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Yah. Knew about those. I am aiming more towards continuous forward versus intermittent. At the same time I am using legs in full extension across the most efficient extension. I also want shallow.

The mirage drives are fairly efficient with not as much prop slip like you will experience with a propeller. You can take short pedal strokes in shallower water to keep the fins closer to the hull.

You can also take the drive out and reverse it to back up if you want. If you haven't tried on you should really make an attempt to do so. They even have different sized/profiled fins for top end speed vs low end torque.

Inspired me to design a screw propelled version using leg power. And no, not a bicycle mechanism.

You are better off co-opting a hobie mirage drive. It is a very well engineered design that more than a few small boat designers/builders have adopted for their own use.

Hobie Mirage Drive Standard - - Product Details

It relies on a pumping motion - back and forth - not circular like a bike or paddle boat.


This is a yacht?

No - it's an example of an Adirondack guide boat.

A very nice pulling boat. You can probably maintain 3-4 mph without too much trouble.

This is a yacht?

No that's an example of an Adirondack guide boat.

Very nice pulling boat.

Ah, something fof doomers to glom on to.

Happy to oblige.

Nurses Use 3 Thermometers on Thousands | The Liberian Observer

Nurses Use 3 Thermometers On Thousands

He disclosed that what was even more scary to him was that all those who were being tested used the same three thermometers, with nurses having physical contact with travelers. Such a situation is highly risky for the people of Liberia.

..vs. tunnel vision

A well known symptom of cranial rectal inversion

Ebola Dooooooooooooooom!!!

FrontPageAfrica - At Catholic Hospital, Several Ebola Deaths Traced to Sawyer

Monrovia - When Patrick Sawyer took his sister, Princess who was bleeding profusely to the St. Joseph Catholic hospital, healthcare workers ran to the rescue, but this hospitality led to the trail of death from the deadly Ebola Virus that no one ever imagined could possibly happen, with up to six deaths now in Liberia and two in Nigeria including an ECOWAS Protocol officer.

Shocking news, trails of death, the St. The Joseph Catholic hospital is now a ghost town with the entire staff evacuated and some still counting days at isolation centers hoping for a miracle to recover. Since last week there has been news of deaths emanating from the Hospital. The first was the Hospital’s Chief Administrator Patrick Nshamdze, 52, from Cameroon who died on August 2, 2014 after contracting the deadly Ebola virus then followed more deaths.

Six persons have now died from the hospital, including a Spanish priest who died on Tuesday after being airlifted to Spain for treatment, after contracting the deadly virus disease. Three women's health-workers, including a Congolese nun have died and one medical doctor from the hospital.

But the death trail is even more shocking as all points to one person. On a fateful day in early July, a lady known as Princess, who happened to be the sister of a senior Liberian Finance Ministry official, was brought in to the hospital, escorted by her brother Patrick Sawyer. The woman was bleeding profusely and every other health worker was afraid to touch her as news of the deadly Ebola outbreak had already spread according to sources.

Be interesting to see what happens when the stuff wears out or needs maintenance. Then again, the MIC is no doubt producing way over what's needed by the military so perhaps there'll be a steady stream of never-used deadly stuff for state, county, city & local LEs to try out on the people they're allegedly protecting and serving.

I'm sure there are going to be municipalities that spend a bunch on training some pilots who won't have aircraft for them to pilot necessitating either a budget increase to procure said aircraft or to re-train the pilots in the use of less lethal devices so they can be deployed as crowdfirst amendment control.

An op-ed on the militarization of the police...

Why do our police look like soldiers? - Jamelle Bouie - Newsday

This process ramped up with the "war on drugs" in the 1980s and 1990s, as the federal government supplied local and state police forces with military-grade weaponry to clamp down on drug trafficking and other crime. And it accelerated again after the 9/11 attacks and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, when the federal government had - and sent - billions in surplus military equipment to state and local governments.

Since 2006, according to an analysis by The New York Times, police departments have acquired 435 armored vehicles, 533 planes, 93,763 machine guns and 432 mine-resistant armored trucks. Overall, since Congress established its program to transfer military hardware, local and state police departments have received $4.3 billion worth of equipment. Accordingly, the value of military equipment used by these police agencies has increased from $1 million in 1990 to $324 million in 1995 (shortly after the program was established), to nearly $450 million in 2013.

I've been looking at pics of Ferguson and I must say the cops are better armed than the National Guard that teargassed me in church back in the day.

The story out of Ferguson is amazing. Did you see the pic's of the police dismantling the reporters lighting and camera equipment along with the reports of them telling them they aren't allowed to record what's going on?

We don't get that amount of rain in a year - ever.

Getting it all at once is a bit inconvenient.

Local roads became rivers. Fun stuff.

EDIT: Some video and photos here

Long Island city saturated by more than 12 inches of rain | New York's PIX11 / WPIX-TV

The rain started yesterday about 5pm. The 2 inches is just from early this morning to now, about 2 hours. Some places are getting hit harder than others in the Valley. My tea candle holders were overflowing by 8pm last night.

We had a bit too.

National Weather Service Forecast Office - Upton, NY

Newsday - 404 error

Flooding across Long Island as 13 inches of rain falls at Islip

Bacon Poutine chips? I'll have to look for those..

I would expect you to make your own.

My uncle, at 72 years old, just purchased a motorhome with a 20 year loan.

Now there's someone with the good ole 'murican spirit! Debt before dishonor!

You had chipotle deviled eggs for breakfast?

Was at Battery Park on Manhattan a few days ago. The century old pictures show the water six-eight inches lower.

Battery Park proper didn't exist a century ago. It's all landfill.

That said - sea levels along the eastern seaboard have been rising and it is speculated that it is tied to a decrease in the speed of the gulf stream along with land subsiding.

Watch Manhattan’s Boundaries Expand Over 250 Years

This pdf goes into the reasons

For ee

EXCLUSIVE: Mystery patient in New York City's Ebola scare recounts 72 anxious hours of being quarantined at hospital - NY Daily News

“I turned up the heat in the car to 90 degrees and drove back to Brooklyn,” said Silverman, who had also spent three years after college in Sierra Leone with the Peace Corps. “Then I got out of the car and I was freezing again. My mother took my temperature and it was 104. When she called our family doctor, she said to get me to the emergency room at Mount Sinai.”

Dr. Annette Osher alerted the hospital’s emergency room doctors that she was sending them her patient and that he had recently returned from Sierra Leone, one of the countries hardest hit by Ebola. As Silverman and his mother got into a livery car close to midnight, he warned his mother: “Don’t mention the ‘E-word’ in the cab, or else we’re never going to make it up there.”

The IPO that wasn't.

I wonder how you undo all that trading?


VBL Therapeutics Announces Termination of Underwriting Agreement for Public Offering - Yahoo Finance

TEL AVIV, Israel, Aug. 8, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- VBL Therapeutics today announced that the underwriting agreement for its initial public offering has been terminated by the Company's underwriters, Deutsche Bank and Wells Fargo Securities, LLC, due to an unexpected situation in which a substantial existing U.S. shareholder did not fund payment for shares it previously agreed to purchase in the offering. As a result of the termination of the underwriting agreement, no shares will be issued pursuant to the registration statement for the offering that was declared effective by the Securities and Exchange Commission on July 30, 2014.

The termination notice is not related to the Company, its business or its prospects.

Market System Status

NASDAQ MarketWatch is reviewing all transactions involving the security Vascular Biogenics Ltd. (VBLX) executed since the commencement of secondary trading on July 31, 2014 through August 7, 2014. This review is pursuant to the company’s press release issued earlier today, announcing the underwriting agreement for its initial public offering has been terminated. MarketWatch will advise with details as soon as available.

Beliefs like this don't bode well for containment.

Ebola Outbreak: Nigeria Braces for More Cases in Lagos - TIME

Still, the outbreak hasn’t affected daily life in the economic hub of Africa’s largest economy. Even as some concerns mount among government officials, many people say they’re not worried.

“I don’t believe it, I don’t believe what people are saying that is happening in Nigeria,” said 28-year-old Christopher Ukpang, a security guard at an upscale Lagos supermarket. “I’m begging my fellow Nigerians, they should not be afraid of this sickness, it won’t affect us. We should have trust in God.”

Ballpark, 1 month to ~3.2k cases, 2 months to ~6.4k etc until an effective intervention strategy takes hold (or I suppose it could be accelerated if there was some major breakdown in social order). Subject to the limitations of an exponential curve fit to the reported case data.

Wouldn't there be an acceleration due to population density in a place like Lagos? How many people can a symptomatic person infect in a place like Lagos vs a rural village with a population of a few hundred?

Yah... did some curve fitting to the case counts from the Aussie virologist's blog, if the current exponential trend fit holds, we have about a four week doubling time.

Yeah and after that?

also, if the deployment is slow or staggered, it may generate a significant wave of movement by people seeking to escape the quarantined areas.

Too late.

Worried Liberians queued at banks and stocked up on food in markets in the ramshackle capital Monrovia while others took buses to unaffected parts of the West African country after President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf announced the powers lasting for 90 days late on Wednesday.

The Liberian military deployment - Operation White Shield - is expected to be fully in place by Friday, officials said.

Sierra Leone army blockades Ebola areas, Liberia declares emergency
| Reuters

Worried Liberians queued at banks and stocked up on food in markets in the ramshackle capital Monrovia while others took buses to unaffected parts of the West African country after President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf announced the powers lasting for 90 days late on Wednesday.

The state of emergency allows Liberia's government to curtail civil rights and to deploy troops and police to impose quarantines on badly affected communities to try to contain an epidemic that has struck four west African nations.

"Everyone is afraid this morning," civil servant Cephus Togba told Reuters by telephone. "Big and small they are all panicking. Everyone is stocking up the little they have."

In eastern Sierra Leone - the worst-hit area of the country - the police chief said security forces deployed last night "to establish a complete blockade" of Kenema and Kailahun districts, setting up 16 checkpoints on major roads.

"No vehicles or persons are allowed into or out of the districts," Alfred Karrow-Kamara told Reuters, saying the measures would last for an initial 50-day period.

In Liberia, where the death toll is rising fastest, authorities on Wednesday shut a Monrovia hospital after its Cameroonian director died of Ebola and six other staff tested positive, including two nuns and a 75-year-old Spanish priest.

And that's how it becomes a global pandemic

403 Forbidden

Patrick Sawyer, the Liberian man who brought the Ebola virus into Nigerian, looked "terribly ill" and might have known he was infected with the virus before traveling to Nigeria, the Liberian media is reporting.

Airport video footage, according to the report, also showed Mr. Sawyer lying flat on his stomach on the floor in the corridor of the airport and seemed to be in "excruciating pain."

The paper said Mr. Sawyer vomited a few times among his friends in Liberian just before heading to the airport and also on the plane.
FrontPage Africa's publisher, Rodney Sieh, later told PREMIUM TIMES by telephone from the Liberian capital, Monrovia, that his paper's extensive reporting on the matter showed clearly Mr. Sawyer knew he had contacted the Ebola virus before travelling to Nigeria.

"He definitely knew he was sick and it was curious that he still decided to travel," Mr. Sieh said. "His sister had died from the virus and he most likely had contact with her."

The Aussie virologist blogger has added some data plots:

Then you have self centered assholes like this guy who decide if I'm going down I'm taking some folks with me...

403 Forbidden

Looking to get to the bottom of Sawyer's strange ailment on the Asky Airline flight, which Sawyer transferred on in Togo, hospital officials say, he was tested for both malaria and HIV AIDS. However, when both tests came back negative, he was then asked whether he had made contact with any person with the Ebola Virus, to which Sawyer denied. Sawyer's sister, Princess had died of the deadly virus on Monday, July 7, 2014 at the Catholic Hospital in Monrovia. On Friday, July 25, 2014, 18 days later, Sawyer died in Lagos.

Back in Lagos, authorities at the First Consultants Hospital in Obalende decided that despite Sawyer's denial, they would test him for Ebola, due to the fact that he had just arrived from Liberia, where there has been an outbreak of the disease with more than 100 deaths.

The hospital issued a statement this week stating that Sawyer was quarantined immediately after he was discovered to have been infected with the deadly virus. In addition, a barrier nursing was implemented around Sawyer and the Lagos State Ministry of Health was immediately notified. Hospital authorities also requested the Federal Ministry of Health for additional laboratory test based on its suspicion of Ebola.

FrontPageAfrica has now learned that upon being told he had Ebola, Mr. Sawyer went into a rage, denying and objecting to the opinion of the medical experts. "He was so adamant and difficult that he took the tubes from his body and took off his pants and urinated on the health workers, forcing them to flee.

Read more:

a poic subscriber!

Bank of New York-Managed Fund Loses 51% on Argentina Writedowns - Bloomberg

Bank of New York Mellon Corp. said a Brazil-based investment fund lost 51 percent of its net asset value because of writedowns on investments linked to Argentine government debt.

… it never tasted the same once they stopped using real cocaine.

… it never tasted the same once they stopped using real cocaine cane sugar. Fixed It For Ya

I have half a case of Mexican cola in glass bottles sitting the garage for the occasional cola craving. It's lasted a few months so far. BJ's had it for anyone looking - nothing like cola made with cane sugar instead of high fructose corn....

A truly scary thought: DHS is responsible for management of the facility.

I believe Plum Island is scheduled to be shut down. A proposed alternate site is in Kansas somewhere - where there's no risk of hoof and mouth disease affecting livestock Snark

Government Eyes Closing Plum Island in New Budget Proposal |

President’s Obama’s proposed budget for the next year allots $714 million to finish the construction of an animal disease testing facility in Kansas, which would take over the role of Plum Island Animal Disease Center and force the Cold War-era facility to close its doors permanently.

...The problem with assuming that the CDC will handle Ebola patients so that there's no possibility of spread is that CDC employees are human, and humans make mistakes...

How else do you explain the doctors and nurses who are being infected with Ebola - they know the risks, they know what preventative measures are needed to remain safe yet they got infected anyway. Either the virus has mutated so that it is easily transmitted in ways not thought possible or human error is the cause of their infection - or some combination of both.

Let's forget that most of airline increased profits come from all the fees they now charge (and increase).
Wasn't video conferencing, etc., (i.e., yet another wonderful "technology") supposed to mean less traveling was required?

Wanna bet a few more incidents involving ebola infected airplane passengers will put a dent in that?

Nigeria confirms doctor has Ebola, the country's second case

Sawyer, who was traveling to Nigeria on business, became ill while aboard a flight and Nigerian authorities immediately took him into isolation upon arrival in Lagos. They did not quarantine his fellow passengers, and have insisted that the risk of additional cases was minimal.

he confirmed second case in Nigeria is a doctor who had helped treat Patrick Sawyer, the Liberian-American man who died July 25 days after arriving in Nigeria from Liberia.

For burnside.

403 Forbidden

According to cogent information gathered by this paper, Rev. Brother Patrick Nshamdze, was tested positive after he supposedly came in contact with a patient who died from the virus.

Our information divulged that on the 17th of this month, his specimen was taken and the result, which came on the next day (July 18), proved negative.

Not being satisfied, the report further divulged, the ailing Catholic hospital director decided to seek further treatment abroad, but his trip was subjected to Ebola test.

It was based on this that he did another test on Tuesday, July 29, 2014, which proved positive, contrary to the first test he underwent.

It's contained, then ?


Ebola crisis: why is there bush meat in the UK? - Telegraph

Wild animals killed in the forest are an African delicacy known as bush meat, and many of these illegally-hunted creatures, including chimpanzees, gorillas, fruit bats, monkeys, forest antelope and porcupines, carry Ebola. Every year, 7,500 tonnes of bush meat is imported into Britain, according to wildlife charity the Born Free Foundation.
Food critic Charles Campion, who has investigated the sale of bush meat in London markets, says that African immigrants buy the black-market meats for a taste of home.

Mike, there was a press briefing last night. They're reporting she tested negative for ebola.

So did the Nigerian doctor who later died of ebola the first time they tested him.

Let's see how the quarantine goes...

A passenger from Sierra Leone died at London Gatwick airport, intensifying fears West Africa’s Ebola outbreak may reach Britain.

The 72-year-old woman, who was reportedly showing symptoms of vomiting and heavy sweating, collapsed on leaving a Gambia Bird jet, and later died in hospital.

The plane, with 128 passengers on board, was quarantined as officials traced those who had been in contact with the woman, although tests showed she did not have the virus, which has killed 256 people in Sierra Leone and a total of 826 across West Africa since February’s outbreak.

I believe I read a story the other day that said London had two hospital beds set up of Ebola quarantine.

NYC ME has ruled that a police chokehold was responsible for Eric Garner's death.

NYPD Chokehold Death a Homicide, Medical Examiner Rules - ABC News

The New York City Medical Examiner ruled that the cause of death was "compression of neck (choke hold), compression of chest, and prone positioning during physical restraint by police."

They said that acute and chronic bronchial asthma, obesity and hypersensitive cardiovascular disease were "contributing conditions" but still ruled the manner of death a "homicide."

It's the deadliest strain, says the man who discovered Ebola - The Times of India

Should countries be worried about importing it? India has started checking passengers for Ebola symptoms in its airports. Is that a right move?

With ever growing mobility of people and travel, it's not unlikely that people during the incubation period of Ebola - which is between 2 and 21 days after infection - may go to another country. Someone who has a full blown Ebola infection would not travel as they'd be too sick. The critical thing is to make sure that when you see a patient with the early symptoms of Ebola (like fever, headache, vomiting, diarrhoea, which are so common), is to ask 'where have you been in the last month?'

Some light reading for you EE

FrontPageAfrica - Sawyer’s Final Hours In Lagos: ‘Indiscipline’, Rage, Strange


he hospital issued a statement this week stating that Sawyer was quarantined immediately after he was discovered to have been infected with the deadly virus. In addition, a barrier nursing was implemented around Sawyer and the Lagos State Ministry of Health was immediately notified. Hospital authorities also requested the Federal Ministry of Health for additional laboratory test based on its suspicion of Ebola.

FrontPageAfrica has now learned that upon being told he had Ebola, Mr. Sawyer went into a rage, denying and objecting to the opinion of the medical experts. “He was so adamant and difficult that he took the tubes from his body and took off his pants and urinated on the health workers, forcing them to flee .

The hospital would later report that it resisted immense pressure to let out Sawyer from its hospital against the insistence from some higher-ups and conference organizers that he had a key role to play at the ECOWAS convention in Calabar, the Cross River State capital. In fact, FrontPageAfrica has been informed that officials in Monrovia were in negotiations with ECOWAS to have Sawyer flown back to Liberia.

A text message in possession of FrontPageAfrica from the ECOWAS Ambassador in Liberia, responding to a senior GoL official reads: Your Excellency, the disease control department of the Federal Ministry of Health just contacted me through the hospital now, insisting that Mr. Sawyer be evacuated for now. Pls advise urgently.”

If Ebola has it's way with us here in the US there will be plenty of extra light vehicles laying around just for the asking. You may need to rinse them out though...

why when robots will soon be doing so much of the work? no need for people on freight trains, driverless trucks, robots doing more manufacturing work, more of surgeries performed, etc.

Robots don't consume. People do.

There was a 'gentleman' in the news this week not taking medication for tuberculosis, and evidently not willing either to maintain his medication or restrict his contact with others.

That was actually back in April or May and they ended up jailing him for a few days after which he was released. After his release (when he was no longer deemed contagious) his daily dose of meds were taken under supervision from someone from the dept or heath or some such to ensure he followed through.

O is talking about acting on his own to get the money to bring more 'child migrants' into the U.S.

Need population growth to spur growth in the economy. Fighting the demographic pig moving through the python.

meanwhile we have Zombie houses

‘Zombie Homes’ Without Owners Forgotten By Banks « CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Homes left in limbo without owners and forgotten by banks, known as “zombie houses,” are causing serious issues for neighbors in the Bronx and the suburbs, CBS 2’s Lou Young reported.
The rundown, ramshackle wrecks are the physical remnants of the sub-prime mortgage bubble that neighbors say is a problem, but no one’s business.

In 2006, a local finance company made the initial loan of $360,000 with the home as collateral. The financecompany involved then sold the mortgage to a major New York bank which bundled it and sold it to a finance company in West Palm Beach, Fla. Then, the bubble burst and Palmer lost the house.
It became a “zombie” due to the fact that the bank never fully foreclosed on the property.
“They stop short of foreclosure because they don’t want to be responsible for the maintenance of the property, and that really causes havoc on a community,” Sen. Jeffrey Klein said.

Anniversary 9-11 is coming up in just over a month!

I guess that's why NYC is having a mock bio-terror drill today. The helicopters and sirens outside have been endless.

Today, NYC Agencies Conducting Huge "No-Notice" Anthrax Emergency Drill : Gothamist

The biological agent the various agencies will be preparing for is anthrax. According to the Daily News, "Preparing for the possibility of a biological attack, the workers — aware they’re participating in a drill — will respond to calls starting at 5:30 a.m. and scramble to set up 30 sites around the five boroughs, handing out drugs to combat the deadly agent...Fake doses of antibiotics cipro and doxycycline will be rushed in under NYPD escort from warehouses at secret locations in the region. Officials will set up distribution points at 30 different spots, mostly public school buildings, staffed by multi-lingual workers who will urge visitors to pick up free medications for themselves and at least five other people."

The CDC has a great track record with keeping deadly viruses under control. Nothing to see here...

I'm glad my kid opted not to go to GaTech....

Can't quickly find the date of travel for the US citizen who died from ebola in Nigeria, but his travel date was around 7/22. So it will be close to a month before an 'all clear' from that potential route of transmission can be called, or around the third week of August.

‘He Could Have Brought Ebola Here’: Minnesota Widow on Her Husband - The Daily Beast

Patrick fell manifestly ill on July 20 during the 6-hour, 40-minute journey via two flights on ASKY Airlines, from Monrovia to Lomé in Togo and on to Lagos, where he was scheduled to attend an economic development conference. He collapsed at the Lagos airport and was placed in isolation at First Consultants Hospital in Obalende, a high-density neighborhood in the teeming city.

After Patrick’s death on July 25, the hospital was evacuated and quarantined for a week to allow decontamination. The 44 people with whom he was known to have had contact at the hospital—38 health-care workers and six lab techs—either were isolated or monitored, depending on the exposure. Also being monitored are 15 people he encountered at the airport, reportedly including the Nigerian ambassador to Liberia.

Nigerian officials were unable to check who might have been exposed on the two ASKY flights, as the airline inexplicably had failed to provide passenger lists. ASKY did suspend all service to Liberia and to Sierra Leone, which also has reported numerous Ebola cases.