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Cinco-X wrote:

People will be people, and one shouldn't expect bankers to be any better than the rest of us...

But they most certainly should not be rated " The Greats Thieves", either.

merchants of fear wrote:

After all, that's what they're good at.

Is it posible that the Huge deficit, money to the TBTF and our Government budget is so one sided and costly because of Black Budget Projects.
Could it be that all this injustice I have been screaming about is going to a Black Projects of so, unimaginable benifit, that we will benifit 1000 times over.
A project our Government wants to keep secret untill it is completed. That our Congress knows about but can't say anything, and instead of being criminals and thieves they have been taking my abuse for my own benifit and are heros instead of buttholes.
Is the Government about to come out and say all debt forgiven LOOK , Free energy, unlimited food and water, easy free enviornmental clean-up all because we took your money and invested it in the future.
Where is all these TRillions of dollars going into Black Budget accomplishing??????

Maybe, I hope I've been Wrong all along about the Federal Reserve, Wall Street and Congress/Politcians.

At the top of my screen it reads " Discover The Easiest Meditation Way",

In short " send me money and I will teach you how to pray" . Laughing out loud What a bunch of Hammerheads

Believe nothing of what you read or hear,
and half of what you SEE. Laughing out loud

This is a good example of how you can find , in print, support for almost any point of view.
Both have proof they are right,
Both have written proof the other is wrong.

Laughing my ass off. Laughing out loud

JP wrote:

Goldman Sachs now believes the first hike in the U.S. federal funds rate will come in the third quarter of 2015, rather than in the first quarter of 2016.

As soon as they believe they have gotten the mid to lower class into Debt as much as they believe the system can take,

I predict TBTF/PTB will slowly begin to raise the interest rate to 1/10 th of a % below the collapse point and ring use TURNUPS out.

Good or Bad, this slow burn could go on for 5-10 years, IMO.

Has anyone else noticed on You Tube, that most programs that are critical of the USA or the Federal Reserve or Obama Administration, have blank spots or Mini breaks that are very irratating and disrrupting.
I'm sure you think I'm paranoid but it is true, at least it seems like it.

Rob Dawg wrote:

Looks like the corn harvest is going to be huge:

Lets hope there right.

KarmaPolice wrote:

NSA observers on HCN????????

Smile Ya well they have GOT to have there slow days. Smile Nosie Bastar$s.

KarmaPolice wrote:

Ok then....your position is clear.

For the sake of our NSA observers " One can only hope"

dilbert dogbert wrote:

Our shuttle pilots only had to lower the landing gear. Wheeeee!!!

Oh YA, ever see Space Cowboys ????? They had too !!!!
Oh wait a minute that was a movie ....Never Mind Never mind.

KarmaPolice wrote:

"Probably the main reason for the decline in the participation rate for the younger age groups is that more people are pursuing higher education (graphs in previous post show increase in enrollment)."

Most likely the only way they can pay their bills, rentsand eat is live on student loans, the alternative is live on the street or with relitives, there is no decent job market in the USA.
I don't care what the Government statistics say.

dodahman wrote:

We will take the 'recovery' we get unless our Man is not in office.........Then, not so much....

I have noticed that as well from Obama supporters who are friends. They absolutilly refuse to see any fault in Obama, no matter what he does it was Bushes or Congresses fault not his. My Head Just Exploded

skk wrote:

Wait, no, people don't have two arseholes .. wait.. am I sure about that ?

And you a trained Doctor (!) Laughing out loud

lawyerliz wrote:

Relaxing not good. Not for me anyway. Tryng to write.

Just Relax, take a deep breath and just write what you think.

You'll be OK Liz. Wink

Regulation here, Permit required there,

To much Government EVERYWHERE (!)

lawyerliz wrote:

Forced into retirement by promise to hub

Relax and enjoy your retirement Liz, you deserve it. Smile

That was an interesting Review/Expectation for the coming year.

Very Rose Colored Glasses considering the state of the world but yet very appropriate, This being the 4th of July (!)

Happy Freedom Day People. Smile When eating that B-B-Que try to remember there are those out there standing that post. Smile

bearly wrote:

Unobstructed unrelenting FREE TRADE. It's that simple.

The politicians promised NAFTA and the like wouldn't hurt but help unions. They Lied and we believed them.

Bearly, Corporate America sold out its american workers, and The United States of America, for the almighty buck. it's that simple.

There is No Loyalty in them to the workers, all trust was lost,,,,,,,,,,,, sold off.


emergency hotdog wrote:

i'm gonna celebrate freedom by catching crabs. git yer mind outta the gutter.

Laughing out loud

sdtfs wrote:

they can build to last a couple of months past the liability period, usually twenty years.

I know that is the case with some products but I can honestly say not in my case. Then again in some cases, pumps, pipelines for example, I'm sure have been replaced or repaired many time over since completion of the project.
Washing machines, fridges ya probably. Curses! Oiled again!

sdtfs wrote:

Who is going to fix that mess?

Big smile He is the only one who would have a fighting chance. Laughing out loud

I don't understand Karma, You think man can design/build a bridge to take a 10.0 ?

I believe the best we could do at the time was around 8 and that is building in a purfect world.

Yes I live in Southern Cal. on the coast, I wouldn't survive an tsunami either.

KarmaPolice wrote:

Cypress Expressway.

Never heard of it. There was a problem over Firestone but had nothing to do with design or construction.

KarmaPolice wrote:

You don't. It's not worth it, hence the crappy construction.

We all took our jobs seriously and did the VERY best we could.

Earthquakes were taken into account and designed accordingly, there was NO " crappy construction".

Ya, I was the structural Engineer on 6 of the bridges.

They said I was the structural engineer but I was really more like a chief of surveys.

KarmaPolice wrote:

Remember all the shit that fell down after Northridge?

Ya I sure do, I worked with some of the guys who did the repair work.

They said the Bents were cut as if a hot knife went through butter. Including the rings of #18 rebar.
How do you build for that?

KarmaPolice wrote:

I can tell you that most everything built in the last 50 years in Southern California is of marginal quality.

I can tell you your wrong, on those Blue Line light rail bridges to long beach. Smile

YouTube - Paul Simon - American Tune (1975)

mr_clueless wrote:

we have a bipolar market where either builders are not building, or they are building but charging above market prices and the homes are flying off the shelves without even model homes to look at.

Paging Tom Stone. Smile

KarmaPolice wrote:

Yep...they are all going up.....that's called capitalism.


Rajesh wrote:

What about Detroit? Or is that in Canada?

Do you want it, maybe it can be arrainged before the Fed gives it to China.

KarmaPolice wrote:

Yep...they are all going up.....that's called capitalism.

Well I guess they are planning on "Capitalizing" the Middle class, right into the poor house. Wink

sporkfed wrote:

The thing is that I'm not seeing help wanted signs or an increase in help wanted

Niether have I, I have seen more people holding Help Needed signs.

KarmaPolice wrote:

Tell me where said inflation is coming from?

Places where I guess to you it really doesn't matter.

Rent is going up, food is going up, gas,water, electricity are all going up, just to name a few unimportant expences.

KarmaPolice wrote:

From where?

Crying Crying I give up.

sporkfed wrote:

Lots more opportunity for graft with the push to "privatize" government work.

That is my concern in becoming a Charter local Government.

Less water= Less under Production=Less Jobs=Less Food=Less Exports= more deficit=higher prices
=higher inflation=more hunger=high crime.

and the wheels go around and around,

(with luck) the wheels go around. Stare

Yoringe wrote:

Higher Water Prices much more likely....

means less land under production. Not Good.

sporkfed wrote:

I wonder how soon higher gas prices will put the brakes on this job boom ?

That and the Drought in the Southwest concerns me, bigtime. Puzzled

robj wrote:

This relentless crawl upward in the markets is getting a bit creepy.

I have been creeped out by the market for Months, something has got to give.

robj wrote:

Or maybe they'll watch French soccer.

It would be more benificial to the cause, and more productive. Laughing out loud

Nemo wrote:

P.S. Do not miss this story

This surveillance shit is getting out of hand.

Next thing you know they will be watching USE(!) Snark

" For a total of ​​3,805,000 loans delinquent or in foreclosure in May. This is down from 4,569,000 in May 2013."

Read more at Calculated Risk: Black Knight releases Mortgage Monitor for May

Fleshwound (!) The Banksters GUT SHAUGHT the Middle class.

That is a lot of Families in Big Trouble. Crying

Outsider wrote:

It's raining out now.

It's Raining, why do you need a well then? Laughing out loud

Outsider wrote:

but I can't go without a toilet..

Time for an old Alaskan 'Honey Bucket". Shock

poicv2.0 wrote:

I think something stuck to the bottom of my shoe while I was walking around the blog cleaning up the comments.

Thats what I figured so I added to my comment.

Yoringe wrote:

i smell something here...

Don't worry about it Yoringe,
it's just Poic getting ready to put out another Newletter. Smile

So now they won't throw you in Jail for getting " Comfortably Dumb" in North Carolina?
North Carolina, The Great Escape.

YouTube - Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd music video