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thanks I am somewhat familiar but lack the ability not to still get ticked off at it


His story might as well been behind the iron curtain for all the coverage it got here

Assad is quite capable of using his gas on his enemies but IMO it does not make sense because there was a very good chance he would go the way of Saddam and Qaddafi if he did. Sy Hersh's article makes far more sense to me sitting here on my broken old laptop

Especially when the implication is the US should militarily intervene somewhere.)

The times article seemed to be suggesting that it was a boondoggle by both the military and stat dept

NYT and Wash Post did not run Sy Hersh latest report or even remark on it.

Since the new article was posted early Sunday morning, there has been total silence in the mainstream US press. The New York Times and Washington Post, the two leading dailies, said nothing. The Times published a long account Monday of fighting in Syria with no mention of Hersh’s report.

Media blacks out Seymour Hersh exposé of US lies on Syrian gas attack - World Socialist Web Site

Is Afghanistan ready to govern on it's own in your opinion?

I always thought my face had the capability of causing distress

I don't think we got any beer either

When I was about that young ladies age a group of friends was partying on a lawn on the corner of a 4 lane road. We decided to make a beer run about 3 AM. When we got back the house across the street was on fire with a Trans AM stuck into it. The car had jumped the curb ramped up the lawn where we were standing and flew into the house across the street.

Is there a natural interest rate?

Soon, the 10-yr will be yielding 2.8%!

What should the 10-year be yielding? US Pays Half of Ukraine's Two Billion Dollar Debt Owed to Russia's Gazprom

It should be noted that while Russian President Putin allows pretty much free market operations in most sectors. He considers the energy sector his personal domain. According to the Guardian, Putin own 4.5% of Gazprom. So in a way, with the guarantee, the U.S. just put $45 million into Putin's personal pocket.

POOOTINN!!! Shakes Tiny Fist of Fury

It was a strong flat that year with the wind howling in the distance and a blood orange moon setting

hope it comes out the way you want Nytol

White Bean Puree
Recipe -
Robert Wiedmaier
| Food & Wine

used soaked beans added white wine and mushrooms sauteed in Pigged fat

our carb substitute

Look at the ECMWF forecasts above; there is a hint that towards winter, the Modoki could be dominant with a mixed El Nino type, with little rain in California.

Page not found | Climate Etc.

El Nino watch

TomDispatch’s recent investigations have, however, revealed that the U.S. military is indeed pivoting to Africa. It now averages far more than a mission a day on the continent, conducting operations with almost every African military force, in almost every African country, while building or building up camps, compounds, and “contingency security locations.” The U.S. has taken an active role in wars from Libya to the Central African Republic, sent special ops forces into countries from Somalia to South Sudan, conducted airstrikes and abduction missions, even put boots on the ground in countries where it pledged it would not.
“We have shifted from our original intent of being a more congenial combatant command to an actual war-fighting combatant command,” AFRICOM’s Rick Cook explained to the audience of big-money defense contractors. He was unequivocal: the U.S. has been “at war” on the continent for the last two and half years. It remains to be seen when AFRICOM will pass this news on to the American public.

Tomgram: Nick Turse, AFRICOM Becomes a "War-Fighting Combatant Command" | TomDispatch

they don't build the casino's in Vegas if most people walk away winning

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was it deregulation or regulatory capture?

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