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Rob Dawg wrote:

California could be divided into eight separate states each of which would by every measure be in the top half all 57 states by every practical measure. (The exception possibly being Alta California's population.)

Could any one of those states supply their own water?

.Blackhalo wrote:

West Virginians, or Arkansans

I don't think they have internet yet.

IIRC, the internet was invented by the Vice President of a President from Arkansas...

Fair Economist wrote:

Actually, it did happen once, in the 80's, on the chart. Still, your point that a drop to this level usually signifies an oncoming recessions is valid. The only reason I can see that "this time is different" is that the affected states are most smaller (economically). Looks like it's mostly Medicaid non-expanders, too (all but NM, I think)

IIRC, during that period in the '80s, we experienced a series of "sector recessions", e.g. an energy sector recession, a semiconductor recession, etc.

arthur_dent wrote:

What strikes me about chart 1 is that in the last 3 expansion we have never been this far in, hit 40, and then not been in a recession a few months later. Some people think business cycles have no period associated with them. I'd say there is a reasonable range and we are past the median point of the range.

Needs More Cowbell Needs More Cowbell Needs More Cowbell

Rob Dawg wrote:

...some factors such as low energy prices and the strong dollar likely continued to weigh on business activity.

Shakes Tiny Fist of Fury

However, some factors such as low energy prices ... likely continued to weigh on business activity.
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Former Idealist wrote:

Trumps hair vs. Hillary's fat ass.

Late night comedian's perfecta?

Ed S. wrote:

So an incompetent Secretary of State who was a Senator for one term or a retired Governor of a backwater state (no offense intended LL).

FL may be full of crazies, but it's not backwater. 3rd most populous...

lawyerliz wrote:

Turtle can swim. I think they could swim right ou of the pool.

Gopher tortoises don't swim. Don't help them into the ocean

From a few Pigged's back...It's curious how we can have some of the lowest claims in the last 40 years, and still not be able to cause even a smidgen of wag inflation...curious...curious indeed...

Outsider wrote:

"Are you a righty or a leftie?"

Ahem... that's a personal question...

Outsider wrote:

If people drive us crazy, does that show up in the report?


Rolling 12 Months at All Time High
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When dey seez me rollin', dey be hatin'

Rickkk wrote:

First-time buyers, young adults lift U.S. home sales to 5-1/2-year high - The Globe and Mail

You wouldn't think there'd be that many starter homes in the city neighborhoods these young adults prefer.

EngineerJim wrote:

Funny thing is, I've always thought transformers had an almost unlimited lifetime.
What can happen to them other than say a lightning strike.
But for some reason they came around and replaced the transformers in our neighborhood at 15 years.

older ones were cooled with an oil containing PCBs or something. they may have just been upgrading.

Rob Dawg wrote:

But yuan thinks he is buying ... fairy fart electrons from the power company.


Mike_PNW wrote:

Somebody should definitely investigate that methane cloud hovering over Cool though.

Poic and deviled eggs again?

Mook wrote:

But how do you keep a sovereign nation from conducting its affairs in whatever currency it chooses?

I don't think that word is being used correctly.

Outsider wrote:

Are you saying that young Greeks are Brussels' sprouts?


Rickkk wrote:

Yellen: Fed to Release New Emergency Lending Rules This Fall

A final rule to limit emergency lending authority coupled with a rate hike? I hope not...

Does anyone really expect action before the election?

Mook wrote:

I eagerly await news of the coming $2,000,000,000 surplus that will allow Cali to plug the hole in the CalPERS dike.

Sorry...that"ll be needed for deferred road maintenance.

energyecon wrote:

If the foo sh!ts...

Share it?

Rajesh wrote:

For 2014, OECD says that Germans worked 1,371 hours per worker while the Greeks worked 2,042 hours per worker.

What do their respective tax receipts say?

Rob Dawg wrote:

I suggest the Greeks promise to work as many hours as the Germans.

Productivity is more than just hours worked...

Comrade Scott wrote:

Jeb Bush has gotta love that map! That's an economic record you can really run on!!!

Takes care of Chris Christie

merchants of fear wrote:

USA can teach the Greeks about spending too much and racking up too much debt?

The trick is to hold the reserve currency...once you do that, it all falls into place...

Rob Dawg wrote:

At least we've made college affordable.

And in California, "free" by Constitutional edict.

Ouch! :sand-in-your-vasaline:

merchants of fear wrote:

The Donald has a line of mattresses?

It's where he can screw his creditors customers.

Fixed It For Ya

Rob Dawg wrote:

Nanny staters like you just cannot wrap your grasping controlling claws around the idea that some of your overreaching regulations have resulted in inferior outcomes.

At least we've made college affordable.

Rob Dawg wrote:

Subscribing to TheGuardian live feed seems pretty popular here.

I want in on the incentives...

merchants of fear wrote:

Americans Not In The Labor Force Soar... - ZH

Underground economy.

Now...if we could just get some of that underground economy to spill over into the real economy...

merchants of fear wrote:

You must be given incentives to post bizarre off topic stuff.

Hey! How do I get in on that?

Rob Dawg wrote:

Feh, in Oregon people aren't even capable of pumping their own gas.

Jersey too...but then again, you've seen how they drive...

Rajesh wrote:

If everyone was just paying what everyone else was paying then there would never be any wage hikes.

Actually, if your skills improve year-over-year, you'll be qualified to make what a higher grade employee makes. If all you do is stamp out widgets at the same rate, then no, and that in fact is what we've been seeing in lower skilled jobs for decades.

Rajesh wrote:

It's only a matter of time before employers realize that the FOMC inflation target is a scam and begin to cut back wage hikes. But the horse may be out of the barn by then.

I don't think any large employer uses FOMC figures for that. They usually do (or purchase) a salary survey that tells what other employers are paying for similarly skilled employees in the local market and base hiring and raises on that. They pay enough to keep you if they really want you, but no more. You're just a body if you're not in upper level management.

Blackhalo wrote:

Overall this was a decent report.

Decent! Decent! Decent!

Do you dissent?...or descent?

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

I accidentally 'furry'

Anybody up for Tacos?

arthur_dent wrote:

...didn't the Rubicon stop flowing on account of a manna drought?

Caesar crossed the rubicon on his way to build the pyramids.

Pretty sure Jesus crossed it riding a velociraptor...

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

And the social cost of opportunity for that worker who was capable of earning a PhD to now be making your coffee is what?

I give up...what?

Blackhalo wrote:

is it an arms race to have the better qualifications for the few entry level gigs out there

My Burnt Swill - er - Starbucks Coffee always tastes better when prepared by a PhD in Social Studies.

energyecon wrote:

Days passed without 6% home mortgages since KP's prediction... 1,096.

Do Not Poke The Hornet Nest