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poicv2.0 wrote:

You really need to try beating the horse a bit more.

Is that what they're calling it these days?

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is holding a press conference for the first time since the Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson fiascos derailed the NFL season.

He reiterated that he made a mistake in initially suspending Rice for only two games.

"I got it wrong on a number of levels," he said, "But now I will get it right and do whatever is necessary to accomplish that."

He announced that the league and the union will work together on a new personal conduct policy. He said he wants it done by the Super Bowl.

There were no real specifics. For those looking for something significant out of the commissioner, the press conference has been anticlimactic.

Aye, We'll be here with updates.

Read more: Live: Roger Goodell Press Conference On NFL Controversies - Business Insider

kcoop wrote:

chest .. booty

Chest and Booty! That's what I'm talkin' about...

Jackdawracy wrote:


Black Bares!

Sebastian wrote:

When I troll, I at least try to be entertaining.

Keep your day job.

Jackdawracy wrote:

Yes, the relentlessly flat plains consisting of an endless horizon, smack dab in the middle of nowhere.
What's not to like?

Large portions of the Appalachians and Rockies are in flyover, as are the Mississippi, Ohio, Red River and Colorado Rivers.

justaskin wrote:

mostly along the lines of Mien Kampf....

It's Mein Kampf, Dummkopf

Jackdawracy wrote:

If a good number of the states seceded, we'd end up looking like Europe, and there'd be passport and custom controls @ the borders.

When was the last time you were in Europe?

Rajesh wrote:

I'm in favor a secession by Texas and Florida.

California, with the 8th largest economy in the world should secede...

Reversion to the mean can be a b!tch...

arthur_dent wrote:

me too, he could generally quote a fair bit of history behind his comments.

Also, he eventually mellowed in his rant about boomers...maybe just playing to his audience...

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

I've been working hard at devaluing my posts in case this account gets hacked.

Do you have a newsletter?

JP wrote:

poofing poic is going to be fun.

Hard to caricature a caricature...

poicv2.0 wrote:

Belmont is Greenchutes?

NFW...I liked Greenchutes...

Outsider wrote:

Physicists say 87% of the Universe is dark humor, but what do they know?

Does it matter?


I'd love to see this increase in net worth broken out into quintiles...with that top quintile itself broken into octaves.

bearly wrote:

Whooopin' kids is normal, in Alabama.

Tell me about it...

shill wrote:

A handful of liberal-leaning experts urged lawmakers to make it easier for workers to join unions and and to limit the power of corporations, among other things.

Ha ha ha ha..I will agree the Democrats are on the side of workers.....Part time that is.

Not to mention workers at Foxconn in China...

EngineerJim wrote:

DC at the top. Surprise, surprise.
And they think they should be a state.

Let them secede and be their own country.

Wilberforce wrote:

I blame Chip Kelly

That's what I was thinking...

Outsider wrote:

Good golly.

Miss Molly

Wang's model, which relies solely on available polls of races, gives Democrats an 80% chance of retaining control of the Senate. It has been much more bullish for Democrats than other forecasters, including Silver.

Nate Silver Is Going To War Against A Rival Election Forecaster

Different side of the fence this time...

Rob Dawg wrote:

I would like someone to explain why food and energy deflation is bad.

What if it leaked over and dampened the skirts of housing and stocks?

It's worse than that. It makes it very difficult for producers to plan how much to grow, and could result in food shortages in the future. That could hurt GDP.

Rob Dawg wrote:

I don't think the Euro is anyplace to invest or gamble right now. I also think it is massively overvalued but that's opinion not investment advice.

The effect of the Scottish referendum is a known unknown for the Pound Sterling and Euro...

Firemane wrote:

Sounds like my last prostate exam...

which sounds alot like the US banking system ...

Shock I think you're right!

Firemane wrote:

A6: None. They’re all waiting for the unseen hand

Sounds like my last prostate exam...

Firemane wrote:

I demand to be supplied with numbers that match my world view!!! want imaginary numbers...

Why Netflix Is Crushing Hulu Plus - Business Insider

It's kinda funny, but remember when (a few years back) everyone thought Netflix was doomed and their business model was broken?

Rickkk wrote:

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Fan Mail Vol. 1 (Web Exclusive) - YouTube


Rob Dawg wrote:

Maybe after you complete the critical reading and civility courses you can tell us about it.

Is it gnomes or trolls that live under a bridge?

Lobbyist Ben Dover wrote:

Aren't fish sticks sausage of the sea?

They're from what might be called trash fish, but only because they're ugly. The meat is flaky and tasty, and perfectly healthy.

bearly wrote:

the difficult part for me is that i will probably pay cash...which makes it hard to figure out if i can really afford it.

If you're being serious I would suggest at least borrowing 1/2, unless you have 5X purchase liquid.

Maybe borrowing 95% would be better in a falling market...

poicv2.0 wrote:

DTI is debt to income ratio.
Should be in the 30% range. recommended 250% in your newsletter!

mr_clueless wrote:

225 Summer Breeze Ct, Roseville, CA 95661 MLS# 14055510 - Movoto

Does it make you feel fine?

KidPsych wrote:

The only way I could possibly live in Alabama would be with the help of major opioids.

Pot and Alcohol are effective coping strategies as well...

bearly wrote:

The WHO has their latest ebola sitrep out:

~50 growth in 21 days.

I just started re-watching The Walking Dead on Netflix in preparation for the new season starting in October.

sm_landlord wrote:

I though it was pretty cute when they figured out how to make anti-depressants addictive by adding painful and frightening withdrawal symptoms.

It's pretty awful speaking from experience. Brain zaps are really unpleasant.

lawyerliz wrote:

The pain killers that they gave me messed up my mind something awful.

We remember. You might not want to be posting under the influence.

Rob Dawg wrote:

... unadjusted sales last month were down about 6% from a year ago.

Is there any way to "adjust" yoy rates?

You could adjust for population increase.

arthur_dent wrote:

these headlines sure remind me of," Do what we say or its the end of the world", by not so neutral interests.

Agreed. The author probably has interests there...

shill wrote:

How you feeling Cinco?

I feel fine, aside from $2250 in impending medical bills. It just keeps rising as the number of tests keep going up. THAT may be what kills me Wink

Outsider wrote:

Appalachia 2.0?

Might as well be...

Rob Dawg wrote:

You've obviously never driven in Massachusetts.

I can't believe Illinois isn't on that list...

Senior Official: A Yes Vote On Scotland Independence Could Be A Nightmare For The US

It'll be a nightmare for Scotland, and probably good for us. The remainder of Britain will go back to being run by the more reliable Tories...

curious wrote:

~650,000 from the estimates I could find.

A fraction of a percent. I don't think these individuals would affect the balance of any "household" survey.

curious wrote:

Here's one interesting detail regarding the survey...
Since the CPS is a household survey, persons who are homeless and not living in shelters are not included in the sample.

Do you think that even 1% of US residents is homeless? I doubt it. If they include cell phones, they might even be capturing that small percentage. I'd suspect that the percentage is so small that there'd be no more that one person an any given statistical sample in just about any city in the country.