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FTA: Having created the very model of an undemocratic, corporate university, President Jackson is appropriately imperious. According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, she has a series of rules that are clear to everyone. These include: 1) Only she is authorized to set the temperature in conference rooms; 2) Cabinet members all rise when she enters the room; 3) If food is served at a meeting, vice presidents clear her plate; and 4) She is always to be publicly introduced as “The Honorable Shirley Ann Jackson.”

Current cost to attend including room, board and tuition is @ $64k/year.

Then consider the graduation rate.

Of 1288 students entering the school in 2007
836 completed the program in 4 years or less (64% rate)
231 took up to 5 years (18%)
27 took up to 6 years.

For a 6 year graduation rate of 85%.


Cheaper than going to the gym.

I have a new place that opened by me. $15/mo for a month to month membership. Annual dues of $30 or so. Blink fitness - same outfit that owns Equinox which runs close to $200/mo. So they have both ends of the spectrum covered.

I canceled my gym membership to get the Blink membership - saved $50/mo.

How do you say " lever up bitchez" in Russian ?

Puts and calls!


With RUSL at $2.56 the implied volatility on the $3 strike puts and calls expiring in June 2015 is @ 147%

:poof: and it's gone.

Moar leverage!


Triple levered exposure to a basket of Russian equities.

Stock Quote RUSL Direxion Daily Russia Bull 3X ETF

I predict a reverse split is in their future.

So this is what a currency collapse looks like

When it comes to the current crisis in the Russian ruble (CME:R6F15), Sutton’s Law provides the best explanation to the question, “Why is the ruble collapsing?” Because everyone wants to sell it and no one wants to buy it, of course! The reasons that initially precipitated the selloff in the Russian currency, including falling oil prices, poor economic performance and Western sanctions, have been discussed ad infinitum, but now the ruble selling has become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The timeline below encapsulates the escalating crisis (all times GMT):

7:05 – USD/RUB peeks briefly below 60, but buyers step in aggressively
8:55 – USD/RUB eclipses its pre-CBR rate hike level at 66.00
11:20 – USD/RUB breaks above 70.00
11:55 – USD/RUB surgest through 75.00
12:10 – USD/RUB peaks (so far) near 79.00, rumors of CBR intervention

Wait until you see the sad faces in the state governments that have spending plans for oil tax revenues, particularly the extraction states.

Local government has a double Crying

They went ahead and installed a bunch of cameras to issue speeding tickets in school zones. The backlash has been sufficient to get them to vote to remove the cameras. They were salivating over the revenues.

Nassau speed cameras generated 400,000 tickets, report says - Newsday

Nassau's much-criticized school-zone speed camera program generated 400,308 tickets from Sept. 2 through Nov. 21, bringing in a potential $32 million in fines and fees, the county legislature's independent office of budget review reported Thursday.

It said the county would net $24.4 million if all violations were paid, after its Arizona-based vendor, American Traffic Solutions, gets $7.6 million...

I don't know whether to laugh or cry. The idiots agreed to a 23.75% cut for the vendor.

bought gas today for 2.11/gal.

$2.89 was the price at the pump a few days ago here.

Local gas taxes are a percentage vs. fixed dollar amount so local government has a sad Crying

still think there might be some fishy business going on with jnk

Look at the holdings

JNK - SPDR Barclays High Yield Bond ETF | State Street Global Advisors (SSgA)

Transparency in the bond market isn't quite the same as the stock market.

For comparison here's what HYG holds

iShares iBoxx $ High Yield Corporate Bond ETF | HYG

MW: "Dow's 300-point drop Friday caps worst week since 2011"
Where is that :handbasket: icon?

My company is switching 401k providers. Not having had time to review the new investment options and where existing monies would be invested as a default I opted to move most of it to cash to give myself some time and piece of mind during the frozen period.

This was about 2 or 3 weeks ago so I've missed some upside but also missed out on the last two days. Oh well. It should all even out in the end.

I think it would be absolutely hilarious to see the usual suspects here who incessantly whine and moan about the middle class, U6, corrupt politicians, wage stagnation, inflation, part time jobs etc. end up having to choose between Hilarity or Mittens for putus.

I'd vote for yogi before I'd vote for either of them.

VIX was 14 and change Monday.

Today ticked over 21 briefly.


CBOE publishes an oil VIX.

CBOE - Micro Site 

It is based on USO not crude so you need to consider that.

USO rolls futures to get exposure to oil so things like the cost of the roll, whether the futures are contago or in backwardation will affect option prices on USO and in turn affect the oil VIX.

But since you asked here you go...

here's a chart

Advanced Chart - CBOE

You want me up that ass. You need me up that ass!

Is this 20 questions? Ok - "Are you hummus?"

Bloomie op ed/view on Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank Had a Lot of Ways to Avoid Paying Taxes - Bloomberg View

That is the main problem with the strategy: You have to lose money for it to work.5 But Deutsche Bank had a "back-up plan," which had something to do with a real estate investment trust. This strategy is not described in any detail in the lawsuit, which is a pity, as I suspect it was crazy. "Deutsche Bank subsequently concluded that the REIT strategy was too risky," which, when you consider what they were cool with, is saying something.

Relevant to this topic

Older Americans a Pillar of Housing Market With High Ownership Rate - Bloomberg

Older homeowners have emerged as the pillar of the housing market following the collapse in 2008. The homeownership rate for Americans age 65 and over has remained at 80 percent while dropping for every other age group. Seniors typically have less mortgage debt than younger homeowners, more wealth than they had four years ago, and longer lifespans than a generation ago. So they’re staying in the housing market rather than downsizing into rentals or moving to independent senior centers.

It's all about the Cash, and no, I dont need a receipt Cash, and no, I dont need a receipt Cash, and no, I dont need a receipt Cash, and no, I dont need a receipt

- NY Times

Corporations like Glenwood are permitted to make a total of no more than $5,000 a year in political donations. But New York’s “LLC loophole” treats limited-liability companies as people, not corporations, allowing them to donate up to $60,800 to a statewide candidate per election cycle. So when Mr. Cuomo’s campaign wanted to nail down what became a $1 million multiyear commitment — and suggested “breaking it down into biannual installments” — the company complied by dividing each payment into permissible amounts and contributing those through some of the many opaquely named limited-liability companies it controlled, like Tribeca North End LLC.

The Cuomo campaign reminded the firm later of 10 Glenwood-controlled LLCs that had already made donations.

A lawyer for Glenwood, Alan Levine, declined to comment. Ms. Lever, the governor’s spokeswoman, said his campaign “operates within the bounds of the current campaign-finance system.”

Older Americans a Pillar of Housing Market With High Ownership Rate - Bloomberg

Bill Braswell is staying put in his Virginia home even though he could sell it for 10 times what he paid in 1980 and some of his retired friends are moving to warmer climates.

“I’m on boards and commissions and I enjoy that brain activity, so no, I don’t want to move to South Carolina or Florida,” said Braswell, 69, a retired federal civil servant, who lives alone in a four-bedroom Tudor home in Arlington. “I’m thinking of putting an elevator in so I can stay.”

Older homeowners have emerged as the pillar of the housing market following the collapse in 2008. The homeownership rate for Americans age 65 and over has remained at 80 percent while dropping for every other age group.

Dude -- If they catch you smoking that stuff without a prescription, you're gonna be in BIG trouble.

280 mph winds. What is this a made for tv movie "Snarknado - When deniers and troofers collide and produce a microburst capable of leveling tract homes much to DH Horton's delight"

I thought that was job one at the Fed. I also thought it was job one for the congress critters.

For congresscritters job one is to get re-elected. To do that they have to do their masters bidding He knows his masters voice

The spouse loves burn piles, and had one after the snow last week. All I see is valuable natural resources going up in smoke. Brush piles are a great refuge for nature's homeless critters, and when they break down, they enrich the soil. You can even bury that stuff (or better, chip it) and it decomposes and enriches the soil. It takes 100 or 300 yrs. (depending on who you read) for 1" of topsoil to form.
But somehow it's cathartic to him. I just close the shades and try not to think about it.

raised garden beds: hugelkultur instead of irrigation 

My grandfather told me he used to get a chocolate malt with a raw egg in it for a quick lunch. His hair was completely white by 30.

Isn't that called an egg cream?

The chosen folks do have an issue about electricity and whether it is fire or not. It is that Sabbath thing. In Palo Africa they asked the city if they could string up the wire that bounds the area where it is permissible to carry the good book or other things. They had a couple of poles up at the Chaucer St bridge spanning Chaucer I didn't follow the path of the wire but suspect it followed the creek.

I think the term you are looking for is "eruv"

Eruv - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

today's word is "scuppers"

Found on any self bailing boat. And they can almost never be too big when it comes to getting water that came in - out.

Red hat?

‘Unpatriotic Loophole’ Targeted by Obama Costs $2 Billion - Bloomberg

To determine the amount of taxes these companies are avoiding, Bloomberg compiled the financial results of 15 companies that inverted between 1994 and 2009, and compared their effective tax rates during the three years before and after their address changes with those of firms in the same industries that didn’t invert.

Measured by the amount of tax expense they recognized under accounting rules, these businesses lowered their average tax rate to 15.7 percent from 33.5 percent. That means they enjoyed a decline of 17.8 percentage points while their competitors cut their rate by 0.4 percentage point -- a relative tax advantage of 17.4 percentage points.

Considering actual cash taxes paid rather than accounting expense, the tax advantage is about 6.6 percentage points. Inverted firms reduced their rate to 13 percent from 21.3 percent by that measure, while peers cut it by 1.8 percentage points.

No pants, no pockets, no buttons, most clothing was not hemmed either.

I wonder if they had drapes hung in all their windows?

I think folks are vastly overestimating the number of 4K cameras sold to fill their 4K screens with content. But then again, a fair percentage of the population thinks that 1080i is better than 720p because 1080 > 720.

It depends. I had a Mitsubishi rear projection that displayed 1080i natively and its picture was fantastic excepting fast motion sports.

They can profile stoner Frisbee golfers all they want as long as they don't start profiling stoner golfers.

Swing doctor!

Instead of rhythm in a can Beer

rhythmn in a cannabis Currently Smoking Cannibis

I find that 4 Beer is the point of diminishing returns with respect to smoothing out my swing the few times a year that I chase the little white ball around.

Does the heating oil tank count?

250 or 500 gallons?

Getting a 500 gallon tank filled can put a hurting on your wallet. I have natural gas in this house versus oil heat in our first house. I'm much happier with natural gas - you never have the sticker shock from a fill up like you do with oil.

Sounds like a good one, Mike. Might take it to the cabin for the mini-mes in a couple of weeks, if I can find it.

Here's the other one I tried last night - also very good.

Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout | Anderson Valley Brewing Company | Boonville, CA | BeerAdvocate

Anderson Valley Oatmeal Stout


Given your weakness for the dark beers you should really try some Boulder Shake if you haven't already. I had some on tap last night and it was rather enjoyable.

Shake Chocolate Porter | Boulder Beer / Wilderness Pub | Boulder, CO | BeerAdvocate

There used to be a serious juvenal delinquent that posted here...

Tanta Vive!

Does your hub know he's known world wide as a non drape hanger ??

I'm going to venture a guess that even if he did know he would wear it as a badge of honor.

DoES! Ur hUzbAnD nO U WeRe PStiNg UnDiR thE INfLEnCE oF PERKosET?!

Non-genetic evolutionary forces that happen in a single generation? That seems mighty fast to me.
Also, the the assertion that certain sub-populations of women just suddenly decided to... do what, exactly? And why?
I guess we should blame it on the end of WWII and the existence of the single-earner household?

I will take "Processed foods and high fructose corn syrup" for $1000 Alex.

robj wrote: Heavy snow in Worcester (or Wahstah). The three horseman of the snowpocalypse are upon us.

I was up there a few weeks ago and had some pretty good Thai food at this place.

Thai Time - Thai Time Worcester | Worcester Thai Restaurant

Worth a look if you are over near WPI

My birthday present. Wink

A few questions for you. What's that do that a receiver with network access won't?

And what/how did your rip your cd collection - dbpoweramp? What lossless format FLAC? What NAS?

BDB - congrats on the new opportunity.

There's also whiskey, Whiskey, but only in a pinch.

For the teething pains. I found that rubbing some on the gums first followed by 3 or 4 shots worked well -- at that point I was kind of numb to the crying.

I have it. It's worthwhile if you're a fan. It's retrospective of the stuff they were developing during the Division Bell period, and sort of a tribute to Rick Wright.

Thanks sm - I will definitely pick it up. I own all the others so I may as well round out the collection.

Hey Vonbek have you checked out the new Pink Floyd release? Is it worth getting?

Three more months, only everyone thinks otherwise because they don't know it's twins.

A 2 fer! Congrats! And condolences - you won't be getting normal sleep for a while.

You have laundry in your building? It's absolutely amazing how many clothes those little people go through in a day.

Bud Lime-a-Rita: Because It Tastes Like Bitter Tears

If you ever get down town check out the Dead Rabbit. Amazing cocktail menu - lots of stuff with homemade bitters.

How dare you.

How's Mrs Whiskers? Getting close?

Police in New York have closed Lincoln Tunnel after it was blocked by demonstrators.

Tired of all the Jerseyite's coming to the city.

600 sq ft is spacious

- NY Times

The AVA High Line on West 28th Street was their favorite. Some studios there were spacious, with more than 600 square feet; rent was around $3,200 a month. The cheapest one-bedrooms, however, were smaller and had rents of more than $3,600.