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" is a gun-nut scumbag. "

ah, yogi, some things don't ever change. good night all, 'cept you asshat.

I still shed a tear for mock turtle and the other peeps who've passed. concrete!

I remember hoops being an unemployed barrister, now he has a pool? sweet.

tg, what's the conspiracy theory (or fact) de jeur (sp?)?
I'm well, better than I deserve. You all?

I guess if I was dildog (and sold a silly valley craphouse) I'd be peachy and preachy, as well.

ah, I see, tg soldiers on. How's bearly?

who does everyone hate now? seb still kicking the optimism?

Okay, it's friday, robj: any slide guitar w/o the southern preachy stuff? s&m man (sm_ll)?

dildog, still happy you left sillyvalley?

Is belmont still a 'lever her up' guy/gal?

I have to be honest, I've slacked off the hoocoodanode for a while. Does jackd (as funny as he/she is) ever take a break?

7 in 10 months? sigh.
They're less productive than my manager.
How do they get any job satisfaction? Pizza?


phew, we kept the third slum dog. that was close.

getting close to 430, go josap!

which side did they build it on?

build a wall around 16000!

who's going to do the official frazier call?

I might have to make a trade so i keep my LFT status.

(low freq trade!)

don't count yourself out yet. long way to go.

josap, just mean only 430? what about 430.42

poic, newsletter subs aren't paying?

josap, what about the significant digits?

but will we close off the lows?
(hi everyone. Did I see crispy?)

Sales slid 0.8 percent from May, following declines in January and March. The median forecast in a survey by Bloomberg was for a drop of 0.9 percent.

So improvement! To the moon, alice!

911 views! It's a level duke aspires to.

nemo wrote:

Personally I would extend this to all public employees at all levels. Part of my ever-increasing realization that I am living in a fascist state.

How about all the papers written at universities behind paywalls? And the patents they produce?

Nemo, when did you close your twtr short? If not yet, what's your trigger?

damn, how long is this greek drama, I gotta pee...

robj, I need to change the spelling of lastros. For now.

Ed, re: all the charges,

Isn't that the standard DA playbook these days? Throw everything in and have them plea down to something serious.

"No turd in the punch bowl? "

Upper decker?

CR must not be planning on any bank closures.

Ed and josap, I'd argue that cars are relatively cheap compared to how fast everything else has escalated. I'm still driving a '98 and the equivalent model today is something like 10-30%more (I'm guessing).

Try that with health care, meat, or education.

poic, gonna close positive? back to one slum.

I can't remember my hcn lore. Just in case we get three slummies, is that termed a litter?

To paraphrase, the good thing about conspiracies is that there are so many to choose from. And you can always start your own!

Checks 10 year T Note rate: 1.9%
What's the consensus date for a rate rise? I'm going to take the over.

Is choom'd a reference to the Choom Gang?

At least with dried dung you have a fuel source. Is that intrinsic?

vedoutly jape that we woold ail metronome that.

Seb, you taking LL's drugs?

re Communications Engineer:

1st Bob: What you do at Initech is you take the specifications from the customer and bring them down to the software engineers?
Tom: Yes, yes that's right.

2nd Bob: Well then I just have to ask why can't the customers take them directly to the software people?

Tom: Well, I'll tell you why... because... engineers are not good at dealing with customers...

1st Bob: So you physically take the specs from the customer?

Tom: Well... No. My secretary does that... or they're faxed.

2nd Bob: So then you must physically bring them to the software people?

Tom: Well... No. ah sometimes.

1st Bob: What would you say you do here?

Tom: Look I already told you, I deal with the @#$% customers so the engineers don't have to. I have people skills! I am good at dealing with people, can't you understand that? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?! *

LL: Hmmm, asking men to attempt attractiveness is apparently an insult. Who could have known?

Let me try to phrase this as jackd might:
If my online persona's attire was spelling and grammar, could I beseech ye to spend a little time on both?

burnside: Let me guess, ex IBM management?

The old east coast lawyer lady is telling us how to dress?

I generalize but when I travel to the east coast on work the attitudes are much more about how you look and what your pedigree was. On the west it's more about what you do and have done.

I for one am very happy to be living in one of the few societies where I can chose any level of attire.