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And just after that happenned the money changers (Bankers) doing gods work, had him crusified.

Comrade Gibbon wrote:

Couple of friends have had vans stolen by meth heads who then lived Please Come To Boston - YouTube them for a week or two before the parking enforcement people thought to call in the plates.

OH give me , me, me a brake. Smile

You Idiots you nice people who have yet to ununderstand

sm_landlord wrote:

The cops pretty much know who the thiefs are, but won't make arrests without ironclad cases.

I know where you are coming from. Smile

I don't know what the problem is, the police are scared, bought off, just don't care. I don't know but been there done that.

and if you take the law into your own hands and deal with the problem, the peopl e around you will turn against you.

Best to move on. Fuck the low lifes.

Paul McCartney - Blackbird (Abbey Road studio LIVE) - YouTube

Great day to be alive lyrics - YouTube

You people disappoint me. we have such a gREAT future ahead of us and you do not see it.

I don't know what to say, acadian driftwood, the band - YouTube

You just think it's going to get tough !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Rajesh wrote:

A way to get urban congressmen to vote for a farm bill that ships money to rural districts.

You are right of course but the picture is MUCH bigger than that. Bless you for seeing that but

Good Luck.

sm_landlord wrote:

Gruntled, sadly the founding fathers left a lot unstated

They did the BEST they could,

Sandy Denny - YouTube

Rajesh wrote:

We also subsidize the consumption of food. packaged food companies

Ya I hope so with all the money we can send them. Packaged food companies !

Some may survive. Smile

I know you people have know idea about why I posted this song,

But I loved Amy, many years ago Smile and odds are many out they have too.

YouTube - Pure Prairie League -Amie (High Quality) 

sm_landlord wrote:

So, why is anyone hungry?
Something is missing.

Are you hungry? I dount it.

The problem is not nessisarrily distrabution, BUT that is a real problem

the problem is understanding the Question of Why?

1 currency now -yogi wrote:

You pay for your sins.

I don't have enough,,,,,,,, MONEY to do that. Smile

Scorpions - Wind Of Change - YouTube

OR maybe I already have. Wink

1 currency now -yogi wrote:

It's not "inflation" that people fear, it's lack of affordability in any form.

Yogi, Why are you so reaching, and behind what is in front of us.

Inflation , YES but not after what, the sins , we must pay for Smile Smile

Me and Cindella , I'm taking her with me.

I love that woman so much

YouTube - One Headlight by The Wallflowers (Lyrics) 

I wish you could be listening to the Music I'm Listening tooo. Smile

1 currency now -yogi wrote:

I don't eat much of it myself, and I can afford as much as I could eat.

YOGI!!!! Hang Tough SURVIVE. Smile

sm_landlord wrote:

BDB, exactly. This can't end well.

Wrong My friend..... Our Future is so BEAUTIFUL.

Time for mor music

Thunderclap Newman Something In The Air (vintage pop) - YouTube

It's OLD but then again,,,,, so are we.

"And You Know it right"

1 currency now -yogi wrote:

Probably you're not starving or at risk.

I grow tired of the negative crap. We know that it is going to crash.

We are just " marking Time" .

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, For every dollar under ?K in the bank.

Just like we can trust them, they're the Federal Reserve. Laughing out loud

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

There's always realty.

" Someone that I know wrote to me today and let me know that she had to shut down the food pantry that she had been running for the poor for so many years. It isn't that she didn't want to help the poor anymore. It was that she just couldn't deal with the rising food prices any longer. Now she is just doing the best that she can to survive herself. "

Low Inflation? The Price Of Ground Beef Has Risen 17 Percent Over The Past Year

Oh well, I guess the Government will just have to open a FEMA camp sooner than planned.

I guess TPTB really are alittle ahead of schedule. Sad

" Stay wary, alert and very, very nimble."

Interesting, thought I might pass it on. Smile

CR, "Foreclosures are up slightly in several of these areas - and up significantly in Orlando.'
Read more at Calculated Risk: Lawler: Updated Table of Distressed and All-Cash Share for September

What surprizes me most is that they allowed the data to show it at " slightly" UP.

My guess is TPTB feel they can't hide the truth, or they would.

I have lost all faith in ANY of their numbers.

RE wrote:

The direct impact IMO was minimal.

For the peeps , I agree but criminal Banksters and Corporations monied up on stolen money.

Yoringe wrote:

There is allready a Line forming from Peeps with

IMO, Wiv a Little Bit of Luck is as valuable a Reseve Notes, Less really at least Reserve notes are on paper. Wiv a Little Bit of Luck or invisable dots and dashes on a computer. Smile

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

We confused it with sustainable economic growth and a recovery, so I think the plan worked, ultimately.

It will continue to work,,,,,Until it doesn't. Smile

The Piper WILL get paid.

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

We'll have to loan them lots of money they can't pay back. There is no other way.

If or when they call a Bank Holiday and bail-in the poor, poor banks IMO they will find that that is the case as it exist today.
Take away 20 % of SS or Pensions and people will be sending their CCbills and Mortgage payments in with a note saying " Contact (So and So bank) they have your payment.

Lobbyist Ben Dover wrote:

it's the payments that are the problem!

People have trimed down to were they don't or can't take onadditional payments no matter what the interest rate! Smile

"Mexican authorities failed to grant permission for the ship to dock off the coast of Cozumel, according to a Carnival spokeswoman. "

Mexico fails to grant access to cruise ship carrying Texas health worker - The Washington Post

Mexico tightens it's border, keeps those undesirable Americans out. Laughing out loud
I never thought I would see the day when the Mexican Government was more protective of its people than the United States Government. Big smile Hahahaha WASS.

" Boost Mortgage Lending "?

If they would just boost family wages income, Lower real estate prices and give the Middle-class ( if there remains any) a little time to save up for a down payment it may help.

The Federal Government and Federal Reserve have lost contact with the home buying public, after they destroyed it.

I could be wrong but this is to late to help the Middle to lower-classes. The moneied upper class could take advantage of the lending but other than that, IMO very few adverage citizens are in a position to go farther into DEBT.

Yoringe wrote:

Cant happen here...

I have been assured by my President and our Government agencies that it can't happen here.

Keep Mov'in, Keep Mov'in.

arthur_dent wrote:

the big advantage we have in America is that the average American is not so stupid to expose themselves to an ebola victim and then travel on a crowded plane.

If your from one of the West Africain countries, before the symtums show, fly to the USA and recieve decent treatment.
At least you have a chance of survival.

To heck with everyone else, its the American way. They will understand, especially if you are in the Financial industry.

Hackman wrote:

I suppose death is the ultimate hardship discharge.

Bankers will still try and squeze it out of you.

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

At least with a mortgage, it's your window!

At least until the Bank decides to take it from you.

JP wrote:

I can't wait for that trend to really take off.

It is election year.
Might be needed in DC anyways. Smile

bearly wrote:

Officials credit tighter border controls]

We are in trouble then.

Blackhalo wrote:

I find it hard to believe they have signed up for a more spartan lifestyle.

As if we had a choice. Rant

merchants of fear wrote:

Face it. The "recovery" was another sham scam bubble pump job. The chips were casino chips.

TPTB will just change casinos and print up different Chips.

Won't solve anything, other than centeralize the Global Economy.

Hackman wrote:

So, does that mean you have to wear a condom even when you are not having sex?

Yes, for 90 days.

14 trillion, 24 trillion, 48 trillion at this point who cares? Smile

If the world is scared of Dollars, no problem.

Just have the IMF crank up the presses and lets print SDR's.
That shoukd be good for another 4 to 5 years of manipulation and control.

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

handing free money to spendthrift idiots with which to bid up and speculate on non-productive assets only delays and exacerbates the deflationary tide.

It has worked the past 6 years. Smile

" Volume leader Bank of America, down 5%, Citigroup, off 5.5%, and JP Morgan, down 4.6%, were particularly hard hit."

The Slow "Fuse" Burn continues.

NorkaWest wrote:

front turtle needs a name

How about Tank.

The Lorax wrote:

they basically said "If it's serious, hospitals as well as state and federal government will be overwhelmed and you will have to find for yourselves locally."

THAT sounds like Nigeria.

Hackman wrote:

The Royal Saud family, however, has traditionally been closer to Republicans.

True but IMO the riff between Obama and the house of saud goes deeper.