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Ukraine Annexation

Will Putin invade, occupy, pacify, or annex any part of Ukraine (other than Crimea) By June 15, 2015?

Yes, with E.U. acquience
25% (2 bets)
Yes, over E.U. objection.
13% (1 bet)
Yes, but Russian troops will return to Russia due to E.U. sanctions.
13% (1 bet)
No, he will be too busy looting Crimea.
0% (0 bets)
No, he is only threatening Ukraine to increase negotiating leverage with E.U.
13% (1 bet)
No, Putin has got what he wants in Crimea.
13% (1 bet)
No. Putin loves peace.
25% (2 bets)
Total bets: 8
This prediction is now closed for betting. It will be eligible for reckoning Tuesday, June 16, 2015 - 6:00pm by Rajesh.

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