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A common refrain in HCN comments is, Germany is punishing Greece, because the government is REFUSING Eurosystem finance.


If you are going to troll at least try to make it more plausible.

My guess is the brewery is fairly sterile and subject to inspection by more than one entity.

Very hard to brew without microrganisms... Smile

Yanis Varoufakis: Why we recommend a NO in the referendum – in 6 short bullet points

  • Negotiations have stalled because Greece’s creditors (a) refused to reduce our un-payable public debt and (b) insisted that it should be repaid ‘parametrically’ by the weakest members of our society, their children and their grandchildren
  • The IMF, the United States’ government, many other governments around the globe, and most independent economists believe — along with us — that the debt must be restructured.
  • The Eurogroup had previously (November 2012) conceded that the debt ought to be restructured but is refusing to commit to a debt restructure
  • Since the announcement of the referendum, official Europe has sent signals that they are ready to discuss debt restructuring. These signals show that official Europe too would vote NO on its own ‘final’ offer.
  • Greece will stay in the euro. Deposits in Greece’s banks are safe. Creditors have chosen the strategy of blackmail based on bank closures. The current impasse is due to this choice by the creditors and not by the Greek government discontinuing the negotiations or any Greek thoughts of Grexit and devaluation. Greece’s place in the Eurozone and in the European Union is non-negotiable.
  • The future demands a proud Greece within the Eurozone and at the heart of Europe. This future demands that Greeks say a big NO on Sunday, that we stay in the Euro Area, and that, with the power vested upon us by that NO, we renegotiate Greece’s public debt as well as the distribution of burdens between the haves and the have nots.
Buy a used car or truck (with cash if you can).

I recently bought a used electric vehicle (for a bit under 10K) and will pay $195 less than if I had payed cash.

that the Laffer Curve has some value.


It has far deeper implications than might be superficially apparent.

a gora stating that a vedic term is "deeper" is pure lulz.

I continue to be awestruck by just how poorly Varoufakis and Tsipras and the rest of SYRIZA played this. I sure hope nobody bought any of that dude's textbooks on game theory.

austerian bollocks.

What about houses? They went up after the 2K crash...

I do have about 10% of my total assets in this:

It pays income based on buildings owned in whole or in part by TIAA-CREF.

I haven't either, and I need to finish rotating out of bond funds. Looking for a little income.

I'm gradually decreasing duration but I'm loathe to get out of bonds because there aren't better choices that are uncorrelated with equities.

We'll know by the sixth quarter. Good thing that nothing was really wrong in Q1, just Blame it on the snow and stuff.

I would be very, very happy if the markets drop another 10% or so...I have not bought US equities for many, many months...

Can elderly people report these SOBs to the government anonymously?

Sorry...goverment is meeting with McConnell and Boehner in a bathtub.

what for? USA is not even paying its own debt down.

and this makes you feel _____.

But at the cost of our libertarian ideals.

Have no fear, thousands of patriots are armed and ready to fight big-government depotism...
on their mobility scooters!

We rentiers think the right of economic rent is too important to delegate.

In Cash we trust.

Mr Tsipras said a clear vote against austerity would help Greece negotiate a better settlement to the crisis.
Otherwise, he warned, he would not stay in office to oversee more cuts.


Shakes Tiny Fist of Fury

….me mkt seems unimpressed

some day rentiers will realize that economic rent is not their divine right...

Some taxpaying MFucker has to pick the tab up.

complete bullshit. some feeding-from the tax-credit trough rentier Pigged makes a little less money.

boo fucking hoo.

rentiers should bless their lucky stars if rent control is the worse thing they will face.

see my avatar for other possibilities... is 17 is 10 bps..schwab is 9 bps

i pay 4 bips for my vanguard spoo indices.

what country offers that??..what are the speeds??

the fact that you doubt me shows how clueless 'merkins are.

ono was offering 30 mbs in spain for about 10 euros last looks like their prices went up to 16.

Internet Fibra óptica, TV, Telefonía móvil y Fijo | ONO

prices in the UK are absurdly low:

Unlimited Broadband & Phone - Fast, cheap & reliable | Plusnet

Another bad day for the perma-bulls.

Keep on buying the precious, mof. I'm sure some day it will go up again.

This is affecting rural RE prices. ATT walking away from supplying Dsl...

What's needed is more deregulation! Our free monopoly markets must be allowed to find their optimal price levels!

I mean just look at europe...reliable high speed internet for ~$12 per month results in political and social degeneracy. In fact, I suspect that the availability of incredibly inexpensive internet in Greece is why they are so lazy and unproductive.

Have these negotiations actually been about the rough patch? Either about taming it or about perpetuating it?

The negotiations have been about provoking regime change in Greece.

Hoo cares ?

When people bash killary the korrupt or mooshel o'bummer.


When people bash a con-servatives mof starts whining. You are not fooling anyone, mof.

They should have totally used that angle in the negotiations.

The neo-liberal Troika must be fuming that its actually the Greek people who get to decide.

Could someone please remind Dr. Duh that "etc. etc." is redundant?

Nemo was fondling his libertarian sword of justice when he wrote that.

EU President:

However, one thing should be very clear: if someone says that the government will have a stronger negotiating position with the `no' vote, it is simply not true. I'm afraid that which such a result of referendum, there will be even less space for negotiation."

Big smile Laughing out loud Evil Laughing out loud

The delusion from the EU/troika is a sight to behold. Capital controls, bank holiday, and default and "there will be even less space for negotiation".


yuan, you aren't a part of this fake left are you?

that petras link is a sad mix of polemics and outright prevarication. the syriza government has been arguing from day 1 that greece's debt load is unsustainable and that haircuts or long-term extensions (basically a haircut) are needed.

i have argued that greece needs to default since 2010. i also support the plebescite and hope the greeks vote ai gamisu!

'Anyone who believes that exponential growth can go on forever in a finite world is either a madman or an economist.'

this is a flaw in materialist capitalism, but not all forms of capitalism...

The great GDP swindle | Joseph Stiglitz | Comment is free | The Guardian

It's a better model for what is going to happen here than Japan, IMHO.

Who exactly is the Troika (e.g, who wields the libertarian sword of justice) in your USA as Greece scenario?

LMAO Greek population has been SHRINKING, it's a NEGATIVE.

You are right -- mea culpa. (Greece was positive last year.)

because the multinats are nuthin' if not relentless.

that's not a nice way to talk about the greatest source of free-speech in the world.

BUT it has what Europe and USA increasingly lack: the biggest asset class, young human capital, is intact. It has a very healthy demographic pattern.

Demographic growth rate of Argentina: 1%.
Demographics of Argentina - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Demographic growth rate of Greece: 1%

Theoretically, you fall 1/2 the distance left between you and the ground, and then 1/2 the remaining distance, then 1/2 the remaining distance, and so on - if we could perceive sufficiently small interval you would never actually hit the ground. In which case, the fall will in fact never quite kill you.

There is some irony in an austerian being stuck on Zeno's paradox. Greece is a neo-liberal conundrum for sure.

That said, if the forecasts are correct, there is some REALLY hot weather due in the PNW later in the week.

I'm planting olive and date trees. Just saying...

centrally planned socialist paradise run by really smart people on behalf of global capitalists, even if I get an adequate domicile, a living wage and a proper allocation of food ration

as i said before, explaining representative social democracies to 'merkins is like trying to explain the taste of chocolate to a medieval serf...

Lets break for coffee we will

The maestro sounds a lot like you, mofo. Ever wondered why that is?

I just want the banks that get special treatment from the Fed and Treasury to die. Is that too much to ask?

Treating stab wounds to the gut with bandaids is certainly easier than treating internal damage. I'm sure at some point the manufactured-consent-duopoly will allow the election of band aid "populists". If we are lucky they might even be purple bandaids with dinosaurs!

U.S. currency is horrible but better than the rest Economics is hard
indeed Happy Halloween!

challenge its cognitive dissonance and the neurotic emoticons come at a furious pace.

The Dooooooooooooooom!!!ers want the debt to become unpayable...

New Keyboard x2

who said they want the world to end? cite.

New Keyboard

The fact that most of you want it to end speaks volumes.

The Dooooooooooooooom!!!ers want the debt to become unpayable and at the same time want the statist quo to be maintained. Delusions of libertarian grandeur.

Is the Italy or the UK or the Japan debt payable? ... is the U.S. debt 'payable'?


Which of these nation's money is different from the others?

At least 4 percent of people who get sentenced to death are innocent - Vox

What a waste of taxpayer money. We need to get rid of expensive appeals and shoot for 20-30%.

S&P Elmo! 33 pts

About fucking time. Will start buying if it dips more than 5%. I've been waiting for a buying opportunity for many, many months.


As Marx writes, history repeats, first as tragedy, then as farce.
He's a cunning US historian, I tell yew whut.

Bic Flick

Why the blanket hate on the Netherlands, along with Germany?

  1. reading comprehension. ("state")
  2. google dijsselbloem.
They will miss your 60 euros

How about some more jokes about Ferguson, belmont. Keep the crypto out of crypto-racism!

Greece can go to hell.

More evidence that 4th Reich bigots are just as ignorant and sociopathic as 'merkins who wanted to nuke Iraq beecuz al qaida.

Seriously, LoserBeachBum I wish the German state nothing but ill. I has planned a vacation in the Netherlands and Germany this summer and canceled it due to the disgusting policies of these states. I will boycott Germany and the Netherlands until I die.