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dilbert dogbert wrote:

Stay Away!

I wish you crazy gypsy hippies would stay there.

arthur_dent wrote:

nothing to do with economic data

The beliefs being WHICH data is most relevant?

Firemane wrote:

I got a 2%

Hmm. I got 1.3, and decided to explore other options.

arthur_dent wrote:

inflation almost right at target, growth proceeding as planned, safe to normalize rates.

If only wages were growing at 1.7%.

energyecon wrote:

Dear glod in heaven but you all so deserve each other...

Meh. I'm just killing time until 11PM tomorrow.

Belmont wrote:

All that deflation and no place to go?

European Central Bank Considering Buying Corporate Bonds as an Option - WSJ - WSJ

That, in turn, should boost economic activity and inflation. Consumer prices in the eurozone were up 0.3% from prior-year levels in September, far below the ECB’s target of just below 2%.

I'm guessing the goal is to change the math in favor of corps borrowing, and buying back shares?

Outsider wrote:

cash buyers out there, they don't care about rates.

I'd argue that they do. In that, if they can get a higher return on a 10-year T, than the return on buying houses an renting them out, they would.

Outsider wrote:

There's a city called Rising Sun?

I thought it was just a house in New Orleans.

curious wrote:

a state charter was applied for and approved in June 2002

All national banks and savings institutions are chartered and regulated by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.

State bank - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Those guys must hard to get along with.

Vonbek777 wrote:

Patient ‘Screened’ For Ebola At Baylor, Testing Not Confirmed « CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

azurite wrote:

It's a mistake to lump together people who are anti-GMO w/people who oppose vaccination of their children.

What about glutenphopbes and climate science deniers?

lawyerliz wrote:

Biden's son got kicked out of military for testing positive for cocaine.

If only the testing of Congress and Wall St. were as rigorous.

Wisdom Seeker wrote:

Janet might have enough of a conscience that she can't deliver handouts without having to take some action in the other direction, even if it's just giving a speech.

But isn't what's good for that banks, good for the peeps?

Wisdom Seeker wrote:

Seb earns his bragging rights again.

That does not sound right.

Nemo wrote:

Maybe the Fed could help by lowering interest rates

Perhaps you should let up on that horse?

He's Dead, Jim ! - YouTube

Wilberforce wrote:

punitive top and estate tax rates.

I don't even think they need to be punitive. Even on par with the effective overall tax on J6P would be a bit of relief.

Mitt Romney's effective tax rate is very low: Most economists think it should be.

Wilberforce wrote:

Sherman and Clayton antitrust acts.

Y U H8 Comcast?

Speed wrote:

unions did the dirty work.

Or the bolsheveks

Bill Gates on Capital in the Twenty-First Century

I very much agree with Piketty that:

High levels of inequality are a problem—messing up economic incentives, tilting democracies in favor of powerful interests, and undercutting the ideal that all people are created equal.
Capitalism does not self-correct toward greater equality—that is, excess wealth concentration can have a snowball effect if left unchecked.
Governments can play a constructive role in offsetting the snowballing tendencies if and when they choose to do so.

Speed wrote:

Nobody wants to say "taxes".

How about class-warfare or wealth redistribution?

sebastians_dad wrote:

given that the Ebola screw-up happened at a private for-pay hospital in Texas.

What do you want to bet that the Doc and Nurse airlifted to CDC Atlanta, have a better outcome than patient zero and nurse at the for-profit establishment?

dilbert dogbert wrote:

"I'm from Wall Street and I'm here to help you invest your retirement money till it is all gone"?

Y U H8 2 & 20?

JP wrote:

Oh well, off to the bit mines

Meh, Just finished my 2 weeks notice. I had 3 offers from folks in orgs less systemically dysfunctional. I think I'll take a 2 mos sabbatical first.

Outsider wrote:

We are not Russia!

Can't tell if snark, or really uneasy at the nature of the English language to adopt words.

But what else would you use to describe the head of a mammoth pogrom to address a specific issue.

Foreign Language words used in English Language

Rajesh wrote:

more than 70 health workers

Uh... That seems high. How are these workers being compensated for these limits, I wonder?

Mike in Long Island wrote:

being selfish and embracing denial as a coping mechanism.

Y U H8 Capitalism?

Outsider wrote:

the last time we'll see 70F for months.

Aren't you in some crazy place like Maine?

I just hiked over 2,000 miles from Georgia to Maine. This is my face and body before and after the hike. : pics

The high was, hands-down, the entire state of Maine, especially the Hundred Mile Wilderness and Mount Katahdin. I only got home yesterday, so I still owe a lot more detail on that last section.

bearly wrote:

His experts are dumbshits, but we already knew that.

This you?

JP wrote:

Insiders expect that the final regulations will be more relaxed than those originally proposed

I might be awkward to those who already have an extensive MBS book, if new, a new, higher quality product were introduced.

emergency hotdog wrote:

how many gates do they have there?

Almost all of them?

Analysts say Southwest will maintain its monopoly on Love, operating over 90 percent of the capacity out of Dallas

Southwest added seven nonstops today and will add another eight nonstop routes Nov. 2. San Francisco and Oakland will be added to the nonstop list in January. Virgin America, which moved its operations from DFW to Love Field today, launched four new nonstops from Love Field.

When through ticketing was introduced in 2006 -- allowing Southwest to sell tickets on flights that left Love Field, stopped in a Wright-approved state like New Mexico, and then continued on to Los Angeles -- the Dallas-based carrier had to convince Tarrant County residents to drive past DFW to fly out of Love Field.

Southwest Chief Executive Gary Kelly said internal company research shows that some already do, as the airline increased its one-stop flight offerings. Through ticketing generates $250 million to $300 million annually for Southwest.

Love Field is finally operating without Wright Amendment curbs

emergency hotdog wrote:

diabetes and heart disease are much greater threat

But those risks can be mitigated with diet, exercise and good genes.

emergency hotdog wrote:

i don't think that airport is even in their top 5 flight # wise.

And the Wright Amendment was a key reason for that.

Southwest begins launching a slew of new non-stops to coveted destinations. Best of all, it's been offering tickets for these flights at rock-bottom prices to entice a new generation of business travelers.

emergency hotdog wrote:

luv is up almost 60% ytd.

the amendment was repealed but left some restrictions intact until October 13, 2014

Wright Amendment - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hackman wrote:

Who's the first casualty?


Bad Dawg Bobby wrote:

As if we had a choice.

The kicking, screaming and gnashing of teeth from that cohort, should be interesting.

Rob Dawg wrote:

The retirement age boomers are going to have to consume less...

I find it hard to believe they have signed up for a more spartan lifestyle.

Comrade Scott wrote:

All I can think is it was too expensive

Penny-wise, pound foolish.

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

Deflation is baked in at a demographic level.

Huh? Can you explain that?

Rajesh wrote:

If you're applying for a mortgage, you're not a saver.

Hey, hey, hey... one could make the argument that, if you pay on a mortgage instead of rent you are building equity and indeed "saving."

Yoringe wrote:

Fake Pig, he?

Tongue-tied and twisted, just an earth-bound misfit, I

YouTube - PINK FLOYD - Learning To Fly (original video)

energyecon wrote:

they have hired a PR firm.

Because the problem is clearly a bad image, and not bad management? It's probably the all fault of that one dead patient, for showing up in their ER.

YouTube - BP - We're Sorry

EngineerJim wrote:

I don't think every hospital in the country

One would hope that any hospital would have an ICU that could handle a single patient.

SPOOL wrote:

The C.D.C. is laying a giant egg.

Ever seen a small business run by a Doctor or Dentist? I expect a government agency headed by medical professionals to have almost the same level of success.

Antipodes wrote:

but not in a strong economy.

Or NZ.

BarleyReturns wrote:

Airlines flight 1143 Cleveland to Dallas/Fort Worth on Oct. 13

Was that Nemo's flight?

lawyerliz wrote:

Any suggesions?


JP wrote:

Damn youngins.

Yeah my earliest political memory is watching Gerald R. Ford getting sworn in, and thinking it was a TV game show, and hoping the ugly guy did not win. Apparently he won.