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ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

There will be plenty of doom and catastrophe. If not today, surely tomorrow.

Got Popcorn? Got Popcorn? Got Popcorn?

Oh, goody! In that case--I'm back for good!

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

The only bots here are posters, I believe

But, like, what if one of the CRowd became visually impaired--but still wanted to participate. There must be some sort of app that lets a person participate on a blog AND paint the guest room Benjamin Moore's Palladium Blue.

I'm living with a Millennial right now--and I swear. They (Millennials) have an app for everything. But they never stop their frenetic activity for long enough to ever ask them a question.

(Questions like, "Hey, if I wanted to participate on a blog, but I just want to have it read to me rather than having to read it myself--where might I go to look for such a product/app/technology?")

Yeah. I'd ask the question if I ever had the chance......

josap wrote:

Would be too funny if they raised a tiny bit and nothing happened.

I was just thinking the same thing, Josap!

Maybe that's why they don't raise the rate--they're scared that it won't make a difference and....and...and...and...then, like, we would be like "free range children?" "Free range capitalists?" I dunno. I just hope it's scary cuz I think I'm bored.

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

So are you back or just visiting?

I dunno.

But Hoocoodanode would certainly fit better into my schedule if some robot could just read the comments to me while I was up and around and getting stuff done.

Is there such a robot or app yet, Riffie?

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

"Drink moar ovaltime?"

War Games - Shall We Play A Game - YouTube

Everything is Matthew Broderick's fault!!!!

I knew it.

JP wrote:

Well, there you have it: GS has postponed the rate hike until december.

It's Hammer Time!! 

But, JP, we might not be recovered yet!

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

P-E-A-R-L!!!!! My favorite language!!!!

At least your favorite Practical Extraction And Reporting Language," that is!

(But that's good enough for me--I'll take whatever I can get!)

I've missed you.

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

gas station burrito supremo?



How ya been???

If not "off the record" just "in blank," and "electronically." Remember?

SERS | Spouse Electronic Recording System | zero hedge

SERS. The Spouse Electronic Recording System.

I guess it never quite caught on, like MERS did.



Rob Dawg wrote:

No cold tootsies.

There are several ways of keeping one's tootsies warm, Rob Dawg.....


You didn't install radiant heat in the master did you????!!!!!!

Because the "I'm just warming my feet line" is a great opening line--I fall for it every time....

Wow! The remodel is gorgeous, Rob Dawg! It very much has that "spa" feel to it!

And you did that work yourself? Even the tile work? Very impressive!

The only problem that is noticeable is that on that third row of tile on the back (long) wall of the tub the spacing between the fourth tile from the right and the one to it's left seems to be off by about 1/64 of an inch......

But I'm sure you stare at that every day and wish you could have another "go" at it.

What? You've never noticed? you will....

Big smile

sm_landlord wrote:

Pearl, I think you are supposed to ask Dawg about the bathroom remodel.

But....but....but.....Rob Dawg was working on his bathroom remodel when I left three years ago........Is this a different bathroom remodel?

And thanks for the clarification:

Josap, if you're out there, I'm apparently due a good story about drapes.....

Rob Dawg wrote:

And just how is this post expected to help us fill out our fantasy football rosters?

I have to admit it. I've generally thought I had a vague idea of what "Fantasy Football" was--but I've never known for sure. So I just wikipedia'd it and I thought this part of the Wiki was funny:

Despite all of the beneficial impacts to the economy that fantasy football provides, there are some concerns about potential economic drawbacks. The addictive nature and widespread popularity of fantasy football, combined with the relative ease of obtaining information about a manager’s team has led to many hours of lost productivity at work. A rough calculation based estimates regarding the average amount of time team managers spend on their teams, combined with the number of team managers and their average wages puts the estimated impact at about $6 billion in wasted productivity.


Big smile

When you have a chance, Rob Dawg, I believe I am supposed to ask you about some drapes???? (Apparently?)

Outsider wrote:

30 million wives say men aren't from Mars, they're from the underworld.

Daughter posted a pic of my 16 year old Pomeranian on the website with a note that said "I had an Ashley Madison Account." Then she used a magnet to affix the same sign to our refrigerator. I didn't notice it until a friend came over for a visit... Shock

Rickkk wrote:

Melting Arctic ice reveals a giant, 30,000-year-old zombie virus — and more are on the way

Talk about a "retrovirus!" Big smile

I dunno, Rickkk, I'm thinking about a new SyFy Channel movie: Pandoravirus Versus Megalodon. It would be set in the newly-melted arctic ice--now infested with ancient magalodon shark-inFECted waters where pop star Miley Cyrus is swimming. The sequel, of course, would be titled, "Pandoravirus vs. Miley Cyrus.....

It only has to be better than Sharknado to be a big hit--so the bar is pretty low.

Are you on board with the idea, Rickkk? Jump the shark

1 currency now -yogi wrote:

I would settle for fines, penalties and settlement damages that wipe out the entities' entire profits and clawback ill-gotten gains.

I truly used to feel that way.

But I started to notice that the penalties, fines, claw-backs NEVER make into the hands of those who were wronged.And the wrong-doing didn't stop.

I, personally, was tough on Lorraine Brown of Docx fame--I was one of those out there gmailing off to anyone who would read them every one of her fabricated assignments that I could lay my hands on. And she's in jail right now. It makes me sick to think that I might have had a hand in that. I don't like to see people go to jail. It's tragic.

But Bill Black had a quote today, and I'm paraphrasing, but he made the point that any high-level banker will agree to a big fine to get out of jail--but no one will agree to go to jail to get a lesser fine. I just think the fear of going to jail has to be a real fear in order for these folks to play by the rules.

And it's really too late to stop what already happened--but I don't think it's too late to stop it from happening again.

I can hope, anyway.

Anyway, way past my bedtime. I just saw you posting and had to say hi before I turned in for the night!

Nytol Yogi

sdtfs wrote:

Try switching to Hoocoobluetwo on the left side under Theme. Should put you back to the drag quote.


Much better! Thanks, sdtfs.

And as far as being "still in pursuit," I think of it just being on the clean-up crew. Can't stop what is already past--but maybe I can help to stop it from happening again.

Bill Black had an inspiring article about such things today:

Bill Black: Now the Justice Department Admits They Got it Wrong | naked capitalism

And the DOJ is gonna be my new best friend. (Or so I've decided.) I have found that when you work really hard--free of charge, for many years, and just plop a bunch of evidence into someone's lap--stuff happens more reliably around here. (see: Erbey, William (Ocwen)) I helped to teach Mr. Erbey not to mess with too many pissed off housewivese with too much time on their hands!) Wink

barfly wrote:

that video of your daughter was so cute!

You are such sweetheart, Barfly.

"OMG. I just realized. Slytherin. No wonder he didn't want to say."

There ya go! Laughing out loud

And ix-nay on the omplaining-cay about the weather when one lives in San Diego.

It'll make you very unpopular in every other corner of the country!!!

Yogi--I forget how to do the "dragging the quote thingie" that says' "Yogi said, " so forgive me, but.....

"I have not been following foreclosure litigation though."

Six years and counting, baby. Ocwen v Morgan was first, now it's Morgan v. Deutsche, et al.

We will be litigating til we drop dead. But the Deutsche case is going very well. (But I'd rather just have the six years of my life back. And the title to my house.)

My hubby got a nice shout-out from Professor Elizabeth Renuart recently on a Law Review article that she wrote about the "Uneasy Intersection of the UCC and the Right To Foreclose."

I'm in DC full time now. I still intend to go RICO on them. I don't want money. I want orange jumpsuits.Sorry to say it, but lacking orange jumpsuits--it'll all just gonna happen again....

OMG sdtfs....why do you have to have such a good memory?

That link is why I disappeared for three years!

And, IIRC, it was a youtube, not a photo.

And now it's a youtube, or version of a youtube that's been viewed tens of thousands of times. that's been viewed.

Sometimes parents make bad choices. That was definitely an example of one of mine.

So--yeah. Thanks for reminding me...


How are ya doing? How's (San Diego?)

It's just an indy film. But it has a lot of heart--especially for underdog sports.

MUDBLOODS Official Trailer (2014) HD - YouTube

Yogi, you son-of-gun--how the heck are you?

Love I need a hug from you!

Do ya even remember me?

Are you still playing squash?

My son ended his Quidditch career. (But not before he had a minor role in a really nice indy film called Mudbloods. I think you might like it.)

It's so, so, so good to see that you're still here. Smile

CK--great news about hubby being a journeyman now!

Regarding the bunnies, I was just trying to visualize their "wishlist" of homes into which they wanted to be adopted:

".....and, what we'd REALLY like is if we could be placed in a home with lots of cats--and--what the heck--throw in a greyhound, too--just for fun!

Laughing out loud


"Death is easy, living is not."

Amen to that Rickkk....

And thanks for the Elton John last night--I just let him play along in the background for that whole thread!

I can't go very long without an EJ fix.

"Pearl, HI!!"


I didn't see your "HI!" til just now!

How in the world are you?

How is Hubby? And the many kitty kats and the lone Greyhound???

Gosh I've missed you guys! Love

"This is why I am going to take up smoking at, oh, 75."

What a conservative time frame you're working with, Outsider!

I just checked my calendar and I have "javelin catching" for my 75th year....

"If I don't have Lana Del Ray and Coldplay at my fingertips I become nervous."

I know, right?

I had an am fm radio--so I was force-fed the top 40, etc.

But when a person needs a fix of Nate Reuss singing Carry On--ya need it right then, right there.

Fun.: Carry On [OFFICIAL VIDEO] - YouTube

"Yup. Boomers took nice advantage of their parents generation and the cherry on top was dumping their kids into debt servitude"

Hello, Belmont--nice to meet you! I'm Pearl. Generation Jones. (Just by a hair--a gray one!) Smile

"you gotta be tough to live here, and I'm tougher than old shoe leather"

Barfly--I found out that my strength is only equivalent to that of the hard-wired cable beneath my feet! Cut the internet tubes and the cell signals and I'm a total weenie. I was recently living adjacent to the Appalachian Trail--feelin' al brave and all....til I, like wanted to listen to a youtube or to google something. I couldn't even call a waaaaahmbulance!!! It was awful. Shock

"You must know different members of that generation (if we're talking about the same one), then I do."

My folks were of "The Silent Generation." Both born in 1925. They trusted their doctors and everything. Shock

"Chevy Chase, Montgomery County ( "MoCo") , Maryland."

Well, crank up the music, baby, cuz the Pearl is town!

We're neighbors!

(And, OMG, what's with the traffic today? It's crazy!)

"My mother was gung ho to go, there was no discussing it once she made up her mind."

I know--they are of a less cynical, less skeptical generation. They don't think that glossy ads and slick brochures could ever misrepresent the truth.

I've just told my kids to take me out back and shoot me if the decision ever comes to living in a place that has even just one single whiff of institutionalization.

Now, the thing I have going in my favor is that my kids are Millennials--they, themselves, may not be able to go through with the actual shooting of me--but they'll gladly go on YELP and, at the very least, get a recommendation for good sniper.

Of this...I am sure. Cool

"How 'bout a "tiny house" at the intersection of all roads leading from JD's doomstead in the Sierras and those of his other siblings. Then all "we" need is maglev transpo with 20 minute departures!"

You read my mind Mary! That was my "Plan B."

IIRC, Mary, aren't you in (or maybe you're just from) the Metro DC area?

"and hear a voice of sanity in a crazy world"

My Dear Barfly--you have no idea how hard Outsider is laughing right now!

The pleasure is all mine, Barfly--how is the Northwest treating you these days?

Why would "we" want to talk her out of it, IF the joy and benefit of living alone is self-evident?

Very good point, Mary.

JD--have you asked your mom specifically why she wants to move? Maybe it's because she just needs a little help around the house a few days a week. Or the companionship of a group of friends that could be addressed via one of those shuttle services that drives up, picks them up and takes them to play Bridge, or Bingo, or go shopping.

Many of those assisted living places are very good at marketing--and not so good at watching out for our parents.

JD--have you used the sad face and expressed to her how much you would hate for her to leave your childhood home--complete with hand-grown gardens and such? That tugged on my heart strings when I read that. It might be that she just needs validation that you love the memories that the home represents to you. And it might give you both a bridge to discuss a "happy medium." For both of you.


He says that he visited, but "those people are old!"

He's right!

And they have crummy, store-bought roses, too. A Very Expensive, Fragrant, and Colorful Floral Bouquet

My mom put down a deposit on an assisted living place, and for me that means in just a few months from now after we sell where I spent my childhood, I can never go back home again.

How long do we have to talk her out of it, JD?????

Hi Antipodes! How is the other side of the world these days?

JP, Azurite, Mary, Engineer Jim!!!

You're all still here!!!


Speaking of rejecting intellectualism......Hi Rob Dawg! It's just me again! Love

Okay. I wanna start to come back and to start playing with you guys over here in this sandbox--but I'm super rusty. (I even went a spate recently living in a place that had no internet tubes--only the really spotty and really expensive wi-fi devices would work there. So...... I am now the face of intellectual deprivation.) Grade

If I start to come back here--can we just wean me back a bit at a time?

Although I'm not ready for prime time, I'm really hoping that--just by hanging out with ya'll again--some of your high-falootin' intellectualism will start to rub off on me again. If not--I'll have to just go back to my old job--that of being a really lousy full-time housewife. To the moon, Alice!

Maybe the CRowd can just think of me as a part-time, unpaid intern. Who eavesdrops a lot. And asks a lot of stoopid and basic questions. Shy

Nytol CRowd!

It's so good to know that you folks are still here.

I will try to find you again tomorrow, even though the internet gods disapprove.

If I don't come back--please send Outsider to git me. She's a good finder. And a good friend.


It's old home week!!!

How have you been, aClem?

So, in other words, the manager at your local Home Depot keeps asking you why you're not wearing your orange apron? Big smile

Good for you!

Rob Dawg--did you ever buy your avocado farm? I was soooo hoping that you would become a guacamole baron!

If not avocado ranching, whatcha been up to....for the past three years! GULP! How time flies.

But, Outsider, my brain works more like a Magna Doodle. Anything that I ever etched on to my brain just crumbles away when I stand up.

(See Inside Amy Schumer: Mom Computer Therapy.) Perfect-pitch depiction of the offsprung and me.

I don't know how to do bookmarks--I must have at one time because there are some pages (that are of no interest to me) that exist on my computer. And remember--I go thru, like, four or five used laptops a year, ya know.

Oh. And I ran away from home and landed in a place that didn't have reliable internet tubes.

But I'm back to having reliable internet tubes again. Whew!

But still--don't leave me here alone.


Hi sm_landlord!

How is the landlording going?



See? I'm totally rusty!

I need to reconnect with my inner uber-nerd. Perhaps I shall spend the rest of the evening brushing up on my Tanta!

I'm probably a lost cause, Outsider. Do ya think I can get back in the saddle? I dunno....

Just in case I lose this thread--do ya'll still hook up here every day? Or did HCN just continue on a Friday night basis?

Do you know that I even Wkipedia'd "Hoocoodanode" in my search for HCN? Clearly--I was in desperate need of my ole HCN CRowd!

Oooohhhhh--that is weird.


As in "BEAR Markets?"

I was speaking on the phone yesterday with Mr. Pearl while he was walking our K-9 unit and he ran into a neighbor who had had a bear sighting in her yard night before last! And that's Metro Atlanta!

Indeed. This could be a sign....


Hold me, Outsider!!!

Oh wait. I keep forgetting. I'm poor and I have no money invested in the Market.

Laughing out loud