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Rickkk wrote:

Doctor in New York City Tests Positive for Ebola
OCT. 23, 2014

Governor Cuomo just said "he handled himself appropriately."

Apparently feeling under the weather on Tuesday and subsequently going out for a night on the town on Wednesday and using mass transit to do so is "handling oneself appropriately" for a Dr who has recently returned from caring for ebola patients.

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

I don't think they're part of the Good Economy...

He was traveling to hipster haven.


​We have authentic wooden lanes taken from a center in Ohio from the 70's, sweet machines to keep your scores, and we never turn the lights off so you can always see your friends react to you getting a turkey. XXX

JP wrote:

I assume Brooklyn is considered expendable.

Williamsburg for certain Smile

josap wrote:

Sounds very much like the beginning of a bad zombie movie.

So this guy felt crappy on Tuesday but decided to go ahead and head out on a night on the town despite having recently returned from caring for Ebola patients.

Somehow I don't think the NYC Subway is conducive to contact tracing. If he tests positive for ebola I guess we will find out in 21 days or so how easy it is to catch in a close quarters/mass transit setting.

I wonder what impact this will have on mass transit in NYC tomorrow if this guy tests positive for ebola?

- NY Times

Dr. Spencer began to feel sluggish on Tuesday but did not develop a fever until Thursday morning, he told the authorities. At 11 a.m., the doctor found that he had a 103-degree temperature and alerted the staff of Doctors Without Borders, according to the official.

However, while the test results are still incomplete, officials were concerned about his travel around the city in recent days.

Mr. Spencer went to a bowling alley in Brooklyn on Wednesday evening, according to a city official briefed on the contact tracing efforts. He took the subway to Brooklyn and a taxi home.

Assuming he left from his apartment on the upper west side his route would have taken him through 42nd Times Square and Union Square stations.

3 train to 42nd - Q/R train to Union - L train to Williamsburg

More 'bola

Potential NYC Ebola Patient Took An Uber - Business Insider

The doctor who treated Ebola patients in Guinea and is currently being tested for the virus at New York City's Bellevue Hospital may have taken an Uber yesterday to a Williamsburg bowling alley, according to CNN reporter Vaughn Sterling.

Since Ebola is only transmitted by direct contact with bodily fluids or contaminated surfaces and the doctor reportedly self-quarantined himself as soon as he became symptomatic, the risk of transmission via the Uber car is very low. Still, the city's "disease detectives" may reach out to those who took the same car if they decide there is even a small risk.

Read more: Potential NYC Ebola Patient Took An Uber - Business Insider

Whoops. So much for self quarantine. Let's hope it's not ebola.

New York physician tested for Ebola -

Investigators are taking the case seriously because it appears the doctor didn't quarantine himself following his return, the official said.
The official said the doctor was out in public. Authorities are possibly going to quarantine his girlfriend, with whom he was spending time since his return from Africa.

'bola news

New York City Doctor Who Treated Ebola Patients In Guinea Taken To Hospital With High Fever

According to the New York Post, the doctor, who CBS New York confirmed is male and in his mid-30s and an employee of Doctors Without Borders, reported a 103-degree fever and nausea.

Doctor Recently Back From Africa Being Evaluated for Ebola at Bellevue | NBC New York

A doctor who recently returned from West Africa is being evaluated for the Ebola virus at Bellevue Hospital after reporting fever and gastrointestinal symptoms, health officials said.

The doctor, who two sources said worked with an aide group treating Ebola patients, began to feel ill Thursday and called 911. He was transported from a building on 147th Street between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue to Bellevue, law enforcement sources said.

The doctor returned to New York from Guinea about 10 days ago, the sources said.

You can rest easy now.

Multiple 3, 4 and more letter agencies have agreed that any firm involved in securitizations will need to have some skin in the game. | Six Federal Agencies Jointly Approve Final Risk Retention Rule

Six federal agencies approved a final rule requiring sponsors of securitization transactions to retain risk in those transactions. The final rule implements the risk retention requirements in the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

And it's got a menu!

Permissible Forms of Risk Retention – Menu of Options
1. Standard Risk Retention
2. Master Trusts: Revolving Pool Securitizations
3. Representative Sample
4. Asset-Backed Commercial Paper Conduits
5. Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities
6. Government-Sponsored Enterprises
7. Open Market Collateralized Loan Obligations
8. Municipal Bond “Repackaging” Securitizations

1 currency now -yogi wrote:

Maybe we should pay the legislators and judges less so we will get better quality of gentlemen.

As if it would be worse than what we have now?

In advance of governor's debate, Bharara rips Albany's "corruption disaster" | Politics on the HudsonPolitics on the Hudson

He focused what he said continues to be a state government dominated by lax oversight and special-interest money—whether it’s big donations to political campaigns because of New York’s porous laws or the fact that lawmakers can have outside incomes, often at companies or law firms that have business before the state.

sdtfs wrote:

Looks like they refused to pay the storage fees, and also she has agreed to reduce to 3 units.Check the bottom of the link.

I realize that but for years they paid $3800/mo for 11 storage units. I have to imagine they could have found her housing for a comparable amount.

Just seems like a misuse of resources.

1 currency now -yogi wrote:

What do you think, Mike, could higher fines for Wall Street pay for storage of the homeless? Otherwise they will greet you at your door and sleep in your lobby.

No higher fines will be offset by either reduced earnings or higher fees for customers. Any number of banks should have failed but weren't allowed to - that's the real issue.

Paying $200k for 11 storage units for the woman in the story I linked is just stupid - they could have spent the money on a place for her to live instead obviating the need for 11 storage units.

aleister perdurabo wrote:

Check this out. Taxes up nearly 50% on this beauty:


aleister perdurabo wrote:

property/house worth $500k have to pay in annual property taxes?
Rockland County, NY - approx. $14K per year.

How do you like our choices for governor in this years election?

Comrade Gibbon wrote:

Around $10-11,000 a year. Texas has county and city, and school district property taxes. Friend that lives in Austin says they're all around 2%. A little more in cities proper, and less in far away counties.

Here's a house in a so-so school district. Nothing special.

3343 Bertha Dr, Baldwin, NY 11510 - Zillow

$12,800 in taxes last year

It might get $380k on a good day despite the zillow estimate at $427k.

NYS has an income tax. Sales tax for someone where that house is located is 8.625% so no breaks there either.

josap wrote:

The store room is full, the extra shed is full, the garage has no room for a car and the rented storage garage is full to the top.

Consumerism is protected by law.

There is definitely something amiss when instead of finding this person affordable housing she ends up in a homeless shelter but the city picks up the tab to store her belongings to the tune of $200k.

Homeless Woman's Belongings Cost NYC Taxpayers $200K | NBC New York

Court papers show that New York City taxpayers have paid $200,000 to store the belongings of a homeless woman since 2006.
The New York Post says the city picked up the tab after Andrea Logan lost her Manhattan apartment after a debilitating stroke.

The city is required by state law to cover homeless people's storage expenses.

Spatch wrote:

Very high property taxes to make up for the lack of a state income tax.

Define high?

For example what would a property/house worth $500k have to pay in annual property taxes?

Bubblisimo Gerkinov wrote:

Random nutter from the sounds of it.

Wasn't there a situation a few days ago where a Canadian soldier was run down and killed by someone subsequently identified as a radical muslim?

Man Who Killed Soldier With Car Was Radical Muslim, Authorities Say - NBC News

Updates on reddit for those who believe in raw unfiltered data from sources like twitter

Shots fired at Parliament in Canada : worldnews

This probably has a red hat.

Ocwen’s Backdated Letters May Violate Consent Order - Bloomberg

Revelations that Ocwen Financial Corp. (OCN), the largest U.S. nonbank servicer, backdated thousands of letters to struggling borrowers may violate the settlement it struck in December with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and 49 state attorneys general.

That agreement, reached in December 2013, was intended to resolve mortgage-servicing issues with homeowners at Atlanta-based Ocwen and companies it acquired over the years. Benjamin Lawsky, head of New York’s Department of Financial Services, said in a letter yesterday that Ocwen backdated thousands of loan modification denial notices to borrowers in 2012 and continuing into 2014. The backdating left some borrowers with insufficient time to appeal the denials, according to the letter, “likely causing them significant harm.”

EDIT To add:


“After all this time it’s outrageous that a company can’t even make sure that people get basic information on a reasonable schedule,” Cohen said. “What will it take for servicers to do their job?”

Ocwen administered 2.7 million loans in the second quarter, up from 800,000 two years earlier. In the same period, the number of employees doubled, to 11,300 from 5,400, with the majority located in service centers in India.

burnside wrote:

Thanks, Mike. It was a bit of an ambush.

So if I had to guess your Triglycerides were south of 100 and your HLD was north of 60?

Amazing what low carb can do.

burnside wrote:

I got a doozy of a comprehensive blood workup owing to the ER/hospital visit last month. Lipids made everyone congratulate, as did pretty much every other measure.
Yet I enjoy whole milk, eggs, marbled steak and butter and have avoided the usual substitutes or stingy formulations for years.
So yes, ll, put some real eggs in those pancakes.

Congrats on the good numbers. Sorry to hear about the ER/hospital visit.

Rob Dawg wrote:


That's not as bad as I expected.

Paying $1000/mo here for a property that would sell at best for $450k to $500k

Probably already linked but just in case.

Oil Is Cheap. But Not So Cheap That Americans Won’t Profit From It - Bloomberg 

The info graphic showing the break even for various shale projects was interesting.

Bubblisimo Gerkinov wrote:

You just described my neighbourhood ... which is very much middle to upper middle class depending on how one defines these things.
There will always be a paycheck to paycheck consumer class to keep the economic engine humming imo.

What part of the great white north - Toronto?

Rickkk wrote:

Lipitor Thief of Memory: Duane Graveline: 9781424301621: Books -

After more than a few years of crestor and lipitor I dropped statins in the summer of 2013. My most recent blood work came back on the high side but after a conversation with the doc this morning he agreed to hold off on the statins for now based on a combo of low triglycerides and decent HDL and a promise to keep losing weight.

Tom Stone wrote:

Mike, I see you are also a fan of CarTeacho

I've never heard of CarTeacho until now but I will check it out.

skk - you might find this of interest.

Nothing found for The Straight Dope On Cholesterol 10 Things You Need To Know Part 1 #axzz3Gsvxsyo3

  1. The sine qua non of atherosclerosis is the presence of a sterol in an artery wall. How it gets there is the only thing we should be worrying about.

Contrary to popular belief, atherosclerosis is not caused by many of things we think of, such as smoking, high blood pressure, diabetes, high LDL (the so-called “bad” cholesterol), or low HDL (the so-called “good” cholesterol). Some of these are certainly markers of risk – low HDL, for example – while others accelerate the process – smoking, for example – but none of these are the direct cause of atherosclerosis.

The sine qua non of atherosclerosis is the presence of sterols (cholesterol or phytosterol) in arterial wall macrophages. Sterols are delivered to the arterial wall by the penetration of the endothelium by an apoB-containing lipoprotein, which transport the sterols. In other words, unless an apoB-containing lipoprotein particle violates the border created by an endothelium cell and the layer it protects, the media layer, there is no way atherogenesis occurs. If this is a bit confusing, don’t worry. It’s all made clear below.

Or go directly to his own site here

Read more: Nothing found for The Straight Dope On Cholesterol 10 Things You Need To Know Part 1 #ixzz3Gvnu5Ri2

Rob - left you a reply but got pigged on the last thread. I'm not going to hoist it to this thread.

Have a good day all.

Rob Dawg wrote:

The switch to red rice yeast is working better than stains. I lucked out.

He's concerned about my total cholesterol and LDL while not really paying any attention to the ratios. I have some concerns over his understanding or rather apparent lack thereof that since LDL is a calculated value the calculation "works best" for instances where triglycerides fall within a range.

Mine fall outside that range to the low side (@ 70) which results in overstating LDL values.

LDL Cholesterol | What is LDL-C? | LDL-C Range

Looking at the triglyceride/hdl ratio appears to be a better indicator of risk of issues down the road.

The Triglyceride/HDL Cholesterol Ratio (There are links embedded in the article that don't show up in the copy/paste below if you want to click through to the actual studies)

Many studies have found that the triglyceride/HDL cholesterol ratio (TG/HDL-C ratio) correlates strongly with the incidence and extent of coronary artery disease. This relationship is true both for men and women.

One study found that a TG/HDL-C ratio above 4 was the most powerful independent predictor of developing coronary artery disease.

If lipid values are expressed as mg/dl (like in the US);

TG/HDL-C ratio less than 2 is ideal
TG/HDL-C ratio above 4 is too high
TG/HDL-C ratio above 6 is much too high

Our very own governator has released a book - just in time for the elections. Not having the chance to read it yet I'll be interested to see if there is any discussion of his very own Moreland Commission which he quickly disbanded once they started to unearth questionable activity that hit a little too close to home for his liking.

Federal Investigation Looks at Cuomo and Moreland Commission Referrals - WSJ

Mr. Cuomo convened the commission last summer after a rash of public corruption cases involving Albany lawmakers. He abruptly disbanded it after the state Legislature, which had received subpoenas asking about lawmakers' sources of income and campaign spending, agreed to a package of ethics reforms.

Early reviews are in - he definitely has some fans... Customer Reviews: All Things Possible: Setbacks and Success in Politics and Life

This work is a narcissistic apologetic review of failed policies and practices that might have helped him rise to Governor, but as Governor, lead the state as it slides to the bottom of the barrel. New York State under Governor Andrew Cuomo is the worst state in the union in which to look for a job, operate a business, start a business, work and retire. The price for Governor Andrew Cuomo's "success" is too high for the rest of the citizens of the state, who pay the highest overall tax rate in the nation as his government repeatedly pushes down unfunded mandates to each county, and calls a 4% a year tax increase a tax rate freeze. New Yorkers currently pay State income tax, county and city property taxes, local school taxes, sales taxes on almost everything at an average 8%, high vehicle registration fees, high fuel tax of $0.50 per gallon and countess more taxes, with Cuomo's government doing nothing to ease this except "raise" the chocolate ration. (New Yorkers had the highest gas prices in the union lately, and trades off with Hawaii and California on a regular basis for this pleasure)

The book, of course, doesn't give a view into the mind of the Governor at the moment he decided to stomp on the Moorland Commission investigating public corruption as it turned its sights on people close to the Governor. The book doesn't go into detail about why the Governor refuses to investigate Speaker Sheldon Silver's use of public money to pay off a sexual harassment claim. Frankly, the book doesn't go into any of the scandals currently smoldering in New York State, it merely is a historical hand job, ghost written and with possibly the worst cover photo in recent memory.

Rob Dawg wrote:

Good morning East Coast early crew. Wassup?

The sun's out. The temps are mild. And I'm about to go debate a bit with my primary care physician on all things cholesterol and statin related...

Well, no, actually. If you advise individuals to i) lever up to your eyeballs... with the intention of ii) 'walking' when it becomes a problem...
That could be deemed criminal under certain circumstances.

Well, no, actually. If you advise individualscorporations to i) lever up to your eyeballs... with the intention of ii) 'walking' when it becomes a problem...
That could be deemed criminal career advancing advice under certain circumstances. Fixed It For Ya

"What do you do?"

I'd hope a bit more than a cursory exam...

Ebola ruled out as passenger dies on Nigeria flight to JFK | New York Post

A passenger died on a Nigeria-to-JFK flight after a vomiting fit Thursday — and a top lawmaker said officials gave the corpse only a “cursory” exam before declaring that the victim did not have Ebola.

Did his management experience primarily consist of running horse shows, like "Heck of a job" Brownie?

Wiki says Ron Klain - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Ronald A. "Ron" Klain is an American lawyer and political operative best known for serving as Chief of Staff to two Vice Presidents - Al Gore (1995–1999) and Joseph Biden (2009–2011).[1][2] He is an influential Democratic Party insider. Earlier in his career, he was a law clerk for Supreme Court Justice Byron White during the Court's 1987 and 1988 Terms and worked on Capitol Hill, where he was Chief Counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee during the Clarence Thomas Supreme Court nomination. He was portrayed by Kevin Spacey in the HBO film Recount depicting the tumult of the 2000 presidential election. On October 17, 2014, CNBC reported that Klain is to be named the newly created "Ebola Czar" by President Obama.[3]

If we can't have a Surgeon General at least we can have an Ebola Czar.

Obama will name Ron Klain as Ebola Czar -

Klain is highly regarded at the White House as a good manager with excellent relationships both in the administration and on Capitol Hill. His supervision of the allocation of funds in the stimulus act -- at the time and incredible and complicated government undertaking -- is respected in Washington. He does not have any extensive background in health care but the job is regarded as a managerial challenge.

Yes - I posted that in the last thread. I wonder what the thought process was...

"Hey honey. I know you're stressed out about dealing with that Ebola patient. I have just the cure. Let's hop on a ship with 4200 of our closest friends and go for a cruise."

Again IMO there are/were too many people who are saying it can't/won't happen here like it has in West Africa due to our superior medical infrastructure, etc. etc. I think they discount how much people are people regardless of where they live, replete with all the shortcomings of human nature such as being selfish and embracing denial as a coping mechanism.

In turn they are also saying the second nurse was quite likely symptomatic when she flew from Dallas to Cleveland. The circle of people they need to contact trace just got a bit bigger.

The handling of the Ebola situation in Dallas thus far has been less than confidence inspiring. All those who said , "it can't happen here." Well methinks they underestimated human nature. People are selfish and prone to denial the world over.

Hey honey you've had a rough few days caring for that Ebola patient. You deserve a break - let's go on a cruise.....

Belize Confirms Patient With Ebola Symptoms On Cruise Ship Off Its Coast

Can we quarantine people coming from the affected countries? Or does that mess with civil rights?

For a country that has no problem targeting American citizens suspected of terrorism overseas for elimination do you really think civil rights matter anymore?

The yield on the company’s $650 million of 7.125 percent notes maturing in November 2020 reached 11.4 percent yesterday as the price plunged to 81.5 cents on the dollar, according to Trace, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority’s bond-price reporting system.

I believe under GAAP the company can show a gain on the bonds based on the market price (ie: they can buy the bonds back at less then their par value).

In libertarian 'murrica you get the CDC you pay for.

I hope this ends up being Nothingburger but it sure feels like it has the potential to get ugly.

Arg! There goes my glorious Dooooooooooooooom!!!!

Here's something to bring you back to your Crying place

New Texas nurse with Ebola had fever on airliner
| Reuters

(Reuters) - A second Texas nurse who has contracted Ebola flew on a commercial flight from Ohio to Dallas with a slight temperature the day before she was diagnosed, health officials said on Wednesday, raising new concerns about U.S. efforts to control the disease.

Yea though i walk through the valley of the shadow of debt

From the BIS link:
The BIS warned earlier this summer that the world economy is in many respects more vulnerable to a financial crisis than it was in 2007. Debt ratios are now far higher, and emerging markets have also been drawn into the fire over the last five years. The world as whole has never been more leveraged.

What's in your wallet?

Well, what we have is a cluster - the transmission is all from the imported case to close contacts - what has not occurred so far is community transmission (contact of the contacts).
Then the real bad mojo would be sustained community transmission, which is what the unfortunate people living in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone are experiencing.
Nigeria had a single imported case that resulted in a cluster of 19 additional infections (20 in all). They shut it down, and that outbreak is officially over (or within a few days - two 21 day cycles of no new cases).

Dallas Ebola Patient Being Transferred to Emory - ABC News

A Dallas health care worker found today to be infected with Ebola will be transferred to Emory University hospital in Atlanta after she became the second person to contract the disease while working in the Dallas facility.

They'll probably give her a coach ticket on Frontier based on how well they've handled this so far.

BarleyReturns wrote:

Germany cuts growth forecasts, ouch!

That should be good for the market.

burnside wrote:

Do we purchase cars along rational lines? I frequently don't.

Not sure many do.

FIAT Chrysler was near my place of employ yesterday with a whole host of their vehicles.

Fiat Chrysler Debuts With A Thud on Wall Street; Will Investors Buy Its Ambitious Growth Story? - Forbes

They had an Alfa Romeo on display along with a Ferrari, & Maserati among others. I have to say the Alfa Romeo was completely impractical which is what made it all the more desirable.

With a kid in college I tend to equate things in tuition terms - as in - "wow a little more than a years tuition for that car...."