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AlleyCat wrote:

Americans need JOBS. snark:

Jobs that pay for health-care, education, and housing, without incurring massive debt, would be nice.

KidPsych wrote:

We pulled a movie from 18,000 theaters.

It's probably not a very good movie, and the hype may sell a lot of DVD's and Blu-ray disks.

adornosghost wrote:

put some heat on Rubio, who must explain why he doesn't want them to visit family in Cuba.

Plus, the number of folks who would like to buy and develop property Cuba, may exceed those who hold claim to property lost in the revolution.

sum luk wrote:

… Swiss: Yo, want to hold your money in a safe place ? …. there's a fee for that.

Ohhh..! I thought they were paying .25% on money they lend out.

Cinco-X wrote:

:gasp!: but that won't happen before this poll closes...

OK, Saban hospitalized, in a suspected stroke....

Cinco-X wrote:

like that...

Or Buckeyes beat 'Bama in the semi's...

Cinco-X wrote:

something would really need to happen...

A russian bank goes into default, due to missed payment from an oil speculator, triggering a CDS, that AIG does not have money set aside for?

S&P 500 (^GSPC)
1,987.50 Down 14.83(0.74%)

Dang it! Did Yellen raise rates, talk about raising rates, or just THINK about raising rates?

dilbert dogbert wrote:

Who were the smartest people in the room when the loans were given?

Goldman who took their cut, up front.

Yoringe wrote:

Don't vote 'wrong' way, EU's Juncker urges Greeks

You would not want them to get the wrong ideas.

The Great Icelandic Jubilee - The Reykjavik Grapevine

Outsider wrote:

Where is he...

Scouting out the lady-boys in Thailand, I heard.

Ed S. wrote:

When the odds are 82 million to 1 but the jackpot is (for example) $160mm, the odds are in your favor.

Except, not. If they sell 300mm tickets.

Firemane wrote:

The kind of people who speculate

Everyone speculates. Even mattress stuffers, who speculate that inflation won't dissolve assets.

If free money drives all bubbles, then the last 5 years should have been nothing BUT bubbles.

Fear V. Greed.

JP wrote:

Russia's central bank hikes rate

Got Popcorn?

Doc Holiday wrote:

people that risked their lives to protect you

Thanks, but no thanks. I don't need sadistic cunts torturing in my name. Only yellow-bellied cowards and tin-pot dictators need this kind of service.

adornosghost wrote:

Russia, if they did this, are geniuses.

Unless a lack of oil revenue causes a Russian debt default...

dilbert dogbert wrote:

The pilots of those planes are dead.

And OBL too. A deed Cheaney was in no hurry to complete as it might impact his plans for Iraq, and some lucrative Haliburton no-bid contracts.

dilbert dogbert wrote:

accounting in the movie industry have been a joke for decades

Yeah, but now there is evidence to the fraud. I wonder if any of those who had contracts to be paid net, use it to support a civil suit?

According to MPAA accounting, the few minutes TPB was offline generated 5.6 billion dollars in sales.

dilbert dogbert wrote:

it would be better for all if Germany left.

But German banks want to get paid on their loans out to the deadbeats. Is the global financial system now robust enough to take a UBS BK? Or would the EU monetary authority or the FED end up buying that debt?

josap wrote:

Details, details.

LEO's are REALLY sensitive about at all the public outrage, I notice.

josap wrote:

The guy with the cig is can't afford to argue.

Well, not NOW. He's dead.

Poll: Americans back charges in Eric Garner death

Wilberforce wrote:

Word is that the Sony hacking scandal led to the raid of TPB and eztv.

I believe that is possible. What else are you going to send those off-shore profits on, other than EU raids?

How does SONY book a negative P/E when their studio films are getting a 50-60% ROI?

Access Denied

Sony Hacking Reveals Profit Surprises You Never Saw Coming - YouTube

Perhaps some taxmen should take a look at that, instead of cracking down on a guy selling individual cigarettes.

It looks like they sure save a lot on IT.

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How does SONY book a negative P/E when their studio films are getting a 50-60% ROI?

Access Denied

Sony Hacking Reveals Profit Surprises You Never Saw Coming - YouTube

Anyone else see that Sony has a 50% profit margin on movie productions? Andy yet likely book a loss on each one?

Sony Hacking Reveals Profit Surprises You Never Saw Coming - YouTube

lawyerliz wrote:

a really truly much better method of predicting market moves

Ask the HFT bots... Any truly effective method, would be factored out as a result by now. And the best minds from academia, are writing code for Goldman...

sm_landlord wrote:

interest rates...

Do vintage cars provide a better return? I expect that NOT raising rates, will at some point lead to more mal-investment, a another bubble and a crash. Hopefully the Fed will step in and keep vintage car prices stable.

Yoringe wrote:

I personaly like " Castle"

One of my guilty pleasures. True Detective now... that's just good TV.

sm_landlord wrote:

Let's see what happens once Holder is out the door.

You expect a "change?"

Bubblisimo Gerkinov wrote:

Sealing season is over ... we're all hibernating.

Listening to Rush, watching Trailer Park Boys, drinking a Molson, and rooting for the Leafs?

skk wrote:

O poor fellow.

I wonder where he stands on the Keystone pipeline?

Jackdawracy wrote:

Not really sure why an apology was in order...

If Fresno is the armpit, what is Detroit?

yuan wrote:

Socialism is coming...


Not if Rupert Murdoch or the Koch Bros. have anything to say about it.

josap wrote:

The insurance co said...

Do they have a 911 number?

JP wrote:

I'll take the under.

CoreLogic 5.2%

Well, with lower gas prices and a drop in spending during the holiday season, of course a new house is where the proceeds should go.

Comrade Janošik wrote:

Santa may finally bring us the Dooooooooooooooom!!! that HCN has been waiting for!

TBTF CEOs behind bars?

robj wrote:

All prayers are answered

You ain't kidding.

Another Bama turnover would be nice.

Oman wrote:

A two hour drive through hell away.....

BAC still got their bailout...

energyecon wrote:

only if the resulting credit events put systemically important financial institutions as risk

You don't think that the banks might be financing oil extraction?

Mike_PNW wrote:

I could see 40

Demand would have to collapse quite a bit for that to happen. But that might be good for retail?

Drove from Austin to Nashville, and down to Tampa. More truck traffic than I have seen in a LONG time. Except for Fla. Just a lot of rain.


That is quite a multiple of inflation and interest rates.

Sebastian wrote:

throw it into the pile with all the other bullish indicators.

I don't care how many times it's repeated or how many unimportant pieces of data get quoted to support it, weakness in housing (and related credit markets) isn't as significant as it's being made out to be.

There is considerable knowledge and understanding of housing and the mortgage market on this board, no question. It's just not the only factor involved in accurate economic forecasting, or even the most significant one.

Unfortunately, there's no fast or easy way to get up to speed on economic forecasting. It just takes time and effort to find data with genuine forecasting ability, and more time and effort to understand how the different pieces interact.

Recent comments by Sebastian | Hoocoodanode?

I see. So as soon as any indicator goes bullish, it is suddenly significant. And if it goes negative, well then, not so important.

vtcodger wrote:

(Don't ask what eventually happened to GM)

They had their hand in the CDS till?

Comrade Kristina wrote:

not quite 2 hours

That would be outside my comfort zone for a commute...

Comrade Kristina wrote:

the long drive

How long?

Comrade Gibbon wrote:

Wall Street expectations.

Aren't those usually set by the comments of the CEO?

robj wrote:

Fables of the Reconstruction and Life's Rich Pageant are two big favorites of mine.

Automatic for the People is is pretty fantastic as a single album.

R.E.M. - Automatic for the People - Full album. - YouTube