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sporkfed wrote:

Does having the largest world economy and the reserve currency always go together ?

I think we had a larger economy than England back when the Pound Sterling was the reserve currency. I suspect the most powerful Navy factors in as well...

greenchutes wrote:

Once the Krauts clean house, their scrip will be viable enough to make a run against gringo paper. But who else?

I dunno...their economy by itself isn't big enough, and the European Monetary Union as a whole is dragged down by...well...everybody but Germany!

greenchutes wrote:

But we know in the post-LTCM world, the fed has painted itself into far too deep a corner for that to peacefully happen in my lifetime.

I hope it doesn't happen in your lifetime...that way I'll be home free (and in the grave) before the $h!t hits the fan...

Rob Dawg wrote:

Made. Yeah "made" is the right word. In the blink of a trade more product shows up at the company's loading docks ready to make the world more verdant/productive/whatever. Or the same products but cheaper thus increasing the wealth of all involved. Make is a strange word.

You realize that was Snark, right?

bearly wrote:

Dow Chemical to Lay Off 3% of Employees, CEO Will Take No Pay Cut

Why should he take a Paycut? He just made shareholders millions!

tg wrote:

As Gul Mohammad Shukran, head of Kandahar’s anti-narcotics department, explains, this new strain of seed is expected to produce “better drug plants, which require less water and have a faster growth time.”

A good crop for California?

Rob Dawg wrote:

Linear accelerator. We should be chucking a VWs worth of construction materials up every 20 seconds.

Given the number of meteorites that have hit the moon, it would probably be best to start there. There's enough sunlight hitting it that you could use mirrors for smelting, and linear accellerators for slinging it into earth orbit.

Finally! Some GOOD news...

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

Did you see this earlier?

Yes...I followed the link from that article.

adornosghost wrote:

The GOP Clown Bus could use more female clowns.
She has the qualifications.

I suspect that she and Ben Carson are bucking for a VP spot to balance out the ticket...

vtcodger wrote:

21 Obsolete Household Items That We All Had 10 Years Ago

Sad I still have about half of those...

energyecon wrote:

Bookshelves will always have a place.

They can actually serve as an acoustic treatment on blank walls...seriously!

Rickkk wrote:

Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard - YouTube

New Keyboard

  • Everything is just a few hundred clicks away!

The Pats took a Bama boy! (I think)

Xavier Dixon... Nytol

sm_landlord wrote:

Who was it that said, Renting was the way to go??

I mention that occasionally....'s awesome for other people...

I'd really love to see the Pats pick up Blake Sims from Bama as a flanker/slot receiver...

Rob Dawg wrote:

Belichick looks to be shopping for the best price per pound. And the most pounds. That would be an interesting stat.The number of pounds drafted per team.

Drafted an undersized OLD that's driving fans crazy...I suspect that he sees contributions in special teams from him...of course, if he'd drafted Tre DePriest, he'd have a guy that could play line backer, but DePriest will probaby be available as a free agent...weird...

sporkfed wrote:

Newer factory and modern equipment . The lack of investment by previous management
caused the failure, not the factory floor employees.

Why invest in new machinery if featherbedding means you'll still be stuck with 12,000 employees doing the work of 500?

Nest 3 draft picks for the Broncos, and the The Pat's last pick...

josap wrote:


From a business view point for brothels, it's a very good plan.

Make sure you have hidden cameras strategically placed, then market the results as amatuer internet pron...

Rob Dawg wrote:

Hundley to GB. Physically talented but has the one thing fatal to a QB; you can't fix stupid.

I'm gonna just guess that Green Bay just needs a body to hold a clip board for Aaron Rodgers...

Rob Dawg wrote:

They'll need them if they want to grab the wild card.

Huh!? New England just traded back with Green Bay...I wonder what else they got?

Rob Dawg wrote:

Belichick knows it is an arms race.

Wow! Miami has 3 of the next 6 picks, and this is a pretty deep draft outside of the skilled positions.

Rob Dawg wrote:

Belichick knows it is an arms race. Last years playbook will be matched this years opposing strategy. Looks like 2015 he wants to keep the other team out of the red zone more than anything.

A quarterback's two best friends are:

  1. A defense that keeps them in the game, and
  2. An offensive line that keeps them off the grass

In that order...

BTW, I'm really liking the way the Patriots draft is shaping up...I'm glad they're not going "all in" on "weapons for Tom Brady" the way the pundits in the area always say they have to do...

Rob Dawg wrote:

Interesting possible business model. If you can certify ownership pay a nominal fee per track for digital replacement. So people with collections get their library scanned by proprietary software that creates an encrypted list. You register the list for a couple bucks. If you scrooch your library the service reproduces from their universal library. A couple pennies per track download. Huge collections in a thumb drive. Really huge and FedEx loan an external drive. All the music ever recorded lossless surely isn't even close to half a petabyte.

Patent the business process, and then let's do it!

Citizen AllenM wrote:

I have enough now, time to sell before everyone else does...

Or before your kids have to...

Rob Dawg wrote:

Hubby has 100s of CDs. Not one has been out of it's case in years and years. He will not get rid of them.

You could rip them as a surprise and present him with a thumb drive. Probably 40-50/hr while doing something else besides.

I still keep mine in the event the digital copies get wiped. Maybe cloud storage/backup?

mr_clueless wrote:

cd = compact disk

cd = obsolete means of storage for music, currency, etc...

burnside wrote:

They look at American cities only.

LOL...cuz cities in Finland, Germany, Japan, *et al *are so diverse and desegregated...

lawyerliz wrote:

Hey dawgster, will you promise to be happy for 2 days if the imemployment ratw hoes down to 5.3?

The EMRATIO is proably more pertinent.

bearly wrote:

Wage inflation is exactly what we WON'T get. Moving that needle is a little tough when there's soooo much ballast.... globally.
At least private sector x-Med/Pharma complex.
The rest is doubtful too.

I don't disagree...just saying that cranking down up interest rates will be even worse in the short/intermediate term. In the longterm, we're all Dooooooooooooooom!!!'ed

greenchutes wrote:

Almost everyone is too busy surviving to notice a well-engineered coup.

Needs More Cowbell Needs More Cowbell Needs More Cowbell

greenchutes wrote:

She just legitimizes the whole thing, the very soul of a useful idiot.
She thinks it can be "reformed". With her toothless Barbie dream house pseudo-agency.

"math is hard"

adornosghost wrote:

But wasn't Junior flying the Mexican border and protecting us?
(when not drunk, or with a nose full)

What makes you so sure?

kratovil1 wrote:

Kiev is the most beautiful girl in the orphanage , smiling at her suitors


sm_landlord wrote:

Just received another free copy of "Wired". I glanced through it tearing out thick pages of ads and noticing that the type is so small I need a magnifying lens to read it.

Are they still using green type on blue backgrounds? I think they intentionally make that rag difficult to read.

If you're having trouble reading it, you're not in their desired demographic...

bearly wrote:

[These interest rate levels are unprecedented—and hard to make a case for, given the economy’s strength. Inflation could rise soon. The Fed may not want to wait for inflation to gain momentum, given where interest rates are and the liftoff’s expected gradual speed.]
The Fed Could Hike Rates by September 2015 - Yahoo Finance

Damn! We need several years of inflation (including wages) to undo the damage of the last 25 years, and now the fed wants to remove the punch bowl...

Nemo wrote:

Whether an arrest is "justified" has literally zero bearing on the issue of police brutality.

Agreed. We need to end these police state tactics.

Nemo wrote:

The guy was not an upstanding citizen. Quite possibly scum. Got it; check. But what he h*ll difference does the knife make to whether the cops did anything wrong?

Agreed. Cameras on cops, and assume they're guilty if they turn them off.

bearly wrote:

Based on the record I would say he's:

  • A slow learner
  • A drug dealer
  • A felon

With multiple assault and burglary arrests and given that he was likely a drug dealer it should not come as a shock to anyone that he might have been carrying a weapon. Which is probably an offense for someone on parole or probation.

While this may all be true, cops need to stop killing people. Enough already

poicv2.0 wrote:

William Gibson: Man accused of indecent exposure claims he was 'airing his penis out' | Metro News

  • ‘He then removed his hand from his underwear (and) smelled his fingers,’ according to a police report

Rickkk wrote:

Larry Flynt gives her two thumbs up

That's about all she'll be getting from Larry.