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Bubblisimo Gerkinov wrote:

​Can lots of sex protect the prostate? - CBS News

Trying to envision how to test that with a double-blind study.

Bubblisimo Gerkinov wrote:



ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

They should try legislating the drought away.

I really don't understand why the Fed hasn't printed the problem away.

Mike in Long Island wrote:

Look at Nadex.

LOL, a whole new way for me to lose a fortune.

Mike in Long Island wrote:

Huge selloff followed by rally and then

If only I could buy options with short expirations to play that.

Rocket blows up seconds after launching - The Washington Post

CNN quoted a launch director as saying that he spacecraft contained “classified ... equipment.” Details were not available.

Tinfoil Hat

I expect QE4 to be announced. You heard it here first.

It is absolutely sinister that IMDB classifies the movie under comedy/scifi and not under documentary.

Cinco-X wrote:

Worried this move will hurt your start-up?

I don't think it's the biggest threat by a long shot. Cable and youtube proved beyond a reasonable doubt that execs just can't say no to additional revenue of advertising.

Really, most of the threats on my radar screen are other technology, and competitors. Naturally, the killer will probably be from something not even on the radar.

I don't know what you guys have against video advertising. I happen to think it's the greatest thing on earth, and the only reason I watch video is for the ads.

Italy’s in terminal decline, and no one has the guts to stop it » The Spectator

If only someone in that country would act like a chief and turn it around.

Hi Dudes and Dudettes,

Random Tales of Two:

  1. Long timers remember that I used to live in Alexandria VA. In the past day, found that two different friends have taken in boarders in order to help pay the mortgage. Woe to household formation.
  2. 2 entrepreneur friends independently started discussing slowdowns in their businesses. Media & Entertainment.
  3. I had 2 very good earplugs for Whiskey a GoGo last night. There has been an arms race in volume, so these dropped the sound by 24 dB, which is probably prudent for my old ears. I'm afraid my days of bands in clubs has come to an end. In positive news, I was not the oldest man in the room.

And finally we have 2 old friends from grad and undergrad showing up for dinner. Life is good.

Rajesh wrote:

The inventor claims that the device generates a directional thrust toward the narrow end of the tapered cavity.

Good god that hurts my head.

Whiskey wrote:

Every once in a while, you encounter a driver who is way too aggressive for Midtown, and the car almost always has Jersey plates.

Not the taxis I used to see on the sidewalk.

But after thorough seasoning in Boston driving, Manhattan was a cakewalk.

If you were at a Tull concert in 76, then you were one of those older girls from my junior high self. :poke:

Outsider wrote:

I still have white knuckles from driving thru NJ. PTSD.

I used to commute to Edison: I got to the point that I could predict when someone was going to cut across 5 lanes of traffic on the garden state parkway, so I could give them wide berth in case they spun out and turned into a fireball.

Whiskey wrote:

The problem with Jersey is that the trains are horrible.

Which is exactly why you need to commute by helicopter if you are living around Holmdel etc.

Outsider wrote:

Good schools for the budding geniuses.

This came across my FB feed recently: 13 Connecticut High Schools rank among nation's best

caveat: It was a bit self-promoting because the guy who posted it went to the one listed at the top. (So did I, which is why he pointed it out. But this was all 30 years ago. (I'm such a geezer!))

Jersey gets a bad rap. The wife and I lived in Basking Ridge for 4 years, and neither of us emerged with big hair.

Back when the wife and I would frequent the theatres there (late 90s Facepalm) , we also found this to be a good pre-show dinner: West Bank Cafe | Theatre District Restaurants/NYC restaurant Favorite for over 30 years in Times Square / Hell's Kitchen / 42nd Street / Brent M Watkins, General Manager

Maybe too touristy for those who live nearby, but we were tourists.

Whiskey wrote:

Next to that tree is a gas station.

But you are overlooking the fact that you can live right over a wine shoppe.

Whew. Nice place, if only money grew on the tree outside of it.

Whiskey wrote:

Mrs. Whiskers just forwarded me a nearby listing that is too small and too noisy (2nd floor on an avenue) for $1.5M.

Zillow listing please. (I'm curious about nyc insanity in housing. Never really looked too hard at it.)

Crying You really know how to rain on a guy's parade.

KidPsych wrote:

I've heard that it's not the size of the package that's important, it's what one does with it.

“You know Apple is run by men when they call it an iPhone 6+ and it’s only 5.5 inches."
- Kara Swisher

Rickkk wrote:

Bill McBride, Author at Association of Financial Analysts - Association of Financial Analysts

"Syndicated" from calculated risk? Anyone made CR aware of it (so we don't all bombard his inbox at once)?

I think the real question is: Will they announce QE4?

Oh god, I'm repeating myself. Time for a saturday night. Nytol

Outsider wrote:

I started with Jethro Tull, I'm gonna end with them. Hope they're taking their vitamins.

Love Which tour?

I actually started with Foghat (Sweet opened, they have one song that anyone has ever heard of), then Kansas.

Then Tull. I was 10th row on the floor in the New Haven Coliseum for Stormwatch. The stage was a big U, so we were 5 rows from Ian when he would show up stage left.

Now about this ringing in my ear from the speaker stack...

Maybe I should go right after my first dead show?

Sounds like the timing is just perfect for me to put Burning Man on the bucket list.

But I am tempted to wear leather pants. I think it will look smashing with my balding physique.

Bah. That's old hat, was there like 15 years ago.

It's not that I never get out, it's just that I'm always so late to the party that the party has already finished.

In other matters, I'm going to fill in a gap from my youth tomorrow: Whiskey a Go Go.
I'm confident I'll be the oldest man in the place.

Jackdawracy wrote:

There was only a quarter of a million people in jail/prison in 1950, versus 2.3 million today.


"Sir, I have been through it from Alpha to Omaha, and I tell you that the less a man knows the bigger the noise he makes and the higher the salary he commands." - Mark Twain, How I Edited an Agricultural Paper,1870

I'll note that I commanded quite a high salary (when I worked for someone else. As my own boss, I'm too much of a cheapskate to pay such wages.)

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing

- NY Times

Facepalm I can't believe this exists.

Whoops, missed that it was maintenance. Nice.

But really: I wonder if the bidder is dangling this big carrot in the bid, and then would demand that back taxes be wiped out before closing the deal.

Rob Dawg wrote:

Either the bidder is an idiot and doesn't have the pull to have the tax bill wiped or is a genius and has the deal in place.


“It could be—and this is all speculation—that the people who are bidding on it are altruistic in nature,” Szymanski hints.

New Keyboard

Antipodes wrote:

By the time a bottle of Bogle reaches NZ retail shelf, it costs about NZ$22!

Considering the way we get reamed on NZ wines, well, all's fair in love and war and export wine pricing apparently.

Almost on topic!
Buying Derelict Detroit: Mystery Bidder Wants 6,000 Foreclosed Homes - Businessweek

“I had cancer 12 years ago, and this is exactly like cancer,” Szymanski says. “If you don’t get it all, it’s going to come back.”

I thought of that just after my tongue in cheek post. And yes, I'll happily drink it.

Though as I get older, my liver is not as happy to drink as much as it used to. Sad

Rob Dawg wrote:

Twist, snap, unscrew, let it breathe, sniff... Ahhhh "Thursday."

Heathen. I will not drink anything from the past month.

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

It gets tougher every round. The predators turn on each other.

Watching VCs in real time was something to behold.

Hey! That's getting personal there bub.