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ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

I thought only God and FIRE could do that

And the TBTF. Crying

I was going to say Government but they would be listed below the Central Banks these days when it comes to authority and power.

vtcodger wrote:

Santa wants to give you something.

Santa Giveth, and Santa takeith away.

Santa has prove'in he can't be trusted. Wink

KarmaPolice wrote:

Gosh...perhaps we should bring back color-coded alerts.

OK if you also cancel the Patriot act and Bring back our Bill of Rights!
I do appreciate the fact thet it has not been abused and supposedly used only against Terrorists but as long as the posibility exsist that it can be turned on innocent citizens like ME, I don't like it !
NSA collection on Date for out of context, future use bothers me.

Sony has pulled " The Interview" out of the theaters.

Terrorists have won again. They threaten and we loose freedom.

Cinco-X wrote:

It probably won't feel worse.

As long as they can suport the SNAP program both on Supplies in the market and Money, I agree.

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

There was never a time when it stopped being about healing the damages suffered by FIRE. That others temporarily benefited is merely a stroke of good luck

Yup, first to admit it. Crying

Cinco-X wrote:

It will be ugly...just like the '30s


Cinco-X wrote:

Deflation necessitates that debt be written off because it can't be performing in a deflationary environment.

Foreclosures, Middle Class Looses everything they have been strugleing to pay on for 5-15 years. Financial Industry OWNS everything by default.
There will be NO write offs on hard assets.

Right about the time I read that ISIS was trained and supplied by the US Government(CIA) in Jordan, so we are killing, beheading and Murdering Christians in the Middle East. I am about to turn on US as the only Evil, The Talban Kills 140 children, cuts off heads and Murders Christians in the Middle East in the name of Islam!
The Evil CIA and the EVIL Islamic religion are just running wild killing Christians through murder and killing in the POOR, Sad people in the Middle East.

Man they just can't win, the central bankers will see to that. Crying

I don't mean to be all Doom and Gloom Gang, I just read some of Drudge and considering the preformance of out current administrations in the Middle East and its ability to Act sensably,,,,,,I just got a bad feeling about current events in Ukraine and Russia.

Probably just Gas. Smile

Comrade Kristina wrote:

At the rate things are going I'm not so sure.

At the rate things are going,,,,,I hope we see ( Or should I say I hope they let us see) 2016 (!) Smile

josap wrote:

We will get to choose between whom ever the 1% decide will get the nominations.
Pretty simple.
The choices will be crappy, as usual.

Saddly I agree.

And after 8 years of Jeb,

We can have Chelsie.

If that is what TPTB want.

Rajesh wrote:

The Sun is unlikely to go nova this decade.

True, my concern is how many people will be around to verify.

Just because you are parnoid doesn't mean you are not being followed. Wink

CR, " Russia’s economy is verging on collapse for two major reasons: oil and sanctions"

When the USA placed sanctions on Japan in 1930's, stopping Oil deliveries, iron Ore imports, What happenned?

What do you think will happen when the Nut Case Elites back Russia in a corner?

What do you think will happen to our economy and the Global economy when Russias economy collapses?

These People and I MEAN these people, because the People of the United States do not have control over what is taking place, are taking US to the brink again,,,,,what do you think will happen?

IF we ONLY have a Global economic collapes, we can consider ourselves LUCKY. Stare

Outsider wrote:

You'd think with 50 bbl oil, gas prices would've dropped more.....

Now don't be looking a gift horse in the mouth, Penguin. Smile

poicv2.0 wrote:

We're still away on vacation BDB

You mean to say they have Internet and computers in Thailand. What about paved Roads? Snark

Hope you and the little lady are having a great time Poic.


poicv2.0 wrote:

Just lazing around in bed trying to figure out what to eat today

Hay poic, Welcome Home,
How was your trip to Asia?
How did it look?

merchants of fear wrote:

Impressive? And it's only the Russian economy?

" European stock markets closed sharply lower on Friday, posting their biggest weekly loss since August 2011, as commodity prices continued to fall and and shares in oil-related firms came under renewed pressure from the weak price for crude."
" The nightmarish collapse of the price of oil is creating panic in financial markets all over the planet."
We Just Witnessed The Worst Week For Global Financial Markets In 3 Years

I know the blog tends to look at numbers in a Doom and Gloom way,

But if it quacks like a duck,,,,

CR, " There is more to the ruble collapse than declining oil prices, but it is a huge factor."

" Russia derives about 50 percent of its budget revenue from oil and natural gas taxes. As much as a quarter of gross domestic product is linked to the energy industry,"
Russia Defends Ruble With Biggest Rate Rise Since 1998 - Bloomberg

From 10.5 to 17. They are Protecting the ruble.

Antipodes wrote:

Healthcare will be so much better with Republicans in power!

As screwed up and unresponsive to the peoples needs as this administration is, as corrupt and anti Liberty as the Barrack Insane " Jihadis" Obama is, I REALLY fear what is going to happen when the Corporate Toadies in the Republican party are turned loose on our Freedoms. Crying


sm_landlord wrote:

Specifically to torture the idiots that asked for them.

Wow, The sm_landlord has a WILD streek in him. Laughing out loud

So YOU were one of The Wild Ones (!)

adornosghost wrote:

Goddamned Nazi Stormtrooper’: Texas cop Tasers 76-year-old man with expired inspection

There seem to be more of these incidences, NOT Less !

As Big Government Grows, We the People mean less and less to the police in this country and this treatment shows IT.

I miss nova and visiting with him late at night. Sad

I saw a sign in a gathering " I WANT MY MONEY BACK ". HaHaHa Smile

robj wrote:

The next two years should be interesting

You got that right robj. I would feel bad if I missed it. Wink

Paying Down The Debt Is Now Almost Mathematically Impossible | Zero Hedge

Nothing is imposible in Economics if you own the printing press.

Print Baby, PRINT. Laughing out loud At this point what does it matter.

robj wrote:

It's unfortunate he got his stiffie about deficits now, after the collapse--bad timing.

Not so sure about the "bad timing". I've always liked Stockman but bottomline he is a party man.

Agree " You don't have to be a weatherman to see which way the wind blows."

Even a dumb shit like me saw what the shrub did or should I say didn't stop.

KidPsych wrote:

That would be Dr. War Criminal, thank you very much.

Are you a PHD, or a real Doctor? Snark

" Ever since March 4, 2011, all federal spending has been authorized by laws passed by the Republican-controlled House that Boehner leads."

Boehner’s Spending Deals Have Increased Debt $3.8T in 3.8 Years | CNS News

If we got the Money why not spend it?
So much for Republican being the "Fiscal Conservatives". Smile

Hay, Check it out,,,,,,its Scotch thirty.

robj wrote:

I'd rather be a wine-er than a whinge-er.

Or a wanger. Laughing out loud

robj wrote:

Depends on the brand (of Mason jar).

Laughing out loud

robj wrote:

'Shine is not an accepted substitute for water

Say What? Of course it is. Smile Snark

dilbert dogbert wrote:

The drought was an evil plot to drive away all the newcomers.

We are learning to kick the water drinking habit out here.

Haralambos wrote:

I thought I had retired to bed, but I guess my "well-laid schemes.../
Gang aft agley.".

Laughing out loud I've done that before as well.

The Hoocoodanode is a good late night entertainment if you can't sleep. Wink

dilbert dogbert wrote:

Our mud hates out of state. Stay Away

Your Mud sounds smarter than our Congress. Laughing out loud

sm_landlord wrote:

azurite wrote:

Bad Dawg Bobby wrote:
Republicans/ Democrats can't be trusted.
possibly Independents as well.


Gots to vote the man ( meaning man or woman for you sensitive types) no matter what party, I got to believe there are good people in all parties somewhere.

sm_landlord wrote:

A hillside gave way and and the mud flow very nearly pushed his car over the cliff and into the ocean.

I heard about that as well. A close call for sure !

What a Beautiful Day today!

The rain was more than welcome here, everything smells nice and the rain washed all the dust and soot off of everything. Smile

Mud slides aside of course.

azurite wrote:

You were saying?

Republicans/ Democrats can't be trusted.

Belmont wrote:

Like 2 are ok.

You are too kind. Smile

Outsider wrote:

Your quality of life must stink.

Stick around Outsider, I fear we in the USA may be about to experience it ourselves. even at $10 an egg. Smile

I heard someone use the term, we are in a " Recessionary Recovery". Laughing out loud I guess that is like " Retail Spending is Down because of the Recovery". Laughing out loud

lawyerliz wrote:

Quatloo is the singular, iirc

More than one is a Quatloo-loo. Smile

yuan wrote:

but you democrats and republicans all look the same to me.

Smile You gots that right, Yuan. Wink

lawyerliz wrote:

What is that in quatloos??

A quatloos, is that what comes after Quadrillion? I think if we can only live afew more years ,,,,,were going to find out. Laughing out loud