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Pull that off and that's big time ego.

Don't discount anger. At some point even learned helplessness does not help...and perhaps the Greeks have reached that point.

Yahoo is distorting as badly as BBC did earlier. And in the same way. The media are spoiling for a scrap and ministers behaving badly.

Yup. There is some very ugly propaganda being put out by the MSM.

Corps are not happy about a challenge to the FIRE/austerity/sovereign-debt-indenturement status quo.

Greece says will not cooperate with "troika" or seek aid extension - Yahoo Finance

But Germany, Europe's paymaster, is also digging in.

Bwahahahahha! Paymaster? Bwahhhahahhahahahahhaha!

More like Europe's loan shark/racketeer.

Funding for the NIH in 2012 dollars:

Notice the precipitous drop since 2001.

repugs" kept funding science while children starved if budgets

as if you or the repugs give a flying fuck about the children (or science).

So when not adjusted for inflation funding increases during a period of the greatest recession

Our salary, service and reagent costs did not decrease during the greatest recession. My program fired multiple researchers due to the sequester...and those positions have not been filled.

We haven't given up all our lead.

We are giving up our lead. For example, my biomedical graduate program has seen a massive long-term drop in excellent candidates from asia. Historically, many of the best researchers in biomedicine in the USA were foreign students who decided to stay in the USA. We are now seeing a reverse brain drain where some of the brightest young scientists are being offered stunning start up packages to work outside of the USA.

Private research still publishes enough to crossfertilize.

Private research focuses on translation, not basic reseaerch.

Conservative Media Deny The Facts: Lack Of Funding Hurts Research On Diseases Like Ebola | Blog | Media Matters for America

We have been gutting scientific research in this nation for a generation.

So, "when adjusted for inflation, NIH funding decreased by 1.5 percent between FY 2003 and FY 2010. Moreover, when adjusted specifically for [Biomedical Research and Development Price Index (BRDPI)] inflation, NIH funding over that period decreased significantly by 11.4 percent."

Don’t let the ridiculous smears fool you: Syriza is no party of the radical “far left”

Fucking maoist/commie/socialists should move

The example of centuries of practice is in fact the point - that long experience builds confidence.

Don't be such a luddite. I've never met a single GMO-denier who wants to label cara-cara oranges, peppermint, ruby-red grape fruit, or mutagenized cross-species hybrids (talk about playing dice with biology). If people have been and continue to be perfectly OK with consuming shotgun-mutagenised plants then there is very little (e.g. none) scientific-justification for fear-mongering about targeted mutagenesis or recombinant DNA.

I'm also extremely uncomfortable with folks that would harvest embryos, zygotes and fetuses for questionable stem cell treatments.

Link please.

I have a great deal of distrust in corporations like Monsanto that would readily produce harmful GMO products in the name of profits and then lie about it to the public.


I don't think you have any idea how intensely-regulated Monsatan's GMO research is. That being said I'd like to see every single large agricultural conglomerate obliterated from the face of the earth.

PS: I would advocate for far stricter regulation of private R&D across the board (see EU laws for example).

The article slips neatly past the quite natural desire to make a distinction between agricultural hybrids and cross-species interventions. People know what it is they object to even if Hank Campbell wishes otherwise.

No it does not and clearly some people, including burnside, do not " know what it is they object to".

Ionizing radiation and chemical-induced mutagenesis is a genetic modifcation sledge hammer that has produced all sorts of strange things -- including red grapefruit and peppery mint. These mutants typically have a large number of genetic alterations (not just point mutations in known genes of known function) that are poorly characterize and are more likely to produce unexpected phenotypes (e.g. allergies and possible invasive and/or dominant phenotypes).

In fact, there's probably never been a better time to be idle or rich. Or idle and rich.

These things are cyclical:


I guess I'm just a member of the public after all.

The frightening thing is that actually showing people data often reinforces the opposite belief. It seems our lizard brains are hard-wired to accept "simple truths" and reject complexity and relative truth.

"Danish birth was also associated with specific versions of a gene that influences brain levels of the mood chemical serotonin."

Danish genetics certainly makes me happy when I visit Denmark...

Poll shows giant gap between what public, scientists think - Yahoo News

The USA is truly an exceptional idiocracy that has done a remarkable job at exporting freedumb to the rest of the world.

Except our rates are still higher than the rest of the developed world. They are pulling them down for us. We get more of the pie as they wither and die. Sounds fair to me.

Austerian economics is unfortunately not very hard at all.

very little short term rates need to rise to get an inversion.

Rate increases by the Fed can lead to recessions???

rates will keep falling just because those clear headed traders, unmuddled by popular economic theory, can see it is time to get out of Dodge.

By making long bets on bonds? Ummm...OK.

Try not to be so damn stupid!
Have A Nice Weekend

FI put the zeroes on the other side of the decimal point.
Does this mean I should short the market?

The Dietary Intake of Wheat and other Cereal Grains and Their Role in Inflammation

Yeah...the french, spanish, and italians are notorious for their hypochondriac food allergies....

Yardeni: The Fed Blog: How the World Works

some day governments may realize that we have to spend/inflate our way out a global liquidity trap...or we see breton woods II collapse and radical lefties taking over the world! 

secular stagnation or the effects of austerity? i'm betting austerity.

Shillers work on asset prices is reasonably convincing we are in historical bubble territory,or or if you are on optimist, on a permanently high plateau.

shillers cape ratio may be useful in predicting long-term returns. it has nothing to do with bubble calling or other forms market astrology.
please continue to demonstrate your ignorance!

that's a five year trend but if you are a millenium thinker it is probably noise, just like fiat currency.

here is a grade school math refresher:

Introduction to the x,y-Plane (The "Cartesian" Plane)
Plotting Points in the Cartesian Plane

take the course and get back to me.

… what bubble

one of those highlighted ranges does not resemble the other...yet. it's hard to call a bubble or secular stagnation over the short term.

Bonds been berry berry good to me!
Cash was nice too in '07-'08 Big smile

Interesting how bearly-literate always makes the right call after the move.
Laughing out loud Laughing out loud

US 10y yields and Baltic Dry signal further deceleration in world trade and drops in global PMIs.

Looks like a bunch of noise to me. Post again in 6 months.

underlying report funded by Tom Steyer.

Amusing how you fixate on the dimocrat and ignore the indipendents and rethuglicans. Quick! Cover up those GOteaP undies and claim that you are a "real" conservative.

The UC System has a $25 billion budget: roughly the same as Microsoft

I find this to be sort of sad. Priorities...

So the flu shot is basically worthless as well? Exact

The flu vaccination is hardly worthless...most of the time they nail the strains and even on the rare year where they flub the mix it offers partial protection.

OR is also a state that gets more in tax dollars then it pays in--not by much but it does.

A recent change and partially due to Kitzhaber's OHP reforms.

As it is, Wyden and Merkley have jumped on the drone bandwagon big time and that's corporate all the way--they're much more interested in MIC stuff too.

I'm actually quite pleased with Merkley's position when it comes to drone strikes:

Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., who did not have access to the intelligence documents, was one of only two Democrats to vote against Brennan. The other was Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vermont.
Merkley raised questions about what he said were dangerous violations of civil liberties, including the use of wiretaps without warrants.
"I am also deeply concerned about the implications of the administration's policy on drone strikes," Merkley said in a statement. "And I am troubled that so much of the legal justification for these policies remains secret, preventing Congress, let alone the American people, from weighing the trade-offs."

And while they are more beholden to the MIC at least Wyden (and Paul) did not roll over and beg He knows his masters voice:

Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky launched a rare "talking filibuster" Wednesday that drew praise and participation from Wyden and other senators.

There's plenty of corporate "fascism" on the left coast.

And I believe there would be less corporate fascism if the central government had a smaller role in our affairs. IMO, devolution is a natural solution to our increasingly dysfunctional central government. In other words, if flyover wants a randian dystopia then let them pay for it using their own tax base.

Why you won't retire early - Yahoo Finance

The bad news-- despite last year’s stock market gains when the S&P 500 climbed more than 11%, the typical 401K only rose 2% from 2013.'s a good thing we busted unions, deregulated banks, and killed defined benefit pensions!

I blame the Fed and Janet Yellen!

Are you including all of Oregon in your "left coast" category or just PDX? Because there are plenty of people living in OR who'd probably get along fine w/people living in flyover

your definition of plenty is strange, azurite. metro-pdx, metro-salem, metro-bend, metro-eugene, and a few smaller msas have something like 80% of oregon's population.

and, in general, i have far more in common with people who live in vancouver BC and tijuana MX than people who live in the midwest.

and there are people in Minneapolis, Chicago

that's fine but it still does not explain why people on the west coast and east coast should subsidize/enable midwestern corporate-fascism.

Ah, the enlightened and egalitarian left is heard from... Facepalm

Is there something unenlightened or unequal about wanting more independence for a particular region or state?

The Increasingly Unequal States of America | The Big Picture

Not so united after all.
I hope more left coasters and east coasters start asking themselves whether they are better off being part of a USA that includes flyover.

Nice free-market corp/infestor/bankster-fellator link from Mary:

The first actions of the new government are leading Greece to a total disaster (2days)

The issue is about a huge step backwards, about socialist practices that were applied and collapsed around the world, namely cancelling the liberalisation of the electricity market, (regulated utility in USA) cancelling the privatisation of airports and the increased involvement of private investors in the port of Piraeus, introducing additional regulations in the labour market, increasing the minimum wage.(OMG!!!!)

the government seems determined to blackmail the European Union to haircut the debt and to fund a policy of fiscal deficits and social benefits.This policy has no chance of being accepted by any member state of the euro zone.(Germany can be outvoted...we will see.)

The Macroeconomic Situation and Macroeconomic Policy: Insiders and Outsiders: Focus - Washington Center for Equitable Growth

History will not look kindly on the intentional sabotaging of the economy by the party of MIC Keynsianism.

Quantitative easing is just money printing for a select clientele. It give money printing that "country club" feel.

Missed this and I agree with this criticism. If the Fed really gave a crap about their dual mandate they would have at least tried to buy up debt that directly targets takers/moocher/poors.

The interesting discussion is to what degree the Asian half of chimerica is driving the dollar bull.

A very interesting question.

PS: Glad to see you back, oh sarcastic anarcho-capitalist.

Stock buy-backs and tax evasion to the moon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holy mother of jeebus! I agree with FI!

I don't see how a fiat based floating exchange rate currency system

Different topic.

You can always leave the decision to create or not create free money to the people.


That is socialism!

It'd be a great idea, assuming every other country and currency also agreed to not form a central bank,

I think we would still need a CB. That is unless you proposed getting rid of fractional-reserve banking...or in my model fraction-reserve credit unioning*.

*fuck...i love that word.

And what would your beloved Fed say to that mortal blow to its power.

I love the Fed in the same way I love the corp-fellating democratic party. A lesser evil...

a very moral position.

Ethical. I reject moralism.

Yuan apparently believes that since libertarians also detest the central bank, the central bank must therefore be a good thing

I would prefer to see our banking system nationalized (including the CB) and run as a highly-regulated public utility. That being said, a fractional-reserve banking system without a CB is probably not a good idea.