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It could take a few more years

Shirley not after the guaranteed prescience of your Q2 and Q3 GDP calls just now!

Until the platforms get hacked... just sayin'

Protests against the Iraq War - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Scope and Impact in the United States
A March 2003 Gallup poll conducted during the first few days of the war showed that 5% of the population had protested or made a public opposition against the war compared to 21% who attended a rally or made a public display to support the war.[6] An ABC news poll showed that 2% had attended an anti-war protest and 1% attended a pro-war rally. The protests made 20% more opposed to the war and 7% more supportive.[7] A Fox News poll showed that 63% had an unfavorable view of the protesters, just 23% had a favorable view.[7] According to Pew Research, 40% said in March 2003 that they had heard "too much" from people opposed to the war against 17% who said "too little".[8]

Some observers have noted that the protests against the Iraq war have been relatively small-scale and infrequent compared to protests against the Vietnam War. One of the most often cited factors for this is the lack of conscription.[9][10]


Oh wait, the bunny already has that one, Never mind.

There was a reason Papa Bush didn't go on to Baghdad... or come to the aid of the rebels in the 1991 uprising.

If he was "full metal Mirandized" that that is perp, not vic - just sayin'

It ain't just auto orientation, the issue is larger than that and different. Maintaining existing infrastructure does not provide photo ops and generates less skim than new construction, so regardless of the development model there are more incentives for new build vs. maintenance spending.

Been to the Tabasco sauce factory/museum down on Avery Island?

Deutsche Bank to Pay $55 Million to Settle Derivatives Inquiry

Deutsche Bank “overstated” the value of a multibillion-dollar portfolio of sophisticated derivatives during the height of the financial crisis, leading it to file inaccurate financial statements for at least a six-month stretch, securities regulators in the United States said on Tuesday.

The bank, without admitting or denying wrongdoing, agreed to pay a $55 million penalty to the Securities and Exchange Commission to settle claims that its “inadequate internal accounting controls” violated federal securities law.

The settlement closes the door on a five-year investigation into claims raised in part by former Deutsche Bank employees that the bank mispriced assets held in a large portfolio of derivatives to hide potential trading losses in the credit markets during the financial crisis. The S.E.C. estimated that the bank had overvalued the derivatives portfolio by $1.5 billion.

Let us hope they are planning on holding the ceremony in a state where unions of such gender are legal.

Delaware, baybeeee!

They misspelled "swelter"

India heatwave kills 800 as capital's roads melt - Yahoo News

At least 800 people have died in a major heatwave that has swept across India, melting roads in New Delhi as temperatures neared 50 degrees Celsius (122 Fahrenheit).

NO Blame it on the snow for you! No Soup For YOU!

RIF, had lots of fun playing Dead State: Reanimation over the weekend... if you want a break from space empires.

(curse you, Steam!)

Everything old is new again - bonjore!

Yeah, tough to see Glass-Steagall making a comeback...

Currency tumbles as Venezuelans look to unload bolivars - Yahoo News

Venezuelan currency was trading at around 420 bolivars per dollar Friday afternoon, according to the site. That was down from 300 bolivars per dollar on May 14 and 173 at the start of the year.

Many black market dealers paused transactions until the rate stabilized, but some Venezuelans said they had changed money at the 400 bolivar rate Friday.

It's not immediately clear what triggered the latest bout of panic buying and selling. But for many Venezuelans, who have lost faith in their currency, the dollar is the best way to protect themselves from inflation, which last year hit 68 percent and which economists say has already soared past the triple-digit threshold this year.

Does this tie in with the negative GDP deflator we saw recently?


Unemployment among foreign born workers rose faster than among native born workers during the recession but since has dropped more sharply.


The foreign-born worker labor-force participation rate—the share aged 16 and older working or looking for work–was 66.0% in 2014, higher than the native-born rate of 62.3%. Foreign-born workers are more likely than native-born workers to be male and more likely to be between the ages of 25 to 54, ages when the participation rate is highest, according to the BLS.

About 48.3% of the foreign-born workers in 2014 were Hispanic and 24.1% of them were Asian last year, according to BLS. The composition of foreign workers has shifted since 2009, with Hispanics’ share decreasing and Asians’ rising.

With a 1.6% rate of increase in the 2013-2014 timeframe. Let go fo those pearls you are clutching so tightly sporkfed.

For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.

H. L. Mencken

This is interesting and important to understand: For the first time there is sufficient data to track cohort income changes over time by the age of the head of household (from Census data).

What presidential candidates need to understand about income inequality

The story we’re always told about incomes in America is one of “stagnation.” On both ends of the political spectrum, there’s an accepted wisdom that income growth for most Americans began to slow in the 1970s and has essentially flattened out. The American Dream is imperiled, our candidates are always telling us, because it’s getting harder and harder for new generations of middle-class Americans to do better financially than their parents did.

Shapiro’s exhaustive analysis tells a much more complicated — and ultimately more disheartening — story.

It turns out, first of all, that most American families were actually doing a lot better in the 1980s and 1990s than we thought they were. The aggregate median household income — that is, the number we’re used to citing, which lumps everyone together — was about $46,000 in 1982 and had risen to almost $55,000 20 years later. That’s just a little less than 20 percent higher, or an average of less than 1 percent growth per year.

But Shapiro shows that if you were the head of a household and were between the ages of 25 and 29 in 1982, your income grew over the next two decades, on average, by more than 70 percent, from $45,440 to $77,543.

That may be one reason why both Reagan and Clinton were popular presidents, despite their ideological differences. According to Shapiro, it turns out they presided over much stronger income growth across just about all age groups than we previously understood.

Source doc:

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Dammit, Jim! This money is dead!

Hat :lliz:



Talk to the German banks, dipstick - that's where it all went.

...and give tax breaks to those still working.

Which will accrue to the greatest part to those making the most money - outstanding idea!

Planetary Society lightsail test deployment on launch today:
Mission Control Center | The Planetary Society

Today's launch windows are 11:05-11:15am and 12:42-12:52pm EDT. The live broadcast begins at 10:45am EDT. Watch live here, courtesy of United Launch Alliance.

Back in the day we took our chest impacts from steel dashboards and we were happy to have them! Get off my lawn!

Mission Control Center | The Planetary Society

Today's launch windows are 11:05-11:15am and 12:42-12:52pm EDT. The live broadcast begins at 10:45am EDT. Watch live here, courtesy of United Launch Alliance.

Ah yes, the bang on electoral insights that gave us President Romney! Facepalm

I would rather raise the price of oil again and turn those fracking machines back on.

"Turn those machines back on!" Smile - YouTube

Waaaaaaaaaaay too much information here some days!

Do we need HCN greeters?

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Get off my lawn! Welcome the Ticking time bomb to HCN! (wait, that's the NY version)