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Lobbyist Ben Dover wrote:

Hope I'm here I paid for my ticket already.

It has been an E Ticket, at that(!) Smile

sdtfs wrote:

Tired of living and scared of dying,...

It's worth hanging around just to see how things turn out. Laughing out loud

Lobbyist Ben Dover wrote:

Unless you have a lot of assets with cash flow then best have none.

AWWWW, a fellow practicioner of the Poic 2.0 Financial phylosophy.

Outsider wrote:

I can't afford to get old.

As if we have a choice. Smile

curious wrote:

Monetary alchemy continues to work wonders in Japan

until it doesn't. Shock

Outsider wrote:

require a 6-figure buy-in, and then a hefty monthly fee,

Tough times for many.

Rob Dawg wrote:

The new function(s) of the Fed shall henceforth be

To be the not so small landlord and all around friendly banker. Laughing out loud

Tom Stone wrote:

No damage at all in Sebastopol.

Glad to hear it Tom.

Tom Stone wrote:

Seasonality also varies by price tier.

Have to admit it seems to have picked up locally here in Oregon.
How did you handle the earth quake, Tom. You and yours OK?

Rickkk wrote:

" You can’t give a 9-year-old an Uzi "

9 Year Old an UZI ?

There are some world leaders I wouldn't trust with MATCHESS. Big smile What is that Nigerian Leaders Name? "Good Luck Jones" or something like that.

CR, " Recently there has been a larger than normal seasonal pattern mostly because conventional sales are following the normal pattern (more sales in the spring and summer), but distressed sales (foreclosures and short sales) happen all year. So distressed sales have had a larger negative impact on prices in the fall and winter."

Distressed sales ? Larger Impact ? But I've been assured we are in a recovery!

I think I'll grab Cinderella and see if she is interested in a jacuzzz and swim.

I've caused enough trouble here, Later gang

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Rob Dawg wrote:

Tanta did.

Financial Liabilities Can result in future growth if that debt or Liability is invested for future growth of that nation, not given to greedy Bankers and Corrupt corporate globalists. It may still result in huge growth globally, paid for by our national economic collapse. I'm sure inter-national corporations will do well globally, on cheap labor.

RE wrote:

You still haven't explained how financials' liabilities become assets.

Jeez Dawg, were have you been the past 6 years? If you have financial liabilities in Debt you have to compound that liability 5 maybe 6 times, and go greater into debt, then it becomes a great big National asset.
Its called Bernanke Economics and is going to kick in anytimes now, Seb has assured me.

Rob Dawg wrote:

The Chinese are preparing to lock out Apple and Samsung from their markets.

Maybe if the Obama Administration enlarges their contract with the Chinese Government on suppling our guidence system software chips to our military they will pospone agression. General Dynamics could always tell the Congress and the Courts to do it ...

Mr Slippery wrote:

Japan led the West on debt and interest rates. We are following in their footsteps. Moar stimulus pleez.

Ya we are, instead of learning from their mistake,,,,,we joined them (!) If the country was on fire the Federal Reserve would try and put it out with Gasoline

RE wrote:

You are likely the biggest BSer I ever came across.

RE clearly has me on ignore Laughing out loud

josap wrote:

It's over, we lost. Not going to change.

I know josap, I agree with your post BUT

Hope Spring Eternal. Wink

Rob Dawg wrote:

The Nobamacare ruling wasn't enough to tip you into the impeachment camp? Quelle suprize.

Impeachment of a standing court justice is very hard, if not next to imposible without congressional support. Since the Wealthy Corporate 1-3% own Congress as well, I believe, as small as it may be, the November election and our VOTE is our best hope .

But feeling the way I do about OUR ignorant,shit for brains public, the 1-3% will continue to DO what Ever They Believe we will put up with.

creditcriminalslovetarp wrote:

this banker owned government could care less about individuals....

You know, I have noticed that too (!) We need to vote out all incumbents, Period. And if those new politicians donot vote in term limits, campaine finance reform and lobby Laws,,,,,,,,,,Replace them.
We need a government that represents the people, not the wealthy corporate special interests. And if the Roberts Supreme Court continues to side with the wealthy Corporate interests, we should consider the impeachment proccess (!)
We the People Need Saving from the Wealthy 1-3% (!)

Sebastian wrote:

We already had our "Come to Jesus!" moment back in 2008, we're not going to have another one anytime soon.

We have done nothing to cure the Problem, we have saved the bankers (To a point) but at too high a cost to our future.

Why does Turkey stuffing come to mind. Laughing out loud

Sebastian wrote:

and have been for some time.

The moves of the Federal Reserve have caught many of us by surprize. They have thrown the people of the USA under the Bus, not everybody of course.
They will do what ever it takes to keep the banks and the corporations afloat, even if it destroys our Country, no matter how much it costs US.

merchants of fear wrote:

this Seb dude IS creepy

He choses to look at the Good #'s, thats all.
He will most likely be one of those , who when TSHF says " I never saw it coming" or "Why didn't somebody say something".
My Oldest Son is like that. He just chooses not to worry about negative posibilities.

I hope I haven't offended anyone,,,,,,,second thought,

Get over it.


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poicv2.0 wrote:

Bad Dawg Bobby got a free sham-wow for his newsletter signup

I know on the packaging of the sham-wow that arived, it says " If not worn properly a Child could be produced in 9 months."

I don't care if she does have a child, I've had this thing on for 2 months and I'm Taken it Off.

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Thanks Poic,
Your letters advice about puchasing commercial property and cancelling the Fire insurance in Fergasen , MO. was Brilliant. I not only lost bigtime in property value but get to pay big time property Taxes that are worthless.
At this rate and with the continued assistance of Janit Yellon and the Federeal Reserve,I expect to have lost my Family Fortune by the turn of the Decade, where I will be Poic 2.0 "Free at last ".

poicv2.0 wrote:

Slow and steady increase. Just what the doctor ordered.

I would like to , once again, express my satifaction in the Poic 2.0 approuch tp investments. Why when I look back and consider all the Tax dollars I have saved in capital gains loses , well I am just extremely greatful for the assistance I have recieved in loseing my fortune from Poic and his , shall we say unorthadox approuch, too saving money.

Cinco-X wrote:

What are you talking about?

I just listened to a guy claiming that the economy will inflate to a point that inter-cities will erupt and because of food costs and distribution problems, he contended that the US Government will request assistance from the UN to maintain social order. We not only lose our freedoms and Liberties but our National Soverinty. Real Tinfoil Hat

CR, " LA area Port Traffic: A little soft due to strike in July "

Next time a strike is required, I hope it hurts ALOT. I heard a post about how the people in the Pacific Northwest would react to a UN presence to enforce the Law or " HOW to start a Civil war, by The NWO". They spoke briefly on So Cal. What a joke, The Latino population would go crazy, it would unite whites and Latinos against a common enemy is what it would do. Gangs black and Latino can't be trusted but they represent such a small number in the overall poplulation that it would soon be detrimental to be a gang member real soon whenthe problems hit the fan.
Interesting though to think the Government that such a hold on the Police and Military to think they would side with the UN over its own People. I believe it would be a fatal assumtion on the part of our politicians. I listen to the craziest things.

josap wrote:

She is very pretty.

Right to the beek. Just Pullin' Yer Leg

justaskin wrote:

and spell checking spotty at best

You'll find none by me, I'm proud of my ignorance. Smile

josap wrote:

I have sweet conure. At least sweet and kind to me.

And good look'in too, We Try to BE. Big smile

adornosghost wrote:

Geo engineering is a slippery path.

Ya,,,, it is ! Nytol

Wouldn't it be something if, all this time Congress and The Obama Administration was nothing more than " A corporate entity Masquerading as your Government".

Nemo wrote:

"If goods don't cross borders, armies will"

Can you say WWII.

It is looking like WWIII is what TPTB want and if that is what they want, that is what WE will get. Crying

Payroll Employment and Seasonal Factors

I wish I could trust my Government,
I really do.

Later Gang

Bubblisimo Gerkinov wrote:
As students, my roommates and I would mix granola or oatmeal with cheap (non-lean) hamburger to increase amount and decrease bbq grease fires.

I lived on peanut butter toast for 4 years. Laughing out loud

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Cinco-X wrote:

...those slackers and mouth breathers are so stupid and lazy they can't even do what they're told...

Not only Congress but our whole Government is SHAMEFUL, incompetent and way out of their League, as far as the National and Global problems.

WE Cinco,,,
are in Trouble (!)

" Don't know what conclusion to draw. "

They heard you were moving there and just gave up.

They can't take the competion, you see. Wink

Feckless Ness wrote:

Here's a drought of a different sort:

Not to worry, I'm only going to be gone for a couple months. Laughing out loud

Feckless Ness wrote:

I am seriously thinking about moving to Oregon.

I got a small place up in the Cascades in 1993. Population 200 surounded by National Forest.The Doomstead Laughing out loud , youngest Son runs a business out of it.
We bought a place on the coast last year, small little place but nice for use. That is were I am at now.
We Love it, nice to have peace a quiet and get out of OC for a month or two.

CR, " Investment in home improvement was at a $179 billion Seasonally Adjusted Annual Rate (SAAR) in Q1 (just over 1.0% of GDP).

I think half was from Me (!)

Hi from Oregon, The Babe and I made it up a few days ago on One headlight Wink

YouTube - One Headlight by The Wallflowers (Lyrics)

We can't drive away from This problem, anyways.

Later Gaters. Nemo's Monkey

shill wrote:


Ya, those of us who were against it back then knew it wouldn't stop the problem and said so, but like now are ignored.

So let me just say a great big,,,, I TOLD YOU SO. Wink

Yoringe wrote:

This Starts to get funny....

You still laugh'in.

Yoringe wrote:

Robots dont get Ebola either....

How about Germans Yoringe, can they get Ebola ?

" A German hospital in Hamburg agreed to accept patients following a request from the World Health Organization (WHO), Deutsche Welle reports."

This Is What Is Going To Happen If Ebola Comes To America