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YouTube - The Ultimate women & men Football NutShot Compilation 2014
Damn! I didn't know soccer was so violent...I guess it really is the real Foot Ball.

Bubblisimo Gerkinov wrote:

I like my metaphors like my highballs ... mixed.

Did you say highballs?

Rob Dawg wrote:

Next time use higher temperature wax.

And a smoother landing strip...

energyecon wrote:

Report: Solar Is Way Worse Than Other Renewables

Hamster Wheel Standing Desk
Solves renewable energy and obesity problems at the same time!

sm_landlord wrote:

My apologies for being Captain Obvious.

As a captain, I think you outrank Belgnome, so just ignore s/he/it

JP wrote:

Probably something like this.

Or this...

JP wrote:

[Adjusts Tinfoil Hat ] Raising rates now will certainly cause some pain. Preparing the masses for rising rates would certainly be aided by having them believe that such action is leading ultimately to a more equitable arrangement. locks in the gains already made by the rich.

Rob Dawg wrote:

This is what it takes to make a bottom.

Now you tell me. Not 20% ago when it wouldn't have hurt so much?

Heck! If you're near a market bottom, isn't it time to load up?

JP wrote:

I guess I don't understand why the MSM is finally waking up on this issue.

Maybe Kruggles tipped the reporter to check out HCN?

shill wrote:

Energy will stay low into the elections and then > ZZZZZZZZOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMM

There's always a jump in prices leading into Thanksgiving...the severity of the Winter will drive the following 5 months assuming no external factors.

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

Winter. Cultural cesspool. No jobs.

...worse yet, it's now full of Massholes...

Jackdawracy wrote:

What is this humidity thing?

It's something that occurs when you get rain on a regular and sustainable basis...

josap wrote:

If you walk or bike to the in-n-out you can eat anything you want.

Shakes Tiny Fist of Fury

Jackdawracy wrote:

My body tells me to get a double-double w/grilled onions, fries and a vanilla shake, but the nearest in-n-out is 35 miles away.

So? You like to hike, and the exercise will do you good...

energyecon wrote:

Swedish Massages for Rabbits and Other Taxpayer Expenses You Will Not Believe - ABC News

I hope this doesn't have a happy ending.

Former Idealist wrote:

That's not low inflation, that's "room" for even more free money for rich people.

...and Fed's been more than glad to fill that vacuum with free money for the rich.

For more than half a century, the conventional wisdom among nutritionists and public health officials was that fat is dietary enemy number one – the leading cause of obesity and heart disease.

It appears the wisdom was off.

Why Experts Now Think You Should Eat More Fat - High-Fat Diet -

Jackdawracy wrote:

I've had the displeasure of going to the Waffle House a few times...

I knew there was something off about you...

Canada Parliament Shooting - Business Insider

Those Cannuckistanians need to get their guns under control now!

Jackdawracy wrote:

You sure that wasn't sponsored by purple micro dot industries?

Outsider wrote:

Monsanto had one of the coolest (and no ticket required) rides at Disneyworld. Surround image with the feeling of movement. You felt like you were skiing down that mountain or whatever it was. Anyone remember that?

Heck! I remember going to it when it opened in '71... What I specifically remember was the ride through the winding streets in the hills of San Francisco...

Jackdawracy wrote:

If I offended any losers in flyover that eat @ McDonald's a lot, I apologize that you haven't found a better place to dine.

Where I grew up, we were stuck with a Dog'n'Suds until well after I graduated from HS...McD seemed like a move up at the time...

lawyerliz wrote:

If they raised hthe cpntrobution base to say 200k

I see you took my advice and took up drinking!

Bubblisimo Gerkinov wrote:

Thought police are coming.

They're here, and have been for awhile. Oops! Was that not politically correct?

SPOOL wrote:

Cinco, I think we outwitted each other on that exchange.

At least I didn't outwit myself this time...Wink

sporkfed wrote:

Great, now my wife wants a kitten.

The problem with kittens is they eventually become cats.

SPOOL wrote:


HCN sure name-checks zh

Tyler Durden was a protagonist from Fight Club...following up on your "first rule" comment. Jeez

SPOOL wrote:

If admitting McD freedom fries are fantastic every time I order them makes me a loser, I don't want to win.

You and Julia Child

mr_clueless wrote:

i have never posted on zh.

Thanks for letting us know, Tyler...

BarleyReturns wrote:

And on the ebola front
Chicago Tribune

FTL: The child had vomited during a flight from Liberia to O'Hare, city health officials said. Upon landing, the child was screened by federal authorities and was found to have no other symptoms and no known risk of exposure. The child was taken to Lurie "out of an abundance of caution" and was undergoing observation in isolation.


burnside wrote:

Yet I enjoy whole milk, eggs, marbled steak and butter and have avoided the usual substitutes or stingy formulations for years.

Someone [was it Dawg?] posted a Sleeper clip yesterday that wasn't that far off. If you eat things higher in cholesterol your body won't produce as much, and the kind you eat is better than the kind your liver makes. It's also a precursor for testosterone (for men) and that makes you feel better too. The trick is to not take in too many calories.

lawyerliz wrote:

I'm a boomer, retired and I'm not dead. Should I slit my wrists?

Nah...just take up drinking...

burnside wrote:

For reasons I can't fathom, Rob, Sarasota isn't much bothered by hurricanes.

Tampa is even better as I recall. If a storm makes it West of Key West, it's usually driven by the circulating current of the Bermuda High, and as such, the forces than propelled it West in the first place will continue to force it further West.

Jackdawracy wrote:

I've mentioned "Swamp Kauri" before, and typically the 45,000 year old trees are covered by just 20-40 feet of soil, when exhumed @ present time.

Do they use it for making guitars?

BarleyReturns wrote:

Very quick, too quick

...says your old lady!

Jackdawracy wrote:

It got going better today, and it was really smoky in America's Switzerland, and I saw a few red firs light up like a bic lighter, but overall underwhelming.

Has it been too dry to grow sufficient under-story to burn?

So no, there is no reason to believe that higher or lower velocity of money will lead to deflation or inflation. That’s not to say that the equation of exchange is not true. Of course it’s true. But you have to deep dive into the assumptions that its conclusions are based on to actually understand how useful it really is. And when we deep dive into Uncle Milton’s “hypothetical simple society” you find that many of the conclusions are based on a world that resembles nothing like our actual monetary system. And that is why so much of his economics has been proven void of value over the course of the last 30 years – it was based on a textbook world that made the math appear more relevant as opposed to the actual world we live in.

Read more: Nothing found for No Higher Velocity Will Not Necessarily Mean Higher Inflation#ixzz3Gobmdptz

I don't necessarily agree with this, but there has been a lot of discussion of monetary velocity here, so I'm linking it...

Under a federal law known as civil forfeiture, the police can seize your assets if they believe they were obtained through illegal means — even if you haven't been convicted of a crime...

The practice recently attracted the attention of the comedian John Oliver. In a popular segment, Oliver suggested officers' motives for seizing cash might not be pure since the department gets to keep most of that cash.

"The question, 'do you have cash in the vehicle?' is surprisingly common in traffic stops," Oliver said. As one lawyer told the comedian, "It's really legalized robbery by law enforcement."

Read more: The Bizarre World Of Civil Forfeiture Lawsuits - Business Insider

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

You know what's floating in this punch... now, do you really want us to cut back on the amount of booze we're spiking it with?

New Keyboard

Rob Dawg wrote:

A strong dollar is jobs neutral these days. Sadly. A stronger dollar makes it cheaper to automate. A weaker dollar makes it cheaper to offshore. Lose-lose.

Automation is not a bad thing, unless you're an unskilled worker.

Doc Holiday wrote:

Insulin sensitivity: it’s not just about carbohydrates. | Anthony Dexmier