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Real Dooooooooooooooom!!! will be setting a new low... Just saying

Alberto Gonzales was the only AG that could make Edwin Meese look good... in comparison.

Poic has reserved for subscribers with gold star status only!

At least there is the prospect of at least some of it being entertaining

Article commenting on rate of change not seen since 2008...

Why are the Fuldians such crybabies?

These 10 States Will Be Hurting the Most After the Commodities Meltdown - Bloomberg Business 

The top nine states on the map got at least 10 percent of their gross state product from energy, mining and agriculture last year: Wyoming, Alaska, North Dakota, West Virginia, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana and South Dakota. Another six got more than 7 percent, compared to just 3.9 percent for the U.S. as a whole.

Observe the third figure, listing the four states that experienced job loss in June.

Who are you and what have you done with Belmont? It's the Boomerz fault!

Wheres MY pony? That elusive pot of gold

Top of the morning doomies and roomies!


New Keyboard

In the 80s bust, there had been more than 200% of current office building construction when the population was less than half of current.

Overly broad - say akin to "nice starter home"?

Just let Suzanne research it then... or do some homework on the true costs of owning a home.

Looking at the total costs of home ownership, the house affordability calculator I linked above dials into a $250k with a $50k down payment and $1,800 a month for P&I, property tax, insurance etc. for a 4.25% loan with a 30 year term.

Let me guess, Mike_PNW is a renter...

Nor does a home available at a price of $250k necessarily equate to a "nice starter home" - mere availability at that price point makes no qualitative case.

Your initial premise is flawed with respect to the costs of home ownership.

New Keyboard I was wondering about medication but no out of place capital letters...

A $250K home would have about a $700 per month mortgage...that's not an insurmountable hurdle for most people..

You need to do some basic math.

Or you could let someone do it for you
House Affordability Calculator to Calculate Realistic Home Price

With $25K for down, $750/month for payments, 4.25% 30 year mortgage... Survey says!

According to my calculations, if you have $25,000.00 available for a down payment and $750.00 per month available for paying your payment and home ownership costs, you should be able to afford a house that is priced around $110,457.65.

Or you can let Suzanne research it...

Does the ad say lever up bitchez anywhere?

Finally, some genuine doom instead of Trumped-up doom.

Hey, are you saying teh Donald is not the real thing?! Careful, or you may be needing a new cell phone!

You won't be able to waste water for things like that...

Will no one think of the putting greens?!

That bit was interesting, the item more critical for the general election is the standing with Independents...

This could become a campaign issue.

What would teh Donald say?

What a craven apologist for abuse of power...

Sharknado 4 confirmed by Syfy as third film premieres - BBC News

"Mister President, perhaps you should transmit a planetary distress signal, ...while we still have time"

Not yet, but I'm hoping to find out - paid more taxes than I ever have last year - hope to beat the record this year!

It would take me a multiple of current income to get there, but a low one...

So if you are aware of the phase out, you clearly have invested in your tax guy (getting close to tax attorney space) and I'd bet that his last name isn't "Block"...

So don't blow smoke up our collective hoop, eh?

I can be both another CA crybaby AND give you numbers Smile

Tell me you pay that rate, please... we can all use the laugh!

(Fed Income Tax at 450K income with zero deductions yields 122K in FIT liability, for an effective tax rate of 27% for FIT)
System Error

CA Inc Tax calculator ginned up 42.6K in tax liability (2014 rates)
2014 Tax Calculator | California Franchise Tax Board

buuuuuut you get to take the state and local income taxes off of your taxable income so we haircut the FIT tax liability to 105K and land on 105 + 43 = 148/450 or 33% effective tax rate without any deductions, allowances or even the $3K per year you could take off from your loss diversification from poic's newsletter...

According to that lefty rag Forbes, NY is the worst total tax jurisdiction in the USA, provide some numeric data or you're just another California crybaby...

The biggest problem with our current tax system is not the doctor paying 40% of his income

You are right that is not the problem - that might be the marginal dollar but not the tax rate on total income.

So if we shave 15% off of exports, we cut GDP by 2.3%...

edit: GDP growth rate that is

Need to peel the onion a bit more, most of it has to do with market segmentation (changing mix, much more upper quintile and reduced supply on market in the).

Maybe up around a 5x on median income, median house price but that is a bit misleading due to the mix changes IMNSHO. Even so, a bit off of Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble.

edit: for Houston area, not familiar with Austin metrics

As are some of your best friends, no doubt

Not in my hood, more like above the previous peak in real terms...

Houston TX Home Prices & Home Values | Zillow

ISTM that non-Hispanic White qualifies as 'cracker' using Mary's demography:

South Florida Regional Planning Council Demographic Analysis

• Between 2000 and 2010 there was continued rapid growth of the Hispanic (658,000) and non-Hispanic Black or African American
(218,000) populations in Southeast Florida, and an absolute
decrease in the non-Hispanic White population (-229,000).
• In 2010, the race/ethnic composition of Southeast Florida was made up of 39% Hispanic or Latino, 38% non-Hispanic White, 19% non- Hispanic Black or African American, and 4% other non-Hispanic. About 40% of the Hispanic population was born in the United States.
• In 2000, the non-Hispanic White population represented 47% of the regional total, down from 57% in 1990. In other words, the non- Hispanic White population of Southeast Florida ceased to be the
majority sometime in the 1990s, due mostly to the growth of the Hispanic population in Miami-Dade County.
(slide 34)

Slice 36 has a graphic for the 2010 data