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burnside wrote:

Plant City alone represents 200 million plants on more than 10,000 acres this year.

It seemed like the fields would stretch for miles along I-4 when I was younger...

Outsider wrote:

you could look at this: An Interesting Way to Grow Strawberries - Fruit & Orchards Forum - GardenWeb (hanging from above)

PVC 110 Gutter System

Outsider wrote:

There you go. I know someone who visited Iceland last year.

It does look appealing.

There seems also to be a trend of packaging tours to GoT sites in Iceland, Ireland and Croatia.

Outsider wrote:

Iceland’s gold rush: Tourist trade booms, but will it bust?

My Dad and his GF will be going there this Summer, and touring the remainder of Scandinavia towards the end of Summer and early Fall...

NateTG wrote:

Strawberry yield per acre is much higher here than in the rest of the world. I suspect that increasing fuel prices may cut into that.

Strawberries are intense feeders. One way to limit weeds is to use growth hormones and burn the weeds, but as long as the strawberries have adequate water they'll be alright.

burnside wrote:

I hope people like strawberries. We're growing them here by the millions.

Strawberries, tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers...been that way in Central Florida since I was a kid...I used to work on farms slinging mellons or picking peppers every Summer in HS...

Rajesh wrote:

The fat checks from the socialist government helps a bit.

YouTube - Queen - 'Fat Bottomed Girls' 

Bruce in Tennessee wrote:

...They must engineer one that ... blocks the GPS locations of Dairy Queen...

YU H8Z Merica?

Must be about 1/2 what it was...

Antipodes wrote:

Broccoli tends to bolt fast in warm weather.

Needs More Cowbell Needs More Cowbell Needs More Cowbell

josap wrote:

Tons and tons of oranges in Az. Really good ones.

...for now...

lawyerliz wrote:

I find broccoli easy to grow.

In the Wintertime? Sure, but I doubt you'll get much this Summer...

lawyerliz wrote:

Bananas too, at least the supermarket varieties.

I've considered growing them in my sun room, but I'm worried that the "leaf mold" that they like will smell musty...

JP wrote:

Just got back from the farmer's market, and no increase in BtFD prices. Oranges had gone up from $6 to $7 for my 8 lb bag tho.

Oranges are endangered...enjoy them now while you can...

lawyerliz wrote:

The hub sez we may have a broccoli shortage because much is grown in Kali in the extreme drought area.

I wonder why they would grow a cool weather crop like that in Kali?

Bubblisimo Gerkinov wrote:


I can sympathize with your ignoring yourself...

lawyerliz wrote:

Perhaps Clinton got it down to the top of the 4th sextile.

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar

Antipodes wrote:

Looks like it could get down to the 3rd sextile.


YU H8Z free enterprise?

josap wrote:

I have some young walnuts in a heavy syrup. What can I do with them beside put a couple with ice cream?
They are very sweet. Yummy, but need to pair them with something.

Mix them with chopped dates...prolly want to eat it with black coffee of coffee with cream only...the walnuts in syrup might be used to make Baklava as well...

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Rob Dawg wrote:

You caught the peak. It was creeping earlier back into late March for a number of years but April 10th for 2014.

I had thought we'd have a late Spring here, and it is cold today, but all-in-all it looks like we're gonna make up the degree-days. I see the buds have started popping this week.

Bad Dawg Bobby wrote:

For the good it did, I like to sleep with fresh air and the window open, kicked that habit quick.

The New Yorker had no A/C at the time so that wasn't an option for me...

Bad Dawg Bobby wrote:

I think it was the place we were staying at, fire department one block away, right down town.

Ya, I'll bet NY is louder.

Stayed at the New Yorker and the sound of pile drivers woke me at 2:30AM...I was awake for hours...

Bad Dawg Bobby wrote:

the loudest city, at night, I have ever tried to get a good nights sleep in.

So Vegas and NYC were louder, but you didn't try to sleep?

Damn this thread IS dead...

Rob Dawg wrote:

I would also suggest the the evisceration of the middle classes has critically impaired the formation of small businesses and the associated jobs generation. They don't have the seed capital or support structures to make the leap.

Probably what made this "recovery" as it were, lackluster at one could use MEW to start a business when they got laid off. Of course, without demand, it's probably for the best...

curious wrote:

Which matters more, the estimates or the real numbers?

Which ones are the ones they just make up?

Antipodes wrote:

My wife and family don't drink it...maybe it's American Chinese people whom are lactose intolerant

I have been to many farmers markets around NZ and have seen many Chinese people buy mozzarella ( fior di latte, cow's milk cheese).

My wife and daughter will drive you out of the house if they eat certain milk products. Yogurt is okay...

GS Elevator Gossip ‏@GSElevator 2h

#1: A '5k in the mud' t-shirt. Lululemon. Ivy League apparel. The gym tells me everything I need to know about a guy.
#1: So what if only 70% of Millennials believe in a God. That’s still more than believe in a full-time job.
#1: Most people think freedom means getting a bigger cut of somebody else's money
#1: If I get a message with a typo, I'll analyze the letter placement on the keyboard to assess if it's justified or not.

Antipodes wrote:

The Chinese are huge consumers of milk.

Hard to believe...I don't think I've ever met a Chinese person that wasn't lactose intolerant...

Bubblisimo Gerkinov wrote:

Mine is for a golf simulator ... why how does the internet know think I'm such a bad golfer.

Google probably parsed your postings, deduced you were a middle manager and assumed the obvious...

Vonbek777 wrote:

Off to seek inspiration.

4/20 is on Sunday.

Rajesh wrote:

My bottom ad is for 'Trucker to Trucker" ad service.

Mine is for 10,000 Chinese girls want to me truckers...

Heavy trucks is an ideal application for hybrid diesel/electric technology or hybrid LNG/electric technology. Mandate the industry shift over in 5 years...that should boost the sector.

In sports terms, 420 is the 'roll tide' of weed, Colorado paper says |

DENVER, Colorado-- Marijuana was legalized and the 420 mile-marker keeps getting stolen off of I-70 in Colorado. They had to edit it to say "419.99" to prevent the issue.
The Colorado Department of Transportation has also had to replace the "69" mile-marker in one location as well and replace it with a "68.9" sign, for reasons we won't go into here.

12th Percentile wrote:

McDonald's CEO Don Thompson has also noted that there is a bit of **"bifurcation" **in the fast-food industry, with better-off customers heading to the new breed of chains that charge more

That word is going to become more popular.

Does McDonalds accept SNAP?

I see that HCN is running again, though it still seems to be running slow...

Tom Stone wrote:

There's nothing funny about what he has done to the world

Maybe we finally got the government we deserved...

Tom Stone wrote:

Don't forget the autobiography.

memoirs too...

Rob Dawg wrote:

I was thinking that unions could be forced to choose between being contract negotiators or political advocacy groups but not both.

No one advocating any form of limitation of political speech has your best interests in mind...not that the others do either...

Rob Dawg wrote:

sum luk wrote:

… not to speak of drones and bots

unreasonable search

The Left assures us the only way that we'll ever experience true freedom is to finally discard the US Constitution...