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His policies are still around. Different face, same people behind the scenes more or less.

Fixed It For Ya

His policies are still around. Different party, same executives and corporate boards more or less.

Dr. Paul Silence is Golden Brown Krugman complains about the:

On The Pathetic Left -


A horrific graph depicting the AWOOOOOGA! inflation AWOOOOOGA! brought on by currency debasement and rampant big goobermint spending!!!!!

Monetary Policy And Secular Stagnation | House of Debt 

It makes me sick with rage that my grandma (on a fixed income) is dining on fancy feast (at $5/lb) because socialists are stealing our money.

Good for the savers, bad for the debtors. And we're all savers now, right?

Most mortgage and student loan debt is fixed so rising interest rates are good for the little people.

An excellent primer on why more inflation in Europe and the USA would be a very good thing:

Income Growth Lagging Balance Sheet Improvements | Eye on Housing

mebbe because foreclosures and short sales don't generate much income...

arther_ We wants it, we NEEDS it. Must have The Precious!_dent wrote:

in my experience BR is one of the biggest hacks and least capable at quantitative research in the blogosphere.

my preciousssssssshisss

Sure - my 5% mortgage vs. 15% cd's.

a trivial example. if you are a net debtor the dollars with which you are paying off your debt become cheaper thus reducing your net debt.

bring on the debasement!

Only if there is wage inflation to go along with the depreciation of their debt. Not sure that's a given anymore with productivity

debtors benefit from inflation even with a static income. it's called arbitrage and many debtors in the 80s made out like bandits.

Or am I misunderstanding your point?

the vast majority of wage slaves would benefit from depreciation of their debt load (and stimulation of demand).

One of you should figure out how many depreciating cars are on the Feds balance sheet, (along with worthless 2nd mortgages and student debts.....)

YouTube - Pixies - Debaser (Official Video)

Bruce in Tenn wrote:

..Second, those who think inflation is bad do so for the following reasons: Inflation steals from us all, the rich, the poor, the old and the young.

inflation steals from indebted indentured servants (e.g. the permanently downwardly mobile working classes)????


Inflation is not productive, in fact it is counter productive.

especially if you are a billionaire who does not want to share productivity gains with your indentured servants.

..Second, those who think inflation is bad do so for the following reasons: Inflation steals from us all, the rich, the poor, the old and the young.

inflation steals from indebted indentured servants (e.g. the downwardly mobile working classes)????


Inflation is not productive, in fact it is counter productive.

especially if you are a billionaire or carry their water.

Is that where they hand out free prescription narcotics like MM's?

giving terminal patients palliative care is just another example of the evils of socialism.

The underlying 'fundamental' problems in the housing market implicit in CR's article today are the artificially elevated market non-clearing price of housing and the stagnant compensation of the majority of American workers.

cognitive Dooooooooooooooom!!! loop

Lindsey Graham:

"No. 1, stop going on television and trying to threaten thugs and dictators - it is not your strong suit. Every time the President goes on national television and threatens Putin or someone like Putin, everybody’s eyes roll, including mine."


Lindsey Graham said the Obama administration's proposed budget "guts our defense" and ignores the need for military preparation for future conflicts.

Its a chopper, baby Snark Its a chopper, baby

They've jumped straight to more realistic strategies.

organic grow farms?

That he said it is disturbing.

I always love it when the USA lectures another crony capitalist oligarchy about flouting international law and treaties.

Got Popcorn?

As for arms...well ukraine and turkey provided for shaliskavili's adventure in south ossetia. so i'm willing to bet that this loyalty has been rewarded by a very big line of credit at the turkish arms bazaar (a very busy place of late).

Kerry: All options are on the table.

Option 1: A protest.
Option 2: A strongly-worded protest.
Option 3: A very strongly-worder protest.
Option 4: A condemnation.
Option 5: A condemnation in the strongest degree.


Does being merican through and through imply one has to understand everything about everything?

Being mercan often does imply that one robotically spews corporate-fascist media talking points without even a smidgeon of curiosity or instrospection.

Mysterious cluster of birth defects stumps doctors -

statistical noise happens...but it's always easier to blame the yoga mat chemical, vaccinations, or bpa.


Those gosh darn socialist union parasites are causing our noble job-creating CEOs to lose "confidence". Not.

AbsoNo one 17 and under admittedkinglutely hilarious. I wonder how many billions of unshared productivity this has cost programmers and engineers.

By concentrating then using further concentration the financial system was preserved.

Jamie Dimon: “The term ‘too big to fail’ must be excised from our vocabulary.”

If Hillary becomes Presidette, Bill will be the First Larry of the White House....

It would make for good comedy -- which seems to be the largest benefit of our political process for the bottom 4 quintiles. from the FDIC and found the five biggest banks now hold 40.1% of domestic deposits -- double the figure in early 2000

I'm glad we learned our lesson about concentration of risk.

gold would say its already well on its way.

i'm going to go buy a bagel with some of my worthless fiat.

long but shallow (recession)

Yes. Apart from a few nutwankers who are always predicting the great currency debasement, pretty much no one predicted the great recession. Even kruggles thought we would have another 2000-type bust (perhaps slightly worse).

How many days left in Obama's term?

Already pining for Hillary are we? Sick

if we get deflation ...

To paraphraase Dean Baker: the zero does not matter. The disinflation we have today is already fNo one 17 and under admitteding the little people up nicely (e.g. deflation not required for a nasty case of secular stagnation).

Eeexelent! says: Feature, not bug

During a time when both politicians and the idiots who elect them have not a fNo one 17 and under admitteding clue about the economy we cut measurements that are essential for them to potentially have a clue:


Ignorance is bliss.


You know why a dog fellates current account deficits?

Bright Minds and Dark Attitudes

Trade Weighted U.S. Dollar Index: Major Currencies (TWEXMMTH) - FRED - St. Louis Fed

It's amusing that those screaming about currency debasement will look at that chart and still blame the FED. I guess you can't teach a dog who fellates current account deficit creators new tricks.

What's most fascinating about the precious, is that it stands alone to profit hugely from

past performance does not predict future results.

Honda ends Insight hybrid output as sales trail Prius

Honda created a prius clone that not only has worse gas mileage but also somehow manages to be even uglier than the original.


Bitcoin was, of course, created in part to cater to libertarian dreams – to provide a way to store your wealth where governments can’t steal it through taxation or currency debasement.

And it’s true! Thanks to Bitcoin, you can instead have your wealth stolen by private hackers.



If a neutron bomb kills the people and leaves the buildings what would we call a device that destroys the currency and leaves the economy?


ACA now taking a bite out of lots of wallets.

And also filling many people's wallets with health insurance savings.

dead war criminals are still war criminals.

they considered posthumous trials at nuremberg and discarded the idea only because they did not want to give the impression that the nazi pond scum were still alive.

I've long said there's still time for Impeachment, conviction, handing over the the ICJ or whichever international court would try Bush, Cheney, Inc., for their crimes.

Fixed It For Ya

I've long said there's still time for Impeachment, conviction, handing over the the ICJ or whichever international court would try Kennedy, LBJ, Nixon, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Cheney etc, for their crimes.

"The price of freedom is too high but Ukrainians are paying it," said Viktor Danilyuk, a 30-year-old protester. "We have no choice, the government isn't hearing us."

When this happens in uhmerka you can be sure the death toll will be much, much higher.

Philly Fed Manufacturing Survey indicates Contraction in February


MUSK talked to APPLE!
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Philly Fed Manufacturing Survey indicates Contraction in February


musk talked to apple.
buy!Nemo's Monkey buy!Nemo's Monkey buy!Nemo's Monkey buy!Nemo's Monkey


Tomorrow’s hamburger may cost as much as today’s steak - MarketWatch

Beef-Free Crumbles - Beefy | Beyond Meat®

that both travel in perturbed ellipses around a moving point somewhere inside the sun


Could be. All the evidence for an older Earth?

Parent Daughter Half-life
Uranium-235 Lead-207 0.704 billion years
Uranium-238 Lead-206 4.47
Potassium-40 Argon-40 1.25
Rubidium-87 Strontium-87 48.8
Samarium- 147 Neodymium 143 106
Thorium-232 Lead-208 14.0
Rhenium- 187 Osmium- 187 43.0
Lutetium- 176 Hafnium- 176 35.9

Absolutely. Want to try to explain to me how we got from a planet with some hydrocarbons -- a few of them complex -- to self replicating systems that ate stuff, and used the energy to produce copies of themselves

Bacteria make major evolutionary shift in the lab - life - 09 June 2008 - New Scientist

Also, WTF does the origin of life have to do with the "theory of evolution".

My opinion. QE1 mostly was.

IMO, your opinion is BS.

Then it isn't pumping money into the economy, it's pumping money OUT.


Reserve accounting is worth understanding.

as are QE transmission mechanisms.

Eeexelent! Real French Sparkly

and just in case anyone thinks that i am defending the fed. my attitude about our entire financial system can be summed up by this famous quote:

"Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius."