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Father Raymond J. de Souza: America’s justice system gone mad | National Post

How bad is America’s mass incarceration crisis? The country’s jails hold 718 inmates per 100,000 population. Canada’s hold 118. America’s per capita incarceration rate is more than twice that of the United Kingdom, Italy and France combined.

“Many states’ prison populations outrank even those of dictatorships and illiberal democracies around the world,” reported The Atlantic, based on figures from the Prison Population Initiative.

After the US military, the US inJustice system is the second largest socialist welfare prorgram this planet has ever seen. If we want to reduce big government spending, the us military and the inJustice system are the obvious places to start.

My FSAGX was down a mere 7.21% today, although it's only a fleshwound (pin prick).

Being charged ~1% to lose fiat money -- now that's hard money innovation!

Why do vegans create mock-meat dishes? Just call it tomatoes.

patiently explains for the 2345320000th time: because vegans don't necessarily dislike the taste of animal flesh.

And you are right btw, my 14h Sous Vide Lamb Shoulder is awesome!!

Sous vide spiced tomatoes are a dead ringer for salmon sushi.

Tomato Sushi


Solid GDP report | Econbrowser

AWOOOOOGA! Rose Colored Glasses

The econobrowser "facing the data" emoticon just went Smile for the first time since 2006.

Here is their breakdown of the data:

Solid GDP report | Econbrowser

Historically, they have been more cautious than CR.

and it's amost certianly because nobody was approrpriately trained on even the weak original CDC protocols. The use of permeable gowns was the first mistake.

don't blame the cdc. the nurses union statement is pretty damning:

Nurses at Dallas hospital describe poor safety measures with Ebola victim - LA Times

Your link doesn't go where you say it goes?

you found me out! Wink

I'm saying the NY Doctor and the Dallas nurses were all dealing with bodily fluids of full-blown Ebola cases when they contracted the virus.

And in Bethesda and Atlanta.

Thomas Duncan didn't fare very well in a US hospital.

21 days since a single person has died of Ebola in the USA.
~44,300 children died of treatable diarrheal disease in the past 20 days.
~38,000 children, men, and women died of treatable malaria in the past 20 days.

As I said before I have no problem if you or the state you live wants to handle health risks differently.

Yep... "states rights" are often a cover for discriminatory bull shit that is rooted in ignorance, religious extremism, and hysteria.

given the medical infrastructure of West Africa, paper cuts probably have a 50% mortality rate there.

i'm pretty sure that people who suffer paper cuts in west africa have a lower chance of dying than people who do not.

the probability of dying from the flu once infected is 0.45%, and 90% of those cases are people over the age of 65. The probability of dying from ebola once infected is 50%.

So glad that Dr. Arthur Dent is providing hoocoodanode with examples of his deep knowledge of hemorrhagic filoviridae prognosis.

That is indeed a mystery. It may be worthwhile to study whether they have some immunity.

Doctor Bearly provides another example of his deep knowledge of hemorrhagic fever virus transmission.

Also, because it is FAR more contagious. And, perhaps justifiably, merits more focus, legislation and action, than some exotic virus.

...and caused the most deadly pandemics in modern history.

Can we treat flu victims the same way? That kills a hell of a lot more than ebola. What about say, mandatory flu vaccinations?

To extend the analogy a little further:

People who were exposed to the flu in africa (or mexico)? Quarantine them!!!!!1!!! Burn the witch!!!! Burn the witch!!!!
People who were exposed to flu in Texas. No problemo, pardner.

Divas/primadonnas are tougher to manage but often are the best producers. In any tough business you NEED them.

people who volunteer to fight an ebola epidemic are not the the kind of people who "lie back and think of england" while their civil rights are illegally violated by anti-science ignoramuses.

The issue with Rabies Nurse, is that if someone does show symptoms and starts to have a fever while shopping or visiting daycares, there is an increasing risk of transmission.

I'm so very glad we have a medical professional posting on hoocoodanode who speaks with more authority than the CDC, NIH, NEJM peer-reviewers, WHO, UN, and MSF.

Maine Gov.: Police are there to protect Kaci Hickox - NBC News

Speaking to WSCH-TV, Maine Governor Paul LePage says Kaci Hickox is free to come out of her home, but that he doesn't want anyone to get within three feet of her, citing possible infection concerns.


Did someone cut rates, or did Yellen back off the end of QE?

ZIRP is here to stay and $4,800,000,000 is a lot of principal to re-invest...

fortunately for society, her future employment opportunities have just evaporated.

i'm sure the scientists and medical professionals who are kaci's bosses can't wait to fire her ass for standing up to anti-science ignoramuses

Laughing out loud

What the wingnuts are writing about this volunteer hero:

Think of all the victim ‘check-boxes’ she fits.
Typhoid Mary, aka Kaci Hickox (picture credit GotNews) is a:
• Northeast liberal (Maine)
• far-left activist
• lesbian
• Democrat
• federal government employee
• working for the CDC

Activist Federal Healthcare Worker Kaci Hickox Released – Chris Christie Forced To Reverse Quarantine – As U.S. Military is Now Forced To Quarantine… | The Last Refuge

Quarantined Ebola nurse defies orders to stay at home and goes for a bike ride with her boyfriend  | Daily Mail Online

Hickox shook the hand of MailOnline's reporter at the scene and said: 'You could hug me. You could shake my hand. I would not give you Ebola'

Quarantine him!!!!!111!!

The nurse and her boyfriend went for a bike ride on Thursday morning and were trailed by a Maine state trooper who said he was monitoring her actions but had no intention of arresting her

Is the trooper wearing a full isolation suit and gas mask? Can't be too safe.

Ebola Nurse Kaci Hickox Can Swap Quarantine for Blood Test, Gov Tells ABC News - ABC News

Gov. Paul LePage made his comment to ABC News today as Hickox defiantly challenged demands that she remain quarantined by leaving her home this morning for a bike ride with her boyfriend.


- NY Times 

“She just froze and asked, ‘Are you anywhere near him?’ ” Ms. Martinez recalled. Then the beautician asked her to please find someone else to do her hair.

Why the heck are we not locking up the medical staff at Bellevue for 21 days? They have had contact with Ebola! OMG! get it. We need to lock up MSF medical staff but not Bellevue staff because MSF is run by cheese-eating wine-sipping beret-wearing surrender monkeys.

Laughing out loud

The other option is a total shutdown of aid if there turns out to be another case of transmission infection within the US.

Most of those who travel to Liberia to treat sick human beings don't do so as part of a US program. Moreover, the chance of science denying hysteria stopping MSF and other charities from doing this incredibly important work is effectively zero.

they are deserving of the very best precautions and medical support we can provide; even better.

So when are you going to lock up the hundreds of medical staff in the USA who treated or are treating Ebola patients. Why the double standard?

Seriously, they should just take the 21 days and shut up.

Treating volunteer medical staff actively working to end an epidemic like criminals is a brilliant idea.

don't be silly. 3 American health workers who took every precaution when treating ebola victims contracted the disease. Let's be realistic.

During this outbreak Médecins Sans Frontières has had a far better track record of not exposing it's volunteer hero medical staff to Ebola than USAnian medical staff. I wonder why the hundreds of medical staff in the USA that had contact with Ebola-infected individuals are not also locked up for 21 days..sorry...quarantined.

but it doesn't mean he isn't making common sense on this issue.

20 days since a single person has died of Ebola in the USA.
~42,200 children died of treatable diarrheal disease in the past 20 days.
~34,900 children, men, and women died of treatable malaria in the past 20 days.

The large majority of people know common sense when they are faced with a deadly infectious disease.

20 days since a single person has died of Ebola in the USA.
~42,200 children died of treatable diarrheal disease in the past 20 days.
~34,900 children, men, and women died of treatable malaria in the past 20 days.

Soldiers are also bound by the UCMJ. Soldiers have to do what they are directly ordered to do or face the consequences. The military rules are also different than American civilian or pet rules.

For now... for now...

Let's kick Ebola theory up a notch: What happens when Catler! or Slumdog go to Hawaii .. and why is that?


You forgot the army

yes...they are in west africa digging ditches and setting up field hospitals for heroes who are putting their lives on the line to save lives. you know the heroes you lot want to lock up for 21 days.

WTF ... paging Mary, code red or is that The Blue Pill


mandatory chaotic policy -- The new America, where nobody has a clue and polarity rules.

Doc Holiday apparently is more knowledgeable about Ebola than the CDC, MSF, WHO, NIH, and UN.

Another bastion of conservatism implements mandatory quarantines:

You mean politicians sometimes make decisions based on fear and hysteria instead of science? Hoocoodanode???

Bioethicist: 7 Reasons Ebola Quarantine Is a Bad, Bad Idea - NBC News

  1. Quarantining people without symptoms makes no scientific sense.
    They are not infectious. The only way to get Ebola is to have someone vomit on you, bleed on you, share spit with you, have sex with you or get fecal matter on you when they have a high viral load.
    How do we know this?
    Because there is data going back to 1975 from outbreaks in the Congo, Uganda, Sudan, Gabon, Ivory Coast, South Africa, not to mention current experience in the United States, Spain and other nations.
  2. Health care workers who take care of those who really do have Ebola at big hospitals, such as Bellevue or Emory, are at the greatest risk.
    If you quarantine them you are taking your best professionals offline for three weeks — and there are not a lot of replacements.
  3. Who will volunteer to go to West Africa to stamp out the epidemic, if they know they face three weeks of confinement upon their return?
    Those who go are heroes who face hell on earth. Can’t they be trusted to do the right thing and self-monitor when they get back?
  4. When officials respond to panic with quarantine they basically say they can't trust public health officials, science and the ethics of doctors and nurses.
    There is no substitute for that trust. None. If state and city officials undermine trust out of panic or politics, then they destroy the best weapon we have to control Ebola — good science implemented by heroes.
    It may be too late to reverse the leap to quarantine for those politicians deem at risk. But it is a leap into an unknown that we are likely to come to regret.
People with actual responsibility to their citizenry AND budgets that have to balance would rather be realistic about prospects.

20 days since a single person has died of Ebola in the USA.
~42,200 children died of treatable diarrheal disease in the past 20 days.
~34,900 children, men, and women died of treatable malaria in the past 20 days.

What roadblocks are in the way of anyone GOING to ObolaLand?

Children, mothers, and fathers are dying and bearly is interested in political point scoring.

And what is unreasonable about a quarantine, given that people are inclined misrepresent their risk levels and the virus has up to a 21 day incubation period.

Dr. Bearly is evidently more knowledgeable about the risks of Ebola than the CDC, NEJM peer reviewers, MSF, WHO, and NIH.

As with Katrina and The Great F'ing Housing Bubble, Ebola is contained and no big deal ...

The earth is flat.

Obama on Ebola fight: US can't seal itself off | Boston Herald

"We can't hermetically seal ourselves off," he declared.

Obama said doctors and nurses from the United States who have volunteered to fight Ebola in West Africa are American heroes who must be treated with dignity and respect.

Big smile

A little common sense

The earth is flat.

The science said a travel ban was 100% effective.

Denial of overwhelming scientific consensus is evidently a habit for you., RD.

Let’s get a grip on Ebola fear in U.S. - Chicago Sun-Times

Not for nothing did the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Thomas R. Frieden, use the strongest possible language Tuesday to dispel such fears. He knows they are widespread and understandable — and don’t come close to reflecting reality.
What are the chances that the man with Ebola who flew into Dallas from Liberia infected somebody else on the plane?
“Zero,” Frieden said.

- NY Times

The New England Journal of Medicine, in an editorial published on its website, said the approach taken by New Jersey, New York and several other states “is not scientifically based, is unfair and unwise, and will impede essential efforts to stop these awful outbreaks of Ebola disease at their source, which is the only satisfactory goal.

WHO | Statement on travel and transport in relation to Ebola virus disease (EVD) outbreak

WHO | WHO: Air travel is low-risk for Ebola transmission

Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations for Hospitalized Patients with Known or Suspected Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever in U.S. Hospitals | Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever | CDC 

Ebola and Quarantine — NEJM

Ebola: Quarantine Can Undermine Efforts to Curb Epidemic | MSF USA

MSF protocols governing returned health workers are based upon the guidelines of international health agencies, notably the World Health Organization and the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and they have been followed rigorously.

"We need to be guided by science and not political agendas," said Dr. Joanne Liu, international president of MSF. "The best way to reduce the risk of Ebola spreading outside West Africa is to fight it there. Policies that undermine this course of action, or deter skilled personnel from offering their help, are short-sighted. We need to look beyond our own borders to stem this epidemic."

She's such an aggressive little bitch that I wouldn't trust her for a second...
oh sure, she's a F'ing hero to have gone on a vacation to Africa

you forgot the Snark icon -- i hope.

You have one excellent reason to blame Obama precisely because he failed to take a definitive stand on these issues.

He took an anti-hysteria science-centric stand (and I'm hardly an Uncle Tom Obummer fanboi). It's sad that many in the GOP took the opposite position on this and many other matters.

Lawyer: Nurse Kaci Hickox won't obey Ebola quarantine -

"I don't plan on sticking to the guidelines," she said. "I remain appalled by these home quarantine policies that have been forced upon me."

But she will abide by guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that say she should subject herself to monitoring, such as daily reporting of measured temperatures.

You go girl!

The progressives are Oozing out of every orifice ( no punt intended ) at the thought of turning Texas Blue.

more like patiently waiting for the inevitable demographic tidalwave to crest...

texas es un estado hispano-americano!