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Nemo wrote:

Soldier who goes to Africa and follows orders to spend 3 weeks in quarantine = hero
Whiny litigious narcissist = not a hero


Yoringe wrote:

I plan to get my Hands on Snake, Rat & Scorpion on my Holiday...

'80s metal fan?

Outsider wrote:

the great unwashed masses in the Big Smokes and hardly had any water...

If you think us New Englanders are bailing out your smelly butts...

California getting more and more like Europe...

The surprising part about this for the researchers was that a microscopic organism that we've thought could only infect algae — plants — was living in about 40% of the small number of people tested.

For the rest of us, the bigger surprise may be that this virus could join the ranks of microorganisms that live inside and on us and change the way we think.

Read more: Algae Virus May Be Changing Cognitive Ability - Business Insider

Jackdawracy wrote:

Burgers Are Getting Better and More Popular in Germany - SPIEGEL ONLINE

The first hamburger I had in Germany (circa '82) was awful. It was basically a meatball on a biscuit.

GS Elevator Gossip @GSElevator · Oct 24
"Want to prolong the battery life on your iPhone? Put it the fuck away when you're talking to me."

Yoringe wrote:

010 - A B & The Sea - Bone Dry - YouTube

Anonymous Bosch and the Sea? HCN!?

lawyerliz wrote:

Are they gonna spend it all on desalinization plants? That would be ok with me. How much does one cost?

A plant would be a bargain if it weren't for the energy cost associated with it.

tg wrote:

At Least One California Town Is Now Bone Dry as Megadrought Continues

Bone Dry would be a good title for a country song.

shill wrote:

then a run to _____?


Outsider wrote:

How real is real?

As real as you can get with imaginary money.

Turkey Yanartas flame explained: Homer-inspiring mountain fire explanation (VIDEO).

This is pretty amazing to me...a metal in the rock (Ruthenium) acts as a catalyst to cause methane to form at under 100degC.

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

If they were more savvy, they'd protect the candy from those wielding a libertarian 2x4 of justice.

If they were really savvy, they'd carry a load of Ex-Lax brownies for those wielding a libertarian 2x4 of justice.

Outsider wrote:

Debate took place, minds have been changed, all sides have been respectfully considered. Another day on HCN.

Are you new here?

energyecon wrote:

Shakes Tiny Fist of Fury x^5

:bwahahahahaha: Evil

poicv2.0 wrote:

I'm still trying to figure out whether we're supposed to blame Obama for not doing anything about Obola or for doing too much about Obola or for doing useless things about Obola.


Outsider wrote:

Salesman called today offering a 3 yr. old Tacoma for $1,000 less than a brand new one.


poicv2.0 wrote:

Dude, you really need to cut back on whatever you are smoking or imbibing

...or at least share...

Even under the narrowest concept of the police power as limited by substantive due process, it was generally conceded that states could exercise the power to protect the public health, safety, and morals. Annotation 7 - Fourteenth Amendment - FindLaw

Rob Dawg wrote:

Art I, Sec 9.

Thanks...I had to run out for a bit...

Rajesh wrote:

There are provisions in the US Constitution to suspend some rights temporarily if needed to ensure public safety.


Let me google that for you
First link

energyecon wrote:

I love when people who have cried the loudest about the sacred nature of the constitution are the first to throw it overboard...

There are provisions in the US Constitution to suspend some rights temporarily if needed to ensure public safety.

shill wrote:

Brunette on her LinkedIn page that was taken down mysteriously.

Kaci Hickox "Kaci Hickox" - Google Search

Definitely a ginger...

shill wrote:

Ebola Nurse Complaining About Quarantine is Left-Wing Democrat, CDC Employee

..and she's a ginger too!

energyecon wrote:

:kwwwa: ?

It was meant as a compliment...

energyecon wrote:

You're right, it is not just vote pimping political ho's of the right jumping on the bandwagon, the left has it's share as well.

What's the opposite of :awwk:?

Nemo wrote:

Real heroes self-quarantine instead of going on little left-wing drama queen tirades


arthur_dent wrote:

Money is an exchange instrument, a substitute for barter, and ideally its value is balanced against existing or realizable production that extends a fairly limited time into the future..

Also must balance against existing capital and assets.

Yoringe wrote:

Wait till Starbucks replaces his Duke Collection with Bots...

Think of all the unemployed hipsters!

Rob Dawg wrote:

Housing vacancy rate

Wait, wot? NOT 1.8%? We just had a post on this.

Them's tradin' houses...

arthur_dent wrote:

since credit is a claim on future income, and credit is growing much faster than income, it means ......lousy for the future, or a fool's game.

Terrific insight. You should take some time to expand on that...

Nemo wrote:

It's never that serious

Pretty serious in 2009...

NFL Week 9 Elo Ratings And Playoff Odds | FiveThirtyEight

The Elo ratings consider the Patriots to be ever-so-slight favorites, while Vegas lists the Broncos as favored by a field goal. It’s not clear precisely what is driving the difference, although the history of our generation’s defining quarterback rivalry would seem to suggest intangible considerations tend to break in the direction of Brady and the Patriots.

I love the Pats, but I suspect they will lose this time.

Outsider wrote:

I dream of QE4 with the high numbered bills....

Don't worry...your bill WILL be high!

Blackhalo wrote:

Well... if the planners had actually communicated the required budget to get it done right, it would never have been approved...

New Keyboard YUP!

Rob Dawg wrote:

My favorite was the revolution in airborne fighter radar. So much better, smaller and lighter that we ended up putting dead weight in the nose.

I'm sure the pilots wouldn't have minded if you added some additional armor there...

Firemane wrote:

What was the first thing they dropped? The Quality Control module.

New Keyboard So true!

Blackhalo wrote:

I see that a lot in software development projects. Once a project is complete, developer managed projects tend to come up with a whole host of "improvements" that need to be done.

Oftentimes those "improvements" are actually originally intended features that were dropped in order to make schedule since they were either understaffed to begin with or the scope changed and other "more important" features were added later in development.

Firemane wrote:

Oh ... c'mon ... certainly a Carter Dynasty with Billy up next would've been a hoot!

I'd rather watch reruns of "Dukes of Hazzard"...

Rob Dawg wrote:

The complicating factor is mothballing/restart costs. It might be the smart play to keep marginal losing operations running to keep the lights on.

How's the strategic oil reserve doing? Perhaps we could subsidize those "marginal losing operations" by using that output to rejuvenate/refill it (slowly).

Firemane wrote:

Actually it will be Reagan's 10th term by my estimation

Honestly, I get where you're coming from ... though I think it a little unkind to throw Bush I under that bus ...

All I can say is thank glod it's not Carter's 11th term.

Blackhalo wrote:

I wonder how it compares in the kilos to orbit vs. the space shuttle, in real dollars spent.

I think it would be better. The original projections were for the shuttle to be more cost effective, but I don't think that ever panned out. With a dedicated CE effort, the costs (for the Saturn V) could have been reduced and reliability enhanced for relatively minimal expense. Unfortunately, the Air Farce and NASA would rather "push the envelope" rather than milk a cash cow...

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

Oh, unquestionably. But the ugly reality is that the cost cutting pressures of the free market will be relentless, space exploration no differently than other enterprises.

It's unfortunate that so much of our knowledge and experience has been lost, often in the name of progress. We basically lost or threw away the plans for the Saturn V. Having that technology right now would be really handy, even if we outsourced operations and CE to the private sector.

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

If you are trying to do space on the same budget as North Korea, expect similar results.

Yeah, but that's what a lot of private enterprise DOES and tries to do.

We presumably have knowledge, experience and infrastructure that they don't have. As such, we should do better on an equivalent budget.

Pigged energyecon wrote:

New KeyboardYeah, the Blue Team appears to be returning to their traditional ways, and it seems the Red Team has given up imitating them with respect to the circular firing squad

I beg to differ on that second item. I've never seen a bigger bunch of idiots running as Red Team'ers...