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poicv2.0 wrote:

There's a reason fed watchers have severe astigmatism.

Does you newsletter have a recommended strategy for shorting the market, in anticipation of the pending Fed rate hikes?

poicv2.0 wrote:

One of these centuries Schiff is gonna be right with his hyperinflation call.

Good thing the Fed is raising rates, to keep that inflation under control.

Doc Holiday wrote:

the projections indicated in the graphs suggested 10-year yields of 5% or so by now.

other factors have weighed on bond yields

Is it bad when your model does not include any of the factors that actually matter? LTCM FTW!

robj wrote:

instead of pimping out at the Forbes corner.

Forbes has some really good writers. This is not one of them.

Doc Holiday wrote:

Why Oil Will Fall To $40 As Obama Looks The Other Way

Wow! That author can barely count to potato.

Worked with Dr. Arthur Laffer for four and a half great years and created a popular weekly economic commentary based off of Laffer's supply-side framework.

sm_landlord wrote:

nation whose government is influenced by shopkeepers.

Surely a nation whose government is influenced by bankers, is a better choice.

Whiskey wrote:

but enough about the Knicks.

Does anyone else matter besides the Grizzlies, Rockets, Mavericks and Spurs?

aleister perdurabo wrote:

Gawd, I love this woman.

I hope your snarking. I am firmly in the anyone but Hilary camp. Well, maybe not Jeb, but anyone else.

lawyerliz wrote:

Retreated to background buzz.

Pay no attention to that woman behind the curtain, adding 188 billion MBS YOY, and 14 billion MOM, for a grand total of 1.75 Trillion.

Doc Holiday wrote:

underlining the trend that Japan’s population is rapidly aging and will require increasing health care and financial support.

Perhaps they should provide free rent/home credits, for families with 3 or more kids.

KidPsych wrote:

Heavy drinkers have the lowest IQs

That explains the Irish.

lawyerliz wrote:

Therefore fighst should be chosen very carefully.

Yella belly.

Doc Holiday wrote:

34.5 per cent, up from just 9 percent.


1 currency now -yogi wrote:

I mean what are the odds?

"We were seeing things that were 25-standard deviation moves, several days in a row."

Math is hard.

justaskin wrote: much does the system depend on "authenticated addresses" vs name/psswd

Depends on who set up the mailserver, and how. Intermittent network issues are 90% DHCP in my exp. Either multiple DHCP servers, or IP cap reached, or changes in IP priority, or duplicate IPs. If new wireless router is on a different or it's own subnet, then I may be wrong, but based on the symptoms, I bet I'm not.

justaskin wrote:

only recent local infrastructure change was addition of a wireless router

That's a bingo.

Say a e-mail authenticated device with IP #1 gets it's ip changed by someone else getting ip #1 by connecting a phone or other device to the network and bumps to ip #2. E-Mail authenticator is looking for authenticated ip # 1. 30 min later, ip's reset. All devices still have IPs and can ping server...

Unless your using dedicated IPs, then I'm way off.

justaskin wrote:

ip addresses function of local DHCP .....

Yeah but not a hard fail. Lease for IP gets handed out to another device, can fritz email looking for authenticated device, lease expires and gets handed back to correct device. Next time it fails do ipconfig /release /renew and see if that fixes it.

justaskin wrote:

problem rights itself after ~30 minutes

Probably a DCHP lease issue.

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

Certainly the downward arc has to turn upward eventually?!

Dead pig bounce?

RE wrote:

If banks weren't subject to politics, they'd behave like hedge funds who prefer volatility over slow price developments.

Don't they do that anyway? Isn't the fight now, to roll back a very weak Volcker rule, barring proprietary trading with federally insured deposits? Not even a Chinese wall between proprietary trading and FDIC deposits? Can't we just ban FDIC insured banks from proprietary trading, and force them to divest one, or the other. That would at least remove the temptation.

New Order - "Temptation" - YouTube.

Yoringe wrote:

Hopefully all the World 1% Detritus will end up in the USA.

We've done OK, for a bunch of hairdressers and phone sanitizers.

Outsider wrote:

Which is interesting, because it was so lagging during the housing crash.

I think there was an actual clearing of inventory, and balance to price to income. I know when my mom was looking to buy I looked and FLA was actually priced at 1.5 to 2.5 median incomes. Getting that monkey of their back is probably conducive to economic growth.

Counting Crows - Monkey - YouTube

poicv2.0 wrote:

have Chase represent us?

Isn't that who both teams represent already?

poicv2.0 wrote:

a 1.1 from the Russian judge.

Pavel made an appearance?

sm_landlord wrote:

Nice cleanup job.

It's contained. Like Deepwater Horizon.

BBC News - BP loses latest US oil spill appeal

sporkfed wrote:

I consider my bank a problem, does that count ?

Have they asked you to pay interest on your own money yet?

sum luk wrote:

… where are you looking ? …EVERY currency I see is loosing value to the dollar

Even vs. gold, and oil.

So the ACA is really starting to piss me off.

Cinco-X wrote:

I generally respect your position

Same here. One of the few Red Team capable of cogent thought.

Cinco-X wrote:

Doubtful. 163 comments...89 hidden...she's been busy...

I only have 58. I am amazed that you are more discerning. WAIT a minute, counting my comments...

sporkfed wrote:

A lack of confidence ?

In what? Greek debt?

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

teh babby doesn't show up if it realizes it's in an apartment

Don't give NAR any ideas...

In real terms, the National index is back to April 2003

We just need real median household income as a reference point. And maybe an interest rate comparison, like 10-year Ts or 30 year mortgage, to spot what may be out of whack. I thought house prices were a bit stupid back in 2003. How little I knew of stupid.

lawyerliz wrote:

Look like astrology blended with witchcraft.

You just have to say the magic words... "the Value Line Geometric Composite" 3 times in the mirror.

Mike_PNW wrote:

a car will show up at your doorstep

Being able to select a destination in Google Maps, and having a car execute the trip, on demand, is quite appealing.

Mike_PNW wrote:

Ten years from now

Apple is five years from a real product. I doubt your timeline is realistic in the face of a $50 barrel of oil. Now at $150, well maybe.

Outsider wrote:

As I've said, let he who is without debt cast the first stone.

I have zero debt. Car paid off, renter, never had a student loan, and pay off CC in full the first of every month.

Who do I get to stone?

adornosghost wrote:

I kinda miss Junior and The Thugs.

Jeb is trying to get the old band back together. He might be on a mission from God...

Mike_PNW wrote:

my understanding is that only TSA/HSA supervisory staff would be impacted..front line folks would keep working (and getting paid)

If the agency is shut down, about 15 percent of its 230,000 employees — roughly 30,000 — would be furloughed. The rest, deemed essential, would be expected to continue working, but without receiving their regular biweekly paychecks. Transportation Security Administration officers at airports, Border Patrol agents, front-line law enforcement officials and members of the Coast Guard would be required to report to work.

That is not what I am seeing reported.

- NY Times

The front office guys go home with no pay, and the "essentials," work for no pay.

I for one consider it a wn/win. No TSA, and no immigration reform, is the best outcome, in my view.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is up for re-election today. He needs 50% plus one to avoid an April runoff, which would be embarrassing for the well-known mayor.

I hear he is in a bit of hot water over red-light cameras. Who knew you could catch heat for indiscriminate, regressive, taxes fees, run by a shady campaign contributor operator?

arthur_dent wrote:

crash the markets.

You think it would only be the markets that would tank? New home-building would plummet too... and according to CR that is a huge multiplier for the economy overall.

Washington Braces for a Homeland Security Shutdown - NBC News

I find it hard to believe that a TSA agent, would work for no pay. I doubt that it is a 6 figure type job, but I could be wrong.

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

borrowing rates will stay low

They would raise them, if they felt it would not crash the economy.

Outsider wrote:

Not the average joe and subprimes and liar loans and piggybacks anymore.

Wasn't that small potatoes compared to the shenanigans going on at the ratings agencies, and AIG?

Outsider wrote:

pay his own payroll expenses/health benefits (etc.)?

Yup. Exactly that. Workers comp, and UE ins too.

Outsider wrote:

I hear ya RiF. The Great Climate Depression.

It was 79 here on Saturday, 30 now. I like the cold snaps, cause it kills some of the bugs.

Jackdawracy wrote:

It is written

It is known.