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Rajesh wrote:

Not until you bought TV advertising time with the money.

Or a Senator.

JP wrote:

Don't know how representative she is, but the times might be a-changin.

I sure would like to see that same rigor applied to the economic value of a college degree. All the studies I see, usually by those associated with education, compare high school diplomas to those with BAs a nd PHD's. Without normalizing for parental income quintile or SAT scores, or the like. I mean I make more without a BA than my two nearest age, cousins in the same field with degrees. So anecdotally, I roll my eyes at the current claims, at current school costs.

JP wrote:

if only I could see your comment.

Well, it would be kind of cool to know who has the most ignores...

JP wrote:

Consider yourselves all unfriended.

Your gong to use the comment filter to block us all?

Whiskey wrote:

That Clinton link is disturbing.

34-year-old daugher

Damn! That shocked me.

Still not grasping how being a grandmother helps Hilary politically? Good for photo ops? More sympathetic to boomers?

josap wrote:

And really gets us nothing in return.

Often, a seat at the table, for the State Department, is worth quite a bit. Think of it as exporting US lobbyists to foreign governments. Now whether they are advancing the US public's interests, or those of the United Fruit Company, is a good debate to have. However, how else are we going to keep MJ largely illegal, or get governments to respect our patents and copyrights?

Yoringe wrote:

She is a Chef?

No, but I bet she as at least one on staff...

sm_landlord wrote:

100% of economists think yields will rise within six months

Born an bred dopes? Are we talking 10-year T over 3%, cause I doubt Jellen will be on board for that.

Cinco-X wrote:

Ya'...where are all the barrista job in SF paying $55/hour with gold plated healthcare plans?

A good bartender or waitress in that area, is probably not far off from that. Plus they can under-report tips on occasion.

josap wrote:

become really skilled in 3 to 5 years.

As someone up-thread pointed out, a lot of this work is location specific. Great if you don't mind working on a rig in the Gulf, or the Dakotas. Also they are pretty capital intensive, in that you need a truck or van, and a literal TON of tools.

Cinco-X wrote:

IOW, everyone can win, though you can rest assured that the elites will win more than the rest of us...

That's some powerful voodoo Reaganomics....

The elites ARE winning. Joe Median, not so much.

josap wrote:

A good trade to consider: welding.

I'm guessing that falls under structural iron and steel workers?

energyecon wrote:

there will be an additional training program that needs to be worked and paid for in some fashion).

DeVry, Hallmark and U of Pheonix? All on credit?

sm_landlord wrote:

He's booked six days a week.

Isn't CK's hub an electrician? Location, location, location?

sm_landlord wrote:

yes, skilled trades.

Diesel mechanic? HVAC? Plumber?

Yoringe wrote:

Does Kim Kardashian have a degree?

Oldest profession?

sm_landlord wrote:

Looks like he should have hired a food taster...

Shiller is Jeoffery Baratheon?

sum luk wrote:

…we don't need no steenking infrastructure, that require an act of Congress.

Moar tax cuts!

Antipodes wrote:

I would much rather see the real cannibus legalised.

There is an awful lot of international treaties that tend to prohibit that.

Gavshire Hathaway wrote:

When did CR turn into a pump-monkey?

When his portfolio went long?

Yoringe wrote:

Is Noriega in Prison in the US or did he got suicided??

Extradited to France I think.

Yoringe wrote:

Countrys with a US Military Base normaly dont get Invaded by the USA.....

Tell that one to Noriega. He'd get a kick out of it.

Firemane wrote:

My issue today is that whether it's MsNBC or FAUX news, the data is almost explicity doled out to support intended idiocracies, with little to no (or intentially slanted) references to what the long term trends were prior to the 2008 meltdown.

I've yet to see either :awk:nowlege that ACA and Medicare part D, are pretty substantial carve-outs for Big Insurance and Big Pharma in contrast to competing alternatives (At cost, Medicare buy-in).

energyecon wrote:

what side is that?

Samsung v. Apple, I am sure.

Firemane wrote:

What I want to know is what was the annual drop in employer healthcare plans from 2000-2007.

How do you count going from 90% coverage to 80% coverage in employer plans? Or that 33% of the actual cash remitted to the healthcare provider comes from that 20%, as the insurer gets a 50% discount on their share, but the co-pay, does not.

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

Your only choice is to prune the defective ones!

Is that the theory behind the TWC/Comcast merger?

sporkfed wrote:

Boeing might be a good short here.

If they outsource all commercial manufacturing, for a short term boost to profits, you could be taking it in the shorts.

Bubblisimo Gerkinov wrote:


If only poic were about and I'd have gotten a twofer.

sum luk wrote:

headwinds to economic growth have receded and output will pick up after a first quarter

Wait. Which quarter? Ah, the elusive NEXT quarter. Soon to modified to a second-half recovery.

Nemo wrote:

Still wondering what non-existing home inventory would look like.

Pallets of drywall, shingles, and fiberboard. Flatbeds of 2x4s, bags of cement, some nails...

Yoringe wrote:

You borrow time till you invent time travel... savvy...

Hope they invent the Atavachron before SSA goes BK so I can travel back to a time when SSA is solvent, to live out my golden years.

All Our Yesterdays (Star Trek: The Original Series) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

dilbert dogbert wrote:

I said he doesn't deserve it. She said he deserves it because he exists. What amazing wisdom in her pretty head!!

imgur: the simple image sharer

creditcriminalslovetarp wrote:

nothing will ever be found....

While I doubt your premise, I agree with your conclusion. I expect that someone knows exactly where that plane went down, and are going to some lengths to keep the search in the wrong location.

Rajesh wrote:

There's a reason...

Probably five hundred million of them.

Wisdom Seeker wrote:

If a buyer is using cash rather than taking out a loan, the purchase doesn't increase total credit

I expect that quite a bit of the "cash" buyers are using some form of credit, just not a mortgage.

US STOCKS-Wall St extends gains following Fed minutes - Yahoo Finance

So, I have not been keeping up with the subject at hand... Taper on, or taper off?

sm_landlord wrote:

What kind of a laptop comes without an Ethernet port?

Gigabit wireless FTW!

XPS 13 Ultrabook™ with Optional Touch Screen Details | Dell

Antipodes wrote:

Feels like it's already here.

Bluebonnets and Indian Paint Brush are in full bloom here.

Wilberforce wrote:

Economies of scale should lower the price...

Laughing out loud

Eeexelent! Huzzah! Pay no attention to the fact that the head of the cable industry association was the prior FCC chair...

arthur_dent wrote:

they look confused to me.

How long does it take for folks to forget that housing prices can go down?

sum luk wrote:

…seriously, I don't know how you overcome the embarrassment you daily inflict on yourself.

Impenetrable ego devoid of any introspection, and a healthy dose of cognitive dissonance, of course.

Wilberforce wrote:

lifetime medical treatment

Kind of like the Army being reticent in providing psych treatment for veterans?

energyecon wrote:


Ah, the final phase of most internet arguments.

sum luk wrote:

… he who writes makes history

History is not written by who's right, it's written by who's left.