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I think Boehner is easily well qualified to drive a golf cart in Midland for $18/hr or $40+tips.

Fixed It For Ya

Current McD wages are running $15+/hr in Midland, with crew vans picking people up and stay bonus at six months tenure.

Space station shipment contains 3-D printer; rain forces SpaceX to delay launch to Sunday

NASA is sending a 3-D printer to the International Space Station in hopes that astronauts will be able to one day fix their spacecraft by cranking out spare parts on the spot.

The printer, made by a Northern California company called Made in Space, is among more than 5,000 pounds of space station cargo that's stuffed into a SpaceX Dragon capsule that was supposed to lift off before dawn Saturday. Rainy weather forced SpaceX to delay the launch until Sunday.

Besides real-time replacement parts at the station, NASA envisions astronauts, in the decades ahead, making entire habitats at faraway destinations like Mars.

What is an ocean but a multitude of drops?

[cracks a Mountain Dew and wafts the scent towards vonb]

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VDU's blog: Updating a model of a modern Ebola epidemic...

The projected end date is November 2016 with a final size of approximately 480,000 cases. (Figure 2) This is just based on current numbers and without knowing what interventions are coming not how successful they will be. Prof Fisman says his model currently predicts an epidemic peak in June-2015 at which time there could be 227,000 cases. By Jan-2015, projected case counts reach 28,450.

Ah, yes - thanks for the clarity - the primary driver is clear now. Midland actually has some pretty good civic life and culture for an outpost as a function of the capital base, but if you need east coast or west coast value systems then it will always be a desert regardless.

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Well you know the history out there robj - but it is quite a bit different since about 2000 or so I think - before the sustained price spike even it seems like national chains started rolling Midland/Odessa into one bucket and taking notice. Since the price spike, the two cities are growing towards each other with a lot of blurring of the old "white collar/blue collar" split.

The real secret sauce for Saudi America is price - and much of the Permian is a 3,000' stack of of oil soaked shales, which provides the opportunity for cracking rock via fraccing for decades after the Eagle Ford Shale and Bakken are done.

Congrats to the relative - he is in an Ops role and that means he will get the headaches that go with the pay package.

Ghostbusters - The Private Sector - YouTube

"I've worked in the private sector - they expect results"

In a limited sense, sure - anyone who lives off of earned income is such.

FD: Earned income is my meal ticket.

We mustn't interfere with the vital lemur trade. Our economy would collapse without it.

The lemur market will regulate itself! Lets break for coffee

That's pretty much everything for me.

New Keyboard FD, doesn't necessarily slow me down much either.

But try a six figure salary that doesn't start with a 1, stock and option participation in addition to the annual cash bonus and spending some time with someone who has an actual connection to the community in Midland and that adamant pronouncement might turn out to contain a wee bit of hypothetical bias (of course, that circumstance would reflect you are a professional in the oil and gas industry with 20 years of experience).

I am always impressed by the insights of people on HCN who pronounce final judgement on areas for which they have no experience.

Just acknowledging you were speaking from previous observation...

Sure saw it when teh Soviet Union went down...

Do you ever hear from ag or what is his status? Missing that other ray of sunshine!

Janet should be listening to Seb instead of wasting time on pessimists:

Yellen says poor Americans live in ‘sobering’ conditions - MarketWatch

Coming one day after the Fed’s latest policy meeting, Yellen did not discuss interest rates or the economic outlook, instead focusing on the effects of the recession on lower-income families.

The Fed chairwoman cited the Fed’s 2013 Survey of Consumer Finances, published earlier this month, which showed that the bottom half of families by income held only 8% of all financial assets.

The median net worth reported by the bottom fifth of households by income, about 25 million Americans, was only $6,400 in 2013, the Fed survey found.

The next fifth of households by income had median income net worth of just $27,900. These numbers are down from the prior survey in 2010 because income has continued to fall for these families, Yellen said.

Some case number modeling with interactive functionality from Columbia

Columbia Prediction of Infectious Diseases - Ebola

A Frightening Curve: How Fast Is The Ebola Outbreak Growing? : Goats and Soda : NPR

Here's the thing about the exponential curve: Tiny changes in how the virus spreads can make a huge difference in the number of cases. If these countries could get even a little bit of help — perhaps slow the spread so that sick people only infect one person instead of two — it dramatically cuts the total cases Shaman is predicting for October.

"For our improved scenario," Shaman says, "we have about 7,700 cases instead of 15,000 by Oct. 19."


In a securities filing Friday, Caterpillar said a 29% drop in machinery sales in Latin America offset an 8% sales increase in its North America division.

World-wide mining equipment sales were down 33% from the prior-year period, while construction equipment sales fell 1%. A 12% sales increase in its North America construction division was offset by a 23% sales drop in Latin America and a 10% decline in Asia/Pacific.

One bright spot for the company was sales in its energy and transportation equipment division—which includes a wide variety of engines and turbines—where it posted a 4% sales increase from a year before.

This isn't Europe where Gypsies roam free to harass and pillage.

Of course not - we put those people in charge of financial institutions and Wall St!

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So the Diva's new thing is she takes her bowl in her teeth and rakes it across the bars on her crate if I don't bring breakfast in a timely manner. Something akin to prisoners clanging their tin cups against the bars...It's loud as can be. I thought someone was trying to break in the other morning until I figured out it was her. Laughing out loud

Do not invite the wrath of Dooooooooooooooom!!!bringer or woe betide thee!


Talk Like A Pirate Day – The 6 worst ever film and TV pirates | Metro News

Hoist the main sails, shiver me timbers and Roger the cabin boy for for today is Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Resistance is futile... You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

BBC News - 'Eleven Jinping': Indian TV fires anchor over blooper

India's state TV channel has fired a news anchor for referring to Chinese President Xi Jinping as "Eleven" Jinping.

The presenter apparently confused Mr Xi's name with the Roman numerals XI.

The backpack sized one?

My iPhone is an iTARDIS.

So he just gossips and insults other posters.

This is so teh Zen... There is no spoon

Orkney Islands Population:
2011 21,349

Scotland Population:
2011 5,295,400

0.4% of votes counted - let's call this Ticking time bomber!

I'm using United Kingdom Tape to wrap packages in the future.

If it's not Yeah, but how old am I? it's crap!

This might be the reason for the massive disconnect between the all-bad, all-the-time news and information that the pessimists dwell on

Those downer debbies in the bottom three quintiles - yes, they should just buck up and thank their lucky stars their jobs were offshored to China, improving their otherwise meaningless existence!

Blunder or just a demonstration of power from a superior and unassailable castle fortification?

YouTube - Robin Hood (1/10) Movie CLIP - Storming the Castle (2010) HD

The blunder is letting the little people notice.

New Keyboard

BBC Crew Attacked In Russia; OSCE Demands Investigation Of Recent Media Attacks

BBC said they had gone to investigate reports of Russian servicemen being killed near the border with Ukraine. Two members of the BBC TV crew were attacked by at least three individuals in Astrakhan. The attackers smashed the crew's camera and beat the camera operator. Later, while the journalists were being questioned at the local police station, somebody broke into their car and erased video material and computer memory from the journalists' equipment. Both journalists have now left Astrakhan.

Scotland’s Independence Vote Shows a Global Crisis of the Elites

When you get past the details of the Scottish independence referendum Thursday, there is a broader story underway, one that is also playing out in other advanced nations.

It is a crisis of the elites. Scotland’s push for independence is driven by a conviction — one not ungrounded in reality — that the British ruling class has blundered through the last couple of decades. The same discontent applies to varying degrees in the United States and, especially, the eurozone. It is, in many ways, a defining feature of our time.

While this article cast things as the blunders of the elites, that seems to a bit generous - perhaps should be better characterized as active misrule.

Belmont wrote on Thu, 9/18/2014 - 11:23 am

FI, it has been a slow recovery. Hopefully those people will find a better economy in the years ahead.

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Belmont wrote on Wed, 9/17/2014 - 4:37 pm

So about 125 beeps (for you Dent) by next Dec is expected as per dot plots....Not enough to derail this boom

The World Health Organization latest sitrep:

The bit of good news therein is that Nigeria is on the trajectory to have contained their current outbreak:

In Nigeria, all cases in the transmission chain are linked to a single
person who travelled from Liberia to Lagos on 20 July. Among the contacts of this case-patient, one person
travelled to Port Harcourt and was the source of further local transmission; this transmission is at present
limited to four cases. As a top priority, contact follow-up, supported by the highest authorities, has been
implemented in Lagos and Port Harcourt. In Lagos, 347 contacts have now completed 21-day follow-up, and
4 contacts are still being monitored. In Port Harcourt, 164 contacts have now completed 21-day follow-up,
and 359 contacts are still being monitored.

This Nigeria outbreak will be contained when they have 42 days without a new case (two maximum incubation cycles), they are coming up on their first 21 days soon.

The cumulative statistics:
VDU's blog: Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) 2014 West African outbreak..

Reporting on the Chinese economy is akin to tarot cards and Ouija boards.

Always wrong but never in doubt - KP is ol' dependable:

China's oil imports account for more than half of supplies -

The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries said in its latest monthly oil market report China is expected to demand 10.3 million barrels of oil per day during the third quarter, which should increase another 3.8 percent during the fourth quarter of the year.

Gao Jian, a crude oil analyst for Sublime China Information Co., said imports should account for about 60 percent of China's total crude oil supplies for full year 2014 because of higher imports during the second half of the year.

What acronym are we at war with - ISIS or ISIL ?

What is the meaning of IS?

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a... oh, it actually is a plane... Wright Model B

YouTube - Stall Warning System 

Steel Toed Bunny SlipperSteel Toed Bunny Slipper mp