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can we get back to two slum dogs?

"No,...should it? "

I guess not -- I'm trying to determine why it does. Probably some short-coming in myself.

Does it bother anyone else that resusitate spelled his/her name wrong? Or is he/she just trolling us?

Doc, your, um, quote made me read the article.

(Where's Rajesh?)
Deflation is too damn high!

Has the Roast Beef Man mentioned that "It's not enough"?

How's that for a timeline?

Second half (of some year)!

Dump a few gallons of used motor oil in it around 3:00 am some moonless night. Then file a complaint with the EPA. It'll be declared a toxic waste site and will languish for years.

I know of a site in CA where a truck ran through during the rainy season (this was back when it rained!) -- they ended up declaring the tire tracks vernal pools.

Wow, EURUSD down to 1.13. Parity party on the horizon?

IBMs Watson is showing more creativity and success in developing new dishes than human chefs.

After reading Bourdain's book, Watson probably isn't doing as much drugs.

hmm. Are there actuarial tables or calcs to figure out how much I'm likely to drink before I expire?
I guess I could have a safety margin and leave the rest to the boy...
The ammo is for trading. Tom might need some.

Why high end? Wouldn't the value proposition be with the cheap stuff?

Good question. Limited storage. My make believe doomer-ville is concrete surrounding pallets of paper towels and toilet paper surrounding the inner sanctum of ammo and liquor.

But you're right, given the, um, "evaporation" losses, mid-price might make more sense.

Okay, semi-serious question: if rates are headed negative and I've a small pile of ducats, do I bet it all on a questonable market or just put it in the mattress.

I'm back to thinking about buying pallets of high end whiskey.

But Rob, those are all negative.


If we really get self driving cars, can't we up the speed limit on I5 and be done with the HSR boondoggle?

I was under the impression SNAP rates were declining. Apparently not.
Food Stamp Beneficiaries Exceed 46,000,000 for 38 Straight Months | CNS News
Where's Seb?

Nothing like drawing conclusions from massive amounts of data. Or six data points.

Those minimum wage hikes in the bay area don't start today and the are set to rise over the next few years.
And they really don't amount to much when viewed from the google/fb/gopro/twitter/etc commute van.

It is the "The Champagne of Beers".
Sorry to detract from the race baiting, climate changy stuff.

Could you imagine an alcohol company trying to name something "High Life" today?

We're measuring beer by weight now?

"When do they report?"

Oh, not until a few weeks. I was riffing on Eric's "Today is the day" meme, from long ago.

10 MILLION NET! And I'm gonna spend it all on gluten and levering!


Speaking of glamor stocks,

TSLA and GPRO beg to differ. Maybe tomorrow is their day!

So belmont is a member for 7 hours and is deriding Rajesh?
I thought KP was a condescending blowhard...

people are anthropomorphizing a humanoid robot? hcn.

It's a crazy world.

GPRO market cap $6.5B?
TSLA market cap $34B?

Did I miss some kind of reality distortion event? Am I not drinking the right fluids?

Not yet.
If we see -300 on Friday, Monday might be THE DAY.

I've been hearing about the day for so long I don't remember what it is supposed to be!

close off the lows? Green shoots?

Follow up question: what would a (dow inflation?) adjusted slum dog be?

when was the last double slum dog day?

anyone still short TWTR? ouch.

Just popped in to see what's happening and I see:
Nemo being nemo, Mary being confusing and Yogi calling BS.

So, pretty much nothing?

my left arm is tingling. is that good?

Robj, I'll never forget flipping part that channel when they were showing a torture scene from Alias.
Disney never surprises me any more. The almighty dollar!

How much if any of the uptick in participation is due to people being bumped off the back of the UE assistance train? Didn't a lot of states recently reduce the number of weeks?

watching 'archer' because my sister says it's funny. Beet rations joke!

I think my next handle will be 'regert hohing'!


I don't know if this beats 'REGRET HOHING' but it's close: no regerts - Google Search


or stablers and raiders. [sky daddy, i'm old!]

group w? thank sky daddy, it's not a work day, I can use urban dictionary:

Urban Dictionary: Group W Bench


disenfranchising voters

It's not like that's a rare occurrence...