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One important exception is May 2008, when the Transports hit a new all-time high, signalling all-clear. The bottom then dropped out of the market.

Its different this time

perhaps to egg bessie on

No, those are the chicken ranchers...

What you intended was well understood, as evidenced by burnside's comment - but I found the denotation piquant.

Bluto (a sophomore): Christ, seven years of college down the drain!

Where were most of the current inequality proponents before 2009?

One would guess they were enjoying their tax cuts?

Proponent - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary
one who argues in favor of something : advocate

No offense towards you, ee, this is just a pet peeve of mine, since I'm on the other side of this table, and believe me, it is not nirvana.

None taken, and if I have been too flip, my apologies. FD, been on the other side of the table including scraping by on UI check.

NO, I am saying everyone should have a better deal, the current system is a cluster Ticking time bomb. You insist everyone should have the same sh!tty deal, and I would rather everyone had a better deal.

With respect to exceptionalism, there are going to be unequal outcomes in this life unless you can legislate Harrison Bergeron...

Yer right, everyone should get Ticking time bombed rather than lifting up the huddled masses.

I'll chainsaw the easier ones, but you should really get a pro to do it instead of risking life and limb. A friend is a forester and will take down most of them, and then once they're on the ground it's easy-peasy for meesy.

Don't let them season, we had some foothills acreage in teh Golden State back when and what I remember about the downed oak logs was sharpening the chain saw blade again and again and again and... plus, when splitting the damn rounds with a maul and wedges, needing more wedges.

Of course, Ticking time bomb 'em and their special needs kid...

Well, you could read their opening remark:

Health insurance premiums are driven by a variety of influences (e.g., firm size, age of workforce, location, etc.) unrelated to the generosity of health plans.

The left leaning Economic Policy Institute writes:

The Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) excise tax on high-priced health insurance plans is not well targeted.

  • Health insurance premiums are driven by a variety of influences (e.g., firm size, age of workforce, location, etc.) unrelated to the generosity of health plans.
  • Because the tax is triggered by high premiums, the tax will hit many workers with ordinary, not exceptionally generous health plans.
  • Because the threshold is indexed in future years at a growth rate that is expected to be slower than the growth of medical costs, in the future it will capture more typical health plans.
  • Any increase in wages that employers may offer to compensate workers for employers’ reduced premium contributions to less generous coverage will still lead to a fall in total after-tax compensation, which will increasingly need to be spent on higher out-of-pocket medical costs for those who need care.

Already on the books for 2018:

Beginning in 2018, a 40 percent excise tax will be imposed on the value of health insurance benefits exceeding a certain threshold. The thresholds are $10,200 for individual coverage and $27,500 for family coverage (indexed to inflation). The thresholds increase for individuals in high-risk professions and for employers that have a disproportionately older population.

Maybe it can't be avoided, but it damn well can be ignored ... for a long, long time

Aqui se habla espanol.


Here in Houston the wage pressure has been very sector specific, and will almost assuredly be wilting given the -25% price movement in Curses! Oiled again!.

UPDATE 2-Audit says Bulgaria's Corpbank must write off two thirds of assets
| Reuters

YouTube - Flesh Wound Clip 

Report: Solar Is Way Worse Than Other Renewables

The report writers calculated a levelized costs—the estimated economic cost per megawatt-hour of electricity generated using each technology. And it didn't end well for solar. According to the analysis, new coal and natural gas plants cost just over $64 per megawatt-hour; onshore wind $102; nuclear power $115; and utility-scale solar plants $127.

source doc:

Figure S-7 is the punch line - note these are costs for generating electricity (oil is there as well and by far the most costly which is why almost nobody on the planet is doing that)

New Keyboard When it is helping your industry it is crony, when it is helping my industry, it is clear eyed policy helping 'Murica!

Always wrong, but never in doubt... though honestly, I actually prefer Benito and his endless supply of chips to the infinite gusher of haterade...

Dear glod in heaven but you all so deserve each other...

So, with a 2.8% unemployment rate, wages in North Dakota must be sky rocketing, right?

Along with the cost of living, yes.

“She kept pushing me even though I was saying: ‘I can’t qualify, I’m poor, I’m just a kid.’” To his surprise, he found the bank would indeed lend him money.

Suzanne is in Vancouver!


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Market sel loff triggered! Snark

Snark all you's comin'...

Just make sure you got my OBS covered!