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I think you might be missing the point if you are looking at the balance sheet. If you are trying to prove that I am not that smart you are being redundant

a slush fund is a slush fund but doesn't mean that they are benefiting from it monetarily. I'm sure the other team has many similar gadgets just maybe not as successful.

the water breezed by the almonds on the way to the can

I stumble on this statement by Galileo, which is very apt:

“In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual.”

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97 percent don't agree withe Galileo

Podcast: Russ Baker on the Bushes-Past, Present and Future - WhoWhatWhy

Russ Bake suggests that W thought being a war time president was the only way he could guarantee high numbers

what exactly did we accomplish in Iraq?

and the there were two


In short, Right Sector emerged victorious. Following up their victory, the group declared that a national referendum will be held – without gathering the required signatures, and under their sponsorship – on multiple questions, essentially demanding that their entire program for the nation be adopted. They call for a formal declaration of war against Russia, a complete blockade of the eastern provinces, martial law, and the legalization of their militias. Oh yes, and they also want the present government, up to and including Poroshenko, to be impeached.
Mired in debt, and rapidly sinking into an economic abyss, Ukraine is literally coming apart at the seams – and the ugly underside of the Maiden “revolution” is being exposed to the light of day. The most recent atrocity is the uncovering of a torture chamber used by members of the “Tornado” Battalion, another far-right grouping, in which militia members kidnapped, tortured, raped, and robbed citizens in the eastern Luhansk region, where the government is fighting to retain some modicum of control.

Monsters of Ukraine: Made in the USA by Justin Raimondo --

“Having long tolerated, if not aided, ISIL, Erdoğan's move raises immediate suspicion that the real aim of this Turkish operation is to only attack Kurds, who have been the best fighters on the ground against ISIL, and not to join the battle against ISIL. Americans deny that their green light against Kurds was in exchange for the use of Turkish air bases to bomb ISIL and to get Turkey to replace Kurds in the fight against the Islamic State. But one really has to question the intelligence of the decision makers in Washington on this one,” he said.

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I expect that as the operation develops, it will be much more focused on Kurds and less on ISIL, which should surprise no one, given Ankara's actual priorities. It will be interesting to see if Kurds in turn escalate the conflict by going after tourist targets, which they might well see as their best option to inflict real damage,” Dr. Giraldi said.

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Although the text of the treaty has not been made public, Wikileaks has published several leaked documents since 2013. A number of global health professionals, internet freedom activists, environmentalists, organised labour, advocacy groups, and elected officials have criticised and protested against the treaty,

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Is the TPP a treaty?

we're busy in sj taking 4 lane highly traffic roads and painting green bike lanes making them 2 lanes for car traffic and one lane for the non existent

But the implications of Obama’s agreement with Ankara to establish a buffer zone in Syria along the Turkish border is disturbing; it now may drag the U.S. deeper into local ground wars and coordination with bad Turkish policies. The fact is, an Assad regime for the moment is a far better option than continuing civil war and the continuing growth of extremist jihadi forces of ISIS and al-Qa’ida who are ideally positioned to eventually eliminate moderate Islamic opposition forces against Assad.

Turkey’s Geopolitical Gyrations | Consortiumnews

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Say Hello To 144 Month Financing - The Truth About Cars

One year ago, we reported on the alarming trend of 97 month loans for new car sales. It turns out that these have now been supplanted by a substantially longer term. Say hello to the 144 month loan.

I was watching a suv commercial and they were advertising their car as standing out from the crowd but the only difference I could see was the color

This is the flip of what was taught in Bonds 101,” said Marilyn Cohen, president of Envision Capital Management in El Segundo, Calif., who manages bond portfolios. “Everything we have been taught about general obligation bonds, that the issuers have the unlimited ability to tax the people and pay the bonds, we learned that is false.”

Are muni bonds on shaky ground? | Dallas Morning News

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Excuse the fuck out of me, but California is not the fucking Shire. Washington is the Shire. Christ on a crutch, people.

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Palantir Director: We're "Middle Earth warriors " Battling "Evil"

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you may be right. I could go into chapter and verse why it ain't so but I won't have proved anything

the thing about 911 it has and still justifies all the wars and killing and maiming of the innocent, the torture, the increased security state, the militarization of the police and if it is all based on a lie then we are one heck of an evil country. I don't think we have the collective courage to look at it.