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ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

4x 8320's

Yeah the GPU part is very cool. Oh you were talking discretes. Well then NVida is probably the way to go there..

Parallel Computing Server - Hyperform R2504.v5 | Silicon Mechanics

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

I just want to build the artifact, crude stone carving though it will be...

I guess one can learn a lot about the software and architecture by doing so. I just doubt you'll get the FlOPS per watt I can get from my phone.

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

4 mid-range motherboards with fast multicore cpu's

Meh. Played with 256 core systems at AMD, and those were some power hungry boxes. You'd do better using whatever is in

Blue Gene - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Think of a motherboard with a rack of DIMM slots, except the cpu's are on the DIMMs.

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

That's not victory.

Getting out from under the thumb of the Mietesuchende is not a victory?

Antipodes wrote:

Rasberry Pi Supercomputer!

System on a chip, is the way it's going to go...

Rajesh wrote:

Add a smidgen of bankers and investment brokers

And a computer. Or two...

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

Especially when you're neither the buyer nor the seller.

Rents don't seek on their own...

GDD9000 wrote:

and yet, you get this quote from the mouthpiece for professional shills :

It's a great time to buy, or sell, a house...

poicv2.0 wrote:

I was working in the orifice today.

Were you using Word/Excel/PowerPoint...

justaskin wrote:

of course, this has nothing to do with the increased rates being asked for.....

My two best performers over the years...

Target Corporation (TGT) Stock Price Jumps After Selling Pharmacy Business To CVS Health Corp (CVS) For $1.9B

I got my CVS initially by buying a prescription insurer...

Antipodes wrote:

a Penultimate Greek Deadline

Aren't there some EMF bonds due the 22nd? Of course the IMF might just cover that.

Dickeylee wrote:

So Bill is batting a thousand

2015 should be the best year of the recovery with GDP growth at or above 3%.

It looks like GDP will be in the 2s again this year.


ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

A large class of idle rich benefiting from permanent land and property appreciation...

Wouldn't the idle rich benefit from having taxes be on something more portable than land? Like something they don't really care too much about, like wages?

poicv2.0 wrote:

I'm adding that to the YODO section of my newsletter.

I think nemo was looking at picking up some Greek telecom stock.

josap wrote:

force them to print.

Cutting them off from further loans would seem to be the fastest way to do that. But how to keep banks from lending to them, when any Greek debt is eventually covered by the Central banks?

JP wrote:

At this point, Greece is now down to two options

Why not both. EMF backstops Greek debt, to save the banks, and Greece, unable to pay the non-debt related bills on revenue alone, exits the Euro, so they can print.

sm_landlord wrote:

“I am not in any way trying to diminish the significance of the Internet in our daily lives.”

My landlord ripped out the night drop box, bricked up the hole, and instituted an online payment system. I just got plane tickets online as usual, and don't even remember how to get them otherwise. I do all my work HR stuff via the web, as my employer's nearest office is 200 mi away... I don't even have a land-line or cable, just an IP address or three...

I may be atypical for a Gen X, but I guarantee millennials are at least as far along.

adornosghost wrote:

IMF ready to assist Greece

You mean it's not Greece they are really helping?

energyecon wrote:

Even the Oil Rout Can't Stop Houston's Economic Boom

Isn't Houston more associated with the refining of oil into useful products now? Seems to me, that low corn prices would be good for Frito Lay.

arthur_dent wrote:

the Nazi card

I hate when a thread gets Goodwin'd too early.

arthur_dent wrote:

major haircuts all around(feeding frenzy).

Greece's debts may have been moved out of the banks, onto IMF books, but what about Spain or Italy?

arthur_dent wrote:

she could at least have prevented the radicalization of Greek politics.

Radical? Holding a referendum as to whether or not to honor the punishing austerity, to pay the absurd debts of the last administration? That does not sound too radical.

Geo-Graphics » Which Countries Stand to Lose Big from a Greek Default?

Germany, naturally, would bear the largest potential loss—€58 billion, or 1.9% of GDP. But as a percentage of GDP, little Slovenia has the most at risk—2.6%.

Risk-shifting only works as long as the shiftees have the ability and willingness to bear it, and a Greek default will, around the Eurozone, undermine both.

The unwind would be epic. I wonder how much US investment banks and hedge funds were betting on these loans being covered. Where have they been putting all that ZIRP money?

Many of these young people have never once voted for any of the governments which have done this but now they're being told they have some kind of duty to spend most of their lives repaying debts that other people ran up and that they have some kind of duty to creditors that loaned money to irresponsible strangers. The young are right to tell the creditors to go fuck themselves. Only the old have any moral duty or obligation.

Official: Greeks say NO to austerity measures : worldnews

There my be a fly in the FUIGM ointment.

lawyerliz wrote:

maybe the German banks are still in lousy shape

We'll see what's what when the CDS trigger. IMF has gone WAY out of their way to try to keep that from happening. I expect a desperation Kick Me

Overall this was a decent report.

Decent! Decent! Decent!


ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

I accidentally 'furry'

Don't Google that. Unless that is your kind of thing...

josap wrote:

the maturities of existing European loans will need to be extended

To a 99 year bond @ .25%?

arthur_dent wrote:

the referendum seems to define the rubicon at the moment.

Nah, no CDS trigger on that...

Jackdawracy wrote:

nothing really happened, right?

Ceaser is moving south, in theory. Where the Rubicon lies, is not clear.

Jackdawracy wrote:

Bonds, Jains Bond: secret agent .007%

Jain or Juanita?

Comrade Scott wrote:

I think the answer was "staying in school longer" to explain where the missing new job entrants are.

Is there a corresponding rise in student loan debt? And is it an arms race to have the better qualifications for the few entry level gigs out there, that the other guy, also running up non-discargeable debt?

Wouldn't adding a nice github project to your CV, be more practical?

Cinco-X wrote:

Captain and Tennille Muskrat Love - YouTube

You should probably suffer a self-imposed 3-day ban for posting that. The least you could have done was post America's version.

Cinco-X wrote:

This isn't a real recovery.

It's as much a recovery as Bud Light Lime, is real beer.

Fair Economist wrote:

the entirety of DB's 72 TRILLION

72TT. Just at DB. I'd sure like to see someone try to unwind that.

Fair Economist wrote:

of which there's an unknown amount issued by unknown entities to unknown other entities.

All marked to market, I am sure...

sdtfs wrote:

Shall we use the S&P or ANY as the yardstick?

Sure. Particularly if there is a correction in the market...

If I were stock shopping today...




Check in 6 mos to see if I am idiot or savant...

robj wrote:

You may be right Blackhalo, although I'm up about 60%

I'm up that much on TGT over a very short period, just using a stock screener looking for low P/E, and high short interest. I think the news of the Canadian failure pushed down the stock to sweet levels. The same search picked Pixar just before Disney.

creditcriminalslovetarp wrote:

..price is the only thing to follow..

Earnings and growth seem pretty important too.

robj wrote:

so I guess I should sell.

Which is more likely, MSFT taking the handheld market from APPL and GOOG, or MSFT desktop monopoly being upset?

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

At least 1/5 of 'Merica would become a ghost town.

And moves back to Detroit?

robj wrote:


(contains no actual juice...)

robj wrote:

But they have a roof and AC!

At Enron Field? That has loser written all over it.

Mike_PNW wrote:

Do they ever lose??

Swept in their last World Series. And they have had a string of really bad seasons since. Plus, they are in Houston.

aleister perdurabo wrote:

He refused to move against the oligarchs.

Hard do do when his name is on, or soon to be on, the list.

dilbert dogbert wrote:

He had some experience training their pilots.

All the best candidates are playing Starcraft or League of Ledgends professionally?