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Mike_PNW wrote:

Italy in September was pretty nice... (then again most anywhere in September is usually nice)

Yes...New England is pretty nice then too...

robj wrote:


Wouldn't that be more suitable as overnight thread music?

burnside wrote:

I prefer to visit European cities in January. They generally are not overwhelmed with visitors then and you can enjoy a few days of Venetian or Parisienne normalcy.

Mediteranean weather is presumably the worst (rainy) during Winter. I'm hoping to discover the sweet spot between the end of Winter rains and the heat that sets in by early May.

robj wrote:

They need another starter, though.

Maybe they just need the dough.

Mike_PNW wrote:

Stros are a freak of nature..last to first in one's just not right..

Red Socks...wurst to furst to wurst in 3 consecutive seasons...

Antipodes wrote:

Perhaps there was a grinding stone or several on the island.

Wha'ch'all yappin' about?

Antipodes wrote:

Mrs. Antipodes says these rockets are failing

The Blue Pill

I just posted a film recommendation: Advantageous

I really suggest that y'all watch this, even if you think you don't like sci fi. Could be one of the better films of the year.

Rob Dawg wrote:

Greek debt crisis: Banks to stay shut, capital controls imposed - BBC News

Any predictions on how bad this will be for credit default swaps, AIG, et al?

The Big Four Economic Indicators: Real Personal Income - dshort - Advisor Perspectives

The overall picture of the US economy had been one of slow recovery from the Great Recession. We had a conspicuous downturn during the winter of 2013-2014 and subsequent rebound. And weak Retail Sales and Industrial Production in recent months triggered a replay of the "severe winter" meme. However, we're now getting data points for Spring months, not the Winter, and aside from Industrial Production, we're seeing a rebound. Real Personal Income rebounded in April, and the May data was in line with mainstream expectations.

At this point, the average of these indicators in recent months continues to suggest that the economy is trending sideways, and the risk of a downturn remains a concern.

burnside wrote:

it becomes very easy to parse it as being not in agreement with Mary's.

How would one know if they were in agreement with her or not? I can't figure out anything she seems to ever talk about, and have given up trying.

lawyerliz wrote:

Yep. And Greeks with money in mattresses getting great deals, or loaning it out.

To other Greeks? You'd think they'd know better...

Whiskey wrote:

This is all rather inevitable, isn't it? Greece lacks the resources to service its debt, and the EU won't budge.

Some majikal thinking on the part of the ECB and Doucheland...

Outsider wrote:

I don't think OOPS the Arctic is a country.

Ever heard of Kannuckistan?

Mike_PNW wrote:

Next weekend is going to be the real problem..I was actually looking at plane tickets to Marquette MI (as far north as you can get!!) online yesterday.

You realize there's an entire country North of MI, right?

Beck's class action settlement refund - Business Insider

Beck's has to pay customers who thought its beer was actually German Laughing out loud

dodahman wrote:

To me, Cinco seems balanced compared to many on this site.

Careful there...that kinda talk'll get on some $h!tlists round these parts...

Blackhalo wrote:

See Row v. Wade...

Roe, Roe, Roe your boat...

Blackhalo wrote:


Ya'...that's the ticket.

Rob Dawg wrote:

How so? Got some math behind that?

I wonder what it's like sharing with yogi?

sm_landlord wrote:

... Ahhh, The smell of the diesel, the roar of the jake brakes...

Just like HCN without the ignore feature.

lawyerliz wrote:

Now is supposedly all shaved off.


Anonymous Bosch wrote:

Are there any "States' Rights" issues that don't involve some form of discrimination?

Are there any liberal arguments that don't eventually boil down to calling someone a rascist?

KidPsych wrote:

Hopefully Scalia can tell us whether or not corporations can be gay.

There are no male of female corporations. They're all neuter gender. Thus, they must ALL be gay...ld;o

JP wrote:

A Google self-driving car cut off a rival self-driving car and nearly caused a collision - Business Insider

I assume they are just qualifying to run those cars in Boston.

They'll likely need a whole new algorithm, probably called enhanced artificial stupidity, to compete on the streets of Boston.

josap wrote:

Consumer sentiment up, consumer spending and GDP negative.
Contrary indicator ?

Not contrary. People with savings, people not spending more than they earn causes them to feel more secure.

Looking for a contrarian trade? Try food.

energyecon wrote:

UPDATE Shanghai Down 7.4%: First Large Wave Of Margin Contracts Expire - Asia Stocks to Watch -

What's 5 Slumdog's between friends?

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

Depleted Uranium And The Iraq War’s Legacy Of Cancer
US fired depleted uranium at civilian areas in 2003 Iraq war, report finds | World news | The Guardian

That uranium was depleted and results in probably less radioactive exposure than regular cross country flying. I'd worry more about the potential for heavy metal poisoning. IIRC, it's worse than something like cadmium, though not quite as bad as polonium.

Bubblisimo Gerkinov wrote:

Find an empty chair when the bouzouki stops.

Use a can like a hacky sack and see how long you can keep it in the air...

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

The American empire bombed the cradle of civilization with radioactive payloads.


Rajesh wrote:

Not all Republicans are liberals.

The vast majority in DC are...

sporkfed wrote:

Usually broken down piecemeal to make it easier to swallow.

Often justified as cuz it's always been that way...

Someone here is barking up the wrong tree...

Tom Stone wrote:

The first amendment?
I distinguish between words and acts.
Hateful speech is not illegal, murder is.

Many folks advocate fascist policies in the name of freedom.

arthur_dent wrote:

defense research would and could eliminate the nap easily enough(amphetamines and soldiers are a good mix) but probably just result in a bunch of hyper old people meeting on the battlefield

Get out of my foxhole! Get off my lawn!

Tom Stone wrote:

How very specific statements of Earl P. Holt, Republican donor, motivated the Charleston shooting

Comrade K, ascribing motive to a complete whackjob might make you feel better, however it is a waste of time.

Why haven't the thought police done something about this Earl P. Holt, Republican donor...

Tom Stone wrote:

Some effort to disarm felons who are known to possess firearms might be a good idea...but it is not popular with LEO[s]

Right! Those Felons might be armed!

Jackdawracy wrote:

I say we ban Arizona's flag, it's too cool and the state isn't worthy of it.

Was Arizona founded by the Nipponese?

Blackhalo wrote:

There used to be a time whenever the Confederate flag came under attack, there would be huge rally's in support of it. Where did all those folks go?

I suspect that a lot of them died.

Rob Dawg wrote:

A friend had a Citroens-- I always enjoyed riding in it.

In that respect they are something like sailboats.

So true...

Mike_PNW wrote:

jeez's my first zinger of the morning...let me get warmed up a bit


KidPsych wrote:

Toad Licker Is Locked Up On Trespass Charge | The Smoking Gun

Given the mug shot, I could totally see this guy licking toads.

josap wrote:

Once I can retire, I have to live another 100 yrs to see everything on my list.

How many years will you need to work to pay for that?

tg wrote:

to your backyard?

Nothing in the bullet points about that... Puzzled