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Rickkk wrote:

“Where’s the corpse?” the burial-team worker shouted

What a Grizzly article. Sad

Vonbek777 wrote:

Well hopefully there's a country song in the works for whatever ails you BDB.

I think there is, Elvis and " You ain't noth'en but a hound dog". Smile

Hay no problem, But once is my limit. Smile

Vonbek777 wrote:

This doesn't involve a vasectomy and an immaculate conception does it?

Laughing out loud

justaskin wrote:

well, the rest of us are wondering what alternative has you sneaking a peak at the sword over your head....

I may not Know the results for weeks, maybe a month. Since i was stupid enough to over react, I'll let you know the results, not the details.

Thats nobodys business but mine. Smile

arthur_dent wrote:

Economics is broken in its present form and the flood of new ideas will probably salvage and rebuild the best parts that work.

I'm optimistic as well, I know we are in uncharted waters as far as the economy goes, it's just the Fed hasn't convinced me that this was a time to get out of debt by going farther into debt. That practice can be real dangerous in my mind. I know the Fed would be the first to say they are "shooting from the hip" but it was just to convenent for the Banksters and wealthy 1% at the cost of us pee ons.

Vonbek777 wrote:

Man, now you are depressing me.

Laughing out loud

arthur_dent wrote:

someone might think you believed in capitalism.

Ya I do, to bad we don't have anymore. Pitchforks and Torches

If this thing doesn't work out, I wish the Federal Reserve would cover my loses.
I guess I should have gone to Harvard.

Rob Dawg wrote:

Shill is a good guy to bounce ideas off.

Ya I think your right.

You sound like you've been around the block too. Smile

shill wrote:

Anything I can help you with feel free to email me

I appreciate that shill, I have'nt won but I haven't lose either. The ball is still in play. Smile

shill wrote:

High stakes gamble BD?

I was going to say No, not like cards or Vegas Gambling,

But ya, Gambling on myself. That way if I lose I got no one to blame but myself. Sometimes you try but you still just don't win.
Like I say, at this point it is out of my hands. I shouldn't have reacted the way I did , I misread a signal.

shill wrote:

All one has to do is scan the SNAP sheets and Disability sheets and so on to see the millions already gone.

And It can happen so fast, all signs looked like in that direction. I addressed the situation as best I could and from here on in it is out of my hands. It still could very easily happen.
Last night I was reminded of the saying, " The second best thing to Playing and Winning, is Playing and loseing."

But I hate to lose, this time I may, hope not. Smile

shill wrote:

Good way to spin it anyway, so the conditioning is working just look around you lol.

True, I fear the worst is yet to come.

I had a scare last night, I thought the bottom had fallen out on a situation I am in, it still could I'm not out of the woods yet.
It was good preparation for me in case I take it in the shorts big time.
I was up all night thinking about how I was going to deal with a total personnal collapse, thank God the time is not NOW but gives me alittle more time to prepare.

CR, " Private residential spending has declined recently and is 48% below the peak in early 2006 - but up 54% from the post-bubble low."

Read more at Calculated Risk

Now that is a good way to put it.
It puts Sebs Recovery in perspective.

I believe I am FUCKED. I have just been informed that financially, I AM SCREWED BIG TIME.

Smile Pray for me, for I am HURT big time. Smile

It's top ramin and toast again, Oh well. It's not like I've not been here before but really on my Birthday.
Somebody has a real sence of humor.
I'm broke , well I know my Friends at Calculated Risk won't turn there back on me.
I'm joking, I need you clowns like I need a hole in the head.

Tomorrow I start the rebuild.
One thing is I OWN the DOOMSTEADS. I always new this could happen.
Maybe I'll get lucky and come down with EBOLA. FUCK
Nytol Fuck it I could always be bak in the jubgle dogen bullits fuck it.


Beware of " the games played to often". They only call it a class war when we fight back

Awsome absolutly Awsome.

Such power, such destrutive power in one plane, it is hard to comprehend, i can't imagine.

any more than I can imagine

YouTube - Imagine - John Lennon

When I heard this song many years ago, I flashed back to when a Buddy, long ago looked at me, it was getting dark, with a scared, honest look and said, " OK time to dance" and off we went into the scary darkness.

YouTube - Bruce Springsteen - Dancing In The Dark 

man it's good to be alive.even though I'm old, it good.

Antipodes wrote:

Beans on toast.

You sound like my Dad. Smile

Antipodes wrote:

Better make sure your beer supply is sufficient.

Sounds like good advice. Smile
I've already taken care of my whiskey supply.

I just went up stairs to get another beer and my mate/Partner said " Ebola is in Dallas, is it time to hunker down ! ".
She has always made fun of me and my preper/doomer way of looking at things. This REALLY surprized me.

dilbert dogbert wrote:

Stay Away! The Big One is coming. It will be either the volcano or earthquake.

Oh, that makes me feel real safe here in Orange County. Smile

BarleyReturns wrote:

We're working this across our entire government

Man, I sure hope your right and he is taking this ebola shit serious.

You make a mistake and someone dies, shit,,you live with it,

He makes a mistake and doesn't act, or over reacts and Millions Die.

I hope he is taking it REAL Serious.

The cause of the pattern charge can be more important, in some cases.

CR, Restaurant spending is discretionary, so even though this is "D-list" data, I like to check it every month.
Read more at Calculated Risk: Wednesday: Vehicle Sales, ISM Manufacturing, ADP Employment, Q3 Office Vacancies, Construction Spending

I agree, it is a good indication of discresionary spending. If you have money to go out then you must be doing OK.

Back from good friends, good conversation and good Tacos. More Beer than Tacos so you'll just have to forgive me for future comments. Smile

Hay, Cinderlla just reminded me. It's my Birthday, I'm 130 years old, at least that is how old I feel with all my aching bones.

Its off to Taco Tuesday, on the babe for my present. I'm going to eat lots of free Tacos.

Later gaters Happy Birthday!!! Party

EngineerJim wrote:

"Seen her break a chicken's neck..."
Should be: Saw her break a chicken's neck...

SHEEESH that Engineer Jim is a real stickler. Smile

Belmont wrote:

I am a Fed plant

Considering the SCOTUS ruling on it being legal for the Government to plant in Blog sites and your timing on arrival. Naw, to obvious.

Rob Dawg wrote:

What if she wins?

Laughing out loud No, she is too smart to run, just helps others.

Vonbek777 wrote:

Heck I just want the wife home.

I was thinking the same.

I'll be glad when this election is over and I can see my wife every now and then. Smile

Belmont wrote:

I'm sure 90% of the HCN crowd are cheering for it to spread.

Man,,,, you are a newbe!

Rajesh wrote:

Get your duct tape stockpile ready!

Oh man, if it goes Airborne.

Well Airborne or not I shall keep a 6 foot distance, if case his 1000 with a 21 day incubasion.

Vonbek777 wrote:

CDC: Ebola confirmed in Dallas patient

Here we go. 10-100 is dealable but IMO when we hear it hit 1000 cases, we in the USA will be screwed and time to hunker down.

Jackdawracy wrote:

That was around the 25th bear of the summer for me, inching closer to 800 sightings in the grand scheme of things, never a scary encounter.

Wow, you really live in bear country. I had three sights of Black bear on our Oregon property, this summer, closes was about 30 feet. To close for comfort.

lawyerliz wrote:

Hardening up the electrical grid and detecting large and medium rocks that might hit the earth is another kettle of fish.

As far as Hardening up the Electrical Grid I disagree. Because of our Tech advances and dependency , IMO this is a cost effective Must.

The damage that would be caused would be so bad that 2-6 Billion spent to insure survival is more than worth the investment. The money could be scraped from the defence buget and not felt in the least.
I my eyes this is not just something that Should be done, it would be an act of criminal neglect, not to do it !

Bubblisimo Gerkinov wrote:

It's going to be complicated ... I need to factor in the cost of maintenance.

In a talk Marc Faber said a client remarked he had a 30% income hike last month,
He said he lost his Girlfriend.

Faber said " Wait till you see the replacement cost". Smile

Rajesh wrote:

September Non-farm Payrolls | Hoocoodanode?

What one REALY thinks it will be,

or what the Government will report?

Rajesh wrote:

Personal income is up. Median personal income is down.

It's good to be King.

Former Idealist wrote:

Baltic dry index year-to-date -54%

-54%,,,,, say it ain't so Former.

Give me full boost Vertical, and we are out of here ! Smile

Doc Holiday wrote:

Fed data builds little blips of data to support the anemic "growth" after The Great Year of Recovery ....

The Fed is trying so hard to convince the people that we are in a recovery. That is a pretty tall order considering the reality our there in the real world(!)

The 10% are doing great , its the rest of the Nation that has a hard timme seeing it.

shill wrote:


The only people who matter are the Banksters, they gots the moola.