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A social bot is a computer algorithm that automatically produces content and interacts with humans on social media, trying to emulate and possibly alter their behavior. Social bots have been circulating on social media platforms for a few years, and if you frequent online social media, you've probably come across them whether you know it or not! In order to learn more about social bots, we built BotOrNot, a tool to analyze a Twitter user's behavior and compare it to the behavior of known bots. So far, this effort has yielded The Rise of Social Bots (preprint) by Emilio Ferrara, Onur Varol, Clayton A Davis, Fil Menczer, and Sandro Flammini.
Previously on August 1t 1, 2013, the New York Times published an article by Ian Urbina with the headline: I Flirt and Tweet. Follow Me at #Socialbot. The article reports on how socialbots are being designed to sway elections, to influence the stock market, even to flirt with people and one another. Fil Menczer is quoted: “Bots are getting smarter and easier to create, and people are more susceptible to being fooled by them because we’re more inundated with information.” The article also mentions the Truthy project and some of our 2010 findings on political astroturf.
Inspired by this, the writers of The Good Wife consulted with us on an episode in which the main character finds that a social news site is using a socialbot to bring traffic to the site, defaming her client. The episode aired on November 24, 2013, on CBS (Season 5 Episode 9, “Whack-a-Mole”) . Good show!

Truthy: Research Highlights

the 'good show" bit makes me wonder bot or not?

In recent weeks, we’ve discovered that the CME Group, the exchange in Chicago, has an incentive program under which foreign central banks could buy stock market derivatives like the S&P contracts at a discount.

If true why?

I have absolute proof from a Pentagon document that the Center of Disease Control was doing bio-warfare work for the Pentagon in Sierra Leone, the heart of the outbreak, as early as 1988.

Boyle quote

I repeat opinion based would be more appropiate

Francis A. Boyle is a leading American professor, practitioner and advocate of international law. He was responsible for drafting the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, the American implementing legislation for the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention. He served on the Board of Directors of Amnesty International (1988-1992), and represented Bosnia – Herzegovina at the World Court. Professor Boyle teaches international law at the University of Illinois, Champaign. He holds a Doctor of Law Magna Cum Laude as well as a Ph.D. in Political Science, both from Harvard University.
He is also the author of “Biowarfare and Terrorism”. The book outlines how and why the United States government initiated, sustained and then dramatically expanded an illegal biological arms buildup.

sounds like he has more experience in these matters than most here

opinion based would be more appropiate

Since its inception, U.S. Africa Command has consistently downplayed its role on the continent. Meanwhile, far from the press or the public, the officers running its secret operations have privately been calling Africa “the battlefield of tomorrow, today.”

what battlefields are we fighting in Africa today?,_america's_non-stop_ops_in_africa

Existing Home Sales Decline Year Over Year For Eleven Months In Row | Seeking Alpha

Although the seasonally adjusted annualized rate of home sales for September showed a 2.4% increase from August to September, sales actually declined 1.7% from September 2013 to September 2014. In fact, this is the 11th month in a row that the year over year comparison has shown a decline

belonging or relating to a particular area or neighborhood, typically exclusively so.
"researching local history"
synonyms: community, district, neighborhood, regional, city, town, municipal, county More
antonyms: national, global
denoting a telephone call made to a nearby place and charged at a relatively low rate.
denoting a train or bus serving a particular district, with frequent stops.
"the town has an excellent local bus service"
(in technical use) relating to a particular region or part, or to each of any number of these.
"a local infection"
synonyms: confined, restricted, contained, localized
"a local infection"
denoting a variable or other entity that is only available for use in one part of a program.
denoting a device that can be accessed without the use of a network.
noun: local; plural noun: locals
a local person or thing, in particular.

May 2013, some 11 years into the War on Terror, President Obama took a break from reviewing target sets and kill lists to deliver a much-anticipated “drone speech” at the National Defense University in Washington DC. “We must define the nature and scope of this struggle, or else it will define us,” Obama admonished; “we have to be mindful of James Madison’s warning that ‘No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare.’”

we be defined

The Forever-War President: Obama's 'Transformational' War Powers Legacy | Cato Institute

“The lower half of households by wealth, held just 3 percent of wealth in 1989 and only 1 percent in 2013. To put that in perspective…the average net worth of the lower half of the distribution, representing 62 million households, was $11,000 in 2013.”

Janet Yellen: Average Net Worth of 62 Million U.S. Households is $11,000

The big “middle class” rip-off: How a short sale taught me rich people’s ethics -

I entered the shark-infested waters of high finance with a short sale. It was the worst ethical decision, but finest, most profitable business moment, of my adult life. It was an informative, even transformative, experience. People are too hesitant to talk about such dealings, especially because most people make shitty financial decisions (like me), but this sheepishness perpetuates systemic financial illiteracy.


Madrid health authorities have claimed that Romero contracted the disease after touching the face of the Spanish missionary she was treating. However, yesterday she said that she had no memory of this. “If something like that had happened I would have told you,” she is reported to have told her husband.

jamon y chorizo

Does the FDIC Order Anchovies?

the most aggressive typically win more

They won't work in my White house

referring to members of Kstreet gang

wall street?

one has to remember the canines

Once you go down the path of empire, you inevitably start a process of overstretch, of tendencies toward bankruptcy, and, in the rest of the world, a tendency toward the uniting of people who are opposed to your imperialism simply on grounds that it’s yours, but maybe also on the grounds that you’re incompetent at it.
Indeed, one wonders whether we have already crossed our Rubicon, whether we can go back. I don’t know.
The Department of Defense is not, today, a department of defense. It’s an alternative seat of government on the south bank of the Potomac River. And, typical of militarism, it’s expanding into many, many other areas in our life that we have, in our traditional political philosophy, reserved for civilians. Domestic policing: they’re slowly expanding into that.
So, what do I suggest probably will happen? I think we will stagger along under a façade of constitutional government, as we are now, until we’re overcome by bankruptcy."
Chalmers Johnson

Jesse's Café Américain: Domestic Democracy or Foreign Imperialism, But Not Both

A source said: ‘From a military perspective ebola is like a biological warfare attack and should be countered accordingly. There needs to be a clampdown on human movement inside Sierra Leone and possibly to and from the country between now and late 2015 when it is hoped that an antidote will have been developed.’

real life practice

merging on the parkways with their short acceleration lanes was always a thrill during commute hours

we used to call the LIE the longest parking lot in da world