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It is a reference to an ETrade commercial, obliquely addressing the much larger proportion of retail investors in Chinese stockmarkets in response to poic's immediately prior post.

Obtuse you was and obtuse you is.

How does Kevin Spacey say "Type E" in Mandarin?

Beijing has been struggling since the weekend to find a policy formula to restore confidence in its stock markets.

Taking out the only guaranteed buyers will do the trick! Gosh, what if someone had only tried that one before...

Schicklgruber did that thang too...

Witness the superman, sniffing in his disdain from his armchair at the plight of the untermensch. Verily, presenting the platonic ideal of moral courage.

New Keyboard

Yeah, but how old am I? that is legal to vote is one nice way to go...

How can we be sure he didn't mean Papists?

The Donald is Never mind. !

That has been the game all along once the Greek exposures had been moved to public balance sheets.

New Keyboard Now that would have been a choice for the Greek finance minister!

as long as we're refining oil

~1 cubic mile/year, a bit more now I think - primarily for transportation fuels.

Utter bollocks.


Debt on commercial properties is less concentrated within the regional banking system than in the ’80s, according to Bryan of NewOak, meaning any losses shouldn’t fall as heavily on those institutions.


At one Texas lender, cutbacks in property lending were planned even before oil began its slide, following several years of fast growth. Texas Capital Bancshares Inc., the state’s ninth-largest bank by assets, began mapping a retrenchment in its commercial real estate and builder-finance businesses in July, Chief Executive Officer Keith Cargill said in a presentation for investors last month.

Not even close to the '80s in concentration or scale - there was about twice the construction with something like half the population in the 80's bust.

Petrochem is more than refineries, and the cheaper the oil and natural prices get, the better their economics generally become as those are the feedstocks for their production processes. These are part of the 'downstream' which run countercyclical to oil prices.

The last spectacular bust was in the mid-80's, in what was actually coincident or sequential busts - a hydrocarbon price cycle, a regional credit cycle related to excessive commercial construction, and the S&L crisis.

Otherwise, Houston job loss has been between 0% ('98-'99), -0.8% ('01-'02). -4.1% ('08-'09) and the spectacular -13.4% ('81-'86). Current forecasts are for another 0% event due to $30+ billion in petrochemical investments presently underway.

Foreclosure Activity Up in 13 of 20 Largest U.S. Metros During May - WORLD PROPERTY JOURNAL Global News Center

Among the nation's 20 largest metropolitan statistical areas, 13 posted an annual increase in foreclosure activity in May, including Dallas (up 64 percent), St. Louis (up 56 percent), Baltimore (up 35 percent), New York (up 34 percent), Philadelphia (up 28 percent), Atlanta (up 27 percent), Detroit (up 27 percent), San Francisco (up 25 percent), Houston (up 18 percent), Miami (up 17 percent), and Seattle (up 10 percent from a year ago).

So, here is Houston at 11 of 13 for increased foreclosure activity. But don't let facts interrupt the charade.

I still miss "Me llamo Benito, ¿Puedo comenzar con nuestro suministro infinito de fichas?" New Keyboard

Days passed without 6% home mortgages since KP's prediction... 1,096.

By just about every measure, the rest of the U.S job market is on a roll.

Weak U.S. employment report dampens September rate hike hopes - Yahoo Finance

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. job growth slowed in June and Americans left the labor force in droves, tempering expectations for a September interest rate hike from the Federal Reserve.

Nonfarm payrolls increased 223,000 last month, with construction employment unchanged and the mining sector purging more jobs, the Labor Department said on Thursday.

Adding to the employment report's soft tone, 60,000 fewer jobs were created in April and May than previously reported.

At least 432,000 people dropped out of the labor force, pushing the unemployment rate two-tenths of a percentage point lower to 5.3 percent, the lowest since April 2008.

The shrinking work force drove the labor force participation rate, or the share of working-age Americans who are employed or at least looking for a job, to 62.6 percent, the lowest reading since October 1977.

Indeed, keen observation on your part as the aggrieved party whinging about being attacked...

Because he doesn't suffer fools gladly... just sayin'

The tickets we buy on Emirates for Europe are actually CHEAPER

Well, let's see what those airlines say, shall we?

Emirates - JFK to Berlin (TXL)
Emirates | Invalid Process

USD 10,998.00 + USD 1,057.00 carrier-imposed charges + USD 230.30 taxes and fees

Same dates "the horror"
Delta - JFK to Berlin (TXL)
Delta - Book a flight



Qantas, Emirates and Singapore Airlines out of excuses for fuel surcharges

Qantas and Emirates still impose surcharges of $1080 for a return business-class flight from Australia to London, and $570 for economy. On the popular Australia-Los Angeles run, the flying kangaroo has a fuel fee of $670 for a business seat and $570 for those in cattle class.

In Emirates they treat clients as human beings.

Workers on the other hand...

Expect similar leaps of faith with identical certitude in the future

Cum dilectione hominum et odio vitiorum

Musta missed that one, prolly cuz heez Baptizt

but maintaining a firm position while asking for help in converting to a drachma, may have won more concessions, trust and even respect from the creditors.

BWahahahahahahaha! Oh Artie, rich one that!

Sort of - what do you call equity extraction for equity that doesn't actually exist?

Need lower-interest car loans

Longer term! With negative equity rollover!

At industrial scale, its bloody awesome.

Yep. At global industrial scale, a bit mind boggling - ~cubic mile of oil/year.

We really need a :peanut gallery section: icon to use when we are talking about how wrong the choices are that people make.

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Your standards are falling... just sayin'

You may experience a delay in receiving your illuminating information as the commentariat seems to be insufficiently appreciative of her genius...