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It's supposed to warm up this weekend, finally, WHICH PROVES GLOBAL WARMING IS REAL.

And its getting colder here. Does this mean that reality just split???

Instead of oil pipelines, how about water pipelines ?

If you want any of our water you troglodytes had better be prepared to pay for it.

Cascadia Now!

Capitalism is an indeterminant beast which is perfectly capable of falling down, and finding it unable to pick itself up through market forces

But does Yanis Varoufakis want to audit the Fed?

The demonic economic powers of Krugthulu make everyone angry.

Kruggles is such a douchenozzle.

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WTF, I don't eat that b/c it doesnt have enough glue 10

gluten intolerance could explain why your trolling sucks.

What is going to happen when the oil goes away?

The rapture?

Economics is a religion with equations.

A satanic religion.

:rolls eyes:

Where are yogi, mofo, dent, and perdurabo?

Got Popcorn?

Kruggles demanded $1.2 trillion. Kruggles got $1.2 trillion.

Which G8 economy has fared the best following the great recession? Oh wait...I forgot the know nothing party of "no" took credit for that.

Core inflation isn’t supposed to measure the cost of living, it’s supposed to measure something else: inflation inertia.

And that is why we have CPI and other similar noisier price measures.

Core Logic -

Billion Price Update - 

Core measure of inflation have been very useful:

Core Success -

Panic, Fast and Slow -

Core inflation — like the Keynesian multiplier — is one of those much-ridiculed concepts (hey, you’re measuring inflation without the inflation!) that has in fact performed extremely well in recent years. Back in 2010-11, when rising gas prices were sending headline numbers up, I and many others received a lot of hostile comments for claiming that there wasn’t any real inflation bulge; but core inflation has indeed been a much more reliable guide than headline inflation, which fluctuates wildly.

Combatting Eurozone deflation: QE for the people | VOX, CEPR’s Policy Portal

The second problem is that if bond yields are driven lower, this tends to have adverse distributional implications because it channels more money toward the wealthy who own the assets whose prices are boosted by QE...

€500 per citizen

Clearly, the ECB must develop a strategy that works in the Eurozone’s unique system, instead of attempting to follow the Fed’s lead. Such a strategy should be based on Friedman’s assertion that ‘helicopter drops’ – printing large sums of money and distributing it to the public – can always stimulate the economy and combat deflation...

You should try " Farigola" ...

Que ric és aquesta sopa ... però l'ou és completament opcional.

(Castilian to catalan google translate. Cool.)

Who says our corps .... are well run, anyway?

Speculation and fraud by our corp citizens is the government's fault!!!!

Economist's View: The Decline in Unionization and Inequality

[W]e find strong evidence that lower unionization is associated with an increase in top income shares in advanced economies during the period 1980–2010

Organized labor is Toast in the USA.

“The results … are extremely unfavorable for the continuation of agricultural and water resource management as they are currently practiced in the Great Plains and southwestern United States,”

BBC News - 'Vandals' cut off internet service across northern Arizona

Internet services are designed to have multiple connections that allow for redundant connectivity should cables be cut, but this is not always the case in remote areas.

Ha! That is a lie.

Ignorance triumphs in much the same way.

Now that’s gloomy, burnside.

Too much Schumpeterian glee is pretty close to old-model social darwinism.

I'll try not to schadenfreude to excess.

I read this ending quote at DeLong's blog:

Science does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die.... Science advances one funeral at a time...

--Max Planck

...and I suddenly realized what an important societal service Uber drivers perform.

The Puzzlement of "Cognitive Capture" (Brad DeLong's Grasping Reality...)

There is only one bank, the new york one, and only one and one quarter real seats, the chairman, and the ny director.

Sorry...I meant the FOMC. 5 reserve bank appointments. The current board is 50% private banking with no politics involved in appointment.

Report: Americans Were Unscientific Jerks ...


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The fed is a purely political institution.

Mostly political: 5 out of 12 governor slots are exclusively for banksters.

The war on terror has been a smashing success:

Mohammed Emwazi | CAGE

Breaking: HSUS Loses Charity Rating

The links are Ag-shill fronts (e.g. humane watch) and the so-called "charity rating" is from some web site that lists the tea party "washington examiner" as a primary source.

I'm not sure if I'm scared more by your hubris in the face of reality, or by the situational ethics.

A moralist accuses me of hubris?

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Consequentialism and relativism are a natural extension of positivism. we have to hear about Benghazi for a couple more years?

Clint Eastwood's next film:


good positivists don't believe in tacit knowledge anyway, so you aren't really capturing nor missing anything useful...

Yep...I'm a godless heathen positivist.


Shakes Tiny Fist of Fury

Thats why Yogi is protesting & swearing here

'Merkins tolerate every day fascism while whining about the fascists that they themselves voted into office.

Do you really believe a collection of physics algorithms can out-perform them?

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Drivers are not MDs!

IBM wants FDA to let Watson give doctors info to help diagnose patients | The Columbus Dispatch

What does your planned economy socialist utopia offer them for alternatives

Hamburger, velveeta, and soft white bread are luxury foods for ignoramuses.

and how do you propose to make them affordable

Take a look at your W2 and imagine Box 2 being a much larger number.

Food prices fall sharply as supermarkets step up price war - Telegraph

Whaaaaaaat kind of sociaist BS is this???

The price of essential for life foods like hamburger, milk, velveeta, and soft white bread has increased GINORMOUSLY!

Wow. It has been a very long time since someone brought up Hegel here.

With good reason. That sort of deontic bull shit is the secular equivalent to religion.
Fuck morals, fuck ideals, and fuck inductive reasoning.

Empiricism and consequentialism!
Shakes Tiny Fist of Fury

Wow. It has been a very long time since someone brought up Hegel here.

With good reason. That sort of deontic bull shit is the secular equivalent to religion.

Fuck morals, fuck ideals, and fuck inductive reasoning.

M2 still looks dead, Jim.

Garbage in, garbage out. Measuring broad money supply is hard.

An INSA opinion poll showed only 21 percent of Germans back an extension of assistance to Greece.

Greece sees problems repaying IMF, ECB; Germans air mistrust
| Reuters

Yet every time I bring it up, you jump to the Fed's defense.



I agree with Bernie when it comes to Fed reform.

Bernie Sanders: The big banks rule the Fed, here’s how to fix it - Fortune

Everybody talks about organized systemic fraud & contagion risk, but nobody ever does anything about it.

Fixed It For Ya

Everybody talks about organized systemic fraud & contagion risk, but nobody ever talks about the economic and political system that fosters it.

Socialism is coming...

organized systemic fraud & contagion risk.

blah. blah blah. the symptom is the disease.

I guess the WSWS is just another tool, eh yuan?

Stupidity is not limited to either end of the political spectrum.

I've repeatedly spelled out how Fed capture and Fed monetary policy favor the elite at the expense of the poors but I won't be silent in the face of your Tinfoil Hat stoogery for Eeexelent!.

In Yogis Paradise is just one Tree to bark at..... Snark

Poodles can be neurotic that way.

the Fed and its spawn are corrupt to the core

Waaaaaaah! The Fed! Waaaaaah! Currency debasement! Waaaaaah!

Eeexelent! -- Crickets
Hat -- Crickets
Beyond Bankerdome -- Crickets
Blame it on the Oil -- Crickets
Pigged -- Crickets
Fat Cat -- Crickets

The Fed funneled trillions, not measly TARP billions.

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@Eeexelent! swings gold-plated pocket watch back and forth while yogi sits mesmerized with drool running down his chin@

Eeexelent!: Forget about endemic corruption and lawlessness. The root of all our problems is the fed buying and holding treasuries and sending profits to tax payers.

1hardcurrencyyogi: Yeshhh master.