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robj wrote:

This map shows how enormous US military spending really is -

I wonder what Saudi Arabia's per capita military spending is...

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

in no wise changed


robj wrote:

I hope the next model comes with a drone to deliver me my PBR for more uninterrupted HCN.

Be more savvy...

JP wrote:

Hey my listing was for research too!

...and I'm sure you never inhaled...

sporkfed wrote:

Roll Tide.

Amen, brother

Slumdog Slumdog Slumdog Slumdog always beings'em out
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Rob Dawg wrote:

Whatever happened to the buck stops here? Why isn't 00O taking heat for poor choice of Secretary of State?

In all fairness, he was just following orders

Outsider wrote:

If stock markets didn't exist, how would the wealthy get wealthier?

In the old days those people were the warlords.

poicv2.0 wrote:

Gonna go for a three-fer tonight bitchez!!'ll rub yourself raw....

wow! that was some recovery today,

lawyerliz wrote:

Devices still not scynced.

Try sync'ing them

tg wrote:

The Atlantic titles it "The coddling of the American mind"

FTL: The new protectiveness may be teaching students to think pathologically.

Blackhalo wrote:

I thought that stuff only happened on Tumbler. I had no idea it was festering on campus too. Tumblr a liberal hotbed too?

JP wrote:

a 54-year-old PhD student who stimulated herself

For science!

A lot of PhD theses are essentially self-gratification...

energyecon wrote:

Taupe that!

Laughing out loud You just did

Rickkk wrote:

Dealing With Rouge Drones

I myself am more concerned with the Mauve Drones.

poicv2.0 wrote:

Or is this all about us bringing Democracy to Syria while Putin attempts to stymie our Democracy move?

Given his Chechen situation, I doubt Putin would actively support more Islamic fundamentalist proxies...

tg wrote:

you don't find that funny?

Sorry...yes...was that the Onion?

merchants of fear wrote:

I can read a 400 page book in a few days now,

how can you do that and be on hoocoodnode all the time?

New Keyboard *10

tg wrote:

fun link

FTL: Kitchens are expensive and dirty [and] they can be made totally unnecessary with a few practical life hacks...First, I never cook...I utilize soylent only at home and go out to eat when craving company or flavor.

Mike_PNW wrote:

Oregon '16 = +12% to +40% premium hikes..largest health plan..+22%...winning

LOL...wait till it's free...

bearly wrote:

Fox is going to suck in a 50 share've got a $'re safe...

Nemo wrote:

My '97 Civic is in need of service

Why? Don't you walk to work?

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

I never understood this as straight razors are very efficient.

I guess it was the way she learned as a kid. She was really fast.

The heads of birds and reptiles will "pop" right off...OTOH, chicken, and especially roosters have a hackle to protect thier delicate necks, so you'd have to either cut through that or spend the time pushing these hackles aside. KP is clueless once again...

What's the take here on the upholding of Brady's suspension?

merchants of fear wrote:

prefers staying home playing video games and watching porn

govt. employee?

New Keyboard

Rob Dawg wrote:

I was in the hills yesterday for an exit inspection. Yes, I always do it personally. Scary. Not only spotless but a tiny drip behind a hot water tank fixed and... the new carpet when they moved in looks better than when they moved in. If it weren't for breaking the lease penalties I'd being paying him more than the security deposit back.

The thing I hated about being a landlord was that the good tennants never stuck around.

Rob Dawg wrote:

California could be divided into eight separate states each of which would by every measure be in the top half all 57 states by every practical measure. (The exception possibly being Alta California's population.)

Could any one of those states supply their own water?

.Blackhalo wrote:

West Virginians, or Arkansans

I don't think they have internet yet.

IIRC, the internet was invented by the Vice President of a President from Arkansas...

Fair Economist wrote:

Actually, it did happen once, in the 80's, on the chart. Still, your point that a drop to this level usually signifies an oncoming recessions is valid. The only reason I can see that "this time is different" is that the affected states are most smaller (economically). Looks like it's mostly Medicaid non-expanders, too (all but NM, I think)

IIRC, during that period in the '80s, we experienced a series of "sector recessions", e.g. an energy sector recession, a semiconductor recession, etc.

arthur_dent wrote:

What strikes me about chart 1 is that in the last 3 expansion we have never been this far in, hit 40, and then not been in a recession a few months later. Some people think business cycles have no period associated with them. I'd say there is a reasonable range and we are past the median point of the range.

Needs More Cowbell Needs More Cowbell Needs More Cowbell

Rob Dawg wrote:

...some factors such as low energy prices and the strong dollar likely continued to weigh on business activity.

Shakes Tiny Fist of Fury

However, some factors such as low energy prices ... likely continued to weigh on business activity.
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Former Idealist wrote:

Trumps hair vs. Hillary's fat ass.

Late night comedian's perfecta?

Ed S. wrote:

So an incompetent Secretary of State who was a Senator for one term or a retired Governor of a backwater state (no offense intended LL).

FL may be full of crazies, but it's not backwater. 3rd most populous...

lawyerliz wrote:

Turtle can swim. I think they could swim right ou of the pool.

Gopher tortoises don't swim. Don't help them into the ocean

From a few Pigged's back...It's curious how we can have some of the lowest claims in the last 40 years, and still not be able to cause even a smidgen of wag inflation...curious...curious indeed...

Outsider wrote:

"Are you a righty or a leftie?"

Ahem... that's a personal question...

Outsider wrote:

If people drive us crazy, does that show up in the report?


Rolling 12 Months at All Time High
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When dey seez me rollin', dey be hatin'

Rickkk wrote:

First-time buyers, young adults lift U.S. home sales to 5-1/2-year high - The Globe and Mail

You wouldn't think there'd be that many starter homes in the city neighborhoods these young adults prefer.

EngineerJim wrote:

Funny thing is, I've always thought transformers had an almost unlimited lifetime.
What can happen to them other than say a lightning strike.
But for some reason they came around and replaced the transformers in our neighborhood at 15 years.

older ones were cooled with an oil containing PCBs or something. they may have just been upgrading.

Rob Dawg wrote:

But yuan thinks he is buying ... fairy fart electrons from the power company.


Mike_PNW wrote:

Somebody should definitely investigate that methane cloud hovering over Cool though.

Poic and deviled eggs again?

Mook wrote:

But how do you keep a sovereign nation from conducting its affairs in whatever currency it chooses?

I don't think that word is being used correctly.

Outsider wrote:

Are you saying that young Greeks are Brussels' sprouts?


Rickkk wrote:

Yellen: Fed to Release New Emergency Lending Rules This Fall

A final rule to limit emergency lending authority coupled with a rate hike? I hope not...

Does anyone really expect action before the election?