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blaming Obama is like blaming Bush

"Kafka Comes to America"

No I haven't. Thanks

“One thought alone preoccupies the submerged mind of Empire: how not to end, how not to die, how to prolong its era. By day it pursues its enemies. It is cunning and ruthless, it sends its bloodhounds everywhere. By night it feeds on images of disaster: the sack of cities, the rape of populations, pyramids of bones, acres of desolation.”
― J.M. Coetzee, Waiting for the Barbarians

Whitewashing CIA Torture: ‘We Are [Not So] Awesome’ After All « Blog

There can be no justification to what the US has done, not just against suspects in its global wars, but against entire nations, who were completely innocent of any involvement in any terror attacks on 11 September, prior to or after that date.

What Citigroup has now done with the willing participation of Congress and the President is to set the country up for the next financial collapse in which it appears destined to play another starring role, seeing that the Fed gave it a failing grade on its stress test this year. The legislation that was just passed by Congress allows Citigroup and other Wall Street banks to keep their riskiest assets – interest rate swaps and other derivatives – in the banking unit that is backstopped with FDIC deposit insurance, which is, in turn, backstopped by the U.S. taxpayer, thus ensuring another bailout of Citigroup if it blows itself up once again from soured derivative bets.
According to Bloomberg data, over the past five years – when Dodd-Frank financial reform was supposed to be making these mega banks safer – Citigroup has increased the notional amount of derivatives on its books by 69 percent. As of this past June, according to Bloomberg, “Citigroup had $62 trillion of open contracts, up from $37 trillion in June 2009.” That’s trillion with a “t.”

Meet Your Newest Legislator: Citigroup

the south korean soaps have a big following

Jeb Bush v. Hillary Clinton: the Perfectly Illustrative Election - The Intercept

the matriarch of the Bush family (former First Lady Barbara) has described the Clinton patriarch (former President Bill) as a virtual family member, noting that her son, George W., affectionately calls his predecessor “my brother by another mother.”

Kabuki Theater

The power is statutory. Cyprus-style confiscations are to become the law.
Rather than having their assets sold off and closing their doors, as happens to lesser bankrupt businesses in a capitalist economy, “zombie” banks are to be kept alive and open for business at all costs – and the costs are again to be to borne by us.

New G20 Rules: Cyprus-style Bail-ins to Hit Depositors AND Pensioners | WEB OF DEBT BLOG

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Dennis Kucinich: Three Members of Congress Just Reignited the Cold War While No One Was Looking -

Legislation brought before Congress under “unanimous consent” is not read by most members simply because copies of the bill are generally not available. During the closing sessions of Congress I would often camp out in the House chamber, near the clerk’s desk, prepared to say “I object” when something of consequence appeared out of the blue. Dec. 11, 2014, is one of the few times I regret not being in Congress to have the ability to oversee the process.

The Russia Sanctions bill that passed “unanimously,” with no scheduled debate, at 10:23:55 p.m. on Dec. 11, 2014, includes:
1. Sanctions of Russia’s energy industry, including Rosoboronexport and Gazprom.

  1. Sanctions of Russia’s defense industry, with respect to arms sales to Syria.
  2. Broad sanctions on Russians’ banking and investments.
  3. Provisions for privatization of Ukrainian infrastructure, electricity, oil, gas and renewables, with the help of the World Bank and USAID.
  4. Fifty million dollars to assist in a corporate takeover of Ukraine’s oil and gas sectors.
  5. Three hundred and fifty million dollars for military assistance to Ukraine, including anti-tank, anti-armor, optical, and guidance and control equipment, as well as drones.
  6. Thirty million dollars for an intensive radio, television and Internet propaganda campaign throughout the countries of the former Soviet Union.
  7. Twenty million dollars for “democratic organizing” in Ukraine.
The big banks are now free to enjoy their winning bets in the derivatives casino, while forcing taxpayers to pick up the losses if they grow so large that they threaten to bankrupt any bank. Majorities in the House and Senate evidently forgot that such gambling sank the economy six years ago.

The Wall Street bailouts infuriated voters, surveys show, but when it came time to vote, the citizenry seemed not to be able to connect the dots between senators and congressmen who collect their pay from taxpayers but regard Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan Chase, Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs, and other big bankers as their real bosses.

The cromnibus repealed a portion of the Dodd-Frank bill, which prohibited buying derivatives with regular bank deposits, like your paycheck money, which the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation insures up to $250,000. If banks place a lot of bad bets, the FDIC will now have to step in to cover them.

The 'Hunger Games' Economy | The National Memo

It was two years ago that, in order to prepare for a role as a fictional soap opera actor in a film by his artist friend Carter, Franco decided the best research was to actually act in a daytime soap. That led to that famed guest arc on the ABC daytime drama, where he was rewarded with a part as a crazed installation artist-serial killer named Franco, the first step in the warping of fact and fiction.

"I didn't know what would happen, it was just sort of an experiment, it was a way to just insert myself into this kind of foreign world that was also sort of related to my world," Franco explains, adding that he also was interested in exploring the friction between what is perceived as highbrow (film) and lowbrow (soaps) entertainment. The parody in it all, the name Franco and serial killer identity, didn't come from any desire to poke fun at the world -- they came straight from the General Hospital writers room. If there was any joke, everyone from the show was in on it.

That sense of fun didn't extend to the audience. At first, the reception for his soap work was less than positive, and he got the creeping sense that he was seen as an impostor in the daytime world.

'Francophrenia': James Franco Takes on Media and His Critics, Reveals Career Master Plan - The Hollywood Reporter

New York premiere of 'The Interview' canceled

we're being had and msm is no help but actually pushes the line

we commit atrocities on 'bad guys'

U.S. TV Provides Ample Platform for American Torturers, But None to Their Victims - The Intercept

we put bags on their heads not to scare them as much as to dehumanize them in our eyes

Eric Garner, the Torture Report, and Authoritarian Psychology « Blog

the U.S. will not tolerate any nation even having the ability to make us hesitate in our decision making. In other words, if another nation doesn’t immediately submit and comply with our order, “ we have to “take it to the next level” lest our authority and intimidation capabilities come to be questioned.

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