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1 currency now -yogi wrote:

Tell new Attorney General Loretta Lynch: End “too big to jail.”

How much do you think it would COST US ? Were talking Obama Admin. Here.

Just a drive by to say HI, Smile

Off to a meeting, later gang.

People, Young and Old may be selling their homes to get out from under their Mortgage Payments because of Future economic concerns.

Up 2%, second homes are up in retirement areas, I'll bet.

Good deals if you have cash.

Chicken Pot Pie on Toast should be about ready.

Been Fun, Later

Nytol Daryl Hall & John Oates - Hits - YouTube

Time to Kiss my man eater Laughing out loud

Jackdawracy wrote:

Everybody wants to see a bear, but that night the bruins had the nerve to walk through the car campground when it's scary, is probably what happened.

Camping out in Tuwalamie meadows in Yosemite at night with a camp fire and seeing the eyes of the bears looking in can be scary, Gots to have bear watch with a spoon and a frying pan ready. Laughing out loud

robj wrote:

Lots of pepper gravy, which is the only reason to eat chicken fried steak, I should add.

Oh Man, I'm hungry and dinner isn't ready yet. Chicken Fried Steak !!!!!! Smile

Rajesh wrote:

I bought a book on stopping procrastination but I haven't read it yet. Perhaps I shouldn't.

Big smile

Jackdawracy wrote:

folks heard something go bump in the night, and hit the panic button on their remote keychain

Pantloads ! Laughing out loud Gots to watch out for that buggyman.

poicv2.0 wrote:

As safe as Chinese stocks.

Oh Ya, lost a fortune. Saved Hundreds in not having to pay taxes.

dilbert dogbert wrote:

And run the generator all night so no one else can sleep for the noise and fumes.

I got one but never happen. Smile

I dislike the refrigerator Trucks at the truck stops.

Jackdawracy wrote:

then went to Camp Oakes.

I worked the horses at Oaks for one summer, as well.

Hope we showed you and you cabin a good time (!) Big smile

I was the goofy look'in Guy.

Jackdawracy wrote:

It was probably around 1971

Thats when I went in,
Camp Whittle ?

AWWW Kind, sweet young Ladies, Bob Seger - Night Moves (Full Album) - YouTube

To be young again. Big smile

robj wrote:

had some nice browns in the pocket water

I heard storys of Monsters (!)

Jackdawracy wrote:

I went to YMCA summer camp @ Big Bear, during the Vietnam War era.

What camp? I worked every summer for 10 Summers off and on with the Army inbetween. When I got out I returned for three years. I ran their Stable program for 7 Years with my brother. Jack we may have met 40 years age. HA HA Big smile

robj wrote:

Been there. I used to fish Big Bear Creek by hiking straight down the gorge

Beautiful Country, I lived in the YMCA camp up Holcolm Valley. Two Miles up the dirt road from Fawnskin, I liked my privacy. Laughing out loud

Rajesh wrote:

If it doesn't have an engine, you don't have social mobility.

Thats me alright, No social Mobility. Big smile

Antipodes wrote:

Outside of Running Springs.

Lived in Fawnskin for two years. Smile

sdtfs wrote:

and that's trouble. Terrible terrible trouble.

Oh Ya, No water. big time problem.

Outsider wrote:

There are million $$ campers??

You wouldn't believe it. Smile

Over kill big time but Beautiful.

robj wrote:

His corpse was found with a jug of Peak in his mouth.

Bless His Heart (!) Wink

robj wrote:

I was the designated shotgun for my father and grandfather who never thought twice about driving half-way across the country.

Noth'in, NOTH"IN like the Gordon Lightfoot - Carefree Highway - YouTube 

We have a trailer, nice to set up, unhook and explore. Laughing out loud

Outsider wrote:

Where do you sleep? Hotel parking lots?

Campgrounds, Forests , Deserts , Beaches any where you want to explore.

Lobbyist Ben Dover wrote:

Not for everyone and $ can't take it with you.

yup. Smile

Really enjoying reading the Hoocoodanode , While listening to Music.

I Love Music

My sweat Cinderalla The Doors - Touch Me - YouTube

Outsider wrote:

Those cost more than my first house, and don't even come with the real estate.

Two, Three, Four times what I got for my Cabin. Laughing out loud And I still turned a profit. Smile I sold it to a Bear Family for bearies. Laughing out loud

robj wrote:

Don't use regular antifreeze, jackdaw.

antifreeze is BIG TIME poison.

Jackdawracy wrote:

you just keep adding snow as it slowly turns into water.
No running water, showers, or flush toilet for 7 months is no big deal if you're only up once in awhile.

Snow makes little water, and then you can always jump in the river to wash after a hard day of sweating. I can't believe I used to do that, Cold, Cold COLD. But better then stink'in. And Did it for nobody but MYSELF. Big smile

Outsider wrote:

It's kind of a pain to drain and undrain your pipes twice a year, no?

No were near as bad as replaceing frozen pipe. Shock Cold night you keep the water running slowly and place heaters under sink.

I'm remembering Alaska and 50 below. Smile

Outsider wrote:

I'm pretty sure we don't have a cistern.

Probably not, its Old School. Smile

robj wrote:

The cistern feeds the pressure tank.


Outsider wrote:

drill a well

Why, Easier to get fresh water, it was gravity fed to the cabin.

robj wrote:

It's actually just a big plastic tank in the basement that the well-pump feeds.

I had an OLD cister when I lived in Durango, Colo. Made of Concrete filled from a canal.

Outsider wrote:

What's a cistern,

A holding tank for drinking water usually filled with running water from a stream or canal directed to a home.

Rough Explanation. Smile

Outsider wrote:

Granted, it was the early 70s. Everyone was talking to their plants back then.

I know I was, what was scary was they talked back. Shock

Then again it may have been the mushroms. Smile

sdtfs wrote:

said our avocado tree is a Gwen avocado.

I Love Avocados. Smile

Outsider wrote:

You can come pry your cold, wet weather out of my cold, wet hands.

No Thanks Outsider, you can keep it. Smile

robj wrote:

We really should consider outsourcing our pols, as a potential lucrative export.

Thats all Congress is, Corporate Sub-Contractors.

josap wrote:

Still haven't sold the Mooston house, after two days on the market.

TWO DAYS ! jess it has just hit the market. Give it time. Smile

Took the dog for a walk , caught a woof of one of those smells then Flash.

The Animals - We Gotta Get Out Of This Place - YouTube

45 years and funny how that works.

dilbert dogbert wrote:

I like Ode To Joy also.

"Ode to Joy" is spine tingling Beautitful. And as a rule I do not listen to Classical.

dilbert dogbert wrote:

You are arguing with Rove not me.

I know. He's a Pantload.

Eeexelent! you got that Right Dogbert. Shock

Their greed is enough to gag a maggot. Stare