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Edit: Nevermind. It's just not worth it.
Good luck to you.

JFC, no wonder everyone's losing it. I've been in a hole apparently.

You're kinda going off the rails. Something up?

Vonbek777 wrote:

references C.S. Lewis' 4 Loves, ...
and apparently I was doing 25 in a 50 and a nice gentleman in a big diesel truck greeted me at the stop light with the fucking boob compliment,

I notice that CS didn't bother trying to enumerate the total number of Hates.

You sound a bit defensive. Something on your conscience perhaps?

Shirley Jackson is a bunch older than me, for the record. And if I went into college administration, I would end up on the front pages of the newspapers not because of my extraordinary leadership, but because I settled petty dept crap with a ball-peen hammer.

BTW: From everything I've heard, she has done very good things for RPI and its image. I'll leave it to the RPI community to decide whether she's overpaid or not though.

KidPsych wrote:

4) She is always to be publicly introduced as “The Honorable Shirley Ann Jackson.”

Another Bell Labs alum! You may henceforth refer to me as The Honorable Dr JP.

Mike in Long Island wrote:

Puts and calls!

New Keyboard Can't lose!

Eggzactly. I have no idea how to measure water in liters, but since acre-feet are based on acres, and acres are based on furlongs and chains,

wait, what joke was I making again?

From the WSJ article:

“The central bank has hours or days probably to get this under control because if the population runs to the banks to get their deposits, then it’s game over,” Mr. Mitov said in an interview.

How many lives does this game have?

Man, CR's WSJ link has better Dooooooooooooooom!!! than I've seen in a while.
Russia’s Economic Pain Is Just Beginning, Bank Group Warns - Real Time Economics - WSJ

Edit: More-

A bank run “is only a matter of time,” Mr. Mitov said. “There are reports that there is no hard currency, cash, to be bought in either Moscow or St. Petersburg.”

It's been an age since I've been to the Milford station, but ISTR there was very little parking. It was from an age when you have someone drop you off from their horse and carriage to take the train to NY.

Lotsa growth in that area now. I'm old. Tired

Ed S. wrote:

In ordinary traffic it's 30 to 40 minutes.

When I worked in NJ, it was 30 minutes out my front door to my office door. So an hour a day.

I've had a 1 minute walking commute for 10 years now. Given 250 workdays per year (really more, for any profession these days) that's 2500 hours saved.

Since there are 16 waking hours in a day, that's 2500/16 = about 156 days saved, or about 5 months.

And probably all of it wasted on HCN. Big smile

Outsider wrote:

Merritt/95 still a parking lot nightmare I hear.

Yeah wouldn't want to be on it during rush hour. At 5am, I could start in New Haven (edit: Orange anyway) and make it across the GW bridge in under 60m. God help me if I had to do that daily though.

All the guys in the village said it wasn't too bad cuz it was a reverse commute. You just had to be careful about the return trip timing.

OTOH The guy on LI: He would get up at an insane hour and drive to make sure he was through NYC before it woke up.

Edit: And the Nobel was for the fractional quantum Hall effect.

sm_landlord wrote:

I managed to survive for a while by living in the city and working in the Burbs

2nd most insane commute: Guys I knew living in The Village and commuting out to Bell Labs.
1st most insane commute: Living on Long Island, commuting through NYC to Bell Labs.

Edit: Guy in the 2nd most insane category won the physics Nobel while I was there, so kinda hard to throw stones.

Wow. New low Mary.

With so many paths to rich, I'll end up in the poorhouse paying people to keep them all straight for me.

josap wrote:

"oil will be free by mid-January."

Cool. I'm building my biz plan based on that info.

I'm gonna be rich!

Comrade Janošik wrote:

So does Asia crater overnight?

Of course! What kind of board do you think this is anyway?

I never understood why anyone would sing that about Sherlock's home street

BULLETIN Dow closes down 112 points at session's low »

Not even an "off the lows"?! Dooooooooooooooom!!!

So quiet that it ended up in the LA Times.

Yoringe wrote:

They will get over it....

During the 1998 crisis, I was traveling on business to Nuremberg. Got off the plane in Frankfurt, got in line at immigration behind a guy with a red duffel bag.

The red-duffel guy and the immigration officer end up in some animated discussion. Next thing I know, he unzips the duffel, and it was filled with cash. He was there to buy a BMW. The officer then shouted out (in english) if anyone spoke russian.

I changed lines at that point.

sm_landlord wrote:

Not to mention more noise coming from the Fed tomorrowish?

Maybe they'll threaten to not raise rates. Again.

And here we though poic traveled only to Bangkok.

Sales down, prices up 9.30%

Kind of looks a lot like what happened before: Only those with too much money kept buying at the high end.

I am MUCH too classy to make a joke here about Mother Russia.

Crash over. Everyone go back to what you were doing.
USD to RUB Exchange Rate - Bloomberg 

MaryAnn wrote:

since we are all Anonymous

My real name is JP, as it turns out. But yes: Peace.

Outsider wrote:

:sack of coal:

Finally! I'm rich!

I'll sell them some of my water. Win/win.

I hate profiteers. Especially when I'm not the one reaping the profits.

Southern California November Home Sales Fall Sharply; Median Sale Price Holds Steady Again

Housing doesn't obey supply and demand! Rose Colored Glasses

I don't know if we want to corner the man

Kinda looks like he put himself in a corner, baby.

BTW, has there always been this much Russian spoken on 3rd Street, or was that a side effect of the last crash in the ruble?


"We kind of got the signals wrong. A lot of people did," said Leslie Appleton-Young

LOLOLOLOL. Does anyone remember

When the foreclosure crisis began two years ago, there were few signs the high-end market would suffer. "It's God's country," Leslie Appleton-Young, chief economist for the California Association of Realtors, told an audience of real-estate agents in 2007. "When is the 30% decline in Marin County's market going to happen? Not in my lifetime."

High-End Homes Frozen Out of Budding Housing Rebound - WSJ

Even NAR replaced Lierah, CAR must be so desparate that she's still employed.

CPI calculator says about $47K. No where near 20x.
CPI Inflation Calculator

... which would be about median hhi today. omg, how did you survive?!

Ruble in free fall after rate hike fails to stem slide - MarketWatch

Russia is facing “currency crisis” as of this morning: Analyst

At least M2V is humming over there!

Interesting project for those with programming talent (and free time): Map the Banks

Nikkei -1.6% Elmo!

Edit: -1.7%. And dropping. Evil

to 37.835 cents on the dollar

When I'm a world leader, I'm going to have hidden reserves, and then act to drive my bonds into default, and then silently buy back all my bonds for pennies on the dollar.

also fta:

And at the riskiest end of the junk-bond market, it’s getting ugly: the effective yield index for bonds rated CCC or lower jumped from 7.9% in late June to 11.4% on Wednesday.

So not exactly LIBOR, but still a heckuva jump.

I think it was implied by his "The cure for low prices is low prices" comment, though I don't know that he explicitly thought OPEC would state it as policy. (I don't have time to read everything here these days.)

Edit: And typo I meant except -> expect, in case it wasn't obvious.