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But Gail Zappa won't re-release "An Evening With Wild Man Fischer."

Life is unfair.

I only have about five dollars left in my Ameritrade account due to various bells ringing over the last couple of years.

So I guess I should borrow money to go short then?

I think what we need to do is give the ISIS fighters two divisions worth of American heavy weapons. Oh wait, apparently they already have two divisions worth of American heavy weapons! Well that makes them even more dangerous!

What I mean is, let's give two divisions worth of heavy weapons to somebody else in the region who says they'll fight AGAINST Sunni fundamentalists. Oh, wait, umm,

What I mean is let's sell weapons out of a Libyan diplomatic mission to people who we kind of think might be our allies, except, er, ah, ummm

Wait, just give me a minute, I'll think of something....

Historians won't call it anything because there won't be any historians. Humans are done.

YouTube - The Humans Are Dead - Full version

Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven were here the other night. They are pretty good for old guys.

Out of nowhere? Defies historical patterns?

Um, we're the ones who keep bombing indiscriminately, flooding the area with weapons and then wondering how the weapons end up in the hands of bad guys who don't like us. Over and over and over. And the solution is more bombing and more weapons.

It's called a self-licking ice cream cone, and it is the only thing our national security geniuses are good at.

Jas is such an optimist!

He's projecting the 14 year moving average for GDP growth will stay positive through 2021.

I bet it goes negative by 2018 at the latest.

If there's anyone around to measure it.

Probably the 20+ percent correction in September-October.

I dunno - the Supreme Court?

Naah, probably not.

Oh well, I'm comfortable. That's what matters, right?

I don't think the Republicans would have much interest in investigating a conspiracy to depopulate Africa.

Kind of like they dropped the Benghazi issue when it became clear the CIA was running Ollie North style arms sales out of there, and then the intelligence committee issued a gratuitous finding that we definitely were NOT conducting arms sales out of the Benghazi station.

Weaponized ebola? Wonder who coulda dunnit? I guess if only Nixon could go to China, it makes sense that only Obama could depopulate Africa.

I'm 51 and I figured my chances of making it to three-score and ten before the human population shrank by 2 or 3 orders of magnitude would be about 50-50.

But I won't be too surprised if we crap out this year or next.

I have 100% confidence that our leaders are only interested in keeping the financial gravy train rolling for the 1%.

Nothing of consequence will be done about climate change, ocean acidification, desertification, rising sea levels, antibiotic resistance, creeping fascism, or any other significant threat facing humans and the rest of the planet.

Maybe that stuff is all hoaxes and everything will be fine, but I wouldn't bet on it to the extent of having children myself.

Demographics schmemographics. Extinction applies to everyone regardless of age, creed or national origin.

Humans will be extinct (or at least the population reduced by 2 orders of magnitude) within 50 years, and certainly long before the number of centenarians equals the number of newborns.

But hey, good news, the economy is OK so we're producing and consuming more carbon!

If only crazed individuals with guns were our biggest problem.

Stonekettle Station: Absolutely Nothing


Nothing can stop a bad guy with a gun except a Vermont hillbilly with a knife.

I am not going to discuss what I am hoarding until I get one of these.

Oh wait.

BBC News - US Secret Service seeks Twitter sarcasm detector

Family fights cops after knives nixed at fun park - Yahoo News

Oh the injustice!

Where is the NKA (National Knifle Association) when you need them?

Aha, Dave Frishberg. That makes sense.

RIF wrote:

That's why evolution has to have extinctions. I wish I knew exactly when the next Great Reset was coming, but it can't be far off.

Fixed It For Ya

Is anybody reading Piketty?

I've just started, but so far it is surprisingly stimulating. I classified it as a bathroom book because I didn't think I could sit and read a big chunk at one time. Now I send emails to myself during the day with ideas based on the 3-4 pages I read on the toilet that morning.

OK, feel free to share your less TMI reactions.

Just got back from the Guided By Voices show. Very good.

Pollard made it through the whole set list and multiple encores without falling down.

Hungarians especially hate future perfect tense.

"Going to go? That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard."

But not StarLite!

Now let's see - $200 versus $1.87. But the $200 sunglasses have the added benefit of identifying me as a person who spends time shopping for things that are overpriced and don't make any sense.

Decisions are so hard!

This is what I wear all the time now.

Gateway StarLite Safety Glasses-Mocha Lens | Gateway Safety Glasses GAW4686

I thought they were a deal for $5.00 at Ace Hardware, but it looks like I've been overpaying.

And +3 broadsword in case you come across a band of orcs and don't know the secret entrance into Rivendell.

Corruption is a wonderful tool for fascist regimes. It makes rewarding and punishing the apparatchiks so easy.

Which is precisely why the Obama administration is so corrupt.

It really isn't any more complicated than that.

I have only seen it that once in civilian life. We used the grenades a lot in MOUT training at Fort Bragg one summer.

The funny part is the street was filled with maybe 100 neighbors who came around to see the fireworks. If the guy had been home and tried to defend himself there would have been casualties.

Fortunately he came home a half hour later and surrendered quietly.

There was a guy who operated a "convenience store" out of one of the apartments on 15th street where all the neighborhood kids would go to get sodas. As far as I know he never got the SWAT flash-bang treatment.

I lived on 12th street for 7 years. I would say it's OK to 14th now, but then you get those crackerbox fourplexes that will never improve and drag everything else down.

Have I said too much?

Don't cry for me Argentina.


Crazy Jim introduced himself as "Crazy Jim, 17 confirmed kills" and shook my hand vigorously." He actually lived in the better part of Coronado, but he was "taking care" of the Hoover Street house while the neighbor was in jail.

This property was on the other side of the 51, near 16th street.

I sold that place and I like Green Gables much better.

Oh yeah.

I feel good about being surrounded by trustworthy institutions here in the USA.

I can't imagine any reason why the kids won't want to keep on taking on more and more debt to buy into this system.

The dude next to my East Hoover Street property got arrested in a SWAT raid where they blew out the front window with a flash grenade.

The neighbors insisted on a raid because about once a month tweaky looking high school kids would suddenly start swarming around the place for no apparent reason.

I heard from a vietnam vet named Crazy Jim who tried to burn the house down that the cops never actually got anything on the neighbor, except there was something wrong with his papers so he got deported.

Interestingly, the neighbor was a home security system salesman by day.

Carmelita, hold me tighter
I think I'm sinkin' down.
My student loan is non-dischargeable
On the outskirts of town.


Crack houses? I hadn't thought of that.

Josap, what would the rent be if we advertised "meth cookers and crack distributors welcome"?

Maybe I will buy some more houses.

I sure want REO prices.

Like most people who can afford a house, I already have as many as I need and perhaps more. So no reason to buy unless the merchandise is on sale.

It takes at least 50% off to get me to buy anything at Dillard's these days.

This righteous self-restraint is bullish for growth, right?

Little David was well-loved.

I am here for one more beer at least, if the wifi holds out.

I probably shouldn't say it, but that gpig is no longer with us. FD - Big David is a friend.

The thing abut guinea pigs is they need a hobby.

YouTube - Little David and the Theremin

I don't see any reason to be concerned about Germany and Russia partitioning eastern European countries.

There's plenty of precedent.

employers don't have to compete for employees anymore

This is the point of the neoliberal drive for everyone to go to college. It increases debt while driving down wages - a two-fer from the oligarchic social control standpoint. Make sure there is no dignity in labor and then steadily reduce skilled jobs to the social and economic level of unskilled jobs.

This is definitely true for skilled service jobs such as nursing and teaching. I am not as familiar with software development, but I suspect it is true for most non-Silicon Valley shops where the chance of hiring any uniquely skilled developers is basically zero.

Then there's this:

Programming Sucks

File this under The Kids Are Oll Raigth!

I'm not sure whether this is newsy awesomeness or awesome newsiness, but the video is excellent.

Beezin Teens Reportedly Getting High By Rubbing Burt’s Bees On Eyelids - TIME

This has been reported in a lot of publications in the last few weeks with varying degrees of credulity.

'Beezin': Teens find potentially dangerous new use for lip balm : News :

Confessions of a Harvard “Beez-er” | Flyby

Teens Getting High Off Lip Balm In New ‘Beezin’ Trend | The Onion - America's Finest News Source

Just my opinion, but if you've reached the age of 30 without getting yourself broke to the harness you should celebrate and then do something interesting with your life.

I made the mistake of marrying young, and even though it didn't work out I was sufficiently conditioned that I couldn't manage to stay single.

I was lucky enough to find someone who didn't want kids.

YouTube - Always Look on the Bright Side of Life Sing-Along

I was surprised to find nobody appears to have covered this song.

There will be plenty of resources for the 10 million or so humans living in small hunter-gatherer bands in temperate latitudes by 2050.

Wherever the temperate latitudes may be located.