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Ebola May Leave 1 Million People In Need Of Food Help

Amid roadblocks manned by troops and pervasive fear among the population of the dreaded disease, the worst-ever outbreak of Ebola is increasingly impacting the food supply in three countries.

The impacts are evident in Guinea's capital of Conakry, where fruit and vegetables no longer arrive from the country's breadbasket. In Sierra Leone and Liberia, several markets have been shut down. The price of rice and other staples is soaring in areas under Ebola quarantine.

VDU's blog: Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) 2014 West African outbreak..

All Cases plot reveals ~3 wk doubling time - this acceleration may be an artifact of improved reporting.

Sebastian wrote:

The aggregates are working just fine for my purpose, which is monitoring whether the U.S. economy is in expansion or recession.

Bravo! However, that seems a bit of a reach from defining the entire economy, no?

Mortgage rates are too damn high! (ht Rajesh)

Sebastian wrote:

However, the conditions of the working poor do not define the entire economy, which is what I am posting about.

Some might aver that aggregate measures of economic activity to not define the entire economy.

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

We'll still be on dino juice long after the USD has ceased to be the reserve currency. "Eventually" is a long time.

It will be part of the matrix, just as it is now ("my name is NEO!"). The cost of bringing marginal supplies into production will make various alternatives economic, but for a price.

justaskin wrote:

--------(bankruptcy act---probably the same one that made student debt non-dischargable)-------

Actually, it was already that way:
FinAid | Answering Your Questions | Student Loan Bankruptcy Exception 

Student loans were dischargeable in bankruptcy prior to 1976. With the introduction of the US Bankruptcy Code (11 USC 101 et seq) in 1978, the ability to discharge education loans was limited. Subsequent changes in the law have further narrowed the dischargeability of education debt.

tacticaldefault wrote:

That doesn't seem to be quick enough for the epidemic to create the conditions for its sustainment (breakdown of public health and public hygiene). Still, I hope they figure something out quickly-- it is already quite bad in the epicenter of the outbreak, where the infrastructure is so inadequate.
The scientist who first identified Ebola in 1976 gives direct and simple advice on how to contain this latest outbreak: "Soap, gloves, isolating patients, not reusing needles and quarantining the contacts of those who are ill - in theory it should be very easy to contain Ebola," Dr Peter Piot told the BBC.

It is plenty quick in the epicenter it seems, given the extremely limited medical resources available in these post conflict states and the initial hammerstrokes of the epidemic hitting those few caregivers that do exist...

justaskin wrote:

of course, those are indeed gang signs, FWIW

It's not a gang, it's a club!

Outsider wrote:

We don't need to make more. We only need to spend less.

Make your peace with lowered expectations, me I want a bigger carbon footprint! Needs More Cowbell Snark

Unrest grows in Liberian slum sealed to halt Ebola - San Antonio Express-News

On Wednesday, riot police and soldiers created roadblocks out of piles of scrap wood and barbed wire to prevent anyone from entering or leaving West Point, which occupies a peninsula where the Mesurado River meets the Atlantic Ocean.

Few roads go into the area, and a major road runs along the base of the isthmus, serving as a barrier between the neighborhood and the rest of Monrovia. Ferries to the area have been halted, and a coast guard boat was patrolling the waters around the peninsula.

At least 50,000 people live on the half-mile-long (kilometer-long) point, which is one of the poorest and most densely populated neighborhoods of the capital.

Four residents of a quarantined Ebola-hit slum in the Liberian capital were injured on Wednesday in clashes with police and soldiers sent in to seal off the area, an Agence France Presse correspondent and witnesses said.

The violence flared when the security forces went in to evacuate a government official and his family from the West Point neighborhood of Monrovia, which is being contained as part of new security measures over the deadly virus.

KarmaPolice wrote:

Three Hidden Ways Wheat Makes You Fat | Mark Hyman, MD

Mark Hyman (doctor) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In December 2013, The Daniel Plan, a book Hyman co-authored with Pastor Rick Warren and Dr. Daniel Amen, became number 1 on the New York Times bestseller list.[24][25]

Quackwatch has listed one of Hyman's books, Ultraprevention, as one of their nonrecommended books.

UPDATE 1-Illness with Ebola-like symptoms kills several in Congo - locals
| Reuters

Congo does not share a border with any of the countries affected by the virus in West Africa. But the country has seen several outbreaks since the first case was detected near the Ebola River in northern Congo in 1976.

Looks like maybe the DRC from the link URL but not clear (in many respects)
Congo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Well, it was really helpful in the imagining challenge posted above!

Rob Dawg wrote:

You want to get all nasty, get your own house in order first.

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is paying for this all?

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

And Jesus Bob Dobbs returning, down from the clouds... in a UFO.

Pleasure saucers FTW!

Rob Dawg wrote:

You are personally adverse to sauce goose gander [declarative]

Rob Dawg wrote:

luvz de personal insinuation when his position fails

Some ankle nibbling at play here...

all autobiographical revelations are welcome - NTTAWWT.

Rob Dawg wrote:

This is where you apologize

Teh zen, it burnssss...

Antipodes wrote:

Would be nice for the people actually working to see a raise in their wages like that.

Wage pressures continue in the oil & gas industry for all petrotechnical skillsets (BS to MS to PhD depending). Also, skilled trades related to construction and oilfield operations.

Bad Dawg Bobby wrote:

I listen to the craziest things.


PwC to pay $25 million to settle money laundering report allegations - The Washington Post

“We are continuing to find examples of improper influence and misconduct in the bank consulting industry,” said Benjamin M. Lawsky, who heads the New York department. “When bank executives pressure a consultant to whitewash a supposedly ‘objective’ report to regulators – and the consultant goes along with it – that can strike at the very heart of our system of prudential oversight.”

Wait, wut - was that another Onion article?!

JP wrote:

That's pretty damn funny. I have to admit tho: FB putting [satire] in front of every satirical link just kills the satirical punch.

Other than what it tells you about the Fakebook crowd, yeah...

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

Was this an Onion article?

New Keyboard

One to the head

edit: this backwater seems a good place for this gem from Chris Rock:

Chris Rock - How To Not Get Your Ass Kicked By The Police - YouTube

Well, that clearly warrants an extra-judicial execution! Snark

Jewish-Muslim couple forced to hire security and marry amid protests in Israel | Mail Online

Israeli police blocked more than 200 far-right Israeli protesters from rushing guests at a wedding of a Jewish woman and Muslim man as they shouted 'death to the Arabs'.

Don't worry Yoringe, Big Daddy Vlad will ride up bare chested on a horse and flex his muscles at the Ukrainians, causing them all to swoon and feel the same overpwoering mancrush that you do... at which point they will fall at his feet and beg to become Russian serfs again.

justaskin wrote:

"we're from the gov't. and we're here to help"

Russia denies military vehicles entered Ukraine | World news | The Guardian

The aid convoy set off from a Russian military base on Tuesday. Russia insists the convoy includes badly needed aid for residents trapped in Luhansk for almost two weeks without water and electricity.

Some have turned out to be nearly empty. According to the FT’s Courtney Weaver, Russia’s emergency services say they want reserve trucks in case some break down:

She concludes: “Seems more like the trucks were hastily packed/not enough time for all to be filled completely”

According to the BBC’s Daniel Sandford, meanwhile, the Red Cross says the large Russian escort travelling with the convoy won’t be allowed into Ukraine:

Kiev says its forces clashed with Russian troops inside Ukraine
| Reuters

(Reuters) - Ukraine said its forces had attacked and partly destroyed a Russian armoured column that entered Ukrainian territory overnight, a firefight which if confirmed would mark a dramatic worsening of the conflict.

Russia's government denied its forces had crossed into Ukraine, and accused Kiev of trying to sabotage deliveries of aid, but European capitals accused the Kremlin of escalating the fighting.

Something popped the "all is well" Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble for the market this morning?

Yoringe wrote:

Rabbit of Cthulhu....

More like the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog sort...

Yoringe wrote:

Empire Days are numbered.... what will it do to the Stats??

Просто это