankers who have purchased the Government of the United States through campaign funds. Smile

So the Fed is corporate 'murica?

Sounds like commie/socialist treason to me.

After 13 years, 2 wars and trillions in military spending, terrorist attacks are rising sharply - The Washington Post

AWOOOOOGA! Turrurists!
AWOOOOOGA! Debt Crisis!
AWOOOOOGA! Government spending is out of control!
AWOOOOOGA! Must cut social security, medicare, medicaid, Education, SS, SNAP, TANF!
AWOOOOOGA! Turrurists!
AWOOOOOGA! Debt Crisis!

We have always been at war with turrurism.