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Imperial pints are a whole different ball of wax.

The real issue is that the (US) pint is not a pound the world around. It's 1.04375 lbs.

But switching to the metric system would cause massive confusion. Facepalm

Outsider wrote:

Modern warfare.
Maybe it's better than sending teens to their demise.

For the parents of teens, it probably depends on which day you ask.

A gallon weighs in @ 8.34 pounds, for those of you scoring at home.

Let's see: A pint's a pound the world around, there are 4 quarts in a gallon and 2 pints in a quart, so 8 pints in a gallon. Plus or minus 0.34 lbs is experimental error?

What a crappy measurement system.


Hi JP!

Hi Outsider!
AWOOOOOGA! <- The horn of poic


I've never seen loquats for sale, what's the going rate?

$5 for a pint, at the Sat Arizona Farmer's market. So probably half that everywhere in the normal world.

And a big p.s.
Loquats are about the only fruit with nuts I know of that will grow up to be a fruit bearing tree, hint hint, if you wanted to accidentally plant the seeds somewhere.

Great idea. I wonder if the Squirrel!s will take care of planting for me?

Hey JD- Thanks for the recommendation of loquats. I saw them for the first time at the SM Farmer's Market, so likely paid way too much (Cheaper than the persian and pakastani mulberries anyway), but they are pretty tasty.

Wow, I'm impressed at the lack of decency and manners. Considering my own lack of decency and manners, that takes some doing.

Probably time for a break.


I was attempting to snark, but it would actually be interesting: How much investment did each job cost?

Anyway, off for a run. Nytol

How about percentage increase in national debt?

Farm smells? NFW, I'm out.
I'd much rather go with this $900K starter home with easy access to a number of Superfund sites.
2304 Roosevelt Ave, Redwood City, CA 94061 is For Sale | Zillow

For a capitalist paradise, it's pretty inexpensive there.

Yoringe wrote:

Great Twitter Roman

That Roman doesn't translate like you think it does.

Bubblisimo Gerkinov wrote:

Atlas Shrugged would be a very relevant novel.

... that you could use for bludgeoning burglars.
She was unterse, to put it mildly.

burnside wrote:

They must have a communications engineer.

Laughing out loud

Outsider wrote:

Communications Engineer!
Duties: Establishing contacts and managing communications with a broad range of industry representatives. Demonstrated abilities in inside sales and influenced consumer attitudes, leading to increased enhancement of organizational objectives.

That is well-crafted.

It's such a fine line between "top-notch people with impressive skills" and "completely useless".

Nate, maybe it's not news, but I didn't realize it had already progressed that far.

Why that article is not headlining every financial news site at the moment is beyond me. I'd be amazed that this is only posturing for negotiation.

Other stuff FTA

Another article of the German magazine states that Greece must repay loans amounting to 6 billion euro by mid-May. "Despite this, the negotiations with the creditors are not progressing, but bankruptcy in the country itself has already begun. The state is postponing payments and is not making them at all in some cases (...) The government is collecting money from wherever it can, and because there is not enough money to pay off the loans it is using even resources that are not available to it in fact. An example of this is the order to the state organization for school buildings to open an account in the Bank of Greece and deposit in it the 70-80 million euro that are intended for the construction and maintenance of schools."

The article in Der Spiegel states that Greece is in a state of imminent bankruptcy. "But how long can this continue? For weeks, the Greek Government has been seeking fresh money from its European partners to pay at least its obligations to June. However, negotiations are not progressing."

Sebastian wrote:

According to the bank's analysis of Labor Department data, more than two-thirds of Americans who find new jobs weren't actively seeking work (which the bank defines as having contacted employers, using connections to find work, and sending out resumes; it doesn't include simply looking at ads).

Why the bold? because it seriously misrepresents the conclusion of the FRB letter.

A more accurate summary would be:

more than two-thirds of Americans who already have a job and who take another one weren't actively seeking work

ld;o, the Fed just figured out that the best way to get a job is to already have one. Srsly?

BTW, I have never searched for employment. It has always found me. Even before attending college.

That only scratches the surface of quantized electron spin, btw. Off the top of my head, other cool things:
1. Addition of angular momentum, like an electron whirling around a nucleus is non-trivial.
2. The effect of spin cannot be derived using Schroedinger's equation. You need to incorporate relativity and use the Dirac equation.
3. The fact that the spin is half-integral, ie ћ/2, tells you that the electron obeys Fermi-Dirac statistics.

Which reminds me: I need to go do real work now.

Blackhalo wrote:

I remember back when 5.5% might be considered a good time to put on the brakes...

Almost as if folks don't believe it. [looks at emratio]

Jackdawracy wrote:

Do you think on food blogs, they veer off into economics on occasion?

And is the economics as bad as the nutritional info here?

justaskin wrote:

Whiskey went straight to four....he is blessed

And the number of the counting shall be three!
Monty Python-Holy Hand Grenade - YouTube

Rajesh wrote:

If Jesus was dead for three days and resurrected on Sunday, then he wasn't killed on Friday.

Monotheists who worship a trinity ("it's a deep mystery!") should have been the giveaway on the ability for counting to three.

josap A Very Expensive, Fragrant, and Colorful Floral Bouquet <- laced with catnip. Sad

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

"The Men Who Stare at Zygotes."

I was probably 1 of the 10 people who loved that movie. (goats, not zygotes)

It would certainly benefit Fannie and the taxpayer. Less so for the banks, which is why it has an ice cube's chance in hades of happening.

I don't know him

He's a doommeister, but a bad one at that. (low percentage of correctness.)

Maybe he'll get this one right though.

If only the article were from someone other than Ambrose.

He's been Lucy to our Dooooooooooooooom!!! football just one too many times.

New Keyboard

OK, which one of you clowns is Scott Adams. We know where you're getting material from.

Cinco-X wrote:

Probably too liberal for them...

I would guess time-of-life. Not a lot happening in that part of NJ, esp compared to NYC.
Nice biking there though.

Cinco-X wrote:

.don't they get almost as many quakes as SoCal?

God's pissed at us in SoCal too.

Mrs Peacock, in the Indiana bakery, with the baguette.

Rickkk wrote:

Bush’s second remarks were made in Palo Alto, California, at a Silicon Valley fundraiser."

lololol. Can't wait for the third remarks.

I have great news for you all: I'm sure many of you have been itching to go gluten-free, and were trying to figure out "But what would I do in a museum?"

Here is the solution: Masterpieces are now being reworked to achieve a gluten-free lifestyle.
Gluten Free Museum: Website removes all gluten products from works of art
Dangerous Minds

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

Likely, there is some secret Islamic holiday this weekend.

Friday would be a Good day for it.

Oh well. Off to hold up my end of the gini coefficient in SM.

Sebastian wrote:

Whether Bill Gates has $1 billion dollars or $100 billion, means nothing to me.

Your tacit assumption is that the increase in Bill Gates' wealth did not occur at your expense. For that case you are correct.

The assumption most other folks are making, including Yellen, is that it is at your expense. That leads to a different result.

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

I wouldn't worry -- Seb says there's no harm done! It seems this is the reality many folks want, or at least the consequence of what they want and how they get it.

Fortunately, I don't have to worry about those people next door hauling me off to the guillotine, as most of them are in public assistance due to medical problems. A fair number of them seem to get hauled away in an ambulance with regularity.

Moreover, I've noticed that one or two of them are also feeding the squirrels, thus providing me with a backup system.

What I would worry about if I had more time is the gini-squirrel coefficient. Our little guys have no snow, infinite nuts, and fawning humans.

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

Santa Monica's GINI

My street in particular. Million-dollar townhouses next to public assistance cases. Homeless guys a couple of blocks away.

Sebastian wrote:

But here's the thing: In what way am I harmed by this increase in inequality?

I'm guessing you haven't spent quality time in a high geni-coefficient country.

KidPsych quoted:

We said that we would serve anyone that walked in that door, even gays, but we would not condone a wedding. We would not cater that because it’s against our religious beliefs.


yuan wrote:

I don't think Xers and millenials are going to be feeling particularly generous...

As if they have any say in the issue.

Nemo wrote:

I read somewhere that Saudi Arabia is bombing Yellen

Probably because she's thinking about inequality.
Fed's Yellen says research needed to understand inequality issue
| Reuters

Naturally, Fed policy has nothing to do with having caused the problem, so we all need to cogitate deeply on the root causes.