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Rob Dawg wrote:

I wanted to catch the last of the snow.

It'll probably only be the dirty piles of snow in mall parking lots by then...but ya'...June ought about do it...

Rob Dawg wrote:

BTW thanks for the video and I'll be in the area Mid June.

June! Wussy...

Rob Dawg wrote:

Five minutes away from Factory Orders.

How're they gonna put lipstick on THAT pig?

Jackdawracy wrote:

I was in Pittsburgh in the late 80's, and what a pleasant city it seemed to be once the perennial shroud of iron went AWOL.

...along with all of those "good union jobs". C'est la vie

poicv2.0 wrote:

Man burned by fajitas while praying can't sue Applebee's

Those must've been some spicy burritos.

KidPsych wrote:

My friend's father worked in the valley. He had a colleague join him from England in the 70's, and it took him two weeks to realize there were mountains out there.

England's industrial cities in those days were no better. It seemed as if every outside surface was covered with soot. Color photos seemed almost pointless with the blackened cities and the slate gray sky.

Jackdawracy wrote:

There'd be many days when we weren't allowed to do recess or PE in elementary and junior high, because the smog was so unhealthful. Where we lived, we had a straight shot view of the San Gabriel mountains 25 miles in the distance, and you'd rarely see them.
It's nothing like that today...

IIRC, Birmingham, AL was worse than LA during those days (260 days a year of dangerous air), but that's all cleaned up now, some by the Clean Air Act, but mostly by the demise of the steel industry in Birmingham.

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

m' Ticking time bomb fin' smokes on a m' Ticking time bomb fin' Snark

New Keyboard

Jackdawracy wrote:

You didn't grow up with horrendous smog in LA in the 60's that only got worse, until laws were passed to benefit not just me, but all of us living there.

I was in LA in 2005 and the smog was awful. High rises 3 blocks away disappeared into it. Francis Drake also observed similar conditions in the 16th Century. Jeez.

KidPsych wrote:

Samsung launches $31K dog kennel
I'm buying one of these, and I don't even have a dog.

You never know when the wife-unit will go on a rampage.
Move it on Over - Hank Williams - YouTube

energyecon wrote:

Do you have six fingers on your right hand?

The sixth one is not a finger.

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

there's been open water on the lakes since mid-February

My Head Just Exploded

Jackdawracy wrote:

When I was a kid they passed laws that benefitted us, and then it swung towards them.

When you were a kid they passed statutes that passed the function of creating laws over to unaccountable regulatory bureacracies; it only sounded like it benefitted you...

dodahman wrote:

all the good laws were passed years ago anyway...

The vast majority of laws being created today are regulatory statues that can be mandated without review by elected officials. After that, the courts create 5 to 10 times more laws than the Congress passes. It's been this way for a long time, and getting worse.

Jackdawracy wrote:

It gives you an idea of how unwieldy our ersatz republic is, neither team is effective, even with a good majority, in both houses.

Please...look at what's going on right now in Britain, one of the more stable Parlimentary democracies.
Simon Heffer: Could the general election lead to constitutional crisis?

Rob Dawg wrote:

Who created the EPA?

Nixon doesn't really qualify as a conservative. Of course, neither do the vast majority of the Red Team in DC.

greenchutes wrote:

America Fuck Yeah!

I love that song and that movie!

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

Cold front is coming with rain tomorrow though.

Don't let that stop you!

A longer Winter means a shorter waxing season...

greenchutes wrote:

If a goper does win, (s)he'll see the light and borrow just as much as Reagan, too.

That won't be near enough.

Blackhalo wrote:

5K is "frothy?"

Maybe we can call it santorum...

poicv2.0 wrote:

Isn't inflation a bit too flacid to be talking about a rate lift off?

Fed needs to fluff it up a bit...

My daughter's workplace flooded today. They're not happy...

Oman wrote:

You obviously know nothing about the East coast since you forgot to mention the Fing traffic!!!

New Keyboard Like LA's that much better...

Rob Dawg wrote:

And hey, how come youse guys aren't posting pics of your back yard?

Sending you an .MP4 of my backyard from a month or so ago...

Rob Dawg wrote:

Lettuce entertain you with fully landed costs of fresh veggies shipped cross country.

Never touch the stuff...

Rob Dawg wrote:

Happening far less frequently as more and more use the button on the same few bad apples.

Sometimes the system works.

Rob Dawg wrote:

Earthquake totals this winter; 0 deaths, 0 injuries, $0 damage.
Stay away!

Will do. There won't be any shortage of potable water here this Summer.

greenchutes wrote:

Why haven't we seceded yet?

If at first you don't secede, try, try again...

Rob Dawg wrote:

I clicked a "in reply to" earlier. KPs left hand still doing ca-ca pee-pee comments.

That's always a danger, but at least you know who's doing it.

Former Idealist wrote:

I have no idea how yall stand it.

Use the button Luke...use the button.

lawyerliz wrote:

Speaking of insurance,I wpnder how much the insurance compamies will hate everyone on the East coast amd flyover
once all the snowclaims are processed, Gird your financial loins.

I just got out of a meeting where nearly half the participants were experiencing water damage in the homes. It's gonna be ugly. Another acquaintance last week suggested to me that this sort of damage from this years storms is gonna add up into the $billions.

sm_landlord wrote:

Why should the BoC care?

I certainly don't, and I'll be willing to trade a US $5 for one of these to the next Canadian I meet...

Rickkk wrote:

Canadians Are 'Spocking' Their $5 Bills, Which Is Both Awesome And Totally Legal

Shakes Tiny Fist of Fury
The Bank of Canada is warning people to stop drawing Spock on their money

Rob Dawg wrote:


Wuzdat a young Janet Yellen?

Whiskey wrote:

Why would Janet Yellen be a placeholder in your mind, given her extensive public record?

Cuz she haz bOoBs

Does "Low inflation for 'few years'" mean ZIRP for the foreseeable future?

Whiskey wrote:

Automation increases productivity, which means fewer people performing the manual labor.

Actually, it's more difficult to automate manual labor than factory labor.

Similarly, the original "computers" were small armies of people making arithmetic computations by hand

For forecasting the weather IIRC...

Former Idealist wrote:

her saviness corruption is awesome cool with you losers.

energyecon wrote:

The Ultimate Shadow Selfie: Rosetta's Silhouette On Comet 67P

The comments section there is pretty lame.

greenchutes wrote:

we conveniently forget that prohibition, suffrage, eugenics, and fascism were more or less the same event. The fed was another brainchild of the time, some bad ideas just last longer.

Thank you Woodrow Wilson.

Ed S. wrote:

the purchase of Pebble Beach and Rockefeller Center -- foreigners buying trophy properties is a good tell as well

Remember that...

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

Make mine a butt light Beer

You'll take it in the Schlitz and you'll like it...

Whiskey wrote:

Sure. Hey, what kind of cream is this?

Don't order the cream of broccoli soup

merchants of fear wrote:

Red Team Blue Team trollish commentators wanted on HCN to cloud the issues

Openings are limited...

merchants of fear wrote:

But how do you answer that question in a Fed-driven economy when the Fed itself clearly doesn't know what they're going to do next?
The commentariat whined incessantly about QE's unfair and immoral distorting effect on the economy. However, when QE ended there was little long-term effect on interest rates or the economy.
The Keynsians were right again....

But notice it was not addressed what the FED is going to do next?

It's Really Easy to Troll Conspiracy Theorists | RealClearScience