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… I'm sure you were attempting to communicate something….

SWAG, some infantile concept regarding responsibility not resting with the individual who pulled the trigger, but rather the next guy in line he handed the gun to...

Seems like some structural changes in who is transacting - what would be instructive would be a comparison of median incomes for the populations involved in new home buying in the two periods in question - any way to get that data?

Don't mistake any interaction with KP as one that will be influenced by facts... just sayin'

Glad we're not taking anything on, you know, faith here:

Exergy inputs from solar ^ , tidal, and geothermal forces all at one time had their origins at the beginning of the solar system under conditions which could be chosen as an initial reference state, and other speculative reference states could in theory be traced back to that time.

Ne One Family Sales are at what, ballpark 40% of the bubble high? And while median wages are stalled, not so for the top deciles... who have more, shall we say, refined tastes...

Sorry, but there was never an oil storage crisis

If the market was concerned about space at Cushing and onshore more generally, the contango would have widened even further as stocks rose to make it profitable to use more expensive offshore storage.

However the term structure of futures prices has remained essentially unchanged for the past two months — implying traders are not particularly concerned about storage issues and do not foresee the need for more expensive options like floating storage.


The oil storage in tank farms may rise to about 73 percent, leaving plenty of excess room, according to an analysis distributed today by Morgan Stanley. The buildup of stocks will continue to weigh on investor sentiment, but there should be plenty of room left to prevent a "disaster scenario," according to the report.

'Most Interesting Man' cutout gets ticket | Entertainment - WDSU Home

"The trooper immediately recognized it was a prop and not a passenger," Trooper Guy Gill told the New York Daily News. "As the trooper approached, the driver was actually laughing."

Gill sent out a tweet with a photo of the cutout -- who was clad in what looked like a knit shirt, a far cry from his usual attire -- and the unnamed laughing driver: "I don't always violate the HOV lane law...but when I do, I get a $124 ticket! We'll give him an A for creativity!"

Thanks burnside, I had missed that earlier. Anything that proceeds from a starting assumption that requires a rational actor is suspect...

Though one of the central tenets of my world view is that everyone is crazy...

Hew to the orthodoxy that conforms to your world view!

Exclusive: Saudi Arabia building up military near Yemen border - U.S. officials
| Reuters

Saudi Arabia faces the risk of the turmoil spilling across its porous 1,800 km (1,100 mile)-long border with Yemen and into its Shi'ite Eastern Province where the kingdom's richest oil deposits lie.

but it is true that 85% of internet statistics are just made up!

It would be wonderful if the pig were to appear at the top of the page at the same moment it appears at the bottom.

A veritable multiplication of the swine, as it were...

Wait, wut? Is it crypto-neo or neo-crypto?

despite being demonstrably less balanced than Eagleton.

Set the bar high!

Man of the people! My SWAG is Ted isn't really even very serious about becoming Preznit, this is more of a 'Brand Ted' move... he will campaign seriously, just not in a manner such that winning the White House will happen.

Boehner 'shocked' by report of Israeli spying

WASHINGTON — House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, said Tuesday he was "shocked" by a report alleging Israel spied on the Iranian nuclear talks and back-channelled information to lawmakers to undermine negotiations.

"I was shocked by the fact that there were reports in this press article that information was being passed on from the Israelis to members of Congress," Boehner said Tuesday, "I'm not aware of that at all."

This perfect society is being designed for other people.

New Keyboard The help always thinks so!

New Keyboard

Sounds... sounds... sounds... grim.. grim... grim..

Don't mistake a faulty assumption for a purposefully constructed straw man...

'Space Invaders' with real lasers is delightful, dangerous

What do you get with a laser cutter, Arduino know-how and way too much time on your hands? A slightly hazardous, live action Space Invaders game, of course! Maker Martin Raynsford created a silly, but wickedly fun real-world version of the classic arcade game just in time for Arduino Day on March 28th. The paper invaders are clipped to a plate that uses stepper motors for left/right and up/down movement, while the 80W laser cutter is driven side-to-side by an Arduino Nano controller hooked up via USB to a PC.

"No Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!"

People love to ascribe magical powers to things over which they have some measure of facile control.

Where do bicycling and vegan dietary restrictions fit in?

Jesus Christ! Like I have to walk on water around here.

New Keyboard Hey, I did it daily in Alaska (well, seasonally)

Don't waste your time being all factual with this bunch!

Well that clears up quite a bit...

damn heaving medals are a b%#ch

It's the corners as they come up...

Because a candidate is a candidate, no matter how small... trolls Ted Cruz's presidential campaign - Yahoo News

But those looking to for more information on the Texas Republican and his platform were out of luck. The domain — which was reserved by an Arizona lawyer before Cruz's political ascension — currently encourages visitors to support President Barack Obama and immigration reform.

Meanwhile,, which was registered Monday, redirects to, the website launched for President Obama's Affordable Care Act initiative.

Cruz's official campaign website,, seemed to be working fine Monday morning.

Your money is evil! Give it all to RiF and feel the cleansing power to your aura!

Save me, save me from the worthless fiat!

Banksters are evil and the financial system is corrupt, so isn't that a win?

Only since the current administration came into office, before that it was more like Lake Woebegone...

Banksters are evil and the financial system is corrupt, so isn't that a win?


Despicable Me - The Bank of Evil (formally Lehman Brothers) - YouTube

Projection is always fascinating to see in action...