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Vonbek777 wrote:

Release the ghost peppers!

Release the robotic Richard Simmons! Eeexelent!

Mother is always busy (from NEJM):

Emergence of Zaire Ebola Virus Disease in Guinea — Preliminary Report

This study demonstrates the emergence of a new EBOV strain in Guinea.


CNN quoted Los Angeles Police Sgt. William Mann as confirming that Johnson survived the fall and was taken, along with his recovered penis, to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where he was being treated.

No word yet on what might have triggered this but the people who were with him told TMZ that at the time they were not doing "the kind of drugs" that might cause such an act.

Antipodes wrote:

Straight out of WW2 US propaganda.

Must. Not. :Awwwk:.

Antipodes wrote:

What are the worst concerns?

From a frequency check, unfair treatment on HCN is about tops.

Dude, that is not a side - a side is a position of advocacy - an :awwwk: is an observation of ideological indulgence.

And before you boohoo about others not getting the same treatment, the most egregious offenders are on ignore.

Rob Dawg wrote:

If only you were so diligent on the other side.

Dawg, your frame is faulty - what side is that?

Rob Dawg wrote:

Yoy 2.1% of those with previous employer healthcare plans have been dropped.

Cite? (Could. Not. Resist.)

Interesting datum, but is it's relevance not a function of what the drop rate was in the years before ACA?

edit: Shakes Tiny Fist of Fury Firemane!

Blackhalo wrote:

Wait. Which quarter? Ah, the elusive NEXT quarter. Soon to modified to a second-half recovery

free crab tomorrow!

Jackdawracy wrote:

If you build it, will they come up with a down payment?


YouTube - FXXking finance it from Ruthless people mp4

Vonbek777 wrote:

I became aware in Alaska, and it is in my soul. I was born in Texas but if I have my way, Alaska will be where I die. Hopefully in mortal combat with a grizzly bare handed. I won't mind losing that fight.

Well, I was kind of more partial to the morte de gloire concept myself, but if I ever go bear hunting, you're invited.

Vonbek777 wrote:

Fairbanks requires some adapting too.

Part of the attraction, no? You unequivocally know Mother Nature is in charge.

burnside wrote:

You may imagine just how perfect that sounds.

It was, for a time and at a point in my life - but I find perfection in different pursuits these days. Living in Alaska is an intrinsically vital experience.

burnside wrote:

Think I must be looking for the anti-Houston. Somewhere people admire greatly and say 'would be great if there were work to be had.'

Try a cabin with a woodstove in Fairbanks, AK - been there and done that - instead of a T shirt, though, you will want your long johns.

Edit: Oh, and there will be work - simply in staying alive - just no monetary compensation.

sum luk wrote:

… did you see this?: 
"Energy Briefing: Global Crude Oil Demand & Supply"

Hadn't, thanks for posting - scanning now, but initial reaction is it is of limited usefulness for evaluating supply/demand balance - mixes actual oil production with NGL's, biofuels and refinery gains (EIA methodology). But quite interesting to see the continuing trend of the shifting center of gravity for demand growth, which is where global prices are set.

A tad different in this part of the Third Coast - increased sales, record low inventory:

Houston home prices and sales still climbing to record-setting levels - CultureMap Houston

Rob Dawg wrote:

But apparently I do have an enemies list.

I thought x^5 was the one with the lists?

Antipodes wrote:

There is nothing Left about Corporatism. Nothing but Right Wing Authoritarianism in America.

NO no no, there is Hard Right, Right, and Center Right - a little nuance, please!

Jackdawracy wrote:

I hadn't realized you hung out with Tricky Dick when you were 10?

Only Rob Dawg could go to China!

sm_landlord wrote:

The problem is mostly structural.


Jackdawracy wrote:

What's a Mickey D's employee pull down an hour in NZ?

Currently running around $18/hour in Midland, TX... and they are begging for folks to work those jobs.

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

The central flaw is that the producer can always raise the price when you force his costs up, while the consumer at poverty level cannot lower the cost of basic necessities past a certain level without dying.

Overly simplistic. The producer cannot raise prices without consequence to sales volume.

burnside wrote:

It doesn't merely preserve present profit margins, it retains the present distribution of the 'spoils'.
The central flaw is that distribution.

Quite right, implicit in that look at margins is preserving the current allocation to capital vs. labor. The ongoing and accelerating trend which, IMNSHO, is one of the primary drivers for the decades long decline in monetary velocity.

Velocity of MZM Money Stock (MZMV) - FRED - St. Louis Fed 

From that bleeding heart rag, Bloomberg:

This Is What Would Happen If Fast-Food Workers Got Raises - Businessweek

(ballparks increase for a Big Mac in the area of a $1 to preserve current profit margins)

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

It's a shame we'd only try tax cuts for our Job Creators, instead of also offering tax incentives! Then they can just go creating the s out of those jobs!

Now you're talking good old 'Murican can-do spirit! Throw in a bone to the useless breeders to make the interest on credit card debt tax deductible again and we'll get a real Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble brewing!

Maybe if they had only tried tax cuts first we might be getting somewhere!

Oh puh-leeeze, Dawg

I have no patience for any of it. Putin is on a dangerous course, and is now riding the tiger. Obama, while hapless, never 'had' Ukraine to lose. Institutional systems are locked in a spiral that it appears can only end badly, the only question being how many people that they take with them.

Vonbek777 wrote:

Didn't that start a week ago...

New Keyboard

Rob Dawg wrote:

China having never been a modern world player means we have no idea what will happen when the ripples from their internal imbalances correction arrives on our shores.

Not going to have to wait for ripples - there is some kind of quantum pairing oing on there - our imbalances are a big part of the mirror for their imbalances...

You would, you imperialist running-dog capitalist lackey!

Oh yeah - I have been in the 'hits a brick wall at 100 mph' crowd for a while with respect to the Middle Kingdom - flip side is resource competition... either way, interesting times.

tg wrote:

Is there a natural interest rate?

Unnatural interest rate FTW! Ba-da-boom-TISH

Bruce in Tennessee wrote:

China GDP Gauge Seen Showing Deeper Slowdown - Bloomberg
"Gross domestic product grew a seasonally adjusted 1.5 percent from the previous three months, according to the median estimate in a Bloomberg News survey ahead of data released tomorrow, down from 1.8 percent in the fourth quarter. That indicates a sharper deceleration than a median projection for 7.3 percent growth from a year earlier, from 7.7 percent. "
...The last set of import/export numbers out of China were Barkley...(Turrible)....
Econoday Economic Report: China : Merchandise Trade Balance April 9, 2014

Time to move the goalposts again on what would constitute a 'hard landing' in China...

Well, the refiners out there would seem like a ready market (you know, the old fashioned reason for a futes market). Pricing would seem to be somewhere between Bakken netback plus transport costs and Brent less transport costs as a SWAG.

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:

Losing our freedoms to a corporate oligarchy isn't as bad as it sounds, viewed in the proper historical context.
(regression to the mean FTW)

NO no no - basically, it has ever been thus - going back to the founding.

Going to peruse the study - I suspect that this state represents more rather than less of the time we have been a nation - the baseline. Just sayin'.

ResistanceIsFeudal wrote:


"Now I am become Death, the Destroyer of Wafers" Dooooooooooooooom!!!Bringer

tg wrote:

It was a strong flat that year with the wind howling in the distance and a blood orange moon setting

Creedence Clearwater Revival: Bad Moon Rising - YouTube

sum luk wrote:

… can't have flation if j6p can't afford it

I thought that was a Feature, not bug... thus forcing what limited assets remaining to J6P into the Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble go round... wage income being insufficient to cover house, college for kids and retirement.

Rajesh is a DINO

Doomer In Name Only

I hadda login to New Keyboard that!

Rob Dawg wrote:

Hey! Why no hat? I've liked dozens of times. And from that link:
Total % Group Average 65.00%
Just like I reported.

New Keyboard I was surprised you did not collect a double there...

Rob Dawg wrote:

65% full. 70% is a minimum for safety with savings procedures. Not good. Not 1977 either despite what you may read.

Major Reservoir Current Conditions Graphs 

edit: adding data table

California Data Exchange Center

Mike in Long Island wrote:

Laughter as a coping mechanism works well. Somehow in the midst of the Fed and QE1 belly laughs, snorts and chuckles didn't help deal with the SRS/SKF positions...

YouTube - Smile (though your heart is breaking)