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Bubblisimo Gerkinov wrote:

It's an international dateline thing ... same reason Anti posts from the future.
(pssst ... what's the Super Bowl spread Anti?)

THATS AMAZING !!!!! Don't tell us Anti, keep it a surprize? Smile He posts from the FUTURE ! How many fingers am I holding up?

Wow, New Zealand has 25 months in it's year ? Amazing Country Laughing out loud

sdtfs wrote:

We need all the rain we can get. I find it hard to believe that the amount we're likely to have will be more than a slight irritation to you.

You know your Right ! I would rather have a Gully washer and play cards in the Trailer, we need the RAIN !!!

We could always come home early. Smile

Speed wrote:

"It has to be massive if it is going to have any effect," he says.

I agree with the Idea but more along the lines of 50 to 75 K per citizen. The Banksters would get most of it anyways and it would take a load off of the Middle and Lower classes debt load.
The trillions waisted by the Fed with QE only helped the wealthy, did little to help Main Street, but I think that was their intenting.
Of coarse the Campaign Funds did OK I'm sure.

azurite wrote:

Last I heard, snow pack was low.

It can get real dry in the summers, I am always concerned about forest fires.

Antipodes wrote:

I've camped there many times.

Ya we have too. We're going with another couple, we have our 22ft trailer and they have this neat tent that attaches to the back of this truck. We have sights along the cliff, should have beautiful evenings if Smalls rain will only stay away.

azurite wrote:

Florence isn't getting "normal" average precipitation either.

Bummer, don't want a dry summer in Florence ! What about the Cascades?

sm_landlord wrote:

My current theory is that a shot of :rye: and :bedtime: are in order.

Better make that a double. Like you say tomorrow is just Monday. Smile

azurite wrote:

I've never wanted to live somewhere you have to mine groundwater or take water from elsewhere-now it looks like western OR is becoming CA.

I think Florence has gotten a normal rain fall. The coast always seems to get its share of rain.

sm_landlord wrote:

They're giving us a 70% chance of rain tomorrow night.

Oh great, and were going Camping in South Carlsbad for 4 days, starting tomorrow.

skk wrote:

as the days get longer its good to know where people stand.

Do you, do you really know where people stand ? This is the internet, do you really know who you can trust, who is telling the truth, who just wants to argue, split hairs so to speak ?

This is just a social media that talks about the economy, housing ect.. Nothing more, unless, of coarse you are a parenoid Government intellagence agency who fears any and all decent, then this is a Rebel Hangout,

Right you NSA nosie TURDS. Its that Parinoia that you were talking about earlier that will get us destroyed. It won't come from the People, we lost control awhile ago, our destruction will come from a parinoid Federal Reserve, Corporitocracy ( If there is such a word) a government who is controled by scared losers.

Jackson Browne-Blood on the Wire - YouTube


Yoringe wrote:

The Dance of the Roaches in the Syriza Light will be awesome!

Does this mean Greece will seperate from the Euro?

skk wrote:

she certainly did not.
My this is fun !

Laughing out loud Wink Lets not and say we did. I'll hold you to that promise. Smile

skk wrote:

you got that BBD, right ? she is being entirely accurate. I get it.

I got it other than I didn't bring up the 80-40 year old girl thing. Did you get that? Smile

skk wrote:

sorry mate, lets leave her alone puleeze is a good resolution here.

Sounds like good advice. I have been listening to some commentary and may have over reacted.

We live in Strange Times. Wink

skk wrote:

BBD are you saying that Mary is saying that if someone jokes about or dislike Mohammad,,,They should be Killed?

I thought she implyed they deserved killing. Haven't watched Sean Hannity in years, but if he disagrees with the killers, I may agree with him on this.

Mary wrote:

Mr Bobby, work on your social media technical skills just for me.

Mary, I was referring that to myself. That I had made a mistake. You took it the wrong way.
I used the term Osly because I knew Only a few 60's San Fran Hippys May remember.
You may be right about the social media skills, shouldn't make it so complicated. Smile

Mary wrote:

Well done. Thank you, Mr 'Podes

Mary, are you saying that if someone jokes about or dislike Mohammad,,,They should be Killed?

Mary wrote:

Pearl was definitely a woman.

I must have been holusinating,

No more Osly for the bimbo, guru.

dilbert dogbert wrote:

They live with us and there is a relationship established. We feed, clean, provide medical care and some space to roam.

Very Nice.

Comrade Kristina wrote:

She and I emailed often back when she was around.

How is she doing Comrade?

skk wrote:

OTOH Big Bad Dawgyy can you provide a link to your assertion.

I was thinking of a conversation Years ago, maybe like the Rob Dawg, maybe I had One to many. And there I go, taking the 1 currency now -yogis word that the dawg has been drinking. Smile
Knowing how much they Love each other a stupid thing to do.

Comrade Kristina wrote:

Yeah, Pearl was definitely a woman.

I must have misunderstood, I thought it was the name of the street he lived on.

dilbert dogbert wrote:


Do the dogberts own their own horses or rent?

skk wrote:

aye before there was Torville and Dean ( sounds like Pearl and Dean no ) there was

Hay skk, remember a poster named Pearl? One night he said funny how people judge a poster by his name. Everyone thought he was a older woman named pearl but he was a younger man who lived on Pearl Street. Laughing out loud

What made you decide on skk, initals?

Hate to run off and avoid a good Arguement but Hoocoodanode to all.


Yoringe wrote:

Yeah, HCN that Modern Democracy included Slavery & Women Surpression

Since the beginning of Recorded History, Slavery & Women Surpression has existed, Modern Democracy has attempted to eliminate it.

Maybe not fast enough or good enough for some but good or bad, right or wrong, at least it is attempting to correct the injustice.

KarmaPolice wrote:


Don't confuse Religious Bias with the Rothchilds, They are and have always been Banker whores.

It's Just Business!!!! Good Business

KarmaPolice wrote:

That level of stupidity is exquisitely rare.

You don't get it, who do you think financed the Construction of the Oil Field, Port Facilities and Infastructure ?

Financed the creation of the Saudi Family? They may not OWN them but IMO,they have a controling influence.

Follow the Money All The Way Back.. Shock

I can live with the way I've lived my life. You have no idea of my accomplishment or failures as far as that goes, just my opinions.

Gilligans smily face. Smile

By the way, I married an Iowa Farm Girl and personnaly I think she may have accomplished more! Laughing out loud

dilbert dogbert wrote:

Of course no one on HCN listened to Joni's rebuttal of that Kenyan Muslim.

Only because those who Joni represents have proven themselve untrustworthy , as well.

Kenyan Muslim? I thought I was alone in seeing that.

EngineerJim wrote:

Thank gods I can now see Yoringe

The NSA , Thanks You. Smile
Now work on Belmont.

I really hope the Federal Reserve isn't waisting our hard earned Phony worthless printed up QE 4 Money on surpressing Precious Metals.
I understand the reason and grudgeingly agree BUT timing is everything.

Jackdawracy wrote:

$400 an ounce for a bottle of $10k wine seems a little steep, i'd rather pay $400 an oz for something else.

WOW, has Silver took off ? Shock

poicv2.0 wrote:

It's HUGE!!

Laughing out loud I'm sure I'm well represented ! Tongue

poicv2.0 wrote:

Duke is a Software Engineer?

Corect me if I'm wrong but as I remember the Duke owns a clothing manufacturing business.

Duke of Con Dao wrote:

The Return of the Duke

Lets all put on the Hoocoodanode swager! Smile

Long time no see.

tg, "cherry jubilee?"

IMO, It will be more along the lines of a crushing "Shemitah" event. Stare

Yoringe wrote:

Dutch Parliament rejected ECB Plan for QE....

The euro is Toast , two weeks after the Cash, and no, I dont need a receipt will follow.

We need to give it another try for the sake of the young, this time it may take. Smile

MELANIE- LAY DOWN (Candles In The Rain) WOODSTOCK - YouTube

adornosghost wrote:

The City is a Bay Area term that means SF.

The City is also a term used to discribe the Financial district in London. Smile

Thunderclap Newman Something In The Air (vintage pop) - YouTube

CR, " The consensus is for claims to decrease to 300 thousand from 316 thousand."

Isn't it Great News that the country is getting back to work. With all the aditional Living wage Jobs the Houseing Industry, Retail and Vacation Resorts can expect a rise in income.

To Read more at Calculated Risk

Feckless Ness wrote:

Well, we can't all be public servants.

I believe that better than 50% of the people in this Country that don't work, are employed by the Government. Smile

I went shopping this morning. I commented to the casher "that food sure is expensive".

She commented that they told us that the food prices went up because of Transport costs went up, Fuel has gone down and food prices continue to climb.
She said she doesn't understand what is going on, the young bag person said " Its easy, they lied" She said " I don't think they know what they are doing so they make it up as they go along".

Out of the mouth of Babes! Smile

sm_landlord wrote:

Tell Us Your State of the Union in Five Words - Washington Wire - WSJ

Why waist my time, the NSA and big brother already have plenty of my unhappy comments recorded .

Self impossing AssHats !

If there is a difference between Democrate and Republican, after this last election the Republican have a Clear Majority in the Legislative branch yet the PEOPLE still have NO representation. Still the nation is controlled by Corporations and the self appointed wealthy few.


KidPsych wrote:

There's a war on for your mind!

And the Sheeple are out of Bullits. Smile