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burnside wrote:

Our long national nightmare is over.

New Keyboard Actually, you should be saving that for Conan's retirement.

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

compared to a camper in an underpass in the Bay Area?

plbbbbt! I remember going there and buying shrimp off the boat, wading in the lagoon and catching blue crab, and cooking it right on the beach on a driftwood fire...and the water was actually warm enough you could enjoy it, unlike the West Coast or the Northeast. No medical waste from NYC washing up on the shore a la Sandy Hook...sporkfed tells me it hasn't changed that much. You can presumably still rent little one room cottages right on the beach.

Wilberforce wrote:

or it's Alabama?

Dolphin Island and Gulf Shores are some of the nicest beach areas you'll find.

Bubblisimo Gerkinov wrote:

I envision a Mad Max like scenario involving mobility scooters.

Why not a website that allows you to customize your mobility scooter with spears, chainsaws and grenade launchers...

Rob Dawg wrote:

How old am I? Northeast Utilities. What? Ten mergers and acquisitions ago?

Wrong one... it was called Fitchburg Gas and Electric back in your day...

Ed S. wrote:

Our power was out for 13 days a few years back. The power company was fined, and we got higher bills.


Taxes have gone up too...double PLUS winning!

josap wrote:

The Fed, States, Cities, Countries have imposed fines - none of the money is seen by those who lost money due to the law breaking.

Our power was out for 13 days a few years back. The power company was fined, and we got higher bills.

Outsider wrote:

Rain, for sure. Having to drag the sprinklers all around because wet soil retains heat better and might protect against frost damage. (buckwheat)

Huh!? You decided to try some then? LOL...that's what you get for listening to me!

Outsider wrote:

Frost advisory tonight.
You can take your global warming talk and shove it where the sun don't shine. I'm freezing.

Ahh...but what wouldn't you do for some cold, damp rain?

poicv2.0 wrote:

I'm gonna lever up my stupidity.

Maybe you and Ed can pool your resources and corner the market...

Obama: Climate change deniers endanger national security - Business Insider

I guess it's "Next stop- Guantanamo" for deniers...habeus corpus et al to be suspended...

JP wrote:

I should add that the way you achieve negative absolute temperature is by going through +infinity, kinda like SoCal pricing.

Are you sure? I thought that on the other side of a singularity you approached the singularity asymtotically but in the other polarity...

Nemo wrote:

Pretty sure Cervantes wrote a story about this:
Rand Paul filibusters against Patriot Act, NSA snooping - Washington Times

He better not be planning to do much campaigning using small planes...

lawyerliz wrote:

I still want to know what happened to those roomfulls of money in Mexico?

They drug lords probably bought weapons from the DEA with it.

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

KFC is a hipster thing?
Damn, I am out of touch...

They liked it before is was cool...umm, wait a minute!

Blackhalo wrote:

Imagine if someone had recorded the Fed meetings during the crash!

I suspect it would have sounded a lot like the last few seconds on an airliner's cockpit recorder...

Former Idealist wrote:

It could be worse... Cinco

There's Oblamers' campaign slogan again....and it worked!

You can piss and moan about how bad current policy is, but the next step will be really ugly.

Blackhalo wrote:

Never is a long time. More likely, some other currency, less dependent on fractional reserve banking, will be perfectly fine with appreciation, and force the Fed to act.

The implication was that there would eventually be some sort of currency problem if they tried. No; I don't expect this to go on forever; I just expect that when/if we do try to end ZIRP or whatever similar policy follows, the monetary regime as we know it will end.

poicv2.0 wrote:

Our cat is 18 and clearly on its last legs

Just put him out of the car in a neighborhood full of Korean restaurants...

Rob Dawg wrote:

Does it help that I am binge watching the entire Breaking Bad?


poicv2.0 wrote:

Aa long as we keep doing zirp asset prices will stay permanently high.

It could be worse...

poicv2.0 wrote:

Its the fact that he's managed to give our apartment an authentic downtown SF smell.


ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

There's got to be a string on this doll SOMEWHERE...

Math is HARD!

Blackhalo wrote:

FOMC Minutes: June Rate Hike Unlikely
"Unlikely" is being a bit generous and off-the-table, more accurate.

I still think there's a high probably of us NEVER being able to quit ZIRP...It make not be obvious as events unfold, but I believe that if we make a serious attempt, it'll all come undone...

Nemo wrote:

I wonder if we'll ever see a female Fed chair.


vtcodger wrote:

I started off to figure out how islamic finance works. Got as far as some is like venture capital -- bank lends you money for your business. You and the bank split the profits.

The Mafia had a similar structure, albeit with higher interest rates.

EngineerJim wrote:

Can we call them "thugs" ?

To their faces?

Wisdom Seeker wrote:

Is financing more, or less, difficult with built to rent?
No experience, anyone else know?

I think rental property requires a 50% down payment...

Blackhalo wrote:

Or Waco?

Them bikers in Waco is whacko...

Wisdom Seeker wrote:

(Bill prefers to cheer over every "up" data point and ignore the downers.)

IIRC, Bill got out before the crash and shared his advice with us, and then got in at the bottom, again sharing his advice with us...just sayin'

poicv2.0 wrote:

replace the word "work" with the phrase "cross-browser compatibility testing"

Rolls off the Tongue

Monty’s arrogance nearly lost us the war: an alarming angle on the Ardennes offensive » The Spectator

Interestly, Beevor speculates that Monty may have suffered from high-functioning Asperger Syndrome.

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

Next, assume Cinco-X has water...

Not a good assumption given the Spring we've had...

EngineerJim wrote:

EE engineer engineer...double good...

poicv2.0 wrote:

Anyone on here know how to make boiled water?

First, assume water...

EngineerJim wrote:

Einstein married his first cousin.

  • Albert and Elsa were first cousins through their mothers and second cousins through their fathers.

No kids from that marriage.

poicv2.0 wrote:

cleans nostrils with Libertarian nose clippers of Justice™

Hah! I just trimmed my pubes with those.

UTHealth research: grass plants can transport infectious prions - UTHealth

All this worry about Ebola, AIDS and global warming, and this might eventually be our undoing...