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lawyerliz wrote:

There are no climate experts.

Maybe, but some are more expert than others.

This was below the consensus forecast for 210,000 private sector jobs added in the ADP report.


Tom Stone wrote:

And it doesn't usually work very well.

I'll drink to that. Beer

Mine would be Stripes Hall, which kind of works.
But I couldn't pronounce "STR" when we had that cat, so it would really be Shripes Hall. Still kind of works.

Mary wrote:

the cannabis users were found to perform significantly worse on measures of information processing speed, working memory, executive functions and other cognitive functions, and were twice as likely as nonusers to be considered “cognitively impaired.”

When confronted with their inferior performance, the overwhelming majority of users replied: "Whatever dude."

Hahaha. Stupid millenials will have a terrible old age when so many of them live longer.
The U.S. Smoking Rate Just Hit A Historic Low

Outsider wrote:

I said serious money.


tg wrote: 

LOL, I know it's zero hedge but if there's any truth to that story, Beijing has a loooong way to go before understanding confidence and the market.

Outsider wrote:

It's about to kill me.


Food wars?! Really HCN?

OK that's it, I'm hungry. Nytol

Hey now, be polite. I'm not THAT old.

poicv2.0 wrote:

And yet he's the one who's remembers things from 20 years ago, kind of like an old grandma

Stare listen youngin, someday you're gonna tell tales from the good ole years too.

The older I get, the better I used to be. Get off my lawn!

SM that was the best security paper I've read in a long time.
relinked here: (PDF)

sm_landlord wrote:

Not even the 81mg enteric-coated ones? The docs all swear by those.

I also avoid doctors. Those guys make you sick.

These days, I won't even take aspirin. The gods have been very good to my health, esp considering early curiousity about chemicals, so I try not to tweak them.

josap wrote:

Edibles are a very different kind of high,

Yes. Kind of shocking that a lot of the "high" effect was merely the effect of smoke + low oxygen.

poicv2.0 wrote:

"Pot's not for everyone.
I haven't smoked in over 20 years."

And now that I don't care about it anymore, it's legalizing all around me. Facepalm

LOL. I don't know why I felt the need to correct him.

Rajesh wrote:

Predictions are closed:
2015 correction | Hoocoodanode?

I can't believe I was the only :doomer: in the bunch.

I'm going to go with: Sept rate hike postponed.

Prepare the "Buying Opportunity" articles!

OK, my new and improved guess: Dow -666.

poicv2.0 wrote:

I didn't really want to retire in any case.

I tried not working for a while. I completely failed after 3 months.
It really is way overrated.

JP wrote:

Taking the difference of two low-pass filters with different poles gets you roughly a band pass filter.

This is not right: It is just a two-pole filter. Facepalm

Geez, I'm going to have to re-learn undergrad material soon.

sum luk wrote:

Page Not Found - InvestorPlace | InvestorPlace "How Important Is the Dow Jones Death Cross?"


A moving average is nothing more or less than a low-pass filter. Taking the difference of two low-pass filters with different poles gets you roughly a band pass filter.

So the noise power in the market in that band is determined to be noise. It would have been amazing news if otherwise.

Wilberforce wrote:

i wonder how much R&D went into the new Google logo... innovation!

Well, better than The Big Red Zero.
Lucent - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Bah. Frazier is just a little wobbly. Let's see how he deals with the 3pm margin calls.

FFDIC wrote:

Would someone explain how to log out of CR (without jokes)?

Without jokes? NFW.

Ed S. wrote:

undetermined issue caused antilock to engage between 25 and 40 mph after car was warmed up.

holy molee. Hope that didn't do any people damage.

sporkfed wrote:

You mean the taxpayers ?

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is paying for this all? Dammit!

RayOnTheFarm wrote:

The new owner is United States of America, and the transaction price was $150K.

Those poor poor levered-up bitchez.

All those poor levered-up bitchez: S&P 

And so much for all those "off the lows!" midday headlines.

lawyerliz wrote:

Error bars needed for all charts.


energyecon wrote:

when the Pulaski skyway was built

Ever driven on that thing? Evil

Favorite part is a merge which has a four lanes on one side, then the lines disappear, then two lanes. All at the speed limit. Locals refer to it as The Merge Of Death.

Even coming from Boston I was impressed. The exits just drop you out of the sky. Really something to be experienced.

LOL. Bad times are good for Real Estate!

It really is hilarious. I imagine the justification goes something like: QE prevented massive hoarding of cash. Just imagine M2V if we hadn't had so many rounds of QE!

Velocity of M2 Money Stock - FRED - St. Louis Fed 

My sense is there is unaccounted for China import activity or incorrectly accounted for.

It misses financing activities, which dwarf the trade numbers.

Another tough day for doomers.

The importance of China to the U.S.

The importance of China to the U.S trade.

Now go do the same exercise with something that doesn't show up in GDP. Like debt.

Prepare to man up! And lose your memory too apparently.

Oh fck, I just remembered I'm 51. Facepalm

50 is the new 42: technology is making brains of middle-aged younger - Telegraph


Edit: And Shakes Tiny Fist of Fury to sdtfs!

It seems the problem with a zero-interest rate policy is that you can never escape. Sushi