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Eric wrote:

Let me google that for you

works even if you're a retard like me and can't spell.

Jackdawracy wrote:

Was there ever any school mass shootings before the Texas Tower one in the 60's?

Um, yes.....

Let me google that for you

fried wrote:

As for Romney, they don't pack...they have staff for that

"Just put it on the roof-rack"

black dog wrote:

pensions watching their bonds evaporate ... good times ...

And pensions (and SocSec) having to invest new or rolled money into ZIRP.

It's like an 8% annualized return.....

but different.

bearly wrote:

Just a poor choice. Not Palin level poor, but poor nonetheless.

I would love to know what internal polling Mitt was doing that forced him to pick Ryan.

Independent voter now wrote:

I just point out the bullshit I see in both parties.

Right... so claiming DoD cuts are goingto save medicare, while the GOP (and the Dems) are doing everything they can to NOT cut DoD is.... anyone, anyone???

--> bullshit.

Independent voter now wrote:

Enacting the mandatory cuts in DOD are going to help save those very programs

You mean those cuts that Ryan sponsored a bill to stop? Those cuts????????


Rajesh wrote:

Ryan/Romney 2012 should be very entertaining.

Ryan proposed gutting entitlements? Just shake the Etch-a-Sketch..... never happened!

Comrade Kristina wrote:

Two sets of rules...

Exactly. In that vein, do you think Mittens got to look at more than the 1040 form from Ryan for more than 1 year?

You betcha.

Bruce in Tennessee wrote:

Whoever is elected will raise taxes on all of us

Well, since there's no other way to pay off the debt, I say: RAISE 'EM

Rajesh wrote:

Ryan: I rolled a 19 on a d20.

Given his attempts at math, I'm pretty sure he rolled a 23 on the d20.



It's gonna be a looooooooooong three months

Cinco-X wrote:


oh, snap.

mp wrote:

"On course, on the glide path."

This glider's been "gliding" an awful long time. Are you sure you know what the term means?

Mike in Long Island wrote:

Is the stove still hot?

100% (slowly diluting) cash here. I wouldn't know.

Slumdog sighted off the port bow.


Sebastian wrote:

a yield-curve that is still comfortably positive

Um..... you realize that's pretty much a tautology under ZIRP, right?

Rob Dawg wrote:

There are not enough jobs. There are not near enough good jobs. What little good news there is... Bought with epic deficit spending.

Wright Model B

Yancey Ward wrote:

I just get very annoyed when people start thinking of housing as an investment when they buy and live in it. Such magical thinking leads them into overpaying, and almost certainly into undersaving.


mp wrote:

Years ago, houses weren't "investments," they were simply places to live.

You paid a minimum of 50% down and paid off the mortgage within 5 years.

FHA changed all that.

And years before that, they were caves.

What's your point?

Doc Holiday wrote:

Das is Capitalism

Oh, I agree.....

Blackhalo wrote:

Duke is going to sue for child support?

'bama gonna pay for my super model's visa!

ex-Duke of Con Dao wrote:

nope, do your research before talking garbage

First day on the Intert00bs, eh?

ex-Duke of Con Dao wrote:

that I ever wrote one word about a NK supermodel...


My work here is done.

ex-Duke of Con Dao wrote:

(yes, she modeled...)

North Korean super-model stories, FTW!

sportsfan wrote:

Why is it that Republicans have to lie to try to make a point?

Yeah, like CNN is soooooooo trustworthy. :rolls eyes:

ex-Duke of Con Dao wrote:

she's a cousin to the above

Of course she was.

ex-Duke of Con Dao wrote:

Now, why was I there? my gf's family owned some coffee plantations there.

Of course they did.

otishertz wrote:

Too bad you couldn't rent your meat.


Independent voter now wrote:

Eric Holder's pardon is already printed and just needs the signature.

Wanna place bets?

ex-Duke of Con Dao wrote:

that Lyin' piece of seven day old South Carolinian dogshit?

Didn't you leave?

Mook wrote:

and those of our generation will be left with nothing but an upraised middle finger

I Got Mine, Fuck Everyone Else.

It's been that way since we crawled out of the water. And was probably that way while we were swimming around in the muck, too.

Lurking Lawyer wrote:

Prediction: It will be under $10 within 2 months.*

"own goal"

Cinco-X wrote:

So Mish has headed out to Spain since his prognostication about the US economy were so accurate.

Who gets more views: Duke's vids or Mish-mash's web page?

and, how can I short that?

lawyerliz wrote:

I nred


Ron Reagan just referred to Red Team as "mouth-breathers" on MSNBC.


Independent voter now wrote:

Isn't Clinton still the record holder? I don't know the numbers.

Who did he pardon.... from his administration? someone like Mark Rich doesn't count.

steelhead wrote:

If he actually loses, there will be 100 to 500 pardons..

I would take the wayyyyyyy under on 100, IF you're only counting people in or related to the Administration.

I might take "under 10", or "under 5". I could be convinced, with odds, to take "under 1".

Independent voter now wrote:

Who else thinks Eric Holder's getting a pardon for Christmas if Obama loses the election?

probability so low as to be 0%.

poic wrote:

Edit: In no way am I implying HG is short or retarded.

what about short AND retarded?


HFT Mess -- A *SIMPLE* Answer in [Market-Ticker]

spittle boy is actually right. broken clock, yada yada.

Tiger Woods wrote:

I recommend the waitress.


Blackhalo wrote:

Damn, that water is cold!

New Keyboard

Kinda hoping (heh) that Solo lets in a couple of super soft ones here for the loss. Couldn't happen to a more deserving person.