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poicv2.0 wrote:

Blackhalo investment purchase

Yeah, my GE put is not looking so good.

Jackdawracy wrote:

You know how a stock of a company often goes up after they axe a bunch of employees?

TPP fast track...

U.S. Coalition for TPP – About

poicv2.0 wrote:


Damn drunk-posters!

Be sure to Uber a ride home...

Wilberforce wrote:

Anyone been inside a Forever 21 or H&M store?

I don't have spinners nor neon on my vehicle either...

poicv2.0 wrote:

My commodity stocks have a mild but discernible heart beat as of today.

Poic plays with energy stocks:

Cinco-X wrote:

"good news"

I'd think CRE reaching some kind of natural equilibrium, would be preferable to boom/bust.

Citizen AllenM wrote:

Arizona is getting poorer, and yet the economic miracle of low taxes has done nothing but further tank an ailing education system in the state.

But the Sun City folks, don't need to pay for educations...

barfly wrote:

Krugman, Reich, Sanders are against it, that's good enough for me.

Lets take a coffee break

That Larry Summers supports it, is bad enough for me.

Cinco-X wrote:

sound business principles.

That sounds like a recipe for getting bought out by Bain Capital.

Jackdawracy wrote:

which robot takes over for the employer

HFT's are already making an awful lot of investment decisions. I wonder if one could reverse engineer an HFT and create the most appealing stock/business possible?

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

The man they call Jayne...

Helicopter drops of Cash, and no, I dont need a receipt ?

Bubblisimo Gerkinov wrote:

An overabundance of artisans.

Fixed It For Ya

energyecon wrote:


"A better policy would be a better mix of monetary, fiscal, and other policies. The fact that the Fed is the only game in town means the Fed has to do too much."

Damn Keynesians!

arthur_dent wrote:

says more about global growth

Hey! Hands-off the shades. Rose Colored Glasses

Wilberforce wrote:

Ole Miss probably has at least 3 Top-10 NFL draft picks.

Ohio State too. But 3 QB's...

yuan wrote:

treated like parasitic excrement in the USA.

Unhappy Teachers Are Leaving Kansas in Droves - The Atlantic

Kansans are dumb, and getting dumber.

Yoringe wrote:

0.5 GB?

I use less that that in data a month. $10/GB under fi

Wilberforce wrote:

it took about 5 minutes to order my unlocked Nexus 6P with Sprint CDMA and TMobile GSM compatibility.

I LOVE my Google FI. Came with a case a 5000 mA charger and decent headphone for free too! 25$ a month, for using less than .5 GB...

RE wrote:

Please clarify...

Please put bearly and RD on ignore...

It does no good to :dick-slap: them, as you only end up with shitty hands.

sm_landlord wrote:

Oil fundamentals seem to have improved as well.

I sure hope poic added to his position. BtFD

NateTG wrote:

Everybody's ZIRPin' it.

"ZIRPin' For You"

Home in the valley
Home in the city
Home isn't pretty
Ain't no home for me

Home in the darkness
Home on the highway
Home isn't my way
Home will never be

ZIRP out the day
ZIRP out the night
I can't see no reason to put up a fight
I'm living for giving the devil his due

And I'm ZIRPing, I'm ZIRPing, I'm ZIRPing for you
I'm ZIRPing, I'm ZIRPing, I'm ZIRPing for you

Time is the essence
Time is the season
Time ain't no reason
Got no time to slow

Time everlasting
Time to play B-sides
Time ain't on my side
Time I'll never know

ZIRP out the day
ZIRP out the night
I'm not the one to tell you what's wrong or what's right
I've seen suns that were freezin' and lives that were through

Well I'm ZIRPing, I'm ZIRPing, I'm ZIRPing for you
I'm ZIRPing, I'm ZIRPing, I'm ZIRPing for you

ZIRP out the day
ZIRP out the night
I can't see no reason to put up a fight
I'm living for giving the devil his due

And I'm ZIRPing, I'm ZIRPing, I'm ZIRPing for you
I'm ZIRPing, I'm ZIRPing, I'm ZIRPing for you

Blue Oyster Cult: Burnin' For You - YouTube

arthur_dent wrote:

an end finally to the CB money bonanza.

Snark I hope.


sm_landlord wrote:

Yeah, I guess this at least rules out an October rate hike.

It's a shame really. October surprise has such a nice ring to it.

Lobbyist Ben Dover wrote:

we seem to hate business in our country.

Yeah our per capita GDP must suck.

List of countries by GDP (PPP) per capita - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Lobbyist Ben Dover wrote:

Outsourcing, Tech and robotics will continue to grow.

So HR, VC, or STEM you say?

sum luk wrote:

... yo, spx back above 5 dma ~ seriously

Front-running QE4?

MikeCLT wrote:

when you start building things in North Carolina.

They make great furniture.

Bubblisimo Gerkinov wrote:

"Good shit."

The study did find that patients in the cannabis group had an increased rate of mild to moderate side-effects .. headache, nausea, drowsiness and dizziness...


lawyerliz wrote:

Not so much. Perhaps you are quite picky.

Perhaps you are not picky enough?

yuan wrote:

Instead of wasting tax-payer money in emergency rooms? Definitely.

Why do I have doubts that hospitals would pass on the ER savings, if the number of uninsured drops...


sum luk wrote:

... last seen wandering around K Street

I hear he and Boehner are getting the old band back together.

Jackdawracy wrote:

...dint Cantor get neutered?

I sure don't see him in the news as much...

yuan wrote:

lol! population growth in the usa is 40-50% lower today than it was twenty years ago.

The slope over the last decade seems to beat your estimate.

Unless you are Danish.

‘Do it for Denmark!’ campaign wants Danes to have more sex. A lot more sex. - The Washington Post

S&P 500




Got Your DOW 10K Hat? Got Your DOW 10K Hat? that's quite a trick.

NAZ 4K though, I'd expect a lot more people in the "Who's online."

Jackdawracy wrote:

What kind of gat is worth $4 billion?

The one pointed at your revolving debt, just waiting for Janet to pull the trigger?

lawyerliz wrote:

U 1 is unemployed more than 15 weeks. That's only about 2%. That is not horrible.

Only a 39% chance of finding work in the first 15 weeks after the initial claim...

I'd guess the close U1 to U3, the better.

RE wrote:

You are either dumb as a post or a pathological liar.

False choice fallacy! Clearly there is a third option.

RE wrote:

I know you struggled with percent of GDP.

RD is quite good at cherry-picking numbers.

yuan wrote:

When Killary or Bidet is inevitable selected...

Hillary Clinton
Sept 41%
July 59%

Anyone but Hilary, is gaining fast, despite all the union and insider endorsements.

National Education Association Says ‘Bernie Can’t Win’: We Will Endorse Hillary: Members Furious

And Bernie is getting close on the fundraising, while spending 1/4 as much.

Plus, as someone here pointed out earlier. CNN polls have no one under 50 in them.

Jackdawracy wrote:

I for one don't want to see 244 pounds of Huck sweating up and down a pole, angling for political tips

Make it rain!

josap wrote:

Oops, Atlanta Fed’s GDP Forecast Suddenly Plunges

Oil would not be this low, for this long, if a slowdown was not in the works.

Paradigm Lost wrote:

It's an OUTRAGE, I tell ya! AN OUTRAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1