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Active Inventory increased by 61%,,,,

This can't be good Tom,

More people want to sell their second homes or can't afford the payments on their current Home..

61%, wow.

Sebastian wrote:

I'm expecting August 2013-August 2014 growth to be somewhere around these numbers.

If you worked for the Obama Administration, you could get your wish.

The #'s used would be BS, but you would get your wish. Smile

Later Gang.

Sebastian wrote:

Actually, that pretty much describes the behavior at the peak of our selling season here in Utopia Reach.

Where the dollar is strong, plenty of Gold in Ft Knox and the economy is in a strong Recovery. Wink

Outsider wrote:

It involves championing for the oppressed and downtrodden, in contrast to survival of the fittest.

Ya like our Federal Reserve, Central Banks and Politicians DO. Big smile


Outsider wrote:

I remember that. Last winter.

During the second war the people of Stalingrad alledgedly were reduced to Canabalism and goosebumps.

Rob Dawg wrote:

What fraction of the Russwn people are old enough to remember before the wall fell?

How many remember "The Long Cold Winter". Wink

Outsider wrote:

Curious where they came up with the number 72. 71 wasn't enough?

Never could understand those Canadians,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

You got to hand it to those moooooslum terrorists men,

I'm not gay but you would have to run over Me twice, 72.

Nytol Laughing out loud

acadian driftwood, the band - YouTube

Rob Dawg wrote:

do with 72 perpetual virgins for all of eternity.

Sounds more like a nightmare, Imagine the alimoney and Childsupport payment in a few years.


Don't we have an obligation to Warn our young ladies'
That there may be a bunch of Stinky Terrorists in Heaven,
Waiting to get them if they die young.

YouTube - Only The Good Die Young

Bubblisimo Gerkinov wrote:

Red carpet at the youtube Mashies award show.

Ya, Duke and The Slumdog bought Italy, or one of those African Country.

lawyerliz wrote:

Where is the Duke?

Hit it Big and retired in Compton. Smile .

skk wrote:

your wishes are granted - liquid fluoride thorium.

Why not generate energy to run the desalinisation plant with the salt produced, as a by product of the plant.

Fresh drinking water and iragation water for free.

One Global, nightmare of a problem solved.

All this problem solving has made me want a nap, Later Big smile

vtcodger wrote:

But what are you going to use for energy to power the desalination plants?

If only you could come up with a way of generating energy with salt.

Rajesh wrote:

The annual budget of the Department of Defense is about $400 billion.

There you go,,,,,, 2-4 Billion to secure our electrical Grid from Nuclear and Natural DESTRUCTION.

I would Vote for shaving 6 billion off of the Defence Budget and placed into a program to protect our Grid.

justaskin wrote:


A large Solarflare or EMP would send us back to the Stoneage.
2 to 4 Billion and we could be prepared, plus improve our infrastructure.
We give 100 times that in AID.
It's a no brainer. Smile

Sirus wrote:

when the economy creates 300,000 jobs a month

And then I woke up. Laughing out loud

Outsider wrote:

I thought battery technology was on the cusp of change.

I hope so, we can produce energy but can't store it well.

Nytol party on Merchant of Fear . Smile

Outsider wrote:

Is this what you mean, BDD?


dilbert dogbert wrote:

"A feast is made for laughter, wine makes life merry, and money is the answer for everything."

Bloomberg 3:16

emergency hotdog wrote:

but writing is hard, especially when you're practically illiterate.

I have that same problem. Interesting story line though. Zombie

merchants of fear wrote:

I'm on the booze tonight

It's not booz'in listening to music like that, its mellowing out... Laughing out loud

little feat'in it,,,,Please allow me,,,

Little Feat - Willin' sung by Lowell George Live 1977. HQ Video. - YouTube

sm_landlord wrote:

The opposition is getting organized.

They can count me in, He's like the yogi,
Alway with a pantload ON.
There are far to many in Washington DC and State Capitals who want to run our lives, we don't need some Out of State Politicians passing judgement or giving advice if not asked. Laughing out loud

emergency hotdog wrote:

somebody pass the doom

Talk about doom, Bloomberg is back and going to kick ass. Smile

Tom Stone wrote:

Not much else that tasty for doggies in Liberia

Or tasty doggies, for people in Liberia.

Rickkk wrote:

There are greater nightmares on the horizon.

Not really need, Ebola will do the job. Shock

Thats all I got to say,,,,and I'm standing by It.
Until Tomorrow anyways. Nytol

Everything is subject to change these Days.

Yoringe wrote:

Atheists are clearly Religious Freeloaders. Mooching of the Love of God and never give anything back....

Laughing out loud Little do they know.....Mooching is probable enjoyed.

Hay Dawg,

have you heard anything, reasonly about Large waves, from a storm hitting Orange County Coast line?

Was that the seal beach thing or another more recent

picosec wrote:


And a Goal,Direction.

My Dad gave me a sliderule and showed me how to use it for a Birthday Gift.

One Old nerd to another.

" To play a responsible role in the evolution of a 21st-century world order, the U.S. must be prepared to answer a number of questions for itself: What do we seek to prevent, no matter how it happens, and if necessary alone? What do we seek to achieve, even if not supported by any multilateral effort? What do we seek to achieve, or prevent, only if supported by an alliance? What should we not engage in, even if urged on by a multilateral group or an alliance? What is the nature of the values that we seek to advance? And how much does the application of these values depend on circumstance?"

Henry Kissinger on the Assembly of a New World Order - WSJ

The answers should be based on a Defensive line of thought, IMO. Henry can be such an elietist, agressive snob.
But I have to agree on some points but well written.

1 currency now -yogi wrote:

They bought assets on the cheap.

And it is going to get even better for them. Stare

" Top employees to see big Bonuses " ?

“Given the current focus on reducing costs and prioritizing investments to maximize company performance, Turner will also undertake additional reductions in staffing,” the memo read.

Page not found | Variety

RE's artical,

They are lucky they wer'nt Shot

CR, " The consensus is for a 0.8% increase in construction spending."

Read more at Calculated Risk

It's enough to make a man cry, Crying

Lobbyist Ben Dover wrote:

Hope I'm here I paid for my ticket already.

It has been an E Ticket, at that(!) Smile

sdtfs wrote:

Tired of living and scared of dying,...

It's worth hanging around just to see how things turn out. Laughing out loud

Lobbyist Ben Dover wrote:

Unless you have a lot of assets with cash flow then best have none.

AWWWW, a fellow practicioner of the Poic 2.0 Financial phylosophy.

Outsider wrote:

I can't afford to get old.

As if we have a choice. Smile

curious wrote:

Monetary alchemy continues to work wonders in Japan

until it doesn't. Shock

Outsider wrote:

require a 6-figure buy-in, and then a hefty monthly fee,

Tough times for many.

Rob Dawg wrote:

The new function(s) of the Fed shall henceforth be

To be the not so small landlord and all around friendly banker. Laughing out loud

Tom Stone wrote:

No damage at all in Sebastopol.

Glad to hear it Tom.

Tom Stone wrote:

Seasonality also varies by price tier.

Have to admit it seems to have picked up locally here in Oregon.
How did you handle the earth quake, Tom. You and yours OK?

Rickkk wrote:

" You can’t give a 9-year-old an Uzi "

9 Year Old an UZI ?

There are some world leaders I wouldn't trust with MATCHESS. Big smile What is that Nigerian Leaders Name? "Good Luck Jones" or something like that.

CR, " Recently there has been a larger than normal seasonal pattern mostly because conventional sales are following the normal pattern (more sales in the spring and summer), but distressed sales (foreclosures and short sales) happen all year. So distressed sales have had a larger negative impact on prices in the fall and winter."

Distressed sales ? Larger Impact ? But I've been assured we are in a recovery!

I think I'll grab Cinderella and see if she is interested in a jacuzzz and swim.

I've caused enough trouble here, Later gang

YouTube - One Headlight by The Wallflowers (Lyrics)

Rob Dawg wrote:

Tanta did.

Financial Liabilities Can result in future growth if that debt or Liability is invested for future growth of that nation, not given to greedy Bankers and Corrupt corporate globalists. It may still result in huge growth globally, paid for by our national economic collapse. I'm sure inter-national corporations will do well globally, on cheap labor.