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sm_landlord wrote:

then I would be poor. Which doesn't pencil out

New Keyboard

Outsider wrote:

Chet Atkins "Classical Gas" - YouTube

Leo Kottke - Deep River Blues - YouTube
The Doc Watson version of this was one of my early influences...

Outsider wrote:


Nope, but I did do a lot of technical writing in a past life...

Mike_PNW wrote:

Good interview (or first date) question.."What's your favorite piece of punctuation"

...assuming you don't want a second date...

Rob Dawg wrote:

I've heard them compared to having a semi-trailer jammed up your...

Someone's been blowing air up you @$$...

Vonbek777 wrote:

Personally I'm offended by semi-colons.

The semi-colon is my favorite piece of punctuation (after the ellipsis Wink ), and is grossly underused and misunderstood. It's very useful when reiterating and clarifying important points with a second repetitive clause and helps when delineating lists of lists...

Rob Dawg wrote:

There are currently twenty-odd HCN members online.


Are we gonna see another all time high before New Years?

Bubblisimo Gerkinov wrote:

Pentagon announces another 1,300 US troops to be sent to Iraq | Fox News

That's about the number of troops Eisenhower sent to Vietnam.

arthur_dent wrote:

myth has it he did, and sold him the tub.

zero down, 19 drachma a month...if you buy right now...

Yoringe wrote:

You did it for Food and Ammo?

Food, housing and the beginning of an education.

Yoringe wrote:

You didnt go to the Military for nothing i see

The pay was next to nohing...

Yoringe wrote:

So all these piss poor backward Commie Countrys have either "State of the Art Hackers" or "Sponsor World Wide Terrorism" ?

Maybe they're piss poor and backward because they exhaust their resources on state of the art hacking and exporting terrorism rather than spending it on the good of their people.

Outsider wrote:

Is that outdoors? It looks like an indoors. I hear batteries get zapped in cold weather. Altho we did have a game cam out there.

I dunno. A discharged lead-acid battery will freeze, but if you keep them charged they'll be fine. : Outdoor Weatherproof Infrared Color Spy Camera Battery Powered : Surveillance Video Transmission Systems : Camera & Photo

bearly wrote:

That would be a masturbating steer.

Why would a steer need/want to masturbate?

Outsider wrote:

Solar panel, battery and a 12V camera.
That's a thought, if there's light, it's kinda woodsy.

Battery-powered security camera

Outsider wrote:

I haven't figured out how you electrically power at the end of the driveway. Cameras at the house are one thing, further down and around the elbow it gets a little complicated.

Solar panel, battery and a 12V camera w/ WiFi capability.

bearly wrote:

Would you take a job where you were video recorded all fucking day, every day, at that crappy pay level ?

The point of the video recording is to protect them, and the pay's actually pretty good, or at least it is here in the NE...

KidPsych wrote:

I still find it amusing that NASA scientists were confused by tampons.

PMS JOKES ARE AWFUL PERIOD - Bad Joke Eel - quickmeme

Yoringe wrote:

Spain just passed ( or wants to pass) a Law that makes it Illegal to film Cops in Action...

Personally, I think we need a law that requires video of all Cops in action...for their own benefit and ours.

KidPsych wrote:

...female body is a mystery to them.

Typical engineers...

BBC News - Booze calculator: What's your drinking nationality?
Surprised to see Sweden in the "Wine" category and not in "Spirits"...maybe it's illegal there...

Rob Dawg wrote:

Sadly the snow is already gone.

I still had some patches in the woods behind my house this morning...

TCA wrote:

...sees the world as it is. It ain't pretty.

He needs to stop looking in the Mirror mirror on the wall, who is paying for this all?

Rob Dawg wrote:

Her faux outrage stems in part from not only having no sense of humor but resenting it in others.

...a common pathology of liberals.

Yoringe wrote:

You Meth a Joke?

You have a need for speed?

Outsider wrote:

You'd have to be crazy to buy loonies.


Yoringe wrote:

He has a Oil Cooled one... He use it as Fryer...

Cooking in the bathroom? Is that a European thing?

dodahman wrote:

I want to know if NK shorted Sony stock

Sony vs North Korea: some companies are bigger than countries. So what? - Telegraph

The real problems may be that Sony doesn't spend it time/resources on sophisticated computer hacking and that NK's economy isn't worth destroying with computer hacking...

TCA wrote:

I actually have a bitcoin miner in my bathroom. Printing my own TP.

At least you don't need to heat the bathroom...can you get it to generate hot water too?

sm_landlord wrote:

I still want to know if Soros was short rubles.

There may still be time to get in...or out as the case may be...

At a televised cabinet meeting today, Russian prime minister Dmitry Medvedev urged calm, suggesting that the country has enough money to weather the current economic storm.
But a currency reserve shouldn't be measured just by how big it is.
As the ruble crisis continues this week, there are actually two key questions: Does Russia have enough reserves? The second question is: are those reserves liquid enough to be used if they need to be?

Read more: Problem With Russia's Foreign Reserves - Business Insider

TCA wrote:

Seems legit.

BTW, love the avatar...but I better run through my stock of Rubles first...

TCA wrote:

Been away for a while. What's with all the idiot newbies poking the Dawg?

No worries...just update your ignore list. Also, it appears that HG has returned under a new alias, so he's not really a nOoB...

Bubblisimo Gerkinov wrote:

vtcodger wrote:

I apologize.for any inconvenience or discomfort my lack of manners may have caused you. ™

I need that on my coffee mug at work.

Yoringe wrote:

He didnt indicate it was Humor...

I'm indicating that he needs to do so...

Yoringe wrote:

What more do you want...

A sense of humor for a start...Wink

josap wrote:

The mare we bought was in foal (unknown when purchased) and dropped a strawberry roan mule.

I wonder what jackass did that?