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The ultimate blog would be a consortium of many points of view and voices, yet undergirded with civility. If anyone knows of such a nirvana, please spill.

NFW. Hat

Why Credit Is Key for the Housing Recovery

Sounds like the perfect time to wind down Freddie and Fannie.

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with a strict diet of Walnuts, and Almonds and other various nuts

Well well well, look who is exposing his inner Squirrel! .

Good news, my male friends!

"This paper tells us that not only is the Y chromosome here to stay, but that we need to take it seriously, and not just in the reproductive tract," says Whitehead Institute Director David Page

Read more at: From liability to viability: Genes on the Y chromosome prove essential for male survival

OK, back to the mines.

in the company’s average community count.

We need communities that are above average!

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Was this before the wheel?

Get off my lawn!

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and all the hub's equipment is in a hall closet.

so's mine. Sad But I never had a tower (I was a teenager when last active), just a wire antenna strung between two trees.

Mike in Long Island wrote:

Add HFT's relying on microwave signals from NY - Chicago to that list...

I may have asked before: Have you run across these guys? About Us - McKay Brothers

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Mike in Long Island wrote:
What if you connected them in series? Wouldn't that effectively lengthen the antenna? For that matter how do the various indoor antennae's work like the Mohu Leaf which by all accounts is an excellent antenna that rivals larger outdoor antennae's?

Aero is (according to what I read yesterday) getting around copyright issues by having a single antenna per subscriber, allowing subscribers to effectively rent an antenna from them. If you have more that one subscriber per antenna then that argument no longer holds...

Yes, one subscriber per antenna. The argument is that this makes it a private, not public broadcast. Public broadcast is subject to an old Cablevision vs XXX (I forget who) ruling. Naturally, the broadcasters are arguing that having 1 antenna + DVR in the cloud is not the same as having 1 antenna + DVR in your living room. It's a good thing that the supreme court is composed of technological idiots otherwise they would laugh at the broadcasters.

Cinco: The attennas are placed within line-of-sight of the transmission tower on a roof, so even tho they are dime-sized they still pick up enough signal strength for full digital reception.

Mike: Antennas and transmission theory is quite counter-intuitive to so much experience of what people develop with wires that the field is full of hucksters. The fact that "Amplified with Clean Peak™ filter technology" includes "trademark" and not "patent" makes me suspicious without any other knowledge. And that field is very very old.

Just from the picture, it looks like nothing other than a patch antenna: Patch antenna - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Caveat: I"m winging it while doing two other things on my desk.

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TV programming, like Obama is HORRIBLE.

That's why I only watch the commercials. They only call it a class war when we fight back

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with a side of suicide. Nytol

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I can fix that. "After an especially hard winter, folks are too busy taking care of tasks impeded by to shop for houses. Once those tasks are resolved, there should be a robust housing season."

You're very good at this. Doesn't that bother you a little? Evil

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Saw some trillium this morning.

That's the best news on HCN this morning. (I've had some wonderful hikes in the Green Mountains.)

Hilsenrath article is pretty hilarious:

Last year a housing slowdown could be blamed in part on an uptick in long-term interest rates tied to the Fed’s plan to wind down its bond-buying program. Early this year it seemed associated with bad winter weather. Long-term rates have been stable in the past few months and the weather improving. Yet as my colleagues Nick Timiraos and Conor Dougherty have reported, the housing soft patch appears to have continued into the spring selling season...

... and so we need to come up with a new plausible reason why this slowdown is not a sea-change in how the population that got burned by housing views real-estate in the post-bubble era.

Grand Central: Housing Recovery, We Hardly Knew You - Real Time Economics - WSJ 

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Federal Reserve officials are taking note. They’re counting on housing to be an engine for economic growth this year. If the engine sputters, that could undercut their confidence in the broader upturn they’re predicting.

Time for an interest rate cut! :victoryjig:

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"If you're not liberal when you're young, you have no heart. If you're not conservative when you're older, you have no brain." - not Winston Churchill

In the first company that the wife and I founded, we had a terrific mentor and I knew he was fairly conservative. In y2k, we were in Japan (Narita) when they (ABC?) announced that Al Gore had won the election. He looked at me and asked who I'd voted for, and I said that the wife and I had just moved and didn't vote, but we would have canceled anyway.

He was visibly perturbed and pressed me for an answer. I said: You know how if you're under 35 and vote republican you have no heart but if you're over 35 and vote democratic you have no brain? Well my wife has no heart and I have no brain.

Now, I thought this was a decently humorous answer and would defuse the tension. His response: "I just can't believe you're a fucking democrat" and walked away. Perhaps there is a reason that I didn't make enough money out of that company to be a philanthropist.

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Long Term Care Costs - Cost of Care Survey 2014 - Genworth

So fulltime nursing home = 3x college tuition in rough numbers. Clearly, we need gov't backed loans for this program.

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Re Anarchist Flag:

I'm bothered by this: Who exactly decided on what the Anarchist Flag is supposed to look like?
There is no spoon

So great police work, but how do fill out your weekly activity report?

"Yeah, we busted two bitches selling chocolate Doombringers."

NorkaWest wrote:

I believe that it was pronounced "Slummerville".
Was the craphole within walking distance of Steve's

You are correct.

I lived close to the triple point of Cambridge, Arlington and Somerville (Teele Sq). When we rented, we did not realize that Arlington was a dry town. Had I bothered to walk around, I would have seen the pile of liquor stores just on the Cambridge side, serving their Arlington clientele. Facepalm

But hey, I was 21 and had a ton of fun.

Firemane wrote:

Oh, just for grins I found out my college apartment (that was $400 in 1982) is going for $700 today (700 sq ft) with no washer/dryer hookup.

First apt out of college: myself and 2 other guys, $900 split three ways in 1986. Total craphole in Somerville MA; I was earning a normal salary but living like a student. Put a ton of money away which made going to grad school much more pleasant.

Third, a young person might be happy with a $400 apartment in 1982, but I doubt they'd want to live in the equivalent apartment for 30+ years (marriage, raise kids, etc.). The model should assume a move-up buyer and renter at certain points.

So $400 in 1982 is about $1000 in 2014. How much move up are we assuming?

More appropriate here:

When I posted Catherine Rampell: Americans think owning a home is better for them than it is - The Washington Post in the last thread, I mentioned the WaPo link is from my niece in her young 20s, and is in spite of her parents' attitude toward RE.

Don't know how representative she is, but the times might be a-changin.

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Almost Onion worthy:

You do realize Andy Borowitz is equivalent to The Onion?

Blackhalo wrote:

Your gong to use the comment filter to block us all?

I'd make a smartass reply if only I could see your comment.

Incidently, the WaPo link is from my niece in her young 20s, and is in spite of her parents' attitude toward RE.

Don't know how representative she is, but the times might be a-changin.

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The bar is now playing Journey. I always thought of them as the band my parents liked

Just so you know, a fair amount of your parents generation called them REO Journeywagon.

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so, in 250 words or less, would you partake in Box IPO?

ha x 250

But I can only predict the motion of the heavens, not the madness of men.

Whiskey wrote:


How are you able to type such atrocities out loud?

I gotta me some of that bloated valuation before the bubble bursts...
Inflated Tech Valuations Bloat The Entire Economy - Forbes

Apparently, the masses are figuring out that inflation has deflated the value of being a millionaire.
Why even $1M may not be enough for retirement

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Pat Robertson Says Doomsday Asteroid Could Hit Next Week

fta: "I did the science on it," he said in 2011.


Cinco-X wrote:

The vaporized metals can cause serious respiratory issues

I blame all of my stupidity on this: A.C. Gilbert Kaster Kits - Girders & Gears 

My grandfather worked at AC Gilbert, melting lead was fun.
I'm very glad that I never figured out one of the casts was supposed to be a whistle. (It had pieces that needed assembly after cooling. Perhaps I was already to stoopid from the lead fumes to figure out assembly.)

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FD: Dont use Hashtags....

I believe you mean: #nohashtags

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I cannot tell you how many ways my life has intersected that show.

Only one for me, but also one for the blog: As Schools Match Wits - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The host of the revival is a friend of mine, and hilariously Dhaya was identified by someone on the blog via this link: Some Questions for Edward Snowden and Others  (Edit: link to get the redhat right.)

I've asked Dhaya, and she assures me that she is not part of the international conspiracy, just before asking me to become a member.

I don't think any of the private pedigree schools were included. You mentioned Choate; How many presidents from Phillips Academy?

fta: You really like to swear at people.
Psychologists Nicholas Holtzman and Michael Strube from Washington University in St. Louis found in a study that subjects who scored higher in narcissism are argumentative and curse more than their modest counterparts.

They also tend to use more sexually explicit language.

This study is totally fucked.

Hilarious: My old high school is listing with a "setting" of "Fringe Rural".

There you have it: I'm from the Fringe.

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Moving in with parents becomes more common for the middle-aged -

50-64 is middle aged! Hooray! Party

Vonbek777 wrote:

How about maybe, and we spit a pizza for lunch?

No wonder the bot quit, the bit about current health insurance was probably just being polite.

The American Middle Class Is No Longer the World’s Richest - NY Times

Nice long summary of past Dooooooooooooooom!!! from The Economist.
Financial crises | The Economist