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Antipodes wrote:

Secretive Deal Isn’t About Trade...

Duh! It's mostly about getting China (and others) to respect US "intellectual property." Lest they develop some disruptive technology in the absence of the shackles of software patents, and eternal copyrights.

Anonymous Bosch wrote:

inane blather

You really need to step it up, if you ever hope to reach poic levels of discourse. Needs more fart jokes.

JP wrote:

That's not so much a money-market fund as an intelligence test.

AND... it's gone.

Ed S. wrote:

the annual operating expense is 71 basis points

Wow! That's pretty steep for a money-market fund that is not FDIC insured. But I guess bankers gotta bank. I try to make sure I keep zero cash in my trading accounts.

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

The IRS is finally getting tech-savvy!? Nothing like a good shakedown!

The IRS does not make dunning phone calls. They don't need to. They just hit your bank account directly.

I Befriended A Scam Artist - Album on Imgur

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:


Which came fist? Cold Turkey

Anonymous Bosch wrote:

I'd add... unarmed... people in the back.

But he was coming right at us Jimbo!

So, we can bring up FIFA on RICO, but not TBTF currency market manipulators? Perhaps the EU should look in to prosecuting those in the US where we don't have the political will to do so?

robj wrote:

If you're going to go to hell, you might as well go whole hog

josap wrote:

Do you walk through the store collecting odd beers?

Are you partial to Bud Light?

John Oliver - Bud Light - YouTube

robj wrote:

Ass-tros win; Ass-tros win!

I guess it's better to get swept in the world series, than to not make it there at all....

skk wrote:

Anybody used ? or bought online ? Experiences ?

Where is JD when you need him?

josap wrote:

Prada Handbags

That mysterious world of fashion that only makes sense to women, and the gays. Well, I guess some of the Wall St. and D.C. types too, with their custom suits, and silk ties but I think that is largely fueled by cocaine.

sm_landlord wrote:

You should be able to hear the wailing of the Fedlinologists as they scramble for analysis meat this summer.

How is the plutocracy to make their will know to the Fed, if Yellen does not partake in the ceremonial festivities? She's not skipping out on Davos too, is she?

robj wrote:

befuddle Kruggles

Talk about a short trip...

robj wrote:

What underwear, AB? Who do you think I am--bearly?

Calvin Klein?

JP wrote:

If you're gonna have corporate personhood...

Get taxed at the top marginal rate like everyone else?

Anonymous Bosch wrote:

Maybe they should use Amtrak.

Isn't that Joe Biden's schtick?

Gold drops almost 2 percent as dollar rally continues - Yahoo Finance

Now that is just absurd. EU and Yen folks must really be seeking currency yield. Or just borrowing Euros and buying Dollars.

Antipodes wrote:

Is Huckabee in the running?


Jeb Bush 13
Ben Carson 13
Scott Walker 11
Mike Huckabee 10
Marco Rubio 9
Rand Paul 7
Chris Christie 6
Ted Cruz 6
Donald Trump 4
John Kasich 2
Rick Perry 2
Rick Santorum 2
Carly Fiorina 1
Bobby Jindal 1
Lindsey Graham -
George Pataki -
Other (vol.) 1
None of the above (vol.) 3
Unsure 10

WH2016: Republicans

- NY Times

The difference matters in places with large numbers of people who cannot vote legally, including immigrants who are here legally but are not citizens; unauthorized immigrants; children; and prisoners.

Uh, what's that about a 3/5ths compromise?

Paradigm Lost wrote:

Nope. It looks innerestin', tho.

Ripe for an update using Hipsters, instead of Swingers...

KidPsych wrote:

women are obligated to give it up to their husband whenever and wherever they want it.

So you saw last weeks Game of Thrones too?

Viewers Are Quitting 'Game Of Thrones' After That Controversial Scene

Paradigm Lost wrote:

Even the justification was sick, sick, sick.

Did you ever see "Eating Raoul"?

Paul Bartel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Paradigm Lost wrote:

I remember that one.

I remember reading the short story first, which was quite good. I think it was in the same collection as Stand by Me and Shawshank. I recall being a bit disappointed by the adaptation, except for the Richard Dawson performance.


Nope one of the Bachman books.

The Running Man (novel) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

JP wrote:

TWC-Charter Comm merger?

Guy on the MSM this AM, was talking like it was a done deal.

Charter Communications, Inc. (CHTR)
Market Cap: 20.20B

Charter Communications Inc. is near an agreement to buy Time Warner Cable Inc. for about $55.1 billion

$195 a share -- 14 percent above Time Warner Cable’s closing price on May 22 -- with $100 in cash and the rest in its own stock

This looks a lot more like TWC buying Charter. Which with TWC's rep, the FTC would nix, on public opinion alone...

Paradigm Lost wrote:

Rollerball anyone?

Death Race 2000!

yuan wrote:


Well There's the problem. Someone does not grasp the concept of what a market is. You'd hope that Enron would have taught us a thing or two.

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

you've got a provision protecting you from property tax increases...

In that property taxes tend to go up if property values fall, to make up for the lost revenue?

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

It's excellent.

Sure, if your into that whole, "Just one more mission." kind of thing.

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

Couldn't get it to run under WINE

I got it working natively on Ubuntu...

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

I finally started XCOM

With the expansion?

Dammit, who spiked the Dollar? Frikin' Greeks. NO TPP, until currency manipulators are brought to heel!

sporkfed wrote:

Bond Traders Uncover Secret to Rates That Fed Doesn’t Get

Too Optimistic
They’ve cut their projections in nine of the past 10 meetings and chopped their year-end rate forecasts by at least a half-percentage point from 2015 through 2017.

I remember seeing quite a few projections from the Fed and Romer WRT the stimulus effect and how far off those were.

Citizen AllenM wrote:

sufficient reform allows trust to return entirely to the system.

Even with actual reform, after the Great Depression trust was a long time coming.

KidPsych wrote:

Florida land boom of the 1920s


In contrast though...

US Drought Monitor 

KidPsych wrote:

Of course Papa John's probably doesn't have this side business going on.

Winning with FIRE!

- NY Times

Does this lead to more households, or less?

picosec wrote:

Sounds pretty desperate to me...

Compared to a Papa John's delivery driver?

Antipodes wrote:

I would be surprised indeed if the end of the Patriot Act actually ended NSA data collection.

Operation Treadstone has been decommissioned. However, next on the agenda is Operation Blackbriar.

josap wrote:

They don't want to see reality.

I think they want to stick to their reality. The one where austerity doesn't crush the Greek economy and Greece can pay up on bad loans.

Is this finally, really going to happen? This might crash the Euro. Which the ECB might not mind so much.

Yoringe wrote:

Hallal Chicken come home for roosting....

If SA goes all Arab spring, the chicken hawks in congress are going to My Head Just Exploded

robj wrote:

I think we'll throw out another 1/3 out after it gets there.

Well that will make room for more NEW stuff. I hope you got a raise out of the move...

Fair Economist wrote:

That could be fixed by the Fed if they chose to.

By lowering rates?

josap wrote:

I am just got back from buying new living room furniture. No housework done at all. Thinking about going out for lunch.
1 yr old phone.