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600 sq ft is spacious

- NY Times

The AVA High Line on West 28th Street was their favorite. Some studios there were spacious, with more than 600 square feet; rent was around $3,200 a month. The cheapest one-bedrooms, however, were smaller and had rents of more than $3,600.

Back in 2001, we got seven feet, and I had such bad cabin fever that the prospect of an eight hour shoveling expedition sounded wonderful.

I think I'd like to experience that once. But just once.

You used to be able to watch all the fires in Detroit every devils night.

Now you settle for the fire from the aftermath of chipotle deviled eggs. I feel sorry for the folks that work out in your gym

OT: It's been all things Buffalo at work. One coworker asked what SUNY Buffalo was like, and I described how miserable it is. A second coworker asked about Niagara Falls, and I had to explain that Niagara Falls, NY is a great place to get mugged/stabbed/shot.

A fellow commuter has an acquaintance in the Buffalo area. He asked how she was. She texted back that she spent 8 hours yesterday shoveling the driveway out and they were expecting another 3 to 4 feet of snow last night so she expected another 8 hr day of shoveling today. Their office has been closed for 3 days.

I've only been there once - on my way to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. I can't say I saw anything to make me refute your description while driving through.

I had a few snark sessions at work about how few people are willing to give up a seat for my very pregnant wife. That said, the R is a dream compared to the 4/5/6 or the L.

I take the 4/5/6 from Brooklyn in the mornings. That is until Citibike came along. 'nuff said. Though I will admit that yesterday and the day before had me back on the subway. 30 mph headwinds going over the Brooklyn Bridge on the bike wasn't enough to get me to trade the bike for the train - throw in the 15 degree windchill and I caved. It was good - it reminded me of how much I hate the subway.

Nothing like drama for no reason first thing in the morning "DONT YOU TOUCH ME! WHY YOU GOTTA PUSH ME MOTHERFUCKER?!?!"

Ugh. I hate people.

Today was self appraisal day.

I think I even exceeded my own expectations this go round. Getting better at the newspeak.

So cheap!

Just for you Whiskey

Humble Queens nabe is suddenly a luxe lure for developers - NY Daily News

Indeed, both sales prices and rents are already up significantly, according to the listings website StreetEasy. The median list price for an apartment is $338,500, compared with just $288,500 in 2011. Meanwhile, an average apartment in Elmhurst rents for $1,877 a month, compared with just $1,350 in 2011.

Entire county board arrested following citizens arrest by 2 military veterans | Ocala Post

He said that Kraft handled the citizen’s arrest responsibly, and the board was definitely in violation of the Open Meetings Act by not allowing the public to speak.
“It’s not that they should have. They’re mandated to,” Parsley said. “The people need to have their voice. It’s not a dictatorship. It’s a democracy.”
The sheriff arrested six of the board members. The seventh board member was not arrested because he voted against the other members. As they were escorted out of the building, the crowd cheered.
The board had previously laughed at the watchdog group, calling them trouble makers; however, the Sheriff and the State Attorney’s Office didn’t see it that way.

They were both poisoned. I've spent the last few years of my life building up an immunity to RoundUp.

A re-post

A heretofore inexplicable fatal, chronic kidney disease that has affected poor farming regions around the globe may be linked to the use of biochemical giant Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide in areas with hard water, a new study has found.

The new study was published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

Researchers suggest that Roundup, or glyphosate, becomes highly toxic to the kidney once mixed with “hard” water or metals like arsenic and cadmium that often exist naturally in the soil or are added via fertilizer. Hard water contains metals like calcium, magnesium, strontium, and iron, among others. On its own, glyphosate is toxic, but not detrimental enough to eradicate kidney tissue.

'flation report

What Syria Teaches Us About Hyperinflation - The Atlantic

Now, the regime has tried to hide just how massive inflation actually is with its "official" numbers, but Steve Hanke, a professor at Johns Hopkins, has estimated what it really is based off black market exchange rates. As you can see in the chart below, the ongoing civil war, foreign sanctions, and the threat of bombing have sent Syria's inflation rate well into the triple digits -- the latest reading, which isn't shown, has it at 292 percent, to be exact.

Who knew that the the First Lady of NYC, warranted a chief of staff?

Or better yet that said position pays $170,000.

Only if they can afford it. (Hint: They can't.)

What's the rule of thumb? 3 x income??

London Homebuyers Vanish as Peak Prices Outpace Wages - Bloomberg

The average home in London costs about 9.1 times the median income of a full-time worker last year compared with 6.7 times for all of England, according to a February report by the Greater London Authority.

Edit: Even I as someone who is slightly innumerate picked up on the comparison using average versus median. You know the old saying - figures don't lie but liars sure can figure.

FD: I am not in a very good mood.

I can't imagine why? Oh the huge manatee - 'er seal.

BBC - Earth - Seals discovered having sex with penguins

They almost never do.

How would one go about getting a clear title to such a property?

I had a case like that trial was coming up and they dismissed the case for the 3rd time. He has an excellent chance for a free house. I think it's. 7 years since he paid. However he can't, Practically sell or mtg it for another 13 years. No title ,company would cover it without a quiet title suit. I don't remember who is paying taxes.

7 years of non-payment - quick math makes me Sick thinking about how much money that would be if it were put in the Bank of Sealy.

In an attempt to be somewhat on topic....

Morris County man facing foreclosure beats creditors, takes ownership of house |

In what may be a first in New Jersey, a Morris County man who defaulted on his $520,000 mortgage in 2007 has instead won the right to retain ownership of his house, according to court records.

Earlier this month, Gordon A. Washington of Madison won a challenge against creditors Specialized Loan Servicing LLC and Bank of New York Mellon to collect the debt, saying they failed to file a viable foreclosure complaint within a six-year statute of limitations.

Over/under on how long before he HELOC's the equity to deploy it strategically?

Edit to add: a little searching turned up this article with a few more details for the curious

Morris County homeowner, facing foreclosure, gets a free house instead - News -

Nature's giving us the cold shoulder, maybe we should take a hint.

From the guy who popularized the idea of the Black Swan

pp2.pdf - Google Drive

That's a PDF that is linked to.

Abstract—The precautionary principle (PP) states that if an action

or policy has a suspected risk of causing severe harm to the public

domain (affecting general health or the environment globally), the action

should not be taken in the absence of scientific near-certainty about its

safety. Under these conditions, the burden of proof about absence of

harm falls on those proposing an action, not those opposing it. PP is

intended to deal with uncertainty and risk in cases where the absence

of evidence and the incompleteness of scientific knowledge carries

profound implications and in the presence of risks of "black swans",

unforeseen and unforeseable events of extreme consequence.

Our analysis makes clear that the PP is essential for a limited set

of contexts and can be used to justify only a limited set of actions.

We discuss the implications for nuclear energy and GMOs. GMOs

represent a public risk of global harm, while harm from nuclear energy

is comparatively limited and better characterized. PP should be used to

prescribe severe limits on GMOs.

The solution to pollution is dilution.

Waste Water from Oil Fracking Injected into Clean Aquifers | NBC Bay Area

State officials allowed oil and gas companies to pump nearly three billion gallons of waste water into underground aquifers that could have been used for drinking water or irrigation.
Those aquifers are supposed to be off-limits to that kind of activity, protected by the EPA.

State records show waste water from several sources, including from the oil and gas industry, has gone into the aquifer below where 60 different water supply wells are located within a one mile radius.
“That’s a huge concern and communities who rely on water supply wells near these injection wells have a lot of reason to be concerned that they’re finding high levels of arsenic and thallium and other chemicals nearby where these injection wells have been allowed to operate,” said Kretzmann.

Word of the day - illth

It's cold . 59!

34 here.

23 up on Mass where the eldest is off to school.

2 in Minot, ND - so based on RiF's comments on the weather where he resides (if not ND then somewhere equally frigid) I'd say you have no cause to complain about it being cold Smile

This 5%er is headed home by bike to a limo-liberal boujie whine tasting where I will lament the plight of the lower quintiles while sipping south american reds.

Safe travels. The windchill made my bike commute home a cold one.

If you had to listen to me talk for half an hour at the unitarian church what would you like me to blather on about?

Banks as people and original sin as it relates to them.

The World Economy Is in Bad Shape, Especially Europe: Poll - Bloomberg

A plurality of 38 percent of those surveyed this week described the global economy as worsening, more than double the number who said that in the last poll in July and the most since September 2012, when Europe was mired in a recession.

Much of the concern is again focused on the euro area: Almost two-thirds of those polled said its economy was weakening while 89 percent saw disinflation or deflation as a greater threat there than inflation over the next year. Respondents said the European Central Bank and the region’s governments are making the situation worse by pursuing too-tight policies, and fewer expressed confidence in ECB President Mario Draghi and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

It's -3F here. Our average high for mid-November is mid to high 40s.

Wherever here is sounds unpleasant. Were you born and raised there or migrated there?

XUS74 KEWX 141323
723 AM CST FRI NOV 14 2014

Did anyone post up the story about NOAA's systems getting hacked?

Chinese hack U.S. weather systems, satellite network - The Washington Post

Hackers from China breached the federal weather network recently, forcing cybersecurity teams to seal off data vital to disaster planning, aviation, shipping and scores of other crucial uses, officials said.

The intrusion occurred in late September but officials gave no indication that they had a problem until Oct. 20, said three people familiar with the hack and the subsequent reaction by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which includes the National Weather Service. Even then, NOAA did not say its systems were compromised.

Throw in the witch lady and the one that deep throats corndogs, and we've got a show.

Can we borrow Rob Ford for awhile to let him run too? I'd actually watch a debate with that cast of characters.

Propane is, by heat/energy content, almost the same as oil, at least around here. So yes, very expensive. However, propane boilers are much more efficient that most oil fired, so the conversion gets you onto a cleaner fuel (no tank!) and an overall lower bill.

Where is the propane stored if there is no tank??

Do you mean natural gas?

My neighbor is offiering to maybe pump his oil into my tank at a discount...I'm not sure...sludge, etc. might be in there...any of you nuts have experience with this? Is the sludge/sediment bit just an oil company excuse to not pay you for the oil they take back out of your tank?

Underground tanks are akin to a ticking time bomb. It's not a question of "if" but rather "when" they will leak and the cost to remediate that is pretty steep. I passed on at least one house that had a buried tank.

That said - I see no reason why you couldn't pump the oil from his tank to yours. If you are concerned with contaminants there are a few things you can do such as ensuring the pump pick up is kept a few inches from the bottom of the tank. You can also insert a few filters "in-line" between the pump and your tank.

They actually sell fuel "polishing" systems for diesel fuel which is home heating oil that has dye added (to prove the taxes have been paid. The polishing systems are primarily designed for marine engine use - you can get algae growth in diesel fuel which can cause problems for diesel engines by clogging injectors. Not sure how much of an issue that would be for an oil burner - somehow I think not much risk.

Your neighbor traded for propane? I thought propane was way more expensive than home heating oil.

Still waiting to see this pass through to home heating oil prices...

Heating Oil - Choose your own fuel oil price - It's FREE

Look at the spread between COD dealers on lawn guyland.

I'd be willing to bet that every service sector voluntary quit generates a lot more than one opening.

Discussed in part last night with respect to part time vs full time. Having 3 or 4 part time associates at your disposal is much better than having 1 full time associate.

Little or no risk of paying them much in the way of overtime or benefits. They afford you much greater scheduling/coverage flexibility - particularly around holidays. What's not to like?

Oh and believe it or not but lots of retail employees actually spend money in the stores where they work. So you have tripled the number of "shoppers" by employing 3 or 4 part timers in lieu of 1 full timer.


Why does WalMart have part time employees tho? I'm not buying it.

The model used by retailers (generally) is to have some "management" at each store who they work like dogs - since they are salaried they are exempt from getting paid overtime. Then they hire a bunch of associates and give them all part time hours so as to avoid paying benefits and overtime.

They would rather have 3 part time employees that they give 15 hours a week each to than 1 full time employee who works 40 hrs plus 5 overtime.

Then during the holidays they can bump those part timers hours up to get sufficient floor coverage but still stay below the threshold where the employees would qualify as full time and the benefits associated with full time status.

Linens and Things was sued by a bunch of so called "managers" who never handled money, ordered merchandise or performed any real management function. The "managers" sued on the basis that they were entitled to overtime for all the hours they worked since they weren't really performing management functions. I don't know what became of the lawsuit.

Class Action Lawsuits Against Linens N Things Inc.

Anyone post up this story from Bloomie yet? Amazing what happens when you pump that much groundwater.

Sinking Jakarta Starts Building Giant Wall as Sea Rises - Bloomberg

Jakarta, a former Dutch trading port, is one of the world’s megacities most at risk from rising sea levels. That’s because parts of the metropolis of almost 30 million people are sinking by as much as 6 inches a year, more than 10 times faster than the sea is rising.

Meanwhile, North Jakarta is sinking by between 7.5 and 17 centimeters a year because of decades of pumping out groundwater to supply homes and businesses.

In the narrow streets of Muara Angke to the west, the evening air is filled with the smell of salted fish, laid out to dry in front of crowded concrete houses. These streets have sunk more than 4 meters -- the height of the houses -- since records began in 1975, according to a report for the Jakarta Coastal Defence Strategy study in 2012. They wind down to the sea where Warkin, a fisherman sits in his wooden boat, mending his net before heading out for the night’s catch.

I didn't know Cuomo and the Kennedys were related.......

Who says there's no such thing as royalty here in 'murica.


People drive and sleep walk under the influence of Ambien. Their conscious mind doesn't know they are doing it. Have a friend who has experienced that side effect.

Kerry Kennedy not guilty of drugged driving after Ambien zombie claim - NY Daily News

Kennedy, who is the ex-wife of Gov. Cuomo, was arrested in July 2012 after she swerved her Lexus SUV into a tractor-trailer on Interstate 684.

Kerry Kennedy is the sister of Robert Kennedy Jr. (center), seen here snapping a selfie with Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Bill Clinton and Cheryl Hines.
Kerry Kennedy is the sister of Robert Kennedy Jr. (center), seen here snapping a selfie with Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Bill Clinton and Cheryl Hines.
Charged with driving while impaired, Kennedy said she had no memory of the five mile hellride and said she must have suffered a seizure.

Blood tests, however, revealed Kennedy had Ambien in her system.

At trial, Kennedy said the accident happened because she mistakenly took the sleeping aid instead of her thyroid medication.

Reduce you exposure to light in the evening

Especially blue light common to all manner of electronics.

There are apps/programs that will dim the amount of blue light your device is giving off based on the time of day.

Nothing found for How Light Affects Our Sleep #axzz3Iuqel1Ey

I've never heard of anybody in California refer to the state as 'cali'

But give me that bomb beat from Dre
Let me serenade the streets of L.A.
From Oakland to Sacktown
The Bay Area and back down
Cali is where they put they mack down
Give me love!

2pac feat Dr.Dre - California Love HD - YouTube

"Doomers like big butts apparently."


Nicki Minaj - Anaconda - YouTube 

Currently 38 on Billboards Hot 100 - falling from 23rd spot last week

Music: Top 100 Songs | Billboard Hot 100 Chart

So when will GS, JPM, et al begin the great water arb?

Drought Is Taking California Back to the Wild, Wild West -

Thousands of gallons of water were stolen from a fire station in North San Juan, a town nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, at the height of wildfire season this summer. The theft was discovered after an engineer hit the station's water tank and heard a hollow ringing sound rather than the usual thud.

"We were just absolutely stunned," said Boyd Johnson, a battalion chief with the North San Juan fire department. "Fires are on everyone's mind during the summer so to see this happen, I think it really scared people."

This should be good for the air quality near Whiskey's place...

Pot in New York: $100 Ticket. No Charges. No Record. No Nothing - Bloomberg

Pot isn’t legal in New York. After today, it might as well be.

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and Police Commissioner Bill Bratton told officers to stop arresting people carrying small amounts of pot. Instead, first-time offenders will get a court summons (basically a ticket; $100 for the first, $200 for the second) and walk away

Holiday or not.
Off to work with me.

No holiday here either.

Next, you'll be suggesting Bud Light Lime, Mike.

I go through phases - fortunately I seem to have skipped the Bud Light Lime phase - it was probably scheduled for the 2 to 3 weeks I was drinking zima in college.

I tried a Saison last night that was nice. I hadn't had a chance to try it before so I passed over this very nice stout that I am very fond of Mothers Milk Stout | Keegan Ales | Kingston, NY | BeerAdvocate . In retrospect I would have probably enjoyed the stout more but then I'd be wondering what that particular Saison was like so not a bad outcome.


You should definitely try the Coors Light Summer Brew and the Budweiser Clamato then.

I'm a dry Chianti or Italian reds person, which means I also like the dry, acid, stony whites (like French Chablis, dry--dry Rieslings, Sauvignon Blancs, and Gezurtraminers). I also like fruity wines fine, as long as they have an acid backbone. Always liked Gallo Hearty Bergundy, for that matter.

Have you ever had a Crispin Cider?

"I'd like to loot a rare whiskey emporium. "
I'll take the Aberlour.

I was at a local gastropub the other night. I was surprised by their selection of digestif's.

Aside from the standard Fernet Branca, they had another half dozen or so.

Later gators. Time to winterize the sprinkler system.

Chance of snow this coming week thanks to a polar vortex. With my son off to college I may have to break down to buy a snow thrower to replace the one that went swimming in Sandy. I hear the well to do have radiant heating installed beneath the driveway and walks - must be nice. I'd settle for it in the bathroom - cold tile in the morning sucks.