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The United States is in the opening phase of a war on Russia. Policymakers in Washington have shifted their attention from the Middle East to Eurasia where they hope to achieve the most ambitious part of the imperial project; to establish forward-operating bases along Russia’s western flank, to stop further economic integration between Asia and Europe, and to begin the long-sought goal of dismembering the Russian Federation. These are the objectives of the current policy. The US intends to spread its military bases across Central Asia, seize vital resources and pipeline corridors, and encircle China in order to control its future growth. The dust-up in Ukraine indicates that the starting bell has already been rung and the operation is fully-underway. As we know from past experience, Washington will pursue its strategy relentlessly while shrugging off public opinion, international law or the condemnation of adversaries and allies alike. The world’s only superpower does not have to listen to anyone. It is a law unto itself.

Putin’s Dilemma » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names

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Dr Evil in his undersea lair is cracking up

No-fly list used by FBI to coerce Muslims into informing, lawsuit claims | World news |

Naveed Shinwari hasn’t seen his wife in 26 months. He suspects it’s because he refused to become an informant for the FBI.
In February 2012 Shinwari, who has lived in the US since he was 14, flew to Afghanistan to get married. He says that before he could get home to Omaha, Nebraska, he was twice detained and questioned by FBI agents who wanted to know if he knew anything about national security threats. A third FBI visit followed when he got home.

"What you got Fred".
"Nothing boss"
"f Ticking time bomb nothing" Sam's agents are getting him all sorts of info and you can't even get me a goddamn name."
"Ok boss I hear you"

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but often nurses in the foxhole

I've watched 7 men in my family waste away

men tend not to last in nursing homes. I have not met one who wanted to be there where as many women don't seem to mind as much

Pearl Harbor was a phenomenon less than unique in the history of peoples. Its significance rests on that period which preceded it, when a people chose its gods from the disenchanted. I may look homeward, search old corridors, old streets, old schoolrooms, hear once again Chicago's tongue, and I shall find in my memories no instant's instruction concerning the virtues of dying for one's country. [217] I may recall New York and the years of protest against man's injustice to man. I may recall California and the growing terror and thunder as war at last extended its heat and its horror across all of Europe, as I may relive our sympathies for Britain and for France. But except in the unpopular anticipations of a far-sighted few, nothing in our sympathies, our fears, or our revulsions persuaded us that war could ever bring human solutions. To the very last moment we preserved like laboratory rats the perfect posture of our perfect conditioning. Then all in an hour evolution took charge.
If life is to go on, then there must be those moments in the history of animate beings when nature will brush aside the most perfect of conditionings, as it will brush aside the most imperfect of philosophies, to put older, more trusted mechanisms to work. Towers of reason, of impeccable design, will topple in a dusty instant. The waters of our most genuine idealism and of our highest moral purposes, which have made green our fields of longing and made seemingly real our gentlest hopes, will be dimly recollected tomorrow as a mirage upon the desert. The intruder will have knocked.

There is a straussian context in that he postulates the need for an outside enemy but if you try to take over a territory you will more likely fail in the long run.

The primate has indeed tried everything. There is even the amiable chimpanzee who seems to found his society on nothing very much but his own good nature. There is an order of dominance, but it is not at all severe. When band meets band in the forest or on the savannah, there is enormous excitement but no antagonism, and all may wind up feeding in the same trees. The chimpanzee has [205] demonstrated, I presume, that we must reckon on some degree of innate amity in the primate potential; but as I have indicated, it is a very small candle on a very dark night. The chimp is the only primate who has achieved that arcadian existence of primal innocence which we once believed was the paradise that man had somehow lost. And the achievement offers small promise for chimpanzee survival. We may deplore baboon tyranny, with its gang of thugs at the top; but the baboon is nevertheless an outrageous evolutionary success from the Sudan to the Cape of Good Hope; and the effectiveness of his society has made him the equal of the leopard and very nearly of man. The chimp, in contrast, despite his intelligence and strength, is confined to a few remote, diminishing African places. The troop is incapable of concerted action. If an individual senses danger, then a forest chimp will hide himself before giving a cry of alarm; the savannah chimp will give none at all, leaving his partners to look out for themselves. The amiable, otherwise admirable animal is an evolutionary failure. Second-most intelligent of all the world's beings, either he has lost the capacity for social effectiveness or he never gained it, and as purple night, black night steals through his forest galleries he makes his nest by a guttering candle.

The Territorial Imperative

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The case for blunders

I would also like to comment on the ‘good loser’ issue. I wholeheartedly agree with Dyson. In the annals of climate science, how would you characterize Mann’s defense of the hockey stick? Other good or bad losers that you can think of in climate science? The biggest problem is premature declaration of ‘winners’ by consensus to suit political and policy maker objectives

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Imagination was given to man to compensate him for what he is not; a sense of humor to console him for what he is.

Francis Bacon

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