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Somehow Leonard Cohen's "Everybody Knows" always seems appropriate to threads like this.

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows that the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That's how it goes
Everybody knows
Everybody knows that the boat is leaking
Everybody knows that the captain lied
Everybody got this broken feeling
Like their father or their dog just died

YouTube - Leonard Cohen - Everybody knows (original studio version)

16 F here in Madison, MS. I moved here from Denver to get away from this kind of weather. Rant Had to build an expedient heated shelter yesterday for our cat that would not burn down the house. Appears to have worked.

Saw "The Wolf of Wall Street" yesterday. Highly entertaining and superb acting by DiCaprio as well as many others. Lots of raunchy humor and enough sex to qualify as a decent soft porn flick Sexy not to mention a great story that is very accurate as to what actually happened, such as the yacht sinking. +10. Don't miss it.

Worth a look. Definitely kinda sorta O/T as it does relate to real estate AND getting screwed Wink

Suit: Real estate agents used Wayne home for sex -

I suspect this is much more common than one would expect from the esteemed practitioners of real estate marketing.

Comrade Kristina,
I sent you an email this AM. I'm looking for info on Apalacicola. Hoping for a reply. Thx.

Let's not forget inflation. I'd guess that if we were to apply a factor relative to gas/diesel or food or health care we'd not even be close to a new high. BTW what's up with the 2700 "armored vehicles" and the 1.2 billion rounds of ammo the government is procuring. Things are not going to end well. Glad I'm 68! Back to the shadows.

So.....I'm guessing that Michigan Sentiment will be at least 105.66. Screw that fiscal cliff BS!

A new meaning for "fast and furious?"

Closing banks ahead of a 3rd debate and two weeks out from an election doesn't seem like a particularly well thought out move.

I really hope I'm wrong on this.

So when did Paul Ryan become a Presidential Candidate?

More hokus pokus bullshit.

Where's the BFF for 8/31/2012?

I'm going to wait and see how duke votes just in case I have to be a tie breaker.

He was definitely younger than I was. It very well could have been early 80's. Both decades are kind of a blur. Currently Smoking Cannibis Ya know "drugs, sex rock & roll" Smile Evil Smile

I actually did several Robbins firewalks in Denver in the late 70's. Quite a liberating experience at the time. No regrets, no burns.

Way to go steinly!!! I hope it holds up for you.

15 in the batter's box... whoops he's out!!!

Indeed! It's really quite simple. War and stirring up shit has been economic policy of this country for the last 60+ years

Thought for the day.

"Think of how stupid the average person is.........
and realize that half of them are stupider than that."

George Carlin

Quoteth: Ezekiel 23:20 !!!!!

Google confirmeth that you speaketh the truth.

Paging Pavel....

It would seem that this prediction is officially over with today's close @ 1351.95. I'm amazed a bunch of regulars didn't pile on this one in the last few days. Congrats to Sardonic!! We good Smile

Do you remember the "good ol' days" when 7 was a reasonable bet that actually did occur once in awhile?

** WTF2 **

Let the record reflect my vote is cast for ZERO (Innocent

steelhead wrote:Tebow needs to reassess his on the field behavior. It would be to his advantage to tone down his actions and take his faith based exhibitions private.

Well said.
Based on today's game one could conclude gawd doesn't give a shit one way or the other.
Sorry Pavel.

Those morons going berserk for f No one 17 and under admitted g over priced shoes should be sterilized and deported. Imagine how they're going to behave when we have the inevitable disruption in food supplies or an energy crisis.It won't be pretty for many innocent bystanders. Maybe there's an upside to all these local police departments gearing up for open warfare on citizens with their military grade toys.

Way off topic. Today is my 67th birthday (or my 30th for the 37th time). Have been reflecting on how much this country ain't the same one as I was born into. I guess we're all in that particular boat. Will be going out to dinner (the restaurant index will no doubt show a seismic shift). Will probably spend a great deal more than I made in an entire month as a newly minted draftee in the summer of '65. As my wife and I are apt to say these days, "it's a good time to be old." That is all.....back to the regularly scheduled commenting.

Good gawd, what a nerve wracking day in the markets. I hope my heart rate returns to normal before BFF starts. Snark

Nice last minute sell-off. Just a tremor in anticipation of "the big one".

RE: the Oakland tear gassing. I can't help but think the "serve and protect" crowd are nothing more than goons and thugs.Like I said a few weeks back... we're flirting with a Kent State moment coming to a city near all of us.

Anyone think this withdrawal of troops from Iraq by year's end might have anything to do with concerns about civil unrest here in the Homeland?

Footnote: If the officers and board of directors of a corporation pursued a course of action based on lies and half truths that ultimately resulted in 4400 deaths, thousands of injuries and the squandering of nearly a trillion dollars of stockholders' equity, do you think there might be a few lawsuits filed concerning wrongful death, breach of fiduciary duty, etc, etc, etc. I'd imagine they'd be sued into the next century.

Resuming regular broadcast.....Today the FDIC closed ______ banks in an unexpected action to save somebody's ass.

Just goes to show "you can't fool all of the people all of the time." I suppose now the FDIC will lay off of the banks today to revive our sagging spirits and boost sentiment.

Placing this bet aboard the Caribbean Princess (which is really crowded!!) enroute to NYC from Halifax, NS.

I hope his letters make very loud noises when opened. Just sayin.

@ mock turtle re protest video

Outrageous. That piece of shit thug cop should have his nuts crushed.....s l o w l y.

I think it's only a matter of time before we start seeing Kent State moments again in "the land of the free".

My choice of impact would be the private residences of any members of Congress that are home at the time. Throw in the Supreme Cout as well for good measure.

The current New Hi/New Low numbers today are telling. At the moment 85/1048. I don't think I've ever seen over a thousand new lows on any given day. That's 25% of all the NYSE listed stocks. Quite a few must have been hovering near their yearly low prior to today's bloodletting. But America's best days are just ahead according to all our aspiring would be presidents. Can they really be that fucking stupid or dishonest? OK! Yes they are.

I sure wish Jas Jain was still around on a day like this. CSC and a few others as well.

Does anyone here smell a rat? Five days running the futures have been in the red, sometimes drastically, prior to the open and voila, at the open there is a surge into the green, all in the face of not so good economic news. My Head Just Exploded

Should be good for a nice green up day for the anointed upper 0.1%. I'm waiting for a new campaign slogan to emerge.
"Fuck the other 99.9% You got that congress?"