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Life in the Bayes area...

Another revisionist!

. . . but in the morning, I shall be sober!

The Lady Astor/poison quote is probably apocryphal, but it should be true...

Please. Bush 4.

I'll see you and raise you Reagan 5!

Naw, Belmont will be eating leverage!

What is the deflator used to arrive at the real PCE value?

I'm open to new data, if you have any with respect to this particular aspect of grand strategic plans, please provide.

it isnt that clear cut!

Don't disturb the truthiness... all US and Great Britain policy was geared towards keeping the Nazis and the Soviets 'bleeding each other white'. Strategically the correct call, but pure self-interest. Such are the vicissitudes of war.

New Keyboard I'm sorry, what was the question again?

Are you a fatuous horse's @ss out of choice or inability to behave in any other way?

SLV is getting beat down like it was an oil company or something!

Whay are you so makkanagee? The move into their campus is already under way...

Houston campus | Exxon Mobil

By the end of 2014, seven office buildings will be open and approximately 3,600 residents will be working on campus.

More telling that the historic range of the trees did not include where most of the people in SoCal live today due to lack of water...

Tell me a story about no go zones...

The geological history of time splayed out before you~

Not really, but closer too it...
Timeline of natural history - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Some petrified sequoia rings would get you there.

It's the logic part that gives the libruls away - real conservatives just make sh!t up!

that's fine but it still does not explain why people on the west coast and east coast should subsidize/enable midwestern corporate-fascism.

Good point - glad there aren't any subsidies for the east coast financial complex nor the constituents of the senator from Boeing et. al.

edit: And it would be interesting to hear how we got from the link posted to the conclusion advanced...

Sorry for your loss, josap - critters become a part of the family, the more so the longer they are around

Ah, the enlightened and egalitarian left is heard from... Facepalm

Found it, the historical data link opens onto the diffusin indices but the individual state data is on another tab in that file Doh!

Looking on the Philly Fed site for the individual state values for December... where in the heck is that?

It is all marketing to that cracker demographic...

So a little 32 million barrel purchase at today's low, low price of call it $44/barrel is a mere $1.4 billion (plus change).

Houston got hammered in the '80s, no ifs ands or buts. I am willing to take a wager on the unsupported assertion that this is worse than the '80s for Houston in the form of $100 to CR's tip jar by the losing party to that wager.

In order of 'hammering' this time around? My SWAG is a ND, AK, LA, TX in that order.

(FD: back in 2008? I think it was, I ended up paying out $100 to CR's tip jar on a bet on whether the SPY was going to have a Santa rally, made around Thanksgiving IIRC)

That's what I thought... unwilling and unable to support your position.

(we can make a $20 bet to keep in within your 'risk tolerance')

This is worse than the 80's.

New Keyboard Alrighty then, ready to pony up on that with a wager? $100 to CR's tip jar, and the call will be made... end of 2015? Arbiter to be CR himself if we can rope himin? (That seems unlikely so any other honest 3rd party will do, maybe Mike in LI if he's willing)

edit: the quote was directly from your link, unedited

hey if you want to call BS on the link you were citing, please continue... we'll apply the same judgement to your other postings as well.

Houston apartment outlook not as rosy as oil price tumbles - Prime Property 

Job growth was key to the last couple years increase in demand for apartments. Jesse Thompson, business economist with the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Houston branch, predicted that job growth in Houston will shrink by about half of that in recent years and below the average to about 50,000 to 55,000 a year.

He does not predict Houston is heading toward a recession, however. He said while Houston is certainly affected by a dip in oil prices, the economy is much more diversified than it was in the mid-1980s during the oil bust.

In this case I think there is more of a 'limousine liberal' story line in terms of the ardent opposition to the project... let's have green energy, just not in my seaside view.

Do you have any idea whether Cape Winds problems are NIMBY, economic, technical or something else?

Serious answer, looking to a paywall source the first reason listed is NIMBY (IIRC these would have been in view of some pricey Cape Cod real estate or similar).

Do you have any idea whether Cape Winds problems are NIMBY, economic, technical or something else?

Yes. Snark

The losses are certain, but the fight over who will bear them continues.

Cape Wind terminates additional contracts, casting more doubts on the project’s viability - Metro - The Boston Globe

The developer of Cape Wind has terminated contracts to buy land and facilities in Falmouth and Rhode Island, the latest sign that the $2.5 billion effort to become the nation’s first offshore wind farm may never produce a kilowatt of energy.

The developer, which for more than a decade has sought to launch a project to build more than 100 wind turbines in Nantucket Sound, was also suspended on Tuesday from participating in New England’s wholesale electricity markets by ISO New England, an independent company in Holyoke that operates the region’s power grid.

The failure to make payments to preserve those contracts and to maintain its position with ISO New England comes 2½ weeks after the disclosure that National Grid and Northeast Utilities had terminated their contracts to buy power from Cape Wind, deals deemed critical to the project’s financial viability.

If you listen only to Art Berman you are going to be disappointed in the future...

Gah - this is an axiomatic result of the math - all shale wells go on decline immediately, so as the cumulative well count climbs with a flat rig count, there will always be a decline in the average production rate per well. THAT is what Berman is measuring by taking total production over all wells, NOT the productivity of new wells.

To assess the productivity of new wells, you would need to take a population of 'old' wells and compare that to a population of 'new' wells in a cumulative production vs. time plot (on a per well basis), and then compare the type curves derived from those studies. Also, lateral length comes into play as the linear feet of the horizontal well determines the amount of rock available to the well for the completion (aka frac job). Finally, there have been changes in the completion intensity in terms of the number of stages, stage spacing and the amount of proppant (typically sand) that is pushed into the stimulated rock volume.