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Electricity inefficiently delivered (tons of line losses) to EVs coming from.... coal and fuel oiled generating plants far away ?

I don't know what benighted area you live in but the last coal fired plant in my neck of the woods is going off line in a few years. Good riddance.

MMMMMM? Another market for the hack that rolls back the odometer.

Electronic device in OBD port.

Only accumulated -fixed- debt. FedGov rolls debt on short term notes. 

short-term debt has lower interest rates so is not the major concern.
historically, the vast majority of federal debt has been inflated away, not payed off nominally. is this time somehow different?

Does that mean they're going to eliminate the gas tax and have you just pay a pro-rated mileage fee? Nah...didn't think so.

I'm hoping that they raise the gas tax AND implement a pro-rated mileage fee.

I gotta share the cognitive dissonance from the last thread:

Of course, there is the minor problem that if inflation occurs, interest rates will soar...and federal government deficits will soar as the cost of rolling over the money we have borrowed to support a bloated military without paying taxes comes home to roost.

Inflation erodes accumulated debt. People who are genuinely concerned about the deficit should be cheering on inflation.

well that's new, Yellen thinks we should print more money.

Well one way to stick it to the job-exporting sociopathic elite is to devalue the fucking Cash, and no, I dont need a receipt.
Sadly, yellen won't really print -- she will just accomodate.

Argentina Bonds Judge to Hold Hearing on Contempt Request - Bloomberg

Argentina plans to use its central bank to make the payments, replacing Bank of New York Mellon. Griesa has made clear that a move by Argentina to evade his orders by exchanging its debt for locally paid bonds paid would be illegal.

Judge Greasy evidently believes that Argentina is part of the USA.

Laughing out loud

Have paradigm shifts in history ever been funny?

i laughed out loud when they shot ceașescu.

TMI, but my oldest the winemaker seems like a clone of my paternal grandfather; b

winemaker and certifiable optimist are synonyms.

High school senior says she was suspended for saying 'bless you' - Yahoo News

Why is this news? Isn't "bless you" the equivalent of "fuck you" in the south?

Good genes.

So you are successful because you are genetically superior? So much for morals and work ethic...

I did Yuan without one government program EVER giving me a hands up.

The scots-irish libertarian sword of justice!

Now You, born with a silver spoon in your mouth have no fucking idea what working all day...

A white person who won the economic lottery by being born in an obscenely rich nation accuses someone who grew up in a less-developed nation of being born with a "silver spoon".


Black democrat in name only in WH.
Shill, Maryann, Bearly: Wages! Inflation! Fed!

White male republican wingnut in WH.
Shill, Maryann, Bearly: Cut social security/medicare/medicaid! Cut taxes! Increase military budget!

More Section eight buildings so we can encourage peeps to be poor enough for the means test, up yours.

The poors can pull themselves up by their own bootstraps!

Don't kid yourself there Yuan we know for sure you're developmentally disabled, your postings provide the evidence. We just put up with you cause we feel bad.

Black democrat in name only in WH.
Shill: Wages! Inflation! Fed!

White republican wingnut in WH.
Shill: Crickets

Anyone who believes that stagnant and/or declining wages are a recent phenomenon is either ignorant and/or developmentally disabled. 

I don't think shill, maryann, bearly, or robdawg are ignorant or developmentally disabled. I think they are simply lying for their own socio-economic and political benefit.

The Stock Market's Missing Ingredient - Bloomberg View

So much for the "correction" the I-hate-Barry brigade is pining for.

So Seb, you jack-ass, if millions of Americans feel poorer now than they did 10 years ago, the most probable explanation for this is that they are.

Divide and conquer!

my poor little lending company has customers who work and still can not pay their utility bill.

a loan shark who feels the pain of the poors "she" preys on!

but low wages and high energy and high food prices don't cut it and it will take generations to pull the working poor to middle class if ever if the Fed keeps giving to the rich and taking from the working poor who pay the taxes for their misdeeds..

blaming the fed for low wages and high corporate profits?

born and bred.

arthur dent:

(1) a model that can create something from nothing,

nope...inflation destroys hoarded value. (e.g. fuck yeah!)

(2) a model that treats exponential growth as "normal,

growth in knowledge and ideas is definitely incredibly dangerous to the status quo.

(3) the vast majority of people want to believe these things,

the vast majority of people in the usa vote for the Blue Team == Red Team

(4) a minority of true predators who know otherwise, but see the advantage of playing along.

predation of the rich and their "middling-class" sycophants is something i enthusiastically support.

Try a Market Basket just South of the border.

lo siento pero no hay escasez de alimentos en mercados sud de la linea.

Maybe that's because we don't believe you guys have the balls to ever seriously raise interest rates, since it would probably get you fired from your cushy jobs

In 'murrica we all become oligarchs some day.

Hawks Crying Wolf -

The article highlights Charles Plosser of the Philadephia Fed; if you’ve been following these things, you know that Plosser has been warning about imminent inflation since the beginning of the crisis. He did it in 2008; he did it in 2009; he did it in 2010; he did it in 2011; I’m getting tired here, but you can easily find him doing the same in 2012 and 2013. And he has of course been wrong all the way — but he’s doing it again.

just like many hoocoodanode posters.

Economics is hard

Just say it already " Fuck the poor "....never mind the long drawn out PC crap, it gets boring to read.

Shill is ready to do his part if we cut his onerous capital gains taxes and drown social insurance in the bathtub.

Yellow Shoots

My son went to the grocery store for me last evening, the same store that's been there for more than fifty years and said the fresh meat section was empty except for chicken Sick

...and said the sugary cereal section was empty except for sugar smacks.
...and said the baking sprinkles section was empty except for crinkly sugar foil.
...and said the gourmet cookie section was empty except for milano mints.
...and said the microbrew section was empty except for session lager.
...and said the hard liquor section was empty except for crowne royal whiskey.

Inflation...blah....blah...blah....Big goobermint....blah...blah....blah....Taxes...blah...blah...blah...The dollar....blah....blah...blah...Bernanke and Yellen are the devil....blah...blah...blah.

With all due respect angry savers are dumb as gravel.

An ex-shill and criminal infestor speaks truth to power:

The reason average American consumers are still strapped, meanwhile, is that America's companies and company owners — the small group of Americans who own and control America's corporations — are hogging a record percentage of the country's wealth for themselves.

Profits At High, Wages At Low - Business Insider

Your Federal Reserve Member Banks are pleased to provide liquidity and outstanding money laundering services for all the head-cutter-offers of the world.


Fixed It For Ya

The US military and US taxpayers are pleased to provide sophisticated military equipment for all the head-cutter-offers of the world.

If the "economic gains" are real, a rate hike is overdue and appropriate.

You godly moral savers/rent-seekers can go bite yourselves.

worked in Japan, no reason it shouldn't work here.

disinflation of 0.1% is not success and neither is 1.5% in the USA. both the BOJ and the Fed should target 3% or more.

Economics is hard

Peanut, almond butters recalled due to salmonella risk - CBS News

This really irritates me. Effing meataholics create a mass-market for factory-farmed animal shit and cause innocent vegetarians to eat animal shit-encrusted legumes.

Pentagon Fires Back At Critics of 'Police Militarization' Program - Yahoo News

Despite the move, however, Kirby insisted the Defense Department was not "militarizing" police departments and that the program as a whole was "useful" and "served a purpose."

"Let’s be careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater here," Kirby said.

merchants of fear wrote:

This is a QE/printing trap. Why isn't Krugman writing about this?

Rob Dawg prevaricated:

Perhaps because he authored it? Kruggles not only supported the policesthat got us here, he advocated for moar.

Nobody Understands The Liquidity Trap (Wonkish) - Paul Krugman Blog - 

Monetary And Fiscal Policy: A Clarification -

Japan 1998 -

More On Friedman/Japan -

the cause of inflation is brain dead simple. The manifestation just depends on who is receiving the freshly minted paper.

agreed. since consumers are not receiving their fair share of freshly minted corporate profits we have low wage growth and low inflation.

Economics is hard

Stop whining and think your federal government for making college affordable for all...

Stop whining about tuition at the University of the Federal Government LA or University of the Federal Government SD?

Your paycheck has been shrinking...but there's no inflation.

Low wages correlate with low inflation???!????

What kind of commie nonsense is this!

Independent measure of inflation contrasted with government data:

US Daily Index » The Billion Prices Project @ MIT 

How do these compare to 20 years ago?

Today -- 20 years ago

Cable bill

$0 -- ~$30.
(hedonic adjustment to free unlimited internet content)

Internet bill

$30 a month for 10 Mbs -- $22 a month for ~33 Kbs.

Mobile phone bill

$35 a month unlimited-- ~$45 a month 200 minutes (guessing -- it was really expensive then).

Elec bill

$15 a month - ~$10 a month.

Water bill

None - None

Property taxes

None - None


~$30 - ~$70

Disinflation in the things I want or need. (My rent has gone up less than 1% a year over the past 15 years).

Amnesty International sends human right monitor to USA for first time

They hate us for our...

European media: Michael Brown alleged to have shoplifted a pack of cigarillos.
'Murrican media: CCTV video shows Michael Brown participating in strong-armed robbery of convenience store.

I suspect it brings fond memories of Fallujah for some of them.

Which is now part of the Caliphate. Mission accomplished!

BBC News - Clashes break out before curfew in Ferguson

What is happening in Ferguson is badly needed. I sincerely hope it's the start of something larger.

I so want the 'murrican little people to give these lying sacks of shit a majority in senate.

A newspaper fact-checks its own right-wing op-ed; hilarity ensues - LA Times

Veto! Veto! Veto! ==> Impeach! Impeach! Impeach! ==> A little bit closer to a 3rd party win.

But you understand it much better....

A primary literature of blog posts!

I have two problems with this. It's a gross misconception of where the debate lies. It represents yet another appeal to bald consensus, sheer numbers holding a view, which has no value whatever in science.


Adorno rightly pointed that deniers can't get their papers published because they can't support their claims.