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Hon, the 1st world gave you things like Tofurkey and vegan bacon.

truth. militant vegans/vegetarians annoy the fuck out of me.

prior to the collapse of the middle class

the middling class has been sucking oligarch dick for generations. fuck them.

Dilution of citizenship

taking the crypto out of fascist.

Why have any borders?

why indeed...

U.S. Economy Picks Up, but Stays In Its Rut - WSJ

Suddenly Japan's 1% GDP growth is not looking quite so bad...

End stage capitalism.

If you are against uncontrolled immigration than you will be labeled a racist.

Is socioeconomic bigotry any better than racism? Oh...wait...I forgot...the poors n*****s deserve their poverty because they chose the wrong skin color parents.

I enthusiastically support mass migration and the inevitable dilution of 1st world wealth.

U.S. Paychecks Grow at Record-Slow Pace

Oh noes!!!1!!!! The wage inflationZ R here!

PS: Reality has a Keynsian bias.

"Despite a tighter labor market, and all of the stories about pay increases at various large firms, wage growth is not picking up meaningfully," said Jennifer Lee, an economist at BMO Capital Markets. "This may not sit well with (Fed) policymakers."

Infestors want higher rent ==> the inflationZ is coming, the inflationZ is coming...raise rates or we end up like zimbabwe!!!!

Neutralizing. OMG the oceans are neutralizing!

it's almost as if you believe that chemistry does not happen at pH 8.1. surely you are not that dumb.

The Latest: Bland’s sister says trooper was threatening - The Washington Post

Texas State Police Officer Lies About Sandra Bland Arrest

When the officer demanded loudly that Sandra Bland step out of her vehicle, Bland knew her rights and asked “Why am I being apprehended?” to which the officer simply replied, “I am giving you a lawful order” without articulating any reasonable suspicion of a crime.

The officer endangered himself and lunged into the vehicle loudly exclaiming that he would drag Bland out, all the while Bland attempted to assert her 5th amendment rights to remain silent.

ECB raises ceiling on emergency funds for Greece ahead of bailout vote | World news | The Guardian

Fixed It For Ya ECB raises company debt ceiling for Greece ahead of indentured servitude contract. | World news | The Guardian

Then you won't mind paying for it. Right?

Not at all. And voting to make you pay...that will be truly priceless.

What part of comingled are you missing?

i comingled this weekend. thanks for asking tho.

I don't follow you.

we were discussing SS, not medicare and medicaid.

The funny thing is, the burden of an aging and unhealthy population is with us whether we have SS/Medicare/Medicaid or not. All these lovely "math" arguments change nothing, other than who pays (which is the REAL issue).

nice goal post change there.

Good thing I'm not a Gen-x/y/Millenial because they will be paying in to keep their parents'/grandparents' feeding tubes humming along

once you retire your mobility scooter and are hooked up to a machine, i wonder whether you will have the energy to protest the redistribution of "your" money by gen xyz.

meanwhile, our bridges collapse

i once portaged my bike across a river. try that with your escalade, cagers.

None of these things need to crash. Less benefits for those collecting. Less Medicare payments etc.

no need for that. as boomers die off the demographic tide will turn (and taxes will go up, likely way up).

SS was commingled with the Fed budget a long time ago by that hero of Democrats, LBJ. It was called the "unified budget".

if government bonds held in trust for a defined benefit pension plan are "comingled" then so is a big chunk of my AGG position. essentially both you and RD are claiming that US treasury bonds are not assets. if you really believe this...i would be my pleasure to take some of those worthless assets off your hands.

So if I get a margin call on my investment account and have to take out a cash advance on my credit card to pay it off, that advance has absolutely nothing to do with the total amount of debt I owe?

if the us government refuses to pay or monetize its debts then the gold bugs win!

You might consider looking at the projections. The red ink bars grow geometrically.

What is it about defined benefit pension plans that you do not understand?

I think you forgot three zeros on that.

yes. thanks for pointing that out and letting me correct it. Shock

There is no "trust fund." It has been comingled and every honest person knows it.

Well fuck me. I guess my AGG positions are comingled too.

Perhaps the Fed will add it to the pile?

same as it ever was, comrade. rd's panicked ululating about social security and teh debt is designed to do one thing: create a false premise to further concentrate wealth via tax cuts and militarism.

the truly amazing thing is that murricans have been happily slurping up this neoliberal bullshit for generations with no signs of disgust.

The fact is, the federal government had to borrow $37 billion last year to finance Social Security,

Based on this kind of utterly moronic logic the government had to borrow money to finance my brokerage account, IRA, Roth-IRA, 403b, 457b, and 401a. The federal government borrowed $37 billion to finance its debts period. Social security is a defined benefit pension plan and has absolutely nothing to do with the government's debt payments.

Is all you can say in response an obviously invalid personal attack?

Clearly you do not understand that the $2,789,476,000 OASI trust fund (2014) is comprised of nothing more than worthless government scrip.

Sometimes you texans crack me up.

eecon likes to trip people up by stating the obvious.

It is pure pay-go and the moment it goes negative it blows up.

So my treasury bond investments are worthless, just like the debased fiat dollar?

Laughing out loud

You are insane.

FUIGM translation service: Taxes are theft and old people are moochers.

Then it will be a burden on those making over 125K.

y U h8 the "middle class"?

you're too smart to be taken in by Peterson and his crew.

Fixed It For Ya

you're smart and narcissistic enough to be a supporter of Peterson and his crew.

I don't think it is right as in fair but I worry about the consequences of trying to get more from that class.

i'm sure that "worry" keeps you up all night...

Romney pays 15% and you call that Laffer levels? Hahaha, that's funny! Laffer-able!

You are obviously just a bitter librul who is envious of self-made millionaires.

As a side effect, it would take even longer for the retirement fund to have trouble but somehow nobody seems to talk about that...

The rethugs have been claiming that social security will fail in 20 years for the last 70 years....

It's a lot harder to stand up to the billionaire class and say, you know what? You're going to have to pay some taxes.

sanders is just envious of self-made billionaires like trump.

I now think he believes America is just dumb enough to want a brash Reality TV president. With 60 share ratings day and night.

i agree with bearly.

It's not viable to upset a coronation.

who cares about the apparatchik candidates...
the oligburo call the shots regardless of which puppet gets elected.

why would idiots only talk about one redteam candidate Im shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!

we are discussing trump because he is the only Red Teamer who is not following the rethug PR script. the dude is a pig but the honesty is a breath of fresh air.

If you are sufficiently stupid or owned to actually want her to win, the best thing you can do right now is support Donald Trump.

it's always odd to see intelligent people operate under the assumption that a vote for the R party of the oligarchs represents a choice over the D party of the oligarchs.

trump is the best thing that has happened to 'murrican elections in a long time. our electoral system is a least trump makes this obvious.

You accused me of cognitive dissonance. Nasty and uncalled for.

accusing someone of having a conflicted position?
the horror.

Teh zen is to be savored.

got any more profound semantic points to make?


worthless fed-debased fiat is holding its worth better than the precious???

My Head Just Exploded

Pretty nasty to lash out

a common sentiment from those who self-identify with a crumbling dogma. data and ideas are seen as a personal attack.

Gallup poll 2011: 34% of Americans said gold will make the best long-term investment, 17% said stocks. Since then:


Good to know it has nothing to do with centuries of forest mismanagement and massive reforestation or extreme drought conditions.

So when it comes to forests its all about human activity. Love the cognitive dissonance!

Have I suggested that you read the IPCC assessment report sea level chapters? If not I so suggest.

Scientists are a conservative lot and that what you call "alarmism" might actually be biased in the other direction...

"...what if this is the new normal?

your friend is such an optimist.

our genetics are optimized for fucking, squirting out kids , and dying young. long-term existential threats are something that homo sapiens is not evolutionarily equipped to deal with.

this coming from a guy who never served a day in his life

you say this like its a bad thing.