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More Macro Modeling Meta -

All of this is a lot more work than, say, intoning solemnly about the dangers of a debased currency, or even than pointing to nominal GDP and asserting that the Fed could have achieved a different result if only it wanted to. But as Keynes said, economics is a difficult and technical subject, though no one will believe it.

Economics is hard

Paul Krugman is a national treasure.

This post is dedicated to MoF.

BJ's gas at 2.319. If you doomers don't think this is helpful, you are crazy. Sick

This would have been true in the 80s but uhmerkuhstan is now the largest producer of oil on this planet.

We've always known DLLs and Registry are inherently insecure. That they are still in use is not a security flaw but a management flaw. libraries and encrypted keys/configs are not inherently insecure.

the appropriate response to a brute force login attempt should be nothing for a couple of times...and then a long delay with mail to admin...followed by a lock out after X tries. windows actually communicates whether a user attempt is valid or invalid.

windows sucks. windows file sharing sucks.


Windows sucks. Windows file sharing sucks.

Lesson endeth.

Not saying anything is wrong with it

A possible explanation for Obama derangement syndrome.

The troubling reason why whites in some states may show more hidden racial bias - The Washington Post

However, other factors, like levels of income inequality and whether the state was once a slave-holding state, did correlate with implicit bias scores.

Just enough growth and labor market/wage slack to ensure excellent profits!

800 pts and on way to Dow 60K, with oil falling next week to low $50's and yields following down as the world casinos embrace chaos

i had no idea we had ourselves a genooowine oracle on hoocoodanoe.


If oil does fall to $40 and we do see a 1% yield on the 10-year Treasury, what should perform well?

I know! The TNX!

BBC News - Sony hack: White House views attack as security issue

So are we going to launch drone attacks in Thialand now? I'd stay away from shady characters stocking up on cheetohs and pepsi at a thai 7-11.

VMware and Virtualbox (oracle) are secure as long as you don't bridge to another location. Moreover, you can revert to a snapshot every time you run the virtualized OS. The truly paranoid can even install a virtualized environment in a chrooted jail. (LOL! Try hacking something that lacks most of /usr/bin motherfuckers.)

You want me to shoot you the SDK? Oh, wait... doesn't fit the meme. Never mind.

Nah...I'd like you to tell me where I can download the source code for cocoa touch.

The undercover team secretly filmed the iPhone production line and found Apple's promises to protect workers were routinely broken.
One undercover reporter - making parts for Apple computers - had to work 18 days without a day off.

But...squee...the iphone 6 has the same size screen as the galaxy s2! And it's closed source so the turrurists lose!

America’s wealth gap between middle-income and upper-income families is widest on record | Pew Research Center

Yep...things are so good for me that I'm dropping this socialism crap and voting Red Team or Blue Team. The only problem is that I'm having trouble deciding which party will redistribute more money upwards to me.


I'm in, "I'd like it to last 200,000 miles, maybe a little more" mode. It's my only car, but I don't drive that much.

and i will never reach 200,000 in total auto miles.

Speaking of transportation...thanks to adorno for posting this:

Seattle’s unbelievable transportation megaproject fustercluck | Grist 

Very entertaining reading.

Holy Flying Spaghetti Monster!!! I looked into the Mirror mirror on the wall, who is paying for this all? and there was that F'ng Smirking Chimp looking back at me!!! weed had contaminated everything and now he has replaced all the Mirror mirror on the wall, who is paying for this all? 's with Winston's TV. We are dooommed!!

New Keyboard

If you want capitalism, you need a central bank.

In true and free capitalism the job cReatoRz print their own currencies...

No telling how many years away the next recession might be.

the economy is looking pretty No one 17 and under admitteding goldilocks to me.

i blame obama.

Debt to gdp under 2 percent next year. You worry about nothing.

Austerian Kool-Aid is tasty.



It's a game they all play. We lose.

yeah...whatevs. keep on electing whoring Blue Team==Red Team schmucks/shmushkas and complaining about their policies.

wage stagnation! oh my!
inequity! horrible!
stupid unending war! terrible!


Economist's View: 'Wall Street Salivating Over Further Destruction of Financial Reform'

Banks and financial institutions are planning an aggressive push to dismantle parts of the Wall Street reform law when Republicans take control of Congress in January.

This really does not make sense to me. I'm very confused.
Can bearly, FI, or the dearly-departed shill explain how I am supposed to blame this on Obama?

Sony has pulled " The Interview" out of the theaters.
Terrorists have won again. They threaten and we loose freedom.

Ummm...looks pretty damn free to me.
: The World's Largest BitTorrent System

Do you have a problem with "freedom"?

It's like most of the rest of the American tax system - Based on the Honor System.

Nah. The honor system is for the people who "employ" the idiots you vote into office, bearly. The little people get audited -- especially students and educators. (A knowledgeable public is not good for profits.)

They are the subsidizers that Braaaak wants in.

it would be truly hilarious to see the Red Team try and repeal ACA and medicare expansion in a couple of years.

Got Popcorn?

and exactly how much stuff are you going to carry back to home base in your basket compared to the trunk of your Honda)

now that's a good point. one can only fit so much into a messenger bag and panniers.

Rick rode a bike in episode one, and nearly got killed on a horse in the same episode.

I forgot that...prolly did not poll well with test audiences.

PS: So very glad they killed off beth.

I mean: how believable would it be to escape Zombies with a Bike? How do you run them over for a Start? He?

Dude, if you saw me weave through lines of cages at high speed you would not ask that question.

Take away the contrived plot devices and you have no show. Get it?

Nah...zombie movies with bikes would be cool.

I've been watching the fed test canards for the last 35 years...

Inflation is not low enough. We need to raise rates higher!!!1!!

Facepalm What Movie would that be?

Just about every post-apocalyptic flick ever. Apparently the only choice is to drive in some rattletrap or trudge along dejectedly along on an open highway. I guess apocalypses evaporate bicycles for dramatic effect.

Russians flock to stores to pre-empt price rises | Daily Mail Online

Just goes to show that you can't buy anything with worthless fiat.

The Dwarves should have been riding bikes and eating their veggies...

speaking of which, it drives me nucking futs that post-apocalyptic flicks/shows are bike free. for example, those idiot walking dead folk are always desperately scrounging for drops of gas to power zombie-attracting unreliable cars when they could simply pedal around silently on a bike.


FOMC core inflation projections have a certain consistency

You call this consistent?

Sept 2015 projection
1.6 to 1.9 to
Dec 2015 projection
1.0 to 1.6?

They barely overlap.

Don't rule out QE4.

Big smile

Janet - "We're decoupled from... everything"

I blame obama.

1h till Hobbit 3!!

Watched it 2 days ago and was completely unimpressed. A silly movie that was basically one long battle CGI trailer.

Meanwhile the I know nussing! NUSSING!-led EU says: Ze beatingz vil conteenuh uhntil ze moral improvez!

Europeans want their gold back, and why that’s bad for the euro - MarketWatch

I know nussing! NUSSING!: Ze beatingz vil conteenue until moral improves.


i blame obama.

Keep pounding those carbs:
A Lower-Carbohydrate, Higher-Fat Diet Reduces Abdominal and Intermuscular Fat and Increases Insulin Sensitivity in Adults
at Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Keep on posting garbage research to support your orthorexic obsession.

...sixty-nine men and women aged 21–50 y
were enrolled in the study. ...
...a lower-fat diet with a macronutrient composition of 55%
carbohydrate, 18% protein, and 27% fat (% of energy from each) or a
lower-carbohydrate diet with a macronutrient composition of 41%
carbohydrate, 19% protein, and 40% fat....

…more Reuters CPI

if we ever do experience outright deflation that misery index will go sky high. win!

And yet doomers are unhappy.

Low inflation is a good thing? I guess if you want to keep wages low and extract more rent from the poors it is.