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barfly wrote:

a generation of students that wish America ill

High student debt, stagnant wages, high rents, and poor employment opportunity, probably jades a youngsters outlook.

barfly wrote:

well, Canada sure ain't gettin' it done

I wonder how that tar sands and XL pipeline pencil out with oil > $50

sdtfs wrote:

Doris Day-Everybody Loves A Lover + Lyrics - YouTube

That's a bit peppy for a doomer blog...

The Smiths - Girlfriend In A Coma - YouTube

barfly wrote:

go thank God for America (rhetorically speaking)

or go home

American Exceptionalism FTW!

EngineerJim wrote:

Huckleberry in a swimsuit. Mind bleach.

How about Christie in a Speedo?

skk wrote:

very strong in the 18-24 and 45+. age ranges. He loses badly in the mid-range age bracket.

Damn back-seat drivers!

Whiskey wrote:

It's really more of a mass debate.

I see what you did there.

EngineerJim wrote:

But of course we do everything to extreme in the US.

Spinal Tap - "These go to eleven...." - YouTube 

Outsider wrote:

Who wants to devote xx months of your life to that, and then lose?

There's always a chance you make enough of an impression to get picked up by Fox News as a host, or a reality TV show, or as a mouthpiece for some right wing think tank. Remember they are not just interviewing for the advertised job, but any open position that pays more than a government check.

Outsider wrote:

Fox should actually let all candidates participate.

You don't think Roger Ailes enjoys having 3 different governor beg him to use the poll that puts them at the "grown-ups" table?

One Man Decides Which Republicans Allowed In Debate - YouTube

Outsider wrote:

Republicans flocking to Voters First Forum

The candidates who have chosen not to participate are Republican frontrunner Donald Trump...

And no one will ever care about the Voters First Forum?

Jackdawracy wrote:

I'm not sure what good Guam is for...

Refueling and rearming the Pacific fleet?

sum luk wrote:

I say we -0- out our military budget for about 10 years and just watch...

Some might say that is better to have a military and not need it, than to need a military and not have it.

Add in something about the woeful state of arms prior to Pearl Harbor...

robj wrote:

Have we heard from shill lately...

I expect that there are a lot of unhappy conservatives watching their party get massively trolled. It is likely doubly painful for a Do Not Feed The Troll like him. I doubt he much wants to be reminded of it by coming here.

yuan wrote:

This tactic is likely to be effective for deniers as well.

Show them what life would be like when Florida Man moves in next door?

LMPD arrest Florida man after allegedly finding 3,000 Xanax pill - WDRB 41 Louisville News

Napolean wrote:

I don't understand why those e-cigarettes are so popular.

A lot of places ban smoking but give e-cigs a pass.

yuan wrote:

The mother of all bubbles is being blown by the FED!

Well... I wager that 5 years from now, someone will be critical of ZIRP effects.

Jackdawracy wrote:

spent the money on booze and hookers

The MIC is not the DEA...

azurite wrote:

Too bad the graphs aren't broken down by percentiles so it was possible to see if, say, the upper 10% got 95% of the increase in income.

Whoah, there pardner, we don't want to start any kind of class warfare now do we?

"I don’t think I would describe class warfare as leadership. America has a spending problem. The government continues to spend more money than what we have and I don’t believe it makes any sense to tax the very people that we expect to invest in our economy, help grow our economy, and to create jobs in America," House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) said.

Boehner: Class Warfare Is Not Leadership | RealClearPolitics

robj wrote:

How Much Cash the Candidates Have Raised and Who's Giving
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Why Measles May Just Be Getting Started | Bloomberg Business - Business, Financial & Economic News, Stock Quotes

The other story on that page makes me wonder if Kali is on pace to solve their housing shortage... A 10% drop in future homeowners sure would make it hard for current owners to find a buyer.

KidPsych wrote:

China's crisis could be the pin to pop he property bubble in Australia

Wow that would be amazing, if it were contained to down under. I sure hope no Greek banks are involved.

Citizen AllenM wrote:

we lead the world in production for none of those items.

3 Dow Chemical 57,080 0.5 United States Midland, USA
6 ExxonMobil 39,048 0.8 United States Irving, USA
8 LyondellBasell 33,405 1.7 United States Houston, USA
9 DuPont 31,044[B] 2.7 United States Wilmington, USA

List of largest chemical producers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Mike_PNW wrote:

someone else wins on the other side

What if they collected their winnings in the past. i.e. both bets got paid (on credit), and only the loser owes now. Kind of like MBS insurance. Originator gets paid, bundler who packages them up with the insurance gets paid selling the security to CALPERS, AIG gets paid for issuing the insurance, and CALPERS gets their 7% yield, for a little while.

Rajesh wrote:

If there are leveraged bets on rising oil prices...

Just like there were leveraged bets on housing? Is the Fed going to load up on Oil futures now? Or just not raise rates...

Wilberforce wrote:

take Robin Thicke back

Pretty sure he's the son of Alan Thicke, and born in the USA...

NEW YORK (AP) -- As drivers, shippers and airlines continue to enjoy lower fuel prices, the oil industry is responding to much lower profits with sharp cuts in spending and employment that are hurting economic growth.

That makes no sense. Oil is not the economy and cheap oil should allow oil dependent industries to thrive. A strong Dollar now, THAT could hurt exports, and the economy, if measured in Dollars. Plus, if FIRE had bets the wrong way on the Dollar and oil, that could hurt the "economy."

robj wrote:

With Lasers! To keep out the Cuban-Canadians--allegedly!

Or Cruz Missiles?

sm_landlord wrote:

Ubuntu for clients.

I've found Mint to be more robust with the later versions, since they pull out Metro Unity.

josap wrote:

This country is so screwed up on so many levels.

Isn't that a direct "The Donald" Quote?

Jackdawracy wrote:

Yeah, it's in the Netherlands.

Not a geography major I see... Wink

Wilberforce wrote:

is there an old zealand?

Zealand - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

the largest (7,031 km2) and most populated island in Denmark

Antipodes wrote:

I didn't vote him in.

Ex-con felon?

Antipodes wrote:

He came from Merrill Lynch.

Why did you vote him in? Was the opposition from the 4th circle of hell, or Australia?

here in New Zealand I've heard two bad things about the TPPA.

The Prime Minister wants to ban parallel imports under the TPPA, which means when we go to the store and a laptop is $2,000, we can no longer go home, look it up online and ship it in to ourselves for $1,400. If they ban parallel imports, the stores can literally dictate the price, and make it whatever they want, because there is no way for us to obtain the item in another legal way.

No Amazon Prime for Antipodes...

New Leak Confirms the Secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership Is a Horrorshow : technology

JP wrote:

The growing wealth gap that nobody is talking about

“Some people are just born lucky,” the economists conclude.

So, before the locusts...

Jackdawracy wrote:

If everybody in LA was famous for being famous

Best Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Scene Ever - YouTube

I mean, it's literally like someone took America by the East Coast and shook it, and all the normal girls managed to hang on.

josap wrote:

no one wants to budge without backup and guarantees from some Gov.

What would the equivalent insurance cost from AIG, or the like? Sounds a lot like free money for the well connected to me. I sure wish the Gov would cover the cost of my auto-insurance...

josap wrote:

Fly over thinks you guys in Ca and NYC have lost your minds.

The Kardashians were not enough of a clue?

josap wrote:

The prospective government partners include Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, China and Hungary, he said.

Shouldn't there be a public sector solution for Ex-Im? I mean, isn't that what FIRE is supposed to be doing? Partnering buyers with sellers? Or are they to busy front-running market trades with bots, manipulating LIBOR, providing services to drug cartels and marking profits now, on derivative exposure later?

Speed wrote:

They'd have to forgive most of it, as well as loan them $1B / mo. for the next 10 years - then forgive that too.


josap wrote:

I still think, as a good example, the IMF should forgive a portion of Greek debt. Then insist the EU do the same.

Or, the IMF could buy up ALL the Greek debt, and forgive as much as they want...

poicv2.0 wrote:

when you blow your SS because... sold your future benefits for a cash advance today, to do some bootstrapping?

poicv2.0 wrote:

when you blow your SS because... sold your future benefits for a cash advance today, to do some bootstraping?

barfly wrote:

Social Security Benefits Incorporated, LLC

Well if the Treasury had to cough up the X Trillion it owes to the new LLC... They might have to cancel a few MIC boondoggles. So it will never happen.

KidPsych wrote:

"There is a very high demand for rentals..."

Lease Securitization: New Challenges - Monitordaily

Confidence in securitization structures has allowed many below investment grade companies to raise capital through the packaging of lease receivables. Since repayment of the securities can be calculated actuarially if comprehensive data on the credit performance of similar lease assets is available, capital costs can be reduced. Lease-backed securities are typically rated AAA and, as a cursory glance at any rating agency chart will reveal, very few leasing companies can raise capital at such a credit rating.