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New York court issues habeas corpus writ for chimpanzees - BBC News

Non-human personhood for animals? Does anyone believe that whales, dolphins, chimps, bonobos, and gorillas are less deserving of these rights than the Vampire Squid from Hell?

Just listened to Vandana Shiva lie about Golden Rice. She repeatedly claimed that only a few farmers would get it for free when Golden Rice was patented under a humanitarian always free patent. The organic and anti-GMO movement is the dimocrat equivalent of wingnut deniers.

Golden Rice Opponents Should Be Held Accountable for Health Problems Linked to Vitamin A Deficiency | Guest Blog, Scientific American Blog Network 

And look at Japan! You know...the Japan that wingnuts/idiotarians use as an example of the horrors Keynsian currency debasement.

Caused a man to be caged for 26 years and gets 10 days in the slammer and 500hrs of community service.

Let me translate your statement into southerner:

It's an outrage that a fine upstanding Christian citizen gets 10 days in the slammer and 500hrs of community service for doing his job*.

*locking up ****ers for racist fun and profit

Crowding In and the Paradox of Thrift -

The false belief is that government deficits necessarily “crowd out” investment, so that reducing deficits should free up funds that lead to higher investment. Not so, says the IMF: when governments introduce deficit-reduction measures, investment falls instead of rising. This says that the deficits were crowding investment in, not out.

And there’s another way to look at it: when governments introduce austerity measures, they are trying to reduce their net borrowing – in effect, they are raising their savings rate. What the IMF tells us is that such attempts to increase saving actually lead to lower, not higher, investment – and since saving equals investment, actual savings fall. So what we have here is an empirical confirmation of the existence of the paradox of thrift!

Remarkable stuff. Someone tell Wolfgang Schäuble.

Reality has a Keynsian bias.

Default Greece! Default for the good of your people!

Rob Dawg you lying, slandering piece of shit. How is your obese ass? - MD 20/20 

Already happened. Beer. Expect more of the same; sector rotation rather than general price increases.

If we do see a sharp rise in food prices expect more big goobermint support of our wage slaves!

Food stamps! Welfare for crony capitalists!

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Failing for who?

Speaking of failing:

If you want to feel really depressed about Europe’s future, read the Op-Ed article by Wolfgang Schäuble, the German finance minister, that was published Wednesday by The Times. It’s a flat-out rejection of everything we know about macroeconomics, of all the insights that European experience these past five years confirms.

- NY Times

Economist's View: 'Are We Kidding Ourselves on Competition?'

In a world where shareholders can get what they want, we won’t have competition in this outcome but, more likely, a collusive outcome. What is more, the firms won’t have to go to all the difficulty of violating antitrust laws to obtain this outcome, they will do it unilaterally. There are no laws against that. ...

Exactly why the American crony corporatist system is failing. Competition in our markets is broken.

into the nutter category is a trick used here a lot on other issues too.

what is so terrible about having a mental disorder. i'm neurotic about some things...does this make me a bad person?

and admitted you have a vegan agenda (or maybe you didn't admit to that because you are sneaky).

for the umpteenth time, anyone who claims that a vegan diet is healthier than diet X,Y,Z is a snake oil peddler. i never have and never will advocate for a vegan diet.

If you choose to eat low carb for health reasons,

nah. if you choose to eat random diet X promoted by random snake oil peddler Y and constantly proselytize your choice you may have orthorexia.

And, in America, apparently most are very happy about it..

And, on hoocoodanode, apparently most are very happy about it.

(e.g. vote for the Red Team==Blue Team)

Critique of Dean Ornish Op-ed | The Big Fat Surprise by Nina Teicholz

Ornish and Teicholz are both promoters of orthorexia but Ornish is smarter.

If Pigs are so smart,

My point is that if you are going to eat pig you should not be squeemish about tabby or golden retriever. I'm told they can be quite tasty.

moFUD linked:

Pork, like all animal foods, also contains complete proteins with the full complement of essential amino acids, unlike vegetables, which contain only partial proteins.

Bwahahahahahaha! The first few lines are complete nonsense.

What the heck is a partial protein? All plant and animal cells contain the full complement of amino acids. I'm no fan of Ornish's rigid lifestyle advice but Teicholz is a moron. The epitome of Dunning-Kruger.

. Didn't sleep. NAAIJ | ‘Vet’ shoots cat in the head with arrow. Internet jumps into action.

You omnivores are so fucking weird. You eat bacon* and then get upset about some dumb cat.

*Pigs are one of the few animals that pass a form of the mirror "self-awareness" test. Toddlers don't.

The issue is whether a default would pull down the German banks, and I think he is clear that it now will not.

The economics may not be a big deal but I think the politics are going to be pretty massive.

Ha Ha, good One. Mr. Wheelchair aka Black Zero has to explain then why he sunk 200+ Billion Taxmoney into the Greece Pit

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But the Dominoes!! The Dominoes!


are you off your meds; we are in a glorious recovery as proven here on our blogYoure only as good as your last envelope

Nah. We are in the midst of the same kind of anemic recovery we've had for the past three recessions.

As for greece causing the end of the world as we know it:

GDP Argentina: 690 billion
GDP Greece: 240 billion.

Greece should default as soon as possible for the good of the Greek people. The short-term effects of a Greek default on the US economy would not be even a nothing burger...more like a nothing slider.

You have shitty medicine over there

Dr. Belmont graces us with his medical wisdom...

Notice that the biggest indicator increases were in the west........har har.

Cascadia! Shakes Tiny Fist of Fury

(Flyover and the south can go fuck themselves.)

But Republicans needed it sooner....

I blame Obummers!!! Impeach!!!

Kale wraps for everyone!

i wonder why hipsters eating leafy greens is threatening to S.A.D. Doh!.
repressed understanding that their bland beige and brown processed diet is unhealthy and disgusting?
or maybe beer/donut belly body shame?


Probably a conservative...

U.S. Taxes Are Low Compared with Other Developed Economies | The Big Picture

We get the government we pay for and we get the government they buy. Best of both 3rd worlds.

Hillary Clinton wrote Elizabeth Warren a love letter in Time magazine - Vox

But (in an awkward bit of timing for Clinton, given the Warren blurb) an article in Politico yesterday made it clear that Clinton's Wall Street donors aren't terribly concerned that her rhetoric would translate to populist policy. "She’s not saying that a hedge fund manager shouldn’t be making what they’re making," one donor said about her anti-inequality stance. "Just that someone in another job shouldn’t be making 300 times less."

Financial shocks may grow as liquidity shrinks, warns IMF

Dude, financial shocks are baked into the system. End stage capitalism!

That's yer job. We need balance.

That was actually a good come back.
Beer for mof.

oooh that sounds so heavy man. uhhh this is just rabid partisan hack bullcrap and you know it.
how can you tell?

merchants of fear partisan whining survey 4/15/15 --UPDATE

Whining about the Blue Team: 27
Whining about the Red Team: 0

Schaeuble 'confident' Greece won't exit eurozone - Yahoo News

Gee...the 4th Reich sounds a wee bit worried.

Please default Greece, for the good of your nation and citizens, default!

"may have" Science...

Durrrrrrrr...I'm not a scientist.

when in question - delete, delete, delete.

MoF political whine report for April 15, 2015.

Whines about Blue Team: 15
Whines about Red Team: 0

Why 78 Million Millennials Are Choosing Non-Union Jobs - Yahoo Finance
I'd have guessed it was because unions disproportionately favor seniority over performance.

I would add that those who claim that the death of organized labor is due to union busting and "right to work" are bald face liars and liberal extremists.

The greatest trick the rich ever pulled was making us believe they pay all the taxes - Vox

See video at bottom.

A class war...and one that the rich have been winning for over a generation.

Congrats to the German (10 yr) bondholders, sweet 22% return today!

Savers just earned 22% in one day???
I thought central banks were No one 17 and under admitteding the savers over???

Why not look at who is really causing the damage?


Imagine so ashamed of their nature they refuse to self identify as progressives.

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Good one!

Fun fact! The only senator who is a member of the progressive caucus is Bernie Sanders (S).

--proud to be a nader traitor

Who's going to vote against it [TPP], besides maybe Sanders ?

One of your favorite people!

Elizabeth Warren’s next target: Trade deals - Ben White - POLITICO

Who's going to vote against it, besides maybe Sanders ?

Some of your favorite people!

Senators Write Letter To Harry Reid Opposing Fast Track Authority For TPP and TTIP | FDL News Desk

The letter is signed by Senators Al Franken, Tammy Baldwin, Elizabeth Warren, Christopher Murphy, Bernie Sanders, Tom Harkin, Carl Levin,Jeff Merkely, Jack Reed, Richard Blumenthal, Edward Markey, and Sheldon Whitehouse – all Democrats with the exception of Sanders.

Laughably pathetic attempt to define those who dare disagree. Typical liberal. liberals do do exist? And it's only conservatives that are dead? Does this mean that Walker is a liberal???
My Head Just Exploded
No wonder I'm a Walker supporter.

Liberals actively try to portray not liberals in the worst possible terms.

Hayek is a liberal? Well...I guess he is according to the definition the rest of the world uses. It's telling that in the USA political labels mean something different from everywhere else. Conservatives are not interested in a debate about ideas -- they are interested in maintaining traditional hierarchies of wealth.

True story: In 2008,

The passion 'muricans feel for their pointless two-party elections are just another form of rabid face-painting sports fandom. Bread and circuses!