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Rob Dawg wrote:

It's "justaskin" not like he knows anything. It's like having a sniper in the audience. Easier to break something good than build something good.

BAAAAMMMM! Headshot....

Wisdom Seeker wrote:

BTW, I expect that, within the next decade, the younger generations will break the political framing of issues which has been imposed by the Boomers over the past 3 decades. "New" approaches (more likely re-implementations of much older solutions) will be found when the current gridlock runs into an intractable crisis...

I don't see the next generation do that...not enough Gen-X'ers, and the remainder are pretty useless...

lawyerliz wrote:

Or, never mind. dungeon...I see your mind!

lawyerliz wrote:

In my next incarnation,where I have 8 kids, maybe. Also 6 slaves...

Why not make all 8 of them slaves?

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

A copper coin is not inherently worthless, because over time its value depreciates to its melt value.
It's definitely not zero, but what's a house's melt value?

Copper coins got to the point they were worth a substantial portion of a penny, so they were replaced with copper colored zinc pennies...

Firemane wrote:

However, I do remember my Mom giving me my Passbook Savings account in the '70s - 5 and a quarter interest rate, IIRC.

Advertised as "The maximum amount allowed by law"...

Rob Dawg wrote:

When you re-imagine a 2-2-2 1962 ranch as Schloss Burnside, the tendency is to leave the neighbors wan and pale.

Setbacks and lot limit lines are more suggestions, guidelines as it were. Arrrghhh.

Are the setbacks for the foundation or for any part of the structure. So remodeling gets around foundation limitations by cantilevering upper floors out past the foundation.

KidPsych wrote:

Squatters don't sit well with Airbnb hosts - SFGate
Tschogl, who works as a rehabilitation therapist for blind and low-vision people, was priced out of the San Francisco housing market, so she bought a one-bedroom condo in a gated Palm Springs community 18 months ago. She visits it often and her father lives nearby.
Uh, yeah, that makes sense. I can't afford to buy in San Francisco, so I'll buy in Palm Springs?

  • Because he has been in her home for 30 days, he has tenant rights under California tenant law.

It wasn't the Red Team that passed that law...

JP wrote:

May sales were revised down from 504 thousand to 442 thousand, and April sales were revised down from 425 thousand to 408 thousand.

BTW Those aren't particularly small revisions.

Screw sunglasses...get Sebastian some :blinders:!

burnside wrote:

shill, check your link, above. I reached a 2012 article just as others describe.

Try it again:
MARKET PULSE ArchivesJuly 24, 2014, 10:00 a.m. EDTJune's pace of new-home sales hits three-month low 
You may need to refresh/restart your browser.

Wisdom Seeker wrote:

P.S. Thanks for the warm fuzzy about my detailed comment on last thread.

I feel similarly about the above, though I like to think of the leak as being caused by accumulated bad debt which should have been retired, but instead is kept "functional" by the fed's backstopping. You'll note in my earlier description that there's no requirement for prices to go's a purely monetary phenomena.

poicv2.0 wrote:

Haven't you been following the HCN bad comment index lately?

M2 Money Stock (M2) - FRED - St. Louis Fed 

Whiskey wrote:

Why is inflation a bad thing when so many people are buried by debt?

Is the inflation we're experiencing helping any of those people? No...what we're getting is a wealth transfer scam.

Nemo wrote:

P.S. Define "inflation"

Think of it like this...the economy is a balloon with a leak in it. The Fed keeps printing money (blowing) to keep the balloon (economy) inflated, but the harder they pump (blow), the bigger the hole in the balloon (economy) gets so it's not enough to keep printing (blowing) at the same rate. You have to print (blow) more just to stay where you some point, and infinite amount of printing (blowing) won't be able to keep the balloon (economy) inflated.

Compliments to Wisdom Seeker on the long post last's like the student has become the master...

burnside wrote:

The biochemistry looks correct, Cinco. Not a bad article.

This $hit has me worried...Thanks for enlightening me about it...

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

money and Politics should have never married.

That isn't a recent phenomenon. So the question is: what changed?

Reaching critical mass? Crossing the Rubicon?

shill wrote:

more proof money and Politics should have never married.

...though in reality, money created the politics of this country...

sum luk wrote:

… the states are able to do it only because they are part of a union that doesn't.

Government debt is inter-bank money...

burnside wrote:

I'm hovering above the Venetian archipelago. San Michele at the moment.

When you get a chance:
Opening Pandora's Bread Box: The Critical Role of Wheat Lectin

dc wrote:

Hey, I've been busy!

9 years and 9 weeks is what shocked me...that, and your call/observation on the housing bubble back in 2005...

dc wrote:

Chance that a U.S. woman under age 35 has a tattoo : 1 in 2

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DC wrote on Thu, 5/19/2005 - 10:20 am

and there you have your reason why this housing market is not an unbridled speculative bubble not based on fundamentals.


33 comments and only 3 ignored...Our Do Not Feed The Trolls are slackin' off...

Yoringe wrote:

Want to discuss that with my GF? i pay the Phone Bill...

Does she look like Claudio Bassols? Gotta run off for a bit...

Yoringe wrote:

You'd probably like it...
I know i do.....but my GF hates the Machismo...

How's that different from Central America?

Yoringe wrote:

My GF wants Machu Pichu & Yuccatan....

Is your GF Spanish or German or other?

Yoringe wrote:

Argentine should default..... I need a good Holiday Destination 2015...

You'd probably like it...

Nemo wrote:

I have always loved how they take my money at the point of a gun and call it a "contribution".

Did anyone notice that France had their own version of Kristallnacht the other day?

poicv2.0 wrote:

Another satisfied customer now living on cat-food and AOL dialup.

Can't they just take their tablet and sit outside a Starbucks?

TheEconomist wrote:

If you read both appeals court opinions, one says, the language is clear: no subsidies for the federal exchanges.
The other court says, "gosh, the side arguing for no subsidies has a very good point, but the other side brought up at least something contrary, so that makes it "ambiguous", which gives us the right to defer to the IRS which allowed the subsidies.
Not the strongest argument.

WHITE HOUSE: Obamacare Actually Won In Federal Court Today

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

What we need next are photo-sharing sites that make fun of the old and the sick!

Maybe poic could cover that on the back page of his newsletter...

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

We get 6-7 beautiful days per year! If you're lucky and they all fall in during the same week you're visiting...

If not, then perhaps two will fall on a weekend...

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

banner ad encourages me to rent out my vacation home for an easy $63,000

prolly in 1/2 hour increments to workers from the oil patch...

EngineerJim wrote:

In our neighborhood of about 50 houses, their's been nothing on the market for about the last year.

...and what neighborhood would that be?

dilbert dogbert wrote:

When was the last time you saw honest wood trim and not MDF?

My house is almost exclusively wood trim. Stained at that. There is one small piece of moulding that is MDF in the kitchen where we chose to paint rather than stain.

Rob Dawg wrote:

the possibility of 5.1% U-3 in 2016

We just need to get to work discouraging more workers...

Rob Dawg wrote:

Good thing those are rubber duckies and not radiation.

Bah! Most of it sits in a Maelstrom offshore between Kali and Hawaii...

Meet The Retail CEO So Popular That Thousands Of Workers Staged A Revolt When He Was Fired
My wife was in Demoula's last night and was telling me about this...I think the real issue is the dick they replaced him with...yet another member of the Demoula's family who's not so well liked...This story could be made into an interesting cable TV about bad blood, greed and evil intent...

sm_landlord wrote:

Item (3) doesn't leave much airspace...

Shakes Tiny Fist of Fury

arthur_dent wrote:

here's a simple rule book for commercial airlines:
(1) don't fly over war zones,
(2) don't fly over areas declared sensitive security zones,
(3) don't fly over countries with batshit crazy leaders.

We've had some pretty crazy congressional leaders...

MikeCLT wrote:

1 Having children.

I can validate that assertion...

mr_clueless wrote:

btw, hello from 60 ft.

Tell the pilot (skk?) to pull back!