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And thank you for re-establishing my believe that your really have no idea what you are talking about.

Well dang - I'm off to the Curses! Oiled again! mine - maybe I can learn me some oil bidness...

Falling back to ad hominem immediately? Quite the explicit signal of failure...

Oil prices hitting shale stocks

No surprise in any of that, as I have repeatedly posted the 'secret' behind the rise in tight oil production has been the rise in oil price - tight oil is a relatively high cost source of marginal supply - what we will continue to see is companies adjusting their spending plans to address the current price environment. The extent to which individual companies reduce drilling activity will be a function of their situation with respect to many factors including to what extent their production is hedged, the rock quality of their positions and the break even price, the amount of debt they are carrying on their balance sheet, and the size of the company.


All oil assets everywhere and at all times are declining assets requiring reinvestment to maintain production, hence one of the key metrics financial markets focus on are the reserve replacement ratio and the cost of reserves replacement.

But thanks for being ever dependable and predictable...

Here is some trend analysis from the WHO sitreps which suggests that the doubling time is slowing down, the first steps toward shutting down this outbreak:

energyecon: Trends in World Health Organization Situation reports: Ebola response roadmap

says it can only be passed on through the exchange of bodily fluids


You have added the word 'exchange' - but thanks for playing!

Well, misery loves company - teh In glod we trust is getting teh Curses! Oiled again! treatment (or was it teh other way around?)

Also, I'm sure there is no downside from granting executive authority to quarantine for "health reasons."
Surprise! Controversial Patriot Act power now overwhelmingly used in drug investigations - The Washington Post

Im shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!

Unintended consequences?!

Anybody somebody who is scared calls a nobola risk will serve...

Impressive, truly impressive - in an utterly boneheaded way.

What a whopper of a tell there - dammit Jim, this man has a full blown cranio-rectal impaction!

Where's RIF? We got to get busy with our nobola quarantine monetization plan!

A quick executive order clamored for by the great unwashed, and we'll have those FEMA camps up and running (subject to the blank check sole source no-bid cost plus contract pioneered in Iraq)! Only other thing we'll need is a querulous mob who will anonymously denounce others as a suspected potential contingent possible nobola risk...

Another fine product line of the Manzanar Corporation!

including the fact that Duncan's family seems to be ok


I just figured he read so much about Ebola in trying to figure out what he had been put in charge of that he quarantined himself for 21 days .... y'know ... just to be on the safe side.

Out of an abundance of caution. For the children.

you're trying to ascertain logic and consistency from a political issue?
you need to be quarantined!

The end game for the police state mandated for the safety of the children - it's in the Constitution!

Not to mention the family members in the apartment with Duncan for several days after the Dallas hospital sent him home, why they all came down with.... nothing.

i wished they'd quarantine all these kids whose parents refused to get them vaccinated for 20th century diseases...

logical progression

Yet none of those people became sick.

Interesting approach, trying science and reason with the 'temporary illusion of safety' crowd. Good luck.

Looks like we have us some eeeeeeeebowlah risk here, Billy Bob

Sure does, Sheriff

Let's make sure we them locked up past election day


Looks like we have us some eeeeeeeebowlah risk here, Billy Bob

Sure does, Sheriff

Hey now, that is just some more of that common sense practice brought to you by the staunch defenders of the Constitution!

Or at least a bundle cash dropped from a chopper.

Get with the cool kids working at Spanish banks - use the magic card!

And many clear outings taking place here today as well...

Wait, whose turn was it to keep the list this week?

Why, let's examine the most recent ebola posting, shall we:

Comment by energyecon from thread 'FOMC Statement: QE3 Ends, "Considerable Time" before rate increase'

Ebola appears to be slowing in Liberia: WHO
| Reuters

VDU's blog: Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) 2014 West African outbreak..

You can see the curve for Liberia start to break away from the exponential around the beginning of October. Guinea also appears to be flattening out. Flames are still spreading, but more slowly...

shill, some of us have just been following the developments related to the virus here and abroad.
We never went 'we're all gonna die' and we're bored to sobs with the histrionics.

Game, set, match to burnside

...or at least share...

New Keyboard I'll have what he's having!