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I thought your pre-edit link was interesting, reposted here:
- NY Times

Greeks Need Their Leader to Be Tough

Who knows what evil lurks in the balance sheets of banks?

Here's my new favorite inspirational poster:

Turns out that I don't know either.

I had learned it was the Frankfurt parliment (from a Frankfurter who won the Nobel in Physics!)
Frankfurt Parliament - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

But Wikipedia actually lists the French:

I believe dilbert dogbert has it most right tho.

burnside wrote:

What's a rational response where political parties redefine themselves on a continuing basis and the qualities associated with the specific words 'liberal' and 'conservative' bear no relation to their intrinsic definitions?

Hell, I'll bet most politicos don't even know why right and left are right and left.

Rajesh wrote:

Is the FOMC contemplating raising interest rates because 0% inflation is the new 2%?

New Keyboard But good point. Demographics never seems to enter the fed targets.

One simple way to look at the change in GDP is as the change in the labor force, times the change in productivity.

And where has productivity been going?

gab wrote:

And I believe the legislature had the opportunity to vote on the "discrimination is bad, m'kay?" rider and passed.

You got me curious as to whether this was true, and apparently it is:

Democrats also offered the Republican legislative majority a chance to amend the new act to say that it did not permit businesses to discriminate; they voted that amendment down.

Paging LLiz:

Foreclosure to Home Free, as 5-Year Clock Expires
- NY Times

I hope the Red Wallet does not communicate the same message as Red Shirt.

adornosghost wrote:

(I hope I don't scare the horses)


KidPsych wrote:

Handbags are the things that confuse me most. I know a gal who has hundreds of them. What value do they confer?

Social status. Would you like to see my Hermès tie?

lawyerliz wrote:

Who could have known?

Not an insult, but surely you already knew quite well that there is more than attractiveness tied to the clothing. After all you've been in front of a judge wearing a robe that is still black, with all the history thereto.

burnside wrote:

I confess to wondering what Fran Lebowitz is signalling.

I'm not familiar with her writing, but from googling images it looks a lot like classic NYC male signals on a woman.
Anyone who was associated with Warhol probably has a cult following tho, so perhaps the cult interprets it differently.

Edit: LOL blinkered said it more pithily.

Vonbek777 wrote:

Oh look I drew a hand full of yeti cards!

Signaling in DFW was pretty hilarious. Jacket and tie and cowboy boots and hat!

sdtfs wrote:

just dressing the role I am suppose to play.

The economists call it "signaling". Having spent the first half of my life on the east coast and the second on the west coast, I have to say: I really don't miss it.

sm_landlord wrote:

At first I figured that a new crop of New Yorkers had turned up.

I promise it wasn't me!

But I do have to take a deep breath and turn off all of my Bostonian + NYC driving instincts before turning the ignition on.

"Repeat after me:
1. Pedestrians are worth 0 points.
2. Yellow lights mean slow down, not speed up.
3. Use your blinker.
4. Don't use your horn. Constantly.

blinkered wrote:

I generalize but when I travel to the east coast on work the attitudes are much more about how you look and what your pedigree was.

Pretty much the dumbest thing on earth is watching congressmen in the Capitol discussing energy policy wearing a jacket and tie in hellish 95 degree heat and humidity of Washington DC.

Bathrobe...... Thats dressed to impress...

Vonbek is probably the wealthiest on HCN. That bastard.

You aren't getting it. Either. What about embroidered collars and cuffs?

I raised over $80M for my first company from VCs, and never put on a tie in the process.

But I never thought about shorts, that might have yielded a bigger sum yet.

Beer thirty for me too.


I would beware of a squirrelly curse for that disrespectful link poic.

Got any avocado?

Someday I will not be as selfish as I am, but not today!

In order to make sure they have a balanced diet (because the squirrel feeders on my street are very nut-based) we've been giving them a side of "Kaytee forti Diet Pro Health Food for Hamsters/Gerbils".

They have nice healthy looking fur now too. We might need to put some of them on a diet though.

I will feed our Squirrel!s extra walnuts in his honor.

I think there's probably something to the assessment, but the prescription needs work.

Of course, when interest rates go back up (hahahahahahah) the problem may self correct.

A 26-year-old MIT graduate is turning heads over his theory that income inequality is actually about housing (in 1 graph)

then forget conventional employment.


Apparently their resources haven't helped them break his encryption. That's why they don't want to give it back.

That doesn't make sense to me. I'd guess they've made images, and all the hardware is likely pretty much stock, so it's hard to imagine that they're holding onto it because they're working on it instead of a virtual machine.

My guess is that they're not giving it back mainly to show who has the power.

Also FTA:

In a video from 2013 when he was still an academic, Varoufakis made exactly that point.

"My proposal was that Greece should simply announce that it is defaulting within the euro in January 2010 and stick the finger to Germany and say: well, now you can solve this problem by yourself," the future minister was filmed as saying.


dilbert dogbert wrote:

Sociopaths do very well in college. Lots with advanced degrees.


Those poor poor levered up bitchez. Crying

poicv2.0 wrote:

Kind of odd that you don't see the similarities between how we are re-writing history to fit our narrative and how Russia does the same thing.

Almost like a paid troll!

Cinco-X wrote:

A brilliant Tinder hack made hundreds of bros unwittingly flirt with each other | The Verge

New Keyboard That is brilliant, and evil, and evilly brilliant.

I wonder what the penalty in Indiana will be for that hack

Cinco-X wrote:

There are thousands of fake accounts on Twitter, Facebook, LiveJournal, and HCN, all increasingly focused on the war in Ukraine.

In glod we trust

poicv2.0 wrote:

The other freedom lover Putin supports anyone on the other side of us!
You know just to balance things out.

Hey, which reminds me: This is making the hacker rounds.
One Professional Russian Troll Tells All

And in other news, lazy Americans are now so lazy that they don't even apply for disability payments.
For first time in 31 years, there are fewer Americans getting disability benefits - MarketWatch

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

Free speech has gotten too expensive for most of us to afford.

So that's what they meant by "free speech isn't free!"

git revert --no-commit poic..HEAD

Bubblisimo Gerkinov wrote:

I have no invested opinion in this subject, and I take note of the hypocrisy of air travel to large climate change conferences posted above.

As someone who has done his fair share of academic travel, I would be interested to know what the percentage is.

I gotta say: It's right up there with medieval robes and hoods for communication of credentials in the modern world. I saw many people who did extraordinarily well on the academic publishing circuit for incredibly incremental work.

At Bell Labs, we used to joke about the LPI, the Least Publishable Increment. The story ended when someone showed up a lunch with a paper proving conclusively that the LPI was in fact negative.

On the plus side, it started me thinking about what exactly that career path had become. A couple of years later, I shook hands with a VC on funding for my first company.

Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Nytol, will check back later.

robj wrote:

It's scientifically proven, JP.


KidPsych wrote:

Children who eat 'evil' Cheetos crisps will be possessed by demons, priest warns - Mirror Online

That's not weird shit. That's just true.